Best Eco Friendly Home Items

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1. Natural Hemp Sponges Dishes 100 Compostable

Natural Hemp Sponges Dishes 100 Compostable

Do you mean washing dishes before the plastic kitchen sinks are installed? The scrubber is hand knitted from green organic materials. Plastic sponges and metal scrubbers can be composted. Discipline and practice are important. The re-usable hemp scruber does not absorb odors. It will last for 3-6 months without losing its appearance. There is no need to clean the dishes. No scratches are left on the non-stick coating of the dishes and pots. There is a loop for drying. You will receive scrapers in a box of recycled paper that you can reuse. A practical gift. People who stick to the zero waste lifestyle or those who are just at the beginning of the journey will be happy with the gift of a scraper.

Brand: Kolo Nature

👤I threw them away. The idea of the packaging was very appealing to me. I tried washing and soaking them, thinking essential oils dish soaps could get rid of the smell. Nothing worked. I didn't try soaking these in chlorine bleach. That's right. I have used natural knitted dish cloths for a long time. Natural fibers don't have the smell of gasoline or diesel. This is not a natural fiber.

👤Love the size. The box has no advertising or stickers. My daughter has a plan. There is a Amazon needs to follow their lead in packaging.

👤I was looking into low-waste options for hand dish washing, but I didn't want to buy all the different brushes most posts talk about. These scrubbers are natural and good quality. They can do the job of a dish sponge. Food debris can easily be washed away with water. I washed it in the laundry with my towels, and it still looks the same. They will last a long time. If you don't mind washing dishes by hand and touching the water, give these a try. My boyfriend tried them but he didn't like how small they were. I have no complaints about the size or how they feel. It can be difficult to use alternatives, but you can use soap and warm water and they will work.

👤I can't recommend this product. I can't stand the smell of cleaning dishes and surfaces, they work great and seem durable, but I can't stand the smell. The smell of natural fibers is not the same as the smell of petroleum products. Is it coated in aPreservative? I followed the instructions and put them in the machine. The items that were washed in that load now smell like petrol, because the smell didn't wash out. I don't like it. I can't use them because of the smell, otherwise they would be great.

👤I like to wash my dishes over the sponges. They absorb my soap bar and rinse it out. I don't think it's an issue for me that it has a wet jute smell. The soaps retain their lather very well with this sponge. I have not seen any shed for me so far. I can use my dish brush to wash dishes the way I need to. I used to have to replace my scrub daddy sponges every month since they would just fall apart, but I have had it for over a month and it holds up like new. All packaging was recycled. There is a I told myself that these sponges are expensive and that I could have knitted some of them. Alas, no. I will not knit them myself and they work well. I am sticking with what is available to me and what works for my dishes and environment.

👤I bought this to be ecofriendly and reduce the amount of plastic I use. The value is not there. There is a It seems more eco friendly than plastic, as long as you clean your dishes with typical foods. The hanging strap was useful when drying, but it was difficult to clean off if you wash something with flour, it will get stuck to the scrubber.

2. Heavy Duty Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Certified

Heavy Duty Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Certified

It's a perfect gift for a person who's conscious of the environment. Their eco-friendly kitchen brushes show the household's commitment to a cleaner Earth. The brushes are beautiful and make an interesting conversation piece, often opening the door to more eco-friendly discussions. 100% of the time. The dimensions are 23.75 in x 29 in x 1.25MIL and 60.3 cm x 73.7 cm. Compostable bags that are Heavy-DUTY can hold their integrity for longer in your indoor bin because of their superior material and thickness. 100% eco-friendly material. The bags are broken down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass at the same rate as other organic materials in your compost pile. It was made from corn. The Biodegradable Products Institute is certified to meet US standards. The OK Compost Home and OK Compost Industrial are certified by TUV Austria. The bags are made from 100% renewable materials in Home Composting bins and in specialized industrial/municipal facilities. It is possible to use and care for most tall bins within a year. Store in a dry place. It can be used in many places. It is possible to use and care for most tall bins within a year. Store in a dry place. It can be used in many places.

Brand: Unidomum

👤This is an important idea. The material is too thin to be used in a trash container that can be filled to the capacity of the bag and the bags tear too easily. "Heavy Duty" is not really what it sounds like. Keep trying. We need more of this technology.

