Best Eco Friendly Hangers for Clothes

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1. Utopia Home Premium Wooden Hangers

Utopia Home Premium Wooden Hangers

You can retrieve and install clothes with the hook. The Cresnel hook is plated with real chrome, not the dull looking steel. The chrome in your closet gives a sense of luxury. You can compare theirs and competitor side by side. Heavy garments like coats, suits, and jackets can be hung efficiently. It's suitable for all types of clothing. You can hang shirts, dresses and pants easily with the perfectly shaped notch along the shoulders. The perfect solution for hanging pants and other garments is the non-slip hangers.

Brand: Utopia Home

👤After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to purchase these wood hangers for our marching band uniforms because they were the best priced and quality for the money. The metal hooks are coming out and most will need to be glue back in to continue using the wood hanger. The bar across the bottom isn't strong enough to hold a pair of pants, so we'll need to glue it back together to finish the season. Unless you are going to hang a very light weigh shirt on them, I don't think you should buy these hangers.

👤I finally did something about my hang after my wife complained. I bought the hangers to correct the issue that she was complaining about to her friends. Imagine her surprise when I threw out my old clothes and gave her a new one, she was shocked and speechless when I said "You're going to love what I have waiting for you upstairs" She smiled and was clearly overjoyed. Thanks to these, happy wife.

👤I bought two packs to replace my plastic hangers. I knew I was going to return them when I took out the first one. The wood feels too lightweight and has a plastic like quality. The "wood" is rough, and the joints are not lined up, so they don't look like they would hold up over time. Don't buy! I received another pack of hangers out of the blue, I can only assume they want me to review the product again. It was still awful after inspection.

👤I thought I would try these out since they are pretty positive reviews. I wouldn't buy them again for the price, but they are decent. I will need to smooth out the rough ones with some sandpaper. I put two pairs of jeans on one of them and it broke, but it was pretty sturdy at first. These seem to hold up well for coats and shirts after we glue it. Since then, we've purchased a bunch of Topia hangers instead for pants and to finish replacing our plastic hangers; the Topia hangers are a much higher quality for just a little more money. We'll probably replace the Utopia hangers that we bought. I will not buy them again because they weren't worth it.

👤I wouldn't call them a premium. Not the cheapest or perfect quality. I used these for a wedding project and had to sort through which ones were better. If I was just using them as hangers, I could see many flaws. I had to be more picky about the gift. I would try something else next time.

👤Poor quality. Some of the hangers looked like they were made of mold. I was excited to see them.

👤I enjoy the hangers. They are nice for the price. I only received 3 of the five boxes I ordered. I haven't received the other two because they got lost. I loved the three that I opened, they were all the same wood tone. When the new batches of hangers were delivered, they were all different colors, since I was still missing my original order. The new batches were closer to brown than natural wood. I already bought and hung 60 of them so I am sending them back. I hope I can get matching hangers at the end of this. Don't have more than 200 different colors by the end of it all.

2. Neaties White Plastic Hangers Hooks

Neaties White Plastic Hangers Hooks

It's great for hanging shirts, t-shirts, and more. The plastic clothes hangers are made using high quality and safe material. Their customers deserve better. Their plastic hangers will last for a long time. They are chemical-free and have a slim design that saves space in your closet. The double bar hook can be used for straps. There are dimensions and durability. The single hanger is approximately 16.94 x 9.94 x 4. The plastic used to make these hangers is strong enough to carry light to medium weight clothes. For heavier clothes, try the Super Heavy Duty Clothes Hangers. You can try both styles and return the ones that don't work for you. Extra features include a non-slip design for kids clothing with straps. Money back guarantee. You have 30 days to return them. Buy them, try them, and only keep them if they work for you.

Brand: Neaties

👤I broke one of the hangers within an hour of taking them out of the box. Don't worry, it was intentional. I decided to write a full review because we didn't have enough room for all of them. The bottom piece was bent up until it touched the top. The real test was when I tried to touch the two corners together. The two halves were close to each other by the time it broke. It's funny, the material isn't as flexible as the ones I've bought at Walmart or Target, but it doesn't break as easily. These hangers have all of the features you want, and none of the ones you don't. They're also made in the USA, so that makes a lot of sense. There are not many cheap plastic things. They're selling the same designs for the same price. There are only two things I would change. The quantity is the first thing. These are great, but who needs 60? You don't realize how many are until you try to hang them up. Someone who is just starting out and has nothing at all is the only situation in which I could see someone needing 60 hangers. If you're just trying to replace broken things, you don't need 60. They should be available in different quantities. The color is second. A few different colors would make a big difference. Many families organize their clothes with the help of hanger color. They would increase their sales if they made these in multiple colors. There is a I knew about the negatives when I bought these. I got them because they were the best value for the best quality. It was a good purchase, and I will recommend them.

