Best Eco Friendly Hand Soap Glass Bottles

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1. Panxxsen Dispenser Refillable Eco Friendly Bathroom

Panxxsen Dispenser Refillable Eco Friendly Bathroom

Commercial soap dispensers are used for offices, restaurants, supermarkets, gymnasium, shopping malls, schools and hospitals. It's ideal to use with soap, hand sanitizer container, conditioner, body wash, Chamber Shower Dispenser shower gel and lotion, Liquid soap, body lotion, cleaner and so on. A set of 6 soap bottles. The bottles are made of clear plastic. You can use less water to get the same cleaning benefits if you use less soap and less water. The empty container is easy to clean and can be filled multiple times. It is easy to clean. Either mix 1 part liquid soap with 5 part water or fill with foaming soap solution. You can use your favorite proportion.

Brand: Panxxsen

👤I bought the 6 pack to prevent me from buying brand bottles and re-using them. I wanted to have clear bottles. Four of them are no longer working. The first one to break was in the first month. Each month another broke. There are two functioning bottles left. I would not recommend this product. I have thrown away the bottles I re-used for more than a year because they get tacky and the original writing fades. I took a broken pump mechanism and put it in a bottle to make sure it wasn't soap-to-water ratio. The pump mechanism is malfunctioning. It's better to use a dollar store product.

👤They are not strong. The pump sticks after being used. They won't last long. The shape is long. I reuse them and they are a better quality than the ones I bought. These dispensers will probably not last long.

👤A friend's RV had a soap dispensers. Put a half inch of liquid soap in the water. It's easy to use, foams the soap into your hand, and saves water. I shared the package with the family. Everyone likes this soap container. I have one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the shop.

👤We got a couple gallons of foamy antibacterial from this product. It's perfect to have them at home or at the car to keep our hands clean. They are very good quality.

👤Half of them work. Plan on doubling the cost. I use the pumps for glass containers so I buy these just for them. I would like to see someone sell pumps separately.

👤All of them were in perfect shape. I'm very happy with the one I've used so far. I will update my review if they are duds.

👤It's perfect for my homemade version of Dr Bronners Castile soap. I ordered 2 sets of 10 because of the large amount of soap I make.

👤I put water and dawn in one of these to use in the kitchen. I don't go through dawn as much these days. A money saver.

2. Lemongrass Naturally Ingredients Cruelty Free Moisturizing

Lemongrass Naturally Ingredients Cruelty Free Moisturizing

The Evolved By Nature Hand Soap leaves hands silky soft. Their hand soap is free of nasty chemicals and won't harm the environment when washed away. Their hand soap is free of SLS/SLES and other harsh fossil fuel derived chemicals. Their hand soap is made with Activated Silk Technology. The silk molecule creates a hydrating cleansing system that is proven to perform better than synthetic ingredients. They are a sustainable innovation company that makes more eco-friendly products available to everyone. Their formula is made in the USA with sustainable Activated Silk technology. A bottle of 100% naturally derived, skin-friendly soap for earth-friendly people is what you get. lavender and lemongrass add a soothing scent while Activated Silk technology makes your hands soft.

Brand: Evolved By Nature

👤I was disappointed in this. I bought a gallon. My two favorite smells in the world are lavender and lemongrass. Imagine combining them. I was looking for a scent in this soap. I can barely smell the scent when I bring my nose close to the container. Aveno smells stronger than this. So disappointing. I can buy soap anywhere. I was excited about the smell and it turned out to be not true.

👤I love this soap. It keeps my hands soft. I have very sensitive skin and most other soaps make it worse. The packaging is sturdy and attractive. If you're looking for a quality natural product, this is the one for you.

👤I like how the soaps feel on my skin. I am a nurse and use hand sanitizers throughout the day, however, I notice a softer, and more hydrated feeling after using these soaps. I like that it uses more natural ingredients that I feel safe to use on my kids. It is very affordable and high quality. Highly recommended! They smell amazing as well.

