Best Eco Friendly Hair Ties Small

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1. Elastic Teenitor 2000pcs Rubber Elastics

Elastic Teenitor 2000pcs Rubber Elastics

If you reuse the rubber bands, please don't reuse them once they loose their elastics. You can choose the right quantity one time, but please keep children under 3 years old away from them. The elastics are strong and stretchy, but they are not so thick that you can't stretch them. They have stayed in good hair through the days of gardening. They slide off the braids when grabbed. Rolling and catching hair is not good for knots. 2000 pieces of clear rubber elastic hair bands is a great deal. You can keep a couple dozen in your purse, another couple dozen in your gym bag, and some in your car. You understand the idea. You'll have a lot of hair ties if you need them. Their own container is convenient for store and fetch, keep the hair ties clean and tidy, and you don't have to put them in a baggie. The elastic bands are suitable for all kinds of person, including man, woman, baby, and child, and can be applied for office or industrial.

Brand: Teenitor

👤I will tell you. It's useless. My hair is blond and I wanted to do a rubber band style in it. I didn't want it to be black. They won't be seen. I will use the ones I already have. There are tiny black rubber bands. There is a And oh... The people are called the teenitor's people. Don't waste your time if I don't change this review. Not even for a discount. I will not. I don't oblige sellers by compromising an honest review. This is not here. A sturdy product. At all. The band feels weird when stretched. As I think about it now and look at the bands that broke overnight, I can't help but... That weird pull is the band's max. And it is getting worse. There is a You don't have to stretch them very much. Don't buy if you're warned. Returned.

👤These are not sanitary. No matter what I do, they break. They break after I put them in my daughter's hair. There is a These are very difficult. It took me an hour to do her head, and they broke before I was done. There is a I have to cut out the ones that don't break because they stick in her hair.

👤!! Do not buy them. I would give them no stars, but I can't. I wanted to do crochet twists on my daughter's hair. Even after oiling them, they broke all the time. I oiled them for 4 hours. I thought, "oh you know you always have a few that snap!" They wouldn't grip the hair and it would break. They were a big waste of money. Get the goody bands. After an hour and a half of trying to get these to work, I had to redo them six times and my daughter was so upset that we had to stop and wash her hair.

👤You need 2000 of them because they pop easily. I was using the bands to hold small parts of my natural hair to do a bantu knot style with crochet hair and initially the bands held the hair, but little did I know during the week they popped while my hair was in the bantu knots. The bands kept popping as I tried to redo the style. I put oil on them to increase elasticity and not have it get on my hair. I'm not returning it because there are 2000 of them.

👤I use these on my daughter's hair when she wears a pony or two pigtails. She is 9 months old. They don't pull her hair. It's very easy to remove and hold all day. She doesn't fuss with them and tries to pull at them, which I have seen her do with other rubber bands.

👤This is my first purchase. I was hesitant to do it since I saw reviews about how easy it was to break. That has not been my experience at all. Straight hair for reference, I have it with my daugther. The elastic is a bit bigger than normal, but it works. It gives you more stretch and it's great. They don't break when I take them off. I would recommend to double up if worried. Even stronger secured. The value is well worth it for 2000 pieces. You can spend 100 to 200 pieces at the store. This product is recommended by me. This will be my only other option.

2. Kitsch Spiral Hair Phone Coils

Kitsch Spiral Hair Phone Coils

The Brunette 8 pack is the perfect set of ponytail holders for any hair type. Kitsch hair coil are gentle on hair. The smooth plastic construction helps to prevent hair breakage when you remove them. They can be used as a headband. Prevention of ponytails and hair headaches is important. The spiral design of telephone cord hair ties spreads the pressure of the hair elastic over a larger surface area of your hair, which helps to minimize the ponytail bumps that hair ties can create on styled hair. Too-tight ponytails are no longer a problem. Traditional hair ties function by concentrating the tension in a single area of your hair, preventing damage and strand breakage, and spreading out the tension. Cute in your hair and kind on your partner. Kitsch Hair Coils come in a variety of beautiful colors. Kitsch has the coil for you if you want to match your hair color or add a pop of color to your knot. It's perfect for blondes, brunettes, redheads and any color in between. The kitsch coil looks great on your wrist. When not in use, the coils stretch to fit nicely as a bracelet, so they are ready for ponytail or messy bun duty at any time. Waterproof and hardy. Phone cord hair ties are non-absorbent, so they can be worn while swimming or bathing without that "nasty wet hair tie" feeling, and they can be removed from wet hair much more easily than a traditional ponytail holder. Kitsch hair coils are more sanitary than rubberbands because they do not absorb fluids. Kitsch is a woman owned company. The Kitsch products are designed in Los Angeles.

