Best Eco Friendly Glass Cleaner Concentrate

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1. Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover

Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover

Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals. The professional water sewer REMOVER is hard. Get the strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out. Hard minerals should be removed. The professional water sewer REMOVER is hard. Get the strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out. Hard minerals should be removed.

Brand: Bioclean

👤I do tile and glass work. I have a product that is not available to the general public. It is pricey, but it is okay if you rely on the results. The reviews heard moaning about elbow grease, but that doesn't register for someone who uses a Makita polisher with three pads to wrestle off the tough stuff. I could use my back-up stuff to finish the rest if this stuff works as advertised. I want engineered abrasives and a bio friendly chemistry from this product. She works by keeping it wet until you see the soap scum and water deposit free from the tile or glass. You can let it dry out as you buff it away. There is a My first experience with this product was on an outdoor shower. I used 1/3 of a bottle. I haven't used it on glass yet, but from some of the reviews I've read, it's a strong material. Particulates like metal and stone will scratch it. Some people think their shower doors are glass, but they are actually plastic. Thin glass doors are also tempered. The cheap layer of the glass is called the tempering. You may get some swirls from this type of abrasive. When I get some glass done, I will write a follow up. Keep your pads and cleaning cloths clean. They will pick up everything if you throw micro-fiber towels on the floor. Even after washing, the small rocks and dirt will still hang on. Give them extra care.

👤It's amazing. The shower looked like it had a fog tint. I am so thankful for this product. It was so easy to use that it saved me a lot of money, and it smelled great. There is a No weird smells or chemicals. The bathroom smells fresh. There is a If the price was $100 per bottle, it would be worth it. There is a By far exceeded expectations! If you have a build of hard water, soap scum, or rust... This is the best product. You won't regret your purchase. Love is love.

👤I have been a professional window cleaner for almost a decade and I finally decided to try this product. I will not be using this product again because of the scratches it left in the glass. Micro scratches can be seen in the photos I posted along with this review. Micro scratches are caused by a spider web effect when it is hit with direct sunlight. To home owners and to the pro, test it out in a spot where you wouldn't care about scratching before you go crazy on an area that matters to you. I cleaned the debris from the glass with dawn soapy water and a brand new squeegee before applying bioclean, I also used a non abrasive non-woven white polishing pad for the application. I am very disappointed with this product and do not recommend it to anyone. Hope this helps!

👤I've tried everything to get the stains out of my tub and nothing has worked as well as this! The house has a well and hard water. Two years ago, we bought our house, and we've been trying to get this tub to look better. We were considering replacing our tub because it looked so bad, but this made our tub look new. The smell is pleasant and I feel more comfortable using non-toxic cleaning products. We used a cleaning brush drill attachment to get our tub looking clean, and it worked very well. You won't be disappointed if you get a brush attachment with this.

2. Meguiars Glass Cleaner Concentrate Crystal

Meguiars Glass Cleaner Concentrate Crystal

Severe Hard Water Spots, Calcium and Mineral buildup, Heavy Lime Scale, Salt spray Deposit, Rust Deposit, Alkali,Mold and Mildew can be safely removed. The auto glass cleaner is a concentrated formula that can easily and consistently remove tough vinyl fog, smoker's film, road grime, dirt and bug splatter. Crystal clear glass. It is possible to clean the inside and outside of windows for crystal clear glass. It is easy and convenient. Simply spray on and wipe off. There is a window tint safe. The formula of the body shop does not harm window tint. Each concentrated gallon gives you 11 ready-to-use gallons of glass cleaner. Each concentrated gallon gives you 11 ready-to-use gallons of glass cleaner.

Brand: Meguiar's

👤I have been looking for a new alcohol-based window cleaner ever since the EPA stopped sellingTurtle Wax Clear Vue due to its excessive VOCs. I discovered this product and thought I would give it a try as I've used and appreciated the quality of Meguiar's products for over 40 years. The mixture was too watery and did a poor job of cleaning glass on my house and car. The results were amazing, no streaks, no smudges, just perfectly clear glass, after I modified the proportional mix of the Mequiar's to water ratio. Great stuff!

