Best Eco Friendly Hangers Kids

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1. GoodtoU Baby Hangers Kids Toddler Hanger Childrens Clothes Plastic

GoodtoU Baby Hangers Kids Toddler Hanger Childrens Clothes Plastic

The baby closet hangers are suitable for hanging clothes from newborn to 2T. The baby's clothes are from 3 months to 18 months and you had no problem putting them up. Only for clothes that are less than 1 inch. Toddler hangers are lightweight and great for articles of clothing such as baby long sleeves, newborn pants, kids skirts, socks,heavier dresses,sweaters. Children clothes that are made of hooks also work for children clothes. The baby clothes hangers don't break, they don't snap, and they don't grab clothing. There were no sharp edges in the baby clothes hangers. You can hang up your baby's pants and shirts in one outfit with this kids hangers. The kids clothes hangers were made of stable plastic and had no strong chemical smell or residual smell. The baby cloth hangers have a small hook on either side to help keep the clothes in place. The slot is wide enough to fit pants under a shirt in the closet, and baby hangers are wide enough to fit pants under a jacket.

Brand: Goodtou

👤The standard wooden closet rods do not fit on these. I have 2 closets with metal rods, but they are not the solution I was hoping for, as I now have to switch tons of hangers out. They are only for baby clothes, they don't hold a sweatshirt. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I like the look of these hangers. I have a baby girl who has more clothes than we can fit in her closet. I ordered these out of desperation, but I am so glad I did! You get the most for your money with these. The hooks are on the bottom. The bloomer, pants, shorts are hung by me. It helps keep all the items together, instead of having to hunt down the bottoms to the top I pick out for her, and it goes with the tips on the bottom hooks. If we ever move her to a bigger closet, I will order more of these.

👤The rod in the closet is too small for them. They will work, but not very long. They are too small to hook around the rod, so they fall off easily. They are not strong enough to hold much weight.

👤The hook is small enough to fit around my clothes rod in my closet.

👤I needed to order more clothes for my kids and dogs. The quality is not great, however I liked that this was a large amount. They are smaller and thinner than our prior hangers, which is better suited for doll clothing. The angle of the top is not straight and most people want to fall off of it.

👤These are the perfect size for clothes of all sizes, from small to 24m. They don't fit on a typical closet hanging rod because of the small hook. We have to buy an alternative rod to use.

👤These are not very high quality. If you hang a heavy shirt in the closet if the wait is not balance, they will fall off the Rod. The hook needs to be bigger. I didn't take a picture but you can see the hook on other pictures on the reviews.

👤I was going to give a 2 star but I was told to review the product again. I don't know why I thought this would work for clothing that is 2T, but it does indicate that it only works up to 2T. I don't have to be upset anymore. It was an oversight on my part. I will rate it a 5star. It upholds it's standards.

2. MIZGI Premium Hangers Childrens Clothes

MIZGI Premium Hangers Childrens Clothes

Kids& Baby Hangers Standard Size is 11.75"x 0.2"x 7.5" inches. The Hook is made of top quality plastic and Eco-friendly pink nylon. The value pack of 50 swivel Rose Gold Hooks can be rotating, which makes it easy to sort clothes no matter which direction you hang them from. MIZGI velvet hangers kids with 2020 NEWLY improved quality are made of premium grade plastic. It can hold large capacity up to 10 lbs., and it will hold even the heaviest clothes in your closet. It's much lighter than wooden suit hangers but still sturdy to hold heavy coats. When you fold them over, the velvet leaves no crease on the pant. The latest flocking technique prevents slippery or wide neck clothes from slipping off the flocked hangers. There is a great coat hangers for kids and baby suits. Double Maximize Closet Space is a design that increases closet space by as much as 50 percent. The slim and sleek design of your baby boys and girls closet will maximize space and add class, helping you organize your kids wardrobe in the most space efficient manner. If you have any questions about this hanger, it is not suitable for you, but MIZGI is a different kind of company that provides the absolute best customer service. A 100% money back was received when you sent a simple email to the seller. You don't need to send back.

