Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Toddlers

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1. Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

Hape Pound Bench Slide Xylophone

Trusted by DERMATOLOGISTS. WaterWipes are accepted by the National Eczema Association of America, the Skin Health Alliance and the vegan society. Musical instruments are multi functional. The kids xylophone can be used in many ways. The kids can play with balls or they can pull out a keyboard and play a solo. The fine motor skills development. Promotes dexterity, hand eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, cause and effect. This pounding toys for toddlers encourages musical development and exploration. Child safety: The paint is water-based and has non-toxic finishes. The award winning The winner of the first musical toy for children is 12 months to 3 years old.

Brand: Hape

👤The baby was too young when we got her, but now she loves it! The xylophone is replaceable. It's two toys in one. This toy is very good. It's sturdy, safe, and well-made. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤This toy cost us an expensive visit to the ER and could have a negative effect on our daughter's well-being. My daughter took a sharp toothpick from the splintered toy. We don't know if she vomited it all or if she had abdominal pain. Foreign bodies can cause infections. I am very disappointed in the lack of safety in the products sold by the company. Do not buy!

👤The instrument is colorful and well made, but it is not in tune with the child's musical tastes. This was an oversight. The Hape toys are all 5 star.

👤I played the xylophone and it was like a nice toy. Not in tune. It was very disturbing. I contacted the company to see if there was an isolated incident, but they never replied. A reasonably priced toy can be used to make a xylophone. Fisher Price has been doing it for a long time. There are other nice ones out there too. Beware.

👤I bought this thinking it would grow with him. It's out of tune. I will return it.

👤My daughter loved this toy and it encourages imaginative play with music. I had to take away the balls because my then 18 month old got a ball in her mouth. It was poking out far enough that I was able to pull it out. A question was answered that the kid's mouth has to be huge for this to happen, but that's not the case. The base is useless without the balls. I don't like leaving negative reviews. Safety is important.

👤We like this toy. We expected it to be the same. Bright colors and beautiful music. Almost all of the bad reviews stated that it sounded horrible, so I almost didn't buy it. I could have gone by and not bought the toy. I like the idea of having the balls drop and produce sound. I don't want to teach my baby music with this, so let's give it a try. I bought this because it is a wonderful toy. At least ours is not out of tune. The balls were hard to push through the holes. A baby can't do it.

👤My son likes this toy. He doesn't know what a mallet is, but he likes pushing the balls through with his hands. He likes to hold the xylophone. He will get many months of enjoyment from this product. The xylophone should be checked regularly to make sure it is tight. Great purchase. I put a can of snacks next to it for reference.

👤Avete un parente o un amico. Avete maledetto infinite. I questo il prodotto. It's fa. La stessa moneta per voi per ripagarlo. Per scalfire, robusto il giusto. The parquet state ancora pagando. I bimbi, a farti venire attacchi cardiaci.

2. Green Toys Seaplane Color Floatplane

Green Toys Seaplane Color Floatplane

Click to lock together the assembly. For ages 6 and up. The toy is made using earth friendly materials. 100% recycled plastic milk jugs ensure that the toy is safe for children and the environment. Does not contain any toxins. This floatplane has a spinning propeller and is perfect for coasting into any port. The toy is designed to float in the water. The green toy is useful to introduce your child to different modes of transportation. Young captains will be helped to navigate air and water. The pincer grip of your child will be improved if you grasp the toy with the utmost case. The packing of this toy is done in a way that is friendly to the environment. The earth is protected from damaging by the use of recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy ink. The pool toy is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. You can wash it with a baby wash or soap. It is recommended to clean the toy whenever your child likes it. Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs. The US supply chain reduces greenhouse gas.

Brand: Green Toys

👤My son likes these toys. It was made in the USA and 100% recycled. These are very well made and will last a long time. A toy made from overseas. The toys are large enough for the bath, pool or spa. I like how they fill with water and sink. The price is right as well. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more.

👤I'm pretty sure this plane will hold up if it's in the water. It has a design flaw. There arevents at the back and front of the pontoons. The vent on the back side is only a fraction of an inch above the water. The plane is just a tick back heavy, which means water inevitably enters the back vent, fills the pontoon, and the plane begins to list, then eventually sink. My grandson gave up playing with it because of this.