Brand: Kitsch

👤These are amazing. They don't take long to get to a comfortable level. They were perfect out of the box. I like how they don't pull my hair out. I don't feel like my hair is being ripped out of my head. If you like to wear your hair in a pony tail more than once or twice a week, I recommend these. They stretched out to a useless shape after a few uses. I tried the hot water trick. They went back to their original shape. If you buy them, be prepared for them to lose their shape. It will go back in a matter of seconds if you put it in a cup of boiling water. I tried it and it works. You need to be aware of that before buying them.

👤These hold my hair up securely and I don't get tension headaches or loose hair throughout the day. I have long, thick hair that I rarely wear down and I'm always looking for a good ponytail holder. I prefer these over the invisibobbi brand. I was impressed that these shrink back up to their original size without getting twisted up with a little rinse or hot water. They don't seem to pull as well as the power and mini ones, and they get all tangled up in my hair. There is a There are 3 invisibobbis and a Kitsch in the photo. They have been soaked in hot water to shrink them.

👤The best thing to do is wear hair ties. I have tried hair ties, but they don't stay put better than my hair removal hair ties. I love them!

👤These are a hair saver for me because I am tired of having headaches from the tension of my elastics and I want a hair saver. These bands are gentle on your hair but still hold it together, can shrink back into shape, and can give your ponytail a little extraumph, but I don't like how expensive they are. I would never use normal ties again after this. P. S. I can put it up more because my hair is less damaged.

👤I love these! They hold up the hair without causing headaches. If you wear them a long time, they don't leave a mark on your hair. They came out with these and I'm happy about it.

👤I was hesitant to buy these because I thought a plastic hair tie wouldn't break in a day. I was wrong. These are so strong that they don't crease your hair. I recommend these to anyone who has their hair in a bun.

👤I still need something that will loop around 3x even though I have THIN hair. I only have to do 2 loops. I only had them for a week, but they are very sturdy and have held up. I love them!

👤These are great! I have fine hair that is easily bended by hair elastics. There are no bends in my hair when I take it out. I've tried other brands but they don't work for me. These stay put. I like how they look with their hair. I love them!

3. Black Elastic Thick Curly Metal

Black Elastic Thick Curly Metal

The hair ties can be stretched easily and resume quickly, which can hold your hair tightly while you are working, playing or sporting. The hair elastic is 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches in thickness, perfect for hair styles from medium to thick. 120 Pieces Hair Elastics are made of durable materials. It is a good idea to have a spare, replacement or sharing suit. Their hair band is very strong and elastic. It will not break easily. No crease elastic provides a secure hold.

Brand: Gosicuka

👤These things are garbage. The rubber in the bag isn't new and most of the stuff won't come back to its original shape once stretched.

👤These hairties are the best for thick hair. I have to put my hair up every day in the military. Goodys brand ties are too stiff. These are perfect, I can't get them tight enough.

👤I got these for my family. I have a lot of hair and I can only pull and wrap it a couple of times before it breaks. If you have thick hair, I wouldn't recommend it. These break quickly. If you have thick heavy hair, I don't think these are good for you.

👤My wife and daughter have long hair that is not straight and I don't like to have the tops installed on my car. They need hair ties for one reason. It wouldn't take more than a week or so of regular use by one tie before it was stretched in one area which was the first sign of decay. A pack of 50 would usually last a month. The pack of 120 has only seen a quarter of the bag taken out after 6 weeks, so not all of them are broken. My wife and daughter love them, they hold their hair the way they like, and they can be used over and over again without showing signs of wear. I don't know when I'll need to buy another, but these will be an easy choice.