Brand: Mizgi

👤These are great for kids, but they are not for babies. They are too big for baby clothes. They only start fitting at 18 months old.

👤More than half of my hangers were broken.

👤My daughter has so many clothes that I have to order more of these. The last order came in different sizes. Some are small and some are large. I will definitely not buy any more. It will make you mad if you don't purchase your hangers because you like them to be all the same.

👤The hangers are a good value. If you fold onesies, 50 hangers is a lot. I use them for set outfits and other items that are better suited for photos. The onesies and PJs are folded and put in small cubbies. I was surprised by the quality. They can hold a baby Bjorn carrier with ease. The hangers are small enough to hold baby clothes. I can't judge its usefulness on clothes that aren't as good as the newborn ones I had. There is a The velvet lining is very strong. It can be hard to hang clothes on them because of the friction. I think the initial struggle is worth it. When clothes fall off the hangers and you have to organize the closet, I don't like it. I haven't been able to destroy any of them. They were in a box with no damage. There is a I like these hangers. The fact that they are in a gray/rose gold color is a huge bonus. You will not regret buying it.

👤These are perfect for our baby girl. Since the metal piece is not a turntable, I have to place all the clothing facing the same way, since you can't turn it to hang them. I don't like pure white stuff, so I ordered white and they were more like an off-white than a greyish one. They fit her newborn and up to 18 months clothing. She is not even born yet, so she will be buying more once her wardrobe expands. The rose gold is pretty.

👤The closet has a rose copper color on it. Will buy more soon.

👤The first time I bought them, I loved them so I ordered more, but this time they came all damaged, they are so flimsy. A lot of them came with no velvet and all of them are bend. I will return both orders and try another brand. I bought it for the third time and it was the same thing, but now it's the worst it's ever been. I am so upset.

👤I think these are gorgeous. My kids' closet has a flare of personality and beautiful color. I went back to order more but they are out of the gray ones. I haven't had any problems with the hangers yet. They were delivered on time. The package they came in was undamaged. The product was not damaged. It all seemed right. I have had them for a couple of weeks and so far they have not malfunctioned or broken. The velvet feature on the hangers makes them stand out because clothes don't slide off of them compared to the plastic ones you could get at Target or Walmart.

3. AmazonBasics Non Slip Clothes Hangers 30 Pack

AmazonBasics Non Slip Clothes Hangers 30 Pack

The Velvet surface and shoulders are not smooth. Ultra slim profile to maximize space in your closet. The design can hold up to 10 pounds. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These broke easily and have lead in them. My daughter had a blood test. We don't know what caused this because we live in a newer home. I tried the hone test kit on the metal part and it was negative. This is dangerous and not good.

👤I bought more of these hangers after reading the other reviewer's review about how they contain lead. I had to test it out myself. She is absolutely correct, my 3M lead test showed the metal part of the hanger has lead in it. All out of the way now. It has been almost a year since we have been using these hanger. I can't imagine how much harm it has done to my baby. I am angry right now. There is a Exposure to lead can harm a child's health, including damage to the brain and nervous system, slowed growth and development, learning and behavior problems, and hearing and speech problems. There is no safe blood lead level for children. There are many ways to reduce children's exposure to lead. There are lead hazards in a child's environment. Lead is not visible to the naked eye. Do not make the same mistake.

👤I used a 3M swab to test these hangers for lead and they were positive. I will be replacing the unsafe item I allowed into my home. I will think twice about ordering from Amazon in the future. This should be disclosed in the product listing.

👤We bought more for our girls as needed after using these for over a year. The reviews said they contained lead. If the areas tested turned red or pink, the item would be positive for lead. The purple and mint hangers have dangerously high levels of lead. I feel bad that I exposed my girls to this. We will request a blood test after our 4 year check up. We will update the review once we have the results. It's on you AMAZON.

👤I bought these for myself. I use kid size hangers to fit my clothes. I purchased another brand in gray velvet and was hoping these would match them. The kid size hangers are 14 inches wide. These are 11 inches wide and are baby hangers. Please update your production description so that they are correct. Amazon solved my issue quickly.

