Best Eco Friendly Holi Colors 1lb Bags

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1. Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags Pack

Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags Pack

Women and men will love the gifts. 100% Satisfying Service: If you're not satisfied with your VAGREEZ insulated tote bag, please contact them immediately to request a new one. Although Amazon's return window has been closed, VAGREEZ promises to give you a new one for defects in material and workmanship. Their grocery bags are rigid and easy to load and unload compared to ordinary floppy bags, and long handles make it easy to carry tall items or sling over your shoulder. Extra large. A 3-Pack holds the same number of single-use grocery bags. It's great for family trips to the supermarket, for carrying bulky items, and for organizing produce, meats, and grocery items as you shop. A perfect tote bag for women or men. Their tote bags are made to last and are strong enough to hold groceries, books, toys, and anything else you need to carry. Each multi-purpose box bag is made from top quality materials with a rigid insert between layers to reinforce and stiffen the sides and bottom. Best shopping bags for groceries! The design is spill proof so items stay put. The groceries are in the trunk. Soft items will not be damaged on your way home. Simply use a damp cloth or wipe to clean, then allow to air-dry. Their shopping bags fold flat like a notebook when not in use, so they can be stored under your car seat, trunk, or kitchen drawer.

Brand: Creative Green Life

👤When I don't have a bagger, I am bagging groceries at the cashier. I got rid of my floppy fabric bags after buying these shopping boxes. I hate the floppy bags. I don't care what they are made of, if they are floppy I don't like them. When you pick up the groceries, everything shifts around because you have to fight those floppy bags. It was a pain in the 'you know what'. The shopping boxes are perfect, they are upright, fit in the bagging rack, hold the same amount of stuff as a full size paper bag, and they don't tip over in the trunk. The baggers prefer the shopping boxes over the floppy fabric bags. Any box that is used for shopping is preferred to the pleats bags. The only downside to these is that you can't throw them in the washer, but this really shouldn't matter. You would be surprised how many people don't wash their bags.

👤I love these bags! They are easy to carry and fold flat for easy storage in the back of my car. I can fit around 40 groceries in one. Also can hold a 15 lbs. A cat.

👤There is a design flaw in the bags. The tworivets securing the straps to the side of the bag are a weak point. The straps on my bags broke. It would be better if there were more stitchings and less rivets.

👤I ordered a second set because I loved them so much. They're strong and hold a lot. I can fit in this set of three grocery bags and they won't tear. I use a large clip to hold them together and clip them to my shopping cart, and when I check them out they fit in the cart. My mom is going to buy some of her own. Reducing plastic feels good. A great product.

👤I'm very happy with this purchase. I've had a lot of bags for shopping, but I was looking for something that wouldn't fall over and didn't want anything too deep, because the baggers tend to put too many fruits and veggies in one bag crushing them. The handles are sewed all the way down and into the bottom edging, which I like. They seem to be strong. They are sturdy and can hold a good amount of weight, so I wouldn't suggest loading them with 30 lbs. They're more square than rectangular. I think they are perfect. The cans and things for scale are in the photos.

👤I tried to show two bags full and the contents next to them on the counter to see what would fit in each bag. It is smaller than I expected, but it is the size stated in the description. These bags are wonderful. I ordered more when I came home. They are very sturdy and they sit open so there is no chance of them holding onto one side while you try to get something into the bag.

👤These bags were great for my family and I. They have a lot of groceries. They are strong and stable. I bought some bags. We like them so much that I just ordered 12 more and received six more navy colored and six more chevron colored. Each car will have 9 shopping bags. I don't want to fill my bags to the rim because they are too heavy for me. Senior citizens need to carry lighter loads, but it is ok for the guys. 9 bags are perfect for spreading my groceries. There was room for other groceries in the bag I put the jumbo paper towel in. The bags hold a lot. The height and width of the bags are perfect. They don't need to be taller or wider. The dimensions of this bag were created. The straps are long. If you are a senior citizen, the handle is long enough to hang on your cart. In October of next year, a law was signed by our governor that will require us to pay 5 cents per bag. I researched a replacement for plastic bags. I'm happy with my purchases.

