Best Eco Friendly Hot Cups with Lids

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1. Green Earth Compostable Biodegradable Sugarcane

Green Earth Compostable Biodegradable Sugarcane

You can use the tablets once a month. Pack of 50 Bagasse cups. It is Compostable, Environmentally Friendly, andGluten Free. It is made from sugarcane Fibers. It's perfect for holding food. It's suitable for hot and cold food. Oil and liquid resistant. The microwave is safe. It's ideal for use in restaurants, diners, cafes, and food trucks. It is also suitable for personal use.

Brand: Green Earth

👤I use these to make ice cream for a dog with skin allergies. Our dog is lapping it up in the cup while it is in the freezer. They are also great for day trips and vacations because they can hold single serving of food. No plastic. These are similar and bio-degradable.

👤I buy cups to make ice cream. I couldn't find anything. If you try to put one on top of the other for storage or freezing, it will not sit well. They all fell over in the freezer and it was a huge mess. The lids stuck to the liquid. The paper was stuck to the ice cream when I pulled the top off. It could be eliminated by putting less liquid in the cup. The dogs tore them apart. For a small cup of food to be put in to eat right away would be fine. I didn't like them for freezing a liquid.

👤These are just lids. I am confident that they will work well. The containers should arrive in time. These are the only things left.

👤I should not have assumed that they came with lids since I really needed containers with lids and it was too late.

👤They can be used for the guest bathroom.

2. Eco Products EcoLid Recycled Content EP HL8 WR

Eco Products EcoLid Recycled Content EP HL8 WR

Providing satisfactory products and services is their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the disposable paper cup, please contact them. The plastic hot drink cup lid is made from recycled material. cups It was made in the United States. There are 10 packs of 100 and 1,000. The hot drink cup lid is earth conscious. It fits 8 ounces. Evolution World Hot Cups.

Brand: Eco-products, Inc

3. Disposable Coffee Cups Lids Eco Friendly

Disposable Coffee Cups Lids Eco Friendly

Fit Meal Prep's hot coffee cups are made with brown paper that is recycled. The manufacture of this insulated coffee cup follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices controls. The cups have tight fitting lids that make sure your drinks don't leak or spill in your car. The insulated cups keep the drink hot or cold. cups come with built-in sleeves and will never burn hands on grip. Sturdy, durable and good for your money, cups are equipped with the finest materials which make them durable. They can be used for a couple of days after cleaning. Don't waste money. These cups are made from renewable paper materials that do not harm the nature. This cup is designed for both parties and everyday use. The bulk size of 100 pack of cups and lids will last you a long time.

Brand: Basalla

👤I love them. These cups are used for hot or cold beverages. The lid is stable and doesn't leak. It was very comfortable in hand. It is easy to hold. It's perfect for car travel with coffee or tea. They can be used many times. The design on the cups is very fancy and cute. Overall very satisfied, good quality, great shipping and packaging, and a great value.

👤Coffee Cu-s are too small for 8oz. You have no room for anything else after your coffe. The tops on these cups are very elastic and will come off at any time. Please be aware.

👤The construction of this cup made it an excellent choice for our cups. We were absolutely delighted with the quality. Would purchase it again. The fast delivery was appreciated.

👤We had been using cups that were eco friendly, so I was looking for something that would do the job. I didn't feel like we had to give up any features to do these, they fit the bill.

👤I bought them for my party. Everyone loved them. Excellent quality for the price.

👤The cups are pretty and sturdy. It will save on having to use additional cup sleeves.

👤The lid is snug and these are very sturdy. When you lift the cup, it doesn't pop off.

👤The price is great. They are of excellent quality. What else is there? It's a good thing.

4. Pack Disposable Hot Cups Insulated

Pack Disposable Hot Cups Insulated

We want you to be happy with your purchase. They can help if you have any issues with their cups. The disposable coffee cups 8 oz will keep your beverage hot. The ideal insulated disposable coffee cups will let your hot beverage warm from the first sip to the last. Do you feel uncomfortable with paper coffee cups that offer minimum insulation? No need to wear sleeves. Fit Meal Prep's travel coffee cups have double layer rippled construction that makes them safer for kids. 50 pack disposable insulated cups is a great deal. It can be used as hot drink cups, hot cocoa cups, hot chocolate cups, or disposable tea cups for your food truck, cart, cafe, bistro, or restaurant. Food quality and safety are important. Quality assurance and food safety are what made each insulated ripple cup great. Fit Meal Prep's 8 ounces coffee cup is great for enjoying a hot beverage anywhere. Fit Meal Prep's hot coffee cups are made with black paper that is recycled. The manufacture of this insulated coffee cup follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices controls.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤Great looking products.