👤When I was shopping for clothes for my children, I noticed that these were listed as an Amazon's Choice item. Amazon needs to rethink. I thought I would give these hangers a try because they were more competitive than the ones I have ordered before. It was a big mistake. I guess you get what you pay for. The hooks on three of the hangers broke when the clothes were hung on them. If the rest of them are like the three that have already broken, then I will have to buy the higher priced and better quality hangers.

👤My wife bought some for our kids. The beige and blue were purchased by us. When you have two people sharing the same closet, any extra space helps. Absolutely love them, they end up taking less space than the regular plastic hangers. We thought the beige would match our hangers, but they are slightly darker than we thought. There is a We've had these for about 2 months now and they're still great. They are used on clothes sizes from 3mo. 5T has been perfect for these sizes.

4. Sharpty Plastic Everyday Standard Clothing

Sharpty Plastic Everyday Standard Clothing

The black velvet design with chrome finish ensures that the hanging of your clothes is secure and maximizes space in your closet. Enjoy a quiet time. There are no more messy piles of clothing in your cabinet. Sharpty PLASTIC HANGERS are made from a super slim design to help you maximize your closet space. You will be able to find your clothes quicker and easier if you save time on dressing. Topnotch quality. Their sturdy and durable hanger organizers are reliable. The reinforced plastic edges add stability and provide better support for your standard clothing like shirts, dresses or pants as well as for heavy coats or jackets! FABRIC FRIENDLY. The black plastic hangers are the best value for your closets and cabinets. You don't have to worry about any damage to your clothes because there are no sharp edges. There is a built-in bristle grove. Kids and adult clothing can be used with their laundry hangers, but they can also be used for other accessories. These nonslip hangers are great for hanging ties, belts, shawls, thin strap shirts, tanks and women undergarments. There is a one year concierge warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let them know and they will do everything they can to make you happy.

Brand: Sharpty

👤It's hard to see the picture, but there are Walmart hangers on the right in it. The ones from Amazon are thinner. I don't like Amazon products that only cut the smallest corners to save a penny. I would have liked to go to Walmart. You will notice the quality difference immediately when you look at these hanger types. I just don't trust Amazon products as much over time. They get away with it because you don't feel them in person.

👤I don't understand why these people have such great reviews. I usually buy my plastic hangers from Target, which are $2.00 for a pack of 18. My dog got into my closet and took down my clothes. I was expecting more heavy duty, but I was disappointed. These are cheap and thin, and will likely break with use, and will not survive my 15lb dog. There is a If you can't make it into a store, you should order a pack from Amazon, which is a great value. Don't spend your money on these.

👤I tried to save myself a trip to Walmart and ended up buying these way over priced, but for the price it felt like I was being tricked, I would have bought 1$ hangers.

👤Weak to hold clothes.

👤I bought these because they looked like normal hangers and I wanted to find a similar one at home, but I couldn't find one that was similar to the ones I already own. I was expecting them to be good quality, but they were not, and the plastic they are made out of seems to be the same as the picture. I don't know what else to say, if you are looking for something that will hold up your clothes and can carry the weight, it's probably not worth your money.

👤Thin plastic. Not as strong as I thought.

👤These are the hangars that I want to build. I've been searching for the perfect hanger all my life. This is it! I am in tears as I try to find the right words to describe the joy I feel over these hangers. They hold my clothing in perfect condition. After the family is asleep, I sneak into my closet and look at the hangars lined up like little perfect soldiers, dutifully holding on to my garments as though they were made for this moment. One holds the pants while the other holds the shirts. The craftsmanship of the plastic made it hold up. What can I say about the plastic? The craftsmanship is very good. It is clear that these hangers traveled far across the seas carried along by the deep blue ocean and were lovingly placed on the rods that hold my clothes. I think my life is over now that I have all my hanging jewels. Fine plastic hangers are available. The well-hung dazzlers will change your life.

👤A typical piece of equipment. It has 2 hooks so the clothes don't fall off. It's not as slip proof as rubber. You'll be paying more for the rubber hangers anyways. The hangers are not made from thick plastic. I have doubts about the durability of heavy objects. I think you'll be fine if you hang clothes. It may seem like a lot, but you might be surprised how quickly they're used up. I might have to buy more.

5. Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers Up

Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers Up

Their hangers are presented in a secure package, which is great for gifts to loved ones on special occasions. The dimensions are 17 14” from shoulder to shoulder and 8 78” from top of hook to pant bar. 50 attractive ivory velvet non-slip hangers with shiny chrome hooks and notch shoulders will make hanging clothes simple. The soft texture of the velvet clothes hangers makes it easy to hold delicate items such as camisoles and tanks, while its sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it ideal for hanging heavy garments such as coats. The slim velvet hangers can free up to 100 percent more space on a garment rack. The ivory velvet hangers has a shoulder line that is cut to help preserve the shape of the clothes. The pant hangers have a bar that grips and prevents wrinkling.

Brand: Zober

👤If they'd advertised the amount, the product would be fine. I did not receive any hangars. This may seem unimportant, but I think it's not. I should get 50 hangars if I pay for 50. To give me less is a shady practice by the company. Do they rip everyone off? Four hangars can add up. I would like to receive all 50 hangars.

👤I got the maroon ones. I ruined a lot of my white clothes.

👤The hangers do not move, they do not buy, and they do not swivel. I rubbed one of the hangers with a white towel and I was able to see that the paint on the clothing came off after just one rubbing. Any color you get will come up on your clothing because this is the type of guy they are using.

👤Don't buy it. These hooks are not static. They don't. You only get 4 packs of 12 if the description is correct. There were 4 broken hangers. Not happy.

👤I did a lot of research on different velvet hangers before making a final purchase and I am very satisfied with this purchase they came packaged perfectly and they are very durable if you are thinking about getting them go for it!

👤I never thought I'd be buying something on Amazon. I'm old. I moved from spinners to hangers. These are really great! I am happy I've read the reviews. I was surprised to see these which have good reviews. I was expecting a card that would bribe me for my review, but no, these legit work and feel firm. They feel strong. They don't seem to be able to warp. It held up my coat. My regalia was also held by it. This is amazing. The velvet did not slip on my cotton shirts. I wasn't able to adjust the hangers because they weren't comfortable with my t-shirts. I don't want the hangers to be slippery. If you haven't dealt with velvet on hangers, you need to get used to it. I didn't think that the closet would get clustered with clothes because of the hangers. They reduce a lot of the cluster. I don't know if it's placebo. I really liked this purchase. Would definitely recommend.

👤The hangars made a difference when I reorganized my closet. They save space and after a month of using them, I can attest that they don't stretch out your clothes. Keeping your closet neater is what nothing slips off. I didn't realize how many hangars I use.

👤This is the first set I have had a problem with, but I have purchased several of the same ones in the past. I would have returned them if I had not destroyed the box. The picture shows 10 coathangers hooks break off. The mental hook just breaks when I hang up the shirt. When I opened the box, I found that there were already three snapped in at the top of the hanger. The quality of these is so good that I won't spend the extra money to get a pretty color hanger. I will find my tops on the floor when I see how many more snap off.

6. Nature Smile Premium Wooden Hangers

Nature Smile Premium Wooden Hangers

There is space for it. There is a slim profile plastic hangers that takes up minimal closet space for a lot of stuff. If you add it to your cart, you will get a great closet organizer. Premium lotus wood suit coat hangers with non-slip pant bar. The flat body can hold all types of clothing. The finish protects your hand and clothes. The hook is chrome and lets users hang clothing from any angle. The dimensions are 17"L x 0.47"W x 9.25"H.

Brand: Nature Smile

👤I need new hangers to replace the old one, and I'm doing a purge. These are better than I thought. I know I'm going to go over the top for them. Other customers reviews are important to me. I can't say enough about these. They are very well made. The wood is finished well. I'm on my way to getting organized and I didn't need any help from Marie Kondo. I wish I could tell people to throw away their stuff and make more money. It's ridiculous. I highly recommend these. It was worth every penny.

