Best Eco Friendly Hair Brush Bamboo

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1. GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

GAINWELL Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

The brushing experience is provided by the cushion. There is an air hole on the top of the hair brush. When you massage the hair, it releases air. The bamboo pins have round balls on them. The bamboo handle is comfortable to hold in your hand. Work out the knots at the ends of the hair with a brush. 100% natural bamboo paddle and bristles are Eco-friendly. This brush is a great gift for someone.

Brand: Gainwell

👤I bought this brush for my curly hair, and it seemed good. I wouldn't recommend this for curly hair. I tried brushing my hair from the bottom up, but it got tangled. My hair got caught in my curls even after I fully demystified it with another brush. My hair is a 3B, and I wouldn't recommend it. The only thing I liked about this product was that it's aesthetically pleasing, but it takes up room in my bathroom, so it's useless. This would work for straight hair, but not with CURLS! There is a It's smaller than any other brush I've used before.

👤Don't know what this is. There is a It's not WOOD though. Plastic to look like wood. The light is hollow. Ineffective.

👤I was excited to try out the bamboo hair brush, but I was disappointed with it. I finally had the chance to use it after it arrived late. There is a The handle was small. I noticed that a bristle was missing. Since the product was out of stock, I contacted Amazon to get a refund. I would look for better options that have ratings of at least 4 stars. I think sometimes you can get what you pay for.

👤The brush is just as I expected. I was happy to find a brush made of sustainable materials. I don't want to buy another plastic brush because I have had several break over the years. The bamboo brush is mostly non-biodegradable in case it ever breaks.

👤There have been no issues so far. Have traveled with this brush and have used it daily. Soft on the head. I don't have long hair so I can't speak to that. There is a It works as expected. The cost was fair.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The wood feels great. I go through a lot of plastic brand name ones, so I hope this will last a long time.

👤My daughter and her roommates will be receiving these as stocking stuffers. I used a laser engraver to engrave their names on the back side of them. The girls loved them. The girls said they love the brush and use it every day.

👤I have long hair and other brushes seem to rip it out, Bamboo brushes do not, and I really like this smaller size.

2. BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

BeKind Bristles Natural Detangling Included

Eco-friendly hair products for women. Their wooden hair brushes are hand polished. The hair comb comes out more rounded and smooth, which prevents harm to the scalp by redistributing the natural oil your scalp produces, the wooden bristles restore shine and texture. Wooden bristle hair brushes and wooden combs are healthier because they are not sharp and can increase your hair's natural shine. The tangling brush massage stimulates blood flow and results in healthier hair, no tangle, and no static. Benefits include a reduction in hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, and even Dandruff. The DEFRIZZ is made of 100% pure natural wood. The brush helps prevent static so that your hair stays smooth after brushing. The brush will generate less knots than synthetic brushes. It will be easier to separate hair knots with the brush. For All hair types are best with a natural bristle hair brush. Their natural bristle brush and wood combs are the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Each gift package includes a wooden bristle hair brush, a nice bag, three wood combs, and one waterproof clean claw, all packed in a colorful packaging, perfect for any occasion.

Brand: Bekind

👤This set is beautiful from the outside to the inside. I have thick hair which makes it easy to blow dry. I've lost many of the bristles in my plastic hairbrushes and plastic combs as I try to push them through my thick hair. The set seems to be pretty durable so far. The natural wood is much prettier than plastic. The brush comes with a tool to clean it out, which is great for those like me who stand in front of the trash can and pull out hair. It's great for people looking to make an eco-friendly switch or just looking for a fun and beautiful product.

👤I am floored. I was looking for a new hairbrush that could be cleaned easily and was moderately priced. I would have been happy with the paddle brush alone. The cleaning mini brush and three different combs are unbelievable. I don't think I had the package fully unwrapped before I had one of the combs running through my hair. I was also impressed with the packaging. It's just adorable and attention to detail. It would be an amazing gift for any of my friends, and definitely for Mother's Day. I can't thank you enough, I'm not normally the review leaving type. After a few weeks of use, I will update this review. My hair will be thanking me for these!