👤I just got a box of three lavenders. Hand soaps. It's for eight dollars. The cost of their leading natural hand soap competitor can be as much as 7 dollars per ounce, but the price per ounce is definitely higher. There is a The question is... I feel like I'm missing out. There is a Not at all! It's a good thing. The *EVOLVED BY NATURE completely non-toxic hand soaps have this magical Activated Silk ingredient that doesn't harm the skin. barrier... What does that mean for a person who just wants to buy soap? It means that if you stand there, take some deep breaths, and lather your hands in what feels like LIQUID SILK, they will literally feel like they're at the spa for as long as you choose to stand there. It's like the way you feel at the salon that you can't replicate at home, but you can have it at home. Also... The smell is pleasant and not too lavendery. You don't have to worry about buying soap that won't stand the smell and not being able to use it. It's a good thing. Maybe this should have been the first one. They wrapped it inEVOLVED BY NATURE tape. There is a lovely note to the buyer that explains more about your purchases and also asks for positive reviews to help support products that support the environment. Their use of plastic is minimal, only the soap bottles themselves, which are meant to be refilled, and the thin bag that contains all three of them. There was no extra fluff. Simple, beautiful, eco-conscious. ... What should you do now? If you need some soap, you should. I recommend this three-pack of soap bottles from nature. There is a Happy hand- washing! It's a good thing.

👤It's good but different as a hand soap. It doesn't lather but it works. I haven't used it on greasy grimy shop hands so I don't know how well it cuts dirt, but it definitely gets rid of hand odors. The good part. I tried shaving with it because it felt really slick. Even slicker than shaving products. Holy cow! I was able to cut through my stubble with an old blade. My razor glided across my face. After each rinse, the water re-activates the soap for each slippery stroke. It was amazing. My face doesn't feel dry after. I want to shave again to see if it's not a dream. It made my stubble feel softer so it shaved better. There is a The overpriced shaving products are gone.

3. Essential Moisturizing Naturally Ingredients Biodegradable

Essential Moisturizing Naturally Ingredients Biodegradable

The Evolved By Nature Hand Soap leaves hands silky soft. Their hand soap is free of nasty chemicals and won't harm the environment when washed away. Their hand soap is free of SLS/SLES and other harsh fossil fuel derived chemicals. Their hand soap is made with Activated Silk Technology. The silk molecule creates a hydrating cleansing system that is proven to perform better than synthetic ingredients. They are a sustainable innovation company that makes more eco-friendly products available to everyone. Their formula is made in the USA with sustainable Activated Silk technology. A bottle of 100% naturally derived, skin-friendly soap for earth-friendly people is what you get. Fresh but mild herbal Rosemary and lemon are great for your senses.

Brand: Evolved By Nature

👤I buy natural soap when I have sensitive skin. I bought this one time as it was less expensive, but it really bothered me. I will not be able to use the rest because of what it does to my hands. It doesn't lather very well. Puracy is my favorite.

👤I was looking into a more natural hand soap since I am a fan of him. I discovered it recently. Probably. Not the most chemical free one. I decided to give it a chance after carefully examining the ingredients. The smell is not overpowering and I like it. It feels like silk, almost like a slime texture, but I don't like the lack of foam or bubbles when I rub my hands, it makes me feel like I'm not cleaning my hands. I like the neutral bottle design and am pleased with the rest.

👤I am washing my hands more than ever. I can do that with this soap. It has no harmful ingredients and feels great. The use of liquid silk to protect my hands is great. I love this product.

👤Finally. The soap is perfect. I love the smell and it doesn't dry my hands. It smells like a spa. I use lavender in the bathroom and Rosemary in the kitchen. I used to get liters to refill them on Amazon. The bottle is perfect. I have tried many different brands of hand soap and finally this one is perfect.

👤My hands have been taking a beating with constant washing and use of hand sanitizer. The hand soap is good. It leaves my hands soft and supple, and I like the scent. I like the idea of using something that is safe for me and the environment. The 3-pack feels like a great value.

👤I bought this because of the "this is hand soap" label. My husband likes to wash his hands by grabbing the dish soap. This has been going on for a long time. I bought this to help him understand. It was funny when he saw it. This hand soap is lovely. The scent and the feeling are related. It is a pleasant scent. If you wash your hands correctly, you will get some suds and the suds are not what cleans your germ hands. I wash my hands at least 20 times a day. I had cracked skin all the time. This soap has helped my skin. I still have to use lotion, but this house will always have this sitting at the sink, so I bought a large refill bottle. I love this stuff!

