Best Eco Friendly Glitter for Candles

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1. Glitter Teenitor Shakers Scrapbooking Assorted

Glitter Teenitor Shakers Scrapbooking Assorted

Their products are made of high quality ingredients and extracts and are safe for sensitive skin. You can remove the glitter effect with water or a makeup removal product. The glitter craft set is made up of 12 unique colors. The colors were Snow White, Orchid, Cobalt Blue, Forest Green, Bright Silver, Dark Red, Plum Purple, Robin Egg Blue, Chocolate Brown, Old Gold, and Metallic Gold. Crazy colors glitter colors are kid safe and easy to use. They are appropriate for children 3 and above. Children, adults, art students, artists and teachers love their glitters because they are easy to apply, and they produce great results on projects. Their jars have been packed with glitter and are 120g total. The shake-and-pour lids allow you to control the placing and flow of glitter on your craft project. There are so many arts and crafts for kids that are great for artwork, paper crafts, slime, candles, holiday decorations, gift-wrap, ornaments, ceramics, party Invites, and so much more. It works great with gel nail polish. The kit is solvent resistant and can be placed directly into nail lacquers, gel, and any other solvent without the glitter particles bleeding color or melting.

Brand: Teenitor

👤It was very fine and vibrant. The paper that covers the holes should not be removed. It makes the glitter come out more slowly. The holes in the cap make the glitter pour out.

👤I love the bottles and it seals other products I have bought before and used to list. My clients loved it.

👤This product is used to make glitter Christmas ornaments. The box was covered in green glitter when I opened it. There was a hole in the green glitter container. The glitter was not spilling out of the cracked containers.

👤There was no spillage when I received the package, only a few pieces of glitter in the bottom of the plastic box they came in. There is a nice variety of colors included.

👤Very important! The inner liner is on the caps. Take a toothpick and poke holes. The glitter will pour out at once if the liner is removed. We have wasted a lot of glitter. This is my second set of colors. It comes in a flimsy plastic carton, so be prepared with your storage ideas.

👤I was very excited to receive this, as it seemed to have good reviews. The quality of the glitter was not comparable to the other glitter. I'd been using. There's nothing wrong with this product. I didn't find a quality that I wanted.

👤The colors mix well. The top is very convenient when used alone. I got a beautiful fall hue to add some sparkle to a few wreath.

2. Holographic Chunky Glitter Makeup Set

Holographic Chunky Glitter Makeup Set

Do you like shimmer holographic glitter? iMethod Body Glitter is for inner gleam queen. iMethod face glitter are affordable pots that come in a gorgeous range of different colors so you can find the best one for you. Happy Festival season, iMethod Beauty Holographic Glitter can be used anywhere. You can upgrade any look you want. The festival accessories are must-have. Wait 30 seconds and apply a thin layer of gel onto the skin, then use a brush or fingers to apply glitters. They all have a friend who can't seem to get enough gifts. For your friend who is obsessed with sparkle, this glitter variety is great.

Brand: Imethod

👤These glitters are amazing. There is a They come in a package with glue. They are waterproof and for the price they are amazing.

👤The kit was perfect for the festival. Lots of glitter options stayed on through all the sweat and partying but then easily came off with a makeup wipe at the end of each night. I was able to share one box with 4 other people for two days, and I still have more to give. I got a lot of praise. A good purchase.

👤The glitter is amazing! I used one of the glitters in this set as liner in my eye look and I am absolutely enamored with it. Very versatile! There are two glue tubes and adorable packaging. It was a steal.

👤We made some really fun looks for the party. These will be used for raves/festivals in the future.

👤This glitter is pretty and I love it! There is a glitter with a picture of a horse, but it is so cute and can be used. I mixed the white and blue glitters together.

👤It goes on really well. I got it for a festival, but I wish I could wear it everyday. It's true!

👤I used this at my daughter's party. It worked out great. The girls liked it. The glitter stayed on the glue. Thanks so much!

👤Our glitter set was very popular. I was out in 90 degree weather all day. Would recommend it.