👤The other brands I've used are not as good as these. I've been using them for months and haven't had any wholes or leaks. I try to put wet trash in the middle of the trash before I pitch it to make it less likely that I'll get a hole. Better safe than sorry. I ended with holes with thinner bags. I'm very happy with my bags. Every time I take out the trash, there will be a hole. I will get more.

👤The new-to-me composting wastebin bag has been so good so far. My family has worked to cut down on waste being sent to the landfill over the past couple years. We still have some waste that ends up in a landfill. I have always disliked using plastic garbage bags. My experience with other composting bags is that once they get wet, they start to break down and become very easy to puncture. I don't know how sturdy this bag is once it gets wet but it does feel sturdy to the touch and so far no punctures! I will try to give an updated review in a couple months once we have tested it longer. I would recommend ordering this product.

👤You have to realize that this is a really good bag and that it won't take the beating of plastic bags. They are more than strong. They don't tear off at the right place, that's my one complaint. They tear off the bags at a perforation, but they tear off the bags at the bottom of the bag, which is about 1/2 above the perforation. When you lift the bag out of the trash bin, it will blow out at the bottom. The first couple of boxes didn't have this problem, but the last two have, so I believe they have a manufacturing quality issue.

👤I wanted to make a step towards being more eco-friendly by replacing our garbage bags with these. The first bag I used had the garbage go all over the floor and I had to empty the garbage bin. It made a mess in the curbie when it tried to take it to the dumpster. The bag had ties on it. It did not. I want them to work, but now the owner of a box of garbage bags. They are very soft.

👤The bags are thick and convenient, but they can be torn easily.

👤Anything can create a hole in this, and it's very hard to tie when full. I like the idea but the product could use some work. I don't think I will be buying again.

👤I became a master recycler in Portland. The heat to turn in to compost was required in my study. Throwing bags in to my compost pile will not turn into compost. Some fast food businesses used corn base products. I will look into the truth of your product.

3. ETSUS Biodegradable Rubbish Wastebasket Bathroom

ETSUS Biodegradable Rubbish Wastebasket Bathroom

Purchase with confidence knowing that if you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund. They will replace your charcuterie board if anything happens to it, because you will get access to their 2 year warranty. The bags are bio-degradable. Their tall kitchen trash bags are made from sustainable materials that don't harm the environment. The wastebasket liners are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to reduce their plastic waste output. DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: If you love the convenience of trash bags but don't want to throw away plastic, then their 15 gal bags are for you. The 1.3 mil thickness of the waste bag makes it durable enough to not leak or tear. It is even easier to throw them away now that they have added easy tie drawstrings. Their trash bags are made from renewable materials and can be used for your home or office. They have the perfect fit for living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, cars, and any other place you have in mind. An eBook will help you reduce kitchen waste. The size is less than the sheath. Their tall trash bags are large enough to handle garbage bags that are too small. Each pack comes with 75 bags that can hold up to 13 gallons of waste making them the perfect choice for any home, office or restaurant. There are dimensions and size. The kitchen garbage bags measure in at 24.8 inches x 31.5 inches (63 cm x 80 cm) making them the right size for most home bins. They are thick enough to resist tearing, so you don't have to worry about leaking fluids or smells. There are dimensions and size. The kitchen garbage bags measure in at 24.8 inches x 31.5 inches (63 cm x 80 cm) making them the right size for most home bins. They are thick enough to resist tearing, so you don't have to worry about leaking fluids or smells.

Brand: Etsus

👤I like the bags, they can't hold a lot of weight. I bought them for the second time. They are the best ones I have tried so far. I am not sure why the company uses plastic bubble wrap to pad the package.

👤I owe the bags from ETSUS back. Operator error was to blame for the closing issue. All I had to do was cinch the top of the bag all the way along the sturdy tie handle until it was completely gathered together. We areIVE STARS! These bags are great so far. Sturdy enough to hold crumpled cartons without worry. The only thing I want is for the bag to be fully closed. The top of the bag stays open even though the materials don't jibe. I tied another knot to secure the bag after folding it over, which seems to work. These are worth the extra hassle.

👤They do not stretch and have not had a bag rip yet. They have the same system. I can't remember what size we use, but I was happy to see that these fit our can exactly. These are less expensive than the number you're getting. Excellent recommendation. "W" is easy for helping the environment. There is less plastic in the ocean. The only thing I don't like about these is that the tear seam is on the side, which makes sense with the drawstring. The old bags were twice the cost and destroyed the environment. There are trade-offs.

