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1. Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Lasting

Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Lasting

The ICE packs are called the XL ICE packs. These ice packs are perfect for any bag, and are perfect for when you want to escape the house. These ice packs are perfect for lunch bags, beach bags, picnic baskets, and more. TILE DESIGN: Food and drinks can be kept fresh even longer with the help of these ice packs. The design allows you to pack them on the bottom of your lunch bag or cooler. Use ice packs for more cooling power. It is long-lasting. The ice packs are designed to last a long time so you can head out knowing that what you pack will stay fresh until you are ready to eat. The ice packs should be frozen the night before use. HEALTHY AND SAFE. There are 4 plastic ice packs in this set. Pack a lunch with ice packs to prevent germs from entering the cafeteria, shared office refrigerator, or takeout containers. Do not microwave the hand wash. They are fit and fresh, designed by women for women, and they are dedicated to supporting your healthy lifestyle. The key to living your best life is creating a colorful balance, and they have a line of accessories to help you do that.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤I paid a lot of money for them, but they are not worth it. They start to thaw out as soon as you take them out of the freezer. I wouldn't return them since I have already thrown away the packaging.

👤This is a weird review because I don't know how to classify this issue. It took me 2 full days to freeze them. There is a It took a full day to freeze solid after that. I thought it was frozen solid. It only froze on the outer edges. I was surprised that something this thin would not freeze in a day. How can a thin object not freeze? There is a I discovered this when I was pushing the ice into my cooler. I heard a small noise. There is a When I pulled out the ice pack, it was full of liquid and ice chips, and it looked like a "shylus" drink. The pop was made of ice. I put these in my cooler after only a few hours of work on Monday, but they were already melted, so I took a break. It seems as if the solution mixture inside the icepack needs to be addressed because I don't understand why it takes so long to freeze but then melt down so quickly. There is a It causes a lot of trouble and frustration. There is a The thinness of this product makes it slip into some tight areas, but the outer shell seems durable, and I prefer cold drinks when working outside in the heat. This review can help you.

👤My kid's lunch boxes stay pretty chilled because they stay in the freezer until 5pm when they come out of the freezer. I use these slim ones as a replacement for the "ice walls" that came with their lunch boxes and they work better. There were no sandwiches at noon. If I ever need more of these, I would buy more of them.

👤After just a couple of hours, everything was already getting warm, worthless.

👤I don't think this stays cold as long as the squishy gel packs, but I prefer this to the cold packs, that I've had break open and leak, or that take up more space in the freezer and the lunch box.

👤I have used the coolers daily since I purchased them. They refreeze very quickly. They keep my items cold. The longer they are frozen, the smaller the bag. In the morning I can put room temperature items in my bag, but by lunch soda and water are cold. If I forget to put the coolers in the freezer in the evening, I can have them frozen within two hours in the morning. Will return.

👤Thin ice packs that don't take a lot of space in the freezer or lunch bag. It stays frozen for a long time. It's possible to keep lunch in an insulated bag during the summer. Due to Covid 19 we no longer have a public fridge at work to keep our lunches, so needed something to keep lunch fresh and safe to eat in the car. The ice packs saved lunch when we hit 98 last week.

2. Blue Ele Reusable Lightweight Colorful

Blue Ele Reusable Lightweight Colorful

Every Thrive Brand product is covered by a one-year warranty. It's ideal size for everyday use. The ice pack measures 6. x 4 33” x 0. 59. The insulated lunch bag has a lightweight and durable design. Convenient fits into all types of lunch bags, lunch boxes, coolers and grocery totes. It's great for using in tight spaces or stacking several together. Blue Ele Ice Packs are leak-proof, sturdy and made of 100% food-grade HDPE shell, filled with non-toxic gel. Your kids will love the bright colors and the stylish pattern. Your kids will love to have these additions in their lunch boxes. It's a perfect gift. Lunch time should be even better. For lunch time, keep your kids' refreshments and snacks cool and delicious with blue ELE cold packs.

Brand: Blue Ele

👤They are your basic ice packs and so far, they work just like ice packs. Just put all 4 in my lunch bag and take out when I get home, it's very light use. One of them is leaking. I had to throw it away. There is a cap on the top that came off so these are not completely sealed. They have never been dropped. If you are planning to use for kids, look elsewhere. It should be looked elsewhere for anyone since the contents had pretty much all leaked out. The cap at the top of my lunch bag is still intact, so I am throwing the other 3 out as they are leaking all over my lunch bag. I'm buying another brand. The manufacturer hasn't contacted me to replace anything. The complete junk!

