Best Eco Friendly Hand Soap Container

Soap 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Simplehuman Lavender Moisturizing Liquid Refill

Simplehuman Lavender Moisturizing Liquid Refill

The scent of lavender is touched with fresh herbs and rosewood. The perfect soap for sensor pumps. Quickly and consistently give the correct amount. This new formula is simple, sensitive and clean, and it contains no harmful substances. It's sulfate-free to be even more gentle on your skin. Throwing away disposable plastic pumps is hard on the environment and wallet. The soap pouch is a better way to buy soap. Not tested on animals. There are facilities for recycling pouch and screw top.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤I like the smell and texture, but I have a problem with it being a little too strong, if that makes sense. For hand soaps from Trader Joe's, you need one pump to lather up your hands and two to wash them, whereas this needs two full pumps. I got this one because of the tight budget and I went for the cheapest option, but it almost feels like it's not worth anything. I use twice as much as I should. There is a If you don't care about the value per dollar aspect, I would definitely recommend it to you because it's a great soap and I love it, but my only issue is with the quantity.

👤I have been using the Simple Human products for a while. I think this was my 2nd or 3rd purchase. We are not close to any stores. I can do anything to prevent shopping. This is 34oz. They are in my family for a long time. I don't have to get anything for over 6 months. There are only two of us. We have a lot of friends that come over and they use it in the bathroom or when I need help in the kitchen. They last forever. I have only had lavender and this so far, but I love the smell. The smell is not strong, but it is noticeable when you wash it and then smell it after. It is not strong that it lasts forever and conflicts with the other smells in the kitchen. I think it cleans very well. If I was working with something greasy, I had to wash it twice. I think that is the same with all soaps. I used to have to have a hand soap on hand all the time, but I could just use dish soap. After a while, that dries out your skin and it wasn't nice. I felt that my hands were getting old and I was starting to bleed. It was time to get something. The product works well. It rinses off quickly and cleanly for lack of a better term. I don't feel like I have an oily feeling after watching a film. My hands don't dry out like they used to. I wash and clean a lot of dishes. Dry hands are always going to come from over exposure. I don't need to apply as much lotion as I did before because they feel a thousand times better. It was well worth the purchase.

👤I was very annoyed with the product and seller. The description states something. The picture is of a dish. The seller said that it was hand soap. I got soap from DISH.

👤I was looking for a foam soap that was cruelty-free and fit my needs, and this one seemed to fit my needs. When it arrived, my husband immediately opened the package and refilled the foam hand soap dispensers around the house. They are all using this soap. Weird. It was disappointing. I am glad I only got one package because I would have bought a multi-pack. I would like to get a refund. I can not return anything. It's a shame.

2. Dispensers Rustproof Refillable Kitchen Ideal Waterproof

Dispensers Rustproof Refillable Kitchen Ideal Waterproof

It's complete happiness guaranteed, it's vegan, it's vegetarian, it's non-toxic, it's made in the USA. Farmhouse rustic decor design can be used in a variety of ways. The brushed nickel pump is able to handle a lot of liquids. A perfect farmhouse chauffeur. The brushed nickel soap dispensers are stylish. No matter where they are placed, they have the grade and beauty. This is a great addition to your home and will make your kitchen or bathroom look better. ECO-FRIENDLY: Glass is healthy and food-safe. The dip tube and interior parts are free of the harmful substance. Even if the bottle is tilted, the pump has a leak-proof gasket. Reusable, refillable, eco-friendly and budget friendly are some of the things that can be done. Sturdy anddurable: This is a sturdy 16 Oz Pint glass mason jar. Premium food grade 304 18/8stainless steel is the material used for the Mason Jar Pump/Dispensers and lids. Their priority is satisfaction. They offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied after receiving your soap dispensers.

Brand: Amolliar

👤They say that there is rust proof. I have only had them for a couple weeks and they are already rusted on the top.

👤Do not buy soap dispensers. I made sure they could handle the thickness of dish detergent, because there are two types of it, and it won't let water in. I tried to contact the company but received no feedback even though they guaranteed a 48 response rate. Don't waste your money.

👤This product was very dissatisfied with me. The pump was separated very quickly. It seems to be held together by glue, which isn't good for a soap dispensers. I have had a dispenser for less than a month and one broke, but the other is showing signs that the same thing is going to happen. There are other sets on Amazon that are cheaper, have more reviews, and are of a better quality. I am able to send them back for a refund because it appears to be an issue that isn't a problem of a bunch.