👤The plane is cool. I thought it would be bigger. It was too big for small kids. The propeller is spinning. It floats. It sinks with the smallest ripples in the water. The top of the pontoons have vent located in the picture of the plane. When the plane sits in the water it floats but the smallest ripples cause the water to go into the pontoons and cause the plane to sink. The water from the jets in the hot tub would cause the plane to sink, as our family used it. You can find a common complaint with the word "sink" in the other reviews. If you turn it upside down it will drain quickly and then float again. The manufacture should make it harder for water to get in by adding flaps that let water out.

👤The Green toys are the best. What's not to love? The quality of them is greatly improved when you receive one. They are easy to clean and I can't imagine any dangers with these toys, other than if they are used as a projectile, so obviously if there is a baby in the bunch with some older toddlers. I love that they are dishwasher safe. We decided to keep the Green toys in a toy box because of 2 reasons. When we have company with children or playmates visiting, they can all dive into these toys and we don't have to worry about my grandson's other toys being dragged out with multiple pieces, and we can not just throw them in. These are toys that are worry free when children are visiting, so you still have to parent as we should be. When there is only a small window of time for bath and playtime before bed, these are easy to pick up, and the only toys we let him drag out because they are simple and easy to pick up. They are made in the USA and completely recycled. I have not seen many quality toys like these other than those made in the 1940's or so, where good craftsmanship is important. We have at least 2 dozen of these toys and they have become an awesome gift item when they go on sale. They are the best toys.

3. Dinosaur Erasers Classroom Treasure Stuffers

Dinosaur Erasers Classroom Treasure Stuffers

You will get 5 bags of Easter grass in 5 colors, each bag weighs about 14 ounces, please check the weights before you buy. There are 21 designs in the Variety Erasers Collection, including 14 dinosaur figurers, 14 farm animal figurers, and 14 sea animal figurers. There are many different kinds of erasers that are great for kids. Give a big surprise to your collection. Erasers for kids with cute shapes and bright colors can inspire imagination and creativity. 3D puzzle erasers can be reassembled like a puzzle. Also improve hand-eye coordination. Mini erasers are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and are safe for kids. Erase pencil mark, make mistakes, improve learning passion for students, and so on. There are prizes for classroom, kawaii bulk school supplies, and desk toys. There are small toys that will bring hours of fun for kids. Mini erasers are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. It's great for Easter egg stuffers, Easter eggs hunt, Easter gifts toys, and more. Kids can hunt for Easter eggs in the grass or yard if you put cute erasers in Easter eggs. Enjoy a happy Easter, every hunt will bring a big surprise. Each take apart eraser is individually package. Good as birthday party favors, easter basket stuffers, stocking stuffers, class rewards, and so on. It's also ideal as parent-child game essentials and story supplies.

Brand: Augtoy

👤I gave this to my son's school for spirit week. When my son asked if he could keep couple, I decided to count the erasers. It will work for us, but make sure you correct the ad because it might be misleading. Thanks.

👤There are 42 pieces. It can be used as a toy. Kids love it.

👤Kids will love the cute animals and can be good desk pets. There are 42 cars. There is a Good puzzle toys can be obtained from this erasers. Like it.

4. CENOVE Building Educational Activity Preschool

CENOVE Building Educational Activity Preschool

Toy safety. Their toys meet the requirements for safety standards and specifications. It's good for the environment and for little ones. The pretend gardening building toy set is made with high-quality materials. Smooth surface. It won't hurt kids' hands. It's easy to clean and organize with a nice pink box. The parts could be washed with water. It could be washed in the dishwasher. Pre-school children learn about the parts of a plant. The bright, colorful garden toys help coordination. Best gifts for birthday, Children's Day, Christmas, Easter, and summer camp activities areToddler Girl toys Gifts for 3 4 5 6 Years Old Girl. Young children can play with building toy sets. They can mix and match pieces. Children with realistic early support skills are provided with a flower set.