👤I bought these to keep breast milk cold when I am out and about. Sometimes I am on the road pumping. I have insulted bottle pockets in my diaper backpack, but I still want to make sure the milk is cold for a while. I need something fast to help my milk storage when it's 120 degrees F in the southwest. The ice packs have kept my milk cold so far, so we have reached only up to 112. I kept my milk in the car with ice packs for my lunch, because I had an appointment. I checked on the milk after I came back and it was cold. I kept the ice packs out for the rest of the day to see how long it would last. I was surprised. They are good for portable use. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I had high hopes for these after reading several reviews. They aren't that great. I keep the water and food in my lunch bag cold for a long time, but I freeze them at least overnight. It could be about 3 hours. I have two ice packs in my bag.

👤Since my oldest started school, we've had a number of different freezer packs, and these thin hard sided ones hold up the best. They can keep food cold for about 8 hours in an insulated lunch box. We recently bought a wagon and purchased these to fit across the bottom of the cooler that comes with it! When we left the amusement park, our food was still cold.

👤These work the same way and stay cool for a long time. There are a lot of corners and bends that make it difficult to clean by hand. If I purchase again, I might look for a model that doesn't have as many bends. They work just as designed and there's no real complaint, just a noticeable design flaw that could be avoided.

👤I love these! I would like to use them earlier in life. They are small, which is a benefit to an insulated lunch bag. Why? You can have more space in your bag. I usually put snacks in with my main meal. I usually put 1 on the bottom and 1 on the wall of my bag, but sometimes I'll stand one between things to. These last a good 6 hours with a good insulated bag. They are for children and colorful. Hey! We adults can't act young. A must buy!

3. MINCOCO Leak Proof Eco Friendly Containers Stainless

MINCOCO Leak Proof Eco Friendly Containers Stainless

It is 10 x 8 x 5.5 and can hold up to 12 cans. The perfect Bento Lunch Box Kit includes a lunch box, lunch bag, sauce jar, and spoon. The bento box and the lunch bag are both large capacity and light weight. This is the best food storage container for packing healthy food. They can savour the delicious dishes with MINCOCO. Adapted to the newest seal 3.0 technology, Seling Revolution 3.0 really seals the lunch box to avoid spills. The best lunch box for kids and adults is this one. Bento box is made with food-grade, eco-friendly materials that are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, so hand washing is recommended for the lid to avoid any deformation caused by high temperature and pressure washing. The best-in-class 18-MONTH MANUFACTURER is owned by Mincoco. The lunch box portioned perfectly to feed the appetite and comprehensive nutrition of kids, children, students, and adults. It's perfect for all of them. If you have a problem with the products, please feel free to contact them, they will handle it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Mincoco

👤My 15 year old daughter asked about this. There is a We are very happy with it. There is a It's dishwasher safe and easy to clean. There is a It has a solid construction and is easy to open and close. The design maximizes the storage capacity. It's perfect for salads, sandwiches and all. There is a I pack dressings separately inside of the box. If need be, I would buy this again if I needed to hold up a lot of usage over the past two months. Great price!

👤This has been great. I didn't know how much I could level. The containers are separate from the lunchbox. The lunch pail has a pocket on the outside that I can keep my food in. The containers have features that are dishwasher safe. I don't like when my food touches so this is perfect that there are portion control stations along with a container. Anyone of any age will love these. If I don't use the lunch pail, it's easy to pack it away. It would be a great gift for anyone. The price is great because it has so many great features and I use it a lot. This lunch pail is very good.

👤I love them and they are amazing. They're leak proof from inside to outside, but the internal barriers don't reach the cover, so sometimes my blueberries end up sitting in my stir fry, butter they're worth it if you keep them flat. I like that they can bring breakfast and lunch to work since I start working 2 hours before breakfast.

👤This little lunch box is great. This lunch box is selling stuff. I've only found advantages and there are a few disadvantages. There is a The pro's are long-lasting and leak-proof. It can be used for both hot and cold food. The chubby kid on the hot bowl helps children open it. My four-year-old can do it. There is a It's a little heavy, but he'll be leaving it in his class until lunch, so it'll be fine. It's difficult to find a lunch box because of its form. I love this lunch box. I like to use the competitor's lunch box because it's larger.

