Best Eco Friendly Glitter for Soap

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1. Sulyn Non Toxic Stackable Dispensing SUL50860

Sulyn Non Toxic Stackable Dispensing SUL50860

If their product doesn't perform to your expectations, you can request a replacement. Extra fine translucent glitter is used in craft creations. Great for classroom projects, party decorations, nail art and more. The jars have multiple slot size openings and the lid can be removed.

Brand: Sulyn

👤The jar pictured seems larger than other fine glitter products out there, so you're just getting a big jar with a large void on the bottom. I did not check product by size of jar, but by price per ounce. There is a It is what I need. There is fine glitter.

👤I wanted glitter that was clear. This is colored like soap bubbles. I wanted to be clear. It would look like light frost on the Christmas decorations. It was clear what I ordered. I am sad because it has the super fine texture I wanted. It is not clear.

👤This worked well for pranking. I have brought some joy back into my life after spending the last 2 months dusting peoples desks. Listening to all the conspiracy theories on who the glitter "fairy" is is almost as entertaining as dusting people's desks. They have stripper dust on the mouse or keyboard after a small amount. There is a A few other uses include folding a sticky in half, putting it between the door jam and door of someone's office, and getting a nice dusting when they enter. Even if they spot the note, they have to touch it to remove it. Push the small stick notes into a fan in their office. They turn on the fan. A small amount of glitter can be put on a piece of paper. When they open the door, place above eye level on the top of the door.

👤Nice. The lid has an extra seal. It can be hard to tell if the glitter is iridescent or not in photos. I was looking for iridescent glitter, not just metallic, and this fit the bill. If you don't need a lot, you don't get as much as you would think. This is one of the cheapest colors within the brand, at least at the time I bought, and it's just a small project. Now to find colors that are iridescent. I used the frosting pipe tips from the dollar store to fill the TINY fairy dust jars. I would never have found one small enough.

👤The product was delivered quickly. I used glitter for nail art and it was very easy to use. Not heavy and doesn't feel sharp before top coat is applied. The quantity and quality of the product is very high.

👤This was perfect because I was trying to match another glitter. I needed the right glitter. There is a lifetime supply at that. It's not easy to tip over a good heavy plastic container. "stackable" is a code for "giant indentation on the bottom". If you know how much glitter volume is, you know that 2 ounces is a lot.

👤The shipping duration was the same as it had said. The paper was stuffed inside the box and it was immediately poison everywhere. The little sucker's lid was off and chillin' at the opposite end of the box. There was no glitter in the container until I salvaged some leftover. The rest is on my bed and carpets. Hopefully the vacuum thinks the same as the glitter does. My dog got a small hit, but it didn't seem to bother him, as far as I can tell. Not going to order glitter online for a while is probably what this was about.

2. DIY Kit Creations Biodegradable Holographic

DIY Kit Creations Biodegradable Holographic

Premium glitter is multi-purpose. It's great for makeup, nails, face, and more. A subtle finish is present in the ultra-fine 0.008 inch flake size. Provides a unique effect in bright light. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Diy Kit Creations

👤The glitter is pretty. I use it in my soaps and scrubs for children. I like that it is not plastic. It is very bright and shiny. My clients and my son love the sparkle in the soap we make. It comes in a container that is convenient to store and use, and I will reuse it to store small amounts from larger bags when this is gone. A little bit goes a long way. If you are looking for an earth-friendly glitter to add some sparkle to your projects, cosmetics, or anything else you can think of, highly recommend this product.

3. Biodegradable Eco Glitter Shakers Moon

Biodegradable Eco Glitter Shakers Moon

The UK makes the cosmetic bio glitter from plant film. ECO FRIENDLY - Marine and soil bio degradable. Everyone will get Guilt Free sparkles. It is easy to use their range of glitter fixing gels and fixatives. Silky soft feel on the skin compared to plastic based glitters. Moon Glitter has a huge range of eco friendly loose glitters. All Moon glitters are vegan and never tested on animals.

Brand: Moon Glitter

👤Exactly as described. I use it for a lot of projects. There are nails, Pens, cups.

👤The item is very happy with its color and shine. Quick delivery.

👤I put this on the top of my bath bombs. I will order again and check out any other glitters this company has. Many thanks.