👤The green bags are too small for the average kitchen garbage can. These fit and have ties. They stay intact with wet garbage like coffee grounds.

👤I like the bags a lot. My husband and I have been very pleased with them. They don't fall apart. I feel like they don't have a scent, even though they asked me to rate it. My nose has been bothering me since I got pregnant. Good news, these don't smell. I don't like the smell of scented bags. The one thing people don't like is that they don't stretch like kitchen trash bags. That's not an issue for me. I don't jam trash into it for a week because I take the trash out often. These bags are great.

👤We have a smaller can and these bags are fine for us. We take the trash out every 2 days on average, but the drawstring snaps 4 out of 5 times when I try to use it. I would have rated higher if the bags claimed to have an easy tie.

👤The bags work well, and don't seem to have any major issues. I like that they are bright yellow, which makes it easy to sort the non-recyclables when I take them to the local dump. They are more expensive than Glad bags, but they are worth it for the fact that the recyclables are handled appropriately after a week of garbage is accumulated and ready to go to the dump.

👤We love the trash bags. They are the same as advertised. The only reason I'm giving them 4 stars and not 5 is because the first few times we lifted the bags up, the tie ripped out of the bag. We tie the bag with the strings and pick it up. I haven't had a rip since. We recycle so we don't have a lot of trash, but the fact that the bags are non-biodegradable is a small weight off of my shoulders.

4. Silicone Eco Friendly Reusable Preservation Vegetable

Silicone Eco Friendly Reusable Preservation Vegetable

The roots of it all They had a few core goals. Environmental advocacy, zero-waste missions, plastic-free lifestyles, and beautiful, high-quality craftsmanship are their passions. The results and feedback have been amazing. Over 40,000 customers have become plastic-free because of their bags, and they plant trees with every single purchase. Food grade silicone is used in the lids and bags of food preservation. All natural, Beeswax Wrap is made from organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, and has no scent, more safe. Natural seals allow food to stay fresh for longer. You will receive 6 different size Silicone stretch lids, 2 large storage bags, 4 medium storage bags, and 3 different size beeswax food. These will be good for protecting a variety of containers and foods that help protect your juice, fresh produce, fruits, snack, cheeses, and bread, sandwiches, nuts and more. Use in lunch boxes, camping, picnics or as an earth friendly gift. Silicone lid and storage bag are safe used in fridge, freezer, microwave oven and sous vide cooking to keep fresh. 20C/-4F 120C/248F. Food is kept fresh longer with an advanced leak proof seal. Multiple times can be cleaned. Use the warmth of your hands to make a bee'swax wrap, which can be used over a bowl, container, or piece of food. As the wrap cools, it creates a seal and stores food. After washing it with soap in cold water, it can be used again. The hot water can melt the wax. Don't use microwaves, uncooked meat or freezer use for more than a month. Before being wrapped, hot foods need to be cooled. If you're unhappy with the product, simply send them a message and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Alpacasso

👤I received the clear Silicone covers. It's ugly but still practical. I bought these because I thought they were 100% Silicone. It is not. If you do the stretch/pinch test, you will see how it turns white, which is not supposed to happen with 100% Silicone. The material isn't completely food safe. I'd like to be contacted for a refund. I don't know how to contact the seller. Please help. Thank you.

👤I would highly recommend this set. This will keep your food safe. I cover the other half of the fruit after cutting it. The bags are also amazing. They are being used as baby food storage.

👤1. The Silicone lids are the bright spot on this set of products. They can be stretched and washed. I use pyrex glass food containers to store food in the fridge, but the heavy plastic lids crack and become brittle around the snap on edges. The Silicone lids are a great replacement. 2. The wax papers of the bees. These are not a more durable version of old fashioned paper. These are nearly impossible to unfold. It's a lot like trying to separate masking tape that's stuck together. They left a sticky mess on my hands when they tried to unfold the papers. I don't think using Goo Gone on my hands is a good idea because I had to use it to remove the residuals. I'll stick with the regular old waxed paper that comes on rolls. 3. I haven't had a chance to use the bags since I washed them, so my reviews are mixed. Unless they have an unfortunate encounter with a knife or other sharp object, they are very durable. They were difficult to open because the bag sides were sticking together. I decided to put a large square of cut up dish towels inside each bag because I am not interested in future physical workouts. A stack of these bags takes up a space of 3 high x 9 wide x 9 long, if you're not able to fit them all in your closet. They don't stay folded, but you can store them in a container that will keep them from opening out. There is a These bags are heavy. I weighed a bag that was 8.25 inches by 8 inches and it weighed 7.65 ounces. That's less than half a pound. The weight of the sides of the bags can cause delicate foods to get smashed.

