Best Eco Friendly Hand Soap Bar

Soap 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. CeraVe Hydrating Cleansing Non Soap Alternative

CeraVe Hydrating Cleansing Non Soap Alternative

Formula contains 5% CeraVe. The cream is meant to make the skin feel better. Thoroughly cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural hydration. The formula helps maintain healthy skin and restores the protective skin barrier. CeraVe is a dissection recommended. There are products for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and more. The National Eczema Association accepted the NEA Seal of Acceptance. It's suitable for face, body, and even hands. Non-drying and non-irritating are some of the qualities of a fragrance free.

Brand: Cerave

👤I like the Cerave foaming face wash but am concerned about the mountain of plastic we are building. Natural soap does not work in our water and is worse than nothing. The face bar does not contain soap. I think it does a better job of washing off my mascara than the liquid face wash did, so I think it's doing a better job of cleaning my face. It doesn't make it feel clean, but it does remove makeup and dirt. It is great to use when shaving because it has a slippery effect. I am very happy with this soap.

👤I suffer from a skin condition that a doctor has decided to treat. I decided to treat like a person with a skin condition because after I showed him my symptoms he looked right in the eye and said that he didn't know what was wrong with me. I had terrible itching and bloody scratches when I got too hot and sweaty. My prescription cream took a long time to work because I couldn't sleep. This soap is the only soap I have ever used that actually helped to keep my skin free of the harmful effects of castilian or tea tree oil. I buy it on Amazon and they beat Walgreens and Safeway's prices.

👤I am sensitive to smells and get headaches from chemicals. I could smell the scent of the product when I took it out of the packaging. I used it in the shower and it made me feel like I was in a cloud of perfume. I had to scrub my skin after taking a shower. It gave me a throbbing head even after a second shower. I've never had a problem with a fragrance free soap or body wash before, but if it contains some other ingredient that made me angry, I would not use it. I don't recommend this product for anyone who is scent sensitive.

👤When I was 10, I started to have problems with the skin. Since then, we've been trying to find the right cleanser to fight the problems. Two years ago, when I was 30 years old, I began to get skin problems on my legs, arms, and shoulders. I have tried expensive and drug store products, as well as cleansers described by a dermatologist. After researching the benefits of hyaluronic acid, I tried the CeraVe cleansing bar for my face and body. It is amazing. I have not experienced new breakouts on my body since I started using this cleansing bar, it works perfectly for my face and body, and the best part is that it doesn't cause breakouts like most other products I have tried. I am sold on CeraVe. After 20 years of trial and error, this product is perfect for me, even though I have different skin types.

👤I was given a tub of their lotion and absolutely loved it, so I had high hopes for this soap. I found that the soap left my skin very dry.

2. Softsoap Liquid Hand Fresh Breeze

Softsoap Liquid Hand Fresh Breeze

Light, fresh scented liquid hand soap. Good hand hygiene requires washing hands often. It's formulated without phthalates. The soap leaves hands feeling soft. The Dermatologist was gentle on the hands. A pack of six, 7.5 fluid ounces.

Brand: Softsoap

👤I just got my first batches through the subscribe and save and unfortunately, I will be canceling all future orders of this item because it smells horrible, even though it's just soap and very good working soap at that. It smells like an old lady's perm. I thought I would be able to ignore the scent, but it just keeps getting worse. I will give the entire box of these soaps to anyone who will take them, and I will be looking for a liquid soap that won't make me want to wretch whenever I use it.

👤The smell is terrible, it smells like nail polish. The scent lingered for hours. The box is going to be thrown away. I recommend the seller because the order arrived quickly, but not this product.

👤I know it's only hand soap, but I love the scent. It's hard to describe, but it's like a fresh, crisp, clean smell. It's airy and pleasant, not artificial or overpowering. 'Fresh Breeze' is a tad too subtle and I enjoy it a lot. It was difficult to find it at our local stores, so I was happy to find it on Amazon. Factory packaged in a compact box is another less obvious plus. It's always a concern when purchasing online that it's possible for the shipping to be damaged or leak. I can't count the number of compromised orders I've received due to poor packing. Are you listening, Amazon? No worries here. I was thrilled with everything about this item.