👤I was very satisfied with my lunch kit. It was leak proof and kept my food fresh. The container was the perfect size, but the top of it was too small to hold the utensils. I looked at that flaw and over looked it. I can't see how the handle is ripping away from the bag after 2 months. I thought it would be sturdy enough to last two months, but now I have to spend more money.

👤My daughter got her first job. She was taking her lunches and dinners to work. I was going to surprise her with a nice insulated lunch bag. I ordered this in black because she likes things to be basic and not have a lot of colors or pictures. She was really happy with it. She is very hard to buy for and usually doesn't like a lot of the things I try to surprise her with. The bag is large, it has a plastic container that is separated into 4 sections, a small dressing/ gravy container, and a fork and spoon. She can fit a bottle of water or a small baggie with cookies or chips in the bag. She can keep her food cold if she puts an ice pack in the bag as long as she remembers. The bag is very nice and will last her a long time.

4. Packs Containers MCIRCO Storage Airtight

Packs Containers MCIRCO Storage Airtight

What you get is authentic Kinsho bento. A spoon and fork. The eBook has 60+ Bento tips and recipes from Kinsho's founder. The industry leading guarantee. Customer support from Boston. Their glass containers sets are 30 Oz, 7.8” x 5.7” x 2.5” It is perfect for a variety of occasions and events, such as a gym, leftovers, picnic, portion control, office lunches, travel, and more. High quality glass. Their glass storage containers are made from high quality borosilicate glass, which is stronger than cheaper glass food storage containers, so they can be used straight from the refrigerator to the microwave or oven to the table. The smart lock is air tight. Silicone seals on MCIRCO Glass food storage containers ensure that your meal prep food will last longer than plastic containers. The easy to use lids will stop leaking. The lids will not stop working. It is easy to use and take care of, as it is safe in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven. Before putting in the dishwasher, oven and microwave, take the lid off. If you are not 100% satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤I have never written a review for a product that was bad, but this product is so bad that I felt the need to warn others. I regret not listening to some of the previous reviews. These containers are easy to break. I broke two when I got them out of the box. Two of the containers broke when I put them down. You can't stack them because they will stick together. It was a hard way to learn that. Every time I open the container, the seal comes off. My husband had to throw out the whole thing after it cracked in the microwave. I have to get rid of these containers because I am afraid to use them. Don't buy this product!

👤I have been using these containers for almost a year. They are the perfect size for packing lunches. I haven't had an issue with the divider yet. I use a container or cup to separate small things or remove them before I cook the whole container. It's safe, but I still wash the lids. I've had Pyrex lids degrade due to the dishwasher, so I'm playing it safe with these. I have never had a problem with the rubber gasket around the lip of the lid. It's a nice hollow rubber ring that the rim of the glass pushes into and it snaps on, so it seals really well. There are no leaks yet. The gasket is easy to clean. There is a They're pricey on the front end, but they're worth it. I cut it in half because it was too narrow to fit a whole sandwich.

👤The lids are made cheaply. I have 3 that have broken in the short time I have owned them.

👤My order arrived today. Excited to open it but? There is a I ordered a box of 8 count and it said 8 count. I can't find the 8th one in the box. It seems good quality. Have not tried it yet. I don't know if I should try it. Just returned the whole thing.

👤I paid for them and I love them. I don't know if they're leakproof, but they stack nicely and are going to be great for meal prepping.

👤So about 3 weeks into the purchase. The plastic cover on the food warps when it is heated up for 3 minutes. I am worried about the chemicals in my food.

👤I needed something to make lunches, snacks and breakfasts. I thought they were small but decided to try it. They are perfect! I have 16 in the fridge and they take up half of a shelf. I have 5 tall ones. I have an egg/veggie casserole and 2 links of sausage for breakfast and a full plate of food for lunch. It's a tighter fit but def works without leaks. I have other people with pasta salad and shredded chicken. There is room to spare. My salmon lunch did great in the oven even though it was full, and they do great in the microwave. They snap closed easily and open easily. I like them. I know they will hold up for a long time and make my life easier.

