Best Eco Friendly Grocery Bags Washable Oversized

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1. EcoRight Reusable Ecofriendly Printed Houston

EcoRight Reusable Ecofriendly Printed Houston

It's just the right size. These small canvas totes can hold up to 10 kilogram and are made of very fine quality cotton fabric with cross-stitched shoulder handles. Eco-friendly and ethical. These tote bags are powered by solar energy and are 100% environment-friendly. The packaging is made of recycled plastic. The tote bags for women are very economical and come in quirky and funny graphic prints of animals and plants, which make them the perfect gift for women. The cotton tote bags are so versatile and lightweight that they can be used as kitchen farmers market bag, utility tote, gym bag, kids school tote, cloth gift bags for birthday, library book bag, craft bag, bridesmaid tote bags! The travel totes bags are easy to clean and foldable. Put the canvas bag in your pocket and carry it around without fear.

Brand: Eco Right

👤I love this bag. It is made of cotton and will shrink if you put it in the dryer, so lay it flat to dry and use cold water. It holds more groceries than I thought, and it holds many books as well. Down with plastic. Save the sea creatures. This will fit nicely in your purse, as opposed to the other ugly bags. I put my bags in my tote size purse, and pull them out when I need them, so I don't have to remember to grab the bags from the car before I get out! The gold and black one is so pretty that it makes a nice gift bag for birthdays, etc.

👤If I'd seen it in person, I wouldn't buy it. It appears to be a $3 dollar store item. Unless you are throwing in a few paperbacks, the book bag is not worthy. There is a I'll keep it for those quick lightweight tasks.

👤It's pretty ridiculous to call this acanvas, because you can see through both runners. You're kidding me, right? Dollar Tree has gotten me better quality stuff. The price point is complete highway robbery. Absolutely trash.

👤I was looking for a small gift for my friends who love cats and this bag was perfect. The bag is a nice gift, but can also be a great container to hold more gift items. I ordered four bags, two for friends and one for myself. I'm glad I did. They were well packaged and I think they were worth the price.

👤I use them for everything. My kids get invited to billions of birthday parties and I have a few gift bags I can use. My son has a handle for his PE clothes that gives him more options than the pillow case I used to use, he started dressing down for PE this year and he has one for his PE clothes. For shopping. They aren't the largest bags we have, but they aren't always required for bulk grocery boxes. This is the perfect size for smaller items I don't want getting lost in the bulks-r-us grocery, the things I'm putting aside because they are going to a different destination than the rest of the groceries, or just to make less heavy options for helpers lacking arm The black keeps its color well. I am very happy with the bags I have already purchased and I will keep buying.

👤I plan to use this tote every day to carry my snacks, books, and smoothies to work in. I will keep it in my handbag when I go to the store. I think it will last a long time. I feel good about helping to limit our consumption of single use plastic and I can still look cute doing it.

👤She loved it when I gave it as a gift. I can see this bag being used for a lot of things. A grocery bag is not necessarily a grocery bag. There is a The bag is very cute. The person who purchased the vegan one said "truer words were never spoken." It's not for heavy duty use, so have fun with it.

2. Reusable WASHABLE Grocery Shopping Trolley

Reusable WASHABLE Grocery Shopping Trolley

These bags are an excellent alternative to throw away plastic bags. While other grocery bags use thin cardboard, theirs are made with strong recycled plastic reinforcements on the sides and bottom, making them washable. If your eggs break or milk spills, you can't clean your grocery trolley bags because they will ruin the inner panels. Theirs is covered with a film that repels water as well as being easy to wash. It is not recommended for machine drying to lay flat to dry. Their goal is to create beautiful, useful products that you'll love to use in your home, and they've created their bags to look amazing in your car or with your favorite outfit. The bags are simple and classic. There is a vegan leather logo patch and gold rivets. The board they use to add stability to their bag is made of recycled plastic, and you can rest assured that you will not use single use plastic. These bags are your new go-to organizational accessory. The rigid structure makes sure that your trunk stays open and upright. Their design will look great in your vehicle. Their bags are great for sports gear, road trips, camping, the beach, and the farmers market. The bag is collapsible for easy storage and comes in sets of 3 or 4. Gramercy Kitchen Co. strives to create complete customer satisfaction. Their customers are more important to them than their sales. If you are unhappy with your grocery bags, they will replace them. There were zero questions asked. They can help out if you have any questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out to them via Amazon's buyer/seller messaging system. There are bonuses! You will receive a guide to making the most out of your farmers market runs with your purchase. They've put together some handy tips and tricks to help you maximize your trips with their bags. Make sure to check your inbox.

Brand: Gramercy Kitchen Company

👤I am very happy with these. They fit in a standard cart and I still have room for my insulated tote. There are two more They can store a lot of items because they keep everything in place. There are 3 more They are made to last a long time. I am much more efficient with these because I don't have to open up and hold open bags to store things. They are clean. Enough said! I will revise my review if they don't hold up, but they seem to last a long time. Love, love, love them!