2. Variety Colors Pigment Diamond Pigments

Variety Colors Pigment Diamond Pigments

UltraSource bag seal tape and bag neck seal are used for seal filled bags. "10 colors" Powder Pigment is a type of paint. Deep blue sea, emerald green, green envy, black ONYX, silver pearl, and iridescent blue are all represented. White - pear hazel -impregnated red Black ONYX. Use for plastic and glue. nail polish, automotive paint, lacquer, soap, rubber, fiberglass, lip stick, screen printing, candle making, and jewelry are all included. The color of concrete will not be the same as shown. 1g of paint per 1oz of epoxy. 50g of paint is peelable. Please see the guide for help. All of these are 10-60 microns. If you add a clear base to a black base, you can get the highest quality titanium dioxide. They guarantee to beat any competitors price by 10% on the same color of black diamond jewelry. All of their other colors can be found on Amazon. If you have any questions about the color, please contact them. They have the lowest prices, highest quality and unique colors. They will beat anyones prices on the same product. All of their other colors can be found on Amazon. If you have any questions about the color, please contact them. They have the lowest prices, highest quality and unique colors. They will beat anyones prices on the same product.

Brand: Black Diamond Pigments

👤I mixed them with a substance. It came out very realistic. I am very happy with the products. You can buy pigments in Michaels or hobbylobby.

👤Our shop has been using black diamond mica powder for a long time. The color from one pack to the next is the same. It doesn't take much more to be fully opaque. We don't need as much as I thought we would. These bags are small. We love all of the packs. We use a lot of black so that helps, even though you get a few doubles. There is a The last few times we've ordered bags, at least one has a small puncture. It doesn't all come out, but maybe 1/2 gram will, and that makes everything inside the larger bag a little bit of a mess. You just need to wipe down each bag and put the punctured one inside something else. I'm not sure what the best way to fix this is, is a bag quality issue or some form of additional protection around them all? It won't stop me from ordering. These are better than others we've tried.

👤I think the colors will be pretty. There is an update. These are very pretty when mixed with a substance. The "Imperial Red" comes out as an orange. The first ten are the original powder colors. There are 14 powders in this mix: Blue, Green, Silver, Blue, White, Red, Green, White, and Iridescent.

👤I love this stuff! A small pinch can go a long way. Very bright colors.

👤The best craft mica powder on the market. You don't get much in the variety packs. It's all trial and error on how much powder to use. There is no instructions or suggestions for how much to use. It's best to start with small amounts and add more powder as the results will be more opaque. If you are going for a more transparent appearance, a little can go a long way.

👤I thought it would be a good idea to use this in my building to make the floors look like carpeting. I might have enough material to do the front floor of a 1/25th scale car with what is in the bag. I'll be looking for a better source.

👤I love this stuff. The colors are amazing and it's easy to use. The blue is beautiful. I engraved the letters blue on my brother's cutting board. He and I were both happy. I will be using this brand of dye in the future.

👤The colors in this product are amazing. I love experimenting with combinations. I feel like a mad scientist when I create masterpieces on coasters. You should write down how many drops you used when experimenting so you can duplicate what you like. The powders are rich and should be used lightly.

👤It's the best material for river tables and chopping boards. There is a You can get enough for a decent sized project or a lot of small projects.

3. MEYSPRING Two Tone Collection Pigment

MEYSPRING Two Tone Collection Pigment

The giftbox has a water tumbler with a bubble bag in it. There is a powder for rinsing art. The new generation of resin makes it possible to build a range of intense colors in several shades. The final results of this paint are dependent on the viewing angle. Since it's 100% mineral, non-toxic, and inert, it can be mixed into almost any clear medium like alcohol ink, acrylic pour paint, latex, or food safe epoxy, 2 part, plastic, etc. Makeup can be done with all of the MeySPRING Pigments, including lipgloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and nail polish. They're 100% natural and skin-safe, and they don't contain any harmful ingredients. There is a free port guide. When you purchase this set, you will receive a digital Portion Guide in your inbox. Don't waste too much powder! If you use the bags wisely, they will last longer. You can get your money back if you don't like it. Are you worried that you won't like the color kit? Don't be! They will give you your money back if you think it didn't live up to your expectations. No questions were asked. You can get your money back if you don't like it. Are you worried that you won't like the color kit? Don't be! They will give you your money back if you think it didn't live up to your expectations. No questions were asked.