👤I love car care products. If you buy the gallon containers, you can save money and get better products than the smaller spray bottle products you would buy in the car parts stores. The fragrances are nice and you can tell they were engineered to do what they were advertised to do. If you are serious about your car care, you can't go wrong with Meguiars. Purchase spray bottles to accompany the jugs. I use the car wash, synthetic spray wax, last touch detailer, vinyl and rubber conditioner, interior quik detailer, window cleaner, tire and wheel cleaners and detailing clay. The MT300 is easy to use and makes a polished finish easy to use. The spray bottles from Mequiars offer mist and work well.

👤I bought the gallon for window cleaning. It is the best glass cleaning liquids. After I encountered this one years ago, I have not used any other liquid. Glass of coffee table, console table, mirrors, car windows and glass and even the shiny plastic surfaces that are fancy and glass like on the dashboard are all best cleaned using Meguiar's Glass Cleaner. It is very effective to remove debris and bugs on the windshields of all my cars, including all brands, models and makes. There is a I don't need to wait from applying it to wipe it clean, it's the best thing about using this one. My partner likes it because it doesn't have the VINEGAR smell that we felt in our previous glass cleaner. After cleaning the coffee table, that one would give a foul smell. The smell of Meguiar's one is clean and refreshing, and we are used to it in the home and in the cockpit of our range of vehicles. I would like to thank the people who took time out of their busy schedule to review this product, and I switched to the best in class window cleaner after reading the reviews.

👤We use a glass cleaner in our cleaning business. We used to use windex and it cost us a lot. We tried different glass cleaning products that were affordable and would do the job. There is a After doing a lot of research, my husband found this Meguiar Glass cleaner. We mixed a gallon of water with a cup of Meguiar glass cleaner and put it in a bottle sprayer. In the photo, you can see that we recycle our previous container and pour it in. We used water to make it cheaper. Finally! This is better than saving money. This is the formula for a streak free mirror. Highly recommended!

3. Seventh Generation Cleaner Sparkling Seaside

Seventh Generation Cleaner Sparkling Seaside

The Seventh Generation glass cleaner has a streak-free shine. The scent is derived from 100% essential oils and botanical ingredients. There are zero VOCs, artificial fragrances, dyes, or harsh fumes. Simply spray and wipe clean after using. Formulated to work on a variety of materials.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I bought Seventh Generation products for the first time. There is no smell to it and it does not irritate my skin. It does a great job of cleaning up messes.

👤I feel like I got sprayed. I have been using 7th generation all purpose spray for a long time. I take my cleaning products very seriously because of the sensitivities and allergies in the household. After Target stopped selling it, I went to Amazon to buy it. It is. It is not. The product is the same. ! The bottle nozzles are different, they have less solution, and the labels are blurry. Goopy and smelling like perfume is the solution. The real stuff has no scent. What happened?

👤We use this on our kitchen and bathroom appliances. It doesn't leave streaks or a smell. Our new standard of living.

👤I have been using the product for over a month and I like it. The scent is not overpowering. It cleans up grease and food messes. I like to use natural cleaners in the kitchen and this is as good as Meyer. I am happy with my purchase.

👤Windex "Crystal Rain" was something we used to purchase. We did not choke on it because it did not contain ammonia. S. C. Johnson decided to stop making the product. When I contacted them, they said they would send me a bunch of coupons for a discount on regular windex. I thought I would try it out. Not much. I have used it on my granite countertop and glass stove top, but I have not tried it on a glass window. The spray and cloth produce a streaky film that is difficult to remove unless you use a windex to remove the streaks. The solution is to use two microfiber cloths, one wet to clean and the other dry to dry. This is not optimal and works to some extent. I am not happy with the product. I will be using it for a while because it is a pack of four. The Crystal Rain replacement is still being searched for.

👤All of my mirrors were left with streaks even though I used rag and paper towel. I used water after going over it three times. Do not waste your money.

👤This smell is very strong. Someone walks in and says "what smells so good?" every time I use it. I contacted the company and asked them to make every product with this scent. I need this in a floor cleaner.

👤The product is great, but three of the four squirt bottles did not work out. I had a proper work done on all four bottles. Will most likely stick to store purchases.