👤I like the product so far. My old brush was over 10 years old and I have longer hair. I knew I needed to make the right choice because I was going to keep the new brush for a long time and I wanted to make sure I didn't break anything. I was looking for something that was affordable and green. I needed to find something that was not made from plastic. I decided to purchase the Be Kind brand after looking over a few options and have been very satisfied with my purchase thus far. The brush is easy to clean with 3 people using it daily and the paddle fits the hand well, the bristles are sturdy and flexible, and the brush is easy to use. My son loves the fact that he has his own comb. I drilled a hole in the handle to make it easier to hang since I have a small bathroom. The wood was splintering a bit, but a little sanding. It was new and ready for its new home.

👤I've been using organic, vegan, and more natural products for my beauty and personal care items, and I came across articles and videos about the benefits of using wooden hairbrushes. I had never thought about the benefits of my hair brush, other than the fact that it could handle my thick hair without pulling it out or breaking it. I decided to make the switch because I was intrigued by the benefits. I am a Prime member, so that is usually my first stop, and I found this Be Kind 4-piece hairbrush kit. The paddle brush is large and sturdy and it handles my thick hair very well. It feels like a head massage when brushing with the paddle brush. I'm very thankful that I discovered the Be Kind brand and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their products.

3. VICKYLEE Rectangle Detangling Hairbrush Children

VICKYLEE Rectangle Detangling Hairbrush Children

Two large hairbrushes, one rectangular and one oblong shape. Distribution of your hair's natural oils evenly is helped by the use of natural bamboo bristles. Your hair will look great. Round bristles are much safer and more gentle. All types of hair can be penetrated without pain. It's perfect for elderly adults. The rounded head bristles massage your hair to relieve tension and increase blood flow. A healthy scalp gives your hair more nutrition so that it is balanced and healthy. Daily use can help prevent hair loss. It can be used to relax stiff muscles. Eco-friendly - Bamboo paddle and bristles are natural.

Brand: Vickylee

👤Absolutely worth the money. Beautiful brushes. Very high quality. They look like they are made from wood. Beautifully packaged. They are the perfect gift for everyone. Men and women are bald or balding. The teeth of the brushes are round and smooth, so there are no sharp edges to scape hair shafts or scratch the scalp. The brush head can be conformed to the shape of the person's head with the help of the air cushion. These brushes are great for relief of tension in the hair. The manufacturer knows the frustration of trying to remove hair from brush teeth. The two brush set was made with dead hair in the bristles.

👤I have had the same brush since 2002 and tried to change it. The purpose of a bamboo brush is defeated by the plastic bristles on this one. They got 2 stars because they are pretty looking. I have long hair and the bristles are not long enough. This is only for people with thin hair. This won't work for thick hair.

👤These brushes are wonderful. I have long hair. It tangles during sleep and during washing. There is no pain when I start brushing at the ends with one of the brushes. It needs to be better for the hair. After brushing my hair with one of these brushes, it feels great. I have been using mine for a month and they are easy to clean. Great purchase and value!

👤The brush was marketed for all hair types, but it didn't work well on my fine hair. It's easy to use on the hair and the scalp. I would recommend it to people with curly or thicker hair. I don't like the brushes for my hair type.

👤I wasn't sure I liked it at first. It was good for your hair, I used a bamboo brush before. It works well. I don't need 2, but it was a good deal.

👤Great value! It's easy to hold and great for the hair. Doesn't pull hair. I gave my son the paddle brush. He is trying to grow out his hair and he loves it because it doesn't tug at it and leaves it feeling smooth.

👤I have thin hair that is easy to tangle and has been growing since the beginning of Covid shut downs. These brushes are easy to use and smooth out tangles. They work on hair that is wet and dry. I wish I'd found them a long time ago.

👤The bamboo, bristle brushes are very strong. Great for thick hair that gets tangled easily.

👤The brushes were great quality and arrived quickly.

👤Excellent products, happy with the purchase.