👤I would love to try all of the solutions in this set. I am trying to reduce my use of plastic. The wraps keep the bread in the sandwich from drying out. I will be buying bigger sizes. It was nice to try these out for a reasonable price. My husband says that the silicone lids are amazing. The right size is the trick. I will be purchasing larger and more varied sizes and can probably do away with plastic wrap all together. They are strong. I love them. It's easy to get on and off. It took a bit to get used to the bags. They are heavy and bulky. They will not replace zip lock bags completely, but with all three solutions, I think we have it covered. The food in the bags stays fresh. They have their place. It is a two-handed job and requires a bit of elbow grease to get them to release more easily. I put them in the dishwasher. Over the years, I have used zip locks for many other things. I will find other solutions. This was a good starting point for trying out green ways to store food. I will reduce my single use solutions. I think I will have more room in my kitchen. It has to be wiped down. Everything else is put in the dishwasher.

5. Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

250 eco friendly napkin paper towel Their Swedish dishcloths for kitchen and bathroom cleaning pick up spills and splashes like magic. Paper towels are reuseable. This Swedish dishcloth can be thrown in the wash after use and it will be good as new. These kitchen dishcloths can be used for scrubbing or drying dishes, cups, mugs, sinks, tubs, and showers. You can get 10 dish rags in your choice of blue, grey, lime, pink, purple, watermelon red, white, yellow, or assorted colors. The color packs shown are based on availability. When wet, the dish cloth becomes soft to the touch, and it's not too hard to clean when dry.

Brand: Swedish Wholesale

👤The product was marketed as "Made in Europe". The marketing on their site says "European Made - Don't settle for low quality Chinese alternatives!" The over-use of the word "Swedish" leads you to believe that they are from Sweden. I am ok with buying from any European country because they all have high labor standards, pay reasonable wages, place a lot of importance on sustainable practices, and maintain high standards to protect the health and welfare of consumers. The package that arrived said it was made in Europe. There is a package in China. What?! How is a product that has been sent half way around the world to be put into a plastic bag? You can't put the cloths in a plastic bag where they are manufactured for less money than shipping them to the other side of the planet, not to mention the environmental cost. The dish cloths are expensive. I am happy to pay a higher price to buy from a country that has good business practices. I have the feeling that something is not right here. The fact that China is involved in any capacity makes me angry because I was looking for a product that was free of China. I ended up doing business with China at European prices. Not good! Not good at all!

👤It's much better than all cotton dishcloths because they are absorbent, easy to wring out after use, and can be used to wash dishes. They don't stink. I threw them in the washing machine and hung them up to dry, but I didn't put one in the dryer until after I'd gotten home. It was at least an inch smaller. "Maybe if you run water on it, it will get big again!" my husband said. I ran water over it and it came back to its normal size. If you want, they can be put in the dryer. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend them.

👤I don't understand why people like these. They are stiff and awful. They stain. They don't dry flat and look wrinkled when they are dry. The purchase was the worst of my life. If I could, I would return them. I kept trying to convince myself that I liked them. Terrible. You can save $18 by buying a 6 pack of white wash rags from Target.

👤I feel they were misrepresented. I searched for products made in Sweden. These came up. I was disappointed when I saw nothing in the product description to indicate they were made in China. Maybe the country of origin was disclosed, but I didn't see it. After the Chinese dog food debacle a few years back, I don't allow Chinese products in my kitchen. These will be returned.

👤These are weird, but not bad. They are not as flexible as regular kitchen towels. You can tell they are a weird hybrid. They leave nothing behind. The color makes it look like I'm using hospital sheets to wipe my counter. They are dry to sheets that refuse to lay flat after washing per manufacturer instructions. They're not bad, but they're not usable for some purposes. I like to lay out a clean paper towel for spills in the morning. I intended to use these instead. After washing, they are so weird you can't even place a spoon on them. There is a They are not bad for general purposes and have washed well. If you use a rough towel, keep an eye out for bits falling off. When they get grungy, we throw them in the compost bin. I won't buy these again. I expected them to be softer for the price. It's very expensive for what you get.

