Best Eco Friendly Hand Soap Dispenser

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1. Automatic Dispenser Rechargeable Waterproof Restaurant

Automatic Dispenser Rechargeable Waterproof Restaurant

If you're not happy with their soap dispensers, you can contact them and they'll give you a full refund or a new one. No refunds without return. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you don't have to return it. Their priority is your satisfaction. The large capacity is 13.5oz. The automatic soap dispensers can prevent the spread of germs. You don't need to add liquid frequently because it has a capacity of 13oz. Cute design. The metal automatic soap dispensers are more durable than the touchless Anmones hand soap dispensers. It's suitable for all types of bathroom and kitchen. RECHARGEABLE- ECO FRIENDLY After fully charged, the soap dispensers can be used more than 1000 times. You don't need to buy batteries for it, the money you save each year allows you to buy more soap dispensers. The automatic soap dispensers have adopted the precise PIR sensor detection technology. It comes with a unique gear design that makes soap quickly and consistently available.

Brand: Anmones

👤The Method foam soap dispensers that I have are in need of a replacement. Meyer's foam soap dispensers are better quality than Method's, but the Method soap dispensers started to jam when pushing down on the head, which was annoying. There is a The product can be used out of the box. The indicator and icons etched on the product serve as a guide to using it without looking at the user guide. It makes using the product easier if I glance through the instructions just in case. A cute gift for a wife or child. I bought it for my wife. There is a When you turn on the product, put your hands under the sensor and it will give you foam soap. Also, note: If you're using liquid soap, you need to add water to it. I have a foam soap refill at home and it works. You can use it with a hand sanitizer, but make sure you read the guide. I like the idea of a rechargeable li-ion battery since it's for environmental-friendly. Caveats are cons. I took a few tries to get used to the sensor. It's not a bad thing. I suppose more of a preference. If I hold my hands too close and long, it'll come out twice. It's pretty straightforward once you get used to it. The charging indicator light is supposed to turn off when fully charged, but I left it charging for over 12 hours. The battery is a 1500mAh so it shouldn't take over a few hours on empty. There is a I used it for the last two weeks with the product. The goal was to replace the manual dispensers and so far we like it. It's a good price if you have discounts or coupons. It's a good replacement and makes hand washing more eco-friendly.

👤It's a really convenient way to give soap in my bathroom or kitchen. There is a The Automatic Soap Dispenser makes me feel like I'm getting more pampered than I really am. I bought this for my child and she loved it. There is a This one is refreshing because there is nothing negative to say about it. I highly recommend!

👤I received it a month after my last review. The penguin is acting up again. It needs another charge. I contacted Amazon customer service because I was annoyed that it had barely been a month since the last charge. The battery life is about a month depending on use. What the hell? I have not had to replace the battery for my soap dispensers. I bought that in March of 2020. It takes hours to charge theusb device. _ _HOURS_ ! I don't care how cute Mr Penguin is, he's going to have to go. This issue is the reason why this review has one star. I love this penguin. I do. It was easy to set up, foams were nice, and I was happy to see him in the bathroom. What do I not like? It's not battery operated. I know the "sell points" of theusb charging thing. Maybe I'm just an impatient New Yorker. I like to change batteries. If I have a dead phone, I don't want to drag out my portable charge, so I'll wait for him to charge, and then pull out Penguin's head with his soapy wet hose attached. I got this at the end of August. I didn't get a month's use out of it before I needed a refill. I haven't needed new batteries yet for my auto dispenser in the kitchen, it's not cute. I got that way before this one.

2. Dispenser Stainless 16ounce Rustproof Essential

Dispenser Stainless 16ounce Rustproof Essential

The vintage style liquid soap dispensers complement your home, kitchen and bath decor. A thick glass bottle with a top. The design is sleek. The Oz Boston Round bottle is dishwasher safe. It is 3 inches wide and 8.25 inches tall. 16 ounce has 1 ounce capacity.

Brand: Chbjdan

👤I like them because they make everything look cleaner.

👤The amber bottle and look is exactly what I wanted. I haven't had them long. They are already at the spout. Which is unfortunate.