👤I've searched and searched for the right hangers without the notch in the tops. When you try to take your clothing off the hangers, everything gets hung up on them. These are great! Medium weight, sturdy, no-nosense. It was perfect!

👤This is the first review I've ever done on Amazon and I wanted to point out the high quality of these hangers. My wife has bought many hangers in the past but they have not met her needs. These are sturdy and will meet all of our needs. I think it's great to support an American manufacturer, because they are made right here in the USA.

👤I needed these hangars. They are well made and don't look fancy when I hang them on. I bought the 60 pak because I wouldn't have to be hunting hangars all the time. The other reviews talked about quality and value, so I decided to go with Neaties. The other reviews were correct in that the item was simple and well-made.

👤I have been looking for a plastic one that does not have the open notch on the top. I was looking for something similar and these were exactly what I was looking for. They are strong and durable. They say they can hold up to 5 pounds, but I have hung my husband's leather biker jacket on it and it hasn't bowed or broken yet. He is a 3X sized man. They have a clean edge that won't mess with clothing when you remove it. The inside of the hanger has a bar on each end that helps with stability, and a small hook that can be used if you need that for tanks, camis, etc. I was happy with the packaging. Love that. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a clean lined, smooth, strong, regular plastic hanger with a company that doesn't pack in large unnecessary boxes full of crap to put into the environment. Completely happy! I took the time to write this review because I rarely do that. It's a good thing.

3. MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers Heavyduty

MIZGI Premium Velvet Hangers Heavyduty

The full adult standard size is 17 inches. Made of top quality plastic, Eco-friendly blush pink nylon, and Rose Gold Hook. The value pack is 50 pieces. The Swivel Rose Gold Hooks- can be easily rotating, which makes it easy to sort clothes no matter which direction you hang them from. Premium grade plastic is used in the MIZGI velvet hangers with 2021. It is sturdy to hold heavy coats without getting bent, and it can hold up to 8 kilogrammes, which is 11 lbs. When you fold them over, the velvet leaves no crease on the pant. The latest flocking technique prevents slippery or wide neck clothes from slipping off the flocked hangers. There is a great coat hangers for suits, shirts, coats, sweaters, skirts, dresses and pants. The rose velvet hangers increase closet space by as much as 50 percent. The slim and sleek design felt hangers helps you organize your wardrobe in the most space efficient manner, by maximizing space and adding class. If you have any questions about this boutique hangers, it is not suitable for you, because MIZGI is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service. A 100% money back was received when you sent a simple email to the seller. You don't need to send back.

Brand: Mizgi

👤I switched to wooden hangers about 10 years ago. Over the years, I've added to the wardrobe, but not the wire hangers collection. I went to buy more wooden hangers and thought I'd look around to see what else was out there. I'm glad I did. There is a I now have go-to hangers from MIZGI. They are cheaper. 50c per for Amazon basics wooden is more than 80c per for Amazon basics wooden. The rose gold metal is a nice touch and the color is nice. They actually stay on the hangers. I've been struggling for years. My pants are on with the wooden hangers. Don't move with the lovely velvet, pants, shirts, cardigans, etc. It has saved me a lot of time. At the end of the day, no one will see these but you, so it's really about performance. Since my wife hasn't started using them, I've been slowly taking 1 or 2 at a time from her and using them. Some reviewers claim that similar products leave felt on their clothes. I have not found that. I can see the potential for space saving claims, but I have so many wooden and wire hangers in my closet that I haven't fully experienced it. Over time, I will convert fully. Buy with confidence.

