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1. WITCHES BROOM PENS Pack Stationery


7.5INCH PENS Harry Potter fans will love these witch broom Halloween pens that fit comfortably into their hands and have a plastic cap. The wooden base makes it easy to grip the witch broom pens, which highlight a fun broomstick topper for all those fans of the wizarding world. The witch broom pens have smooth and versatile black ink so they can be used in a variety of situations. A pack of 48 makes it easy to replace used pens or to enjoy Halloween pens at parties, as gifts for friends or coworkers, or just for personal use.

Brand: Fun Express

👤The pens are cute, but you can see a lot of glue if you look close. They are not worth anything as a pen. They are able to write all of four words.

👤We used them for a gift idea. It was a cheap way to show they are appreciated.

👤They worked well and were exactly as pictured. I used them for a class project. Thank you!

👤Needed for a Harry Potter themed shower and all the ladies loved them. They were talked about all day. There is a Thanks!

👤I ordered more after buying these for a Harry Potter camp. Will buy again.

👤They were used for a baby shower. I took scissors to the ends and calmed them down, because some of them were crazy looking. It worked out great.

👤I thought they'd be better. Immediately dried out.

👤Half the pens did not work.

2. Zhi Jin Exquisite Collection Anniversary

Zhi Jin Exquisite Collection Anniversary

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact their friendly customer support and they will do everything in their power to make you 100% satisfied. The box is 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches. Premium Eco-friendly thicker cardboard and flannel is made ofdurable material. It is easy to organize and carry, perfect for packing gift. Theribbon holder is not easy to scattered. Perfect for jewelry gift box,pen gift packing, opening ceremony, birthday, awards, wedding, advertising promotion, business gifts, anniversary celebration, public relations planning, trade fairs, festivals, employee benefits, etc.

Brand: Zhi Jin

👤They were perfect for gifts. The quality is very nice and will be ordered again.

👤It's a nice option for pens. It is a nice touch. It is definitely worth it if it is at the time of purchase. I bought around 17 boxes.

👤Inexpensive storage for pens. Like the magnetic flap. They have become standard in my collection after buying many of them.

👤These were cheap and flimsy, but they served their purpose. I needed a pen box because my wife didn't have a box when she received my gift. The gift box for the pen was made from these.

👤It's a nice case, but it's difficult to get the pen in for thicker pens. Not a bad option. We were able to use them, but we had a different box for future needs.

👤They were damaged when purchased for gift giving. It was not worth the effort to get replacements before Christmas.

👤The boxes were delivered on time. Only 2 of the 5 were in good shape to give a gift. It's important for a gift box. They had torn corners so the cardboard was exposed, or they were glue together so they didn't fold well. The way the materials were put together did not bother me.

3. BIC Ecolutions Ballpoint Medium 50 Count

BIC Ecolutions Ballpoint Medium 50 Count

Every time, black ink writes for the first time. Consistency in ink flow is a must for a smooth writing experience. A 1.0mm medium point is ideal for tackling a variety of writing activities. Round barrel for writing. You can see the remaining ink supply with a translucent barrel. Made with recycled plastic.

Brand: Bic

👤Bic ecolutions Round Stic Ball Pen is a new pen I want to add to my collection. I am a lefty. If you are left-handed, you know that ink pens are not friends. I've accepted the fact that by the end of the day I'm going to have a hand covered in ink smudges. I use an ink pen from the time I wake until the time I go to bed because I am a nurse and do a lot of documentation. I have to wait for ink to dry on one section of paper before I can move on to the next page. Not the case with this pen. The ink dried quickly. There were no smudge marks on my hand or ink on my papers. The ink came out quickly and painlessly, which saved me a lot of time. We all know that time is money. Which leads to another plus. There is a It was not expensive and is always right up my alley. Considering how essential a pen is to my job, one would think I would invest in an expensive one. I work with a bunch of pen thieves which would make such an investment foolish. I can use this pen at work and not worry about it going back home. This pen was made from recycled plastic. One more reason to love my purchase is that I get to take part in going "green". There is a For those who don't want to read a full review. Left hand friendly. * Smooth glide No feathering is eco-friendly.