👤I kept one of the hand soaps I bought for my shop because I love the scent. If you're looking for something subtle, this might not be the soap for you. I will be purchasing more for myself.

👤There is a soap. This is soap. I think I like this soap. I don't have any issues with this soap. I have been using Softsoap for a long time. It is of the liquid variety that I wanted and came in a 6 pack for about the same price as I would find in a store. The scent is not something I like but it is soap and I like it. I will not begrudge the scent of an essential product that became hard to find in the face of the Pandemic. It is not the worst scent I have had from the Softsoap brand, and the rest is what I expected. I have used it daily since I received it and have not been exposed to any diseases, so I would assume that it works. If you can get it, you won't have to go to the store for a while as it came in a package of 6 and that was the most important part for me. There is a This is a rating of soap. Good soap is what I would say. I implore you to use soap multiple times per day, especially after using a restroom, because you know who you are so don't make this awkward for the rest of us. This one works for me. There is a soap.

3. Natural Handmade Variety Sandalwood Camomile

Natural Handmade Variety Sandalwood Camomile

All natural soap bars are enriched with premium essential oils. It helps fight germs and viruses. VEGAN is free of ALCOHOL, SULFATE or other chemicals. Their soap will leave your skin feeling smooth. It helps fight germs. Their soaps are made with only natural ingredients and will not irritate sensitive skin. There are artisan handcrafted soaps for women and men.

Brand: Aegean

👤I have dry, sensitive skin and I looove this soap. I was happy to see that there is no plastic in the packaging. The soap is wrapped in paper and delivered in a box. I'm ok with the smell of each bar being different. I'm willing to combine my soap smells in order to save the planet.

👤My wife was becoming jealous of my soaps so I bought them for her. She couldn't wait to use the packaging and we both liked it. She was initially concerned about the smell. I told her that I've never experienced that with any of the other brands of soaps I've purchased. I keep them all in the same box, with plastic or film barriers, and nothing but a cardboard sleeve. The soaps have very little scent to them, so she had nothing to worry about. I'm pretty sensitive to scent, but I could not detect a scent with each. The scent will come out more with use, and I have experienced it before with other brands. Not the case with these. Why is the 3 star not a single star? My wife says the soap is great. It is well cared for. She doesn't irritate her skin at all. The packaging is pleasant. She said she'll use it all, but when she's done, she may not have me order more because she might not like the lack of scent. If you want a soap that won't dry you out, cleans well, and has little to no scent, then Aegean is for you. If you're looking for a soap with scent, look elsewhere.

👤I'm very sensitive to chemical smells and artificial fragrances, so I'm very particular about any products I buy. The soaps passed my sniff test without any unpleasant reactions. The essential oils used to make these bars are authentic. There are just 4 basic ingredients: olive oil, water, natural scent and sodium hydroxide. It's a big plus if I like it. You want a product that is all natural. Reviewers have complained that the bars smell the same. All eight bars are packed together in a small box that has a slit-like opening on each side. The individual scent becomes more apparent once the bars are separated. If the individual boxes were sealed, this could be avoided. The scents are simple and not overly sweet or flowery. The lemon was pleasant and natural. If you have dry skin, this soap is a plus because it leaves it with a silky- soft feel. If you are looking for a soap that will cut through a lot of grease and dirt, this probably isn't it. It is an excellent everyday face and body soap. It's not a bad price to have eight bars for $17. This box would make a great gift for a man or woman who appreciates natural smells.

👤These soaps are the best. The scent is light, and that's the way it should be with natural ingredients. Since they are the only soaps that work for my sensitive skin and hair, I'm happy I found them again. One bar is all you need for travel.