6. Reusable Washable Unpaper Paperless Friendly

Reusable Washable Unpaper Paperless Friendly

Their pack of cotton, tree free and paperless paper towels can be used to replace paper towels in your kitchen. Each unpaper towel clings to each other when rolled together on the included cardboard roll, which is enough to last you for a week until your next load of laundry. You also get a paper towel substitute for bigger spills. You can download the e-book for more ideas about the Eco Friendly Kitchen. The larger size paper towel was designed to allow for the natural shrinkage which occurs after the first few washes. After 3 washes, please give Cottonwood a chance to achieve optimumSORBENCY. The paper towel roll is made from fast-drying, highly absorbent 100% flannel cotton which allows them to soak up enough water to clean, yet dries quickly between uses. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the nursery, there are many uses. Your zero waste is welcome. Here are some of the endless uses for their paper towels. In the kitchen, use them as natural paperless wipes, dishcloths, hand towels, napkins, sandwich wraps for lunch boxes and picnics, and even placemats. You can use wet wipes, dry wipes, tissues, handkerchiefs, and even washcloths in your home. The cloth paper towels are soft. Each roll of cloth paper towels is packaged in a cotton string bag. A cardboard roll is included in the pack of 28 towels. A bacon sponge, grease catching towel, or simply as a polishing towel are just some of the things that can be used with a reuse towel when replacing the traditional paper towel roll in the kitchen. One is included. They donate $1 of every purchase to the non-profit organization "One TreePlanted" to plant a tree on behalf of their customers, thus doubling your positive impact on the environment. Their paper towels are fully compostable at the end of their lifetime. It has never been easier to replace a paper towel.

Brand: Green Home Mama

👤These are perfect. I have been looking for a replacement for paper towls. They are perfect for spills. After the first wash, they are very soft. If you watch the video, you will see the role that's included. The role is strong and fits in my paper towl holder. It has been a few days. I washed them. I have used 5 so far. There were no papertowls. They don't feel like they would stick to themselves, but they do well. When I was rolling them up, I was soothing them all at the same time. Once you watch the video, it takes a long time to play up. I highly recommend this product. I use my husband's account for my 3 kids. I clean spills all day long. I can't wait to see the full amount of fluff. I have to remember not to use fabric softener. Water saving tips and ways to save water are included in a vbook. I learned a lot from it. There is a code that you can use to win a role. It's really sad.

👤I didn't know that the towels were what our family needed. When I saw these had lemon print, I thought I would give it a try. There is a We use them for everything. Towels, napkins, and plates are used for snack time. My kids prefer these as soft as a bunny over paper. There is a It feels like I never get close to running out because there are so many. Work the cost. I put them in a basket on my counter because it didn't work for us. So bonus! My kitchen has cute lemon decor. I am thankful that they were made. Great job.

👤The design is beautiful. I might change my kitchen decor to match these. They are beautiful, soft, absorbant and easy to apply to the roll. I've been wanting to try unpaper towels for a long time and am happy that these are the ones I decided on. It seems like a pain to me that other designs snap together. I was not sure if these would slide off the roll. They don't! They are the perfect material to stick to because they perform as they should. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to reduce paper waste in their home.

👤We love our cotton towels, they are large and clean well. I wash them once a week and a roll for 1-2 weeks before they are all out. The price for that purchase was steep. We stopped buying paper towels. I use wipes in the bathroom. If I really need paper towels for cleaning something else, I can get a dollar store 1 roll and no more spending more than 30 months on paper towels.

👤I bought these to be used in the event of a fire. I use too many paper towels. I really like them! There is a small bucket in the laundry room. Put it in the bucket and wash it together. My husband likes using them. All the way around! Highly recommend!

7. Kidde 468093 Two Story Anti Slip 13 Foot

Kidde 468093 Two Story Anti Slip 13 Foot

There is a set of River Rocks, a set of leaf tiers, a power cord and a quick-start guide in the box. The fire ladder is easy to use. A foldable ladder is flame resistant. A fire safety ladder was tested to 1,000 pounds. It is easy to deploy a tangle free design in an emergency. The 5-year warranty does not include assembly or tools.