👤I bought a 50 pack of pens because I was so sick of searching for pens at work. My co-workers don't like these pens, but they're my favorite at any price. Maybe people will stop stealing my pens. They're lightweight, they write smooth, and the blue ink is easy to read, and I've never seen a leak. They're cheap at less than 11 cents per pen, so who cares if you lose one? What more do you want?

👤I bought these because they were made from recycled plastic. They don't work very well. I'm in the food service industry and I know from experience that pens are not worth the low price they're being sold for. I threw a lot of them in the recycle bin. The industry standard for pens was BIC. I'm very happy with Papermate.

👤A big box with pens. I keep these around for other people to steal so they don't take my good pens. I think we have something in the house that eats them.

👤I have been a loyal purchaser of Bic Brand pens for many decades. I used to buy a Bic blue ink pen from the corner store on my way to school. I had to pay 10 cents. They always wrote smoothed and no leaks. There is a At some point in the 2000's, I started having bad experiences with Bic brand, which caused a lot of damage to clothing and other material things, and some pens had half-filled barrels. I had the same experience with the brand I purchased, that out of a 10 pack of pens, maybe four would be okay, and the others would start leaking as soon as I start writing with them, or the ink would dry out. Bic changed their formula and that's what caused the cheap and quality leaking pens. There is a I stopped buying pens from Bic. The cheap $1 pens at the discount stores didn't leak. There is a A few months ago, I decided to give Bic another try. I thought they would return to their better quality days after all these years. I was wrong. There is a A lot of good pens, but also a lot of bad quality pens, leaking pens, and pens that stopped writing even with the barrel still half-filled with, were in the box. It's impossible to write with the ink that's left in the barrel. There is a Buying in bulk isn't always the best choice, because many manufactures will cheat you by mixing in poor quality items with good quality to make up a gross set, even when the price is reasonable. I'm going to get 10 in a pack for $1 and buy the dollar pens again.

4. Pilot B2P Retractable Recycled Bottles

Pilot B2P Retractable Recycled Bottles

Pilot's B2P Retractable Ball Point is a green option. Pens are made from recycled bottles. They have a comfortable grip and are compatible with Dr. Grip ink. Being green is easy. The ball point is B2P. Pens are available in a variety of colors. You can go green. No matter which color you choose to write in, it won't matter. Want to make your everyday essentials eco-friendly? A little more eco-chic? B2P Gel Roller Pens are made from recycled water bottles and feature Pilot's long-lasting, vibrant G2 Gel Ink. They've been making Pens for over 100 years. Pilot is the perfect pen for taking notes, writing in a bullet journal, or stocking up on school supplies. Pilot makes exceptional writing instruments to fit all your needs. Fountain, Ballpoint, Retractable, Erasable & Gel Ink Pens, Whiteboard Markers, and more are available. For every writing style.

Brand: Pilot

👤A friend of mine spoke highly of these pens. I like writing with these and ordered more of them. When I have the chance, I try one with a friend or relative. They like the way they write and keep the pen. I like the idea of recycling plastic bottles this way, but I am not as ecollogy as I should be.

👤The package was multi colored. I love them. They are my favorite pens to use and with the different colors it is a good way to work on my budget and I can see where I am with my new budget. I will buy them again.

👤These are great if you like gel pens. If you like a pen that feels different than a plastic stick, you will like them. I am prone to not care for them. They are easy to write fast with. They are made from recycled materials. So there. Good stuff. I knocked a star off because one of the pens leaked. I haven't had that happen to any pens in a long time. Don't know what's going on. There is a There is a change to be made. These aren't gel pens. Ball point is one of the leaked ones. They say they are to be honest. When did they add ball points? AARGH couldn't figure it out.

👤Our daughter is a vegan and likes to use sustainable products. She likes to sketch. I have given her various recycled notebooks, and have put them with the pens a few times. She likes the pens. Thank you for the recycled pen option!