3. Colour Silver Plant Based Biodegradable Glitter

Colour Silver Plant Based Biodegradable Glitter

5% of their sales go to planting trees. Are you tired of tiny pots? NOMO has a great value with over 10g per pot. It is over 30% softer than traditional glitter. 3x 10g pots: Cleopatra Gold, Power Pink, and Aqua Blue. 15g Spinning Silver has 0.2mm glitter.

Brand: Nomo Glitter

👤I love these glitters and only use them for homemade soaps and bath bombs. These are very affordable and beautiful. I used to spend almost 20 dollars for one of these, but now I am so happy that they are affordable.

👤The costume was for a tinker bell. Kiddo wanted some dust. I was not going to allow her to throw traditional glitter outside. This was the perfect solution. We are making Christmas crafts with it. It is a good variety of glitter. A small amount goes a long way. Great product!

👤These glitter are made from recycled materials. They are plant-based and bio-degradable. You can use all the glitter without guilt. There is a The cans should be opened over a sheet of paper. The containers are filled with glitter. Lots of glitter will fall out due to the overflow and static. After opening one tin, I had to use a handheld vacuum. The pieces sparkle like other glitter. The other three colors have definite shapes, while the silver glitter is more like a silver toned powder/sand. The blue glitter was attached to a photo. There is a The containers are large enough to hold a lot of glitter, compared to the small plastic containers. They can be used in the same way as plastic based glitter. You won't feel guilt when you dispose of after use. There is a This plant based glitter is similar to the depictions in the product details. It has a 4.5 star rating and a high level recommendation.

👤The vegan glitter set came in a nice box with metal bottles of glitter in different shades. The colors are vegan and plant-based, which was interesting for me. They can be used on your body or nails. I only use them on my nails because they are pretty and work great on nails. You can apply them directly on your nails or mix them with your powder and secure them with a top coat. I think they are a great deal.

👤This glitter is vegan and eco friendly. You can use it in a variety of ways. The blue and pink are the same, while the silver and gold are different. I think it is a bit versatile. Nice sampling. Most of the tins were clean when opening them. The pink one came out a bit, but not too much and not too big of an issue. It is advisable to store them as flat as possible and be careful when opening them. Try to keep what you don't use as dry as possible. There is a Click the "helpful" button if you found my review helpful. Thanks!

👤Yes! I am a scented candle small business and I have been looking for something to disolve in my candle jar for a while now and I am happy to say that NOMO glitter passed my test. There is a You would probably think so... Even plastic burns under fire, but never so fast, never without smelling like burnt plastic. NOMO glitter is like a paper confetti. This is awesome. 3

4. Festival Glitter Teenitor Iridescent Cosmetic

Festival Glitter Teenitor Iridescent Cosmetic

Silver glitter, gold glitter, red glitter, orange glitter, white glitter, black glitter, pink glitter, blue glitter, yellow glitter, green glitter and more are included. There is a mix of fine and metallic glitter. There are 11 Holographic glitters, 12 Slightly holo glitters and 9 non-holo Holographic glitters. There is a Holographic glow with mixed different size and hexagonal glitter. It's perfect for face, body, hair, nails and crafts. Whatever you want. Higher quality glitters are solvent resistant. They won't lose their color or bleed when used in nail polish or other solvent. They are resistant to UV rays. Try the other mixes of glitter, glitter powder and shapes, and their face/body gems. You can use your creativity to create unique effects. It's perfect for sharing, festivals, and lots of beauty experimentation. Festivals have glitter glow under the eye or on the cheeks for a club night highlight. Their hair glitter makes for a cute braid. It's a great idea to dust the collarbones and shoulders for a shimmering effect for weddings and evening glamour. Their nail arts are easy to apply. The 8g Pots hold approximately 6g of glitter in volume and were sealed tightly. There is no glitter.

Brand: Teenitor

👤The picture shows bottles of glitter that are 1/3 full and less than half full. The bottles are not full.

👤I recommend that some of my friends try this item on their nails because I am in love with these glitters and I will be buying more of them in the future.

👤The flowers are gorgeous and ready to use. It's ideal to do a clear cap or encapsulation because these are loose glitters. I bought different sets. The price makes it easy to clean up.