👤I wanted a bag that I could machine wash, so I bought these bags. I put one in the washing machine after I received them. It had a small hole in the side and top edge. The manufacturer sent a new set after I contacted them. I haven't washed another bag yet. If I get the same result, I will be pretty disappointed. The bags are very nice. I bought them because they said "machine washable". We'll see how the next wash goes but beware, you may have to hand wash them if you want them to last.

👤The bags fall apart in less than 6 months. It was used once a week for grocery shopping. Another product thrown away. Money was lost. A bad product. Be careful, buyer.

👤I wanted to try and be more green. I realized we've been missing out. Heavy items don't break through the bags. The bags never split. Cans should not be rolled out of the bag and hid under a car seat. We're used to dealing with plastic bags, so we don't think about them. These are better for the world. You will win on every level.

👤My husband disliked the flimsy grocery bags I had purchased. He wants to load the bags to the max weight and I had bags that broke or ripped. These bags are great. They can handle a heavy grocery load. They are easy to store in a car or truck. The handles are long and well sewn. The color is neutral.

👤They were received a week ago. Love them. It was very easy to fold. I keep the one open in my trunk. The hard plastic bottom is what I like. The perfect size is 888-609- The hey appears to be well constructed. I like that they are very sturdy when opened and in the back of my SUV they are upright. There is no more groceries rolling around. The fabric seems to be easy to wipe off, but I haven't had to clean them yet.

👤These bags are very strong. I have been using them for a few months and they have been packed very heavy in the grocery store and held their shape. A nectarine got smooshed and left sticky fruit juice in the bottom of one of the bags, which it wiped up easily. There wasn't a stain or left over stickiness. They are easy to load and unload, and hold the weight of heavy groceries. I ordered another brand to try after I ordered these bags. They were sturdy but had a profile that was more like a paper bag. I wanted that shape because my old bags were the same size as paper bags, but they were too wide and short. These bags are better than the ones I used before. They are not so wide that they are awkward to carry and I like that you don't end up with a lot of stuff stacked on top of each other like with the taller bags. I only use these when I need them. The bags did not have a bad smell when opened. I didn't want to put the other bags in my trunk and have them smell bad. It dissipated after a while, but never had an issue with these bags. I bought another set for a family member because I liked them so much.

3. YIHONG Produce Reusable Drawstring Colorful

YIHONG Produce Reusable Drawstring Colorful

The perfect holiday stocking stuffer is a gift set of natural skin care products from Burt's Bees. One more step towards a zero waste lifestyle and cuts plastic bag use in a convenient way is to get 15 mesh bags, each has the potential to eliminate up to 30 plastic bags. With the highest standards of quality and safety, you can hold all your fresh produce. The mesh bag is light and won't add weight to your produce. The produce bags from their brand are nearly transparent so you can easily see what's inside and the bar-codes will be in the bag so that the cashier can see the item numbers. It is easy to open and close, and you can rinse it with water or wash it with the rest of your laundry, then they are good to go again. You have the correct bag to use if you take one from the bundle, it's just 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299

Brand: Ecowaare

👤I like my produce bags. I asked the clerk at the grocery store what she thought of them, as she is the one that needs them to be scanned. I didn't have produce items that required scanning, so I will update when that happens. The clerk liked how they kept the onion skins in the conveyer belt. There is a They are easy to clean and take up very little space for me. I like the idea that I won't be using plastic produce bags. There is a Update... I love these bags. I store my produce in the bag in the refrigerator and it stays fresh longer than if I had stored it in plastic bags. One of the cashiers at my local grocery store bought them after seeing mine, and she thinks they are great too!

👤I use plastic bags when buying vegetables at the store. Delivery in a plastic bag? It's not clear on the concept. They're great. A good mix of sizes and easy to wash.

👤We are the hippie people who take canvas bags to the grocery store. We also take produce bags. We've purchased several kinds in the past and each time we were disappointed. Not these! The bags are sturdy, come in great sizes, and have a lock. I'm going to gift a friend of mine a set of mesh to keep fruit flies out of her house, because she has fruit fly issues in the summer.

👤The product concept is not very difficult. The bag is light enough to hold grocery items. The plastic knob is not really needed if you can just tie a slipknot. It has weight. They put the tare on the label to make sure the cashier doesn't charge you extra for the weight of the plastic knob. They wrote the tare in ounces and no one knows how to convert ounces to pounds because we refuse to use metric.

👤The item comes with a lock on the drawstrings and tare weights on the tags. They worked well for vegetables like garlic and onion. For other things like lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, etc. If the food is kept in a container it will be more spoiled sooner than if it is kept in a plastic bag. If you don't have plastic bags at the store, vegetables are still a great purchase if you use them soon after purchasing them. I reuse bags from loaves of bread or other food items if I need to keep something in a plastic bag.

👤I keep some of the produce bags in my car so they are handy for quick market stops, and I bought another set of produce bags because I love them so much. I had to get another set because I often leave stuff in the bags in my veggie bins and in the fridge. It keeps them contained and they keep better than plastic bags. checkers have told me that they are easy to use, and people in the market often ask where I got them. The baggers love them. There are no products falling out and being corralled. A win all around. My daughter has a set from another company, but she likes mine better. I have to keep an eye on them. I think that's correct.