4. Wet Brush Eco Friendly Biogradable Shine Boosting

Wet Brush Eco Friendly Biogradable Shine Boosting

Go Green Coconut Oil Infused Treatment & Shine brush is a wet brush. The brush helps hair stay strong. Without pulling or grabbing, gently loosens knots. The bristles of the boas are ultra- soft, so they can protect against split ends and breakage. Natural oils are distributed by the bristles of the synthetic boar. Coconut oil infused cushion conditions each strand, smoothing the cuticle, and locking in hydration for soft hair that's smooth and shiny. Straight, curly, textured, thick, and wavy hair is perfect for this type of hair. Plant-Based Plastic Design is made from plant-based plastic, so you can be kind to your hair and the environment.

Brand: Wet Brush

👤I am pretty sure that this product is not real. It was in its packaging when it came upside down. The watermelon seed oil brush is on the front of the box, but the coconut oil brush is on the side. It is very strange and not right.

👤There is a flaw in the design of this brush. Within as many months, I am on my 3rd brush. You can watch my video to see for yourself. This was my first review. I have long thick wavy hair and I have tried many hair brushes that break or pull out my hair. I use the hair brush in the shower to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. I clean my hair brush after each use to make sure I don't lose any hair due to a deficiency. I am so excited to tell you that I may lose 4-5 strands as hair grows back, which I believe is normal. I don't want to end up like those old ladies with thin hair. I am trying to brush my hair from the bottom up to the top using the appropriate brush. It may seem like I am boasting about it, but I am a paid person for the company. I am not. A girl in the South Florida area likes to swim at the beach and pool. This hairbrush is with me everywhere. You have to order yourself one to know for sure. If you don't like your product within 30 days, Amazon will give you back your money. I ordered a green one for my daughter, who has her hair down to her hips, because I liked it so much.

👤I wanted to give this a try because the ouchless brushes don't get tangles out. She has hair. She said the brush pulls. This brush is amazing, I have thick hair. It does get all the way through, but it doesn't pull. I will buy more for myself.

👤My four year old is not very good at combing her hair. It always leads to a struggle with lots of tears. The first time it was used, it went so quickly, there were no tears. Definitely recommend. The back of the box shows the collection and uses of each oil, even though I was not sure what it meant.

👤The brush was in a weird position when it arrived. I'm not sure if this was shipping's fault or not. I wanted to mention that because another review said it might have been a fake. The brush did wonders for my hair. I had an old brush that hurt my hair when I tried to brush out tangles. You could feel the difference between the two. If this doesn't make sense, you guys can look at the picture. It smoothed out my hair and left it feeling soft. It benefits me and the planet. Definetly recommended!

👤It is prone to tangles and has a natural curl. Reviewer is prone to cutting it all off once it tangles due to a medical condition that makes them fatigue faster than usual. This hair brush is amazing. There is a It is easy to remove tangles. There is a It used to take over 50 brush strokes to deodorize. There is a The idea of cutting hair has gone the way of the frizz and there's less breakage of hair. There is a Since using this one, the hair has become thicker. There is a I really wanted to smell of watermelon. There is a The way the shorter bore bristles are made makes them look gray because of the natural dirt and oils from the head. It's likely due to the dark colored bristles from other brushes. This is my new brush.

5. BFWood Bamboo Eco Friendly Wooden Brushes

BFWood Bamboo Eco Friendly Wooden Brushes

Appropriate for all hair types, the package includes a medium air cushion brush, mini air cushion brush, wide tooth comb, and pointed tail comb. Different hair and scalp types can be used with them. A cotton storage bag protects the brushes and combs from dust. The air cushion paddle brushes have a soft cushion with an air hole, which offers a massage-like brushing experience, and polished round bristles, which are gentle and comfortable on the scalp. The brushes are great for detangling. There are two different types of combs. Even if you have thick curly hair, the wide-toothed comb is easy to use. It doesn't take a lot of effort to decongest your hair. The pointed-tail comb can be used for a variety of hair-related tasks. Both combs can be used by both people. The brushes and combs in this set are made from 100% natural bamboo. Bamboo is a green material that grows fast, has a high yield, and is sturdy and durable, making it a good choice for many items. An Eco-friendly alternative! The variety of this set is excellent. If necessary, it can be split between family members. This kit is excellent value because there's a comb and brush for every hair style. It is an ideal gift for lovers, mothers, friends, and other people.