Brand: Meyspring

👤The Meyspring brand of micas is the best I have found. The black looks great for my projects. It's easy to mix and the colors pop! The blues and pastels are amazing.

👤The quality and color of these pigments have been very good for me. I use them for my small scale jewelry and the final product is a brilliant luster. I love every single color in the collection. The product is fairly priced and a little goes a long way. The white is versatile, I can mix it with other colors to lighten them. It is difficult to find a red that mixes well and is not too bright, so the red is the prettiest I have found.

👤It was very easy to use. I was very happy with the results of my first attempt at using mica powder. I ordered two more sets for my craft collection. I order extras when I find something that I love. Highly recommended!

👤I am so impressed with these animals. Absolutely beautiful. I would purchase every single one of them if there were more colors to purchase.

👤Wow! I love these colors. I hope they come out with other colors. They are gorgeous! The price for these lil packs can come down if you keep using them. They are beautiful. I use them for art. Please try them! I promise if you like deep rich colors, you will love these. She could add a purple to this collection.

👤I use the mica in my work. I haven't tried all of the colors yet but the Peach Gold, Wine Red and Charcoal Black are the prettiest shimmers. I like the packaging, the containers are sturdy, and the opening is bigger so it is easier to get at the product, for me they are much less messy than some of the small bags other companies use.

👤I like the sparkle! I don't have to use a lot as it's concentrated.

👤Great purchase! The colors pop very nicely when using the resin. I like the spread because it allows me to mix and match different shades for my wood working.

👤I love the colors. Will purchase again.

👤I can't wait to use these.

👤A little color goes a long way. Awesome product.

4. UltraSource 190003 Wild Game Freezer

UltraSource 190003 Wild Game Freezer

Korean Beauty products like SKINFOOD lead the world with their top-tier beauty and makeup products. They are the first brand to root itself in food since 1957, as they believe that the highest quality food results in healthy, beautiful skin to create a healthier lifestyle. It's a good idea to process and store your meat products for later use. Strong 2-mil thickness makes handling safer and reduces the risk of punctures or tears. The bottom gusset has a small amount of overfill that helps prevent blowouts. Blank space on the front allows you to personalize. UltraSource bag seal tape and bag neck seal are used for seal filled bags.

Brand: Ultrasource

👤I have been using these bags for over 15 years and they cost me $11 locally. I was sold when I saw the pkgs of 1000. They looked and felt the same as the ones I usually buy, when they opened the package. The supply store where I buy in 100 pks is wrapped with a rubber band and has a price tag. I usually use about 200 bags a year, with many of the pkgs well over 1.5 years old in the freezer, and never had freezer burn. If you already have the tape dispensers, I highly recommend it. Is not needed, but it makes the job of seal the bags a one person job. There is a My next investment will be a motorized stuffing machine that can make stuffing and pkging burgers for one person.

👤We buy them every year. My husband processes his deer and puts it in the bags. No freezer burn ever. They are thick enough to protect the meat in the freezer, but not so thick that they are hard to cook. We use the twist ties, which worked just as well as the tape.

👤I package a lot of venison in similar bags. I decided to buy 1,000 of the UltraSource ones because I found them at a great price. You get what you pay for. I started packaging and the bags started leaking. I understand that these things are made of plastic and aren't meant to last forever, but most brands will hold the liquid for 5 minutes from the grinder to the freezer. I will pay more for the LEM bags.