4. Reusable Foldable Groceries Waterproof Eco Friendly

Reusable Foldable Groceries Waterproof Eco Friendly

There is a Bud in Quaytity and a do it yourself option. 10 pack bulk grocery bags can meet groceries, outdoor activities, parties, festival usage in a time. The lightweight shopping bags can be given to employees or consumers. The tote bags in large blank bag body are suitable for different kinds of logo. X-LARGE CAPACITY & DURABLE. These grocery bags are large enough to hold up to 50 pounds of groceries and can be used instead of 2 conventional grocery bags. The bags are reinforced with bias tape to make them hold heavy loads. Long handles of the foldable shopping bags allow for hand holding or carry on the shoulder for easier carrying, perfect for grocery bags, for travel, and for daily use. Cute animal pattern is easy to marry. There are 6 cute animal patterns in these foldable grocery bags. They are cute. These grocery bags can be folded into a pocket-size pouch so you can carry them in your purse or car without taking up a lot of space. Reusing grocery bags keeps plastic out of landfills and oceans. These grocery shopping bags are made of 100% nylon cloth which is ideal for washing. It is very strong and resistant to water and Rips. These bags have cute designs. It's perfect as a favor for women and girls. Large shopping tote bags can add some fun to your grocery shopping. The machine is washable. It's important that cloth grocery bags are washed. All the cloth grocery bags are machine washed. You can save time by tossing the cloth shopping bags into the washer. You can reuse shopping bags and reduce your carbon footprint and plastic usage by owning their cute animals pattern, perfect as party favors for women and men. Reusable shopping tote bags can add some fun to your grocery shopping.

Brand: Beegreen

👤These bags are machine washed. The ripstop fabric is durable and colorful. The bags are large and awkward, but they offer plenty of space. These bags are used on my shopping trips.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but I thought it would be helpful to others. The bags are cute and seem durable for the pros. I like that you can fold them up to make them 888-282-0465, which makes them 888-282-0465, which makes them 888-282-0465, which makes them 888-282-0465, which makes them 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, which makes them 888-282-0465, I think having the handles on the outside makes carrying on your shoulder difficult when the bags are full. The reason I am writing this review is that the dye transfers. I left my bag laying on a bench in the mud room because I didn't think anything of it, and it was stained by the water. It is possible for the dye to transfer when wet, so be aware that washing first might prevent that.

👤These bags are strong. The prints are cute and large. I put a bluray on top of the bags to give you an idea of their size. It's easy to put them back into the pouch. I always have a few of these in my purse.

👤I would give a half star if I could. The patterns are cute and I wanted to use them asgrocery bags. The bag is narrow and not large enough to hold bulky items, making it difficult to load and unload groceries. Since these have no straight line, items inside are compressed together when the bag is lifted, which is good for items like produce, can good, or small boxes. If someone wants to use a beach bag or extra tote bag for carrying small items, it might work out for them.

👤I received a bag made out of nylon that I absolutely loved and have been looking for some like it ever since. BeeGreen products ended my search. I bought a bunch of their solid color and checkered ones. They were what I was looking for. There is a I love variety as well. They had some with penguins and puppy dogs and cats, so I decided to try them. Being a 5-cat owner, I'm always on the lookout for cute cats. The bags are made out of nylon. They hold as much, but their opening doesn't seem to be as wide. It was the only difference I noticed between my first and latest BeeGreen experience. The nylon doesn't feel different than the polyester that surprised me. I put a normal file folder in the pictures to show the size. There is a large binder folder in the one standing. There is still room in the bag. I've found you can carry a lot of stuff in them. I had a hard time carrying the soda bottles in one bag, but the bag looked perfect when all was said and done. They are easy to spot wash or toss in the laundry. I like that they don't have a separate carrying case and that you can fold them flat, unlike ones that use draw strings. Once you get used to it, they're easy to fold. Make sure you put the bottom under your chin so you can see the green tag when you look down at the pocket. Put the part under your chin and push it into the pocket. It's not as pretty as folding it like the instructions would suggest, but it's very easy to do when you don't have a table. I use these products all over. I have them in my home, my car, my scooter, and my husband's bike bag. BeeGreen's products were used in the 'farmers market' kits to help people "be green". They included one of the nylon bags or one of the polyester bags. I only use single plastic bags if I'm buying raw meat at the grocery store since they sometimes leak and I use the single use bags as garbage bags in my car.

5. Reusable Grocery Tote Bags Black

Reusable Grocery Tote Bags Black

The Anleo bags fit up to 5 gallons of milk in a tote bag, so it's perfect for bulky items. Sturdy and sturdy, hold 44+ lbs, has dual reinforced handles sewn to the bottom of the bag for extra strength to endure the heaviest loads while grocery shopping, and a thick plastic bottom insert for extra strength. The heavy duty PPNW fabric has double slanted seams for added strength. A bag that is reuseable is stylish and eco-friendly. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags. These heavy duty shopping bags are great for grocery shopping, storage, laundry, the beach, picnics, travel, large gift and more.