👤I was very pleased with the hangers. I ordered several boxes and they arrived the next day. Not a broken or broken piece of furniture! Well packaged. They were smooth and in good shape. They look great! There were a few where the bottom bar was not even but it did not affect the look of my closet. Very happy with the value.

👤The white painted hangers feel sturdy. The bar on the bottom has a non slip feel and the hanger rotates for hanging different ways. My cottage has perfect hangers for it.

👤The hangers are painted well and don't pull delicate clothes. The all-white closet system is nice. It looks well coordinated. It's worth the extra money to have that wonderful feeling when I walk into my closet. Aaaah.

👤I guess that's to be expected with wood products, there are cracks in some of the hangers. The color could have been applied better.

👤I bought these to make bridesmaid hangers. They are nice but a lot of them had cracks.

👤There was a scratched and stained bunch.

👤They worked well for my wedding. Exactly as advertised!

👤They are great! Excellent quailty! I received them on time. The box was partially opened and there were some damage to the hanger. I was given a full refund for the damaged hangers. Great customer service.

👤When you get the hangers, they are ready to be decorated.

👤Sturdy and beautiful. Not cracked heavy look good in closet. It takes good weight.

👤They are perfect. Love them. Sturdy and pretty.

👤It looks good and is decent quality wood.

7. Sharpty Plastic Everyday Standard Clothing

Sharpty Plastic Everyday Standard Clothing

The pant hangers have a bar that grips and prevents wrinkling. The best value organization equipment is designed for every day clotheslines. They have a clean design that does not stain, and the material is eco-friendly. Their shirt hangers do not have burrs or flash. Their white hangers are perfect for adult size clothing. They are rounded and have hooks to hang suit ties. Keep your closet organized by using clothing hangers, they give better organization for your room furniture. They act like space saving tools so you don't get a mess in your space.

Brand: Sharpty

👤There are smooth plastic hangars. That's all they have, and they need to be. They hold my shirts in the closet, but I need a shirt. The shirt spills in to your hand when you grab it. Couldn't ask for a better item. The video has more details.

👤These are the best hangers on the market. Sometimes I open my closet door and look at the hangers, until I am late for work. I will look at them a little longer on days off.

👤I liked everything about them, Sister and I made some beautiful snow flakes out of them, the big ones and little ones came out beautiful, and still have some small ones to use on my grandkids clothes.

👤There is nothing exciting about a plastic, white hanger. I must say that these hangers are of great quality. They don't have those annoying little sharp edges or over pours that get caught on clothing. The way the hangers are shipped is very impressive. The groups of ten are divided into two groups. They are put in a box to be shipped. There is a I love the fact that these are not broken when I hang heavier clothes on them, and I also love the fact that there are no sharp edges to scratch me.

👤The plastic hangers I've owned are thinner. My jeans will probably bend or break the hangers, but they are fine for shirts. I don't like the consistency. The other hangers are warped or bent. It's still works, but it's hard to pack your clothes together. These aren't high quality. Won't buy again.

👤Have you ever had a fight with someone? Is it possible that a knot of other people want to join in when you try to take a shirt down? Been there. I don't want to have every hanger different from the next one. Where did they come from? No more! There is a It is amazing how a small difference can make me happy. The hangers seem sturdy and don't tangle up on themselves. My jackets are hung up on one another with no issues so far. There is a I need to ruin someone's life by giving them my old hangers.

👤I love these. The notch for spaghetti straps is a must in stores. These hooks are better for me. I don't wear clothes with straps so they make me angry when they get stuck on me.

👤A fine piece of furniture. I am not happy that I have to pay to get them back. My mother-in-law moved in yesterday and brought a lot of bags of hangers. It was much to my surprise. I will keep them now that I want to send them back. I shouldn't have to pay because of the hardship. The aged MIL are moving in.

👤solo es para prendas pesadas porque las blusas delgadas

👤It took forever to get them and the quality is garbage. I should have gone to Walmart.

👤Quiz un poco Frgiles. An as.