Brand: Cenove

👤I pulled this out of my daughter's closet for the first time since I gave her this for Christmas. I got this over similar ones that were cheaper because it came with a carrying case. This was important to me because I have a 9 month old baby who could easily choke on small pieces of it. I wanted it to be easy to store and have a locking mechanism that is easy for my older daughter and son to open but not the baby. The locking clip of the case broke. I would like to check it before the window closes. It is difficult to figure out how the flowers are placed in the green base to connect in a circle. There was a picture of the instructions.

👤I was surprised by the amount of components in this kit. My 5 year old and 2 year old granddaughters were able to put together the flowers, display them, decorate my living room and rearrange them all in one afternoon. They wanted to take it home with them. That's how much they liked it. They believed they watered their garden and made the flowers grow. It is sturdy, has a beautiful carry case and is a big hit.

👤My daughter was young when she was playing with it. When cleaning up, my advice is to take out the tray and put everything in a container box. If yours likes to dump everything on the floor, there are a lot of pieces to clean up.

👤We bought different ones. One for us and two for you. The two for gifts were cheaper than the others. This set is better than the others. The colors are nicer, there is a nice variety of flowers, and the edges are not rough like the other two. It costs more because of that. It's because it's better. There are flowers in the left set in the pictures.

👤My toddler loved playing with these toys. She learned that in order to make a flower each piece had its own specific place, and this helped her work on her motor skills. Also pretty.

👤It is a gift for our granddaughter. Her birthday is at the end of October. I have not been able to see her play with them yet. They look great on the little case. She will be able to put the flowers together with her fine motor skills.

👤The top of the plastic box that holds the parts was broken and caved in when I received the toy. It is very thin. I am not sure how it got broken, but the brown packing box it was in is in perfect condition. There is a When it was packed, it broke. I am angry that I have to return it.

👤My granddaughter plays with this toy. Her mom says she plays with it all the time.

5. Sandflower Reusable Coloring Carnival Guestbook

Sandflower Reusable Coloring Carnival Guestbook

Easy coloring with marker. Encourage children to use a pen. The bag is not waterproof, and the product does not include markers pen. Non-woven fabric is eco-friendly and safe. You can color your own bags with markers or colored pencils. Encourage children to use a pen. The second generation of products is 9.1" tall with a handle of 8.6" wide and can carry a box of about 8in x 5.7in. Each set has 6 kinds of bags, both side print, and 12 patterns in total. The colors of bags are not fixed. 2 PCS bonus bags can be used. It's great for classroom activity, Halloween candy bags, Christmas Bag, Donate bags, art theme party, toddler crafts, and play day. It's slightly waterproof but not include markers.

Brand: Sandflower

👤The tote bags were perfect for surprise gifts for the kids in catesism class. I got the crayons and filled them with goodies. I recommend that these are a plus because kids loved it and teachers loved it.

👤Material is not made for long-term use. Some bags have a Christmas picture on one side and something else on the other. This might bother some people.

👤I ordered them for my birthday party. It was a great activity for the kids and they got to eat some candy from the pinata. The plastic party favor bags are not as stand up as these are.

👤They are great for my daughters day, they come with different figures to color, and I love them. The size is perfect.

👤The kids and parents used them as party favor bags. It is worth the money for an activity. I bought four packs of crayons to use with them.

👤The kids can paint or use markers when they see these, they have a picture on one side and a Christmas picture on the other.

👤You can get many for the price. My son's party bags were a huge hit. I didn't know. There is a different picture on both sides.

👤I used the bags to give to my kindergarten class. The colored pencils were a perfect gift for each child. The bags are of good quality.

👤Agregue una caja de plumones, a los nios.

👤Me gustaron aparte los dibujos.

6. Wooden Busy Board Educational Developmental

Wooden Busy Board Educational Developmental

No risk for 1 year. If you have a problem with the product, please contact them, they will either send you a new one or give you a money back guarantee. Pick the size you want for your baby according to the size chart. If your baby needs more room to grow up, they recommend you choose the larger size swim diapers. The Busy Boards for Toddlers have a Treasure theme and include 3 treasure-chest-shaped locks, 3 different keys, and 4 different shape pegged puzzles. The pictures under each pegged puzzle piece help with matching, and the lock could only be opened after matching and turning the key. Skills to build are shape recognition and build skills. Kids can build dexterity, fine and gross motor skills through hands-on matching. There are great educational toys for toddlers. Birthday, Christmas, and home school gifts are ideal. The puzzles use sturdy pegs which are not detached and there is no risk of a child getting hurt. Their toys are made from smooth-sanded, solid-wood and non-toxic paints.