👤The product is good for most of the time. It would be nice to check the meat that you have when you order a wild game bag. This should have been the case with this product, but the bags we got are all white. There is no markings. We have to write a lot on the bag. It is a bigger pain to ship them back and reorder them.

👤Don't buy. They sent a completely different one. They don't send you the correct product that is advertised and you believe you're buying a terrible product.

👤When you take the grind out of the bag, it's a good value. Nothing left behind.

👤Good bags for animals. I use it for a lot of ground meat. The price is good.

👤It was great to pack a wild game burger. It works with the LEM meat grinder. Meat and bags are holding up. It's great in the freezer. I will keep you updated should any issues arise.

👤Works are described. The freezer has less space.

👤I thought it was longer but it is shorter than I thought.

👤These bags are great to package our wild game. It is easy to use.

5. YEQIN Refill Fabric Marker Package

YEQIN Refill Fabric Marker Package

Colorful memory is engaging fun to events. Enough amount for a photo shoot, a color fight, a backyard party, a photo shoot, a color war, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot Now is the time to create some of your most memorable pictures. A new colour chalk wheel. The large end has a metal roller that draws the chalk on your fabric while you roll it along. You can draw chalk lines on your fabric for alterations. Remove all marks before pressing. The package doesn't mention this, but before you can use it, you will need to extract the chalk cartridge, pry out the bottom cover of the cartridge to release the chalk, This isn't difficult, it's just a little fiddly. I suggest using a piece of paper. You are likely to get a few stray grains, but there won't be a lot of chalk spillage.

Brand: Yeqin

👤The device was not working at all. When I tried to use this, nothing happened. I found out that you have to remove the plastic cap on the chalk to get the chalk out of the device. It works like a charm. It would have been nice if there were instructions. Some of us who are beginners don't have anyone to show us how to use a diagram. This works well.

👤This product claims that the triangle taylors chalk will fit in, but it's not true. There is no way to fit a chalk in. Would not recommend it.

👤I like using them, but they are too expensive for me to afford, and I prefer the small that resembles a lipstick tube. There is a I found one yellow.

👤My knit fabric was ripped by the chalk wheel, which may be ok for denim or canvas. Returned it.

👤The chalk in the wheel was broken and would not mark fabric. I wish it worked.

👤I can not get the chalk to come out so it is not working. I am open to suggestions. I have glided it across fabric several times but nothing has happened.

👤You can easily make marks for buttonholes with a bursa chalk wheel tool, it is very similar to the precise marking you can do with it.

6. MEIEST Hydrophobic Educational Innovations Novelties

MEIEST Hydrophobic Educational Innovations Novelties

The package doesn't mention this, but before you can use it, you will need to extract the chalk cartridge, pry out the bottom cover of the cartridge to release the chalk, This isn't difficult, it's just a little fiddly. I suggest using a piece of paper. You are likely to get a few stray grains, but there won't be a lot of chalk spillage. The pack is 50g*7 colors. There are 7 exciting colors in the magic Sand Set. Sand is a material that repels water and never gets wet. These feel like sand when out of water, but when it goes underwater, it's magic. You can mold the sand into any creation you want when you're underwater. The sand can be used to build your underwater world. Young boys and girls build sand castles. It' s a great way to spend time with your friends and family. Kids can play with friends and family. Stay away from electronics if you want to attract kids. After playing with the sand, dry it completely with a paper towel and store it. Later on, use it to create another world. It can be used for magic or science experiments. It's the best choice for Thanksgiving. Halloween gift. The game is fun and interactive. Eco-friendly materials are made from safe, eco-friendly, non-irritating and reliable materials for a more secure and protected playtime.

Brand: Meiest

👤We bought this for our bird. It works great as replacement food.

👤I used this to refill food for my sons. Did the trick. He likes having new colors.

👤I bought this as a replacement for the turtles. This worked perfectly. As soon as it was strained it was dry. The food the turtle came with worked as well as possible. Would buy it again. When my granddaughter opened the package, she saw what she could do with the sand. They were going to do underwater projects. This was a good value for the different colors of sand.