Brand: Anleo

👤My wife and I wanted to reduce our use of plastic so we bought these bags. The did better than expected. They are large. A gallon of milk, four boxes of cereals, a large container of oatmeal, a large box of waffles, and a small box of green tea were put in one bag. The waffles were on top of the handles. The bags have strong handles and a plastic plate on the bottom which is helpful. I like carrying them into the store because they are black. I put my purchases in the bags as I went shopping. At the checkout, I unbagged everything in order on the conveyor, told the checkout girl what I wanted, and put the products back into the bags. I could carry all four bags in one go, which made carrying plastic bags into the house a nightmare. A smaller person would have carried two bags at the same time. When I went to the store for a few things and just carried one bag, I gathered what I wanted into the bag without a shopping cart and went to the checkout. Great product!

👤I finally found the grocery totes I've been looking for. The sleek, textured black design is quite unlike the frumpy, lil-ol-lady styled totes that I've seen, and they are very strong, each capable of holding several heavy items, quite roomy, and a fairly large shopping expedition required only three of them. Big thumbs up for these.

👤I was hoping that the bags would hold up with a full load. I noticed that one corner was open and that the bag was useless. I got another bag from the group of 5 tote bags, and put some strong tape on each corner to stop the ripping action, using ingenuity. The corners are holding the tote bag. I would like to suggest that your company make sure that the top corners of the business are not used to sell bags that are not good or that are not sold on Pictures are worth more than 1000 words and flow with what I am saying. I can come up with a solution to a flaw if I see it. I gave you guys low marks because I know you can do better.

👤It's good to be able to buy groceries at the supermarket.

👤These were bought to carry around at San Diego Comic Con. I need to buy a few more of these because they are so strong. Heavy items and bulky items have had the straps through them.

👤The bags are large enough to hold groceries. I have to get the sackers out of the way in the two grocery stores I use so that I can bag the groceries myself. Sackers who have been trained on thin plastic bags don't know how to properly sack groceries in real grocery bags.

👤There is three inches of stitching on the bag. I have used this bag three times. It was packed lightly every time. The item description says it will hold 44 pounds. The bag is being pulled to demonstrate strength. If you're looking for durable bags, I don't recommend buying these bags.

6. WiseLife Reusable Foldable Washable Resistant

WiseLife Reusable Foldable Washable Resistant

It's easy to use and you don't have to tell the bagger to pull the flap down. There is an instructional image with the words Pull Flap Down displayed. The WiseLife tote bags can be used to organize toys, books,CDs, and other items or to carry and organize laundry, cleaning supplies, art supplies, and school work. It's a great way to organize. The storage tote can be used as a grocery bag and as a shopping cart organizer. It's perfect for packing snacks and supplies for the beach or camping. There are things to organize in the car or trunk. It is easy to clean. The shopping box bags can be folded up for easy storage. The tote will remain open and upright in the car if the cardboard bottom is strong. The water resistant foldable shopping bags are easy to clean, just use a wet cloth to wipe off dirt or debris. RIGID STRUCTURE & Large CAPACITY. The tote bag is made of heavy-duty non-woven water resistant fabric reinforced and stiffened with a durable recycled cardboard insert on each side to ensure a rigid and erect structure when opened. The totes are easy to stack without folding or shifting. The produce bags can hold up to 33 lbs. Each tote is 14” x 11” x 12. It's easy to cure. The utility tote bags have short side handles in addition to longer wide shoulder straps to ensure a comfortable use even when carrying a heavy load. The shoulder straps are sewn down the side of the bag. The tote is easy to pick up from the car, grocery cart, or shelf because of the thick side handle and rigid construction. Reusability and eco-friendly. Their bags are large enough to hold groceries. A single bag is equivalent to many times of using plastic bags. Single-use plastic bags that are not recycled and frequently pollute waterways are an alternative to the kitchen grocery bags. Choose a way to protect the Earth. Storage bins can be kept in your car and home for emergencies.

Brand: Wiselife

👤I was asked to give an honest review of the bags. I can only say that it is unexpected. Wow! It's well made and convenient. I use recycled fabric bags that don't hold up to washing and are usually destroyed, because my husband hates plastic bags. There is a The bag/bins come in three different colors. They are in a collapsed state. The bag has a cloth bottom that can be folded and stored flat, and a tabbed flap that folds down to complete the form. Pull up the tab and the bottom will come. The bag is covered with a thin plastic or thin vinyl which is easy to wash. It's easy to slide into the back of your car or shelf with this. There are two sets of handles. The other is a longer strap that is attached all the way down the sides of the bag with a rivet. There is a rivet on the front of the short handle. I loaded two of these puppies with 39 pounds of groceries and hauled them all around. There was no tearing of the bags or handles. They did well. The food they held was different from the plastic bags. These can be used to store stuff on shelves in a closet, garage, bathroom or kitchen. There is a I would buy these again. They make my mom life easier and more organized.