👤The only way to get the plastic stem out of the bottle is to dump the contents. The stem won't stay connected if you put it into the base of the pump unit.

👤I would give it a 5 star rating because I really liked it, but after 2 months the soap pours out of the dispensers and makes a huge mess. Only one currently does this. I am not going to be surprised if the other starts doing it as well.

👤Absolutely love these bottles. I ordered bottles with oil rubbed bronze pumps. The pumps are very good quality. Great value! Nice looking! There are soap labels on the website.

👤I use one in the kitchen and one in my bathroom for hand soap, the design is great, and the color is great. Had the spigot fallen off, the problem was one of the pumps. A part that is rarely touched fell off after being used for less than a month. I don't know if its a bottle problem or a quality control, but these should be built better for the price.

👤I gave this three stars because of the scratches on the bottle. I decided to keep both bottles because it wasn't a complete dealbreaker. There is a It is nice to have weight. I can choose the metal pump color. I will probably order them again. It should be edited... I ordered a second set and there were no scratches. I ordered waterproof labels. The tray is from Amazon.

👤It's perfect for oil rubbed bronze. I bought a basket on Amazon that held them perfectly. The shower dispensers are not attractive. This was a perfect solution for me.

👤It looks great and suits my bathroom. The pumps don't give out a lot of product at the same time, which can be annoying.

3. GLADPURE Dispenser Dispensers Stainless Essential

GLADPURE Dispenser Dispensers Stainless Essential

Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing. The Thick Glass Soap Dispenser is made of high quality glass and is safe to fill with a variety of liquids. The design of the soap dispensers is gorgeous. The bottle is soft and has rounded corners. Their soap dispensers complement your home, kitchen and bath decor. UV protection is important for essential oils and herbal treatments. It can be used for liquid soap, dish soap, lotion, aromatherapy essential oil blends, body wash, hand soap, massage oils. These soap dispensers are a superior green alternative to plastic dispensers. Premium black soap dispensers pump is made from premium 316 steel which can keep it bright for a long time. Or Rust. It works smoothly and durable. The perfect amount of soap should be put in the dispensers. There was no leaking or dripping. Value 2 Pack of soap dispensers. 3” in diameter and measuring 8.5” height. The dispensers hold 18 Ounces of liquid soap. Money-saving and eco-friendly. You can name the soap with the waterproof stickers. It is a great gift for your family and friends. They offer the top grade-A quality products, but also provide a 3 year warranty to get the money back or get a new one. If you have a question about the product, they will be happy to assist you.

Brand: Gladpure

👤It looks good in my kitchen. The design makes it look more expensive than it is. Overall very happy. I think it will be okay, because it was difficult to get the cap closed and it pops off if handled badly. We will see after using it a bit.

👤I love the bottles. I am not a fan of the bathroom. I don't like the cheap hand soap that you buy. I want it to look like quality. I had someone compliment my hand soap dispensers. The bottle has stickers on it. Maria Kalaff, Birmingham Alabama, it's much success to you always.

👤I use mine to make toothpaste. It is difficult to get all the product from plastic toothpaste tubes. It takes me two hands to get it out of the tubes. I mixed the tubes with a little listerine and poured it into one of the bottles, making it the consistency of thick lotion. I can get toothpaste out of the bottle with one hand. ... My bathroom is beautiful and clean. It helps when you don't have a lot of counter space. The amber glass is heavy. I'm thinking about using a second bottle.

👤I was hesitant because they were glass, but they are very sturdy and beautiful, and the soap spout is stable and works well. This works well and is not chintzy. You can label it with what you put in it. The dispensers are small and fit in tight spots, yet they hold more soap than any other dispensers. They don't have that rubber bottom that falls off when it gets wet, and they don't leave rust stains on the counter because they're glass. I love them and I don't think they will ever wear out.

👤I'm very happy to have found this product. This company has shown its integrity and value by showing up full force for its customers despite having received one of the dispensers with a hole in it. They did not charge me for the replacement set. I will continue to support and hope you do, because companies like these are the ones you can trust to provide quality products and remedy any accidents. These antique soap dispensers are created by people who care about their customers. You will be happy to buy these soap dispensers.