Brand: Kidde

👤A family in our community died because they couldn't get out of their home. My husband is a firefighter and was one of the people who found the family. It was a sad thing. There was a mom and dad with two kids. They couldn't get out of the burning stairwell in their home. They could have lived if they had a fire ladder. After my husband got home from work, he ordered one of these on Amazon. We moved to a two-story home but haven't bought it yet. It is not worth the risk. If we can't get to one, we'll buy another one on both sides of the house upstairs. The issue of having small children would not be solved by the latter. Adults could easily climb down the ladder out of the window, but toddlers and babies couldn't. I thought about tying ropes to a laundry basket and putting it in a closet because I wouldn't have a way to get my kids down a ladder on my own. I could lower my baby with rope. If I were alone with my kids, I would probably do that. An idea for other mamas with small children. They are so grateful that they make a product like this.

👤Disaster Preparedness month is in September and it would be good to practice going up and down the ladder with the family. The kids ranged in age from 18 to 11 and practiced climbing up and down. Yes, it works, but it is a bit wobbly. The reason for the 4 stars vs 5 stars is important. The metal edges of the steps are sharp and will cause damage to the siding of the house if people go down them. One of the red caps at the hook came off while we were practicing, the finish below the windowsill. The ladder will work in an emergency, however, it will cause damage to the side of the house when practiced.

👤I ordered this ladder because I wanted to have fire drills with our grandsons, who are suddenly terrified of fire. Had I known it was only one use, I wouldn't have ordered it. It's hard to practice going up and down a ladder. The description needs to clearly state that information. I sent it back.

👤When my husband stepped out the window, the ladder twisted and bent, as we pulled this out of the box to test it. He would have fallen from the 2nd story window if I hadn't held it at the top. Horribly unsafe and disappointing. We tried this before we needed it.

👤This was one of the first things we bought when we moved into our house. There is no reason not to invest in something that can save your life. You won't need this device. You don't want to be in the position of not having it. I recommend that you put at least one in the upstairs of your housing unit in a place that is easy to get to. The ladder is easy to deploy and make it easy for kids to do it if they are left at home. I would recommend this product to others.

8. Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes Purpose

Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes Purpose

Clorox cleaning wipes are safe to use around kids, pets and food contact surfaces because they are compostable. Clorox wipes are tough on grease and bathroom soils and cut through dirt on a variety of hard surfaces in your home. Compostable wipes are made from plant based fibers and are certified by the EPA. Don't wipe. These easy to grab cleaning wipes are perfect for everyday clean ups and tough messes in your home. The refreshing scent of lemon in these Clorox wipes will leave your home smelling clean and fresh without the use of harsh chemicals.

Brand: Clorox

👤I like that Clorax came out with a wipe that is non-toxic.

👤I didn't know that the wipes were not compostable. These are just as durable as the original. These wipes are very good.

👤If you don't wear gloves, the degreaser will damage your hand. I don't think it's a good idea to leave it dry after wiping because it pulls oil from your skin.

👤It's great to clean about everything in these times.

👤The manufacturer is bleeding the consumer by overcharging. They cost less than a year ago. You have to pay a higher price for a slightly smaller sheet. God bless America.

👤The wipes in all three containers were wet, but it could be that I got a bad set. If you found a wet one, you can definitely tell a difference from the regular one. I got these because I have a dog and thought it would be better if I touched these and then touched bag his items or accidentally touched him. I have never had a problem with the regular wipes and have had him for three years. I think I'll go back to the others.

👤Simple jobs can be done with nice wipes. It's easy to dry your hands out with lightly scented hands that don't feel strong with chemicals. The 3 pack is a great value.

👤I have tried natural wipes and they always leave a soapy smell. These work are just as good as the regular kind but are better for the planet. Hopefully they get containers that are not plastic.

9. Air Wick Familiar Essential Freshener

Air Wick Familiar Essential Freshener

FragRANCE: The smell of clean laundry, sunshine and white flowers blend together. The value is. The mega pack provides up to a thousand days of continuous and long- lasting scent. Natural essential oils are used for a better scent. Their current pack is easier to open because it has 50% less plastic. There are box and glass bottles that can be recycled. This product is manufactured in a plant that doesn't produce waste to landfill. The cardboard box allows easy storage.

Brand: Air Wick

👤The scent is strong and it smells like chemicals. I put it on the counter and it burned a hole. Don't want to breathe in this stuff anymore. Would definitely not recommend.