5. Komax Reusable Coolers Freezer Lasting

Komax Reusable Coolers Freezer Lasting

This eco-friendly option with an unparalleled quality and a reliable replacement for service you can trust is Customer Satisfaction. The Komax set of 6 ice packs are easily replaceable. The ice packs have a puncture-proof surface which prevents leaks. The dimensions are 7.5” x 7.8” Komax gel ice packs are filled with clean, non-toxic, and eco-friendly gel compounds. The ice packs are safe for use in picnic areas and lunch boxes. Low-quality ice packs inflate and burst when frozen. Komax ice packs are designed to fit in. They're large enough to cover entire lunch containers, so they're easier to insert in. Long Lasting The ice packs are not flexible when frozen. The ice packs start to thaw slowly. That way your child's lunch stays cold longer. Komax innovations brought joy to millions of customers. Users can enjoy products that are made to last by delivering better-designed, eco-friendly solutions.

Brand: Komax

👤I found these and two other freezer pack models on Amazon. I searched for the highest rated freezer packs. I was going to the Texas coast for four days. I used these in a high performance cooler, not a less expensive model. These probably lasted for 3 days. After that, they mostly reverted to the liquid coolant in the pack. I'll probably keep them, but they aren't the best I bought. The "Nordic Ice". No-Sweat Reusable. The long-lasting gel pack is 16 ounces. The other two packs were not as good.

👤I bought lunch boxes for my kids. I bought these Komax as back ups because I thought they would lose the ice packs that came with it or we would forget to refreeze the night before. They fit well and work well.

👤The thin shell material that makes up theouch is very susceptible to leaking out, even though ice packs stay frozen cold under states time in an actual cooler. If you have a small amount of water on the pouch when you freeze them, they can stick together when they are frozen, which in turn leads to a tearing of the material. This wouldn't happen if the shell material was thicker. I have no choice but to write a bad review because there is no customer support tabs to get in touch with the seller. Maybe you should have those lines of communication open up. If they reach out to me and make things right, I will change my review. Until then. They stay cool for about 8 hours.

👤I'm using ice packs to keep a cat cool in the hot weather. After 10 months of taking care of him, I now consider him my outdoor cat. He likes to put his back against the side of the house and his hind feet on the Komax Large Ice Packs. I keep the packs in the freezer for the entire day and then clean them in between when he likes to sleep. The system works well. My outdoor cat has a Triple Warmer to cool off. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the meridian system to help with sleep. The Triple Warmer is the part of the body that controls movement.

👤I wasn't sure about buying them. We already had some ice packs for lunches. These stay mostly frozen all day long. I can pack the lunches for the kids before I take them to school and they are still frozen when I get home. The bento boxes are great for the width of them, but they don't exceed the height of their lunchboxes with everything packed. Highly recommended. It is very durable.

👤They work well. I've used a bunch since purchasing. They give off a lot of condensation. If you put in a backpack that is not water tight, it will soak whatever it is in. I put them in a bag. They work well and are small enough to fit most places. I would buy again.

👤I have to throw it out because it split and is leaking the chemicals in the lunchbox. I have used my other ice packs for three years and thought they could be replaced. They are not worth much.

6. Fit Fresh 336HLJP Reusable Multicolored

Fit Fresh 336HLJP Reusable Multicolored

Ice packs can't be placed in the dishwasher or microwave. Only hand wash. SLIM ICE PACKS. The Cool Coolers Slim Ice Packs are perfect for all types of bags, whether you are heading back to work, school, or just want to escape the house for a picnic. Pack them in lunch bags, coolers, beach bags, picnic baskets and more. COMPACT DESIGN. The ice packs are powerful. They're perfect for tight spaces or stacking together for more cooling power. There are 4 ice packs in this set, one gray, one blue, one green and one red. It is long-lasting. The ice packs are designed to last a long time so you can head out knowing that what you pack will stay fresh until you are ready to eat. The ice packs should be frozen the night before use. HEALTHY AND SAFE. The ice packs are made of plastic and are non-toxic. Pack a lunch with these ice packs to prevent the spread of germs. Do not microwave. They are fit and fresh is designed by women for women. The key to living your best life is creating a colorful balance, and they have a line of accessories to help you do that.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤I don't know why so many people are writing negative reviews. Maybe they are not using an insulated lunch box. These wouldn't do much on their own, but with an insulated lunch box they have stayed cold all day. They are still cold, but they did melt. I packed my lunch 7 hours ago and it feels like it just came out of the fridge. The size is convenient and I was able to fit two of them, so I am happy with these.