👤One pack is less than half the size of my hand. $2 per bag. I was hoping for more sand. I would rather pay $12 for a large bag of sand. I think it will do the job. I bought it for my son. I like the colors. It is similar to the "squand" from the 90's.

👤I was expecting a colorful kids box with instructions, but only 7 tiny bags of sand. They thought they had sent us a refill pack. Thats all there is. Don't buy.

👤My girls got a bunch of Flamingos for Christmas and they got this kind of sand to "poop" out. The company didn't sell extra, but I did research and found this perfect.

👤This was fun to play with. They didn't stay together in the water like in the videos. Unable to play with a second time. Will not purchase again.

👤Excellent sand. Comes in bags. It was fun to play with. My daughter got a poop flamingo for Christmas and it needs more food. There are plenty of kids to play with.

7. 10 Colors 100g Each Pigments

10 Colors 100g Each Pigments

The circle is 1 inch wide. A kaleidoscope of 10 Venetian colors will make your event unforgettable. 100 grams of each of blue, pink, red, yellow, orange, deep green, deep red, deep blue, lime green and purple are included in the multi-pack. 100 It's easy to clean up with natural household products. It doesn't stain after being hosed off. The ideal size to hand out at an event is theEZ-OPEN PACKETS. PERFECT. For events like Color Fights, Birthday Parties, Summer Camps, Color Wars, Pride Events, 5K runs, Tumbling, Gymnastics and Holi Festivals!

Brand: Captain Colors

👤The colors came out quickly. Adults wear gloves and throw color at the kids as they run by during a color run for the kids birthday. Everyone loves it. There was plenty of powder for 9 kids.

👤It is so much fun to use this powder for chalk paint. Our driveway is bright and it was 100 times better than using chalk to draw. I will order this again.

👤Every year I host an Easter egg battle and after 6 years of searching this is our winner. We don't have to hope they will look good. This color is bright and bold, the powder isn't like sand, and it washed out, so I recommend washing everything right away. We don't wear clothes and will be bothered about staining them.

👤The colors are beautiful. It was very nice and vibrant. I wasn't able to enjoy all of it since some of it spilled, but they feel good and you can just shake them off. It still created a nice effect with what was left.

👤I used these for our engagement shoot and they worked great. I was worried if they would last the whole session. It would work great for a party with all the leftover. We pranked my boss because we had so much left over. It came out of our white clothes.

👤The 10 colour pack only had two colors; blue and pink. The label on the outer package said 10 colors, but it seems that someone suffers from colour blindness. More than two colors are needed, and ten is simply pushing it.

👤This was perfect to celebrate. You get a lot of powder. If you're all out of activities, it's fun for kids to play on a regular day.

👤The colors are gorgeous. The powder is very saturated with dye. I mixed it with flour to make more. Came out well!

8. Lanard Chalk Bombs Pack Packaging

Lanard Chalk Bombs Pack Packaging

Their party powders are skin safe and eco-friendly. There are 6 chalk bombs. Over 200 throws per chalk bomb. You can create art with every toss.

Brand: Lanard

👤These are so enjoyable. You won't regret buying. They last a long time. Wear clothes that don't get stained. I used them for a party. All parents were told to put their kids in play clothes. The kids were playing in the back yard as we watched from the balcony. The adults were getting pulverized by the kids with them. We retaliated. It was unforgettable. My kids talked about that day for a while. This was the only entertainment at the party. I like these.

👤Our 3.5 year old loves them. We end up with different colors on him, us, and parts of the house when he's playing with them. It's easy to clean up from chalk. I let him throw them at my legs because he thinks it's funny to turn my legs in different colors. I don't know how long they last. I know at least one of them has seen a lot of play times and it still leaves chalk marks.

👤We bought more after having some of these. My kids love them. It is easy to handle for small hands. We use them on the side of the house and my husband throws them at them. They don't stain clothes. Will buy more and I was very happy.