👤These are lovely! They received a box with a vintage design. They are wrapped and placed. I ran my fingers along the velvet edges after taking a few out. The copper hangers are gorgeous. Life is best served in teases of luxury. I work 60 hours a week. Why not? I don't know if I can say longevity or wear yet. We will see. I dropped by for my third box 18 months later. Function as expected and have been happy. The girlfriends have commented by the closet. I'm going to change it again! I am back for my 4th box. I need to get rid of some items that I have outgrown. But why when I can buy more lovely velvet hangers? These are easy to use and durable.

👤The velvet was discolored by rusty bits that came with the color. I will return to the more expensive velvet hangers I bought before because they didn't have this problem. You get what you pay for. I really wanted to like it because of the rose gold color, but I can get clothes dirty if the rust spreads.

👤I was hit with a strange smell when I opened the box. The smell is strong. As I pulled out the hangers, my hands became covered in black dust. I had to wipe down and spray with different sprays before I could use them. The most durable broke in the cleaning process. I don't think I'd recommend this product because of the smell and the shed that may ruin my light colored clothes in the future.

👤We bought 200 of these hangars to use in our closet and they are wonderful. They are similar to ones sold in stores. These look the same but are much stronger.

4. Wonder Hanger Effortless Wrinkle Free Assembled

Wonder Hanger Effortless Wrinkle Free Assembled

TheEATERIZE PROMISE! Are you not happy with your order? The purchase matters more to them than your satisfaction with Neaterize. They guarantee that you will either love it or get a complete refund. Click buy now and they will give you a money back policy. The ultimate space saver. Wonder Hanger Max is more than just closet hangers, they are a durable, reinforced, closet and space organization system. The Wonder Hanger line of products are made to keep clothes neat and wrinkle free while clearing up closet space that you didn't know you had. The Wonder Hanger Max 10 Pack is fully assembled and ready for use, so you don't have to worry about confusing instructions. The hangers are easy to use and keep clothes from wrinkling. It's made to last. The Wonder Hangers are made from heavy duty plastic and can hang heavy winter jackets. Wonder Hanger is designed to hold a lot of weight. Space saving and efficiency are important. Wonder Hanger Max holds up to 30 pounds per hanger, which is five heavy winter coats per hanger. When you purchase the full 10 pack of hangers, you will get 100 in total because of the innovative and functional design, saving you space, time and money. Broad spectrum stethoscopes are available. The Wonder Hangers are a space saving solution. A college student trying to make the most out of the limited space in a dorm, small closets in apartments, coaches storing team jerseys, or anyone trying to tidy up their home closet can all find this product to be a game-changer.

Brand: Wonder Hanger

👤The plastic is cheap, but these things are heavy duty. If I want to use it, I'll need to use Gorilla Glue, because one of them has an end broken off. There is a I found out the hard way that it's a bad idea to hang the hangers on the clothes bar when the instructions say to slip one end off. All the hangers fall off when you slip the end off. You hang one end on the clothes bar and the other on the hangers. There is a They don't free up much room in your closet if you hang large items of clothing. I'm hoping these things grow on me, but I'm not impressed right now.

👤I bought these to save space in my closet, but I don't see a difference. Time will tell if they work.

👤It's hard to retrieve shirts. There is a You can save space by going vertical, but you have to leave a space to get items. There is a If you need this type of thing, you should. Donate the rest of your clothing to a charity. There is a A simpler life reduces stress.

👤reorganizing my closets was a success thanks to these hangers. It's important to know that I hung my articles of clothing on the Wonder Hangers in the vertical position, because I heard that the hangers didn't save closet space, so it's important to know that. I gained at least a third more closet space. I ordered the 12 pack set to share with my husband and to organize our coat closet after using all of the Wonder Hangers in the 10 pack. I gained at least a third more space for the coat closet when I used the hangers for our coats and jackets, as some of the coats were very heavy. My husband doesn't use these hangers for his dress shirts because he doesn't like the idea of putting five of them on top of each other. He is enthusiastic about using them to hang t-shirts and casual shirts. I wish I'd discovered this product sooner, but it's better later than not.

👤They began to break after 2 days of use. I made sure that I only hung t-shirts and dress shirts. Not what I expected and not worth what I spent on them. The idea is great, but the craftsmanship is poor. On the second day of using them, they began to break.

👤These are the worst things I have ever tried to organize. The opening is so wide that items fell off when I tried to move them. I like the idea in theory but not in practice.