👤So cute! I use these in my kitchen for hand and dish soap. I'm going to order a few more sets as gifts and one set for each bathroom. The stickers are nice.

👤I'm happy with my purchase, except for the nicking of the paint on the dispensers. I ordered two and both had shiny silver marks on their paint. These still look nicer than the dispensers from the store. There is a The stickers I received are not just regular stickers, they're waterproof and hold up well for me. I use store brand soaps and have no issues with the dispensers. I gave it five stars, but four for the overall rating because of the damage, but it is marred tops.

👤I did not get the correct soap. The soap dispensers I received were foamy. I ordered liquid soap. I wanted to use the product for the kitchen dispensers, but now I can't. I posted a picture on the directions tag that shows liquid soap can't be put in it. Not happy at all!

👤I ordered these about a month and a half ago and they are beginning to rust. There is a small sign of rust on the top of one lid, but it's not noticeable to me. There were other reviews with the same issue. I wanted to try them out. I will try to get a replacement and seal them with something that prevents rust. The original review was original. I wanted the spout to be brushed nickel and not silvery. These fit the bill. They're sturdy and I've had no issues with soap or dish detergent. The piece that sticks out of the head seems to be secure, but I will update this post if it breaks. I didn't use the stickers because I wanted the lettering to face the front since they can't really be seen from the sides.

👤These are rust free after a month of use. The size and the stickers are perfect.

3. JASAI Dispenser Stainless Refillable Stickers

JASAI Dispenser Stainless Refillable Stickers

Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing. It's never too late to start refilling and creating less waste. The 2Pcs Soap Dispenser has a waterproof Unique Sticker. Premium 304stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of the Lead-Free Glass Soap Dispenser with latest Rust Proof Pump. Which has long lasting brightness. Any bathroom, kitchen, office, and more will be enhanced by the attractive and farmhouse soap dispensers. The Streamlined bottle has rounded corners and shows when it's time to refill. Kitchen soap dispensers with 10Pcs labels are versatile. It's ideal for fill with your favorite hand soap. It was filled with gemstones as a modern and practical Decor. The package includes a soap dispensers. The 7.8” height with the 2.6” diameter holds 12oz of liquid. The dishwasher is safe.

Brand: Jasai

👤They start to rust just a few days later, don't know why it is claim rust proof. Very disappointed.

👤There was brown stuff coming out when I used my hand soap. When I cleaned it, it clicked. It was a brownish orange. I wish I knew how to flag a post for false advertisement because I haven't used it for a full day. 0/09. I wouldn't buy anything from the person again.

👤I got a big cut on my fingers at the beginning of this thing. The metal part of the dispensers is very thin. Blood started to appear when I skimmed through that part with my fingers. Not worth it.

👤Customer service was great. The company sent me two more that arrived undamaged. They look great. There is a They would be great if you could get them shipped to you. Twice and once a bottle broke.

👤There were no cracks. There were no scratches. The pumps work as they are supposed to. The finish is brushed nickel. The container is glass. There are different labels. Really nice product! Would definitely recommend.

👤I opened the package and took pictures. I couldn't tell how far down the straw was when I researched this product. I wanted it to touch the bottom. It's still good enough, even though it's not as good as other products. Adding some water to use up what's left is what I would do for any remaining soap. The tray is sold separately from Amazon.

👤I was pouring detergent and hand soap into old bottles. The plastic was starting to look bad. The glass bottles are more attractive. The design would work with almost any decor. The soap is delivered by the pump. A couple of squirts is good for the dishes. There are several sets of labels. I will use the others if they ever need to be replaced.

👤I used to keep a small bottle and refill it with a big bottle. My husband threw it out when it was empty because I wouldn't have to keep pouring out the heavy one. I tried to find more small bottles, but they were sold out. I bought these on the spot. They are so cute. It looks great by my sink. They had different style stickers. The pumps seem to be of good quality. Great purchase.

👤J'au mis 2* seulement pour la livraison et la beauté des bouteilles.

👤All works well and is described.