4. Perfect Cleaner 67 6 Ounce Streak Free Residue

Perfect Cleaner 67 6 Ounce Streak Free Residue

The glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass. Their spray is 100% streak-free and has a no-residue formula to eliminate the haze that other leading glass cleaners can sometimes leave behind. Perfect Glass can be used on a variety of glass surfaces, including windows, light fixture, cooktops, mirrors, device screens, and more. Their Perfect Glass cleaning spray only took 11 strokes to clean the window, while others required 17 to 70 strokes. Perfect Glass is ammonia-free. The product still delivers high performance that is safe on tint film windows. Their streak-free glass cleaner is great for device screens. If you want to spray the cloth on the device, be sure to wipe the surface.

Brand: Hope's

👤I was expecting to be impressed but I'm not. I did a shoot-out. Stoner invisible glass aerosol, Windex, Rain-X 2 in 1, and Simple Green were all similar to this. I looked at how easy it is to get rid of streaks after cleaning, and how much it costs. Here are my cleaning results. Cut everything well. Simple green is close 2nd. Stoner is a bit behind, but not bad. Hope is very similar to Stoner. The ammonia in Windex does its job on soap, water spots, and bugs. Simple Green 30:1 is our standard household cleaner we use on counter tops and bathrooms, and has always worked well at removing everything, so this didn't surprise me, but the Windex is almost a de-greaser with its strength. The Stoner aerosol lifted bug guts well, the Hope's was just behind, and the Rain-X was okay. There is a There were streaks of 1. Stoner was the clear winner. The Windex is definitely 2nd. The rain-X was close. Hope is way behind. Simple green is not even a prayer. This is based on looking through the glass with an light, on a mirror, or appliance glass, all of which looked "streak-less" without the Simple Green. There is a The Stoner only left a small streaking that required a small buffing with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. The Stoner worked well to keep wiping with the slightly damp towel, where the others have to have a fully dry towel for final wipe. The Windex needed serious effort to get away from the streaks, but it was doable. The Rain-X requires a good buffing since it was laying down some of the sealant. The Hope's was a mess, I just kept wiping and buffing and it kept streaking, but eventually it cleaned up. The Simple Green, streak city that I had to use the Stoner to clean up is not something that can be said about. I didn't have distilled to try it because it might have been due to tap water. There is a Hope's was a mess. I couldn't find a reason to keep using it. For the high price of a bottle of this stuff, I'll use it on bathroom mirrors, but I don't get the high praise for it. There is a Stoner is the final touch for my car's exterior glass after I have cleaned it with a variety of products, including car wash, de-greaser, or clay bar. It works on its own for fingerprints and chemical film on the inside of the glass.

👤It was very easy to use. It does what it says. The grime was easy to get and no one was trying to get it. My sister did large windows for a great price, and I received a message with a photo that said easy. I bought some from my mother, I don't know if she shoes yet. I bought it for an excellent price, I will use it in my car for the windows, I didn't want to wait until my Windex was gone. I have a handicap to the right hand but I can still clean the windows with this product. It smells good too.

5. Multi Surface Non Scratch Bathroom Surfaces Lavender

Multi Surface Non Scratch Bathroom Surfaces Lavender

It is possible to gently remove grease and build up on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Non-scratching powder can be used to clean tile, cookware, and more. The lavender scrub has a floral scent. There are plant-derived cleaning ingredients that work on the grimy surfaces in your home. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I'm giving 3 stars as neutral. I don't understand it. Please read what I have to say. It is difficult for me to write this because I am sure it would be great for some people, but it wasn't what I wanted. It smells great, but it is small. I was searching for surface cleaning wipes, which this is not, and I am not familiar with the brand. It looked bigger than it was in person, so I chose the wrong item.

👤This was used to clean the pans under the electric burner. The soap wouldn't clean off the grease. The product did. It does take some scrubbing, but it works. The bottle is much smaller than the average comet bottle. It leaves marks. I used this with a normal dish sponge. I wouldn't use the scratches on the surface of a fridge or microwave.

👤Big fan of limited edition products. Only use the dish soap and spray on the floor. I was thrilled to find Non-. The Surface Scrub was available in the limited edition scent. There is a The scrubbing works well to tackle tough elbow grease stains. The scent of lavender is strong and lasts in the air after use. Does not sting the eyes or the nose. A small amount is important. It is easy to rinse off with warm water. As a name brand cleanser, scrubbing is as effective as it is. The price of a Myers Scrub is double that of a standard brand cleanser, but it lasts for a long time. I will continue to use and purchase the product. Please expand the choices of Surface Scrub.