👤I haven't used it yet. I will apply it next week when I dress up for a 70's night. The small pot looks good. It will go a long way.

👤Articolo arrivato senza il coperchio a vite. 5 stelle per la Logistica ma 1 stella per le condizioni del prodotto, anche perché il pre

👤Cool enfin des paillettes biodégradables. A pas trop peur de mettre. Superbe. J'ai pris note du commentaire and l'associé. Aussi, l'huile de coco pour la peau afin de prolonger sa tenue.

4. Mystic Biodegradable Chunky Glitter Moon

Mystic Biodegradable Chunky Glitter Moon

The UK makes the cosmetic bio glitter from plant film. ECO FRIENDLY - Marine and soil bio degradable. Everyone will get Guilt Free sparkles. It is easy to use their range of glitter fixing gels and fixatives. Silky soft feel on the skin compared to plastic based glitters. Moon Glitter has a huge range of eco friendly loose glitters. All Moon glitters are vegan and never tested on animals.

Brand: Moon Glitter

👤On etait is shiny. Au top!

5. Hemway Premium Decoration Weddings Cosmetic

Hemway Premium Decoration Weddings Cosmetic

Hemway Premium Unique Multi-Purpose Glitter is a high quality multi-purpose glitter that can be used with Glass, Art, Nail, Floristry, Body Art, On skin usage, Hair, Face, Nails, Makeup and more. Add that sparkle to their every day lives with child safe and non toxic use. They have carried out extensive tests with their glitter to make sure you are getting the best on the market. Hemway Premium Multi-Purpose Glitter is fade resistant and colourfast. The glitter won't fade like other competitors. If you don't absolutely love your Hemway order, simply message them or return it, and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Hemway

👤I wanted to make a bunk bed project and bought two bags of glitter. I tried to mix the glitter with the paint. I mixed the glitter with a clear coat of gloss and applied it as a top coat because it wasn't visible. I used two bags of rose gold glitter and one bag of the mother of pearl. I would purchase again if I could.

👤It was what I needed. I used spray paint that was rose gold, but it still came out great.

👤This one is difficult to catch. It is still pretty even though it is almost more of a color shift. It's also a lot of it.

👤This stuff is called UHFRICKINMAZING. I was skeptical because I've bought many glitters that have been AWFUL, but this one is so fine and SPARKLY that it doesn't leave yuckies in the bathtub after using it in bath bombs. The picture I added is of the bath bombs I made, and the sparkle is unbelievably beautiful, so I will be buying this again.

👤This glitter works with anything. It is one of the best glitters to work with and I use mine for my nails. Great colors as well.

👤The glitter was used for a wall. It was beautiful. It was still wet in the picture.

👤Beautiful glitter! I ordered the highest quality silver holographic I have ever had. I use glitter on a regular basis for my work and have purchased silver holographic of at least half a dozen different brands and a few different sizes. This seems even better than the "extra fine" I bought at the craft store. I thought I would get more than I did. The package is 3.5 ounces. The listing states 3.5 ounces, but it does last a lot longer than that. The quality of glitter from Hemway is amazing.

👤This is not Rose Gold, it is pink. Don't be fooled by the title. I was not happy with it.

👤The glitter is very shiny. It was very easy to apply and I used it on my beard. I used pomade in my beard to keep the glitter from falling away, and then I used a small amount of spray paint to keep the wind from blowing it away. My beard is very short. Result could be different for long beards. There is a The glitter is a mixture of black and other colors and is very nice to look at. There is a It is easy to apply and clean off, making your beard look thick and full. I used shaving foam to pull the glitter away. It is easy to wash off excess hands with just water, even if glitter falls away from the applied area. There is a It is very fine like ground up charcoal. Excess skin can't be removed with any other dry methods.

👤5 stars all the way! The outcome is amazing because I changed these trainers.

👤This is the best glitter I have ever used. I use it in soap making. I will add glitter to my collection using this supplier and brand. Many thanks.

6. Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Association Biodegradable

Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Association Biodegradable

All jars are packed in a well-designed gift box, which is perfect for friends, family, and lovers. The sparkle comes from stone minerals and is made from plant cellulous from the leaves of eucalyptus. My 10-year-old came up with a product to help you and your art sparkle while being gentle on the environment. Thank you for your purchase! You are making this youngentrepreneur's dreams come true. shaker tops for less mess. The glitter is measured in grams so the jars might not be filled all the way.