Brand: Junyobee

👤I bought this board for my nephew as a birthday gift. An amazing value! There is a It's perfect for 16 months. Hold on. It keeps him interested for longer than most of his toys. There is a He is playing with his gears. Building fine motor skills and having fun at the same time. The board is made of wood. It was designed to last. There is a It is the perfect size for him. Couldn't be happier with it.

👤My daughter loves the doors on this, they're a fun change to regular puzzles that she enjoys, and she uses more problem solving skills to figure out how to lock and unlocked. The keys are used to spin the key. Would recommend for any toddler.

👤The material that made this toy is good enough for the price, my 3 year old daughter learned how to use it on her own. The colors choices are not bad. I would like to recommend this for babies.

👤I was disappointed in the quality. On the second day of light use, one of the doors broke off. I was present when the small pieces were collected. I was surprised this happened.

👤The hinges for the doors are not very strong. It won't last more than a week. If I'm wrong, I'll update.

👤This is okay. My toddler loves it and I gave it 4 stars. It is cheap and flimsy. The wood used to make the keys is very cheap.

👤One of the chest does not turn when put inside, it is the first time it has been used.

👤Don't waste your money. The piece is very small, all of the pieces are very thin, and the wood leaves chunks out of the pieces.

7. LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

LOOIKOOS Instruments Preschool Educational Percussion

It's a great gift for your most loved ones, as it's safe and stylish, and can be a dinosaur shower toy for babies who are used to biting their fingers. Silicone baby teethers are ideal gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions for families with a baby. The Nature Kids Musical Instruments Set is made of natural wooden muscial instruments. The muscial toys set includes xylophone shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments. Birthday gift for kids, Christmas gift for boys and girls. They are the perfect toys for babies and toddlers. No paintings and round-edge design. The kids drum set is made of high quality natural wood and is free of paints and chemicals. They are perfect for toddlers and young children. The best Montessori toys. Their musical toys are fun for the whole family. Developing your kid's musical sensitivity, creativity, hand and eye coordination is very helpful. Spending time playing music toys together will help kids to develop collaborative and problem solving skills. It's easy to clean-up and store. The wooden toys management is much easier with the portable carry bag and high quality carry bags. 100% safe toys set for toddlers and babies are made by non-toxic material, ideal for your little ones.

Brand: Looikoos

👤As an adult with two children, I now realize the opportunities that have arisen via Amazon. Being able to purchase for my children incredible noise makers that I was misfortunate to not get to mess with as a child, is included in this. The pit instruments in this grouping are child friendly. The xylophone is made of stronger material than I thought it would be, and the bells on the stick of bells are the only part of the ensemble that could possibly be damaged. I would recommend this as a gift to any family, even if they hate them or love them, like the recorder does.

👤I bought this as a gift for my 2 and 4 year old grandsons, since it had an excellent rating. The xylophone, clapper and maracas were all well made. There are two metal circles and a sharp pin that were supposed to hold them in the tambourine. They fell out of the box. One of the bells left a sharp hook. It's not a safe product for toddlers. I returned the product for a full refund because I was very disappointed.

👤A gift for a child's birthday. My child is handling a small metal disk after everything looked good. The pins in the item pictured were not secured into place and the disks and pin slid out of place after minimal play shaking. The metal disk is pointed on both ends and poses a huge swallowing risk. If another item is faulty, the entire set was taken away.

👤This product is amazing. My kids love the instruments inside. Each item is of the highest quality. I feel safe giving it to my 9 month old child because there are no small parts left. It comes with a handy bag that can be used to clean up the instruments. This product is fun for all ages. I would buy this again for others.

👤I bought the toddler instruments for my baby to play. I didn't want to buy them because I thought they would be cheap and terrible, but I was surprised to see how well they were made. The xylophone/glockenspiel is a mini version of the one I used in high school. The tambourines are so good you could use them in recordings. My daughter loves them because they are good for chewing on and they make cool noises. Even though she can not play them yet, I would recommend buying them for every toddler because of their sensory development and the quality they are made with. Children can learn to play these instruments in mini versions.