👤I have used many brands of cleaning products before for my bathroom and I always end up having my body smell like the fumes when I'm done. I figured that fumes in my nose probably aren't good for my lungs, nose, or health because I would have the fumes still stuck in my nose. I went online to find a product that doesn't leave this effect. This product solved my issue with strong cleaning product fumes. The product smells good and doesn't offend my nose. I don't have to worry about being suffocated by toxic fumes in my bathroom. The scrub and the smell of Mrs. Meyer's make it easy to clean my bathroom. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a solution to the same issue I had.

👤I was disappointed by the small size. Some things are worth a lot of money. I was hopeful. I waited until I bought a new sponge so I could use it correctly. It was lavender scented and I was happy about it. I had to get the soap film off the tile shower because it needed a delicate cleaner. It only had a little over half of the container inside. A new container? It's small, it doesn't need to burst open, but out of 11 ounces, there are at least 7.5. It's unbelievable. I use it and nothing happens. I don't need a faint scent when I'm using elbow grease to remove soap scum. It's ridiculous! Don't waste your time. Baking soda can be used to clean that box.

6. Elements Purpose Cleaner Surface Cleaning

Elements Purpose Cleaner Surface Cleaning

Hard water? No problem. The fast-acting hard water stain removal formula works on hard water stains. VINEGAR POWERED: To remove dirt, grease, and grime with the help of the power of vinegar and allow to sit for a minute. They use only the ingredients you need and are free of artificial preservatives, dyes, thickeners, bleach, and synthetic fragrances. The EPA SAFER CHOICE LABEL helps you choose products that are safe for your family and the environment. All of the surfaces in your home are safe on multiple surfaces.

Brand: 9 Elements

👤The best natural cleaning product I've ever used! I'm over the moon. I know it may sound silly, but when you have hard water, you'd understand. I thought it was another waste of my money. I sprayed it on my kitchen faucet and it bubbled. I sprayed it in my sink and it sparkled. After 7 days, it's still sparkling. I can't get over the fact that I received a lemon at 9. I have a life and only someone with super hard water like me would understand it. I've tried all of them and this is the best product on the market. Thank you so much! One less thing to think about. One more thing. It cleans appliances like nothing else. The windows are 3 years old and the cook top is 20 years old. It looks brand new after I sprayed 9 on it. I am going to purchase the laundry detergent as well. I had to brag on 9 because I don't review cleaning products. It's a keeper.

👤I decided to try this out on glass shower doors as I was struggling with it. Excellent! I got a brand new stove that someone made a huge mess with, so I used my self clean setting and cleaned the oven, but the glass was still a mess. I tried a cleaner in my wood stove glass, but it didn't work. I was shocked when the window came completely clean after I sprayed it with this stuff. No harsh chemicals did amazing. I smell like lemon head candies. My cleaning business has changed my life. I sprayed the door before I ran the cycle to make sure the dishwasher was completely clean. I will take before and after I get hooked. I wanted to share a cleaning tip.

👤It smells good. I was hoping that it would make a difference, but it didn't. I have some water. I've tried many others and I thought this would be the best. It didn't have a great smell.

👤This product doesn't work well. Mirrors and glass are streaky. It needs to be reapplied a number of times. It's time intensive because of that. It's not worth the cost or time. Disappointing.

👤I'm impressed... We don't have squeegees and we battle hard water stains on glass shower doors. Only one application of this cleaner cleared most of the stains. It works better than the white vinegar/water we've been using. I highly recommend this product. I can't wait to clean the oven. I'll be happy with the results.

👤It is amazing! I've tried many products to get rid of the hard water build up on my shower doors, but nothing has worked. I scrubbed 9 Elements off with an abrasive sponge after I sprayed it heavily. I did this twice, and now it looks brand new. It did leave a bit of a haze, but it washed away when I washed it with water and squeegeed. It was easy to clean my coffee pot and the inside of the toilet. The scent is not overpowering and has a slight lemon scent. I didn't notice any smell of vinegar. I think this is a great product and works as advertised. I highly recommend!

7. Biokleen Concentrated Eco Friendly Plant Based Preservatives

Biokleen Concentrated Eco Friendly Plant Based Preservatives

Natural cleaning power. It's great for any cleaning or degreasing job.