4. Ayurvedic Soap Himalayan Rose Auromere

Ayurvedic Soap Himalayan Rose Auromere

ECO-FRIENDLY: made with all natural and bio-degradable ingredients, handmade by a small cottage industry in India, and offered in 100% Zero-Waste packaging. A fragrant and rich coconut oil base contains 15 other Ayurvedic herbal extracts and oils. The Himalayan Rose soap is gentle for sensitive skin types. The premier ingredient for all things skin-related, and its almost miraculous benefits have been known for centuries. The village pharmacy in India is named after the nee tree. Clean and pure. Auromere soaps are vegan friendly and cruelty-free, and are made without the use of artificial fragrances, dyes, or bleaches. The ingredients are free of harmful substances. Auromere is owned and operated by a non-profit organization. 10% of all Auromere profit is donated to Auroville, the City of Human Unity.

Brand: Auromere

👤It took me a long time to find the cause of my skin problems. The beauty industry wants to make money on us all. There is a I started using all the products I wanted as early as 15 because my parents would buy me the products I wanted. I didn't get rid of my skin until 30. I spent a lot of money on skin care that I didn't use. Nothing helped. I was reading a lot of science articles on skin and only realized what the problem was by 30. Our body mass is very high. Our skin microbiome is a part of the symbiotic relationship we have with it. Skinbacteria play an important role. They clean the skin. Remove toxins and help with regeneration. There is skin. If you use a skin care product with toxic ingredients, your skin will be67531, it will prevent it from doing its job, and it will make your skin available for pathogens. I decided to use only herbs and nothing else. No face wash, no skin care products, and no foundation. I use it once a week. I only use water when I need it. And it works. It took me a while to get my skin back to normal. It's worth it. Only a few conditions need to be met, including a plant based diet and eating a lot of nuts, fruits, and veggies. Don't use make up except and EWG verified blush, because your good bacteria form a film over spots with pathogens, so when you touch or scratch skin, you let those pathogens spread. There is a After washing your skin, wipe it with tea or ice cubes. This is the soap. It doesn't cause dry skin, it cleans well, and it doesn't disrupt the microbiome. I only use it for face and body. The scent of soap is fine. They use soapnut berry instead of harsh soaping ingredients. It is the only soap that meets my expectations so far.

👤It's hard to find a soap that won't dry or break out on sensitive skin. I don't use soaps with things on your body that shouldn't be on your body. I wanted to try this soap with it. This changed everything. This soap is wonderful. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated and does not break me out. I use the bar for my hair and I have never been happier with it. When I get out of the shower, I love smelling good.

👤I absolutely love this soap. I decided to give it a try after seeing it at a TJ Maxx store. I can order it off Amazon because I can't always find it in the store. My skin feels clean and soft after smelling the wonderful smell. It is pricey because of the small size of the bar and how quickly it can melt. I still love it!

👤There is something that makes this soap disappear so fast. I received this soap on Jan 2 and I am writing this review 6 days later. I used it on my face and upper body as I am a small person. I don't like the scent of Himalayan Rose. Don't try to imitate roses if you can't get the real thing. It was moist. There is a The soap did not melt away as quickly as it could have. I'm still using it on my face. I like this brand. I wouldn't buy the formula again.

5. Cleancult Honeysuckle Ingredients Moisturizing Biodegradable

Cleancult Honeysuckle Ingredients Moisturizing Biodegradable

Their hand soap is skin friendly and can be used on your hands. It helps nourish your hands by restoring the oils in them. It was difficult on dirt. Easy on the environment. Their hand wash soap formula is easy to use and effective at cleaning the dirtiest of hands. It is designed to break down quickly without leaving toxins in the environment. Their hand soap refill uses ingredients that protect your skin while washing. They don't use ingredients that may cause irritation to your hands, so you can wash away that worry. Each liquid soap refill uses paper-based packaging that is 100% recycled. Cleancult can help you reduce your plastic waste and help the planet. Natural and renewable resources: All of their liquid hand wash soaps have a clean scent. You are sure to find a scent that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Brand: Cleancult

👤The soap on my hands is very sticky. It feels like there is a burn when I use this soap. The lavender scent is very strong and unpleasant.