4. Method Refill French Lavender Fluid

Method Refill French Lavender Fluid

There are 34 ounce refill pouches of liquid hand soap. The hand wash has plant-based detergents. The formula is made without harmful substances. The refill pouch is 80% less plastic than the new bottles. The leaves of hands are soft and clean. It is cruelty free. Not tested on animals. French lavender is a wonderful scent that is perfect for any chteau. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤I bought a pack of French lavender gel hand soap. It has a great smell and cleans the way soap should. The money saving tip is to use foam soap dispensers. You can double the life of the soap by making it yourself, but it will cost you less. I bought a pack of foaming soap dispensers for Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, 250ml. The first one has been doing well for almost two years.

👤I was buying a similar soap from Simplehuman when they stopped selling it. I may have seen one, but I didn't know what it was. The 6 pack would last a while so I was happy to buy it. I was confused by the wordgel. I thought it would be on the thicker side. I use lavender because I thought it would be safer on the hands. I wash my hands after I go to the trash room. There is an update. I had been using for a while and the tip of my fingers were peeling and I was feeling funny. I can't say that it's responsible for left arm and hand feeling numb at times and shoulder pain, because that may be the result of bad eating habits. I read the ingredients and found out that there were two ingredients that could cause nerve damage. Before purchasing any product, please check the ingredients. They love money so they don't care about our health. I have to take glasses and read labels before buying.

👤Method hand soap is good. It doesn't contain triclosan and it doesn't dry your hands. It has a nice scent. There is a One of the 6 refill I ordered was not good. The outer box was soaked as well. Since this was sold as a 6 pack, the only way I can get a replacement is to ship it all back, and I am not going to do that now. Very Disappointed. The refills were packed on top of each other, which made things worse since the one on the bottom was faulty.

👤This hand soap was purchased at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic. I didn't need gallons of soap. I ran out of hand soap and wanted a rational person, not a person who was going to use soap as money when the dark days come and society comes crumbling down, because hand soap is the last vestige of a civilized society. The store shelves were wiped out of all the hand soap in all sizes. The people in a panic had been there as well. They were just rational enough to go online and buy all the soap. There is a I didn't have a normal home sized amount of liquid hand soap, so I bought a truckload of it. I'll never have to buy another hand soap. My unborn grandchildren are old enough to buy soap. Maybe I'll be able to use this instead of giving them savings bonds. This stuff is actually really great, and it's not just normal hand soap. It has a great smell and you don't need much of it. I use less of this than I used to. I got a truckload of soap and it will last even longer. Good soap should be clean. I'll be rich if soap ever becomes a replacement for money.

5. Mrs Meyers Liquid Refill Basil

Mrs Meyers Liquid Refill Basil

A refill for soap for busy hands. The soap is made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients. The basil scented hand soap has a refreshing scent that is uplifting. Hand soap made with no harmful substances. Mrs. Meyer's soaps are free of harmful chemicals. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I bought a bottle after reading the description that the soap had a cool, crisp scent. After opening it, I got a headaches and saw the word Fragrance listed in the ingredients. I discovered that Meyer's is owned by Johnson & Johnson. The USDA allows corporations to use the word "freau" to encompass a lot of toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, so the smell of the product remains. Toxic chemicals have always given me headaches and I have an acute sense of smell. The Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, which requires companies to label the ingredients in their products, except for fragrance, allows companies to put unsafe or untested chemicals into products. If you care about your health and your family's health, I'd suggest you avoid products with the word 'Fragrance' listed as an ingredient.

👤The soap should be taken off the market. It gave me a bad case of eczema on my hands. After stopping to use this soap, I discovered that I had been breaking out into Eczema all over my hands. Either the seller is messing with the product or it is not authentic. People referred to the smell as bad. I didn't mind the smell. I have a dry rash on my hands. I would love to get a full refund on the bottles I bought.

👤If you are considering this soap, you already know what it smells like, and it is amazing. This soap is what soap is supposed to be. The Basil scent lasts for a long time after you clean your hands. I would recommend it to others. If you are a fan of their Basil scent. It won't change your life. It is pretty good. I put some time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal or business use so that I can help other people decide on an item. If you found my review helpful, you should hit the "helpful" button below.

👤I washed my hands with soap. I washed them with a different soap because of the strong smell. When I ate dinner, I could smell this soap in my mouth. It's notappetizing to say the least. I washed the dishes in the sink with Dawn Ultra and it still smelled like Mrs. Meyer's Basil soap. Even as I type. I smell it. Yuk. I've never had a soap with a scent that wouldn't wash off.