Brand: Biokleen

👤I own a cleaning company and decided to purchase some eco friendly products. The product is ok but not great. I will finish the product, but not purchase it again. It doesn't clean as well as I had hoped. I want to deliver the highest quality product to my customers, and this did not make the cut.

👤This cleaner is used for everything. The best tub and shower scum cleaner ever is a dish washing soap. Adding a little vodka to your hand washing and dish soap will kill germs and keep your sponge in the kitchen clean.

👤I like Blonde! I've used this product for over 40 years. I do laundry, wash floors, wash my car and many more. Everything is clean after the rinse. I have never bought fabric softeners for laundry. I'm old. I know these things.

👤I used this to clean my entire house the day after I got it. I washed everything from kitchen cabinets to bathroom tub and shower. I like to do a deep cleaning a few times a year and thought it would be good to use 2 or 3 caps per gallon as the label recommends. I used 2 full caps and was happy I didn't use more. There was a lot of things. The sink was filled with suds and bubbles. I didn't know that it was high up on the ingredient list. I was more concerned with the cleaning power than the scent. There is a If you're looking for something that will make your bathroom look better, this isn't for you. It won't remove bathroom caulking. I used too much elbow grease to scrub the tub. This is a cleaner for people who maintain their bathroom regularly, but it won't remove mold or stains. If you're looking for a degreaser for the kitchen, this isn't for you. It didn't cut through anything on my stove, and I had to use a heavy duty scouring pad to clean it, which was covered with thick grease that this cleaner couldn't wash off. I had to use a regular all purpose cleaner to get the cooking film off of my cabinets because it didn't remove the film on my cabinets. There is a It did well on the wood floors and furniture, but it didn't leave the room smelling fresh or clean. It didn't harm the paint and cleaned off fingerprints and dirt on the walls. It would have cleaned better if I added more of it, but it made too much suds to add the recommended amount. I wish I had bought a smaller bottle to try it. I gave it 3 stars because it's okay for light cleaning and the lack of scent is not bad if you have headaches, but I won't use the rest.

👤When we purchased our parrot, I used BioKleen. Environmental toxins are very harmful to parrots. I have been with BioKleen ever since I found them. Family and friends have also become addicted to it. The formula is not as thick as it used to be. I would like to see them go back to simpler ingerdients, but as long as toxins are removed and it still does its job, I will continue to use it. That is the most important! It is very cost effective and has no odor. I don't like the scent of a product being placed in it. Please stop diluting and keep it simple, BioKleen is our cleaning product of choice. This is a family business. Please keep them happy. Bird Safe is the best.

8. Windex Cleaner Trigger Bottle Original

Windex Cleaner Trigger Bottle Original

The bottle body is made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic. Windex Glass Cleaner leaves no streaks. Starts working on smudges and fingerprints. Lightens and makes your home look better. The glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass.

Brand: Windex

👤I have a problem with my throat after writing this review. It's still mild, but it's not as bad as before. Windex's parent company is free to challenge me on the fact that I suffered a medical injury from this product, but truth and science is on my side. I've used Windex for many years before but never as much as I have in the past. I use it daily in my small studio apartment bathroom, which has no window, but a very sensitive automatic fan that runs most of the day, and which has a decent window. I drank from the bottle in about three weeks. I had trouble swallowing after two weeks. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, but the problem persisted for more than a month. It's mostly gone away now, but it took me a while to figure out what happened. I looked it up on the internet to see if it could cause an injury, and I am worried that I could have increased my risk of cancer from this. I'll file a lawsuit if I get throat cancer. This product contains ingredients that are toxic to humans and can cause throat and lung damage in a much shorter time frame than heavy smoking. I will never use it again. If you want to harm your kids, pets, and yourself, then stop using it. You have been warned. If my honest and factual review is blocked, I will take action against the seller, Amazon, and Windex.

👤I bought this to clean the windows in my car. When you look at the glass, you can see a film on the inside, but when you look out, you don't see it. It's not good approaching headlights at night. I've tried to make the windows clear but have not succeeded.

👤I bought two bottles of windex and they left water marks on the desk. The smell of windex is similar to that of water in a bottle. The money is wasted. I should have gone to Target and bought the real thing.