Brand: Unicorn Sparkle Association

👤It's smaller than appears. The colors are great but the box doesn't tell you what the glitter is made of. The box says that the company is USA glitter, which I think is for the Unicorn Sparkle Association. It is made in China. If I knew this, I wouldn't have purchased it.

👤The advertising for this product would make you believe it's an American-made product, but it's not. It is made of a type of wood called cellulose. I will never buy it again because I don't approve of their deceptive advertising.

👤Great! Half empty. Would recommend it to others if it wasn't for that.

👤The gold was open and glitter was all over the inside of the box.

👤It doesn't make me feel bad.

👤I like this product. It has a shimmery quality I have never seen before. My son loves making crafts with micro plastic and I am not spreading it around. The idea came from a kid. 100% recommended!

👤I like that they are bright. I wish they were full for the money.

👤I have not yet used this product as I am still waiting on other products, however I can say that the Eco glitter is exactly as it is described and I can't wait to use it! I got it because I wanted to sign some paper for my clients.

7. Teenitor Glitter Chunky Mixed Cosmetic

Teenitor Glitter Chunky Mixed Cosmetic

The ideal cosmetic glitter is used as nail glitter, eyeshadow glitter, face glitter, body glitter, hair glitter etc. It's perfect for making makeup of fairies, elves, and daily makeup. It can be easily removed with some water or a gentle makeup cleanser. There are different size hexagons and cute little stars in the mix. It's about full capacity per glitter box. The diameter is 2 cm. Without glue. The glitter is easy to use and safe to wear on the skin, nail and hair. You can use glitter on fake nail tips. You can easily remove glitter with water, nail polish remover or a makeup removal product. There is a lot of color and sparkle. The glitter set has beautiful sparkle colors. It has a pretty bright color. The cute little stars make it different than other body glitters. You can combine with the other mixes of glitter, powder and face gems. You can use your creativity to create unique effects. It's perfect for sharing, festivals, and lots of beauty experimentation. Festivals have glitter glow under the eye or on the cheeks for a club night highlight. Their hair glitter makes for a cute braid. It's a great idea to dust the collarbones and shoulders for a shimmering effect for weddings and evening glamour. Their nail arts are easy to apply.

Brand: Teenitor

👤The picture shows bottles of glitter that are 1/3 full and less than half full. The bottles are not full.

👤I recommend that some of my friends try this item on their nails because I am in love with these glitters and I will be buying more of them in the future.

👤The flowers are gorgeous and ready to use. It's ideal to do a clear cap or encapsulation because these are loose glitters. I bought different sets. The price makes it easy to clean up.

👤I knew that these bottles were small and not very bright for the money. The glitter is pretty and works well. They should have offered a larger amount even if it was slightly more money.

👤They are small for anyone who is wondering. If you want to get glitter for this price, you should go to Hobby lobby or JoAnns.

👤The easy to remove rating is hilarious. It will stay in your house for the next hundred years. There is a I like the little guys. Small containers. There is a lot of glitter in there. There is a There is a nice range of colors that are good for crafts. There is a I decided I don't like glitter. My problem is not the item itself. It is as advertised. There is a It is glitter. It is fun and worth the price.

👤We make our own candles, wax melts, and more. We use these glitters for our crafting adventures. Highly recommended!

👤The containers were small but the quality is great and the colors are beautiful.

8. Holographic Cosmetic Festival Different Hexagons

Holographic Cosmetic Festival Different Hexagons

100% money back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love your Hemway order, simply message them or return it, and they'll give you a full refund. It is safe to use on your face, body, and hair, with a huge variety of specialty shapes, colors, and finishes. The glitter is made from non toxic foil film. Shining with metal. No pollution, no hurt, and the glitter powder is made from PET. Ultra sparkling glitter comes in 12 amazing bottles with different sizes of hexagon and some of the colors are with little stars. The colors are purple, laser gold, aqua blue, laser silver, green, orange, red, black, cocoa brown, and grape purple. Individual use or mix. Perfect for nail arts, body decoration, face painting, lip gloss glitter makeup, crafting, tumbler making, key-chains, bath bombs, Christmas decorations, and so much more. Stand out in the crowd and get inspired to create epic festival makeup, a stunning look, a glamorous flashy-formal up-do, or simply add a little sparkle to your everyday look! It's suitable for a festival party, night out and daily use. There is bling on the body and hair. You will be the center of attention every time you look at them. They are very confident that you will be happy with their crazy glitter colors. If items are damaged or have a serious quality problem, they will give a full refund.