👤This soap leaves a weird coating on my skin and towels, which never comes off until I wash my hands with dish soap. I worry that it won't be able to wash off the CoVid-19 germs. The contain--like a small milk carton-- has no screw top, it simply needs the corners of cardboard carton to be folded back, then reopened, but it never opens! I had to open it. It never pours right as it has no spout. Since it climbed gas to inside, a lot of it is wasted. It's too thick to pour easily and won't flow through generic pump dispensers, as it keeps dispensers cluttered. I don't like it.

👤The company has a great message and great marketing, but I can't open the container because the soap is too thick, and my son's hands were dried out from using the dispensers. There are bad products.

👤Liquid soap from major brands is hard to find. We tried this brand because it was cheap. It works well. The milk-carton packaging is more eco-friendly than the plastic bottles used by the major brands. The cartons are not the size of a quart milk carton.

👤Love the scent and the ingredients are made in the USA. Everything is great. Some reviewers said it was too sticky or thick. This isn't like drugstore soap. This is supposed to be used lightly. The complainers used too much. When I subscribe and save, my refill always arrives, even though I still have plenty of soap in the dispensers. You won't have to worry about closing up the carton to store the entire contents of the milk carton if you find a dispenser that holds the entire contents. The carton is difficult to open, but if you fill it with soap, it won't be a problem. We are one step closer to zero waste.

👤I was very excited to find an affordable, ecofriendly handsoap product. I'm still excited to try it out. 2 of the 3 that came were covered in the soap product, which leaked in the box while in transit.

👤When I couldn't find hand soap in the store, I ordered this. It's great soap, but the packaging is a pain. It's hard to get the last cup of soap out of the carton without using a scraper or spatula, and it's not easy to open it like a milk carton. Half of what I got doesn't make it into the soap dispensers. Unless I can find something else, I won't order again.

👤I opened the box and it was a mess.

👤I was surprised by some of the reviews. I fell in love with the soap. I was looking for a hand soap refill that had decent ingredients. This one does. It smells amazing! I don't like the scent of grapefruit, but I love the smell of this soap. When you add water, the scent changes a bit. I think the basil comes out a bit more. I wasn't expecting the smell to stick around for a bit. Non drying as well! I can keep a carton in every bathroom. You can recycle it.

6. Naturals Moisturizing Collection Ingredients Therapeutic

Naturals Moisturizing Collection Ingredients Therapeutic

Cold pressed oils and sustainable palm oil are good for all skin types. Their soaps have a luxurious lather which will glide over your body, leaving your skin feeling smooth, cleansed and softer than ever before. It's ideal for use on the face, body or hand. This premium quality, triple milled, vegan soap set will cleanse and nourish your skin because of their rich and sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Oatmeal,Vitamin E and Agave Nectar. A soap for any time of the year: six unique bars of soap. It was perfect as a gift.

Brand: O Naturals

👤The description of the product had me believe that it did not contain palm oil, however it does contain palm oil, which is harmful to animals.

👤Really nice soaps. They fit nicely in the hand outside the box. I have loved everyone and used 4 out of 6 of them. There is a The soaps have a cardboard sleeve around them to indicate the scent of the soap, however they are shipped in the same box and there are 6 different fragrances. Each soap has its own packaging. They all smelled like each other when they arrived. I separated them and put them in a bag to keep their individual scent. My suggestion to the sellers is to package them in 2 separate packages.

👤The bar I used was for sensitive skin. I had to use lidocaine cream to sleep. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin. It was a complete waste of money.

👤I love this product. I have dry skin and this soap helps. All natural soaps make your skin feel soft. This product is very good.

👤I received O Naturals 6 piece soap. Each soap has a pretty floral band around it telling what it is. The soap is soft and smooth and smells wonderful. It left a lot of soap scum with my water. I'm used to using body wash and it doesn't leave scum. I use a bubble bath every night. The bubbles last if I use my regular body wash. The bubbles vanished when I used this soap. The soaps that lather in such a way as to leave behind scum are called the Castile soaps. Both Kirk and Dr. Bronner do the same thing. I use these soaps to wash my hands and scent drawers because they make my bathroom cleaning very intensive. Someone who knows the chemistry of soap might be able to explain it.