👤This is my 3rd purchase of these. The first brand I bought broke into a million pieces. I tried a metal version but it didn't slide as well on the closet rod. There is a The wonder hangers are the best quality and now reside in 3 closets in my house. We have a split level so the closets are small, and these help me find room for everything by taking up less rod space. I couldn't live without them.

5. HOUSE DAY Black Velvet Hangers

HOUSE DAY Black Velvet Hangers

It's great for hanging shirts, t-shirts, and more. Sturdy and durable are made from high standard grade plastic that has been enhanced over time. It will hold clothing of up to 11 lbs. It's as strong as a wooden suit hanger, but much thinner and lighter at the same time. A black velvet hanging bar is strong enough to hold your jeans and pants. Soft and luxurious velvet, unlike plastic or metal, is innocuous to both skin and garments. The finest velvet material is used for all their velvet hangers to keep the fuzz from leaving and staining your clothing. The design is slip-free. The shoulder line adds to the promise of worry-free preservation of the clothing's shape. There are grooves on each shoulder that can be used to hang clothes with thin shoulder straps, great without slipping off tightly for your tank tops, dresses, bras, ties, belts, and nightgowns. The ultra-thin design with an optimal size of 17.5"L x 1/4"W x 9"H maximizes the storage space and makes full use of your wardrobe and room to make it clutter-free. Up to 50 percent increase in closet space. A galvanized metal hook with a 360-degree swivel is a perfect combination for hanging clothes. House Day is a brand that is specialized in marketing to both individuals and businesses in global markets. The advanced technology they used gives you the most premium product quality.

Brand: House Day

👤After three months of isolation, my husband and I realized that we owned more clothes. I am a snob. I would only buy a certain brand of velvet hanger if I thought they were better. This purchase has proven me wrong. Very wrong. The hook bit is very strong and firmly constructed, which means it won't twist sideways and get tangled on your closet rod. If you're not sure if you should upgrade your hangers, just imagine not putting clothes in your closet again. Imagine having more space for clothes. That will be your reality with these hangers.

👤These are the same as described. Other similar items had negative reviews. I had no issues with the shed. These are the best velvet hangers.

👤I've purchased brand name ones from Marshall's before. The texture of the clothes helps them not slide off, and there are small indents for straps if necessary. They're thicker than wire, but thinner than traditional plastic ones, which is definitely thinner than the plastic ones they use in retail. They're more durable and don't leave corner marks in sleeves.

👤There are nice hangers at a great price. The thin profile of these hangers makes them less space consuming and they don't let clothing slip off of them. They have nice notch on each arm for hanging clothing. These are regular adult sizes which are great for wide neck sweaters or dresses. I like using the same type of hanger that is used for baby clothing to hang camisoles and tank tops.

👤Love these. These plastic hangers hold clothes and they don't slip. Off.

👤They are about what you would expect. There were a few hooks missing and two were broken in the box. I also bought some at the same price at the same place. I have had a few where the hooks pulled out over time. I bought these to see if the quality was better. I would probably have rated them higher if I had received them problem free and without broken ones or missing hooks. I would say to order at your own risk.

👤The velvet space-saving non-slip hangers are a great deal. They come in a variety of colors. They are made to last. If you hang things up the wrong way in your closet, the swivel metal hook can be turned to keep things neat and tidy. The velvet looks nice and helps to keep clothes in place. The thin hangers are great for better closet space use. They are strong enough to be used in the coat closet. We're very happy with the hangers and will consider purchasing again in the future. Recommended!

👤I'm not happy with the quality of these. The hook on the hanger is not a wire that goes around the rest of it, it's a piece of metal. I lost 5 of these after a month of use and expect to lose more. I only use these for shirts that are light in weight so I can confirm that they are breaking from moving the clothes to each side of the closet and not putting a lot of weight on them.

6. Nature Smile Premium Wooden Hangers

Nature Smile Premium Wooden Hangers

There is space for it. There is a slim profile plastic hangers that takes up minimal closet space for a lot of stuff. If you add it to your cart, you will get a great closet organizer. Premium lotus wood suit coat hangers with non-slip pant bar. The flat body can hold all types of clothing. The finish protects your hand and clothes. The hook is chrome and lets users hang clothing from any angle. The dimensions are 17"L x 0.47"W x 9.25"H.