👤When agitated, the soap doesn't have suds. The item's description states that this soap cleans better than soap that suds. It doesn't feel like it. It seems like it's not cleaning my hands unless I use a lot of soap. I mean a lot. It doesn't seem to spread well and I don't have much to cover my hand with. I won't buy this again for hand soap. I might look for a clear Dawn soap to replace it. I use clear soap bottles and the blue ones, because I like Dawns gentle cleaning power. It would look like dish soap.

4. Cleancult Liquid Hand Refill Lavender

Cleancult Liquid Hand Refill Lavender

Their hand soap is skin friendly and can be used on your hands. It helps nourish your hands by restoring the oils in them. It was difficult on dirt. Easy on the environment. Their hand wash soap formula is easy to use and effective at cleaning the dirtiest of hands. It is designed to break down quickly without leaving toxins in the environment. Their hand soap refill uses ingredients that protect your skin while washing. They don't use ingredients that may cause irritation to your hands, so you can wash away that worry. Each liquid soap refill uses paper-based packaging that is 100% recycled. Cleancult can help you reduce your plastic waste and help the planet. Natural and renewable resources: All of their liquid hand wash soaps have a clean scent. You are sure to find a scent that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Brand: Cleancult

👤The soap on my hands is very sticky. It feels like there is a burn when I use this soap. The lavender scent is very strong and unpleasant.

👤This soap leaves a weird coating on my skin and towels, which never comes off until I wash my hands with dish soap. I worry that it won't be able to wash off the CoVid-19 germs. The contain--like a small milk carton-- has no screw top, it simply needs the corners of cardboard carton to be folded back, then reopened, but it never opens! I had to open it. It never pours right as it has no spout. Since it climbed gas to inside, a lot of it is wasted. It's too thick to pour easily and won't flow through generic pump dispensers, as it keeps dispensers cluttered. I don't like it.

👤The company has a great message and great marketing, but I can't open the container because the soap is too thick, and my son's hands were dried out from using the dispensers. There are bad products.

👤Liquid soap from major brands is hard to find. We tried this brand because it was cheap. It works well. The milk-carton packaging is more eco-friendly than the plastic bottles used by the major brands. The cartons are not the size of a quart milk carton.

👤Love the scent and the ingredients are made in the USA. Everything is great. Some reviewers said it was too sticky or thick. This isn't like drugstore soap. This is supposed to be used lightly. The complainers used too much. When I subscribe and save, my refill always arrives, even though I still have plenty of soap in the dispensers. You won't have to worry about closing up the carton to store the entire contents of the milk carton if you find a dispenser that holds the entire contents. The carton is difficult to open, but if you fill it with soap, it won't be a problem. We are one step closer to zero waste.

👤I was very excited to find an affordable, ecofriendly handsoap product. I'm still excited to try it out. 2 of the 3 that came were covered in the soap product, which leaked in the box while in transit.

👤When I couldn't find hand soap in the store, I ordered this. It's great soap, but the packaging is a pain. It's hard to get the last cup of soap out of the carton without using a scraper or spatula, and it's not easy to open it like a milk carton. Half of what I got doesn't make it into the soap dispensers. Unless I can find something else, I won't order again.

👤I opened the box and it was a mess.

👤I was surprised by some of the reviews. I fell in love with the soap. I was looking for a hand soap refill that had decent ingredients. This one does. It smells amazing! I don't like the scent of grapefruit, but I love the smell of this soap. When you add water, the scent changes a bit. I think the basil comes out a bit more. I wasn't expecting the smell to stick around for a bit. Non drying as well! I can keep a carton in every bathroom. You can recycle it.

5. Cleancult Lavender Ingredients Moisturizing Biodegradable

Cleancult Lavender Ingredients Moisturizing Biodegradable

Their hand soap is skin friendly and can be used on your hands. It helps nourish your hands by restoring the oils in them. It was difficult on dirt. Easy on the environment. Their hand wash soap formula is easy to use and effective at cleaning the dirtiest of hands. It is designed to break down quickly without leaving toxins in the environment. Their hand soap refill uses ingredients that protect your skin while washing. They don't use ingredients that may cause irritation to your hands, so you can wash away that worry. Each liquid soap refill uses paper-based packaging that is 100% recycled. Cleancult can help you reduce your plastic waste and help the planet. Natural and renewable resources: All of their liquid hand wash soaps have a clean scent. You are sure to find a scent that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Brand: Cleancult

👤The package is not recycled. It requires a subscription to mail back empty containers. The product inside could be better. I feel like I'm washing with a filmy substance after using multiple times. The build up seems to interfere with cleaning your hands despite the fact that you have ingredients to help your skin. The scent is pleasant. This isn't good enough to make a repeat purchase. This product is about.41 cents per fluid ounce, Seventh Generation refill is about.25 cents, and Everyone hand soaps are about. 27 cents per fluid ounce. Everyone and Seventh Generation are both B corps, EWG verified, and both come in a 50% bottle. These are not true for cleancult. The price point on a product inferior in quality to other readily available options is not justified by the clean cult's positives.