👤In less than 6 weeks, these went from 5 stars to 2. I didn't think it was a big deal that the water got into the cardboard insides because of the water resistant materials, but one of the tote handles ripped off. The two that don't hold their shape/ aren't as sturdy, are noticeably heavier than the other one, and I think they're growing mold as well. Disappointed is an understatement. I took away a star today because one of the handles ripped off when I picked up the tote. I understand wear and tear, but I am disappointed that it happened so soon after purchase. I bought these to replace the nylon ones I bought a few years ago. I wanted something that held their shape, but the totes were fine. These are great. They pop up into boxes that hold more than the totes. I have used them as a pool bag, grocery bag, car trunk organizer, and to carry supplies for a camping trip. They don't fit in a grocery cart as well as I would like. I can carry one over my shoulder if I need it, and I only need three in an average grocery shopping trip.

👤I've never received a compliment on my totes. I understand why people are asking where I bought these bags. These have been awesome in a world of charging for bags at checkout. They have been durable and allow for beautiful separation of items even while still shopping. There is a I've purchased a grey version of the black totes from Wiselife. The other totes I purchased were smaller than the one I didn't read the description for. I did not read or compare before buying them. A singular listing of the same type of tote with size and color variations from the seller would be great. There is a Grey: 14” L x 11” W x 12” H.

7. Reusable Grocery Bags Shopping Totes Washable Lightweight Polyester Elephant

Reusable Grocery Bags Shopping Totes Washable Lightweight Polyester Elephant

These heavy duty shopping bags are great for grocery shopping, storage, laundry, the beach, picnics, travel, large gift and more. There are multiple animal prints and larger aphasia. The bags have 6 animal prints. The set of reuse grocery bags has 12 pack and 1 zip up bags for the package. The size of the bags is 14.2'W*27.5'L*4.7'D, which is large to hold up to 50 lbs of stuff. The handles of the funny recycle shopping bags allow for hand holding or carrying on the shoulder for easier carrying. It's easy to commute around and be eco-friendly. The foldable shopping bags can be rolled up to a small size with Elastic Ribbon for easy storage and carry it with you at all times. The nylon bags can be stored in a purse or pocket to save space. The bulky reusabke bags should not be on the car. By using cute personalized animal bags, they can keep plastic out of landfills. It's the best way to measure the toxicity of OCCASIONS. The bags are cute. It's great for daily supplies when you need them for a trip, birthday party, Christmas day, grocery store, supermarket, etc. Their bags can be used for groceries or as fashion gift bags. Being machine washable and reusable is a must for tote bags. All big totes are machine washable. You can save time by tossing these bags into the washer. You can help reduce the impact on the environment by using disposable totes. Light weight and resilience are important. The nylon fabric used in their shopping bags is lightweight and sturdy, and the bias tape on the seams makes them strong enough to pack heavy groceries, like canned goods, gallons of milk.

Brand: Beegreen

👤New York State is going plastic bag free and I bought these so I would always have a bag on hand. I can put a few of them in my purse. The prints are cute and hold a lot.

👤These bags are easy to clean. I use them to sterilize them and put them in the washer and dryer. I had to wash and bleach the collapsible crates I used before getting these. It took time to use the precious Disinfectants that have been in short supply recently. They are small and easy to carry around, but they hold a lot of items and are strong. They are much easier to keep clean and sterile than the other bags I already have, and take up less space in my trunk. You can order them. You will not be sorry. The cashiers at the stores I shop at compliment the patterns on their appearance. I would have liked to have gotten these years ago.

👤These bags are great. This set doesn't have individual pockets that the bags fold themselves into, only the one, separate bag that they can all fit in. I bought a set of the same bags, the same manufacturer, and they all had the included pocket that they fold into. These don't.

👤They are doable bags but thin and don't hold a shape like the bag bought before. It's floppy nature makes it hard to pack things into them. I have not had a problem with seams letting go but because of coronaviruses they have not had a lot of use. I'm putting scanned items back in the grocery cart with no bags and bagging in my bags at the car. These are not the go-to bags. The bags are better. The elastic works to contain the bag, but still prefer the attached mini bags to contain it.

👤These bags are the best. Sturdy and large. The handles of these bags are large and strong enough to hold a shoulder strap. Being able to load up on shoulders as well as hands and arms is great for people like me who try to Hercules everything inside from the car in one trip. The animal prints are very cute. I would recommend these to anyone who goes shopping. They're great for packing a quick bag for a trip to the beach. Just buy them now! I think that's correct.

👤When our lovely state decided to eliminate single use plastic bags, I knew we needed bags that could be washed so that we wouldn't get sick from shopping. I wanted something that could be folded up easily, and that the bag could hold a bunch of them. I don't have to use as many bags to carry everything because they are durable and hold enough weight. These bags fit all of the requirements. I pull out as many as I can from the zip bag. When I get home they are ready to go shopping.

👤Make sure you use the items you buy. If you go to a restaurant where they are already in circulation, and you purchase at least once a day, you can make it worth it, even if you don't use straws at home. Same with bags. These bags are very thin and easy to put into a purse. They carry a lot. If you are shopping for a few things, one bag is perfect. There are always at least one bag in my purse. If you don't reduce-reuse-recycle within your capacity, your mind will go down a depressing rabbit hole.