Brand: Bfwood

👤The combs and brushes in this set are very nice. The small brush is a bit harder to hold than the other brush, but it's basically a smaller version. The wide toothed comb is very good at getting through my hair, wet or dry, without tangles, and the brush on my head feels good. I received the set quickly. The quality of the brushes and combs is excellent. I would recommend this product to others.

👤I had some wood pieces in my hair.

👤The brush is very strong. The bristles feel good on your hair. The combs are useless and the brush is too small to be effective. This would have earned 5 stars if I only reviewed the big brush.

👤I have seen less hair in combs and brushes with a nice shine, if you read online about how wood and bamboo brushes are better for your hair than plastic, then you should change from plastic to wood or bamboo.

👤I received a set of long hair as a gift. I love the set. They do a great job of going through my hair. The bag that comes with them is really nice. It keeps them all together. This set is very good.

👤Sper cmodos de usar, pero no daa el cabello. cepillo. Me encantan.

👤It has been excellent so far, I had this set for 2 months. I've used wooden combs and brushes before, but had mixed experiences with them. My previous combs were very sharp, scratching and pulling on my hair. The tip tail comb is very easy to use and I found this set to be nothing like that. I couldn't recommend them enough for the price.

👤The product is good. The small brush my granddaughter uses is very good at brushing her hair as she has a good head of hair.

👤A set of combs and brushes was bought for an eco conscious loved one. The carry bag that it comes with is a nice touch. Would recommend.

👤The combs leave the hair feeling soft. The brushes are strong.

👤They help keep your hair healthy and comfortable.

6. Wet Brush Green Detangler Ounce

Wet Brush Green Detangler Ounce

Plant-Based Plastic Design is made from plant-based plastic, so you can be kind to your hair and the environment. You can brush with less force, so you don't damage your hair. Straight, curly, textured, thick, and wavy hair is perfect for this type of hair. The Go Green Detangler is an eco-friendly brush that helps hair stay strong and healthy. Without pulling or grabbing, gently loosens knots on wet or dry hair. The bristles glide through tangles with ease. It reduces pain and protects against split ends.

Brand: Abuv

👤I liked this brush. This happens when I haven't had it for a full 40 days. I do not recommend this. Would not buy again.

👤I came across this brush while trying to cut down on my plastic waste. It takes little time to break it down, which makes it practically compostable. I had no idea what was coming my way. The best brush I have ever seen. It takes at least half the time it took to brush my hair as before, and the bristles really massage the scalp and take out knots completely. I have long hair for anyone that's wondering. The brush is the 8th wonder of the world. For real.

👤I love this brush. I had a wooden handle and pin brush, but it wasn't comfortable to use and wasn't eco friendly. My sister had a wet brush that I used at her house, and I loooved the way it worked. I was still looking for an eco friendly product that I would enjoy. It is one piece and doesn't have a cushion that water can get into. It is easy to clean and dry. I use warm water and a drop of cleanser in the sink to wash the brush. Use an old toothbrush to clean brush. Works well! My wife and I love using this brush.

👤My daughter has sensory processing issues. She likes this brush. She doesn't have to worry about it pulling her wet hair. The brush glides through without causing any pain. It works well for blow-drying hair with out causing any static or heat. Highly recommended.

👤We have three girls in our house so we've purchased a lot of brushes. They love the original Wet Brushes. Over the years, we've probably owned 10. One of my daughters is a fan of Lime Green. She doesn't like this one. She said it hurts her head and won't use it.