👤The scent was completely covered in soap. The packaging of a box full of soap needs to be strong to prevent it from leaking.

👤I love the scent of grapefruit. It's not very fragrant. I saw people talking about something, but I don't notice anything. The slip is different than the Castile soap it is similar to. I have not had any issues with my hands being sticky. It's not as drying as other soaps I have used. Everything was contained in the soap box when it arrived.

👤I love this company and product. I have ordered it before and had no problem. It was delivered with a broken container and a ton of soap inside. I love the scent of grapefruit and at least it didn't stink up the place. There is a Amazon gave a refund. I will probably give it another try.

👤Finding something gentle and good for the environment is important for some people because washing our hands has become a priority in the wake of the Pandemic. I like to take what I can get due to finances and resources. I thought it might be a good idea. There is a Unless you are allergic to them, natural ingredients work best. This stuff? It was very bad! My skin was dry and itching. There is a The texture was thick, goopy, and clumpy. Thankfully my mother can use it in her bathroom, and I am using something friendlier. It doesn't mean that something is good for someone.

👤The soap spilled in the packaging.

👤This is a great product. The soap is high quality. Great scent, not overpowering or flowery, limited and safe ingredients, and no harsh chemicals. The packaging is perfect. We wanted to stop buying plastic. This is a package that can be recycled. We'll definitely do it again.

👤The soap smells great. It's perfect for our kids. It is clear with a yellow tint and looks great in my glass pump.

👤I smell like I am washing my hand. It is also very thick. It's hard to get out of a soap dispensers.

👤There is smart packaging. Natural lavender smell.

6. MaisoNovo Dispenser Kitchen Bathroom Waterproof

MaisoNovo Dispenser Kitchen Bathroom Waterproof

Everything they do comes back to one idea: redefine clean. Every detail is important, from ingredients to packaging to performance. They can make a difference to a healthy planet. This set includes 2 extra-thick plastic clear bottles with pump, 1 bamboo soap tray, Hand Soap, Dish Soap, and Lotion peel-n-stick waterproof labels for you to mix and match. The soap and lotion dispensers are designed with function and elegance in mind. The great for kitchen organization is that it can be used as a dish and hand soap dispensers set. The set is made in U.S.A and features extra-thick plastic bottles with glass-like finish and waterproof labels that can endure humidity and heat. This aesthetically designed kitchen soap dispensers set is an excellent way to get organized, reduce waste and bring joy to your home.

Brand: Maisonovo

👤They don't come with the labels on. The bottle is curved and the label doesn't go on smooth.

👤The bottles look like amber glass. It doesn't feel cheap, it feels good in the hands. The pump works well.

👤Excellent. It looks like glass and wood. It gave major spa vibes. The pump is working. The seller is excellent. They sent out replacements right away. They sent another set right away after they lost them in the mail. It was the first time a seller had responded such an amazing way.

👤I decided to buy the Maisonovo bottles instead of the single-use ones because of my efforts to save plastic and recycle more. They look sturdy. I like the bamboo feel to make it look natural. I'm one step closer to giving Earth.

👤This set was what I was looking for. I've been without a clue what to put by my sink for years. It holds a lot of soap. It is easy to clean. It has a good amount of liquid when you pump. The sink looks amazing. It's clear and bamboo, so it goes with any decor. I like the look it gives. The labels fit. I would love to get another set of coffee syrups. The dish is clean and dry. I hope they stay that way. I like them.

👤The set makes your kitchen dish washing station a little nicer. I liked the look and feel of this set, but keep in mind that it is a thick plastic and not glass, but it looks like amber glass. I took off a star because the stickers are hard to get on smoothly, just align it carefully before applying the sticker and get the air bubble out as you slowly stick on the label. The bamboo accents make it look better.