👤The ribs are for grip, and the product is colorful.

👤Poor quality. The cups were being pulled off by the corrugated cardboard.

👤Muy resistente y lavable.

5. AmazonBasics Compostable Laminated Paper 250 Count

AmazonBasics Compostable Laminated Paper 250 Count

It's ideal for home or office use. Compostable in commercial facilities. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. It's ideal for serving hot beverages. Made of sturdy white paper. The design is easy to use and saves space.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The first thing I saw when I picked up the box was the China label. I would have liked to have seen the reviews prior to purchase. I would pay more if it was made in the US, shame on them. There is a It is the last time I purchase them.

👤I had to return the cups because they became hot to hold after being poured. I don't want to use foam cups because of what I read online. I decided to use my old foam cups as a holder for these paper cups, I have the best of both worlds, the insulation of foam and the safety of these Compostable cups. You can reuse the foam cup you use as the holder if you are worried about the environment.

👤The cups are 16 ounces. The size was stopped by the warehouse and they were happy to find it on Amazon.

👤I decided to give paper cups a try after reading about the bad chemicals used in most plastic drinking cups. These cups are perfect for my family's needs.

👤I have never had cardboard like that before for coffee. Do not recommend.

👤It was not plastic and was bought because of that. It's larger and stronger. Good quality and good value. Fast delivery.

👤16oz paper cups. Good for the money, good quality paper cups. Paper cups are better than plastic cups. I can rate people's names with a marker. It's visible as opposed to clear plastic cups which are hard to read. I like to have these in stock for excessive guests at the house.

👤Bonjour, a cafĂ© je commande souvent. Is it possible that the verre de Tim is also mieux?

👤The best deal for cups is out there. Great cups, good size. What more do you need? Amazon is crushing it again. The product is great.

👤Excited to get these for cold drinks. They don't insulate heat well. I drink cold drinks.

6. Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Tight

Pack Disposable Coffee Cups Tight

If you have a problem with their products, feel free to contact them, they will solve it within 24 hours. Coffee cups that are inconvenient. It's great for the coffee room at the office, or for restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations, and it's also great for storing at home and grabbing a cup of coffee to go. Oz 16 Caligula: Allow friends, family, guests, customers, clients, or colleagues to enjoy their favorite beverages in classic style and convenience with large size cups. The Premium To-Go design is made with thick, high quality paper for extra insulation and has sleeves that are non-slip to hold your hot coffee when you commute to work or school. For many applications. It's great for serving guests, customers, or friends at weddings, baby showers, restaurants, hotels, and events. These coffee cups are made of thick, 100% recyclable material and are an economical solution to save money and time.

Brand: Promora

👤It is possible for someone to create a cheap knock-off of something as basic as a paper coffee cup, but you might not consider it. There is a If you want your beverage leaking under the lid and dripping down your chin every time you drink, look elsewhere. There is a If you're expecting insulation from the heat of the beverage, look elsewhere. If you think you should be able to leave a half-finished cup somewhere for a few hours before throwing it away, look elsewhere. There is a These cups are a good deal for you if none of these concerns are on your mind.

👤I only used 2 of them so far, but they were leaking from the upper part. Hopefully not all are the same. There is a I like the look and color. Little disappointment. The customer service this company has is exceptional. I received an email from them on June 4th or 5th apologizing and telling me that they would send another one for free to try if it works, unfortunately most of the cups had the same problem. They followed up with me. I hope they fix it.

👤Coffee cups are reviewed. The description sounded very similar to what I was looking for, so I chose this package. I was impressed by the way the cups, lids and cup holders were packaged when I opened the box. There is a The cups themselves are strong and I like that they are a third taller than the ones I have purchased in the past. When I came back, there were no leaks and the cardboard was as strong as when I put the coffee in it. There is a The cup holder is strong enough to keep the beverage off your hands. There is a These cups are an amazing bargain for those who are budget conscious. This product is very good.

👤I ordered these cups on Amazon because they are hard to find in the grocery stores. It would take a while to get Chinette on Amazon. The cup I chose came quickly as we needed them. They are fine. The cups are very tight on the lids. The cups are hot on your hands because they don't have great insulation. The sleeves that came with them. The glue that holds the sleeves together is not very strong. China still beats all of them, but this is good for the budget.