👤I like the ink pens. They're not as easy to find as they used to be. I don't have a problem with them unless you forgot to order the ink and then ran out of it. I think that's correct. I really like them.

👤I absolutely love these pens. They are wonderful writers. The only downside is that when the ink runs low, they are hard to write with, so I have to replace it before I have to. The quality of writing and the feel of the pen is worth it. I have been using these pens for years and I do a lot of writing as a college student. I've tried other pens and they don't work for taking notes.

👤The ink flows and the grip on the pens is great. I love that they are made from recycled material.

👤I like these pens. They work as expected. If it is helping the environment.

👤I like how this pen writes. I received a pen in a box. I had to buy more because I liked it so much. I was happy to find them on Amazon. They are made from recycled bottles. I have yet to buy refill. Great writing instrument. I recommend! It doesn't get me all messy. A big plus!

👤These pens are made from recycled bottles. The medium point is writing well. If they work, they are worth it.

5. Sprout Plantable Eco Friendly Sustainable Heart Warming

Sprout Plantable Eco Friendly Sustainable Heart Warming

The package includes: 10 green pen, 10 dark green pen, and 10 light green pen. The Special edition contains 5 pencils engraved with love quotes and romantic sayings that will make you smile. A small seed capsule can be seen at the tip of the pencil. If you can't use your pencil for a while, then plant it upside down and enjoy watching it grow into flowers or vegetables. The pencil shows what type of seed it is. The world's first plantable penicillin. They believe that big change can be achieved through small innovations. The world's first patented and plantable pencil is a true messenger for green change. You're setting an example for a better future by choosing to use Sprout pencils. They encourage their customers to promote sustainable practices. It is incorporated in all aspects of their business. Sprout pencils are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, and made from sustainable materials. Their pencils and packaging are either PEFC or FSC certified. Every time a tree is cut, another is planted. They are a proud member of SEDEX and their pencils carry the European safety approval certification. The gift that gives back is the Sprout Pencils. The ideal present for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Back to School, Stocking Stuffers, advent calendar, weddings, teacher's appreciation day and other special occasions. The greatest gift is a green sustainable mindset. The Sprout Spread the Love Edition contains a total of 5 eco-friendly, biodegradable and high-quality Sprout pencils with decomposable cellulose seed-capsules for herbs, flowers or vegetables. The seeds include: daisies,

Brand: Sprout

👤My sister has been living in a jungle because of her obsession with plants. She has an apartment with over 30 plants. She names them all. There is a She loved these! I think she might even start writing in pencil again because she was so fascinated with them. She's going to have 6 more plants.

👤I gave them to everyone for teacher's appreciation day.

👤My daughter loves plants and planting things.

👤It was a very fun idea to give to the teachers.

👤I always look for fun gifts for friends. The pencils are a great way to start a conversation.

👤The recipient loved the gift.

👤I love these! It's unique! The gifts are great. Keeping for one's self as well. It is true to description.

👤I bought this product as a gift and can only speak about certain aspects. Quality is very good and the packaging is good. I'm going to plant the pencil eventually. I like a good mix of flowers and herbs. It's good to be given some of my favourite herbs. I hope they grow and prosper. When the time comes to plant these guys, I will update my review.

👤I bought these for my daughter's teachers and teaching assistants. The staff was excited and intrigued by them. They were a nice alternative to flowers and wine, and a project for them to enjoy. Each pencil has a nice engraved comment and plant name. I will be buying some for myself as well. I like the idea behind these.

👤A thoughtful and creative way of giving a 10 year old a present is a bit mundane.

👤It was in good order and arrived in time. I bought these as a gift for my son who is very eco-friendly and will let me know how the plants fare when I get them.

👤Once they have grown excellent presents for my girl, these will add pics.