👤Even though I bought this back in May of last year, I just started using it after my Meyers ran out. The scent sticks for a long period of time, and it is so overpowering that it dominates my nostrils. I smell its scent for 12 hours after using it. The small bottle I got was not like that. Not buying this again. I'm not using the rest of it, and I'm going to look for something that doesn't hold me hostage.

👤I use it in my soap pumps. The smell is really nice and it works well. Just add a little of the soap to the container and fill it with water, shake, and soap. If you want it to be softer on your hands, add a little almond oil.

6. Mrs Meyers Liquid Hand Rainwater

Mrs Meyers Liquid Hand Rainwater

Non-drying soap for busy hands. The liquid hand soap is made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients. The scent of the hand soap is reminiscent of white flowers. There is a soap that is free of Parabens or artificial colors. Mrs. Meyer's produces soaps that are free of harmful ingredients. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤Mrs. Meyer's is the only soap I have found that doesn't dry my hands out and this particular scent is just heavenly. I would buy a lifetime supply of laundry detergent if they made it.

👤The scent of Mrs. Meyers has been the best so far. It smells like a fresh linen smell and is not like the others.

👤I love Mrs. Meyer's products. I am an art teacher and use it to wash my hands during clay projects with students, which is detrimental to the hydration levels in my skin, even with lotion. I am not faulting the product for that. It seems to be better than the school-soap when I use it on non-clay days. The scent is amazing. Oh wow! It was wonderful. I would love for it to come in an air diffuser. There is a I highly recommend!

👤The soap smells like fresh Rhubarb. It takes me back to happy childhood days. The soap doesn't make my hands feel dried out. I like that they use natural ingredients, but I think they should be more transparent about their products. They market themselves as the healthiest alternative. There is a Also, note: I had to replace three of the pumps that I received in my pack because they had rusted components, and I think these have been sitting for a while. I wouldn't have rust in my hand soap.

👤Today's abundance of foam hand soaps is a change from Mrs. Myers. Standard soap is not over powered.

👤Most of the Meyer's products have floral in them. I like fruit and I was excited about Plum Berry. I don't know if this has floral notes or if they did not do Plum Berry well. The scent is so strong that it fills up the whole room, even if it's a small bathroom or kitchen. Is this product natural? Basil is the only scent I like. I wish I had more options.

👤The scent is amazing. I find hand soaps smelling like flowers and being too drying for my hands strange. I wash my hands often. It is a good hand soap. Very pleased!

👤I like the soap brand, but they need to make sure the tops are tight on bottles. I was surprised that more hadn't leaked out of the 2 pumps that had loose top part. It was just lucky. I grabbed the top of the bottle to pull out the small box they were in. It was possible to tell that some had leaked it.

7. GLADPURE Dispenser Dispensers Stainless Essential

GLADPURE Dispenser Dispensers Stainless Essential

Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing. The Thick Glass Soap Dispenser is made of high quality glass and is safe to fill with a variety of liquids. The design of the soap dispensers is gorgeous. The bottle is soft and has rounded corners. Their soap dispensers complement your home, kitchen and bath decor. UV protection is important for essential oils and herbal treatments. It can be used for liquid soap, dish soap, lotion, aromatherapy essential oil blends, body wash, hand soap, massage oils. These soap dispensers are a superior green alternative to plastic dispensers. Premium black soap dispensers pump is made from premium 316 steel which can keep it bright for a long time. Or Rust. It works smoothly and durable. The perfect amount of soap should be put in the dispensers. There was no leaking or dripping. Value 2 Pack of soap dispensers. 3” in diameter and measuring 8.5” height. The dispensers hold 18 Ounces of liquid soap. Money-saving and eco-friendly. You can name the soap with the waterproof stickers. It is a great gift for your family and friends. They offer the top grade-A quality products, but also provide a 3 year warranty to get the money back or get a new one. If you have a question about the product, they will be happy to assist you.

Brand: Gladpure

👤It looks good in my kitchen. The design makes it look more expensive than it is. Overall very happy. I think it will be okay, because it was difficult to get the cap closed and it pops off if handled badly. We will see after using it a bit.

👤I love the bottles. I am not a fan of the bathroom. I don't like the cheap hand soap that you buy. I want it to look like quality. I had someone compliment my hand soap dispensers. The bottle has stickers on it. Maria Kalaff, Birmingham Alabama, it's much success to you always.