Brand: Nature Smile

👤I need new hangers to replace the old one, and I'm doing a purge. These are better than I thought. I know I'm going to go over the top for them. Other customers reviews are important to me. I can't say enough about these. They are very well made. The wood is finished well. I'm on my way to getting organized and I didn't need any help from Marie Kondo. I wish I could tell people to throw away their stuff and make more money. It's ridiculous. I highly recommend these. It was worth every penny.

👤I was very pleased with the hangers. I ordered several boxes and they arrived the next day. Not a broken or broken piece of furniture! Well packaged. They were smooth and in good shape. They look great! There were a few where the bottom bar was not even but it did not affect the look of my closet. Very happy with the value.

👤The white painted hangers feel sturdy. The bar on the bottom has a non slip feel and the hanger rotates for hanging different ways. My cottage has perfect hangers for it.

👤The hangers are painted well and don't pull delicate clothes. The all-white closet system is nice. It looks well coordinated. It's worth the extra money to have that wonderful feeling when I walk into my closet. Aaaah.

👤I guess that's to be expected with wood products, there are cracks in some of the hangers. The color could have been applied better.

👤I bought these to make bridesmaid hangers. They are nice but a lot of them had cracks.

👤There was a scratched and stained bunch.

👤They worked well for my wedding. Exactly as advertised!

👤They are great! Excellent quailty! I received them on time. The box was partially opened and there were some damage to the hanger. I was given a full refund for the damaged hangers. Great customer service.

👤When you get the hangers, they are ready to be decorated.

👤Sturdy and beautiful. Not cracked heavy look good in closet. It takes good weight.

👤They are perfect. Love them. Sturdy and pretty.

👤It looks good and is decent quality wood.

7. Utopia Home White Plastic Hangers

Utopia Home White Plastic Hangers

The pack of plastic hangers is 16.33 x 0.26 x 9.05 inches. Durability is made of strong and durable plastic. Slim and sleek design helps maximize closet space to hang a good number of clothes at a time while giving a neat and tidy look to it. The built-in hooks keep your tops and clothing accessories handy. It's great for hanging shirts, t-shirts, and more.

Brand: Utopia Home

👤If you like, I'll give you a 1 star rating for these fabulous hangers. There are lots of 5 star reviews. I lied. The hangers are nice and smooth, and have hooks for your straps, so you don't have to pull your clothes off. They're also durable. If you're one of the few who can only hang T-shirts, send them back for a new set. I can hang anything I want. I hung 3 coats on a single hanger. It was just a slight bounce.

👤The picture and description don't show that they have a notch. The drawing on the box does not show them. They are there. I don't like the way clothes get weird. I just want regular clothes.

👤I bought these to fit in a wardrobe that is too narrow for the standard hangers. I got a standard sized hangers which is worthless to me. Not happy!

👤The average is for the price. I bought them to build something.

👤These are just what they say they are and I wanted: they are white plastic. I don't like the way the hangers are made. These are not thick. I prefer the thick ones for shirts, but not pants.

👤These hangars are light and thin. They are not as sturdy or rigid as the hangars with the vertical bar and hook connecting the top and bottom on each side. 7-pack at dollar store for $1 These should work well with lightweight clothing. They might be too light for heavier shirts. There is a The overall option may be better with the Neaties version.

👤I like the heavy duty tubular hangers for heavy weight items, the giant width hangers for larger sizes and bulky coats, and the vinyl coated wire are the most space saving for every day shirts in fairly sturdy, mid-weight fabrics or men's regularly sized dress and sport shirts. These slim, lightweight tubular plastic hangers are the 'goldilocks', they can be used for more lightweight dresses, as well as the coated wire for most mid-weights, and may even be durable enough for some light weight jackets. A thin wire hanger can tear at the fabric or pull the seams apart on more delicate garments, while a thick tubular plastic is more durable than needed for such lightweights, so more rod space is wasted. The newer'velvet' versions are thinner than the older ones and can leave bumps on a sheer garment. I'm not sure how those will look and feel when the velvet is sprayed on particles all over the clothing. Is sticky glue left on the hangers? The flimsy metals used in the hooks can break. chrome? Is it rust? Something shiny on clothes and a closet. Time will tell... These are just right for most garments. There's no rough edges or sharp spots from the plastic process to catch or grab anything.