👤The ice packs should be sold as ice cubes. They are small enough to qualify. I was surprised by the small size. I didn't look at the measurements before buying them. There is a The ad was written by a man who wants you to believe it's larger than it is and it's too late when you realize it's tiny. I bought them to keep drinks and lunches cold but they're so small I'd feel guilty making them work that hard. Maybe they could be used to cool a small boo boo. You should find a bigger ice pack after the letdown.

👤These are the perfect size for my lunch box. I can put a block on top of my main dish by placing it on each side. The items that don't need to be cold are added. When I open my lunch, it is cold from 6:30 to 12:00. The items in my lunch are very cold, even though the ice blocks are no longer frozen.

👤I like the idea. The ice packs don't stay cold very long. I bought them to use when I don't have time to stop for lunch. They are very thin and can be used to keep your food cold for an hour. I haven't tried to warm these yet, so I left the warmth review off. If you're taking fruit or a peanut butter and chocolate, but not meat, tuna or yogurt, these are not a good option.

👤These are not good. I didn't expect them to be great, but they don't last very long. The inside matter is coming out already after I started using them. How? I don't know. I put ice packs in a lunch box pocket to keep it cool in case my home is not insulated or has central A/C, because I have to keep medicated tape at a certain temperature. The ice packs don't move. If I have to keep changing them out and wiping the inside matter off every 30 minutes, it's just bad quality and ineffectual.

👤The cooler is out of the freezer for 30 minutes. I have to wrap a paper towel around it because it doesn't stay cold for long. The size is great, but you should avoid them since they aren't great.

👤I use these for something other than the purpose. I have arthritis in my lower spine and I hate the gel packs because they go warm too fast and the hard plastic corners poke into my skin. I use these while I work. They stay in place because I stick them under my shirt. They are thin, but not so cold that they go warm quickly. If you are not careful, you can give yourself freezer burn. I wrap them in a thin cloth. Take it off if it burns or is too cold. These are amazing for pain relief. Good to lay on top of that.

7. NEW Ice Packs Lunch Box

NEW Ice Packs Lunch Box

The seal is very tight and needs to be aligned. Young children would need help. What do you get? The bento box is authentic. The bag is insulated. There is a soft fabric-covered ice bag. A spoon and fork are custom fit. * The Kinsho Tips + Eats eBook has 60+ Bento tips and recipes from Kinsho's founder. The industry leading guarantee. Customer support from Boston. The set of 4 hard gel ice packs is lightweight and long lasting. The ice pack is 7 inches in diameter. It's best to keep your cooler bag freezer-cold. Perfect for everyday use in lunchboxes, bento boxes and coolers. It's great for kids to take to school in their totes, adults to the office or for camping. You should keep your food containers dry. It is safe and durable. The Cool Packs are made with non-toxic materials. They stay cool for a long time and keep you fit. These small babies pack a punch. The best ice packs are risk-free. You will not regret it. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they'll give you a full refund. Cool packs can be brought through the security checkpoint when they are fully frozen. There is a new packaging. The packaging received may be different from the photo.

Brand: Healthy Packers

👤I felt compelled to write a review for Amazon, but I don't think I've ever done it. I bought the ice packs because I needed to keep breast milk cold while I was in Canada and my baby was at home. I packed my travel cooler with the ice packs in my checked luggage, but I was worried about putting the hotel ice on top of the travel cooler. I was certain that the ice packs would warm and the milk would not spoil. I left the hotel at 8 am and arrived home at 6 pm with icepacks still very cold. I was very happy. I use them all the time. I highly recommend them.

👤I needed ice packs for my kids. The yumbox can get a little tight on space, so we use it inside a regular lunch box. These fit perfectly, placing one on the bottom and one on the top before closing. My son's pack was still cold at the end of the day, and my daughter's pack was still cold at lunch time, about 5 hours after I put the ice packs in. It is still cold to the touch. I wouldn't expect much from them, but for insulated lunch boxes kept inside, they are exactly what I was looking for.

👤I think I should have realized that it wouldn't last long. I need to keep my lunch cold for 7 hours. They are small, don't weigh a lot, and freeze up quickly. I might buy another pack to use in the picnic cooler. I bought something last week.

👤These are what I need. I take my meals to work with a PlanetBox Rover. The attached inner mesh sleeve has room to spare. One pack is usually enough for many hours since the Rover is cold. I might use a second pack underneath the Rover and one in the sleeve if I have packed something like egg salad. Even though the subway platforms are like steam rooms, my lunch is always cool and my salads are crisp. I eat out in the field when I am a first responders. I leave my apartment at 715 am and eat lunch at 1:00 so I have a good amount of time to eat. So far, it hasn't. I am very happy with the packs.