👤The bottles are better than expected.

👤I am obsessed with these bottles. They look pretty and the quality is great.

👤A great looking product. It's neutral so will go with most kitchens.

7. Simplehuman Lavender Moisturizing Liquid Refill

Simplehuman Lavender Moisturizing Liquid Refill

The scent of lavender is touched with fresh herbs and rosewood. The perfect soap for sensor pumps. Quickly and consistently give the correct amount. This new formula is simple, sensitive and clean, and it contains no harmful substances. It's sulfate-free to be even more gentle on your skin. Throwing away disposable plastic pumps is hard on the environment and wallet. The soap pouch is a better way to buy soap. Not tested on animals. There are facilities for recycling pouch and screw top.

Brand: Simplehuman

👤I like the smell and texture, but I have a problem with it being a little too strong, if that makes sense. For hand soaps from Trader Joe's, you need one pump to lather up your hands and two to wash them, whereas this needs two full pumps. I got this one because of the tight budget and I went for the cheapest option, but it almost feels like it's not worth anything. I use twice as much as I should. There is a If you don't care about the value per dollar aspect, I would definitely recommend it to you because it's a great soap and I love it, but my only issue is with the quantity.

👤I have been using the Simple Human products for a while. I think this was my 2nd or 3rd purchase. We are not close to any stores. I can do anything to prevent shopping. This is 34oz. They are in my family for a long time. I don't have to get anything for over 6 months. There are only two of us. We have a lot of friends that come over and they use it in the bathroom or when I need help in the kitchen. They last forever. I have only had lavender and this so far, but I love the smell. The smell is not strong, but it is noticeable when you wash it and then smell it after. It is not strong that it lasts forever and conflicts with the other smells in the kitchen. I think it cleans very well. If I was working with something greasy, I had to wash it twice. I think that is the same with all soaps. I used to have to have a hand soap on hand all the time, but I could just use dish soap. After a while, that dries out your skin and it wasn't nice. I felt that my hands were getting old and I was starting to bleed. It was time to get something. The product works well. It rinses off quickly and cleanly for lack of a better term. I don't feel like I have an oily feeling after watching a film. My hands don't dry out like they used to. I wash and clean a lot of dishes. Dry hands are always going to come from over exposure. I don't need to apply as much lotion as I did before because they feel a thousand times better. It was well worth the purchase.

👤I was very annoyed with the product and seller. The description states something. The picture is of a dish. The seller said that it was hand soap. I got soap from DISH.

👤I was looking for a foam soap that was cruelty-free and fit my needs, and this one seemed to fit my needs. When it arrived, my husband immediately opened the package and refilled the foam hand soap dispensers around the house. They are all using this soap. Weird. It was disappointing. I am glad I only got one package because I would have bought a multi-pack. I would like to get a refund. I can not return anything. It's a shame.

8. Ceramic Dish Soap Dispenser Bathroom

Ceramic Dish Soap Dispenser Bathroom

The bottle was never tested on animals. It is possible that packaging may vary. The dish soap dispensers are natural and safe to use with a variety of liquids. Reusable, refillable, eco-friendly. Premium plastic is used to make the hand lotion dispensers. The bathroom size of soap dispensers is 3.6 inches in diameter. The boston round bottle is made of Sleek design. Multi-use soap dispensers are used for liquid soap, dish soap, lotion, essential oil, shampoo, body wash, and so on. It can be placed in any room. It can be used as an ornament to show off your unique taste. If this soap dispensers doesn't perform as expected, please contact them immediately. If you want to get a new one, get the money back.

Brand: Bosilunlife

👤When there were no reviews, I bought this. It is simple, short, bottom-heavy and has a broad top for the pump. It is very stable because of this. It was in a cardboard box with no wasted packaging or user manual, which would be needed for a product like this. There is a The base is very well made, but the plastic components on the inside of the top portion look cheap, but on the outside it looks great. It gets 5 stars if it continues to work.