6. SHALORY Ballpoint Leather Rollerball Premium

SHALORY Ballpoint Leather Rollerball Premium

Perfect for jewelry gift box,pen gift packing, opening ceremony, birthday, awards, wedding, advertising promotion, business gifts, anniversary celebration, public relations planning, trade fairs, festivals, employee benefits, etc. The natural handmade ball point pen is an ideal gift set for outdoor pros, security staff, police, military, tactical, family members, friends, and also for collectors. The bolt action tactical pen is made of solid brass and has high quality construction. Both lightweight and durable. It's easy to handle and can handle drops. The shape of the SHARLOGY tactical pen makes it comfortable to hold. This pen is an ideal backup for your backpack or car. It's within reach when you need it, because the side clip keeps the pen securely in place when inside a pocket, on the front cover, or on the spiral rings of a notepad. The bolt action pen kit is sure to be a kit among hunters and target shooters alike. The kit's realistic look, function, and innovative bolt action design will make it your most used writing instrument.

Brand: Shalory

👤I ordered 2 of these pens because I thought they were cool. I was blown away by the detail added to these pens when I received them. I ordered 3 more and they will be Christmas gifts. I don't think it says that. They have a new ink thingy. That is a plus for me. If you want to own guns. This is your pen. The bolt action to get the pen to open is very fast. The bullet in the end and rifle are awesome. It is a heavy pen and I like it. This isn't your pen if you don't like heavy pens. I hope my family likes it as much as I do. Happy shopping!

👤The pen kit is described. This is not a pen kit. The pen kit comes in pieces so you can turn the pen blank into a pen when you're done crafting it. Do not purchase this if you are looking for a kit. It is a pen. If that is what you want, but not what is stated, it is great. Fix your description so that people don't waste time and money. I don't care if it gets your product more views, it's false advertising.

👤I've been looking for a Bolt action pen. I found the best value with this one. The pen is very well made. The bolt action is firm and it is made of real wood. I bought a $50.00 pen last year and it turned out to be a complete let down. I can't believe they are not charging more than $50 for this pen, it's the best value for the money here.

👤The design and function are great. I like the weight of this pen. Smooth writing! I have had a lot of praise for this pen.

👤It was in a presentable box and had a leather glove on. I didn't think that would happen. It was a gift for a veteran and he loved it. The pen seems like a ball point. I did not get to write much. Maybe I don't qualify to complain about it.

👤The pen is heavy but comfortable to write with. It is a very attractive pen. I replaced the ink with a fisher price space pen insert that fit perfectly. The bolt action is smooth and I like it. I will be angry if I lose this pen. I think so.

👤A nice pen. The bolt action is very nice. The cover is not real leather. There is a A nice gift.

👤I ordered 5 pens to give as gifts. I have gifted out two of them so far, but the other 3 are still in the cases they came in. I gave the game to the second pen and it had a crack in the wooden grip. When customer service reached out to me, they asked if I was happy with the product, and I told them about the defect, and they gave me a refund for the defected pen. I am very happy with the product and the service they provided and I would recommend them to anyone.

7. Retractable Ballpoint Sustainable Journaling Supplies

Retractable Ballpoint Sustainable Journaling Supplies

There is a box of Pens new. 1. The bamboo pens with box is a Zero Waste Gift. Each pen is 5”L x 1”W x 0.25”D. The barrels of these black ink pens are made with bamboo, which is reliable and durable, and the tips and clips of pens are made with metal, which is harmless and comfortable to use. The bamboo pen is light and portable, weighs 0.35 ounces, and has a smooth and smooth touch, making it a great pen for long use. It can be carried with you, and it is portable for you to put it in your backpack. It is possible to give the eco-friendly bamboo pen to your friends or family members on holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Fridays, and Cyber Monday. All products will provide a 30 days money-back guarantee for any reason and a limited lifetime warranty for quality-related issues.

Brand: Jinfusi

👤This is a perfect example of Greenwashing, when a product pretends to be green to meet current market needs. It's a plastic pen with a PLASTIC inner tube layer that's hidden under the bamboo layer. The plastic pen is camouflaged under a bamboo layer. There is greenwashing. I returned it because I won't fall for it. It smudges really badly.