👤I knew that these bottles were small and not very bright for the money. The glitter is pretty and works well. They should have offered a larger amount even if it was slightly more money.

👤They are small for anyone who is wondering. If you want to get glitter for this price, you should go to Hobby lobby or JoAnns.

👤The easy to remove rating is hilarious. It will stay in your house for the next hundred years. There is a I like the little guys. Small containers. There is a lot of glitter in there. There is a There is a nice range of colors that are good for crafts. There is a I decided I don't like glitter. My problem is not the item itself. It is as advertised. There is a It is glitter. It is fun and worth the price.

👤We make our own candles, wax melts, and more. We use these glitters for our crafting adventures. Highly recommended!

👤The containers were small but the quality is great and the colors are beautiful.

5. Warmfits Holographic Festival Different Hexagons

Warmfits Holographic Festival Different Hexagons

Warmfits Chunky Glitters are made with high intensity pigment and holographic shine- shining and lightweight, durable enough for a long time use, would not break, and are super creative for do-it-yourselfers, safe to wear on the skin. You can use hair gel or glitter primer to keep your sparkle longer. Their product is very environmental protection, and it is recyclable. There are 12 amazing colors of ultra sparkling glitter: Holographic Silver, Holographic Gold, Holographic Purple, Holographic Tiffany, Holographic Black, Holographic Dark Baby Pink, Holographic Blue, Holographic Red, and Holographic Green. 11 boxes sizes are perfect for body and face make up. One box size is 1mm. A box of Holographic glitter with different sizes and shapes is included in the 10 box of face glitter. There are 2 boxes of face irresistible glitter with different sizes and shapes. The possibilities of beauty are endless because of the combination of colors and size of the glitter. It's perfect for sharing, festivals, and lots of beauty experimentation. Festivals have glitter glow under the eye or on the cheeks for a club night highlight. Their hair glitter makes for a cute braid. It's a great idea to dust the collarbones and shoulders for a shimmering effect for weddings and evening glamour. Their nail arts are easy to apply. It is also suitable for decorating. Your. Each color of the 12 boxes has 1 piece of clear box and is the same size. It is not easy to leak out of the separate boxes. Enough quantity for your use.

Brand: Warmfits

👤They are great for glitter placement nail art but the packaging is damaged. I have to be very careful when patching up the plastic jar because mine made a mess.

👤These glitters exceeded my expectations. They are great for the price. There was a piece of tape on every jar to prevent it from spilling during delivery. I think that if the jars had tape on them, there would have been some spillage. I don't care because my jars are going to be sitting stationary, not bouncing around in the back of a delivery truck. There are little stars in the black, silver, and gold glitters. These glitters are very good. They are amazing! Especially for how cheap they are. Use caution when using glitter around your eyes. It doesn't mean that something is safe. These are very sharp glitters. If you accidentally get some in your eye, it could cause serious damage. Use with caution around the eye area. *

👤I wish you could choose your own colors, as I know there will be a few I don't use at all and some love more of. It works well for festival makeup looks. It doesn't have a lot of dust that makes the glitter look tacky, but it does have a lot of dust that makes the glitter look tacky, but it does have a lot of dust that makes the glitter look tacky, but it does have a lot of dust that makes the glitter

👤I love them. There is a lot in them. The price is a great value. There is glitter in pots with stars in gold, black and silver. One pink glitter is small. I think that's useful for people to read in the reviews. I like them. Would buy again. The white was washed out in the picture with all of them.

👤I did a makeup look using red glitter and it came out amazing. The glitter was easy to put on and take off, if you use makeup wipes it is less messy. It would be messy putting it on. It wasn't bad at all. It is recommended that you damp your makeup brush before you pick up glitter to eliminate a mess.

👤I brought one of these glitters to my nail tech to use over a solid color of dip powder to add bling to my manicure. She put about 5 layers of sparkle on my mail. She used a pair of tweezers to remove the rest of it from my nail. It was too hard to do a full manicure. After putting a layer of clear powder and a gel top coat, it looked great. I didn't want to sit for 3 hours to get all 10 fingers done. I think these glitters are pretty for arts and crafts, but not for manicures.