👤They do what they are told. I can hang a heavy pair of lined jeans from them with some sagging on the crosspiece. They are not as wide as a typical dry cleaner hanger. The shoulder seam of your shirts is not wide enough for the hanger to reach. The stretch and pucker spot on the shoulder will be left by that. I'll try to find a wider one next time since I expect these to be taken by the three women in the family.

8. Amazon Basics Non Slip Clothes Hangers

Amazon Basics Non Slip Clothes Hangers

The package includes 4 PCS/pack+4 and 100PCS hangers. 10 PCS/pack. A set of 100 matching hangers helps keep suits, slacks, blazers and folded pants organized. The design can hold up to 10 pounds. The dimensions of each hanger are 17.4 x 0.2 x 9.2 inches. A metal construction with a velvet texture keeps items in place.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There are velvet hangers. They are often purchased because they are cheap to buy in bulk. I switched over to these only a year ago when I realized I needed more space. I have bought cheaper bundles at HomeGoodMaxxMarshallRoss stores. There is a They are all nearly the same. There is a They save space. There is a They are perfect for clothes that slip and slide. There is a Some handles don't move and some do. There is a Some seem sturdy and perfect, while others are ridged and snap. There is a I buy double what I need and loose 25% of it. There is a It's bad for silk, rayon and the like. If it bunches up when ironing or slides off a plastic hanger, the clothing item may stick to these. If it leaves a lot of lint in the dryer, the velvet may rub off on these. The latter is solved with a lint brush. There is a If you hang your clothes wet, you might want to transfer them to these. There is a There are ridged, low-profile all-plastic hangers out there, but they are more expensive. These decent, cheap, space-saving, and good for your closet, are great for keeping clothes from sliding off. Pay attention to what you are hanging on them and use a little finesse. There is a If you have a lot of silk, you might want to skip these. There is a The grey and not the black is what you should get if you are worried about the velvet rubbing off. The grey doesn't rub off as much, but the handles are less likely to pop out. There is a Stick to wood or plastic and know what you are getting into.

👤The set of 50 was ordered based on the reviews. I put them on my bed, which was a king size with white sheets. There was a cloud of black dust all over the place. The velvet flocking came off when I ran my hand on the hanger. You will see similar experiences if you read other reviews. I have other velvet hangers that do not shed like this. I was surprised that Amazon put their name on the product. These are going back asap. I have to wash my sheets that were just washed and put on the bed. Grrrrrr.

👤There are so many grown ups crying. They are hangers. They did the trick. 1. If they break O M G, get over it and spend$15 to order another set, or get some super glue and fix it, because these are cheap. Again, it's super cheap. 2. Why are we rubbing the velvet? Are you all dumb? There is a The $15 hangers are going to rub off. Again, C H. E. You want better quality and you want to save money. 3. Don't act like a child, act like a grown up, not your shoe size. It's a shame.

👤I have been using these for about a month and they have snapped off and broken. I only put lightweight summer clothes on them. The photo was taken from a silk dress. I am frustrated that I have to find new clothes.

9. Jersow Plastic Hangers Clothing Everyday

Jersow Plastic Hangers Clothing Everyday

If you have an issue with the order, please feel free to send a message, they will give you a full refund. High quality plastic clothes hangers are made in America. STURDY AND DURABLE. When you hang standard clothing like shirts, dresses, pants, and much more, their plastic hangers feature reinforced plastic edges that add durability. They're ideal for lightweight clothes. Heavy jackets or coats are not recommended for these types of hangers. These are the best value organization equipment to make your life simpler. They have a clean design that does not stain, and the material is eco-friendly. Their shirt hangers don't have burrs or flash. The standard dimensions are perfect. Their black hangers are great for adult size clothing. They are rounded and have hooks to hang suit ties. Keeping your closet organized is important, whether you have a big or small closet. They act like space saving tools so you don't get a mess in your space. There is space for it. There is a slim profile plastic hangers that takes up minimal closet space for a lot of stuff. If you add it to your cart, you will get a great closet organizer.

Brand: Jersow

👤Many buyers gave great reviews of this hanger. I was surprised by the quality. Light weight shirts can use the hangers. Hanging them on the bar is a little more difficult because of the short neck of the hanger. Heavy shirts, jeans, etc. will not fit in these hangers. Over the long term. The hangers are shorter than normal. It's great for my wife's shirts, but not my men's shirts.