👤They didn't last long. After a few days of light writing, the ink would run out. There's no threading on the cap and it's weak. Some nasty splinters were left by a couple that split at the end. They're light and nice to hold, but I wouldn't buy them.

👤I give as a gift. People like them, and also a wife who is very picky with how her pens write, but good.

👤I have trouble finding a pen to write a tone on and it's going strong, but I am still using the first one.

👤They are so great that everyone wants to keep them. Light weight and writing great.

👤They have a wide size of pens that make it easy to write.

8. Penneed Celebration Retractable Refillable B5

Penneed Celebration Retractable Refillable B5

The Sprout Spread the Love Edition contains a total of 5 eco-friendly, biodegradable and high-quality Sprout pencils with decomposable cellulose seed-capsules for herbs, flowers or vegetables. The seeds include: daisies, The top writing quality is a smooth writing experience, no leakage, no smudge, and a 1.0mm tip. The ink never fades. The pen has a leather gift case. ASIN "B07KQWN1YS" is for B5 pen refill. The structure is made of superior copper. It feels good to have perfect balance and appropriate weight. The cap clips on and off with a nice snap. A good sense of view and touch can be achieved with a sleek lacquer finish and rose gold trims. When writing it feels substantial. There is no sign of wear on the pen. It is not only for simple writing but also for office, home, school, outdoor, travel vacation, weding, birthday, party, festival, campaign, celebration, special event, business, promotional &advertising, employee benefit and contest prize etc. Each pen is encased in a velvet box. There are 4 classic and stylish colors. It is a perfect gift for executives, officers, experts, scholars, professors, lawer, doctors, nurse, businessmen, managers, boss, colleagues or clients. You can buy one to reward yourself.

Brand: Penneed

👤The pen looks nice out of the box. The rose gold is not as shiny as highly polished copper. To make sure, I compared it to several well preserved pennies. The pen is darker than most other pens. I replaced the ink with a parker gel refill. I had to stretch the spring by about 25 inches to fully open the parker refill. The body of the pen is slightly different from the rose gold top. The metal is lighter than most other pens. It looks more expensive than it is because it fits in the hand. It's a great addition to my collection. Thanks for the pen.

👤I like this pen. I have expensive pens and have been doing cheaper ones, not expecting much. This was a surprise to me. There is a The twist action feels solid and smooth, and the ink is very smooth. The box is superior. The inner lining is typical of the higher tier suade type. There is a white stiching around the top perimeter of the box. Very nice. There is a This is a high quality item. It doesn't have Montblanc or Visconti but it does give a competition for a fraction of the price. This pen is for sale.

👤The pen is perfect for the writer. I write all day long as a nurse and have many pens. The pen is not bulky or awkward. It writes with a medium head and doesn't smudge. It's nice looking and my coworkers tried to steal it all the time. It's giftable too. It's a great pen for a great price.

👤A heavy pen makes writing feel smooth. Excellent quality. It arrived quickly. Great seller.

👤The pen is not very heavy, making it seem cheap. I would not give this to anyone alone, but it is a nice compliment.

👤The twist pen feels like they are about to break and that's my only issue with it. I am going to keep it because it writes so well and has a nice weight. It glides smoothly across the paper and produces a nice bold line that is easy for me to read with my bad eyes. I would recommend this pen to anyone who is looking for a pen with a nice weight and feel.

👤The pen has a nice weight and it always puts ink on the paper. You don't have to go somewhere else.

👤It was fun, but my gag gift was a little rough, and I wanted to be mean. I still have my job because my boss loved the pen.