👤I used glitter primer on my face and it lasted all day. I had to wash my hair out after I put some in. It's nice.

👤I love glitter and ordered this. There is a The packaging is not the best, but mine didn't break, they did spill a little, but that's it. I was expecting a better quality and it is. The glitter has small stars big hexagons and small hexagons, but that is only the blue, gold, silver, and black. There are different sizes of hexagons. The pink one is made of small hexagonal pieces. I thought they were going to be smaller but I am happy with the amount I was given.

6. Holographic Cosmetic Iridescent Paillette Ultra Thin

Holographic Cosmetic Iridescent Paillette Ultra Thin

18 boxes of glitter, 18 colors of glitter, 180g of nail sequins, and 18 colors of nail art mixed color glitter. You will get 18 boxes of body glitter. The box has a capacity of about 10ml. The box has a size of Approx. 3.1 cm. It's suitable for your face, body, eye shadow, lips, cheeks, makeup, nail art, and more; or decorate your home, mobile phone's case, glasses, made card, body art, etc. 6 boxes are 1mm & 3mm mixed, perfect for nail arts decoration. The boxes are 1mm, 2mm and 3mm and are perfect for make up. Get inspired to create makeup. It's easy to store, it's not easy to leak out. Festival glitter is an easy to use nailpolish that can be used for nail arts. To make up, you need to use glitter primer or glue to glue the eyelash to your body. It can make you look better. Their glitter is made of high quality glitter, which is safe for sensitive skin, and non-polluting. If you want to remove the face glitter effect, you can either use a face wipe or rub baby oil on your face in circular motions.

Brand: Kiikooll

👤Beautiful colors and big jars. Will definitely be ordering again.

👤The containers are large for a good price compared to what I used to order. Will definitely order from this company. It was in a bag.

👤There are lots of glitters in each jar. I expected it to be smaller but it is. okay Some of the colors are very similar, but a great value.

👤The large jars, amount and variety is great but I didn't receive the ones I wanted. Some of the glitters were not shiny. I was expecting shiny and shiny. Nope. The image shows the ones I didn't get. I have more than one. I use glitters to mix and create looks on my nails. I'm in a pinch and I'm still going to use them.

👤The purchase is large and not like the little ones. You will not regret buying these. I am going to use this for my nails and I can't wait to do a fresh set, the seller went beyond the variety with quality and the price was great. I will be buying and coming back. The colors are vibrant and the reflection is beautiful. I was looking to do a set of nails. These colors were found by me. I couldn't even imagine what colors I'd be stocked up on.

👤These are very affordable and pretty. My makeup looked pretty with these. I highly recommend. I used a primer to make them stick.

👤I noticed that I received two of the same glitters. I was pretty disappointed that it wasn't one of the pretty glitters because it wasn't even in better lighting when I opened my package. A lot of the glitters are very similar. I don't recommend the glitters now that they have raised the price.

👤I bought this product because I really liked the light blue and black mixed glitter in the product display picture. I attached a screen-shot of my review to show you the one I am talking about in the top left corner of the product display picture. I want different-sized black hexagonal glitters and have been looking for them. I decided to buy this black hexagonal glitter because it's the only black glitter I could find that's hexagonal and I wanted to use it for nail art. The blue/black glitter was not there when I received the product. I got a glitter that is only light blue without the black mixed in, and I attached a picture of me holding the one I got. The photo shows black glitter when it is spilled in the product photo, but the picture shows a different color. This is a good value for the other colors you get if you like them, and the glitter containers are pretty big. I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because of this. The reason I bought this set was to get the blue/black mixed glitter that is shown in the product display photo.