👤The pump is a keeper, but only after I realized it wasn't malfunctioning. If you order this, make sure you get the correct type of dispensers. I had to pour all the soap out and clean it to send it back because my liquid soap wasn't compatible with my lotion dispensers. It's a pity. I went back on line and noticed the pump looked different, so I compared it to the foam pump. I was sent a foam dispensers instead of a lotion dispensers. The box said "lotion dispensers". I definitely ordered a lotion dispensers. The product is in the wrong box. The foam came out of the dispensers when the soap was watered down. There is a Make sure you ordered the correct item, then make sure you received the correct item, because you might think your pump doesn't work. I wonder if anyone else has received the wrong type of pump dispensers, and if they thought it was faulty like I did. I received a new correct dispenser in two days, but I tried the foam pump and liked it so I may keep it. There is a These are nice little dispensers. They look nice on the counter and are easier to use with arthritis hands. One small improvement would be to make the tip stick out a little more. It's not a big deal for me, but someone with big hands might have an issue with it. It's not an issue with the foaming dispensers, but with the lotion one it's a little clumsy.

👤I chose this for several reasons. Many of the dispensers have narrow tubes that fall out over time. The spout and lid are not connected. I will never have to worry about the spout breaking. I won't have to refill it every other week because it was large enough to hold enough lotion. It is a simple, yet elegant design. It's a quality piece. I'm very happy with this purchase. I used Aveeno lotion to make my hands moist after washing them with a very drying hand-soap in the office restroom. I won't be refilling this for months because it's so little that's needed. I also purchased the table, fountain and diffuser on Amazon, all of which are great products. I had trouble getting the top off until I watched the video. You can watch. The video!

👤I replaced the soap dispensers that were sensor driven. I've quit a few. I decided to go with a regular one because this one only lasted nine months. This one is very easy to fill and has no batteries. We use less soap. The short spout on the pump is the only negative. I'd like it to go on a bit longer. This isn't a reason to not buy this dispensers. The contemporary look is something I like. I am using it in the kitchen.

9. Mrs Meyers Liquid Refill Basil

Mrs Meyers Liquid Refill Basil

A refill for soap for busy hands. The soap is made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients. The basil scented hand soap has a refreshing scent that is uplifting. Hand soap made with no harmful substances. Mrs. Meyer's soaps are free of harmful chemicals. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤I bought a bottle after reading the description that the soap had a cool, crisp scent. After opening it, I got a headaches and saw the word Fragrance listed in the ingredients. I discovered that Meyer's is owned by Johnson & Johnson. The USDA allows corporations to use the word "freau" to encompass a lot of toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, so the smell of the product remains. Toxic chemicals have always given me headaches and I have an acute sense of smell. The Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, which requires companies to label the ingredients in their products, except for fragrance, allows companies to put unsafe or untested chemicals into products. If you care about your health and your family's health, I'd suggest you avoid products with the word 'Fragrance' listed as an ingredient.

👤The soap should be taken off the market. It gave me a bad case of eczema on my hands. After stopping to use this soap, I discovered that I had been breaking out into Eczema all over my hands. Either the seller is messing with the product or it is not authentic. People referred to the smell as bad. I didn't mind the smell. I have a dry rash on my hands. I would love to get a full refund on the bottles I bought.

👤If you are considering this soap, you already know what it smells like, and it is amazing. This soap is what soap is supposed to be. The Basil scent lasts for a long time after you clean your hands. I would recommend it to others. If you are a fan of their Basil scent. It won't change your life. It is pretty good. I put some time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal or business use so that I can help other people decide on an item. If you found my review helpful, you should hit the "helpful" button below.

👤I washed my hands with soap. I washed them with a different soap because of the strong smell. When I ate dinner, I could smell this soap in my mouth. It's notappetizing to say the least. I washed the dishes in the sink with Dawn Ultra and it still smelled like Mrs. Meyer's Basil soap. Even as I type. I smell it. Yuk. I've never had a soap with a scent that wouldn't wash off.

👤Even though I bought this back in May of last year, I just started using it after my Meyers ran out. The scent sticks for a long period of time, and it is so overpowering that it dominates my nostrils. I smell its scent for 12 hours after using it. The small bottle I got was not like that. Not buying this again. I'm not using the rest of it, and I'm going to look for something that doesn't hold me hostage.

👤I use it in my soap pumps. The smell is really nice and it works well. Just add a little of the soap to the container and fill it with water, shake, and soap. If you want it to be softer on your hands, add a little almond oil.