👤The brush is made of materials that break down in a landfill within 5 years. The execution needs work. I don't think I was making this brush work harder, but it snapped in half before I had it for 6 months. I don't like spending $12 on a brush that doesn't last 6 months with light use. This is the second Wet Brush that I've had that's snapped, but this one was supposed to be the replacement. If Wet Brush is going to make these wacky shaped brushes, they need to start using something that is going to last and not just snap. It's great that the brushes break down, but it's not the purpose if you have to buy a new one every year. I can't recommend a brush that doesn't last because it did an awesome job brushing out my hair.

👤I like this new hair brush. My 8 year old daughter has very thick hair that was not able to be brushed with a typical children's brush. She chose this one over the flashier prints because she felt good about her choice to help protect the environment. She loved it from the beginning. She is now able to brush her hair on her own, since she switched to this back in April. I only gave it four stars because of the fact that she has damp hair from the shower, sweaty from playing outside on a hot day, or matted from sunscreen or bug spray getting into the back, and those days I have to. It is easy to clean hair out, and I can use it in a dish soap or a shampoos for a few seconds. It is clean without having to wait for it to dry out or for soap suds to get trapped in. I am very happy with the purchase and glad we switched. There is a I took a picture of my daughter's hair after she got a haircut to show how thick her mane is.

7. Green Brush Bamboo Handle Hair

Green Brush Bamboo Handle Hair

The Premium Bamboo Pin and Bamboo Handle Hair Brush are made from sustainable materials. Non-Melting Pins for them.

Brand: Bass Brushes

👤If you're one of those people who use a q-tip for pleasure, you should get this brush. It's in the same genre of knee-weakening "omg this feels weird". There is a As a brush. Yes, it works well. There are bamboo pegs on the head. I don't know what to say. The "rate features" on this review are nonsense. This is not a pair of leggings.

👤The rubber that holds the wooden bristles began to break in September of 2020. 2020 figures would also take my hair brush. It lasted as long as I could remember. It might have lasted longer if I didn't brush my hair. I might buy it again, it is a great brush.

👤I love the quality of the brush I received. I get a great head massage when I use the bristles. I bought this brush because I was looking for a new brush that was made of sustainable materials, which is promoted and explained on the cardboard tag that comes with the brush. It was shipped with plastic materials, including a plastic envelope and another inner plastic zip lock bag. It's a brush, not some fragile glassware, so this was a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging. It was ridiculous and disappointing. When I buy a product that promotes itself as green, I expect more.

👤The brush is easy to use and doesn't have any snagging. I regret to inform you that it has no effect on single strand knots. It helps with split ends. I have been using this brush for many years. I'm black with curly hair that ranges from waves and marker sized 3b/c to small 4a/b ringlets in the inside of a pen. I have spots of 4c that are just above each ear, so I have the full spectrum of sleaze. This brush combs through my hair like a Denman brush without all the fine teeth that cause split ends. It is similar to a paddle brush, but there are no balls to grab on or wrap around. The wooden bristles are larger and farther apart, making them the best of both worlds when it comes to combs and brushes. I like finger detangling most days. / A. Tools can cause damage to curly hair. I'll report back after the wash day if I have less single strand knots and no signs of increased split ends. I got both of these issues from using Denman brushes. It feels like I won't have these issues. A girl with curly hair needs to try this. You still have to comb on thick hair, so the bristles are longer. Maybe they'd snap. Maybe not. It's slippery with products and water in. I might upgrade to the bigger ball less paddle one. If it can handle my super thick curly past waist length hair, it will work for you.

👤This brush is great. I was hoping they would be wonderful and they are! I have a back up. I bought it for two reasons. 1. As they gather lint, pinheads are hard to clean. The bristles are straight. 2. I have very dry hair and this brush helps distribute the water and moisturizers. This is a great hair regrowth. The first brush I ordered was held up amazingly, savesay When this one starts to go downhill, brush #2 will be packed away, but it's still as good as the day I bought it! I am angry.