👤I like these bottles but one does not work and the other does not. The straw was hard to put in place and one of them fell out.

👤I needed a set of pumps for my soap in the kitchen. The look of these is great, but the sticker is not as good as it could be. I thought it would be thicker. Still cute.

👤Just as pictured. A thick glass. Depending on what you have in the bottles, the color can be lighter or darker. I have two of them, one is green and the other is brown. The pumps are the real issue for me. Poor quality. I had to pump for a long time until something came out, but it has been fine after that. I didn't have to work so hard to get something to come out the first time, but that doesn't mean I don't have problems trying again. These are only with soap, not a thick lotion. I might switch to something else if I want to deal with it for a long time.

4. Boperzi Dispenser Refillable Plastic Bathroom

Boperzi Dispenser Refillable Plastic Bathroom

If you're not happy with your purchase, just send them back to them for a full refund. Modern Design The hand soap dispensers blend vintage and modern. The two-tone design creates a striking look, it matches the silver in your home decor. The personality tag adds a touch of style to the dispensers. The liquid soap dispensers look great in your home, whether you're decorating a farmhouse, a country cabin, or a city condo. Over time, the soap dispensers become rusty and unusable. Boperzi soap pump dispensers are made of PC+ABS chrome plated pump and plastic inner bottle. The plastic parts on this pump, dip tube, and interior parts are free of harmful chemicals. There is no need to worry about the influence of heavy metals on the liquid quality. Reusable, refillable, eco-friendly. Leakproof: Each pump provides the optimum amount of soap, creates luxurious liquid soap with a simple push, and you don't need to pump multiple times to get enough soap to wash your hands. The top plunger can be pressed more easily. If the jar is turned upside down, the seal on the lid will not leak. The pump doesn't get stuck or clumpy with product, and they don't clog easily. A great gift idea. Boperzi hand pump dispensers are perfect for any bathroom, kitchen or home. You can put one in the kitchen for dish soap and the other in the bathroom for liquid soap or lotion with the 2-pack soap dispensers. It is a perfect gift for close friends or relatives on any holiday or special occasion, because of the beautiful packaging. Other unique design soap dispensers are also available from Boperzi. SIZE DETAIL The soap dispensers are 2” in diameter. The soap dispensers hold 10 Ounces of liquid. You can fill a lot of liquid into this sturdy dispensers. Save money by refilling the Decorative Soap Dispenser. Use cotton cloth to clean the soap dispensers and avoid using corrosive or acid cleaner.

Brand: Boperzi

👤It was much cheaper than I anticipated. I was expecting more than $10 for two soap dispensers. I think they have worked well for the price. Although they look like they are made of steel, in the picture on Amazon they have a rose gold tint to them. They are more of a rose gold tint than a steel. They go with my countertops. If they last a few months, it would be great. There is a I have spent more money on dispensers that don't perform as well as this one.

👤I used Dr. Bronner's castille liquid soap. Every hour after use, they get bigger. I attached a picture of a toothpick to the tip to pull out the soap that forms. I never know where the soap will shoot if I don't take a toothpick to clean out the tip. I went to wash my hands tonight and it sent a stream into my left eye. I threw the dispensers away. I don't think they would do any better with a thicker form of soap. I was never going to leave a review on this item until it hit me in the eye. Beware.

👤These match my kitchen. I keep it by the sinks. I wouldn't say it goes smoothly. I have to press a few times to get a nice amount of soap, but it's not bad enough to bother me.

👤The container is made of plastic and it won't rot. The second time I tried to refill it it broke. I couldn't return it because I bought it a month ago. If the kitchen is going to be used with soap, it should be water proof and fool proof. There should be a 90 day return policy for certain items.

👤I have a soap machine in my bathroom. The pump works well, that's the most important thing about this product. It is clean and tidy in the right place. I had other soap dispensers from other companies, but the pump didn't work well and made me angry. I recommend this product.

👤Good quality and great size for the price.