👤I was surprised by the result after using the windex I purchased. According to its great customers reviews, I am not sure if I just had a faulty product, but it left a lot of streaks on my bathroom mirror, so I started to doubt it's authenticity. It left tons of waste. The back of the bottle has a customer service number on it, but it is blank. I don't know what I'm buying on Amazon, so I'm not buying it anymore. Not happy at all.

👤The bag that the bottle was in was filled with liquid. The Windex lable on the bottle was gone.

👤After watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel, I wondered if spraying Windex on boo- boos really was something that the Greeks have discovered that helps. I ordered some. I didn't know ordering Windex online was that big of a deal. It took days to get it from the store. I tried it on a zit, and it seemed to help. I don't think it was intended for that. I like home remedies. I have always been a fan of Windex for cleaning glass. I know how to make glass cleaner from water and water.

9. SIMPLE GREEN Siding Pressure Concentrate

SIMPLE GREEN Siding Pressure Concentrate

Keep dry after use. If you want to soak bamboo in the water, do it quickly. Hang it to dry it. Cleans siding including vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood and brick. Removes stains from moss and plants. Uses the power of peroxide to clean. It's safe and non-toxic. The pressure washer concentrate can clean up to 6,400 sq. ft.

Brand: Simple Green

👤This did not work. I used a pressure washer with this cleaning mixture and it might have been just spraying water on the side of my house. This didn't help me get rid of the build up of myalgae on my shady side of my home. I used a formula mix from Lowe's that included bleach and it worked. By the time this mix ran down my siding, it cleared all the build up. If you want to use this mix, you will need a lot of elbow grease. If this is the case, save yourself the money and just use some Dawn dishwashing liquid as your weapon of choice and save your money by not buying this product.

👤I'm a professional pressure washing company that always tries new cleaning tools and soaps, so I never leave a bad review. The city water cleans vinyl siding better than this product. You should wipe chocolate milk on the house and then use a sock to clean it off before you expect this product to do the job. Don't waste your time, just trust me on this one.

👤I used this to clean the white vinyl siding. To get rid of the dirt, I used a hose that wasn't a pressure washer. The gunk was scrubbed with a soft bristle brush after being sprayed with the pump sprayer. The narrow ridge underside of the clapboard style siding required a lot of scrubbing, but it was a reasonable amount of work. Then with a hose. Follow the directions with a 6 ounce to one gallon mix. I liked #1, it works. It's non-toxic, doesn't harm the plants, doesn't hurt your skin, and has no smell or fumes. The product is great.

👤The green stuff on the shady part of the house didn't work well. I followed the directions, but it didn't work as well as straight water through my pressure washer. I'm still looking for an anti-algae product.

👤I bought this product to wash my house. I think the product helped me get a siding cleaner. It's not a miracle product, but I would probably buy it again. It was important to me that the plants and grass were okay.

👤I bought this to clean my porch. It did more than I expected. It cleaned the gunk and mold. I used a sprayer to coat the porch and back of the house. There is a I let it sit. I scrubbed it away with a long bristle brush. I expected to use force when I scrubbed. I am happy with the product. I plan to buy more in the future. There is a The photos show how well it worked. You can see before and after pictures. Picture 1 is a dirty wall. Picture 2 is a wall and picture 3 is a porch.

👤I didn't pressure wash my home last year, so I figured this year's cleaning would be difficult. I was pleasantly surprised that the dirt, dust, and grime did not stick to the vinyl siding. There was no need for more washing. Simple Green is on my shopping list.

10. Unger Professional Streak Free EasyGlide Concentrate

Unger Professional Streak Free EasyGlide Concentrate

The window cleaning formula removes tough dirt. No film, foam, or streaks are left. It's non-toxic and won't hurt your skin. When mixed with water, concentrated liquid will make 25 gallons of solution.