👤I ordered this set to be used as stocking stuffers. My kids spent at least 1.5 hours outside with a group of kids. They liked it. They were covered in chalk in the end. It was washed out with no issues. They said I need to buy more.

👤My kids love them! I ordered more for upcoming bday parties. They are easy to wash out. It is like water balloons. It is a fun activity.

👤They can be fun with a child. We used to clobber each other with powder in socks for Halloween. These are pretty.

👤I love these. They were half price here. The kids in the neighborhood made the cul de sac look pretty. It's worth it for your kids. I bought more for my daughter's party. They make great party favors.

👤10 year old had a blast with his friends. It is easy to wash off in the backyard. They are unavailable. Hope they sell again.

9. ARELUX Portable Drawstring Packets Festivals

ARELUX Portable Drawstring Packets Festivals

You can create art with every toss. You will receive Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow,Red, and Rose red each bag,total of 888-276-5932 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s. It's easy to clean with a little soap and water. If you want to clean hard surfaces like parking lots and driveway, just wash it dry and rinse it with water. Each set has a bag of color powder. The bag is portable and not easy to break. You can either pour them into a bottle or squeeze them from an open bag. It is safe to touch the skin and hair. If you get into your eyes, wash them with water. Colorful memory is engaging fun to events. Enough amount for a photo shoot, a color fight, a backyard party, a photo shoot, a color war, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot, a photo shoot Now is the time to create some of your most memorable pictures.

Brand: Arelux

👤I wanted to try out a cheaper alternative. I will put this in my closet until I figure out what to do with them. The balls have some kind of material in them. I host large color wars with people of all ages. We have had injuries with Chameleon balls, so I am never going to throw a ball with a strip on it at a child, it just isn't going to be safe. Throwing things at each other is safe. I would not have purchased that item. The products of Chameleon Colors are superior. We have a set of balls that have been used for 8 years.

👤My daughter wanted me to give her more color for the Friday night football game. She could wear and carry the bright colors in the sealed packets and the backpack that came with it. We are going to buy a few more packages to share. If you want to change the color of the clothing, soak it in white vinegar before washing. I will try to get her to share pictures so you can see what she is doing.

👤We bought this powder for our son's party. It was a lot of fun. My sister-in-law is thinking about doing the same thing for my daughter's party. The colors are very bright. They show up on clothes and the person. It is easy to wash off the ground. I tried to get the colors to set and stain a white t-shirt, but I couldn't keep the bright colors. We got pastel colored shirts after everything was washed and dried. We will definitely be ordering again and probably a lot more powder.

👤These were amazing. I made my kids' birthday party fun. If you want to throw the powder at each other, you should pour it into the panty hose and tie it up. I will be purchasing again. The color washed out without a problem.

👤Adding a splash of color to an activity is a great way to add a fun element. The package was what the kids needed to make the post virtual graduation celebration more freeing. Go for it!

👤There are prefilled balls in the picture. The bag was only used for this. It was very disappointed and returned.

👤This product is fun and amazing. It was fun to do this as an Easter activity. It was easy to clean up. I bought a white shirt and it washed out.

👤It's a cool product. I love the colors. The bags weren't what I thought and we didn't have one.

👤Me encanto... Use para revelacin de gĂ©nero.

10. Colorful Tannerite Surprise Motorcycle Photography

Colorful Tannerite Surprise Motorcycle Photography

VIBRANT The bright blue and pink chalk powder will not ask about the gender. It's safe on the skin. Their party powders are safe for the skin. The product is also made from renewable resources. Pair tannerite powder with their product for an exploding gender reveal target to shoot. Use smoke to reveal the baby boys gender at holi festival. Their party powders are skin safe and eco-friendly.

Brand: Hawwwy

👤Great product, but not used on a motorcycle exhaust. My motor was destroyed. The whole motor was destroyed.