👤I use mine to make toothpaste. It is difficult to get all the product from plastic toothpaste tubes. It takes me two hands to get it out of the tubes. I mixed the tubes with a little listerine and poured it into one of the bottles, making it the consistency of thick lotion. I can get toothpaste out of the bottle with one hand. ... My bathroom is beautiful and clean. It helps when you don't have a lot of counter space. The amber glass is heavy. I'm thinking about using a second bottle.

👤I was hesitant because they were glass, but they are very sturdy and beautiful, and the soap spout is stable and works well. This works well and is not chintzy. You can label it with what you put in it. The dispensers are small and fit in tight spots, yet they hold more soap than any other dispensers. They don't have that rubber bottom that falls off when it gets wet, and they don't leave rust stains on the counter because they're glass. I love them and I don't think they will ever wear out.

👤I'm very happy to have found this product. This company has shown its integrity and value by showing up full force for its customers despite having received one of the dispensers with a hole in it. They did not charge me for the replacement set. I will continue to support and hope you do, because companies like these are the ones you can trust to provide quality products and remedy any accidents. These antique soap dispensers are created by people who care about their customers. You will be happy to buy these soap dispensers.

👤I like these bottles but one does not work and the other does not. The straw was hard to put in place and one of them fell out.

👤I needed a set of pumps for my soap in the kitchen. The look of these is great, but the sticker is not as good as it could be. I thought it would be thicker. Still cute.

👤Just as pictured. A thick glass. Depending on what you have in the bottles, the color can be lighter or darker. I have two of them, one is green and the other is brown. The pumps are the real issue for me. Poor quality. I had to pump for a long time until something came out, but it has been fine after that. I didn't have to work so hard to get something to come out the first time, but that doesn't mean I don't have problems trying again. These are only with soap, not a thick lotion. I might switch to something else if I want to deal with it for a long time.

8. Foamie Travel Sustainable Conditioner Shampoo

Foamie Travel Sustainable Conditioner Shampoo

If you want to take your conditioner bars with you on your travels, there is no space to hang them up. Meet their travel companion! The Foamie Travel Buddy is a lightweight travel box for solid hair products. The Travel Buddy is an innovative travel box that keeps your bars separate from residual water. It is easy to clean with theremovable inlay. The waterproof design keeps care products dry and leak-proof. For conscious travels with less trash. The Foamie Travel Buddy lid has a seal that is 100% waterproof. The box is made from wheatstraw and recycled material. Think Outside The Bottle: FOAMIE was launched in Germany and quickly found love around the world. Thanks to their innovative design, tongue-in-cheek communication, and striking designs. They want to change the bathroom with less plastic solutions that work.

Brand: Foamie

👤The soap holder is cute and we love that it's recycled, but the blue strip separated from the base early on. We only took it on one trip. The blue strip can easily be opened during travel.

👤The container was perfect for traveling with foamie bars. The tray is very nice.

👤The parts fall apart and don't fit soap very well.

👤It was shipped quickly. I want a bar of soap that will fit in it. I don't use it often so it will probably be thrown in a drawer. It is small.

👤I love taking my bar soaps with me. It prevents them from getting fat.

👤It was for traveling. I'm home now, so use it. I like it.

👤Use this for bike riding. Works well!

👤Unless you take off the drainer, soaps that are higher than 2 cm won't fit.

👤Passend zum Haarseife und Conditioner von Foamie ist es insgesamt. Im Gegensatz ist die seifenbox von Foamie und die nasse seife. The Pluspunkt is absoluter. The Box ist gut gereinigt. There is a The Travel Box is 100% wasserdicht sei. Solange Ihren Box, die von Zweck ist, sondern die nasse Seife. There is a Ich htte in der Travel Box, wo I Conditioner and Shampoo von Foamie verstauen. I brauche fr jede Travel Box. There is a I finde the Seifenbox von Foamie super!

👤Die seifenbox ist aus, die beispielsweise bei der nicht funktionierenden. There is a verbunden. Man hat 3 Teile in der Hand, die man in den Deckel ist. Man den Gummiring ist die Konstruktionsfehler, die dadurch behoben ist. Im Fall ist die Seifenbox. There is a Von wegen Nachhaltig. Man damit in anfangen.

👤I got two of these for my shaving soap and stain removal bar. I can put the stain removal under the sink and it won't leak.