👤They leak quickly. The seams are not closed very well. There are nice looking cups. It is not good to worry about whether they will leak.

👤The cup is sturdy and won't collapse in your hand. A mouthpiece is a piece of plastic that is not a hole in the lid. Before I fill the cup, I twist the mouth guard off with pliers to make it less annoying to drink from. I am aware of the first world problem. I can't believe that whoever designed this ever drank out of it. It's a great cup and a great value if this is not an issue for you. I won't be buying again.

7. Beverage Disposable White Coffee Sleeve

Beverage Disposable White Coffee Sleeve

One tree is planted for every tree used. The cups are made from plant-based material. Cup contain no foam. 50 white 20 ounce cups, 50 black dome lids and 50 kraft sleeves combo are ideal for on-the-go drink options, great for serving coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and other hot or cold beverages. The lid helps maintain beverage temperature. Sipping hole accepts straws and stirrers. There is a hot content warning. 100% food safe and made from paper. Convenient disposable for easy cleaning. Poly-coated lining reduces condensation and the cup has a rolled rim. Better grip and protection for hands can be provided by sleeves with corrugated construction. It's perfect for writing.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤When my husband is at work, I bought these for him. The cups have leaked out of the bottom around the crimped seam after being used for two days in a row. We did an experiment last night and put a cup of liquid on a plate and it was soaked this morning. Don't buy. The seller read my review and offered me a replacement or a refund. This is great customer service.

👤I tried to drink coffee from the cup and lid but it didn't taste right. The coffee is ruined by the envelope taste in the lid. I have to wash my cups with soap and water first, then rinse them out. This doesn't completely remove the taste of that envelope. I would not buy this product again.

👤The last ones get soggy quickly, but these cups are not as sturdy. I wouldn't order them again. These cups were mistakenly ordered again. They are AWFUL. Unless you don't care if the lid stays on, don't buy them.

👤I bought these cups to use in the morning. I start my mornings with two cups of coffee. I used my morning saver because I get behind on starting my day. The cups and sleeves absorb all the heat, and the lid stays on the cups with no leaks. The cups have five thumbs up on them.

👤I don't understand how they have good reviews. These are the worst cups I've ever purchased. I will not buy these again. There is a I'm mad at a lid that leaks when I'm driving. I had coffee on my pants. There is a The lids don't last long.

👤We used these to make individual soup cups. We put the cups of soup in the coolers. They were hot for a couple hours. Some of the glue on the cardboard sleeves didn't hold up, so some fell off the cup. The type of soup we marked on the sleeve could have made for confusion and led to the type of food handling we were trying to avoid. I'm not sure if the steam build up in the coolers was a factor in the sleeves coming apart, but it was at least four out of 25 sleeves that came apart. The cups held up well with soup in them. I was worried that the paper would get wet, but this was not an issue. I'm happy with the purchase and would buy again.

👤The cups are disappointing. I thought they were cups. How bad could they be? The box was not damaged, but every cup in the first sleeve has some bending to the bottom of the cup. I have to double up because this bend is enough to make the cup leak, so I have to use half of the ones I have so far. Some of them have been bent at the lip, making the lid loose. Don't waste money or time. The first cups I bought from Amazon were great, but they are no longer available.

8. Paper Coffee Disposable Improved White

Paper Coffee Disposable Improved White

Coffee is a necessity and you should save it. Don't let the 50-pack of grab-and-go coffee cup sets run out of stock. Classic white color displays well in any setting, and this package contains 12oz 100 count disposable coffee cups. It's ideal for water, juice, coffee or beverage. The disposable paper cup is made of thick paper and has a film inside. The paper is more resistant to compression. The film can be eaten. They are a professional paper cup factory. The hot cups are 100% food safe. Coffee cups are great for travel, party, drinking, and more. It's not necessary to clean for your life. Providing satisfactory products and services are their eternal pursuit. If you have a question about the paper cup, please contact them. Their factory is 20 years old. You can get a surprise if you contact them.

Brand: Racetop

👤I noticed a strong chemical smell when I opened the bag. The smell of the product is not like anything I've ever experienced before. I can't think of anything that smells similar to acetone or a newly-opened can of paint. The smell is strong. I've never had cups like this before. There is a The cups leak easily. There are thin strips of sealant material on the side of each cup, which can easily be swallowed, and can flop around and break off into your drink. There is a I am concerned that the cups may not be safe to drink from.