8. Straight Eco Friendly Bristles Hairbrush Detangling

Straight Eco Friendly Bristles Hairbrush Detangling

Eco-friendly design: 100% bamboo hairbrush made with natural rubber and sustainable bamboo. The pins are 100% bamboo. The bamboo pins will not damage the hair like a standard plastic pinned brush and will help create a sleek and shiny hair. You can use wooden or bamboo hair brushes. The Wooden Bridle BRUSH is a tool. Rounded ends of wooden bristles help to evenly distribute your hair oils. The massage of the scalp stimulates blood flow which results in healthy hair. Since they are wide, they are less likely to break the hair when combing. There are hair combs for men and women. A tail comb can help you with a wide range of hair styles. It can also be used as a hair brush cleaner, and it has a teasing comb object between the wooden bristle that can be used to remove hair from your brush. The perfect gift idea. It works on wet, dry, long, curly, and straight hair. It's a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister and friends. Also, note: The paddle brush has a pin on the bottom of the cushion. This is not a product defect. Excellent customer service. If there is a problem with the natural hair brush, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. They will replace it for you. The product's quality and service life will always be supported by Sofmild.

Brand: Sofmild

👤I usually don't leave reviews for products, but I must share this brush with you. I heat style my hair about once a week. I didn't know the importance of a good hair brush until I ordered it. My hair is 10 times more soft and shiny than it was before. This brush has helped me with static and fly aways when I am doing my hair. It has helped my hair grow. I will be giving this brush to my friends and family for future birthdays and holidays.

👤I'm not going to say that the brush destroyed the knots in my hair that built up over the past 3 days, but I will say that it did. I held my hair so that the combs wouldn't rip out of my skull. It got through my tangles, but it didn't pull or bother me. I was kind of shocked by this thing.

👤The brush does a great job with my thick, wavy hair. Cleaning it is not trivial. I've yet to find a better solution than using a toothbrush or hand cleaning each bristle. I suppose that is the territory of it being wood? I wish there was a quicker way to clean it. There are two I can't seem to get the bristle back in place. I haven't been using this brush for a long time. There is a The company responded with detailed cleaning instructions. You can remove hairs by soaking them in water and using a bit of a hair product. Then use a toothbrush to clean the bristles. To rinse, squeeze the cushion to remove as much water as possible, and then dry with a towel. To allow for further drying, sit the brush on the bristles. I don't brush my hair while I wash it in the shower/bath, but the company suggests that it is a more convenient way to clean the brush. I think it's a one-off because no more bristles have come loose. I'm adding a star to the review because of the company's customer service and the fact that the brush has continued to work well.

👤I think everything I review is five stars. I do my research. This brush is very good. I have long brittle grey hair that is hard for me to reach. The brush went through the tangles without difficulty. I like how the bristles feel, it feels like a scalp massage, it's unlike any other brush I've used. Great product and great value...

👤Even though I always buy things, I have written one review on Amazon before and this brush definitely deserves a review. I have a bamboo brush from sugar bear hair, but it seems to be lighter and easier to use than this one. I used the brush without a detangling brush first after I finished working out and took my hair out of a bun. I received a cute hair band with the brush.

👤It is a great brush. The bristles are rounded so they don't poke my head. The size is large. The design is engraved. It gives it a personal touch. It comes with a comb. I can cut my hair with a tool instead of using my nails.

9. Body Shop Mini Bamboo Hairbrush

Body Shop Mini Bamboo Hairbrush

The handbag sized hairbrush is perfect for on the go styling. You should smooth and groom your hair. There are tools used to groom and detangle hair.

Brand: The Body Shop

👤This is a perfect dusting. To all the people who think that a bristle is missing, leaving a hole in the cushion, this is not true. The rubber cushion brushes are made with a hole in the cushion so that air can circulate underneath and dry out the rubber. The brush would ruin if there was not a hole.

👤I was surprised that Amazon recommended this hairbrush as a replacement for a subscription. The old one was a small brush, but this one is so small it is almost like a toy. I almost threw it away because it wasn't obvious it was a product. I went back to the product web page to see if the size was listed, but I couldn't find it. I probably wouldn't have bought it if I'd read the size. Unless you plan to use it on a doll, it is not a useful size. I was disappointed in Amazon for suggesting a poor product replacement.