7. Hearts Crafts Candle Making All Natural

Hearts Crafts Candle Making All Natural

Completely vegan and free from animal testing. All natural and eco-friendly. Their wax will burn clean and smooth, without the harmful chemicals found in traditional paraffin wax. They go the extra distance to make sure their wax is eco-friendly. The pouring temperature of Ice Palm wax is 200 F to 220 F. Raising the temp past will cause the candles to be smoother. Palm Wax has an amazing scent throw. If you want to create candles that retain the essence of the added fragrances without the sweat that comes from other types of candles, you should use a scent load of between 6 and 8%. There are diamond colors. The addition of dye makes Ice Palm Wax look gorgeous. It is possible to create candles that can change shades with the rotation of the crystal. It is recommended that you start with a light dye and add color gradually, as just a little bit of dye goes a long way. There are amazing PILLAR CANDLES. It is easy to remove ice palm wax from candle molds. Palm wax benefits from a slower cooling process, so it works well with aluminum molds.

Brand: Hearts & Crafts

👤The kit comes as advertised so no complaints there. The wax isn't crystalizing. It will still have a unique pattern when it cools but is not as impressive as some of the crystalizing palm waxes that are out there. This is not a good beginner wax. It's not a liquid. If you do that, you'll end up with a lot of air bubbles. This wax has a lot of shrink as it cools, which results in the air pockets, compared to other waxes. It will make beautiful candles with some research and trial and error. You can use this stuff in containers if you preheat your container in a low oven and pour wax in it. Don't just pour the wax at the melt point. Get it hot! It was like 200 degrees hot. A double boiler and candy thermometer are included in the kit. The main reason to pour at higher temperatures is to get air out of the wax and to give you a better crystal structure. If you want to cover the top surface of the candle, you need to save some wax at the end and put it back in the oven. If you want your candle to stay warm, turn the oven off before you pour it. You want your candles to cool slowly so that the crystals look pretty. Beer coozies work well to keep the container from cooling too quickly. Get creative. As much as you can. The candle should be broken up with a piece of furniture. As it cools, you'll notice there's an air pocket under that surface, which is broken up as the air cools. I usually repeat it for half an hour or so until it's fully hardened. You'll end up with a crater in the middle of your candle after all this tending from the shrink of the wax as it cools. Remember the wax you saved? Get it up to 200 or so by melting it. The wax should be poured to refill the void left from air. If you want to go above that level, you will see a difference in the final product as the crystal structure will differ. If you happen to have a top surface that isn't the most uniform, hit it with a heat gun to hide any sins and level things out. I use essential oils to scent my candles. It's a good idea to use 5wt% fragrance oil, but be warned that many scents don't work with all palm waxes. The scent of the candle will change and sometimes disappear as far as you can smell it. There is a I wish I knew these things when I started playing with this wax. I thought I would share the learning.

👤This is not a good wax for pillar candles. It is difficult to remove the mold without damaging the candle. The wax might be good for glass containers. There is a After some trial and error, I have to change my review and star rating. I've never used Ice Wax before, but I'm new at candle making. I expected to lose a few candles. All that has happened is in the past. Here's what I do. When the wax is between 180 and 190, I add liquid dye and scent. I place my candle molds in the oven. There is a Once the wax is at 205, I remove the molds from the oven and make sure that each candle is poured at 200, just to make sure. If a second pour is required, have some wax on hand. When my candles are done, I put them in the freezer for 10 minutes and then give them a couple of taps on my table and they look fantastic, because I put them in the freezer for 10 minutes and then gave them a couple of taps. This wax is one of my favorites to work with. There is a I hope it helps other candle makers.

8. Luxury Colors Ultra Chunky Glitter

Luxury Colors Ultra Chunky Glitter

Nice colors selection. Holographic glitter colors include silver glitter, gold glitter, red glitter, orange glitter, white glitter, black glitter, pink glitter, blue glitter, yellow glitter, green glitter and more. You can get the best grades if youGRADE GLITTERS. Their glitter is the highest grade and most beautiful of all glitters. Their glitter dazzles you! 100% Non-Toxic tested and certified for safe use is the best for all applications. Conforms to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. School arts and crafts, hair, body, party, gifts, and holiday decorations are included. There are more colors and variations than other brands. Refer to the infographic for more colors. There is a variation of size with Gold HEART and Silver STAR shapes. All of them were filled to the very top. All 30 of their 10g shakers are filled to the top. Sprinkle and pour design for spillage protection. It is easy to store future projects. Bring your creativity to the next level. The goal is to provide the best customer service to you. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them and they will send a replacement or refund. They would love to hear from you.