👤These ice packs are really nice. The size allows me to place them in my lunch box in a variety of ways. I like to keep the contents of my sandwich as cold as possible, so I pack a sandwich on occasion. I plan on getting another set later. I keep my lunch in my locker while I work. The ice packs are still cold when I get to my locker. I kept my lunch box in my truck for a couple of times, but it was still cold. They were warm at the end of my shift because they were kept in my truck and the temperature ranged between 97 and 101 degrees. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. I think this is a great product for the price, and it was shipped quickly. I use them for work and short trips. Thank you so much! I will definitely be getting more.

8. Stackable Compartment Leakproof Containers Eco Friendly

Stackable Compartment Leakproof Containers Eco Friendly

The outer fabric is made of Oxford cloth which is slightly waterproof and odorless. The stripes are stain resistant and colorfast. The lunch bag is a good choice for eating out. The Lunch Box is 3-In-1. The bento box has 1100ML of capacity. The lunch container can help you control the amount of food you eat and start a healthy and balanced diet. The independent space can keep food fresh and original. The material is healthy. Japanese 3-In-1 bento box containers are made of high-quality food grade PP plastic and wheat fiber materials and are designed to last a lifetime. The lunch box can be used again. It is easy to clean. You can bring a meal with you. The design is leak-proof. The bento lunch container is easy to seal. There are two locks on the lid. The buckle is strong. The lunch box kit has a Silicone strip on the top to prevent food and liquid from leaking, so there is no need to worry about food spills on the go. Microwave and dishwasher safe. The bento box can be washed in the dishwasher, but the lid is not. You can either use the prepared dish cloth to wash the compartment or use the dishwasher. The lunch box can be used as a food storage container. It's suitable for children or adults to bring food. The PC Bento Lunch Box Kit is for 17 PCs. You will get more than a bento box. The bento box kit includes a lunch bag, spoon, fork, cartoon fruit fork, cake cups, soup cup, fruit cookie pastry mold, and dishcloth. Extra accessories will make meals more enjoyable.

Brand: Trikptey

👤The bento box and soup container seem to be pretty nice. There is a The bag is flimsy and the handles were ripped off on the 3rd day. The cheap cupcake liners feel like they are going to tear and are too big for the container. The bento box colors aren't accurate. The green is dingy and the pink is not bright. There is a Definitely dissatisfied.

👤I bought this for my daughter to bring to school. The bento box is great, it has perfect portion size containers, and I love the divider that I can use to add more variety to her lunch. There is a The bag it comes with is fairly flimsy, but we didn't expect it to be great. I expected more from the thermos. I packed soup for my daughter to eat and it was cold in a few hours. If you want to keep food warm, this isn't for you. There is a If you have ice packs in the bag, the bento box will keep food cool. We could do without the bag and thermos, but we are happy with the containers.

👤I can also watch my portions in a lunch box that has multiple compartments. I provided a picture that shows I can pack 3 meals. They can warm them up at different times. Many of my co-workers ask if I bought mine at, and I have shared the link. Great job!

👤If you eat very little throughout the day, it's perfect for snacks. I think it is more for kids. Light and Sturdy.

👤The top two containers are small and the bottom one is large, but I love this product. I like the extras it came with. It is definitely worth the money.

👤I love my bento box and bag. Thanks!

👤Did not experience any issues with leaking. It was difficult to open.

👤My daughter loves her tiktok lunchbox, but she never finishes how much I pack for her. There are fun food picks and cupcake molds. Highly recommend!

9. Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Multicolored

Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Multicolored

SLIM ICE PACKS. The Cool Coolers Slim Ice Packs are perfect for all types of bags, whether you are heading back to work, school, or just want to escape the house for a picnic. Pack them in lunch bags, coolers, beach bags, picnic baskets and more. COMPACT DESIGN. The ice packs are powerful. They're perfect for tight spaces or stacking together for more cooling power. There are 4 ice packs in this set. It is long-lasting. The ice packs are designed to last a long time so you can head out knowing that what you pack will stay fresh until you are ready to eat. The ice packs should be frozen the night before use. SLIM DESIGN. It's great for using in tight spaces or stacking several together for more cooling power. There are care tips. Only hand wash. Do not microwave.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤I bought these because of the great reviews on websites. They don't live up to the hype. They are in a plastic case, and I feel like they are water. I bring two in my small lunchbag to work. They are melted in 4 hours. I kept them in a smaller container to keep the milk cold. They melted in that bag. They sweat and get wet. I can't recommend this product.