👤The whole thing is plastic. I didn't expect that. They look like metal or steel from the photo on the website. I think they will break if I put them in the sink. I hope not. There is a I like the square look and the amount of soap it has, it is just right for me, unlike other reviewers who said it was too little. If I want more, I just pump twice or more. I trust Amazon's return policy.

👤Dispensing the perfect amount of soap doesn't make a mess and they look really good. The disposable handsoap containers are messy and bad for the environment. I didn't expect them to look so nice, but they did!

👤These are plastic, but not good if you drop them, as I discovered when I accidentally dropped them.

👤The pumps are not working well. Not as good as the soap pumps from woolies. Not recommended.

5. Rustproof Pump Waterproof Chalkboard Labels Farmhouse Accessories

Rustproof Pump Waterproof Chalkboard Labels Farmhouse Accessories

The hand soap dispensers bring a country feel to the kitchen or bathroom. Friends and family will love the storage and organization solution for your bathroom. STURDY & DURABLE. A recycled glass mason jar with a recycled 304stainless steel lid. No leaking or dripping. If you want to add some fragrance to your soap, a few drops of essential oils are all you need; and if you want to make your own soap, use oil-based castile soap. You can keep soap at your fingertips by placing foaming dispensers on bathroom countertops or kitchen sinks. It's great for dorm rooms, apartments, RVs and more. Modern farmhouse style, western style, rustic style, and contemporary decor are ideal home decor. If you are not satisfied, you will get 30-Day Money Back. Please email me if you have a customer request or suggestion.

Brand: Amolliar

👤The finish is coming off after about 10 days of use. The soap was heavilyDiluted with water.

👤I can see what others are saying. I have had it for less than a week and the silver color that touches the foamed soap coming out is already starting to peel, which makes it look cheap and not fancy at all. I'm trying to make my guest bath feel like a spa. There is a The glass mason looks nice. There is a The soap is thick and lush. There is a Cheap materials that will not last, pass on it, spend a few more dollars and get something better.

👤It works well, foams well. I was surprised that Mrs Meyer's hand soap created mediocre foam, but Dr Bronner's foams were absolutely luxuriously and for less money. I don't feel like I will have to buy more hand soap for two years because I only need to fill it with 1 part soap and 5 parts water. I like that they include extra dispensers and that the straw fell out of one of my dispensers when I picked it up and into my garbage disposal. The packaging was easy to recycle/biodegradable. There is a I didn't realize the exterior pump was plastic, but I thought the internal pump was plastic. I want to reduce plastic use as much as possible.

👤I put the soap in the jar. The dispensary pump's mouth is getting a lot of gunk. I have tried a number of times to clean it, but it just keeps happening. It creates a build up of soap at the mouth of the pump which prevents the soap from leaving the dispensary. I will try a different soap in the future, but it is frustrating that the product description says this dispensary supports all soaps.

👤We've been using Method soap for a while, usually just buying the refill, but it seems like each time in the past I have had to buy new dispensers, they last a shorter time, and the last time I bought them, they didn't work right from I have had these Mason jar dispensers for a month now and they work great, no signs of becoming difficult. The Method dispensers are helpful in a place where we were concerned about the glass jar hitting the floor, because the spout can be separated from the wide mouth piece. You get two extra lid/spout assemblies. Awesome in every way. It was packed well for transit.

👤The first one stopped the plunger from coming back up on its own after 2 weeks. We had to use more and more force to get it back up after we depressing it to get soap out of his hands. I thought it was a bad one and threw it away. It has been less than 2 weeks and the same thing is happening again. The return window was closed 3 days ago. I got the bulk soap from Whole Foods. There is nothing strange about this soap that would make it gum up the workings of these pumps. I loosened, tightened, and cleaned it out with fresh water. Very disappointing.

6. Free Liquid Hand Dispenser Foaming

Free Liquid Hand Dispenser Foaming

Great gift idea for your friends or family The silver soap dispensers will make any bathroom look better. It's recommended to rinse the dishwasher with water. You just add water for a nice foam effect to enhance your hand- washing time. Less waste. If you want to reduce plastic waste, you can refill your empty soap containers with liquid soap and water. Their soap dispensers are made of plastic and toxin free, meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins. There is aRAY OF OPTIONS. If you're filling many different rooms with soap dispensers, you can choose from a 3 pack, 6 pack, and 36 pack. If you're not happy with your purchase, just send them back to them for a full refund.