8. Amazon Basics Non Slip Clothes Hangers

Amazon Basics Non Slip Clothes Hangers

A set of 50 matching hangers helps keep suits, slacks, blazers and folded pants organized. A metal construction with a velvet texture keeps items in place. For maximized space, use a slim profile on a hanging bar, rolling rack or wardrobe. The design can hold up to 10 pounds. The dimensions of each hanger are 17.4 x 0.2 x 9.2 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There are velvet hangers. They are often purchased because they are cheap to buy in bulk. I switched over to these only a year ago when I realized I needed more space. I have bought cheaper bundles at HomeGoodMaxxMarshallRoss stores. There is a They are all nearly the same. There is a They save space. There is a They are perfect for clothes that slip and slide. There is a Some handles don't move and some do. There is a Some seem sturdy and perfect, while others are ridged and snap. There is a I buy double what I need and loose 25% of it. There is a It's bad for silk, rayon and the like. If it bunches up when ironing or slides off a plastic hanger, the clothing item may stick to these. If it leaves a lot of lint in the dryer, the velvet may rub off on these. The latter is solved with a lint brush. There is a If you hang your clothes wet, you might want to transfer them to these. There is a There are ridged, low-profile all-plastic hangers out there, but they are more expensive. These decent, cheap, space-saving, and good for your closet, are great for keeping clothes from sliding off. Pay attention to what you are hanging on them and use a little finesse. There is a If you have a lot of silk, you might want to skip these. There is a The grey and not the black is what you should get if you are worried about the velvet rubbing off. The grey doesn't rub off as much, but the handles are less likely to pop out. There is a Stick to wood or plastic and know what you are getting into.

👤The set of 50 was ordered based on the reviews. I put them on my bed, which was a king size with white sheets. There was a cloud of black dust all over the place. The velvet flocking came off when I ran my hand on the hanger. You will see similar experiences if you read other reviews. I have other velvet hangers that do not shed like this. I was surprised that Amazon put their name on the product. These are going back asap. I have to wash my sheets that were just washed and put on the bed. Grrrrrr.

👤There are so many grown ups crying. They are hangers. They did the trick. 1. If they break O M G, get over it and spend$15 to order another set, or get some super glue and fix it, because these are cheap. Again, it's super cheap. 2. Why are we rubbing the velvet? Are you all dumb? There is a The $15 hangers are going to rub off. Again, C H. E. You want better quality and you want to save money. 3. Don't act like a child, act like a grown up, not your shoe size. It's a shame.

👤I have been using these for about a month and they have snapped off and broken. I only put lightweight summer clothes on them. The photo was taken from a silk dress. I am frustrated that I have to find new clothes.

9. Casafield Velvet Kids Hangers Childrens Clothes

Casafield Velvet Kids Hangers Childrens Clothes

The set includes a set of kids' hanging pegs. You should maximize your closet space. Casafield's slim, space-saving hangers add up to 50 percent more space with their ultra-thin profile. The design is lightweight yet sturdy. Practical yet stylish. The chrome hook on their flexible children's hangers will not rust. Their clothes hangers can hold up to 5 pounds, making them ideal for hanging clothes as your child grows, from puffy winter coats to school uniforms to strappy summer dresses. The soft velvet flocking makes clothes easy to maintain. The textured fabric and cut shoulder make it easy to secure tanks, shirts and dresses. The velvet pant bar is designed to keep their denim jeans, dress pants and skirts in place and prevent them from wrinkling on the closet floor. Their velvet hangers are double-duty and can be used to organize and streamline your child's closet space. These perfectly sized kid's hangers are from Casafield. The hanging and organizing possibilities are endless because of the 14-inch wide shoulders and horizontal pant cross-bar design.

Brand: Casafield

👤My daughter's clothes are too small for adults, but they fall off of the kids' hangers, so I got these for her. The clothes stay put because they are the perfect size. It was intense. So much. My daughter hangs her own clothes and is constantly horrified by how hard it is to get on the hanger. It was an Oops. Struggle builds character? She snapped a couple hangers in an attempt to get the clothes on with brute force alone, which allowed us to have a few talks about how some things in life require patience instead of brute force. The product does what I wanted. My daughter's troubles with these things caused me to deduct 1 star.