👤I work in an office that has a thermostat that is not adjusted. We can't be trusted to find a temperature that is comfortable for us, so some idiot downtown controls it. The heat doesn't work in the winter. We have cold air blowing down on us all the time. The idiot downtown says it's working well despite the fact that we're forced to wear jackets, hats, gloves and blankets. It's not good. Thin ice packs are a great solution. It will trick the thermostat into thinking it's cold in the room if you put one on top. The air doesn't come on. We used to use duct tape to keep the ice from leaking, but we were worried that the tape would ruin the paint. These slim packs balance perfectly, even though the wide ice packs can fall off. condensation may be dripping on humid days We put a paper towel around it. I only need to replace the ice pack once per shift when we use thaws. The four pack is great because you have backups. If your office is open all the time with multiple shifts working, they don't have to wait for a thaw pack to freeze up again.

👤They were bought based on the positive reviews. They only last a few hours in an insulated lunch bag. I commute to work by public transportation. On a warm day, these don't keep items cool for long. They sweat and cause items to get wet. Not recommended.

👤The breast pump parts and milk are kept cool. There is a The ice packs have to be horizontal in the freezer. I use the ice packs to cool my breast pump and milk when I'm not at home. I plan on using them for a flight. My items and ice packs stayed cool for up to 8 hours. I noticed that the side that was down was bulging when I looked at the photos. I asked for a replacement set even though they had not cracked or leaked. I haven't had any problems with the set since I was sent a replacement set by Amazon. It seems like liquid in these packs doesn't freeze uniformly. To avoid weird buldging and bubbles, I recommend freezing horizontally. I have been using the ice packs for almost two months. At this time, they are good enough for my needs. The size and shape of the melted and frozen packs can be seen in the photos.

👤I didn't think there would be a learning curve when I bought ice packs. I assumed the ice pack would work. These containers are filled with water. They stay frozen for about 2 hours and get a lot of condensation on the outside as they thaw. I know what to look for as I shop.

10. Ice Pack Lunch Box Long Lasting

Ice Pack Lunch Box Long Lasting

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee because they are so confident in the quality of their product. Contact them to return the product for a full refund. The set of 4 hard gel ice packs is lightweight and long lasting. The ice pack is 7 inches in diameter. It's best to keep your cooler bag freezer-cold. Perfect for everyday use in lunchboxes, bento boxes and coolers. It's great for kids to take to school in their totes, adults to the office or for camping. You should keep your food containers dry. Cool packs are made with non-toxic materials. They stay cool for a long time and keep you fit. These small babies pack a punch. The best ice packs are risk-free. You will not regret it. Not satisfied? Shoot them an email and they'll give you a full refund. The healthy Packers are included. Cool packs can be brought through the security checkpoint when they are fully frozen. Multi-Functional Ice Packs are perfect for families to keep food fresh and drinks fresh without ice melting. It's ideal for children to take ice packs for lunch box or bento boxes. The ice pack cooler keeps the food and drink cool for longer. A pack of cold packs is offered for different uses.

Brand: Healthy Packers

👤These packs only keep for a few hours. After 6 hours, my lunch was still warm in the insulated lunch box that I packed with all four of them. They are too thin to keep cold. Would not recommend. I'm not sure if I can return them after one use. I have changed the name to EDIT*. The company reached out to me and offered me a replacement. I will give them props, however they did the same thing and asked me to update my review which annoyed me. Their rating is all that matters. I waited until the refund was in my account to update my review. I only get three stars from you.

👤Not impressed with these at all. I put them in a small cooler to keep drinks cold and they will melt in an hour. Only two of them are leaking. They didn't do anything to keep it cool.

👤They freeze quickly. I need ice packs that will stay cold for a long time. My lunch bag stays in my truck as I work outside. My lunch was almost 7 hours later and it was warm. I thought they would stay cold longer. Not for someone who works outside in warm weather.

👤These work well to keep my lunch cool. This is important to me because I work 12 hour shifts.

👤It stays cold as expected. It is what it is for the size and I wish it would last longer. I used a soft insulated box to store food and beverages. The packs were on for 5 hours. It was a mixture of having the box in my vehicle and inside of an air conditioned building during work hours. Next time, I will try all four.