👤These are an amazing value and they last for a long time. This is the only hair ties I will ever buy again. I have a lot of hair, it is long, thick and I have hair ties that snap on me. Never. Again. These will eventually lose their stretch and be about 1.5x their starting size, so they have to be replaced. You get 120. I have given a lot of them to people. Buy them. NOW!

👤I buy these in bulk because I coach girls. Having some backup hair ties when one breaks in a game or practice is a lifesaver. They have a lot of stretch. I will try to pull them on before handing them to the athlete. I have bought other brands in bulk and have not been impressed with how many broke. I haven't had a break from this brand yet. I am very impressed with that. I would recommend these to anyone who needs hair ties.

👤I was not happy with the hair ties. I need big elastics for my hair. I usually grab them from walmart but decided to try Amazon as I had a few things in my cart already and I wasn't rushing to walmart for hair ties. These are small. I can't wrap them more than twice when doing a messy bun because they don't stretch at all. This results in a mess that I have to redo a lot. They are only good for securing a regular ponytail or braid. New hair ties that I know will fit my needs are on my shopping list. I would roll my eyes harder if I had 120 of these things.

4. Minihope No Metal Elastic Elastics Neutral

Minihope No Metal Elastic Elastics Neutral

50 large 2mm elastics are perfect for long hair. No metal hair ties will not tangle or damage your hair. 40% stronger hair elastics can be applied multiple times. It's perfect to hold ponytails while working out or playing sports. The 90-day return policy is also guaranteed.

Brand: Minihope

👤These used to be very soft and you could tell where they were. The material is hard and you can see where they are connected. I have ordered these several times before they came in brown and white, and they don't seem legit. There is a Absolutely loved the old ones.

👤It worked well to make face masks. They stretch nicely and don't have a problem with breaking or over stretching. My review will be updated over time.

👤Break right away. I don't know how many good reviews there are. I got mine yesterday and have already had three breaks.

👤The strand of these ties is 1/3 the width of the Goody brand hair ties. There is a 'Minihope' tie on the right and a 'Goody' tie on the left. These don't have the strength or width to hold my ponytail because I have fine hair. I tried using 2 or 3 together, but they stretch out and don't retain their form. The elasticity is not up to par. There is a The colors are pretty, but for a normal adult, even with fine hair, pass on them.

👤I have not been able to use one yet. They broke apart when I tried to put them on. I tried it again and again. I stopped because I would be breaking them all. The elasticity is not there either.

👤Good stretch doesn't rip out the hair and doesn't weigh it down either. My hair used to hurt when I was around the band area. Not much now. There is a There were no problems in the band. Almost uniform. There is a There are pros and cons. I would have liked a smaller diameter as my hair is really thin and I have to go three times over with this present band. Maybe they can come with a Micro version of this band.

👤They do their job. I have had it for about a month and one of them broke. I used that one almost every day. I like to be a pony tail kind of person. I have plenty now.

👤This design is sleek and stretchy. These are perfect for me, I have thin hair.

5. Hoyols Elastic Rubber Ponytail Polyband

Hoyols Elastic Rubber Ponytail Polyband

The rubber baby hair ties are easy to use. The hair band is packed in a re-useable container that is convenient for store and fetch. The elastic rubber hair band come in a variety of beautiful colors. Hoyols has the hair ties you need to match your hair color or add a pop of color to your knot. It's perfect for blondes, brunettes, redheads girls, kids and baby. It is a great hair accessory for girls. Premium quality is made of high quality TPU, good elastic, no damage, and tiny hair when removed. It is more healthy than normal rubber. Hoyols elastic hair bands are an essential. You can stretch and hold up your hair in a ponytail, messy bun, or braid. It is not easy to break force strongly pulling and long lasting. Don't be deceived by their size. It's suitable for girls, baby, kids.