👤The cups are thin. You have to double up to hold the cup without burning your hand if you use hot liquids. The cups were partially crushed by the thin paper. I don't recommend this for hot beverages, but it could be good for cold drinks.

👤It's a great option for our at home business where we give our clients free tea and coffee. Hot cups in bulk. The cups are thick enough that you don't need a sleeve to hold them. Highly recommended.

👤We have 12oz cups. 12oz cups are okay. There is a We needed 12oz cups for Amerimissos and The Cappuccinos.

👤The cups don't fit in a 3.5 lid. They are very hot and flimsy. I used them for coffee cups and they were a flop.

👤I don't like that any to go cup lids don't fit on these and just pop off as soon as you push down and let go of the lid. You have to buy them with the lids or you can use them alone.

👤The cup is strong and good for cold and hot liquids.

👤It is hard to find a good price for paper hot drink cups. These arrived in perfect shape a few days ago.

9. Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Insulated Ripple Disposable Parties Corrugated

Easy to drink from, dishwasher friendly, anti-scald technology. Convenience culture is friendly to the environment. They can end single-use plastic together. These cups are hard to pull apart. Triple-wall white paper cups insulated two-layer corrugated keep drinks at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for sleeves or double-cupping. These paper cups have a textured surface that makes them a better grip and a better feel in the hand. The paper and black lids are made from food grade paper. 100 sets of cups. The paper cups are microwave safe, perfect to take your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage to-go, the best choice for everyday use.

Brand: Springpack

👤I bought these cups for my wedding to avoid embarrassment of cups leaking, my boyfriend made a test for them at extreme temperatures with 5 hours, no leaking occurred, will update my review and order more and more for daily uses after the wedding.

👤Paper cups are an eco-friendly choice as they are 100% compostable, and I can throw in the trash or recycle, since I don't have time to wash my mug after drinking my coffee. I think I have depended on the craft paper cups the first time, they are easy to grasp and feel better on hands, and they are made from paper.

👤I used the paper cups for the hot chocolate bar at the Christmas party. They are the perfect size to hold hot chocolate. The children were not allowed to add too much whipped cream and topping. No one burned their hand because they were well insulated. They were easy to pull apart and remake the stacks. The size of the cup fit under the spigot of the hot water dispensers made it possible for the dispensers to stay on the table.

👤I received these paper coffee cups today and I really like the S-Ripple textured surface on them. I don't need sleeves or double-cupping. I put my coffee in the microwave for 2 minutes when it got cold, because the cups and stirrers were packed separately. The paper cups have exceeded my expectations.

👤I have purchased the best cups over the last year. I have tried many. These are my favorites. I really like these cups, they are thick and strong and hold some seriously hot coffee, and they are easy to separate from each other. If you let leftover coffee sit in the cup for 4 or so days, they won't leak. They protect your hand from the heat of the piping hot beverage. Excellent cups and lids for the price, more than I expected.

👤The cups are large enough for large crowds. It's like having a built-in sleeve on a hot cup because cups are very sturdy. I like the look of it. They protect your hand from heat without a sleeve. It's a good size for guests in our office, but not a lot of coffee. It looks nice and does the job. --

👤They are very thick and sturdy, and I like to serve my coffee in them. After each use, I remove the corrugated outer layer to use in paper crafting, and share it with other crafter.

👤The cups are made of coffee cups with lids and will not leak. I love the color of the cups. It's easy to separate the cups. Don't let the temperature get too hot outside and keep my drinks in the right temperature. They will be my new go to cups when I run out.

10. Eco Products EP CC16 GS GreenStripe Renewable Compostable

Eco Products EP CC16 GS GreenStripe Renewable Compostable

We want to make sure that their plastic cups are easy to manage and even easier to recycle so that they can add them to your recycling bin for quick, easy, eco-friendly disposal. Compostable, 16-ounce cold drink cup made from renewable resources. A smart alternative to a party cup. The standards for compostability were set by D6400. Comes in a case of 1,000. Don't expose to direct sunlight or hot temperatures for extended periods of time. Don't expose to direct sunlight or hot temperatures for extended periods of time.

Brand: Eco-products, Inc

👤Many of the cups were damaged. We had to toss a lot out because we needed them. The cups are not consistent in size, and the lids don't stay on, even after a new sleeve of cups. Try to be eco-friendly but cups that are faulty are costing me a lot and upsetting customers when they try to drink.