👤I was skeptical when I ordered this product, not so much about the product but the whole thing. It was a joke, but I wanted it to go well. I finally made it happen to get a French bulldog puppy. I didn't tell the rest of the family right away. The announcement was made at a gender reveal party. I put the 2lb back in the exhaust pipe of my truck and tried to get them excited. I had the girls stand in the driveway and wait for the news. I think they thought I was going to get something out of the truck, but instead I started it and boomed big cloud pink. It's a girl!

👤This was a mess. The item was shipped with other items and left blue powder all over. The inside of the box was covered in powder and I had to wash it. Too much was sent in a bag. You get your money's worth, but 80% of the bag was a waste. It was messy putting it in the motorcycle exhaust. It was easy to clean with water.

👤It's easy to clean, try not to wear it when you do a gender reveal. You will be smacking your life away.

👤Great purchase! We were having a boy and there was a lot of powder. You end up throwing one out if you find other listings that give you both colors. We got exactly what we wanted with this. The blue color is gorgeous. Would buy again.

👤The person ordered the wrong one. I needed the one that wasn't visible. It worked and did its job. Make sure you check again and get the right one.

👤We used chalk for a gender reveal. It is hard to clean stained clothes and surfaces. I don't recommend using it outside on grass or dirt.

👤The powder easily dispersed when the piata was hit. It didn't clump. It didn't clump. It worked out as planned.

11. Moretoes Pouches Reusable Heat Sealable Business

Moretoes Pouches Reusable Heat Sealable Business

One sprayer is included with the two-packs. Remove the sprayer from the first bottle and apply it to the second. Trigger color may change. 72 pieces of stand up paper pouch bag with a window height of 1.57in, a bottom diameter of 1.57in and a volume of 5.7oz are available. The design of the product is to have a single-sided transparent window to make sure the clarity of the internal packaging products, and the side of the seal has a U-shaped tearing port, more convenient to open. The paper pouch bags are made of food grade paper and plastic and have a safe wax coating on the inner lining. Functions: You can attach your own brand label to the surface of a retail or sample display package. Good seal, reuse, recyclable, odorless, and absorbent are some of the other features.

Brand: Moretoes

👤These packages are wonderful. I sell dried herbs that are very good quality. Love is love.

👤These bags are very large. They look and feel good, they are thick and water resistant. The bags are sealed very reliably by the zipper. The bags look nice. I got them in two different sizes. They are being used to pack dried fruit and fruit rolls. Each bag can hold up to 5 Oz of dried fruit and up to 10 0z of dried fruit, which is a lot for dried stuff. They are very eco friendly and work well for homemade stuff. I also use the same colored stickers. Highly recommended!

👤I needed good packaging to sell my tea leaves. The packs hold enough leaves for about five cups of tea. I am very happy with their quality. My labels are printed on sticker paper.

👤I love these bags. They work well for our business and never had any issues ripping it.

👤This product was disappointing. About 1/3 of them wouldn't hold a vacuum overnight and 1 in 5 wasn't formed right at the bottom. I own a commercial vacuum cleaner. I tried heating several times. The seal looked good, but there was air in it. If a vacuum is not important to you, they may work for you. I will not use these bags again.

👤I use it to pack a snack and I can tell you that the bag has it all. They are big and have space. The brown is not ugly and they are good looking. You can seal them when you are done filling them.

👤I would like to know how to seal it, the bags are nice, but there is no instructions on how to seal it.

👤These are must haves. These are perfect for my small business.

👤Adecuado! There is a Cierran fcil con la plancha.

👤solo, la superficie est encerada. Y. No se tiene colocar. propio de la empresa


What is the best product for eco friendly holi colors 1lb bags?

Eco friendly holi colors 1lb bags products from Creative Green Life. In this article about eco friendly holi colors 1lb bags you can see why people choose the product. Black Diamond Pigments and Meyspring are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly holi colors 1lb bags.

What are the best brands for eco friendly holi colors 1lb bags?

Creative Green Life, Black Diamond Pigments and Meyspring are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly holi colors 1lb bags. Find the detail in this article. Ultrasource, Yeqin and Meiest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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