Brand: Hoyols

👤I like the variety of colors. The quality is not the best. My daughter is 8 months old. They pop on their own. I use a small pony tail to secure the hold. At least 2 of them are popped when I take them down. I will use these up, but I won't recommend them. Thank you!

👤If they are installed too tight, they pop easily. The elastic is thin and gentle on little ones. There are many in one package that will last for a long time. They blend in with black hair. There is a The con can only be used once. You have to throw them away after one use.

👤These break after 1-2 uses. These would get about 3 stars. disposable would be understandable because there are 1500 When I take them out, they rip out my hair. I have fine hair, so maybe that wouldn't be the case, but I would be surprised if heavier, thicker hair didn't just break them. The icing on the cake? There are no returns offered by the seller.

👤I put it on my hair and went to my desk to watch the rest of my movie. The rubber band broke on my hair while I was watching a movie. I felt something hit me and said to myself, "what the hell". I started to laugh. Maybe I got a bad one. I think that's correct. There is a P.S. I thought these were very strong. Ooops. Sorry for sending these back. I think it's too much to lose for these rubber bands.

👤I do not write bad reviews. Ever. These are the worst products I have ever used. I've used these 3 times to think they will be better the next time, but I never throw them away because I thought they were so bad. I have fine hair. I'm not putting too much hair into these. I can do a simple double french braid using 2 bands to secure the ends, but they snap and break all day long, requiring replacement throughout the day. I would put a new one in if one broke, but it would be impractical. There is a The bands seem like they will hold and have good stretch at first, but just wait, an hour or two later they will snap in your hair with only 3 twistings! They are terrible. Purchase a different product if you want to skip these. You will lose your hair style.

👤I don't know why my clear ones are different from my colored ones. During the day, my clears bands break while I am in the hair. My colored bands last a long time. The clear ones worked well in the beginning, but then broke in 2020 and are way past the return window now. I had them for less than a year and now they're worthless. They got worse over time. I was planning on having these for a long time. Sadly not. Frustrating.

👤I can get my hands in them. They are easy to pull and the other brands pull them. My hair is very fine and I have small ponytails. The mom of two girls recommended it.

6. 100PCS Large Black Hair Ties

100PCS Large Black Hair Ties

The hair tie large offer 100% comfort and keep the hair firmly, which is a must have for your hair. The hair ties are made of high elastic material and can be used for a long time. The simpler the better. At any time, you can go out with this hair tie. The seamless hair ties design are gentle enough to not damage your hair. If you don't like the hair bands, you will get 100% money back.

Brand: Baoli

👤I don't have curly hair that lasts more than 2 days for me. They become useless when they stretch. I wouldn't. These are a second time.

👤Most products fall short of my family's thick hair. These are thick and hold up well. I can't find hair ties that don't snap. These are strong and stretchy. Great purchase!

👤My order seems to be amazing, but I'm not sure what the reviewers bought. I have thick hair and pass shoulder lengths. My biracial daughter has hair that is nearly touching the waist. The first elasticity is still strong. I'm not sure what steroids some customers use when they say it stretched out on the second day, as the elasticity will weaken eventually. You have 99 more of these to use if that band didn't work. The price is great. I have bought hair bands that are 20 count, but they won't last as long. After a few months of use, I am very happy.

👤Another lie from the Chinese. The description states that it is elastic spandex and cotton. There is no cotton in the elastic.

👤These are small hair ties. A friend gave me a hair tie at a wedding and I held on to it for as long as I could. I had to get my own because I lost it. I found these and bought them. I like that they are not harmful to my hair. I was disappointed when the elastic in the hair tie started to wear. I put a bunch in different bags, so I can't return them.

👤These are my favorite hair ties. I never thought I would have a strong enough opinion about a particular hair tie. I haven't broken any of them, they stretch well and are comfortable. They are still perfect even when they are wearing out. I can't find anything to complain about. Good product.

👤I'm making masks that are the best ever.