👤Great product. It works immediately and is perfect for my apartment. The start pack is cheaper than the 10 pack refill. You should always buy the start pack and throw the heater away. It is sad because it is a waste. I hope they fix it because it doesn't make sense.

👤These are great for small rooms. But... I bought two packs of plugs. I got a few plugs. One of the plugs was plugged in for 4 hours and then it started to rust and black. I thought it was going to catch on fire. I noticed it and I am very happy about it. It was the one plug. I hope the rest are not going to be the same.

👤I like the smell of the perfume and it is always right. Never overpowering. I had to move it to a receptacle that I didn't like because furniture could block the scent. I don't notice it anymore, it doesn't smell as bad as it did the first couple days. Maybe it is just that I am used to it. It doesn't put out enough unless it's on high output setting I will try it on a higher setting to see if I can smell it again. There is a It lasts for the advertised up to 270 days on the lowest setting. The liquid is at less than half its original size after about 3 weeks on the middle setting. I think you don't notice it very much at the medium and below settings.

👤The package is well packaged to prevent breaking. I think there are 6 bottles of scent product. I had one of them plugged in and running in the bathroom for a few days. So far, so good. There is a The scent is pleasant. There is a The best features are the scent release levels that seem to work. The plug in feature allows for installation on the sideways mounted 120volt receptacles, which are very common in bathroom sink areas.

👤I put the scent level to the strongest for 3 stars. They run out pretty quickly if you put the setting that way. The second scent setting lasts way longer than the first, I tested it for the strongest scent setting and the other for less. So 1. The setting works 2. If you want a subtle scent, it may last a long time on you. There is a If you want a whole room to be scented, you need two or three in a room because you smell it only when you pass by. My house is small, but I can not smell the one I plugged away from the entry. I smell it when I walk by my room. You get the idea.

👤The scent was strong after the delivery. The scent was not noticeable until it was empty. The scent was not noticeable when you put a refill in. I got a refill package with a different scent after all the others were empty. The scent of both units is not noticeable. Even on high. There is a I will either Goodwill these or smash them with a hammer once this last refill is done. Don't buy this garbage thing. It is a waste of money.

10. YIHONG Produce Reusable Drawstring Colorful

YIHONG Produce Reusable Drawstring Colorful

The perfect holiday stocking stuffer is a gift set of natural skin care products from Burt's Bees. One more step towards a zero waste lifestyle and cuts plastic bag use in a convenient way is to get 15 mesh bags, each has the potential to eliminate up to 30 plastic bags. With the highest standards of quality and safety, you can hold all your fresh produce. The mesh bag is light and won't add weight to your produce. The produce bags from their brand are nearly transparent so you can easily see what's inside and the bar-codes will be in the bag so that the cashier can see the item numbers. It is easy to open and close, and you can rinse it with water or wash it with the rest of your laundry, then they are good to go again. You have the correct bag to use if you take one from the bundle, it's just 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299 is a 888-353-1299

Brand: Ecowaare

👤I like my produce bags. I asked the clerk at the grocery store what she thought of them, as she is the one that needs them to be scanned. I didn't have produce items that required scanning, so I will update when that happens. The clerk liked how they kept the onion skins in the conveyer belt. There is a They are easy to clean and take up very little space for me. I like the idea that I won't be using plastic produce bags. There is a Update... I love these bags. I store my produce in the bag in the refrigerator and it stays fresh longer than if I had stored it in plastic bags. One of the cashiers at my local grocery store bought them after seeing mine, and she thinks they are great too!

👤I use plastic bags when buying vegetables at the store. Delivery in a plastic bag? It's not clear on the concept. They're great. A good mix of sizes and easy to wash.

👤We are the hippie people who take canvas bags to the grocery store. We also take produce bags. We've purchased several kinds in the past and each time we were disappointed. Not these! The bags are sturdy, come in great sizes, and have a lock. I'm going to gift a friend of mine a set of mesh to keep fruit flies out of her house, because she has fruit fly issues in the summer.

👤The product concept is not very difficult. The bag is light enough to hold grocery items. The plastic knob is not really needed if you can just tie a slipknot. It has weight. They put the tare on the label to make sure the cashier doesn't charge you extra for the weight of the plastic knob. They wrote the tare in ounces and no one knows how to convert ounces to pounds because we refuse to use metric.