8. Reusable Washable Foldable Shopping Friendly

Reusable Washable Foldable Shopping Friendly

You can reuse shopping bags and reduce your carbon footprint and plastic usage by owning their cute animals pattern, perfect as party favors for women and men. Reusable shopping tote bags can add some fun to your grocery shopping. It's easy to commute around and be eco-friendly. Their bags can be folded into a pocket-size pouch so you can carry them in your purse or car without taking up too much space. By using these shopping tote to keep plastic out of the ocean. There are 5 different colors in these grocery tote bags. X-LARGE CAPACITY & DURABLE. The grocery bags can hold up to 50 pounds of groceries. Heavy loads are allowed with the use of bias tape on grocery shopping bags. Carrying on the shoulder is easier with long handles. It's a perfect grocery bag for shopping, groceries, travel, storage and definitely practical for daily use. It's a rip-stop fabric and waterproof. Their large shopping bag is made of 100% rip-stop fabric which is ideal for foldable bags. It is very strong and resistant to water and Rips. The bag has different colors. It's perfect for women and girls. Their shop has more mixed colors. It's a must for grocery tote bags to be machine washable. The grocery tote bags are machine-washable. You can save time by tossing grocery tote bags into the washer. You can reuse them and reduce your carbon footprint by using grocery tote bags.

Brand: Beegreen

👤I have been using these for a few weeks and have not had any issues. They are light weight and easy to fold. I have two with me at all times. I have been able to pack them with up to 40 pounds of things. There is a They were wrapped in a plastic bag and I didn't like that. It's great that these are available at a great price. The manufacturer should think about packaging that is more eco-friendly.

👤I bought these two ads to my laundry sorter and now have seven sections instead of three. I used to sort my underwear bras socks and smaller items with a laundry Sorter and I really like the stability of it because it's not just a hanging bar. I think it adds to the stability.

👤Liked: colors, weight. Disliked: did not like it. I had been buying another brand of bags. I chose them based on their ratings. The colors are nice, but they don't hold up well. There is a After a month, 2 of the 5 bags have split apart in the handles, and several small holes have appeared on the bottom, and it will take a seamstress to sew the handles back together. I don't load them with things, they are usually set down on raw ground. We usually use these for fresh produce from the open-aired markets. I'm extending their lives with duct tape until I find a better brand.

👤It takes me less than 10 seconds. A folding directions sheet was included. The BeeGreen logo is facing me. I fold down the straps during one of the 2 half-folds up, so I don't tuck them in as the first step. The long strap is great for carrying the square base. The size is perfect. I noticed that some of the bags are small with small handles. I tuck the bags under my car seat and use a small cabringer to keep them together. There are many uses for camping, gardening, and overnight sack.

👤It was kind of a culture shock for us when we moved to California, where stores charge for plastic bags. I think so. I bought a lot of different bags. I love them! They are easy to fold up. It takes a few minutes to fold all of them up, but it's worth it because I can just take a few with me to the store. They don't have a flat bottom, so I use them for things that can't break. I would recommend them to anyone, especially for the great price, like cans, household items, dog treats and toys.

👤We use plastic bags to throw away food, clean up after the dog, and use smaller trashcans. We have a lot at The house. I don't really want more. I love how bright they are. When I'm about to go shopping, I have a hard time missing them. You can do a full 2 week shopping trip with them. People with 2 or 3 bags. The folding thing is a great idea, it makes them small enough to fit in my purse, but I'm not sure how to use it. I love that I can help save the world even if it is just a small amount.

9. Best Canvas Grocery Shopping Bags

Best Canvas Grocery Shopping Bags

It looks smaller than the ad photos. These cotton shopping bags are great for all the people because of the neutral color, great for shopping, picnics, tailgates, school, carrying toys or going to the beach and so on. Instead of relying on disposable plastic or paper bags that are bad for the planet, invest in an affordable, and high quality bag. The cotton is organic. A grocery bag. This bag is sturdy and has bottle sleeves to prevent glass bottles from accidentally banging against each other and breaking. These bags are made from renewable materials. There are two types of shopping bags: sightseeing and perfect cornucopias. You can fit everything in the package if you use three bags. You can buy a single bag if you prefer. A large size that is identical to a paper bag is one of the most important features of the bag. 6 interior bottle sleeves that pop out are extra wide and have a 24” top hem. The design of the Organic Cotton Mart bags is relatively straightforward, but its shape and dimensions lead to an extreme usefulness. The handles on the canvas tote bags make it easy to leave the cart at the entrance and get your groceries in your car. The bags are made from 11-ounce Organic Cotton Canvas. The material is heavy-duty and qualifies for ecology and social responsibility. The cotton used to make the bags is certified organic, without any processing chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. The bags are made in India. This product is not ideal for screen printing. Reusable gardening bags are easy to care for. The grocery bags are made from natural cotton. You can wash it with your washing machine. The natural bags may seem shrunken or wrinkled after the first few washes, depending on the water and detergent you use. Pull the fabric in either direction while the bag is still wet, then let it air dry.