👤The hangers are perfect for women's shirts. These 14” hangers were perfect for my nice dressier shirts. In my photo you can see how this size compares to the standard size, which my husband bought at Bed Bath & Beyond. There is a We needed a smaller Pax unit from ikea to fit on one wall after we redid our master closet. We mounted the clothes rod in the center and used the hangers for my clothes. Since my shirts hang perfectly on it, the illusion is that it is the same size as the other ones. I would definitely recommend the quality.

👤I am happy to have purchased these. Will be buying more. My 8 year olds clothes were too big for the baby hanger and they kept falling off. The adult hangers were too large. These are great!

👤They are great. They have solved the problem of my 9 year old son. The clothes are put on the hangers. One of the hooks was broken. These hangers are easy to break. Almost a third of them have been broken since we bought them.

👤The hangers are sturdy and not easy to break. My kids' clothes stay put because of the velvet material. It's more difficult to put clothing on the hangers. It grabs the clothing so you have to manipulate it into place. The clothint staying on the hangers is more important to me. My 5 year olds clothes fall off of the plastic kids hangers and are too small for adults. The velvet hangers are happy. I like that they aren't bulky.

👤I ordered two more boxes and redid my mom's apartment because I loved the closets that were made in a tight space. Everything stays nice and snug on the hanger. The gray color is clean and organized. Don't hesitate to purchase quality and value.

👤If you are sick to death of regular sized hangers putting huge shoulder dimples in your blouse, you must have these. I have had to fold all my clothes because I can't stand shoulder dimples and the fabric at the top of the sleeves is too heavy. The picture shows a regular sized hanger coming past the shoulder seams on each arm. The second photo shows my new hangers that stop right at the shoulder seams. I will keep my cheeks clean. I wear an American size 6 blouse.

10. Sharpty Childrens Hangers Everyday Standard

Sharpty Childrens Hangers Everyday Standard

Children's hangers are outlined to hang clothes ranging from newborn to 2T. The hangers for kids clothes were constructed with reinforced plastic on the edges for better stability and support for outfits like shirts, dresses, pants, and more. The Sharpty children plastic clothes hangers feature a white-colored design that does not stain your children's garments and creates no burrs or flash. They have a smooth finish and high impact hangers. Their white plastic baby hangers are perfect for kids, toddlers and babies clothing. The shoulders of the hanger are notch for clothing with straps. If your closet is small or big, these baby kids hangers will make it easier to see. Their pack comes with 60 baby hangers so you can have enough for many occasions.

Brand: Sharpty

👤These are things that hang. They are made from plastic. I think they are the same as any other, you hang a kids shirt or pants and you will be golden. I tried to throw them at the kids and broke a few before the girlfriend told me to stop. If you are looking for something to throw at your kids, or something that is not hanging kids clothes, I would think twice.

👤You used to be able to get this pack of children's clothes hangers at Toys-R- Us. The size of the hangers is good. 60 of them are in a pack, but the price is high. The seller only allows one pack to be purchased per customer, which leads to me having to go to other vendors to purchase more. This doesn't make sense for the seller as they would think they would want to spend all of your money with them.

👤It was a busy time and I have been trying to avoid the stores, it had been a while since I needed hangers and I couldn't remember the average price. I knew I could get them at Walmart, but I wanted to avoid the trip during the Pandemic so I ordered these. They serve their purpose but they are $1 at Walmart. It made me sick to think that a lot of the things I buy on Amazon are twice or triple the price of Walmart or Target. I felt like I had been taken. I think that's correct.

👤The right size for my baby clothes. Very affordable.

👤These are perfect for our little boy's clothes when they arrive in November!

👤I used to use the grown up one, but it was difficult to put their tiny clothes on them, so I bought this. I decided to buy this and reorganize their closets. I love them. My kids wear 5t and small in junior and their clothes fit perfectly on the hangers, no more trying to squeeze their tops on the regular hangers. The blue one is so vibrant and similar to the pictures.

👤It's perfect for my kids clothes. 2T and 5. All of them were in one piece.