👤I bought this for my daughter's first birthday, but it was on when the package arrived. The tambourine, the maraca, xylophone, and the handheld bell shaker are our favorites. Excellent quality. My 11 month old daughter loves playing the tambourine. This is the best way to play with my daughter. Both of us love it!

👤The quality of these instruments is very good. It's giftworthy for sure! Each instrument was wrapped individually when I opened the box. One of the xylophone sticks was flawed, but it didn't affect its ability to play the instrument. We are satisfied with the brand of Looikoos and would recommend it for young children to learn instruments. I like the variations of instruments. This set is perfect to expand your collection of instruments at home or at a school. My 3 year old son has the best time playing with the bells.

8. Honest Company Lavender Naturally Ingredients

Honest Company Lavender Naturally Ingredients

Naturally derived ingredients. Made without dyes, chemicals, and synthetic fragrances. Not tested on animals.

Brand: Honest

👤I would give this 0 stars. I bought this for my baby because I thought it was better for his skin. His body was covered in a red rash. We used it 2 times when we realized it was the shampoo. I went back to my aveeno baby body wash and his skin started clearing up.

👤This is my favorite wash for my baby. Johnson's night time baby wash has been used by us for a year. I wanted to try something new after we ran out. I am very happy with this. The smell is amazing. It smells like lavender. The soap lathers up nicely. The lotion is amazing. It only takes a small amount of time, and it goes a long way. My 1 year old has sensitive skin. There are a lot of soaps and creams that we can't use because she's allergic to oats. After using the wash and lotion for 2 nights in a row, her skin is almost gone, because she didn't find any oats in the ingredients. There was no joke. I was shocked. I've been fighting her eczema for over 6 months and I might get it cleared up with steroid creams and intense lotioning in a week, only for it to come back in a couple of days. It was cleared up in 2 days with the use of the lotion. Color me happy. I'm never using anything else again.

👤At first, I was liking this product. The smell is refreshing at first, but it gets stronger over time. I noticed that it turned into a smell like baby puke. It took me a while to put my finger on what the smell reminded me of. My boyfriend told me to stop using it on the baby because he said it smelled weird. I bought a few of these off here before the baby was born and I like how it feels on the skin but I don't want to smell baby puke. I don't know what ingredient is making that smell. I'm a huge fan of fresh lavendar. It doesn't have that scent at all.

👤The scent is more subtle than I was expecting, and the cleanser left my daughter's hair dry. The product didn't work for our needs, but the conditioner helped a little with that.

👤The lavender smell is very faint. My son got a rash. He has never gotten a rash from any other kind of lotion.

👤I have an allergy to the two drugs, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. They are on the bottle. I have been covered in a lot of things. This is a no for "organic" products. I have to read every product label. It's very dangerous for a baby product. !! I might be going to the hospital. Seeking legal counsel after that.

👤I bought this for my second child. I am going to be a four year old boy in a few months. When I received the product, I decided to give it a try with my son. He took a shower and was out after dinner. We have tried many different brands and none have worked like this one. He did not sleep today but we have a very calm day. He and I both loved the smell. A little goes a long way. It was enough for my child to play with bubbles, as we used two pumps the whole bath, that is a plus in my book. Will keep buying it!

9. BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

Eco-friendly hair products for women. Their wooden hair brushes are hand polished. The hair comb comes out more rounded and smooth, which prevents harm to the scalp by redistributing the natural oil your scalp produces, the wooden bristles restore shine and texture. Wooden bristle hair brushes and wooden combs are healthier because they are not sharp and can increase your hair's natural shine. The tangling brush massage stimulates blood flow and results in healthier hair, no tangle, and no static. Benefits include a reduction in hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even Dandruff. The DEFRIZZ is made of 100% pure natural wood. The brush helps prevent static so that your hair stays smooth after brushing. The brush will generate less knots than synthetic brushes. It will be easier to separate hair knots with the brush. For All hair types are best with a natural bristle hair brush. Their natural bristle brush and wood combs are the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Each gift package includes a wooden bristle hair brush, a nice bag, three wood combs, and one waterproof clean claw, all packed in a colorful packaging, perfect for any occasion.