👤We are returning after the hangers arrived. There is a They are a bit off white or cream colored. Look at what white hangers look like after years of use. There is a The thickness is thinner than you would expect. It will snap easily if you wear heavy clothing. We have had an older one for years and a new one for both thickness and color.

👤I needed to order more hangers as I was going to have to cut down my dressers. The hangers were sturdy and appeared to hold clothing. I have not had any issues with these hangers. They are sturdy and have yet to have a break. I think they would be sturdy enough to hang coats and jackets, even though they are only being used for shirts and pants.

👤You can get 7 hangers for $1 at any dollar tree. You can't get white hangers anymore. The new colors are beautiful, but you can't get them for that cheap if you started with white. The quality was the same but the price was higher.

👤Are they functional? Yes. Do you live up to the seller's description? No, they don't. You can get 15 cent hangers at the store. To be honest, it was almost flimsy.

👤Highly disappointed! I only received 30 hangers after ordering 60. Returning because of a mistake.

👤I wanted to hang the shirts. It works well.

👤Excellent hangers. I don't find the side hook enough to hold a wide strap tank, but they do the job.

👤This product is not white. It is not a nice off white. Do not place an order.

10. Seropy Hangers Clothes Stainless Clothing

Seropy Hangers Clothes Stainless Clothing

Money back guarantee. You have 30 days to return them. Buy them, try them, and only keep them if they work for you. Their metal wire hangers made ofstainless steel are a good choice for hanging your clothes in bathroom, bedroom, closet, wardrobe, cloakroom, laundry because of their waterproof, no rust, no deformation, and no fading features. The space saving sweater hangers have a thickness gauge of 0.12 inches and are ultra slim. The ultra-thin hangers take up less space than other ordinary clothes hangers. Non-sLIP GROOVES. The shoulder grooves design prevents clothing from falling, great for hanging garment including camisoles, tanks, underwear, shirts, T-shirts, pants, trousers, skirts, dresses, etc. There are great shirt, blazer, lingerie and dress hangers. SMOOTH EDGE: The hook ends of their coat hangers are finished into smooth balls, so you don't have to worry about missing a rubber cap or scratching your clothes. Heavy DUTY HANGERS: These strong load-bearing metal travel hangers are more sturdy and long- lasting and will not rot due to the heavy clothes. These clothes hangers are for every family.

Brand: Seropy

👤I love these things! I ordered the 40-pack after I moved to a new place, because I needed sturdy hangers to hang professional blazers and coats. The metal holds up all my wool wear without problems. I hung coats with these. The metal of the thin wire hangers is very thin. The hangers are thick and sturdy, but they still save me a lot of space. I work with limited closet space so every inch counts. I like the rounded metal head, so I don't want to get myself injured, so the design is effective at keeping me safe. I bought another set of 40 because I didn't buy enough the first time, and will keep the spare parts if I have more closet space. If you buy the 40-pack, you get a good per unit deal.

👤They are very durable. The ones you get from the drycleaners are flimsy. The coats, leather jackets, etc, are not bending at all.

👤I decided to go on a purge of my closet and needed new hangers because the ones I had were mangled and falling apart. I spent the weekend reorganizing after I ordered these. I initially only bought my jackets and jeans, but after I hung up, I realized I needed another set for the rest of my closet. The 10pk is almost half the price, so it was a no-brainer to buy the 40pk. I will be ordering a third delivery once I switch all my hangers to these. Don't hesitate to buy these! They are strong, don't smell. I like the rounded tip.

👤I was surprised by how strong these were. I bought these for t-shirts because I'm too lazy to fold them. I have a lot of tshirts and was tired of the plastic hangers breaking. I have purchased enough to replace all my plastic hangers and recommend them.

👤I am very pleased with the hangers. I had some nice felt covered hangers, but I got tired of having to put my clothes on them. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being happy with my hangers. I don't want it to be difficult to put my clothes on the hangers, but like with these, I wish the pants didn't slide to one side or another. I would be a little happier if they were not felted. Sorry. I'm just being difficult. They are nice. I like that the hooks are not sharp and they are very sturdy.

👤It arrived on time and there were no damages. The silver colored hangers look great in your closet. It's perfect for both men and women. The hangers are strong. They were also cheap. I highly recommend these hangers, they were a great purchase.