👤The item comes with a lock on the drawstrings and tare weights on the tags. They worked well for vegetables like garlic and onion. For other things like lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, etc. If the food is kept in a container it will be more spoiled sooner than if it is kept in a plastic bag. If you don't have plastic bags at the store, vegetables are still a great purchase if you use them soon after purchasing them. I reuse bags from loaves of bread or other food items if I need to keep something in a plastic bag.

👤I keep some of the produce bags in my car so they are handy for quick market stops, and I bought another set of produce bags because I love them so much. I had to get another set because I often leave stuff in the bags in my veggie bins and in the fridge. It keeps them contained and they keep better than plastic bags. checkers have told me that they are easy to use, and people in the market often ask where I got them. The baggers love them. There are no products falling out and being corralled. A win all around. My daughter has a set from another company, but she likes mine better. I have to keep an eye on them. I think that's correct.

11. Biodegradable Thicken Kitchen Garbags Recycling

Biodegradable Thicken Kitchen Garbags Recycling

Their cheese server set is a great gift for any occasion, whether you're looking for wedding registry ideas or searching for the perfect housewarming presents. A new brand is coming soon. The garbage bag is degradeable. The garbage bag is made of plastic and has no handles. 49 liters of different shapes of trash cans can be accommodated in a 13 gallon green kitchen garbage bag. Leak-Proof And Stab-Resistant: The garbage bags are not easy to tear and have a thicker design. Perforated, compact and friendly. Garbage bags can be made stronger by using this material, it can hold a maximum weight of 50 L. What do you get? You will get 4 rolls of trash bags. You can use it in trash bags, kitchen yard garbage bags, recycled materials, garbage disposal, container lining and backyard. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please get in touch with them. They will help you solve the problem. You don't need to worry. If you are not satisfied with their trash bags, please get in touch with them. They will help you solve the problem. You don't need to worry.

Brand: Okkeai

👤These are regular plastic bags. It is definitely not compostable. Compost facility will not accept them. There is no certification label for the bags. Green washing from China.

👤I'm trying out a new garbage bag and it wasn't the right one. I've been more conscious of the environment this year. Garbage bags are another step in that direction. I won't be buying this brand again. It was expected that it would be in its packaging. Garbage bags are wrapped inside the box. It's not necessary to wrap bags in another bag, it's still not needed, and it causes unnecessary waste.

👤I contacted the city rep for these bags and she said they were no better than regular plastic bags. If these bags go to a landfill, they would give off methane which is a very powerful greenhouse gas, so it would be worse for the environment. There is only one time when to use bags that are made of bio-degradable material. I wouldn't use them for that either because they aren't certified compostable.

👤I've been looking for a bag that's not made of plastic. There is a Solid enough to hold a decent amount of trash. The price is also great. I am very happy that I don't have to use plastic bags for trash anymore, and feel proud that I am not producing plastic waste that harms the environment, I will recommend this product to anyone.

👤I've tried several bags from Amazon to find one that will fit in the house. This one is the best. It is leak proof and won't cause a stinky brown puddle in the bottom of your can after you accidentally throw an egg yolk in there. The bags are slightly more brittle than other bags that I have tried. Don't throw something straight down, place it gently and you will be good to go. The bag works well in my 13gallon kitchen can.

👤These are better than regular plastic bags. We prefer to use our own bags since our apartment provides tons of them. They are thicker, more durable and make this dirty job less dehumanizing than the others. The price is high. Is the earth worth it?

👤I made a resolution to reduce plastic waste. These bags fit the bill. They are not as strong as traditional plastic bags, so don't jam them full or push the contents down, they will rip because they are not plastic. It was a small annoyance compared to the reduced plastic out there.

👤Very affordable and helpful. I thought they would be flimsy but they are stronger than I thought. I'll be making it again after buying it.

👤They say "Compostable" on the box, but not on the bags. The Region of Waterloo doesn't consider these to be compostable because they don't say so on the bag. This product should have a warning on it that it doesn't meet all codes.

👤They are not actually compostable. There is a Garbage collection stopped accepting them because there was no symbol for it being composted.


What is the best product for eco friendly home items?

Eco friendly home items products from Kolo Nature. In this article about eco friendly home items you can see why people choose the product. Unidomum and Etsus are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly home items.

What are the best brands for eco friendly home items?

Kolo Nature, Unidomum and Etsus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly home items. Find the detail in this article. Alpacasso, Swedish Wholesale and Green Home Mama are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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