👤This is a great hairbrush. It works well and is small enough to fit in my makeup bag, which I carry in my purse. I have had this brush for a while. It still looks new. I wouldn't use a hairbrush for styling my hair in the morning. It is perfect for touch ups throughout the day. I would highly recommend this brush if you are looking for a small brush that is easy to carry.

👤Ok. I didn't pull out my tape measure while looking at this. I read the reviews and said let's try it. There is a Some people said it fit in their toddler's hands. Yes, it will! It's larger than a large hair brush. The tiny wooden gem is pretty darn. It's great for it's size. We were laughing at it when it arrived, but I keep it with me. Can't beat the size. It's not as convenient as a regular brush, but it does a good job, and it's not as bad as blow drying. It was rather shocking for this brush. I'm at the hospital with my father. The nurses are hysterical. It's definitely a conversation piece that works well.

👤I needed a new purse brush and I picked this one because I didn't want anything fancy. The low price sold me on it. It is small and funny. My husband thought it was a brush for our cats. I'm only five feet tall and I have tiny hands. They really meant it when they said mini. There is a The brush is fantastic. It's sturdy and it protects my hair from being tugged or ripped. It's nice to have zero static. Some reviews said the brush was missing a bristle and was damaged. Air flow is the reason for the missing bristle. It isn't missing, it is intentional.

👤It's small and perfect for a purse. I was going to trim the handle. It is great. I go backpacking when I go to other people's houses. The only brush I own is a detangling brush. I wasn't sure if I could use this one since I get crazy rat's nest when it's windy. This doesn't hurt my hair, even if it's a dirty mess. Love it.

10. Small Travel Hair Brush Detangling

Small Travel Hair Brush Detangling

It's perfect for women and children with long hair. Untangle your hair and condition it naturally. Take it with you wherever you go, it's eco-friendly and natural. The wooden bristles can distribute the natural oils in your hair. Do you not love it or your money back? Let them know. They will make it right.

Brand: Grannaturals

👤We were having a lot of hair brushing drama in our house. One has wavy hair, the other has curly hair. Both are impossible, tears every day. I ordered 3 brushes from Amazon to try to overcome the problem. The brush was not our favorite. Everyone thought the bristles were hard and hurt our hair, and it didn't help tangles at all. The Wet brush is not great. We'll still be looking for the perfect brush.

👤The brush arrived with a couple of the wood bristles missing. They must have been shipped from the manufacturer because they weren't inside the plastic packaging. I have medium long hair that is prone to splitting and tangling and it feels like it's giving me a massage when I use it, unlike the boar bristle brushes that don't seem to reach the scalp. I was going to put it in my purse, but I was afraid of losing more of the wooden bristles, so I decided to put it on the bathroom shelf.

👤I like my first wooden brush very much. It feels good when I comb through my hair. The first thing I noticed was that one of the bristles had broken off. I went ahead and used it despite the fact that it didn't come in one piece. After a few combs through my hair and removing my tangles, I noticed a bristle broke off. I felt my hair getting caught underneath the bristles, as well as some tugging on it. I try to avoid this when brushing my hair.

👤I am ordering a second brush because I like this one so much. I wanted a smaller brush to keep in my purse because I was so pleased with the larger one I had purchased. The bigger brush I have, the bristles are a bit longer. The longer bristles get through my hair. I like how the sharper points on my head feel. I am getting the second one to keep in my purse since I haven't put this in my purse yet. I use my bigger one equally. The bigger one is better for brushing a larger area of hair at a time and for more of a scalp massage.

👤I've had this brush for over two months. I haven't had any issues with it. The seller's photos have blond wood, a white cushion, and green branding on the handle. Nothing has broken yet, it came intact. The brush glides through my hair, because the bristles are smooth. I use it several times a week. I use it for dry detangling in the evening before using a brush to distribute the oil. I leave it to dry on a thin towel when I clean it every few uses. I have wavy hair that vacillates between 2A, 2B, and 2C, and it works well for me. This brush is small and easy to pack for trips.