👤I love these! I have a lot of hair. It is naturally curly. Most of the time, I'm straight. These hair ties are perfect for straight or curly hair. Depending on how much I want it to stay put, I can wrap it around a few times. I have used the same tie for at least two weeks. White threads can be seen after multiple uses. It could be the elastic breaking. I didn't realize that the bag I ordered contained 100.

7. Kitsch Scrunchies Scrunchie Prevention Preservation

Kitsch Scrunchies Scrunchie Prevention Preservation

SMOOTH SATIN COMMENTS. Keep your hair strong and healthy with the help of schoons. These are damage-free, softer than silk hair ties. There are hair shears for all hair types. For women with thick or thin hair, the quality of the scuplies is great. There are 5 packs of Solid Color Stain. There is a design for everyone. It's great for buns, ponytails, braids or pigtails. These are cute day or night. There is a resemblance on the hair. If you wear these overnight, they won't leave a bend in your hair. It's a good idea to sleep in at night to preserve your hair. Kitsch is a woman owned company. The Kitsch products are designed in Los Angeles.

Brand: Kitsch

👤It's kind of annoying to have to wear a silk head wrap in order for my hair to look nice, even though it's great and still serves its purpose. Sometimes it falls off. It's not comfortable to sleep in every night. I found these little guys while looking into silk pillow cases. They're cheap and I thought they'd be nice to leave less of a bend in my hair when I wear it up. They work well. They leave less of a bend in my hair and it's easy to get that dent/bend. I twisted my hair into a lazy bun and fell asleep like that, but my hair still had a light curl from the day, and I woke up this morning with no hair issues. If I wasn't having a lazy Saturday at home, I would have had a lot of time to get ready, but since it's Saturday, I just look glamorous reading my book at home. I plan to buy a pack for everyone that has wavy hair. I use reviews to guide my Amazon decisions so I wanted to let everyone know these things are great.

👤I didn't think I'd ever buy another one, but here I am. My hairdresser told me to stop using elastic hair ties when I sleep. I've really liked them. I don't wear them in public or anything, but they are great for pulling my hair back when I wash my face or sleep so that it doesn't break.

👤I love the hair accessories. I have thin hair, so I might have trouble keeping them in my hair. They work well. They were told to stop the brakeage that happens with other scrunchies. They are doing their job.

👤I've been looking for ones that are worthwhile since the return of scrunchies. I heard about them and they're nice to my hair. I get headaches when I wear normal hair ties, and these seem to hold them off a lot better since they don't tug so much. I mostly use them for pineappling my hair, but I have also been using them during the day. The product is great for the price.

👤These are great. I used to use regular elastic hair ties that I could get everywhere, and my hair would break off and get caught on those. I have only been using one of these for an entire month, and have not had a single hair get caught on it. It is easy to remove it. I have 3b curly hair, so I have always experienced hair ties breaking, until I bought these. They don't leave dents in my hair. I thought it was cheap at 5, but I haven't used the other four. I washed the one I use frequently in the sink with a little detergent and let it air dry. I want to get another pack to have them, but I don't think I'll need them for a while.

👤I thought I would give these a try, but I was skeptical. I don't have to iron my hair out in the morning because I wear my hair up at night. Sometimes my hair will fall off during the night. It doesn't happen often, I think it depends on how high I gather it... The higher the better. I think it's related to the length of my hair. Quality has not been a problem for me. I will buy them again.

8. EBoot Stretch Ponytail Holders Headband

EBoot Stretch Ponytail Holders Headband

Large black cotton hair ties are good for thick and curly hair. The thick hairbands are convenient for people who are difficult to manage their hair. Good stretchy allow them to compress the hair neatly, and common usage is to hold your hair tightly while working, sporting or playing. They can return to the original shape after losing their elasticity. Ponytail holders headband: elastic cotton stretch hair ties will not slip, break or stretch out.

Brand: Eboot

👤I have 22 inches of hair that turns into an Afro when brushed out. I couldn't find bands that fit around my hair. I started wearing scarves. As ponytail holders. Until I came across these. There is a I'm in love. They stretch and don't break. They were made for my hair, and it's amazing how good they are. I will never buy another brand of "ponies" again.