Brand: Unger

👤That's all. For many years I've used a window cleaning solution made locally by a family owned janitorial supply that had been here for as long as I have. It was a very concentrated cleaner that was not soapy. If you wanted a dash of clear ammonia, you were all set. There is a The place went out of business in the last couple of years, so I've been looking for a replacement. Being familiar with a well known window cleaning supplier, I tried this solution here. Sorry, not impressed... It has a pleasant perfume. The window cleaning solution has to be strong enough in order to clean properly and as a bones, be slippery enough for the squeegee to glide over the glass. I felt a lot of drag on the glass after it cleaned 'Okay'. I thought that adding more would make it more slippery. Nope... It was very difficult to wipe the excess off the glass. Too focused. The cleaning power is average. It is not enough to make using a squeegee slippery. You can't wipe it off if you add more on the edges. I threw the bottle away because it wasn't really that great. Someone who has owned a window cleaning business recommended most of the time. I don't like the 'Joy' approach due to its drying so quickly in the sun. I'm going to try the Basic H2. I used the original Basic H in the past and it worked well. This is an edited version of the original. I thought I would mention how it went with the new Basic H2. It was great! I must say that the improvement over this Unger cleaner is a good one. I had to come back and let everyone know that the Basic H2 is a better choice. There is a I mentioned in my review that I've been doing this professionally as an owner with my Dad in this family business for almost 45 years now. For whatever it is worth... There is a The Basic H2 was great. I put about half a capful in about 1/2 to 1/3 of a pailful of water. It was perfect! The new Sorbo squeegees glided over the glass just like they were supposed to. It was easy to wipe the excess off the edges where it might have dried. Don't follow the Unger above. Win both ways. The real test would be in the sun. The disadvantage of using Joy is that it dries very quickly around the edges, so you have to wipe it off. It came off beautifully in the shade where it had dried, with a towel on the edges. There is a I think I've found my new cleaner, Basic H2, which I had lost track of, but which was the original Basic H. Good stuff! Highly recommended. The dried edges of the squeegee can be wiped off with a towel. There you go!

👤This product is great, we have used it many times. If you have old water spots on your windows, you can put some WD-40 on the window. Go over the WD-40 with a Scotch Brite. It will remove the water spots from the windows. Use a window cleaner to clean windows.

11. Earth Friendly Products Cleaner Vinegar

Earth Friendly Products Cleaner Vinegar

The glass cleaner is perfect for behind the counter drink-ware cleaning systems and can be used with either manual or electric 3-sink systems. The Window Cleaner leaves a streak-free shine and is non-filming, dust resistant glass, crystal and mirror cleaner. It is safe to use with greywater systems and can be used on chrome, linoleum, and vinyl. It's free of chlorine,phosphate, and other ingredients. It is a leading brand of 100% natural, plant-based, non-toxic, biodegradable household cleaners, made with renewable and cruelty-free ingredients, never tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable containers.

Brand: Ecos

👤We have a glass top on our kitchen table that needs to be cleaned daily. I didn't want to use the cleaner that was recommended, so I looked around for a more natural option. This has worked well. Sometimes it will look a little streaky, but that's usually if the table was dirty with spilled milk from the kids, and I didn't use enough spray to properly clean all of their mess off. I don't mind the smell of the spray, but if you don't like the smell, it's probably not for you.

👤Not what I was expecting. I use only natural cleaning solutions in my home and am not a fan of the smell or use of chemicals in cleaning products, however this product smelled terrible and didn't leave a clean finish on windows and mirrors. Don't buy.

👤I like that this glass cleaning agent smells like a liquid. It works well on my glass table. Our local store doesn't have Bulk anymore, so buying it in Bulk was a perfect deal.

👤I am not a fan of the scent but it does work well. It is a natural product and it does not leave streaks.

👤My dermatologist recommended this product because it was free of my many allergies. Cleans mirrors, glass, and glass top tables. I use it to clean counter tops.

👤I had to buy a spray bottle to put the window cleaner in because the spray top stopped working.

👤Me encanta porque limpia. Posee un aroma, pero est. Mi hija is importante, pero usarlo is alergia empiece.

👤I think it's just up-charging vinegar, it smells so much like it. It does a good job. I got it for the spray bottle.


What is the best product for eco friendly glass cleaner concentrate?

Eco friendly glass cleaner concentrate products from Bioclean. In this article about eco friendly glass cleaner concentrate you can see why people choose the product. Meguiar's and Seventh Generation are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly glass cleaner concentrate.

What are the best brands for eco friendly glass cleaner concentrate?

Bioclean, Meguiar's and Seventh Generation are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly glass cleaner concentrate. Find the detail in this article. Hope's, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and 9 Elements are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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