Brand: Luxax

👤The glitter wasn't well secured, which caused this product to lose major marks from me. When I opened the box, I found a mess of glitter and the top was open, making it hard to clean up. There is a The glitter containers do not close securely, no matter what you do. The tops don't screw on. They just press on and you hope that one doesn't open up in transit on you, as happened to me before I even got a chance to use them. There is a It takes weeks or months to clean up a glitter spill. I ordered the face-painting booth because I wanted to do it tomorrow. I'm not sure if I should keep them. Only one glitter burst so far, but every last one is prone to burst, because the corners were cut so they didn't snap on. The "press n pray" style canisters are what I chose. I'm very disappointed in these.

👤I bought them to use. They work well and keep their color.

👤This exceeded my expectations. Lots of glitter, nicely packaged, is worth the money. It is amazing to use in sensory bottles. This glitter set came with tiny stars, and the larger stars in the bottle were a separate purchase. We have tons left to use.

👤These are wonderful. It came completely in tact. The bottles are full of the most beautiful colors. Sprinkle and pour are available on each bottle. The tops seem to go on and off. It's a tip. I numbered the bottom of each bottle 1-30 so I could be sure to use the same color, as some look similar until you get them on your project, they are all different. The correct one was reused by the numbering. I will buy these when they are gone. Excellent value!

👤I love the colors of these. The packaging isn't great but you need to store it properly. I used to pay $10 plus for just one color at different makeup stores, so it's an amazing deal.

👤I was excited to see how much glitter was in each tube. When you're dealing with something that could make a big mess if it broke, it's important that the seller ships quickly and it arrives in excellent condition. There is a I waited until I finished my craft to review. These are the things I need to make some custom bathbombs. The glitter in this set is very fine. It washed off easily and didn't bleed colors. The bombs looked amazing when activated. It took six practice bombs to get things right, but with the amount of glitter in this set I wasn't worried about running out even when I was only using the same 6 colors again and again. I have those colors as well. I'll be ordering again when I run out of glitter, since the bombs were a big hit and I'll be making more.

👤I ordered the glitter set to use for a creative activity during a training. The sensory jars we made were made from the perfect mix of glitter. It has a lot of extra fine glitter colors, several medium weight glitters, and a few extra chunky glitters that add nice dimensional effects. It was not expensive compared to other similar products, and it provided many more options for the participants, compared to just buying a few bulk options of glitter. The array of colors and textures made it possible for each participant to make their own jar. Would buy again. The plastic tray the glitter sits in was broken and some of the glitter was loose in the box. Thankfully, none spilled.

9. Glitter LEOBRO Assorted Scrapbook Eyeshadow

Glitter LEOBRO Assorted Scrapbook Eyeshadow

The goal is to provide the best customer service to you. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them and they will send a replacement or refund. They would love to hear from you. 18 Jars Craft Glitter Set: 18 colors, 15g/jar, 270g in total, offer wide option for art creation, meet your various crafting needs, gorgeous fine glitter for various do-it-yourself projects. Shake Jars with 9 holes on top help dust the fine glitter evenly and make a nice finish, they also reduce waste and support more art projects. Premium glitter has a nice texture and is stunning. The large room for crafting, bring endless fun, is offered by mixing well with a variety of paints, glues, and other materials. Fantastic glitter can be used to make a variety of crafts, such as jewelry, keychain, coasters, and party ornaments. The ideal cosmetic glitter is used as nail glitter, eyeshadow glitter, face glitter, body glitter, hair glitter etc. It's perfect for making makeup of fairies, elves, and daily makeup. It can be easily removed with some water or a gentle makeup cleanser.

Brand: Leobro

👤I used these to do my nails. I used orange, red, black, white, and dark purple. I used it in the gel top coat, in the poly gel, and in the acrylic. I put my nails on the top. It looked like black sand when it was put under the led to dry. The black powder in the glitter is not glitter. U can't see it. It made my coat hard to stick to. I am giving these to the kids to paint. These are not good for anything else.