Brand: Parker Eight

👤The first couple of weeks were great. I think that all of the good reviews were written before people had had the bottles for a long time. The spring is cheap and has already failed after less than a month. I 800-273-3217 I should've stuck with the same brand, but I was deceived by 1500 good reviews. Don't make a mistake! There are other reviews that say the pumps don't last.

👤I wouldn't recommend it. They worked for about 6 months, but became too difficult to pump. People would try to pump, but the dispensers would flip over. I tried to flush the water through the pump. I use soap that is low-viscosity. The last one died and my spouse is angry with me. Don't buy...

👤These soap pumps are wonderful. I have Dr Bronners soap by every sink in my house. The soap they recommend is very hydrating and will make my hands feel better than the detergent I had been using. I read a review that said to add 1/2 teaspoon sweet almond oil to 2 ounces of Dr Bronners liquid soap and 10 ounces of warm water. I skip the recommendation to add 10 or 12 drops essential oils, but I am loving how it makes my hands feel. From now on, I will be using these pumps.

👤These were sturdy and worked well. I don't like the locking thing because I never use it, but it's a personal thing, and households with kids would appreciate it if it were foam soap, which is just regular liquid soap with water at 70% water with 30% soap, and you can adjust. It's more logical and efficient than just watering soap down in a normal dispensers, since it's usually watery.

👤I've bought about ten Cuisipro foam soap dispensers over the years. The Cuisipro is a bit bigger and looks a bit nicer, but it only lasts about 8 months in our house's busy bathroom before they start to jam up or fall apart. Generic brand items look cheaper to the eye. These have performed well and here I am almost two years later and the two in use are still going strong. These are less expensive than Cuisipro and are getting the job done so I am very happy.

👤The price, style, and sturdiness of these are great. I use them in the bathroom and kitchen. Liquid hand soap can be purchased in bulk at either BJ's or Costco. The rest water is where I put the soap. I tried using Dawn dishwashing liquid but it caused the plunger to freeze up and not pop back up when I pressed down. This is a good choice for hand soap. I don't recommend it for dishwashing liquid.

7. OBED Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

OBED Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

Looking for a smart, user-friendly replacement to those classic disposable plastic bottles which contribute to worldwide pollution? Keep your soaps, gels, and hair products safe with the OBED foaming hand soap dispensers. Premium quality materials. The soap dispensers pump is made with superior quality, highly durable, easy to clean and guaranteed to endure the test of time. Contribute to a healthier planet with small everyday choices which can have a huge positive impact. The plastic soap dispensers are user-friendly, helping you reduce plastic waste. The foaming pump bottle is compatible with a wide range of foaming liquids and cosmetics, having wide applications in your everyday life. Order the foam pump bottle and you will receive a pack of 2 bottles, all set for your daily needs. The bottle has a capacity of 17 Oz and is easy to match with any bathroom décor.

Brand: Obed

👤Smooth operation produces foam that is attractive and convenient. If I could, I would give 10 stars. We fill it with Dr. Bronner's liquid peppermint soap, which has 3 parts water to one part soap. I bought more sets to put at sinks.

👤These pumps don't work. These pumps held more foam pumps than our other foam pumps. They stopped working in a month. They were asked if they could replace it, as to avoid giving them a 1 star review, which is ridiculous, because they should have 0 stars. The pumps did not work after 2 weeks. After contacting the company for over a month, they blamed Amazon. Don't buy this product or this seller.

👤An excellent product. Quality. There is reliability. These dispensers are used for Hibiclens. They are safe in the bathroom with children around. They are stored on a higher shelf because they are used for Hibiclens. A.

👤These are tall, stable, and attractive. After a month of constant use, they work well with my 1:7 blend of soap. I don't mind that these are made of thin plastic since I leave mine at the sink and push the plunger with one finger. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I use these in my powder room to make holiday scented hand soap. I didn't want to have to buy another expensive glass foaming dispenser just for Christmas, so this was a perfect solution for my holiday pine scented soap. I love that I can buy nicer soaps since the foam makes it more economical, and the pump works well so far.