👤I ordered a set of 50 plastic t-shirts because I saw the ones recommended by Amazon. They're not cheap at.70 cents a piece, but you can get 10 to 12 plastic hangers for $1 at Walmart. Since my clothes rod is Steele, these hangers look really cook. I was surprised at the space savings, I can now store 20% more clothes in the same space. The hangers are long enough for large shirts and have a good weight. If the price goes down, I would buy again.

11. Neaterize Plastic Clothes Lightweight Available

Neaterize Plastic Clothes Lightweight Available

The black velvet design with chrome finish ensures that the hanging of your clothes is secure and maximizes space in your closet. MESS be gone! These ideal hangers can be used to organize and store tops, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, suits, shawls, coats and more. The clean, calming effect on your closets is due to their slim, space saving design. There is a lot of hangers in every size and shape. The best made hangings! It is made from heavy duty, non-breakable plastic and is stain free, making it the premium hanger on the market. Its tubular, smooth body ensures no sharp corners ripping your garments. The hangers were built to endure and were flexible for lightweight clothing. PreTTY and PRACTICAL! They offer both; a vibrant array of 6 eye catching and elegant colors to decorate your storage space, designed to combine function and fashion. Their hangers are free of tangles, guaranteeing a quick removal. It has everything you could want for a hanger, with 2 hooks for air drying, lingerie and accessories. There are three great Vale packs. One size does not fit all. You can choose from packs of 20, 40 or 60. Buy in bulk and never run out again. The standard dimensions of the Non-slip hangers are the same as the standard dimensions. pile it on! TheEATERIZE PROMISE! Are you not happy with your order? The purchase matters more to them than your satisfaction with Neaterize. They guarantee that you will either love it or get a complete refund. Click buy now and they will give you a money back policy.

Brand: Neaterize

👤I have been looking for this. They were thinner and warped after a while, but I bought them on Amazon. These are a nice size with no hooks. It's easy to pull off a T-shirt with one hand and without having to get the neck out of the top of the hanger. Love the blue color. I wish there was a purple.

👤My son's closet has a package of these hangers in it. Before buying these, I looked at a variety of plastic hangers. The shape of these is ideal for polo shirts, dress shirts, and other shirts. They work best for shirts. Heavy coats and slacks need better wooden hangers. One could use these to hang a suit jacket for a short time. These are adequate for the purposes I have stated. A good value for money.

👤The plastic clothes hanger is high quality. There are no sharp edges where plastic is present. It seems to be flexible and durable. We have purchased plastic clothes hangers from other retailers, but they are either thin, brittle, or warped. Despite the higher price, we were very happy with our purchase. If you are weird about stuff like that, you can get them in an array of colors to match the paint or shelving in your closet.

👤The hangers are a good price and will do the job. When compared to other options, they seem to be the standard size and strength. I have older ones that are more sturdy. The options seem to be thinner than they used to be. These are a good price for the product.

👤I have enough shirts and pants to last me through the day. I bought some. Why not five stars? The blue is nice. I would have preferred black. It was only available in sets of 40 and 20 so I had no need to pay for it. I assume they're sturdy because I only hung one light jacket so far. Is it durable? I've had them for a few days and so far they have held up. I needed something to hang my sweatshirts and sweat pants on, so I used these hangers.

👤These are light weight and I like them. I'm not sure if it's sturdy or not.

👤I thought they were made in the US. I guess I read the wrong information. They are not the same as the ones made in the US. The hooks are not rounded. I don't plan on using the little hooks. I bought these because they don't have a notch. I spent a bit more on the pink color compared to other sets, and I think another site sells white hangers that are made in the USA. The pink color is bright and pretty. This is the only set that is not black or white.

👤The hangers are perfect. I can't find the ones with slots in stores.

👤The best combination you can get for this is solid and thin, if they are thin, clothes can breathe in the closet.


What is the best product for eco friendly hangers for clothes?

Eco friendly hangers for clothes products from Utopia Home. In this article about eco friendly hangers for clothes you can see why people choose the product. Neaties and Mizgi are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hangers for clothes.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hangers for clothes?

Utopia Home, Neaties and Mizgi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hangers for clothes. Find the detail in this article. Wonder Hanger, House Day and Nature Smile are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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