👤The design is really great. Sometimes it comes apart in my washbag. It would be better if the blue bit was attached at one side.

👤A handy container for soap. It is easy to take top off when you are in the shower.

9. Liquid Hand Refill Pouch Geranium

Liquid Hand Refill Pouch Geranium

Sulfate free, as well as thalate, paraben, and DEA. It is made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients. Not tested on animals, and free of animal-derived ingredients.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤Well! I knew it was too good to be true and I was surprised. Make sure to pay attention to it. This is enough to fill 2 regular hand soap bottles. I was excited to get this because I thought it would be a large refill bottle, but it is still a decent deal as a regular bottle of Meyer's at Whole Foods is about $5/6. This will only refill 2 bottles. Oh well! Will still use it. There is a new update. I saw this product in stores and they charged double the price. It was a better deal to raise it to 4 stars.

👤Mrs. Meyers is greenwashing. Their products aren't natural. I feel stupid for trusting them. My son and I have skin allergies. We have always used seventh generation products, but decided to try Mrs. Meyers. We bought laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and scent booster. The point of bleeding was caused by the drying out of my hands from the soap. I began researching the ingredients and realized the problem was the soap. My son and I broke out all over his body because of the laundry detergent and scent booster. I found that their products were not natural. They use wording on the label to make consumers think they are getting something else. We are paying almost double the price. When I bought Mrs. Meyers products, we were out of everything and so we stocked up, so I spent nearly $200 on them. All of it ended up in the trash. $200 was wasted. My hands were sore for weeks and my 3 year old son skin was still healing. Don't trust these people and don't give them your money. Do research.

👤I don't think it's real. It has been added with water. I bought at the store. Both are completely different.

👤I can smell the scent when I walk in the house. It caused headaches. Had to throw it away. The only Meyer's soap I would recommend is the geranium.

👤The bottle is small. It was over $10 with tax. I think that this is price gouging due to the corona virus. So disappointing!

👤I didn't know what a huge difference it was when it came to buying hand soap. There are soap products. I was wrong. I have never had a soap like this before. You need a dime size amt, and you get a great hand wash. It is wonderful. It glides over your skin. It does not leave soap on your skin, but it does not dry it.

👤I couldn't handle the smell of this soap and rarely write reviews. It's overpowering and doesn't fade. Do not buy it, it's gross. Purchase different smells. Amazon wants to charge me 5 dollars to return it. That's a bad thing.

👤It's difficult to say whether Mrs. Meyer's basil or geranium scent is my favorite hand soap scent. The two scents stand with a lot of other awesome ones. It's easy for someone to find one they like. It's easy to say that Mrs. Meyer's makes our favorite hand and dish soap. We are big fans of the natural ingredients, uplifting smells, and great cleaning power.

10. Method Dish Pump Refill Lemon

Method Dish Pump Refill Lemon

There is a pouch with a 36 ounce gel dishwashing liquid refill. There is a dish soap with plant-based grease. It is bio-degradable. It is made without thePreservatives or Pthalates. A grease fighting formula for a clean. A refill pouch saves a lot of things. It is cruelty free. Not tested on animals. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤I can't use just any dish soap because I am scent sensitive. I like JR Watkins lemon scented dish soap and can tolerate the simple lemon scent. I have not been able to purchase JR Watkins frequently since the Pandemic. I decided to try it out. I am very pleased with the scent. I think it's a light lemon mint scent and I'm happy it doesn't have any strong floral notes to it. There is a It is in the large refill packets. There is a I had no issues with it arriving damaged.

👤The packaging of this quantity is problematic. Some of the packages can tear and spill their contents. It was a mess to clean after almost half of the contents were spilled in the box. There is something about the shape of the package that makes it tear from the bottom or sides. The sides that are weak open when packaged in the same box as the top opening.

👤I was looking for a dish soap that wouldn't dry out my hands and was natural, since I have begun hand washing dishes. I used a lot of lotion due to the drying out of my hands caused by others. I have been using this dish soap for about a month now and the skin irritation has gone, but I am not using lotion after each washing session. It does a good job of cleaning. I think it could do better on grease. There is a I recommend this soap for hand washing dishes.