9. Sharper Glory Ballpoint Rollerball Graduation

Sharper Glory Ballpoint Rollerball Graduation

Each pen is encased in a velvet box. There are 4 classic and stylish colors. It is a perfect gift for executives, officers, experts, scholars, professors, lawer, doctors, nurse, businessmen, managers, boss, colleagues or clients. You can buy one to reward yourself. The 1.0mm and 0.7mm medium points make writing and drawing very easy to do, and they are excellent for every day use. Extra pen refill for long time use is also offered. Heavy weight and swift structure. The body is made of copper and feels premium. The pen is more durable and robust because of the strong spring and large-capacity cartridge. You can express your ideas with Shalory pen. It is a stylish and practical choice for your everyday writing needs. Excellent gift, comes with black pu leather case, perfect for business environment, or presented as a gift for yourself, families and friends. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact their friendly customer support and they will do everything in their power to make you 100% satisfied.

Brand: Shalory

👤The pen set is beautiful. I bought it for myself because it writes so well and creamy. It doesn't bleed through to the other side. My family and friends love the pen as much as I do and I have purchased 4 more of them as gifts. There is a It comes with a black storage box that is made of fabric. There are 2 pens in the box. The box is a great carrying case that you can use. I am very pleased with the quality of the pens. They aren't thin and aren't bulky. A pen with a rose gold finish is very sleek and beautiful. Both of the pens have black ink and they write well. My friends and family are happy with this purchase, and I am very happy with it.

👤I wouldn't have bought them if I knew they were rose gold. Who looks at the photo of rose that is in the listing? The seller should have said that they were rose gold rather than yellow. I will use the pen set for the money, it is a very nice pen set. Ballpoint and rollerball seem to be the same. I have to get another one that is the right color because the first one was very nice-looking.

👤It's just beautiful. It is an elegant gift because of the nice weight and perfect flow. A wow factor was received from someone who was unmoved by gifts. It is all that, stunning.

👤I gave these to my dad because he writes a lot. He loves them. He thought I spent a fortune on these, but he was so surprised that I just ordered them here! The pens look professional. It's a great gift for the holidays.

👤The rose gold finish only took a couple weeks to complete.

👤I get a lot of praise for my pens. If you have the tools, you can get your name engraved on it.

👤The value was better than expected. Thanks.

👤Every day they are lovely.

10. Lvcky Plastic Ballpoint Collection Business

Lvcky Plastic Ballpoint Collection Business

A pack of 48 makes it easy to replace used pens or to enjoy Halloween pens at parties, as gifts for friends or coworkers, or just for personal use. The size is 18.6 cm/6.1 inches. Premium Eco-friendly thicker PS material is antidurable. A clear design with a durable holder. It's easy to organize and carry a single size capacity. Perfect for pen gift packing, opening ceremony, birthday, awards, wedding, advertising promotion, business gifts, anniversary celebration, public relations planning, trade fairs, festivals, employee benefits, etc.

Brand: Lvcky

👤I just received my order and I love it! Can't wait to use them. The rubber piece in the middle allows the pens to fit. I was worried that it would be too small, but it's flexible and the pen fits like a glove.

👤Not worth the money for what I need them for. I put the pen in the cane and it cracked. These will not be returned.

👤Will not be able to stay together. For display, but not for transport.

👤I bought diamond top pens and they fit perfectly. You slip the pen in the plastic sleeve and it stays in place.

👤When giving as gifts, made pens look expensive.

👤I gave these as gifts and bought them for 5 in ones pens. The holders were the perfect size. I gave the bows away for Christmas. The size pen you are buying is important. I wanted to make sure to check the specifications before buying these and the pens.

👤Gave pens as gifts and they worked perfectly.

11. BEILUNER Luxury Walnut Ballpoint Writing

BEILUNER Luxury Walnut Ballpoint Writing

100% money back guarantee and incredible customer service are what you get with buy with total confidence. Everything they do is done by their customers. They will either put it right or refund you if you don't like it. They want you to have the best possible products. The top quality. The classic ballpoint pens are plated with a metallic finish giving them a touch of elegance and a sleek and professional feel. The wooden pen vintage collection is lightweight and has a comfortable grip on writing. It is a daunting writing experience. The extra-fine point tip of these pens makes your writing easier to read and more precise, as well as giving you a smooth writing experience. It feels good to have good balance. Excellent workmanship, package: retro look pen, exquisite packaging. This is the best pen for your everyday use because it has an extra black ink refill that is easy to replace. It's ideal to use in a notebook, journal, planner, legal pad, invitation cards, and almost any paper surface. There is a gift option. The pen comes with a black box. Gifts for your family, lover and work partners include antique, fashion and elegant gift pens. Birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, make a memorable impression with a nice gift choice. There is a guarantee. They promise to provide good quality products and excellent service as well as being reliable and integrity seller.