👤They were still holding their ground despite the heat and hold up great. They were used for my booth at the Hispanic festival and people loved the fact that they were compostable. If I ever run out of the leftover cups, I will definitely purchase these again.

👤They only sell these with matching lids because they don't fit cups. It's so annoying.

👤I put a sleeve out of every purchase I made of these cups. I tried to get a reply from the seller.

👤These cups are used for drinks. They are eco-friendly, and that makes them even better.

👤These are just as good as any good quality plastic cups. Buy these if you can afford it.

👤Work well! It keeps beverages cold. We use them in our cafe. They are compostable and I love it! The writing allows for great advertising of such. For the price, it is a great substitution for crappy.

👤We normally purchase these cups directly from Eco-Products but found ourselves in a pinch and needed them quicker than they could send them to us, so I ordered 1 case from Amazon to get us through until our normal order arrived. When these cups arrived from Amazon, each sleeve was short 1 cup, and the rest of the sleeves were cracked. The cracked cups made the entire sleeve useless. I am not happy with these cups. I would like to get a refund but I don't think that will happen.

👤Me gust el producto, aunque todava es un producto caro.

11. 500 CT Disposable Beverage Ripple Design

500 CT Disposable Beverage Ripple Design

The set of 5 cups is green. The 12-oz gray paper cups alleviate the need for separate sleeves and are a great bargain. There are different types of lid sold separately. The insulated, ripple-wall design keeps the heat in while the customers' hands stay cool. These coffee and tea cups are made for recycling. The right size for coffee and tea is 12 ounces. Coffee cups are shipped in bulk in a 500 count box.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I have added photos without a lid to show that the leaks have nothing to do with what lid you use. The leak is from the bottom seam and not from a lid. The cups leak from the paper. Sometimes you end up with a big puddle under your cup, sometimes it is just a drop or two on your coaster. You can either use or throw away the five hundred cups. Money and paper are both waste. There is a This was our second order and it is horrible. It takes two grown men to remove the cups from the smashed stack. The cups leak at the seams. All of them. We have never had a cup leak at the seam. Attached is a photo. White cups are not worth much. The box we received was heavy and we now have a knife. It's not the most convenient to ship back. The money was wasted.

👤500 of these (4oz, Red) have been used for espresso at home and work. They're well-packaged and arrive damage-free. We just bought 500 more in the gray color, and they arrived in perfect condition. The paper taste is pretty upscale. The red color is a little light, but I have some of them sitting next to a fire-engine red Nespresso machine at work, so I would prefer more of a fire-engine red than a carnival-red. Theeparating the cups is a bit of a puzzle. They're difficult to separate if you try to twist them or pull them apart. An easy pull. They come apart easily. They are like the old Chinese finger traps. You'll see what I'm talking about if you get them. We're back for more, and I can recommend them.

👤I had a chance to try these cups several times. The design is very attractive. They are easy to grasp and cool to the touch with a hot beverage. I bought them for our company use. So far, so good. We haven't experienced any leaks like with previous reviews. All seem to like the blue color. The sleeves can be difficult to separate and require a little patience. I didn't pay attention to the fact thatIDS aren't included. They can be purchased separately, but I think they are too expensive. Who expects a cup without a lid to be portable? In summary, 3 stars. I think there are other options that work just as well as the ones that work but are more economical when you add the cost of the lids. Just an update: Follow up. I had a stack of cups and they fit perfectly.

👤The cups are not 4 ounces. We have been selling chocolate drinks for nearly 10 years. The cups hold 3.5 ounces. See the attached photo. I would like this company to test the volume of this cup before trying to sell it to customers.

👤The 100 pack I reviewed today was a bit more expensive than these cups. We had to go this route because it was cheaper. The 100 batches were everything. Nice looking. This order came with the cups, unlike the 100. It was still a better price to buy the universal tops and stirrers. We need 500 cups of coffee a day. The only downside is that the cups seem to be a bit hotter to hold than the ones in the 100 batches. It's not bad enough to be a dealbreaker. They look the same as the 100. We are struggling to pull these apart. I plan to do that in advance.


What is the best product for eco friendly hot cups with lids?

Eco friendly hot cups with lids products from Green Earth. In this article about eco friendly hot cups with lids you can see why people choose the product. Eco-products, Inc and Basalla are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly hot cups with lids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly hot cups with lids?

Green Earth, Eco-products, Inc and Basalla are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly hot cups with lids. Find the detail in this article. Fit Meal Prep, Amazon Basics and Promora are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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