Brand: Organic Cotton Mart

👤Unless you care a lot, nothing will change. It's just not. As I lay in my bed, plastic bottles and bags were all over my head. There is a leader who shows others the way. I used the bag set today after buying it. No matter where I go or what I buy. I will need one less to bring it home. The hot alpha dude who now speaks for the seas is not the lorax. They'll remember this day when change starts with you. The bag is made of GOTS organic cotton and has no smell. These bags are sturdy on all sides and can pack a lot without feeling like they're going to rip. I can't imagine how many plastic bags I would go through if I hadn't switched to using the handles. It was not plastic in the mail to me.

👤I was surprised to see how small the washed bag on the bottom became from the unwashed bag on the top. The straps are not too long. The original review was original. The bags are well constructed. I'm not a fan of the interior "bottle holders" but I knew they were there as I could see them in the photos, so that's just a personal preference. The length of the straps surprised me. It hangs about an inch off the ground because I am 5 feet 10 and have a few groceries in the bag. The bag would be dragging if I were shorter. When you are considering this item, keep that in mind.

👤I needed to replace my canvas grocery bags. I like the bottle straps. Wine bottles are kept from clanging. I liked them so much that I bought a pack of three more. I will update if there is a problem.

👤These bags have a pocket on two of the sides for wine bottles and are very sturdy. I hang them dry so they don't shrink. One of these holds twice the amount as a grocery store bag. My sister works in a grocery store and she says that people shouldn't use plastic shopping bags because they're not good for washing.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. These bags are thick and are the right size to fit in the bagging area. The handles are long, the bottom is not tapered, and the seams are secure. I don't think I'd like the side pockets, but I do. They can hold a lot of groceries and still be carried with the bulk of the totes. I did not have an odor. I bought 2 packages and am thinking about buying more. An excellent investment for the environment. Also, note: Do not put it in the dryer. They were too small to put in the dryer after washing. Only air and line dry.

👤Excellent quality and materials are what I like to use. The bags are sturdy and comfortable to carry. I would buy them as a gift, I am very pleased with this purchase.

10. Portable Reusable Washable Organizer Shopping

Portable Reusable Washable Organizer Shopping

A great gift. It is a great gift for your mom, wife or anyone in your family. They are a 1% For The Planet member and you will be supporting a great charity with your purchase. They offer a 100% love or money back guarantee. ECO-FRIENDLY: The bags are made from cotton. These net bags are made of mesh cotton and can hold produce. They are the best alternative to plastic bags, paper bags, and nylon produce bags. This product is perfect for a zero-waste lifestyle because of its bio-degradable material and zero plastic packaging. The Hotshine mesh grocery bags have a 12 inch longer handle to make it easier and more comfortable to carry. They can be used as a tote or hung on something. The mesh produce bags are lightweight and foldable, which makes them easy to carry with you on your market journey. Premium quality. The tote carrying bag is made with the highest standards of quality so that it can be expanded to hold a lot of goods, including long or bulky vegetables. One market bag can hold up to 16 liters or 40 pounds, which makes it easier to carry groceries, as you don't have to worry about their wear and tear. All of the eco bags can be washed with cold water. It'sTILE: These cotton produce bags are perfect for storing food items, such as fruits, veggies, snacks, but also for storing toys, cosmetics, accessories, travel, office supplies, and virtually any other form of organizing. It's suitable for storing swim gear in the summer. Sand wouldn't be dragged in your bag. It's perfect for shopping, picnics, tailgates, school and carrying toys. It's Yiddish. The net shopping bags come in different colors so that you can choose your favourite one. You can show your different styles by matching different clothes. Even if you go to the grocery market, you can still be stylish.

Brand: Hotshine

👤I was worried when I read that the bag didn't hold much, but I think the people who wrote the reviews just didn't fill the bags. They stretch people. Overall very pleased with these. They hold a lot.

👤Very happy. Bag colors are great, material feels sturdy, and bag has good stretch. I look forward to grocery shopping. Keeping them in the car will be useful for other things. Especially book sales.

👤These cotton bags are gorgeous. The cotton stretches so much that they hold a lot. I stuffed a lot of things into a single roll of paper towel. The long arms allow you to sling it on your shoulder when you pack a lot. The price is good, they arrived quickly and they are clean.

👤I love this tote! My friends and neighbors are not allowing me to shop because I am older than them. I give them one of the little mesh totes after they pick up groceries for me. They are very appreciative. There is a Stores in my state no longer use plastic at the checkout. Most of the time we leave customers in the car because we forget to bring them into the store. Not so with the mesh totes. They can be put into your pocket or handbag.

👤The person in the picture is very small. These bags are small. A watermelon with half of it sticking out is a good idea. One reviewer said he/she packs a lot of things. There is no way this will fit a beach towel. I have a water bottle, sunscreen and sunglasses. Unless you have a very thin or small towel, it's not a beach towel. The volume is enough to hold a towel. Quality is not good. There were loose, unraveling threads all over the place. I took the poor stitching out of the plastic packaging for a thorough inspection if I was mistaken or the rest of it was okay. When I realized how small they were, my heart sank. They should be put back in the packaging. It's Booooooo!