👤Doesn't foam. To make foam, the fluid has to be watery. Try with a hand sanatizer or add a lot of water.

👤These are just two colored plastic bottles, so they are overpriced. I love these. I've been using for a while and have no complaints. Some dispensers shoot soap out across the room, but fully foams up hand soap doesn't. The brown is gorgeous. I think they are great for foam handsoaps and for decor in your bathroom, but I wish they were cheaper.

👤I thought the bottle was glass, but it was bigger than I thought, and I had to add water to the soap to make it foamy, so I can not get it to be much foamy. My children are having trouble pressing it down even after I removed the bottom. I will not use these for long and they will be in the trash soon. I will try other places.

8. Titanker Dispenser Dispensers Refillable Bathroom

Titanker Dispenser Dispensers Refillable Bathroom

There are artisan handcrafted soaps for women and men. The hand soap dispensers have the function of locking and opening. The foam can be squeezed out of the soap dispensers when they are turned to the position of the grooves. The soap pump head can be turned to the other place. The hand soap is easy to carry. The partition design separates the spring from the liquid storage part, which can prevent the spring from aging and rusting, extending the service life of the foam soap dispensers. The foam from the hand soap dispensers can be used to reduce waste. The foam dispensers ensure the cleaning power and reduce soap consumption. The applicable liquid is the soap base ingredients. The soap foam dispensers are made of durable pet plastic material with good stability, which is not easy to destroy. Simple and elegant soap dispensers make you feel good. Your home has a beautiful accessory.

Brand: Titanker

👤I was burning through a lot of soap in the kitchen. I thought a foaming dispensers would be better than a bottle. I picked up a pack last week. I'm going to put one in the kitchen, the bathroom and the camping gear. There is a Use less soap and look nicer than a giant bottle of soap at the sink. The lock on the lid keeps soap out of sight. There is a There are pros and cons. The spout on the lid is locked when it's close to the bottle and unlocked when it's far away. It should be the opposite. The foam that drips off the tip lands on the bottle. It would land on the sink or wherever the bottle was sitting if the setup was reversed.

👤It was used with a solution of Dr. Bronner's Castille soap. The consistency of the formula won't work for a regular soap dispenser as it will spray out, and the formula is already runny as it is. I found this set. It works great for my formula. I used foil stickers from the dollar store to decorate the bottle.

👤I wanted to make my own soap. There was a shortage of hand soap and other things. I like to use foaming hand soap. I used a 1 to 4 ratio liquid soap to water after buying it. I have been using them for a while. They are still pumping.

👤Use them to make soap for hand washing. When people try to use soap, it prevents sticky gunk from sticking to their hands. I feel like the soap is spread more evenly on your hands when you wash them. I use it with my soap to make a foam. I added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the room and it made it smell great when I wash my hands. Would definitely recommend it. We made a large container of hand sanitizer for my boyfriend's car and put it in this container so we could have it in the car during COVID.

👤Nice design. The bottles are clear. The pumps work well. Most bottles have the pump mechanism hanging down into the bottle, but I can fill it more than that. Just what I needed.

👤It works great with soap. It was easy to use. I shook the water over the sink to mix it with half a bottle of Dial. So far, so good! If there are any future issues, I will update.

👤I like the size of these. It's a good deal. The pump can be locked in place. The pump is hard to push down when you are wet. The pump needs two hands to push it down. One to hold the disenser and the other to push the pump down. If you wash your hands with soap first, it will be ok. I don't want to have to hold the whole thing to use foam soap. It doesn't help the purpose of a quick pump.