👤Doesn't feel right. Not good. Whole foods have similar soaps that are cheaper and better.

👤These soaps lather. So well! I like the oatmeal and coffee soap. My skin feels hydrated after use. The only complaint I have so far is that the two tea tree bars completely cover the box and all of the other soaps smell like tea tree. They were allowed to sit separate from the box all night and the others still had a tea tree smell. Will update this review when we use the soaps.

👤I have opened one bar of this soap. I love it all! There is a This soap is perfect for sensitive skin. Natural soaps that smell great but don't have a lot of lather are the ones I have used in the past. This isn't the case. I like the experience of bubbles in the shower and I look for soaps that lather. That is similar to a hair product that has a lot of suds. The suds make me feel as though the product is actually working as opposed to it not, which is a psychological thing. The soaps have great smells and serve a purpose depending on what key ingredients are in them. I love that these are part of the subscribe and save program so that I don't have to worry about running out of soap or buying something I don't like in my local store.

7. Naturals 6 Piece 4oz Vegan Soap

Naturals 6 Piece 4oz Vegan Soap

The French triple-milled process breaks down the soap into the finest particles before they are molded again. It results in a soap that gently cleans your skin. The therapeutic effect makes you want to jump in the shower. It's love at every bar. The ideal gift for men is their soap. There are 6Citrus Scents! You can start or end your day with a choice of 6 citrus scents, and they are great for revitalizing and revitalizing. There are seven new flavors of orange: Tangerine, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Petitgrain, and Wild Orange. The bars contain vitamins C and E to help smooth out the appearance of wrinkling. O Naturals soap bars make you feel younger and more energetic. Every bar of soap at O Naturals is made with only organic ingredients and often infused with essential oils. There are also herbs, fruits, and more in the Signature Citrus Collection. It's in nature where they can find the best care for their skin. As your bar soap ages, it will restore it's natural beauty. It's a perfect gift for people who are vegan or eco-conscious. French triple milling their soaps creates fine particles before they are remolded together, which makes them glide on your skin without any tugging. It creates a rich lather only achieved with high-quality handmade soaps. O Naturals all-natural soap for men and women can be used in a bath session for a treat or a pick-me-up. O Naturals Guarantee. Taking care of yourself requires taking care of your body. Their team of dedicated people are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products. Their gentle and kind skincare line is for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Are you not happy with your purchase? No worries! A quick 30 day return policy is provided by them.

Brand: O Naturals

👤I thought I was buying natural soups that were clean and free of essential oils when I found out they were perfumed with unnatural fragrance.

👤There's a bar missing from my shower. I wanted to make sure I used the soap correctly. I have been using commercial soap for a long time and decided it was time to use a more natural soap. I have ignored the harsh ingredients in commercial soaps because of my sensitive skin. Not any more! I wanted something that was all natural and pleasant to smell of. I searched for what to buy. I found a lot of positive reviews on this company. I bought the soap collection. It is wonderful! The smells are lovely. The soap is free of Parabens and sulfates. I took a shower with this soap. It has both vitamins in it. I will use the auto ship and never go back to commercial soap again if they have it. Thanks to ONATURALS, you make a really good product. Thank you for taking the time to give us a good review.

👤I was able to find a collection of natural soaps for a reasonable price. The soap sleeves have a short ingredients list. I was pleased with the smooth lather that the bar made, and I used it for the first time today. It was good to shave with, and my skin did not feel dried out after using it. Which is great. I love that bar soaps don't do that to me. I thought they were scented with real essential oils, but they are not. The soap is scented with "parfum". They smell pleasant, but they don't smell like essential oils, and they smell mostly the same. The Amazon ad in no way indicates that essential oils are included. I clicked over from another set that actually did, but didn't bother to verify that this one did as well. Please take this into account for people like me who are sensitive to manufactured scents. I can't fault the product, the soaps are great quality, and I'm sure 98% of people will find the scent pleasant, cheerful, and mild. There is a I like the packaging. They come in a cute little orange box, and the illustrations on the individual soap sleeves are beautiful. This would be a great gift for someone.