👤I was excited to have a hair tie that wouldn't break because of my thick hair when I purchased these hair ties months ago. They were recommended to my friends and co workers. There is a The hair ties I received were not the same as the ones I bought. The new ones feel like a piece of a t shirt rolled up. These are junk and won't work. There is a I would be a lifelong customer if I could get the old hair ties that were sturdy.

👤I don't write reviews for things, but I have to write a review for these. It's just a hair tie. It's not just a hair tie. I don't have thick hair, but these hair ties are perfect for it. I'm a runner and always put my hair in a ponytail for my runs. My ponytail ends up a lot lower than when I started it, because of the hair tie I have gotten in the past. Not so with these! I put my hair up and it stayed high. It's the little things in life.

👤I can't believe how much I like these. This holds everything and I have box braids. It is less likely to break on you because of the "SEAMLESS". I've been using the same hair tie for a long time and it's still strong.

👤It's really effective. Until now, I had been using whatever I could find in the beauty section of Target and Walmart, because my hair is thick and heavy. Goody or Scunci hair ties are usually thick. There are so many bulk packs of Goody. I would have to wrap them three times to get them tight enough to hold my hair up, and eventually they all would either stretch out so much to be useless, or snap as I was going for the third wraparound. I would have to take it down and redo it if I did anything to make my ponytail bounce around, because it would slip and I would have to take it down and redo it. These are tight and secure, and somehow manage to avoid getting tied up with broken hairs like the other ties do. These are the best hair ties I've ever used. There is a These are better suited for long hair. The tie is so thick that it makes my long hair look shorter. I would buy more if I could find a thinner version of this brand.

👤I am not happy with this product. I have long hair. I have my hair up in a bun and out of the way so I am a college student. With normal hair ties, they would stretch out, leaving my bun sagging to the side. The hair ties are the same as other hair ties and they can never keep my bun up. When I put my hair in a low pony, they fall out because they get stretched out so quickly. They don't snap like other hair ties. That is the only negative to these hair ties.

9. Seamless Ponytail Headband Scrunchies Accessories

Seamless Ponytail Headband Scrunchies Accessories

ENVIRONMENTAL AND NO ODOR: The new industrial fabric has a good texture, soft handfeel and no odor. Soft handfeel is suitable for thick hair, curly hair, straight hair and thin hair. It is easy to remove it from the head with no damage. It is not easy to lose hair with high elastic material. No breaking or stretching: It is firm, well streching and better recovered, not easy to be broken and out of shape, using the seamlessness design.

Brand: J-mee

👤I am a veteran hairdresser and very particular about hair accessories. Traditional hair ties can be harmful to hair and make me feel tight. Most cloth hair ties don't have elasticity to hold a pony tail tight enough to not fall out. I was worried because it said it would hold tight for thick hair, so I was expecting it to be loose for my sad, thin hair. I wrap it around three times and it holds up. The hair stayed tied during the workout. They maintain their elasticity well. I have used fabric hair ties, but they are not as good as this one. Incredible value. I want to buy more as a backup in case I can't find them again.

👤I have hair that is between a pony and a poodle. It's heavy even when not very long. Other hair ties would give up the ghost after a few wearings and I would end up with a sad, flopped to the side bun. I need to keep my toddlers away from the fry cry. After looking at the opinions, I decided that 10$ for 3 burly bands is insane. I carried a bag of magic. I didn't need to wrap it twice, now that it's broken in two wraps, it's secure without being too tight. These are for people with long hair, ethnic hair, or two people.

👤I was an athlete in high school and my hair always fell out of the pony tail holders. I have thick, curly hair. Everything comes off my hair. I can put my hair up in a bun using 2 of these ties. Even if my bun is bumped. Even if I lie down. Even if it's humid or windy. They hold all day long. I slept with my hair in this bun and only a small amount of hair came out. What kind of magic is this?