👤The only downside to this is that all of them are the same size.

👤This gitter is not good. It doesn't cover well even with two coats. It has little black pieces that stick out. I have a lot of glitter. I can two coat a STAINLESS TRUM and not even know I've used any of the glitter, with these jars, one coat. It is more than half gone. It doesn't sparkle well. It's just really sad. I'm not sure if it's worth my time to come back or just throw it away.

👤We used the glitter to make at home slime. We have been very pleased with it. You have to add a bit in order for it to show up in the glitter. The gutter is very pretty, and we have used it for paper projects. We like this assortment a lot. All of the little bottles have holes in them. You need to save the tiny piece of cardboard inside each container and replace it after you've used that glitter. We had to dig the first piece out of the trash. Our bad. Overall, a good purchase.

👤This glitter is very bright and shiny. The cute bottles are sealed and are similar to a salt shaker. I keep my under the cap seal on because I move my glitters around a lot. If you are in a budget, this is a great set to start with. They are the best value for money. It is glitter. It sticks well with mod Podge, gorilla glue stick and tacks. The glitter has the least amount of clumps. Would definitely recommend.

👤When I bought these, they were a great price at $13 but the price keeps changing and it's hard to price your own art. I would go to a more reliable glitter brand or seller who doesn't change their prices often. Like Henway. It's pretty glittery and good quality, but it's over priced. It's just that they have a better price for their competitors.

👤This glitter set is a good deal. I don't know if they're glittery enough or if it's just my imagination.

👤I like the glitter set for its price. I think each contanier has a good amount of glitter. I've used different colors of glitter in multiple projects and am not close to running out. The glitter mixes well. There are a lot of options on hand.

10. Holographic Glitter KARIZMA Festival Cosmetic

Holographic Glitter KARIZMA Festival Cosmetic

The low-reach shower wand holder is included with the easy installation. No plumbing is needed for the tool-free connection. The shower head handheld needs to be installed into your existing shower arm. KARIZMA Chunky Holographic Silver Face Glitter is the current Mood. It is the kind of silver glitter makeup that makes martian hearts melt. You have seen their fashion in videos and on stage, and you have also seen their sparkles. Their work inspired them to create holographic glitter. This is not just any old body shimmer, it is your secret formula to a superstar glow. A little goes a long way for under eye tears, glitter eyeshadow, cheekbone highlights, glitter braids, collarbones, shoulders, makeup or nail polish. They only have two rules... stay cute and tag karizmabeauty. Craft fine glitter is made with glass and a no-no for sweaty nights out dancing. KARIZMA is made from plastic glitter and is safe for kids. There are glitters in 10g, 30g and multipack. The Brand: Their conversations, projects and collabs with celebrities inspire their creations, so you can feel equally beautiful, confident and ready to share your positive message to the world. Celebrity tested zero-cruelty designs. Expressed By You. KARIZMA.

Brand: Karizma

👤Great product and tons of glitter inside that will last for a long time.

👤It's super cute. It should be on for the event in Las Vegas. A little goes a long way. I have an almost full jar left and people keep complaining that the jar is too small. I tried to put glitter in my hair by spilling it on the bathroom floor. The one jar is going to last you a long time.

👤I bought this for a concert and it was perfect. You have to use primer for it to stick. I used a program called e.l.f. It stayed on all night.

👤A little glitter in a small container is all it takes. I used NYX glitter primer to make it stick. I got cheap body glitter gel from the 99 cent store. After putting on the gel, I quickly added it to my body. I was an alien for Halloween. I went to a club all night. I used it on different nights. It was difficult to remove my makeup. I used micellar makeup removal. I have some makeup removal cream and 5 wipes, which I'm ok with. A lot. I made a mess with the washer towels and the vacuum got it all. Took the same amount of time to remove it. The second time around, I realized that if you jump in the shower, it's easier to get your hair off.

👤I mean, it works as advertised. Unless you have glitter that overlaps, it's not all in one chunk. It was more like a sunburn. It holds small objects on your face. It starts peeling after an hour. It will sometimes peel with it. It can't rub. Although this stuff works, I might need to bite the bullet and get something more heavy duty. It's great for a pinch or travel.