Brand: Bekind

👤This set is beautiful from the outside to the inside. I have thick hair which makes it easy to blow dry. I've lost many of the bristles in my plastic hairbrushes and plastic combs as I try to push them through my thick hair. The set seems to be pretty durable so far. The natural wood is much prettier than plastic. The brush comes with a tool to clean it out, which is great for those like me who stand in front of the trash can and pull out hair. It's great for people looking to make an eco-friendly switch or just looking for a fun and beautiful product.

👤I am floored. I was looking for a new hairbrush that could be cleaned easily and was moderately priced. I would have been happy with the paddle brush alone. The cleaning mini brush and three different combs are unbelievable. I don't think I had the package fully unwrapped before I had one of the combs running through my hair. I was also impressed with the packaging. It's just adorable and attention to detail. It would be an amazing gift for any of my friends, and definitely for Mother's Day. I can't thank you enough, I'm not normally the review leaving type. After a few weeks of use, I will update this review. My hair will be thanking me for these!

👤I like the product so far. My old brush was over 10 years old and I have longer hair. I knew I needed to make the right choice because I was going to keep the new brush for a long time and I wanted to make sure I didn't break anything. I was looking for something that was affordable and green. I needed to find something that was not made from plastic. I decided to purchase the Be Kind brand after looking over a few options and have been very satisfied with my purchase thus far. The brush is easy to clean with 3 people using it daily and the paddle fits the hand well, the bristles are sturdy and flexible, and the brush is easy to use. My son loves the fact that he has his own comb. I drilled a hole in the handle to make it easier to hang since I have a small bathroom. The wood was splintering a bit, but a little sanding. It was new and ready for its new home.

👤I've been using organic, vegan, and more natural products for my beauty and personal care items, and I came across articles and videos about the benefits of using wooden hairbrushes. I had never thought about the benefits of my hair brush, other than the fact that it could handle my thick hair without pulling it out or breaking it. I decided to make the switch because I was intrigued by the benefits. I am a Prime member, so that is usually my first stop, and I found this Be Kind 4-piece hairbrush kit. The paddle brush is large and sturdy and it handles my thick hair very well. It feels like a head massage when brushing with the paddle brush. I'm very thankful that I discovered the Be Kind brand and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their products.

10. Chriffer Instruments Percussion Educational Eco Friendly

Chriffer Instruments Percussion Educational Eco Friendly

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! The kids' musical instruments set are made of premium non-toxic natural wood, non-painting, and coating which have passed the standards for quality. These toddler musical instruments don't smell bad. The corners and edges are polished to protect your baby's hands. The toddler wooden musical instrument set is reliable for children. The goal is to provide a safe environment for babies. Crefiffer toddler Montessori musical instruments include shaking, tapping, and beating instruments. Musical experiences in childhood can improve brain development. It improves creativity and musical potential. The musical instrument is a safe and natural Montessori toy for toddlers or young babies. Children who play with musical toys have better hand-eye coordination, and they also have better brain development. You will get 8 pieces of Montessori music toys in this set, which has a beautiful box, come with a storage bag, as a gift, and it is ideal for toddler gifts. A musical instrument is an ideal birthday gift. Fit for both genders. The toddler music instrument is a fun toy to develop your baby's musical talent while enjoying time with parents. They will provide you with a satisfactory solution if you don't like it. Enjoy your family time with your kids after you buy now.

Brand: Chriffer

👤What a terrible set! The set was missing a mallet and a triangle. The wood block was missing. The cymbals were loose from their handles, but we weren't able to screw them in tighter because the screw was too big. The bells broke off their handles. Kids have been playing with this for 12 minutes. Not happy! Will come back.

👤The instruments were a good purchase. They are made of good quality materials. The sounds of these instruments are different. I bought them for a younger child because they are an entire set which allows for choices. I am a retired teacher and these instruments would be great additions to my classroom.

👤My grandson likes this set. I keep the sticks away from him because he is only 12 months old. He likes this set. He goes for the first and most often the colorful toys in his toy box. He likes the tambourine and the shakers. He bangs on the xylophone. The toys are sturdy and last a long time.