👤I have never found the brand of hair ties that I purchased years ago. When I found these in all of the fun colors, I was so excited, I never thought to look for them on Amazon. I like the combination of black and fun colors in this bag of hairties. I have very thin hair. The small hairties are very painful when I have to put it back, because I have to wrap them 3 times to hold my hair. It might take up a dime when my hair is all together. These are even better than the big name brand I had in the past, and I usually wrap this type 3 times if I need a firm hold. For me, it means less pain, and better hold, because they are slightly more stretchy and less firm. They are easier to remove.

👤These were what I was looking for, but can't find them in stores anymore. They are about 1 inch. In case someone wants to know, they are made of hosery material.

👤My kids will definitely work on their thick and medium-thick hair, but not as much as I do. I was hoping to get a few of these to use, but they don't provide the stretch needed to do a double twist with the band that is comfortable to wear in the styles I typically do. I don't have a lot of thick hair, but I do have a lot of long hair. This is just a warning to long-haired people who plan to place bands around their hair in styles other than a ponytail or one layer of hair thickness. You will need a bigger band. I am glad I got them for my kids because they are quality.

10. Youxuan 1000 Pack Elastic Non Slip Rubber

Youxuan 1000 Pack Elastic Non Slip Rubber

The hair tie is made of Silicone and has elasticity. It's comfortable to wear and has a strong grip, but it doesn't pull hair. The hair tie is not easy to break and can provide secure holding on 1 day. 1000 count of bands can be used for a long time with the disposable rubber band. It is great for toddlers and kids.

Brand: Youxuan

👤I use these at the end of my braids since a regular hair tie is bulky. I wouldn't recommend them for use in a child's hair. I have had one get tangled in my hair many times. They can break while you are wearing them. It was hit or miss. There is a They serve the purpose for which I purchased them at the end of the day. There are a lot of them in the package. I don't have to complain much. This is a product that you pay for.

👤They are easy to put in and remove, but snap quickly. I'm careful not to make them too tight, but they snap in a matter of hours. I try to put in more than one band so there is a backup in case one breaks, but that is frustrating in and of itself.

👤I like the material. They are good for baby hair. They don't get tangled in her hair and pop if installed too tight. I like using elastics for her hair type because it keeps her hair in sections and it's too short to braid. I don't like how they look. I bought the black ones from the same company because they blended in with her hair color.

👤These hair ties are great. The band does not stick to itself making it easy to remove without pulling hair out. There is a color for every outfit in the small size. This is a hair accessory for a girl.

👤I had been trying to find a good hair band for my Yorkshire Terriers that would hold their top knot in place and also allow me to remove their hair when it was time to do so. These are it! They hold their hair in place all day long until I remove it at night. I still have a lot of these left, but I will be purchasing another bag very soon to back up.

👤My daughter's hair is straight. The only brand that has stayed in place is this one. I was expecting them to be a nightmare to leave since they stayed in so well. That's not the case. They pull her hair with little effort. I was so happy to find them.

👤These hair elastics are really nice. I got the large colors. I am happy I got the large size. There is a The colors of the jelly are pink, peach, yellow, blue and purple. I love all the colors, but there are some stray colors like clear pink, clear peach, clear yellow, opaque green, opaque dark blue, opaque light purple and clear dark purple. Take care of it, it's a little grippy. I would definitely recommend these.

👤I wanted elastics that don't stick to themselves and don't pull hair. These are not rubber bands. It's easy to remove baby's hair. The pastels are wonderful in the spring. They are very large so they won't snap.

👤I am not happy with this product. The bands are cheap. I tried to do my daughter's hair with these, but the elastics snapped a few minutes after they were secured, so I had to do it again. I put 10 ponytails in her hair and all of them snapped and had to be replaced. I left some of the ponytails open because I knew the replacements would eventually snap. I wish I could show you what I ended up with. I can understand if one or two breaks. I will not be using them again.


What is the best product for eco friendly hair ties small?

Eco friendly hair ties small products from Teenitor. In this article about eco friendly hair ties small you can see why people choose the product. Kitsch and Gosicuka are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hair ties small.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hair ties small?

Teenitor, Kitsch and Gosicuka are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hair ties small. Find the detail in this article. Minihope, Hoyols and Baoli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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