10. Vivaplex Large Empty Bottles Lotion

Vivaplex Large Empty Bottles Lotion

It's perfect for soaps, essential oils, and many other uses. Convenient and safe packaging. Beautiful looking and reuse. No leak pump can be locked into place.

Brand: Vivaplex

👤I finally got the pumps to pop up by putting them on the jar tightly and pressing down hard, while I turned the pump to the left. This was a lot of tries. I hope this helps someone else.

👤I like these bottles a lot. It was a good price for 2. Even though I only need one, I got them. It is a nice and functional thing and I am glad I got 2. I am looking forward to finding a use for the other one. I wanted a nice pump bottle for my shower so I got them. The bottle helps me get the right amount of soap and it makes a difference when it comes to Dr. B's. Some reviewers had trouble getting the pumps to open up. There was no problem with that issue. You have to have something in the bottle with the pump on to open it. I tried to open the second pump, but it was not open. I put water in the second bottle because I didn't have any products to keep it filled, and then put the pump in and it opened. I think the trick is to wait to open it until after you have filled your bottles and put on the pump. I thought these were a great purchase and upgrade to my soap situation. Thank you!

👤I bought 6 of the smaller 8oz sizes. The 4oz pumps popped open with no issues. The 16oz pumps took me over 20 minutes to open. I don't have the use of my left thumb, and I'm right handed, so I have to use my left hand to pinch the pump, and turn the pump counter clock on and off at the same time. These 16oz pumps won't be purchased again. It's too much of a hassle to get them working. The 2 bottles were refunded. I'm increasing my rating to 2 stars. They are nice bottles, other than what I mentioned. The smaller pump issues were not that bad.

👤There are bottles with some sheerness. For washing the body and dish soap. The pump is plastic. It's a little timid. There is one pump that allows for more liquid output. It's the same as a store bought hand soap pump. One pump opened quickly. The other did not. I decided to tighten the spout after a minute of spinning it to open. It popped up when I turned it back. All things considered, the pump is what I wanted. Today is the day to order more.

👤The effort it took me to get the pump to pop up was more than it should have been. I loosened it for my spouse because she got it popped quickly. I love using the bottle. It is a nice brown color and you can easily see how much is left. I use one for lotion and the other for something else. The price was right. These are definitely recommended by me. Get someone who can pop the pump.

11. Dispenser Stainless 16ounce Rustproof Essential

Dispenser Stainless 16ounce Rustproof Essential

The vintage style liquid soap dispensers complement your home, kitchen and bath decor. A thick glass bottle with a top. The design is sleek. The Oz Boston Round bottle is dishwasher safe. It is 3 inches wide and 8.25 inches tall. 16 ounce has 1 ounce capacity.

Brand: Chbjdan

👤I like them because they make everything look cleaner.

👤The amber bottle and look is exactly what I wanted. I haven't had them long. They are already at the spout. Which is unfortunate.

👤The only way to get the plastic stem out of the bottle is to dump the contents. The stem won't stay connected if you put it into the base of the pump unit.

👤I would give it a 5 star rating because I really liked it, but after 2 months the soap pours out of the dispensers and makes a huge mess. Only one currently does this. I am not going to be surprised if the other starts doing it as well.

👤Absolutely love these bottles. I ordered bottles with oil rubbed bronze pumps. The pumps are very good quality. Great value! Nice looking! There are soap labels on the website.

👤I use one in the kitchen and one in my bathroom for hand soap, the design is great, and the color is great. Had the spigot fallen off, the problem was one of the pumps. A part that is rarely touched fell off after being used for less than a month. I don't know if its a bottle problem or a quality control, but these should be built better for the price.

👤I gave this three stars because of the scratches on the bottle. I decided to keep both bottles because it wasn't a complete dealbreaker. There is a It is nice to have weight. I can choose the metal pump color. I will probably order them again. It should be edited... I ordered a second set and there were no scratches. I ordered waterproof labels. The tray is from Amazon.

👤It's perfect for oil rubbed bronze. I bought a basket on Amazon that held them perfectly. The shower dispensers are not attractive. This was a perfect solution for me.

👤It looks great and suits my bathroom. The pumps don't give out a lot of product at the same time, which can be annoying.


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What are the best brands for eco friendly hand soap glass bottles?

Panxxsen, Evolved By Nature and Evolved By Nature are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hand soap glass bottles. Find the detail in this article. Cleancult, Maisonovo and Simplehuman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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