9. Vioetry Dispenser Kitchen Refillable Bathroom

Vioetry Dispenser Kitchen Refillable Bathroom

The bathroom soap dispensers are elegant. The hand soap dispensers are stylish and functional. Use this as a kitchen soap dispensers or a bathroom soap dispensers and it will be practical. A beautiful accessory of your home will make your house neat and organized. Excellent quality. Natural and safe to fill with a variety of daily use liquids, the glass is made of Thick Lead-Free Glass. Clear glass lets you see the content and reminds you to replenish. The Sturdy Pump can keep it's bright that not easy corrode. Or Rust. The design is sleek. The Oz Boston Round bottle is dishwasher safe. No leaking pump. You can put out a good amount of soap with a single pump. There was no leaking or dripping. Sturdy enough not easy to rust. The size of the dish soap dispensers is 8.7"x8". The volume was 16 Oz. MULTI-PURPOSE The glass soap dispensers can be used for hand soap, liquid soap, dish soap, lotion, aromatherapy essential oil blends, shampoo, body wash, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, massage oils, food ingredients and much more. It can be placed in many places. The pump holds 16 Ounces of liquid soap. Money-saving and eco-friendly. It's a great gift idea for your family and friends. There is a 100% money-back guarantee. Your purchase is covered by a 1 year warranty. If you don't like Their Hand Soap Dispenser, please contact them and they will send you a replacement or full refund.

Brand: Vioetry

👤I broke the first one that I bought. I'm going to replace it with the same thing. I really liked the first one, but I killed it. It looked like it was good quality. The glass is large. A good amount is given out by the pump. I use mine for aquarium water changes. It helps to have a consistent amount each time. Dropping it on a tile floor shortens it's life. Just to be clear, this is just FYI.

👤I bought 3 because of the soap dispensers I just opened and only one has a straw. 2 of these are useless. I am so angry. I can't return now, so I should have opened them immediately. Make sure you check them right away.

👤The Amazon bag was broken and there was hardly any padding in it.

👤Don't expect a high-quality soap dispensers for less than six bucks. It serves its purpose and is functional. The base of the dispensers is unbalanced and will move when pushing down on the pump even if the soap is full. The reason why I'm giving this product only three stars is because of the bottle's anti-skid material on the bottom.

👤It is a great value for the price. The bathroom counter is expensive. The soap is smooth. The head is made of plastic that looks like metal and is more fair than cheap because it is the only thing that feels cheap when touching. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤The dispensers are of good quality. It arrived with a small crack at the neck. When the pump is attached, the crack is covered. I think it was mishandled in the warehouse.

👤I was very disappointed in this product. Filled it with soap and thought the straw was too long. The straw and issue should be cut. You only get soap to come out when you pump it five times.

👤It's a great addition to any bathroom. This looks great on the sink. It's large and can fit a lot of soap. You can make it fit your decor by using different color soaps. It takes 2 pumps to get enough soap.

10. Cleancult Dispenser Refillable Container Dishwashing

Cleancult Dispenser Refillable Container Dishwashing

It is possible to use a versatile countertop dispensers in kitchens or bathroom. Try it with the soap refill. Their glass products were designed to add to your home decor with modern, minimalist lines, smooth touch surfaces, and frosted glass finishes. Their dispensers are shatter resistant and have a non slip grip. They can all take steps to contribute to a healthy planet if they refill, recycle, and repeat. Everything they do comes back to one idea: redefine clean. Every detail is important, from ingredients to packaging to performance. They can make a difference to a healthy planet.

Brand: Cleancult

👤The bottle is solid and has a nice grip. But... The tip of the dispensers points downward, and after each use, it drips soap out for the next few minutes. The soap runs along the outside of the bottle and onto the underlying surface. The soap can damage the countertop, and the soap on the bottle becomes sticky and slippery, making it useless for me.

👤This soap dispensers is pretty. It is very sturdy and has a rubber sleeve that is very comfortable. It drips...bad, just as other reviews have said. The soap will sit there dripping once you get it. I wiped it down after giving it a pump of soap, but then came back later to see a trail of soap down the front of it. It was too messy.

👤The design of the dish soap dispensers is terrible. It is very slippery. You can't grab the bottle with one hand and put soap in a pan. It is very slippery. There is a no slip gripper on the bottom. It takes two hands to operate a machine. The soap refill box is 32 ounces, but the dispensers only hold 14 ounces. You still have a small portion of soap left in the refill soap box after refilling twice.