👤Good soap. It does not make us sneeze. Anything "fresh scent" or "floral" is not likely to work here. The regular bottles have a plastic pump top. I used to be able to find them locally, but that is no longer the case. I looked online for the refill for the "lemon" or "lemon mint" dish soaps. The 6-pack arrived in a clean box. There was a big leak inside the Method box. One of the containers weighed less than the others. Two containers were covered with hardened gunk, as was one side of the inner box. The 6 pack will last a while. I took off a star after cleaning up the mess.

👤I've used this product for a long time and I think it's great. I noticed the box was leaking liquid soap when I saw it at my door. When I opened the box, it was soaked on the bottom side, and one of the 6 bags of liquid dish soap had emptied all of the 32 ounces into the shipping box. It was difficult to clean the other bags and the front entry. The seller should make sure the liquid products are properly sealed off.

👤I like the boxing of this product. I received another packaging for the scent and it leaked, it was a real pain. These were nicely boxed and storable. I prefer the scent of the Mandarin, but they were not available at this price. Method is changing their product packaging, but I'm a fan of the "Give a Little Squirt" campaign. I prefer this over the new ones.

11. Ceramic Dish Soap Dispenser Bathroom

Ceramic Dish Soap Dispenser Bathroom

The bottle was never tested on animals. It is possible that packaging may vary. The dish soap dispensers are natural and safe to use with a variety of liquids. Reusable, refillable, eco-friendly. Premium plastic is used to make the hand lotion dispensers. The bathroom size of soap dispensers is 3.6 inches in diameter. The boston round bottle is made of Sleek design. Multi-use soap dispensers are used for liquid soap, dish soap, lotion, essential oil, shampoo, body wash, and so on. It can be placed in any room. It can be used as an ornament to show off your unique taste. If this soap dispensers doesn't perform as expected, please contact them immediately. If you want to get a new one, get the money back.

Brand: Bosilunlife

👤When there were no reviews, I bought this. It is simple, short, bottom-heavy and has a broad top for the pump. It is very stable because of this. It was in a cardboard box with no wasted packaging or user manual, which would be needed for a product like this. There is a The base is very well made, but the plastic components on the inside of the top portion look cheap, but on the outside it looks great. It gets 5 stars if it continues to work.

👤The pump is a keeper, but only after I realized it wasn't malfunctioning. If you order this, make sure you get the correct type of dispensers. I had to pour all the soap out and clean it to send it back because my liquid soap wasn't compatible with my lotion dispensers. It's a pity. I went back on line and noticed the pump looked different, so I compared it to the foam pump. I was sent a foam dispensers instead of a lotion dispensers. The box said "lotion dispensers". I definitely ordered a lotion dispensers. The product is in the wrong box. The foam came out of the dispensers when the soap was watered down. There is a Make sure you ordered the correct item, then make sure you received the correct item, because you might think your pump doesn't work. I wonder if anyone else has received the wrong type of pump dispensers, and if they thought it was faulty like I did. I received a new correct dispenser in two days, but I tried the foam pump and liked it so I may keep it. There is a These are nice little dispensers. They look nice on the counter and are easier to use with arthritis hands. One small improvement would be to make the tip stick out a little more. It's not a big deal for me, but someone with big hands might have an issue with it. It's not an issue with the foaming dispensers, but with the lotion one it's a little clumsy.

👤I chose this for several reasons. Many of the dispensers have narrow tubes that fall out over time. The spout and lid are not connected. I will never have to worry about the spout breaking. I won't have to refill it every other week because it was large enough to hold enough lotion. It is a simple, yet elegant design. It's a quality piece. I'm very happy with this purchase. I used Aveeno lotion to make my hands moist after washing them with a very drying hand-soap in the office restroom. I won't be refilling this for months because it's so little that's needed. I also purchased the table, fountain and diffuser on Amazon, all of which are great products. I had trouble getting the top off until I watched the video. You can watch. The video!

👤I replaced the soap dispensers that were sensor driven. I've quit a few. I decided to go with a regular one because this one only lasted nine months. This one is very easy to fill and has no batteries. We use less soap. The short spout on the pump is the only negative. I'd like it to go on a bit longer. This isn't a reason to not buy this dispensers. The contemporary look is something I like. I am using it in the kitchen.


What is the best product for eco friendly hand soap container?

Eco friendly hand soap container products from Simplehuman. In this article about eco friendly hand soap container you can see why people choose the product. Amolliar and Jasai are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hand soap container.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hand soap container?

Simplehuman, Amolliar and Jasai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hand soap container. Find the detail in this article. Method, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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