👤I love wooden brushes. They distribute the oils down the shaft of your hair. There is a I broke the bristles of the brush in my backpack, but it was the only downside. The wooden brush is nice, but I prefer using a metal comb and distributing oils with my hand.

11. Eco Friendly Bristles Massages Anti Static Lightweight

Eco Friendly Bristles Massages Anti Static Lightweight

MassAGE SCALP There are 2 hair brushes in each package. Silicone air cushion is more elastic and ball tipped bristles can help massage the hair. When the bamboo teeth touch your hair, you will feel like you have many hands massaging your hair, which will make it look more healthy, shiny and soft. Does static make your hair messy? Does too much hair damage your hair brush? Does the hair brush hurt your hair, do you want to give it more tender care? bamboo combs have natural insulation properties so they don't cause static when brushed against hair. The bamboo hair brush is great for both men and women and is suitable for all hair types. Light weight and portable. The portable hair brush is 120 g and can be put in your bathroom at home or in your dressing bag when you travel. The gift packaging makes it a great gift for your family or friends. Everyone wants to have shiny hair. Plastic combs are easy to tear off their hair. The bamboo hair brush has a longer service life and can bring more gentle care to the scalp, let their hair become more healthy. Their service is available. The Bundlepro team is committed to providing the best service and products. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they are happy to serve you!

Brand: Bundlepro

👤I like a bamboo hairbrush. The balls on the end of the bristle are not something I like. They don't come off like dipped plastic bristles. It is difficult to get through my tangles and it is also difficult to clean the stray hairs when I'm done. The bamboo brush is just as comfortable without the little nubs on the ends. They are rounded and smooth, but they don't have the same shape as yours. I appreciate the consideration of my feedback.

👤These brushes are made of bamboo. I have long thin hair and the balls on the short pins make it difficult to brush it. I was hoping to get a massage from it. Nope! I was upset that one of the brushes has 3 pins that are loose and bent in the way that the other brushes were put together in the box. I will give these to my mom. I think she will like them.

👤The hairbrush is of good quality. The reason I am buying a bamboo hairbrush is because it is more eco-friendly. The box is wrapped in additional plastic and the hairbrushes are individually wrapped in plastic.

👤I bought one of these for its packable size. It is sturdy and feels good to use. I never went back to a bigger brush because I liked it so much, it was convenient and fit was great. My dog chewed it up. I ordered this replacement without hesitation. You will be ordering this as well. It's a well made, adorable and useful little brush with a good massage benefit. Don't judge it by its size. It's not just for children. My dog likes being brushed. The second one is in a drawer when not in use.

👤I bought for my nephew. He has short fine hair. I immediately think something is wrong when I use it by mistake. I think they will get complaints about the falling out bristles because it comes with a small packet of extra bristles, which I won't be able to lay my hands on when needed. I have long hair, so I am pretty sure I would wreck the brush if I gave it a good brushing.

👤My husband uses these brushes daily. He loves them. I have long hair and these brushes are great for it. Our 3 year old granddaughter allows us to brush her hair with these brushes, and she hates having her hair touched, her hair is dow to her bottom and baby fine.

👤I've been looking for a hair brush with bigger bristles. I liked the 2 pack the most. There is a My hair is not damaged. My hair is pulled out by other brushes. It was very bad! The brush is not comfortable to use because of its thick bristles. I returned it.

👤These are a good purse size, but they are not pain free to brush your hair with. My hair is not so thick. If you are traveling and looking forward to brushing and drying your hair, it might not be a good idea.


What is the best product for eco friendly hair brush bamboo?

Eco friendly hair brush bamboo products from Gainwell. In this article about eco friendly hair brush bamboo you can see why people choose the product. Bekind and Vickylee are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hair brush bamboo.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hair brush bamboo?

Gainwell, Bekind and Vickylee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hair brush bamboo. Find the detail in this article. Wet Brush, Bfwood and Abuv are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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