👤I had been using bottles of olive oil to get soap out to wash dishes, but I was frustrated that it took so long. I was looking for alternatives and decided to give it a try. It was a good choice. I can get the right amount of soap with only one pump. It looks great sitting on the counter. I would highly recommend it. I use Dawn dish soap.

👤I put in a thicker gel soap and it seems to stick to me even after I finish. The soap makes a mess. I wouldn't recommend it. There is a This is a quality glass container. The glass is thick. The sleeve is not broken. It's a bit loose, not the snuggest. I'm worried soap and gunk will get between and the sleeve doesn't look like it's easy to remove and reinstalled. The pump works in one pump, but it sometimes shoots far from the dispensers, because it is a bit outward. It's not the cleanest pump because it leaks a little. The opening is too small for a refill. The best way to refill is with a funnel. The base is wide for my taste. I am not sure if I would recommend it. I've been using it for a week.

👤Cleancult has a lot of things that I like: their commitment to less packaging, the quality of the dish soap, etc. The soap won't work with traditional soap dispensers because it's so thick. I tried to make the soap less dense. Nope, didn't work. Different dispensers had no problem with other soap products. I ordered Cleancult's dispensers. You have to put up with drips that coat the bottle. We have to use a traditional soap dish to keep it contained. Great idea, but a mess. I will have to stop using the product if I can find a less messy one. The laundry detergent bottle has the same problem as the one I ordered.

11. Janxin Dispenser Bathroom Waterproof Conditioner

Janxin Dispenser Bathroom Waterproof Conditioner

You can buy their soap dispensers with confidence because they are backed by a lifetime warranty, a great addition to your kitchen and bathroom accessories. The set features extra-thick plastic bottles with a glass-like finish and waterproof labels that endure humidity and heat, and is made of natural bamboo. The set includes a bamboo soap tray, a premium Silicone soap holder, and waterproof labels in two styles. Their soap dispensers are designed with modern style and country look, and will fit perfectly with modern farmhouse decor, cute kitchen accessories or bathroom decor. Their soap dispensers with bamboo soap trays make your sink more beautiful and neat. This soap dish dispensers works with any decor style, from country kitchen decor to vintage kitchen decor to black and white kitchen decor. Premium farmhouse style and modern style products are what JANXIN-Janxin is dedicated to. Customers always come first, that's what their customer-centered approach means. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will reply as soon as possible to make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Janxin

👤The soap dispensers are better than I expected. They are the right size for my sink ledge and hold just enough soap. You don't have to refill them often. I don't use the bamboo tray for fear of it getting wet. The dispensers are easy to use and you can press to get the desired amount of liquid. I depress the bottles with a sponge and they will stay in place. The bottles are a hard plastic and lighter weight, but they look like ceramic, and I don't have to worry about dropping them. There are a variety of labels that come with the product. I am very pleased with the purchase and recommend it to others.

👤The bottles work well. I'm happy with them because they seem heavy duty. The tray isn't going to last long. The tray is already starting to get damaged when we use the bottles. A wood tray in a wet area is not a good idea.

👤These are durable plastic that look really nice and I love them for my kitchen. I knew ceramic would be dropped at one point. These work look beautiful.

👤Very cute! The quality of the 2 bottles is very good, there are two styles of stickers to choose, and the stickers are waterproof, I will buy one in my bathroom, it is highly recommended!

👤The quality is not worth what I paid for it, as it feels like it would break quickly, and the cheap plastic makes it look like it. Returned.

👤It's pretty on my kitchen counter. The bamboo dish is perfect since bamboo likes being wet, and it's easy to use with just one hand.

👤Cute in my kitchen. You have different styles for the letters.

👤Cute but they are plastic. I thought they were ceramic. I didn't like the fact that you peel a sticker off and place it on, instead of putting the words on it.


What is the best product for eco friendly hand soap dispenser?

Eco friendly hand soap dispenser products from Anmones. In this article about eco friendly hand soap dispenser you can see why people choose the product. Chbjdan and Gladpure are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hand soap dispenser.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hand soap dispenser?

Anmones, Chbjdan and Gladpure are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hand soap dispenser. Find the detail in this article. Boperzi, Amolliar and Parker Eight are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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