👤The quality is not what I expected. One of the spokes came out on the tambourine while the xylophone was out of tune. The spoke of the tambourine poked my finger. I was thankful that I found it before my kids saw it.

👤My daughter liked the xylophone in the pack. The wooden material is a plus. There are items with decent quality.

👤I bought this set for my son. Toddler's small hands will benefit from their sizes. There are lots of different instruments and good quality. It sounds pleasant. Our favorite is the xylophone. Comes with a bag that is handy. I really like it!

👤I was pleased with how well made and safe they are. I wouldn't suggest for people to gnaw on the wood.

👤My grandson loves to play the percussion instruments. His older brother is already playing music on the xylephone.

11. Sandflower Coloring Carnival Animal Guestbook

Sandflower Coloring Carnival Animal Guestbook

The brush and comb set is a perfect gift for a new mom. It would be a perfect baby shower gift as the baby care kits don't have grooming set. Non-woven fabric is eco-friendly and safe. You can color your own bags with markers or colored pencils. Encourage children to use a pen. The products are 9.1" tall with a handle of 8.6" wide and can carry a box of up to 2.2 in. Each set has 6 kinds of bags, both side print, and 12 patterns in total. The colors of the handles are random. The PCS bonus bags can be used for the guestbook. It's great for classroom activity, Halloween candy bags, Christmas Bag, Donate bags, art theme party, toddler crafts, and toddler play day. It's slightly waterproof but not include markers. If you need more than one bag, please look for sandflower coloring bags.

Brand: Sandflower

👤These bags are very cute. They were a hit with 4-5 year olds. These bags are small. If you think they are the size of the shopping bags, you will be disappointed. The bag for party guests to sign was also included. I took party favors in these bags to my child's VPK for his birthday and asked the teachers to sign the free bag. It was a great souvenir. The kids were coloring the books. I might buy these bags again next year.

👤I thought these bags were good for money. There is a little abstract as far as their pictures are concerned. One side is like a bunny with a wand and the other side is like Christmas stuff. I don't know if it's a theme or not, but it's kind of different. If that doesn't matter to you, then go for it.

👤Kids can color with cute bags. They are made of sturdy fabric and last a long time. Three of the designs had a Christmas theme on one side. I couldn't use any of the bags because they were for a party. Take a close look at the bags. Three of the Christmas designs are on bags.

👤My daughter will be having a birthday party with these bags. She decorated hers with crayons. They are perfect for party favors. I included a picture of what we put inside. They are strong enough for kids to use again.

👤The quality is there. It is perfect for kids of all ages and it is very easy to do. I only gave it 3 stars because I ordered the circus animals. There was a mixture of Christmas scenes and castles. I didn't have time to request new ones as they came the day before my child's birthday party. The random scenes would be fine, but Christmas and winter would be worse. I would have been very happy if that was what I wanted.

👤I have ordered these for kids at my wedding, baby shower, my kids birthday parties and all other celebrations where kids may come and need entertainment. The bags are cute. I love them so much! Will order again and again.

👤I bought these bags for my child's birthday party. They were amazing. I was worried that they would be too small, but they held everything I needed. The kids loved coloring the images in the bag.

👤My daughter's 1st birthday was a perfect occasion for this bag. The bag is about the same size as a computer sheet. I have 6 green and 6 yellow. I wish I had gotten more colors, but it was worth it.

👤The images on the bags were not normal. There were some Christmas pictures mixed in, which did not match the animals theme.

👤Muy padres! There is a Muy lindos unas originales! Para ponerles varias cositas, detallitos de fiesta infantil!

👤Quality worksmanship, well packed designs, and beautiful designs. This is more sustainable than plastic or paper bags. I will give away the party bags.


What is the best product for eco friendly gifts for toddlers?

Eco friendly gifts for toddlers products from Hape. In this article about eco friendly gifts for toddlers you can see why people choose the product. Green Toys and Augtoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly gifts for toddlers.

What are the best brands for eco friendly gifts for toddlers?

Hape, Green Toys and Augtoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly gifts for toddlers. Find the detail in this article. Cenove, Sandflower and Junyobee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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