Brand: Estanoite

👤I used glitter for a school project. Her sun was shining with the orange glitter. The packaging is easy to take the tops off. It's important to take them off slowly so that they don't get everywhere. I love it!

👤I use this glitter for every client that wants a glitter look. You guys should buy it.

👤There is a small amount of glitter for each type. They are unique shapes for a few. I used to make a large 30oz tumbler with a mix of chunky mix and the bottom covered. The bottom half of the jars was covered. It worked for me.

9. Rhythm Biodegradable Glitter Karizma Festival

Rhythm Biodegradable Glitter Karizma Festival

KARIZMA is a rock n roll fan. Feel the music with their glitter. Rhythm is an evening metallic essential mix of gold stars, speckles, hexagons and dust. Working closely with celebrities on press appearances, red carpet, photoshoots and music videos inspired. The fibre from the most widely available and fastest growing trees on the planet is made from a renewable plant-based raw material. This bio glitter can be dissolved into waste water for a sustainable future. Ocean friendly. The glitter will fully dissolved in both ocean and wastewater environments. 10g of bio glitter is included in the pot. STYLING: Their face eco glitters can be used in many different ways. Pop some under the eye as glitter tears, then use a loose eyeshadow shimmer or a reflecting highlight on the cheekbones. They like to mix it in with braids on the body and on the collarbones for a shimmering effect. The possibilities of beauty are endless if you mix colors together. They can't wait to see what you come up with. If you don't love your KARIZMA order, simply return it and they'll give you a full refund or send you a replacement.

Brand: Karizma

👤Yes, both gold and heavy. What is it that is Biodegradable? Not sure. I tried a bath bomb recipe and threw it in the sink. When I had to drain it, glitter was still intact. It's pretty.

👤This glitter is very good. I used either sunscreen or a hair spray to apply it, like I would spray a little hair spray into my hands and then put it on my cheeks for an outdoor event. I used my sunscreen and it stuck to my skin. It was degrading when it got caught in the little pools of rain water at our campsite. It faded in color and started dissolving, which makes me feel good about using this, as it won't hurt the environment like traditional glitter. Love will likely buy more in the future.

👤You couldn't tell that it's made from renewable resources. Same amount of shine and sparkle as regular glitter. It was comfortable on the face and body. It was perfect, I was glad I could protect the environment while still having fun.

👤I bought this glitter for my soaps and they are very nice. I wanted my soaps to be as natural as possible.

👤It was easy to use. I used them for grad pictures and they looked great.

👤Did not stick to the skin.

👤The result was beautiful, I got this for my grad pics. There is a mix of stars and round pieces. Very beautiful.

10. Holographic Glitter LEOBRO Jewelry Cosmetic

Holographic Glitter LEOBRO Jewelry Cosmetic

100% money back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love your Hemway order, simply message them or return it, and they'll give you a full refund. The set of 15 Holographic Glitter is 10g/jar. The 15 colors offer a metallic finish with a secondary rainbow finish. Gold, Christmas Gold, Silver, Ruby, Red-violet, Lavender, Dark Pink, Green, Grass Green, Royal Blue, Peacock Blue, Dodger Blue, Coffee, Iron Gray, Black are included. Stunning! Extra fine glitter can be used to make fantastic jewelry, Halloween decors, Christmas ornaments, glitter slime, glitter tumblers, soaps, candles, art paintings, greeting cards, and more. A must-have for your table. Premium plastic can be applied to nail, face, body, and hair directly. To create charming makeup, nail art, hairstyle, you can mix well with cosmetics, nail polish, hair gel. It's also ideal for making makeup. Perfect your beauty! 10 PCS Stir spoons are provided, come with 10PCS long plastic stir spoons, help take out the glitter powder nicely and handle amount precisely, avoid accidental waste, and also assist to mix the glitter and other craft material like soap, nail polish, and so on, for creating stunning effect. Each Jar is sealed tightly on the top and has a fitting lid. All items are packed nicely in a beautiful paper box and are ideal for Christmas gift or birthday gift for friends, families, lover etc.