👤I use these to keep a 6-pack of cans cool while drinking in the park on a sunny day, and I bought them to use in a small cooler/lunch bag. The ice packs are perfect. The main reason I love them so much is the fact that each ice pack is so small that I can fit one on each side of the cooler bag, keeping them cool from all angles. They were able to keep my drinks cold for a while. There is a If you want to keep things cool in a larger cooler chest, you should look for a larger and thicker ice pack. If you use a small lunch-sized bag or backpack cooler to keep a small amount of items cool for a few hours, I highly recommend these.

👤I got the ice packs for my 6th graders. I was not prepared for the size, these are nearly the size of a paperback book. Even though they are non-toxic, the first thing I did was to seal-a-meal all four of them. Kids drop stuff. Who wants to have blue goo in their lunch bag? The girls say they work well and have been using them for a couple of weeks. The seal-a-meal has no leaks and the Kindergartner has not thrown one away in error as she did with a smaller pack. I think we found a winner.

11. Ice Packs Lunch Bags Reusable

Ice Packs Lunch Bags Reusable

Komax innovations brought joy to millions of customers. Users can enjoy products that are made to last by delivering better-designed, eco-friendly solutions. Keep it fresh and cold with these multicolored ice packs for lunch bags and coolers. The thin ice pack for lunch box can be used over and over for kid's lunch bags or as a cooler ice pack. TrekProof freezable lunch box ice packs are great for travel and daily use, they are also great for a cooler at the beach, picnic food bags, and so much more. The multipack of TrekProof small freezer packs are lightweight and portable so they don't take up a lot of space. If your lunch ice pack gets sticky due to spills, it's easy to wipe it clean with a warm, wet wash cloth, dry, and reuse with these slim ice packs for lunch box and coolers.

Brand: Trekproof

👤I purchased this item despite the reviews that it would swell to the point that the plastic would strain after a few uses, but I still read the reviews that it kept cold for many hours. I left my package in the freezer after I received it. The plastic is bulging and showing signs of strain after less than 12 hours of freezing. The green ice pack has bulged so high that the plastic has changed from green to white in some areas. Does not seem to last very long. I haven't tried cooling my lunch yet, but it feels like the icepack has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. I will try it with my lunch. The ice pack is not durable and may burst after a few freezings. Will update within a few weeks.

👤The Ice Packs were ordered to keep the lunches cool. There is a The ones we were using were too Bulky and took up a lot of space in their Lunch Bags, so we had been shopping around for something more practical. They went back to school today and were waiting to try them. There is a They freeze really quickly, probably an hour. No room in the freezer. This morning, when preparing their Lunches, these Slid Perfectly inside the bags between the items, was a convenient design. There is a My daughter liked that they are safe for girls. These were what we were looking for. The only thing that is confusing is the description, which says "Set of 4" but also "Set of 3", but pictured there are 4 and no worries.

👤If you need an ice pack that keeps your lunch cool all day, this is the product for you. I brought these with me to the picnic and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The ice packs did not show any signs of getting hot in Texas, where it can get up to 105 degrees a day. They were nice and chilled us out. The ice did not melt all over the place like other ice packs I have used in the past. There are many uses for ice packs. They are sure to stay chilled after an injury. I would recommend these ice packs to anyone looking for a multi-use ice pack that is affordable.

👤I'm satisfied with the ice packs so far. I use them in my 4th graders lunch box. He uses a thermal insulated lunch box that keeps them cold in the afternoons, but they're not frozen yet. If his lunch box was well insulated they would warm up quicker. Some of the ice packs have raised bumps after being frozen, which I think is due to the clumping of the material inside the pack. The bumps make them less than perfect, but they still stack in the freezer without issue so it's not substantial enough to complain about or return them. They look nice and take up less space in the freezer in his lunch box than the soft freezer packs we were previously using, with as good or better results. I'm happy with them and think they're a good purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly ice packs lunch?

Eco friendly ice packs lunch products from Fit & Fresh. In this article about eco friendly ice packs lunch you can see why people choose the product. Blue Ele and Mincoco are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly ice packs lunch.

What are the best brands for eco friendly ice packs lunch?

Fit & Fresh, Blue Ele and Mincoco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly ice packs lunch. Find the detail in this article. M Mcirco, Komax and Healthy Packers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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