👤We love the smell of lemons. There was a pleasant smell when we opened the box. Each bar had an individual smell. After showering, there was no smell on the skin or on the soap that we used. I think the scent was only on the outside of the bar and washed off once it was wet. Maybe we had a bad batches.

👤This soap is terrible. I smelled a fresh scent when I opened the package. It smelled like nothing when I used it in the shower. There was no smell. It left a sticky film that was hard to wash off and gave me a bad skin reaction. Don't buy it. It's a waste of money.

8. BBTO Pack Exfoliating Natural Saver

BBTO Pack Exfoliating Natural Saver

Each bad is individually wrapped, a great gift for family and friends. The material is suitable for making foam and lathering soap and releasing the scent of the soap. The bag is around 13 cm tall and 9 cm wide, the right size to hold most soaps. Instructions: put a bar of soap inside the bag and hang it from the hook. You could hang your soap with the bag if you wanted to prolong its life.

Brand: Bbto

👤I've switched to using soap bars in order to reduce waste. I'm sure a lot of people who buy soap bags are similar to me. I took off stars because they arrive individually wrapped in plastic, and then all of them are put into a plastic bag and vacuumed out. Why? I haven't used them yet because they have a funky smell. I'm unwrapping them to let the air out.

👤These bags are great for using bar soap in the shower. We keep them hanging from the shower head because they help make a good lather and keep soap from getting soapy in the shower. They are soft and don't feel slimy. I will not purchase from this listing again because the packaging was excessive. Each bag is wrapped in plastic and the lot is in plastic inside the shipping packaging. Why would you need to individually wrap these bags?

👤The product is described. The amount of single-use plastic is ridiculous. It defeats the purpose of buying a more sustainable product. This is a recurring problem for me. When will the problem become a priority?

👤They hurt! I understand how to remove dead skin. If you know what I mean, these aren't practical for body washing. These are not for the soft parts of your body. I have given it 2 stars because they held up after one wash. After my review, the company reached out to make my purchase right and offered to take care of me to make me happy. A good company.

👤When our old ones were forgotten in a hotel bathroom, I bought these to replace them. I like that they are cotton and sisal, but the amount of packaging is too much. The soap bags are bundled together in another plastic bag. If you're making this switch as part of a waste reduction effort, well... They lather up well, and the level of exfoliation is fine for me. The side seam of the first bag I used split open in a week. I've been using it, but the busted seam keeps widening, so soon this one will have to go in the compost bin, and we'll see about the other four. I'm not holding out a lot of hope, but I hope this one is a mistake and that the others hold up longer. The first set I bought from a different company felt better.

👤I did not think I would like these. They are perfect. Some people might say they are rough. I think I can grow some thick skin. It will help in the shower. I didn't think they were too rough. I can understand why someone would do that. Most of the products that are like this are too long for a bar of soap and the material gets folded when scrubbing. The material helps the soap lather up and is the perfect length. I will always buy this brand.

👤I really wanted to like these bags. They don't allow soap to dry which will cause it to die quicker. The bag is still wet, the soap is soft, and I can feel the bar getting smaller as I use it. I bought a plastic bag called the "Frcolor 10 PCS Exfoliating Mesh Soap Saver Pouch Bag" which works better than the one they have, but they have a problem with the knot coming undone, if you know how to tie a knot.

9. Puracy Natural Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing

Puracy Natural Lavender Vanilla Moisturizing

The Puracy Difference: Join the millions of people who enjoy their plant-powered formulas. 99.6% is natural for softer skin. Thick, honey-like consistency quickly creates mounds of foam while naturally hydrating and soothing your skin; Pure, premium ingredients won't gunk your soap dispensers; Doctors formulated it with vitamins E, Sea Salt, andAloe Vera to balance all skin types. French lavender blossoms are muddled with imported vanilla beans. Sulfates, triclosan, and animal by-products are not skin harmful chemicals. It's complete happiness guaranteed, it's vegan, it's vegetarian, it's non-toxic, it's made in the USA.