👤This glitter is amazing. You can't go wrong with it. It was easy to apply and lasted for a long time. It comes off easily when removed. Will be purchasing more in the future.

👤Great product! It looks like the pictured item. I used hot water and soap to remove eyelash glue. It worked well for my costume.

👤I like glitter glue for festivals. I used an eyeshadow brush to apply glitter to my face. It is easy to remove. All day and all night, savesay

👤I used it on myself and some customers last Saturday and they all loved it. It was packaged in an ordinary paper envelope, but sadly, a lot of it was lost when I opened it. I contacted the seller and they replaced it for free, which I thought was very nice of them. I will definitely be buying it again.

11. Cosmetic Festival Halloween Temporary Multicolored

Cosmetic Festival Halloween Temporary Multicolored

There are 8 colors of coke. Light pink, black, gold, and blue are the colors of the Holo. There are party makeup options for you. There are 10 sizes of glitter, all of which are fancy shapes. DIFFERENT STYLING APPLICATIONS: Their glitters can be used in many different ways. Pop it under the eye or on the cheekbones for a highlight. They like to mix it in with braids or have it painted into a middle parting. Dust the collarbones and shoulders for a shimmering effect. The possibilities of beauty are endless if you mix colours and techniques together. A quick dry goblet is great. You will receive 8 pots with 8g of glitter each color, which is enough for deco, as well as a free 10ml dry glitter gel. 100% WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE -- They stand on the side of the customer. Send them a message if you have a question about this product. They will deal with it as quickly as possible and guarantee you a good shopping experience.

Brand: Ga&en

👤I love it! I used a little bit of vaseline to help the glitter stick, instead of using the glue that came with it. There is a lot of glitter in the jars. The glitter was used for a carnival. I received a lot of praise for my look.

👤I am in love with these from a makeup artist who loves to rave. Can't wait to attend my next festival!

👤I have a lot of skin problems. I tested a small amount of glue with a few flakes. I've reacted to products before. I also do face paint and want to make sure it isn't going to make the baby upset. No sign of a reaction so far. I plan to use this product for my daughter's birthday party. I think I will have more than enough based on the size of the jars and the amount of glue.

👤I love glitters. The price for this set is very fair and you are getting a good deal for it. You will have enough glitter to last a long time if the jars are fully filled. You will still get a few uses out of covering large areas of your body if you go all out. Each jar has the same shaped glitters, so if you want a particular shape, you have to separate it. I don't need too many for eye looks and it's time consuming, but it wasn't too big of a deal for me. There is a The set has its own glue. I would not recommend putting this on your face. Buy a face and eye safe glue. I used the set on my arm and it was very reliable. The glitters adhere very well when applied. It was difficult to take off, so I let it soak with makeup removal and that made the removal process a lot easier. It will last you through a festival. This doesn't claim to be eyesafe, so keep that in mind. I haven't used it on my eye lid. I used it on my cheek like the picture shows. I decided to give away a prize on my social media accounts because I liked them so much. Great product!

👤Update! It worked well. I used my brush to apply makeup. I used the back end of the brush to move any pieces that got out of line. Everyone loved the event I held. Even though I told them it wasn't a costume, I was put in a Halloween ad. I didn't feel like trying to remove it because I got back so late. I went to bed. It is still all there, even after Woke up today. I will have a party day when I get my coffee. The glue was easy to remove. When I put it on, I put glue in the wrong places and it just washed off. I haven't used it yet, but everything looked good and nothing was spilled out. I like that it came with clear glue. I got a glitter tattoo kit from a store and it came with ugly cream colored glue. I will update my review once I get a chance to dress up.


What is the best product for eco friendly glitter for candles?

Eco friendly glitter for candles products from Teenitor. In this article about eco friendly glitter for candles you can see why people choose the product. Imethod and Nomo Glitter are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly glitter for candles.

What are the best brands for eco friendly glitter for candles?

Teenitor, Imethod and Nomo Glitter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly glitter for candles. Find the detail in this article. Warmfits, Kiikooll and Hearts & Crafts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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