Brand: Beiluner

👤A reliable pen is important to a journaler. The pen is of high quality. It's body is made of brown wood grain with gold trim, and the gripper is black with a gold tip. The pen is in a black case. It glides smoothly across the paper, it fits in my hand. There is no bleed through to the back on traditional lined notebook paper. There was no journaling paper when I tried it. I would recommend it for both business and personal needs.

👤They are good for the price, but I think one I bought 4 months ago was a good one. Nice style doesn't look cheap. The area where you grab it is too thin, but can ignore it, it doesn't last. I am talking about the pen, not the ink. The black plastic part where the tip is held will not work anymore because it has cracked. I don't recommend it. There is a 10/19/2020 The pen broke. Don't buy it.

👤I am very happy with my purchase of the Beiluner pen. The pen is made from a gorgeous rosewood with golden accents that complement the design very well. I will use this gorgeous pen for guests to use while they sign my guestbook at my wedding, and will be very pleased to do so. The price point of the pen was shocking to me. I can't believe how cost-effective the set is. Even though I am left-handed, the pen writes well and doesn't smudge. I run into trouble with nice pens because I am left-handed. The set comes with a refill. I am very happy with this purchase and will consider buying another one in the future.

👤The wooden rollerball pens are gorgeous. I got one all walnut, one part maple and one part rosewood. The pens come with a refill that is too fine for me. I learned the hard way that many standard rollerball refill tips will not fit through the hole for them. Only PENTEL 0.7mm refills fit, not Pilot G2 or Monteverde. The customer service department had a great person in Joe. He sent me another pen for free when the one I had was missing a screw. Great service, and a gorgeous pen once you find a refill.

👤The pen and refill are in a nice black box. The pen is perfect for gifts. There is a The pen looked more expensive than the price it cost. The wood grain has a fancy feel. There is a I am always looking for a good quality pen to write with. The pen is comfortable to use. The wood flows down to a smooth grip. The black ink on the pen dries quickly and is lovely to write with. There is a I have owned this pen for two days and it has become a favorite. There is a I received this product in exchange for an honest review. *

👤I don't usually write bad reviews. This is the first review I have ever written that is not a five star review. I think it's worth noting more to the seller than a potential buyer. This was to be a gift for my daughter and I was an avid writer myself. The pen is packaged in a "gift" type box, which was part of the appeal for me. Quality control in the packaging leaves a lot to be desired, even though I have no problem with the product inside. The box was wrapped in plastic. The shipping container had no damage. It is possible that this pen was packaged this way because of the obvious damage to the box. I realize that this might be a small thing. This was to be an elegant gift to my daughter who is also an aspiring writer, just as I was at her age. It is my belief that this was allowed to pass through any quality control efforts that the company might have in place. The result was a gift that was crushed and unattractive. This blunder could have easily been avoided. My special gift to my daughter looked like I picked it up from a dollar store clearance rack. I don't know if I will give it to her. I live in a rural area and my options are limited in purchasing a comparable product locally within the time frame that remains. The pen is of a high quality and is advertised. My once in a lifetime gift to my daughter has been ruined by carelessness in the packaging. This could have been avoided, and left me in a spot.


What is the best product for eco friendly gifts pen?

Eco friendly gifts pen products from Fun Express. In this article about eco friendly gifts pen you can see why people choose the product. Zhi Jin and Bic are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly gifts pen.

What are the best brands for eco friendly gifts pen?

Fun Express, Zhi Jin and Bic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly gifts pen. Find the detail in this article. Pilot, Sprout and Shalory are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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