Brand: Puracy

👤This stuff is great. I have spent a lot of time and money looking for products that wouldn't bother me. I am a sucker for the hype and the appearance of "natural" soaps, creams, balms, etc.- that may work for some, but never did for me. I want to thank the Amazon reviewers who gave me the courage to try again. I no longer have irritated dry hands with painful bloody "cuts" that appear at random. The soap was 99% cure. There was a cut that bothered me. One day I was putting Lip Medex on my lips, which I swear by and buy in volume on Amazon, and I thought it was worth a try. I put balm on the cuts. They healed overnight. I'm cured between Puracy and Lip Medex. It's good! I hope this helps someone else.

👤I took a chance with puracy soaps and I am happy that I did. My husband had been fighting with the skin condition on his hands for a long time. He'd tried a lot of different prescription drugs and they were expensive and can be harmful to your body over time. We thought we'd try to switch to soaps with less chemicals, so we bought the puracy hand, body, and dish soaps. After a few weeks, he was much better. He's been using their soaps for a year now, and while he gets a few spots every now and then, his hands are no longer red and cracked. I love this brand for their commitment to making products that are natural, effective, safe, and better for the environment, even if you don't have eczema. The company takes the time to answer people's questions on Amazon. I've read many of their responses and am very impressed. They sell refill packs for all of their soap products. If you have your own soap dispensers, it's very cost effective. Please give them a try if you're not sure.

👤The product is great. The soap is all natural and perfect for a house with children. I don't recommend buying soap from Amazon. Every time I receive my soap shipment, the caps of the bottles are loose and the soap is leaking onto the bottles. It's always been a mild annoyance to have to wash all of the bottles before putting them on the sink; not enough to cancel my subscription. The shipment was ridiculous, all of the caps were loose, soap was all over the box, and one bottle of soap was almost empty. Puracy contacted me after I wrote this review. They apologized for the spilled shipment and offered to send a replacement shipment for free. Excellent soap and excellent customer service.

👤I was excited to try the Puracy Natural Gel Handwash because it was featured in a top 10 list of the best natural hand soaps. Lesson learned. It does not lather as much as it claims. You need to apply at least 3 pumps to your hands. The product went faster because of this. The feel is very dry when you start washing. The soap made me feel like my skin was going to rub off, even though it cleans your hands well. It does not feel like industrial soap because it needs more moisturizing ingredients. It left my hands very dry. I didn't smell the scent of sea salt. It was almost like a dish detergent. I used the whole bottle to give it a chance. Nothing changed. Puracy products will not be purchased again by me.

10. Basis Sensitive Skin Ounce Pack

Basis Sensitive Skin Ounce Pack

Natural calming agents soothe and comfort skin. No harsh ingredients. The skin is clean, calm and comfortable.

Brand: Basis

👤You will be happy you did! Listen... Ladies! I have been a pH balance sufferers since college at least once a year. In my younger years, more than once a year. I don't want to go to my Doc for an appointment. And or refill for prescription drugs. Dove has been used by me since high school. I am 36 years old. I will continue to use Dove. It leaves my skin soft and moist. Unless something better comes along, I will use this soap in my routine for that area. After buying a 6 pack of bars, I brought my pH balance back in order and now I am ecstatic. A total euro moment here! I don't take my advice as medical advice. Do the research yourself or ask your care provider. I decided to look at what the normal pH balance range is for women and see if I should be using soap with it. Your skin's normal pH range is 4 - 5.5 and Dove is not great in that area. Dove soap has a 7 pH while other traditional soaps have a 9. See good, but not great. Dove was recommended to me by my doctor when I was in college. The Basis Bar Soap pH is the best I have seen on the market. The balance range for that area is 3.8 - 4.5 and Basis has a pH of 5 - 6. Basis is the best product on the market today, Dove Sensitive Skin Bar is included. The bar has been recommended by OB-GYN's. This review is for people who aren't knowledgeable on this issue and I hope it helps them as much as it has helped me. If you have pH balance issues like me, Dove is not the end, I will still use it for my body. Get your pH back to normal. I will not replace my Dove bar/gel for the Basis Bar as a total body cleanser because I am use to how my skin feels after washing. The Basis bar makes me feel more dry. I will use it on my body for total body cleansing. Add in the following: There is a If you found this post useful, please share it. Ladies... Please. You can type "Boric ACID" in the search engine of your choice. I don't need to thank you later. You're welcome!