Brand: Leobro

👤The sheerness and sparkle of this glitter makes me very happy. The seller included 15 long handled tiny spoons for each of the glitter colors in the packaging. It was easy to use and I found it helpful.

👤My wife uses it in pours. She said that it works well in that application because of the small particles. The shade of colors is nice.

👤Great glitter! I will say that Ruby is gorgeous, no matter what lighting I use. The gray one is my favorite, but all the glitters look really nice and I can't wait to use them.

👤I use them for face makeup. The glitter is subtle. I love it! Sometimes I have to lay glitter glue down to get it to stay, but most of the time I put it on bare. I use it on my cheeks, but mostly I use it as eyeshadow. It is beautiful.

👤So pretty! I am enjoying all of the colors. Oh my! My kids are enjoying it as much as I am. If you don't take care, your house will be glittered.

👤These are pretty and shiny. They are amazing and I use them. It's much better than regular glitter. Love, love, love this!

👤I like the way it sinks to the bottom in my projects. The difference color selection is very nice. I will buy them again.

👤There was a bottle that was screwed wrong and glitter everywhere.

👤This is the best glitter I have ever purchased and I have purchased multiple times now a little also goes a long way, it is so easy to cover objects with without hassle, I would 100% recommend this pack of glitters above.

👤If you don't want to varnish an item, it's ok for kids arts and crafts. If you want a bit of sparkle on anything that you don't want to keep, I suggest trying a different product.

👤J got a special spoon to put in the glitter and powder I was wearing. Celtic symbols over metal and wood that I love. I will purchase more and we will be worth it.

👤I received a set of glitters and had to write to say they were gorgeous. There are little pots of sparkle. Tiny spoons are provided to sprinkle them. Can't wait to use them.

👤All of them make great photo backdrops.

11. Hemway Holographic Decoration Weddings Cosmetic

Hemway Holographic Decoration Weddings Cosmetic

All Moon glitters are vegan and never tested on animals. No.1 Trade is a multi-purpose glitter hemway. The specially coated glitter is designed to be used with Halloween decorations, costumes, Scary Makeup Effects, Art, Nail, Floristry, Body Art, On skin usage, Hair, Face, Nails, Makeup, Flowers, Beards, Cards. Hemway work closely with celebrities, movie makers, magazines, music artists, photographers, car paint specialists, and social media. This product has the highest grade of glitter. It is easy to apply & long lasting sparkling glitter results because they use the best raw materials within this product. They have carried out extensive tests with their glitter to make sure you are getting the best price on the market. Hemway Premium Multi-Purpose Glitter is fade resistant and colourfast. The glitter won't fade over time, other competitors will do this without you knowing. 100% money back guarantee. If you don't absolutely love your Hemway order, simply message them or return it, and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Hemway

👤Beautiful glitter. They should have a lot more colors like this.

👤I wish I had bought the smaller bag. It was not much at all.

👤It's perfect for our craft project. Good communication and fast delivery.

👤I had to order more.

👤Ich ist den Glitzer. Bin vllig begeistert ist bestellt. Herunterfallen wunderbar is richtig schn und glitzert. Fr Fotos ist a toller glitzer. Es ist groe Glitzerpartikel, di ds Gesamtbild. An den Hnden hat es solange geklebt. Man is super und schnell. Einmal staubsaugen, die Bude, ist in Grenzen. Top. Ich hatte in der Produkt erhofft!

👤This glitter is wonderful. Exactly what I was expecting.


What is the best product for eco friendly glitter for soap?

Eco friendly glitter for soap products from Sulyn. In this article about eco friendly glitter for soap you can see why people choose the product. Diy Kit Creations and Moon Glitter are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly glitter for soap.

What are the best brands for eco friendly glitter for soap?

Sulyn, Diy Kit Creations and Moon Glitter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly glitter for soap. Find the detail in this article. Hemway, Unicorn Sparkle Association and Teenitor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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