👤Huge holes that should have gone undetected. Very disappointed. I will not be returning the one I planned on using as a beach bag because I really should. The colors are pretty but the size was a little smaller than expected. Will add more photos later.

👤It was pretty sure these were fake. They don't have a Hotshine label on them. I saw them in Martha Stewart Living and bought them. I only opened one and it had a huge hole in it.

👤I saw these recommended and was sick of plastic bags. I took a chance but was skeptical. Wow. I have to tell cashiers to put more in there. They're asking where I got them. They're so easy to carry into the house that I don't have to worry about burning my wrists from carrying too many plastic bags. I had a leak. I put it in the washer and dryer and it was good as new. I've had these for a couple months now, and I'm not usually one to gush about it, but these are wonderful.

11. Trolley COOLER Reusable Grocery Eco Friendly

Trolley COOLER Reusable Grocery Eco Friendly

It's a must for grocery tote bags to be machine washable. The grocery tote bags are machine-washable. You can save time by tossing grocery tote bags into the washer. You can reuse them and reduce your carbon footprint by using grocery tote bags. Their patented design is made with 120 gsm fabric that is double stitched for strength, that has been tested to hold over 50 pounds in each bag, and has a mesh bottom that ensures spills don't. The set is designed to fit average-sized carts at Whole Foods, Kroger, Vons, and other stores. It's important that grocery bags are machine washable and eco-friendly. The Lotus Trolley Bag is Machine Washable. Remove the rods and wash them with cold water. To dry, hang to dry. Do not put the machine in the cooler bag. Not meant for Costco/SAMS and ALDI. The Club Cart version of the Lotus Trolley Bag can be found at those stores. Their insulated cooler bag is not just for grocery shopping. The poles are not static and can be used at the beach, for road trips, picnics and more. Don't settle for imitations that don't have their patented design. You will never run out of uses for your bags. Their shopping cart bags are lightweight, collapsible and foldable, and have long handles that you can carry on your shoulder, and an included strap that will keep them neat. They are meant to be used hundreds of times. A great gift. It is a great gift for your mom, wife or anyone in your family. They are a 1% For The Planet member and you will be supporting a great charity with your purchase. They offer a 100% love or money back guarantee.

Brand: Lotus Trolley Bag Eco-friendly. Reusable. Beautiful.

👤Love the idea. The seams are starting to tear where the top bar is. Disappointing. Lotus contacted me minutes after I posted my review and offered to send me a new set of bags, after I verified that the top of the bag was loose. Thanks a lot.

👤These shopping bags have been with me for a year. I have used them at the grocery store many times. I pack my groceries at the check-out when I shop. I put the bags in the empty cart and then pack them up after being rung up. The size is the only complaint I have. The manufacturer made them bigger to accommodate American shoppers who shop at big box store with their bigger carts. I am a single woman and don't want to buy in bulk. The bags are too large for the normal carts and this makes it difficult to pack them because the net bottoms are too small. The items inside the bag will shift when I remove it from the cart. This can be problematic if the items include glass bottles or other items that could break. If the manufacturers sold sets of different sizes for different types of shoppers, they would find a market for both.

👤I took my Lotus Trolley Bag out on its first voyage to Giant. It worked out well. I was able to keep my things organized because of the easy shopping and check out. This product is very good.

👤It's the same thing. I have become the green lady at the grocery store because I love these bags. The bags are great, since I opened the package and it was neat and tidy. I have taken them on many trips to haul groceries. I could write a well informed review. We want an easier and more conscientious way to shop for fresh foods in our house. The Lotus bags are amazing. No more searching for the plastic ones that are never around when you need them. I am trying to do my part to save the planet Karen, so I am not going to let you bag your groceries at self check out and have fifty loose bags in your trunk. The bags make the difference. They are convenient because they roll up and are easy to store, and you almost never forget them because they are neatly wrapped up waiting for you. They fit on almost every cart. That is correct. Karen, don't wait on me, go smoke that cigarette in between shopping and picking up your kids from soccer, I won't slow you down. They are built to last. I have to test my bank account to see if I can fill them to the top, because I cram these suckers full of food. The metal bars are a genius idea and everyone is staring at me. When trying to lift your haul into the back of your car, they stay open and stand upright, so you don't have to use your arms. I look like the most eco-conscious person at the market. I hope that someone else out there wants to be the same green goddess in the produce section with me because I think it's important and it helps when these kinds of products are user friendly. I will recommend the small produce bags here because they will help reduce the use of plastic and make the differences that we desperately need to see. They are just as good. I will end here. If you want to be the cool person at the market, then you should own these bags.


What is the best product for eco friendly grocery bags washable oversized?

Eco friendly grocery bags washable oversized products from Eco Right. In this article about eco friendly grocery bags washable oversized you can see why people choose the product. Gramercy Kitchen Company and Ecowaare are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly grocery bags washable oversized.

What are the best brands for eco friendly grocery bags washable oversized?

Eco Right, Gramercy Kitchen Company and Ecowaare are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly grocery bags washable oversized. Find the detail in this article. Beegreen, Anleo and Wiselife are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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