👤Only soap we can use is the only soap we use. I did some research after drying off. Basis has become better recignized by people after it payed off. I see it in more stores. There is a It is a management product. When we see it, we buy 5 or 6 at a time. We will get it from Amazon. There is a It is odorless. Lathers are really well. It's easy to rinse off. No attempt at a switch after 4. There is a If you have sensitive skin, this is for you.

👤For a long time, Basis has been recommended by the dermatologists. I remember at least 35 years ago Basis was recommended to me because of my allergies. Beiersdorf Inc. USA makes and distributes Basis soap. The company is located in Connecticut. Walgreen's, Walmart and Amazon sell Basis soap. I use it now. People with sensitive skin can use Basis soap. It's free of any harsh ingredients and is recommended and highly rated by consumers. All of its ingredients are known to be very beneficial to all types of skin. Beiersdorf Inc has other brands such as Eucerin and Aquaphor.

11. ECO AMENITIES Travel 0 5oz Hotel

ECO AMENITIES Travel 0 5oz Hotel

It's perfect for use in hotels, travel, airline, home, cleaning, facilities and so on. It's free of Paraben. The item is sold in large quantities. Not tested on animals. The unit weight is a small amount. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes or other Additives which can irritate the skin. The scent of green tea is pleasant and fresh. Feel refreshed and clean.

Brand: Eco Amenities

👤I bought these for my rental and they are used by a lot of guests. Guests can choose from a number of options, and I chose to give them travel toiletries to help them make a decision. I think " Eco" helps sway their decision, and I have not heard any complaints about the quality.

👤I have three short term rental properties and I was looking for an inexpensive set of products to give to my guests. I like the whole line of products. They have a neutral scent that is great for everyone. I have used them myself. Excellent value.

👤They were ordered for our bed and breakfast. I used a few myself and loved them. They smell like fresh lime. They are small but not crazy. They are perfect in preventing waste. They leave skin clean but not dried out. These are perfect!

👤Excellent value for money and the packaging is non-toxic. We put care packages for homeless people in a bag of toiletries. We have used them for travel and have been very pleased with the quality. Again, the packaging is non-biodegradable.

👤It's perfect for my lodge. People like them. They are not as easy to break as other brands. The price is correct. Our guests leave and the clean up is easy. I would recommend other rental facilities. They are available through Amazon Prime. I use this brand's individual shampoos in our guest bathroom.

👤I wrote a negative review for another product but ended up writing a positive review for Eco Amenities and am trying to find it to remove it, but I wanted to make sure that a positive review was written. We have been satisfied with the soaps we have used. I like the smaller size of the soaps and they're perfect for our guests. I like that there is less waste. Excellent soaps and highly recommended!

👤The face and body bars are great to give our guests at our AirBnB.

👤This year, they were used for the Christmas Shoebox. Each box should have at least 8 in it. The children can use soap for longer since each bar is individually wrapped. We thought these would last longer than a bar of soap that has to be kept up for a long time. They can give a bar of soap to their family members as well.

👤Perfecto para Air b&b, ya tienes ms grandes y senta.

👤Producto para quienes rentan. Son pequeos.

👤They were too small. There is a The product is nice. A picture is deserving.

👤Los jabones son minis are 1oz and have a weight of 28.7gr. Son pequeos, son caros, son sea, son vendan a mas de 4 pesos cada 1, son sea.

👤I was surprised by the size of the soap bar. There is a We have used Eco Shampoo and have always been satisfied. Great product guys!


What is the best product for eco friendly hand soap bar?

Eco friendly hand soap bar products from Cerave. In this article about eco friendly hand soap bar you can see why people choose the product. Softsoap and Aegean are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hand soap bar.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hand soap bar?

Cerave, Softsoap and Aegean are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hand soap bar. Find the detail in this article. Auromere, Cleancult and O Naturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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