👤I've got three kids under 5 years old and I'm tired of re-using the hangers with which their clothes came, as they're often flimsy and not necessarily shaped well if you don't hang the same items on the same hangers each time. Who can keep track of that? These are the perfect size for children's clothing. The only thing I would have thought about was the fact that the sweaters I was hanging were stretching the necks, and that the rubber on the top of the hangers was not strong enough to keep them from sliding. I gave them a 5-star rating because I didn't want to lower my rating based on something that was obvious when I bought them. The photos clearly show that there is no rubber on them. There is a I would recommend them.

11. Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers Up

Zober Non Slip Velvet Hangers Up

50 attractive black velvet non slip hangers with chrome hooks and notch shoulders will make hanging clothes simple. The soft texture of the velvet clothes hangers grips delicate items such as camisoles and tanks with ease, while its sturdy, yet lightweight construction can hold a maximum weight of 10 pounds ideal for hanging heavy garments such as coats. Up to 50 percent more space on a garment rack can be freed with the ultra thin profile of these slim velvet hangers. The shoulder line on the black velvet hangers is designed to help preserve the shape of the clothes and features a cutout for keeping straps in place. The horizontal bar is covered in luxurious velvet that grips and prevents wrinkling. Before the first use, rinse the hangers under cold water for 30 seconds to remove any residuals and then twist the hook with light force to engage the swivel.

Brand: Zober

👤The velvet on the hangers is sticking to my hand. I tried to clean it but it doesn't work. It's not safe for my cloth to be put anywhere. I have to clean my closet and buy new ones. I wasted three days waiting for the infinitely shed hangers, and now have to drive to the store to get a refund. Thank you so much.

👤The shipping was two days faster than expected. None of them were broken when I received them. I hang pants and jackets from them. I know that some people might not buy these because of the velvet coming off, but no velvet has come off the clothes on the hangers. These are sturdy and flexible. I like the notch for my sleeveless or narrow-sleeved items. They have a slim profile, great for small storage spaces, and are more pleasing than their plastic counterparts. If you use these on delicate fabrics, they can leave the shoulder bumps from stretching, but they work well on sturdy fabrics. I had to get used to the fact that I can't pull pants or jackets off the shelf. The pants or jackets are held tightly by the hangers. I have to take the pants and jackets off. This will break me of my lazy habit of pulling clothes off the hangers just because I am in a rush. My bad habit has changed because of these hangers. The hangers are worth a lot. I had been looking at the fancy name brand hangers on the shopping network and buying a small pack, but couldn't justify spending the money on how many we would need for our closet. I decided to try these out. The ones that cost twice the price are just as good. I would recommend these hangers to anyone who wants to change out their hangers. There is a Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Click yes if you found my review helpful.

👤I looked at the reviews on Amazon before buying these. The hangers don't seem to shed on clothing, although I could rub them with the plastic they were packaged in. I bought the same design of hangers at Walmart and they were just as sturdy as the ones I bought at Better Homes and Gardens. I could easily snap one of these if I were not careful, but the Walmart ones don't bend, so I went with the Walmart one. The seller immediately contacted me and gave me options to improve my experience. The customer service was outstanding, even though the product wasn't as impressive as I had hoped.

👤I think I need an intervention. I ordered 100 of them and was so impressed that I ordered 100 more. Can't wait for them to arrive. I have a huge closet on my 4th closet. There were clothes all over the floor in the big closet. I couldn't find anything because of the mess. I'm always neat. What a difference these things make. I used Zober wooden hangers for the coat closet. Love them too. I have at least 100 of them. I'm Zoberized. If anyone wants to send me a birthday present, I'll take more of these velvet hangers. There is a Every package was well wrapped and easy to open. It was perfect.


What is the best product for eco friendly hangers kids?

Eco friendly hangers kids products from Goodtou. In this article about eco friendly hangers kids you can see why people choose the product. Mizgi and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hangers kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hangers kids?

Goodtou, Mizgi and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hangers kids. Find the detail in this article. Sharpty, Zober and Nature Smile are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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