Best Eco Friendly Iphone 13 Case with Finger Loop

Case 29 Nov 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Spigen Hybrid Anti Yellowing Technology Designed

Spigen Hybrid Anti Yellowing Technology Designed

A hybrid technology is made of a bumper and a PC. The new metal kickstand has a magnetic snap. Crystal clear transparency shows the original phone design. The raised lip and camera cutout offer screen protection.

Brand: Spigen

👤I had a hard time charging this case. Sometimes I could get the charging to work with this case, but it would stop randomly so you would have to come back to a dead battery. The kick stand needs to be relocated. Don't buy this one if you plan on using charging pads.

👤Spigen is my go to for cases. I have never had a single brake before. Do not recommend. If you need a kickstand, get a tough armour.

👤I have never been unhappy with a Spigen case. The fit is perfect, all buttons are responsive, and cutouts are the right size. I bought a clear case that collected fingerprints worse than this one. The kickstand works well in both directions. I wonder if the partially open position will weaken with time. If so, I will update this review. I don't use inductive charging so can't comment on that I like the look and feel of this case.

👤Spigen earned my trust for a long time. The kickstand is great and the products work. Spigen's products did not cause any damage to my devices. The kickstand comes in the way of wireless charging. The kickstand will get in the way if you use a wireless charger with a really small diameter. Another great case from Spigen.

👤The best case I've ever bought is in this price range. Every year I get a new phone, and shopping for cases becomes tedious. The kickstand is very sturdy and the case is crystal clear. You can put the phone on either side of the kickstand. It has an assist to keep it closed. I am an expert in phones cases, and I recommend this case to anyone who needs one. If you need a case, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

👤This is the best Spigen case I've had yet, and I've been a fan of it for several generations. The case fits the phone perfectly and doesn't detract from the form factor. The plastic has a soft feel to it and a tint when backlit. The kickstand is a killer feature. Spigen designs trade durability for bulk but this seems to be the best of both worlds and it costs a fraction of the cases at the phone store. The case isn't as strong as it could be. It still works, but it doesn't grip as well. Still a great case!

👤I tested the case on my new phone with the help of the Belkin boost charge. 10 watt fast wireless charging stand Charging is fine. The metal fold out stand is strong. Holds up the phone well. The positions are horizontal and vertical. The price is great.

👤If you will use air, a built in kickstand is helpful. It is probably aluminum. The stand has a magnet in it to hold it in the closed position. It feels very firm so far. When you get bored, it's fun to hold the magnet.

👤The case protects my new phone well and the stand makes it easy to use while watching Prime or Netflix. There is a 5 out of 5, it looks stylish without compromising the overall thinness of the phone.

2. TENDLIN Compatible Texture 6 1 Inch Released

TENDLIN Compatible Texture 6 1 Inch Released

The one-piece case consists of wood veneer, carbon fiber texture leather and TPU, and 3 materials are synthesized. The unique design offers a good grip and comfort with its carbon fiber leather and wood grain finish. The camera cutout is deep to protect it from scratching or touching the ground. It supports wireless charging and is easy to install and remove without damaging the phone. It's compatible with the iPhone 13 Case. If you have a quality problem, just contact them and they will give you a full refund or replace.

Brand: Tendlin

👤This case is a bit unique and I love it. It is more custom. It's not as heavy and it's not as hard. It is a bit less protection. Keep that in mind if you drop your phone more.

👤My husband loves this case. It looks sharp and well-fitting. It comes with a screen protectors which is great, but ours had a scratch on it when we received it. The seller made it right for us after we contacted him. Will purchase from this seller again.

👤I ordered this case for my phone because I had the same one on my phone. It looks good, wears well, and fits well. It protects the screen from side impacts.

👤The design is clean and classy. If you like wood and carbon fiber, this is the one for you.

👤It feels good on hand, but I don't know if it's real wood or not.

👤I bought the same case for my new phone because I liked it so much.

👤If my review were on looks alone, it would score very well. There is a The case is hard to hold onto because it doesn't have any texture. I used mine for two weeks and have ordered a new one.

👤Awesome product and sleek look. Thanks.

👤la 6 cover, sono sempre estremamente soddisfatto. Fatta benissimo e di una qualit eccellente. There is no esistono cover.

👤Is meine Hlle in dieser Optik? There is a Is it possible to say that Haptik is a Verarbeitung und aussehen? Is it a gut? Weiter empfehlen!

👤I've had it for two weeks and it's been great. There was no damage to the phone or case when I dropped it.

3. Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Stop using plastic at the source. Their cases are made of wheat and straw and contain organic and non toxic ingredients that comply with the EU Reach regulations. They are working on solutions to combat the global plastic pollution using recycled paper packaging, too. High quality and protection. Their cases meet high quality standards for a longer life cycle and certified Drop- Down Protection to shield your phone from drops/scratches, they are living in a throw away society. Both Magsafe and Wireless Charging are compatible. Without a connection. They will give you 30% on your new case if you turn your old case into new. Their goal is to act sustainable in every process. A tree. They plant a tree for every product sold. They act sustainable.

Brand: Woodcessories

👤A nice phone case. The color and feeling are nice.

👤Ihren soll leide ist die Farbe Nachtgrn. I am frs new. Ihren Hlle brauche behalte me, ihren Qualitt/Robustheit/grip ansonsten gut! Ihren Artikel Beschreibung berhaupt ist das passt.

👤Ich hatte bereits. Hlle ist die verschiedenen verbessert. Man ist die Rckseite der Hlle. Mir ist Nachhaltigkeit! Ich ist die Handyhlle entschieden! Auerdem hlt Sie Strze. Ihren letztes Handy ist leidermal. Steinboden wasfallen, die Hlle hat Es geschtzt!

👤Agli urti, ben resistente agli finitura opaca, api rigido del silicone, ma pi morbido della plastica, stesso spessore. There is a A ho apprezzato l'idea di una cover compostabile. In pi da scegliere e sarebbe perfetta!

👤Die Hlle schtzt den Rahmen, weil es griffig in der Hand. Bin ist das Zufrieden. Verpackung is nett gemacht!

👤Ich ist nie, aber hier ist. es anders. Erstens ist das Produkt- und Verpackungsdesign. Andere Firmen ist "wir sind grn" nutzen. Firma Gedanken gemacht ist das. Zweitens, die Hlle fhlt. Sie liegt sanft in the hand. Ich war, gesagt. Drittens ist a fair Preis. Die Hlle ist schn aus.

4. Spigen Hybrid Anti Yellowing Technology Designed

Spigen Hybrid Anti Yellowing Technology Designed

A hybrid technology is made of a bumper and a PC. Crystal clear transparency shows the original phone design. The raised bezels lift the screen and camera off the ground. buttons are easy to feel and cutouts fit most cables.

Brand: Spigen

👤This case is not good. It's all scratched after a couple of weeks. On top of that, it says "Air Cushion Technology" on the top edge. Why is it necessary to add technology text to this case? I don't need the world to know what my case is made of, and if I'm buying a $1,000 phone, I don't want to see that text every time I use it. It doesn't make sense. Some case manufacturers do it, but I don't like it. People don't care about the technology on their phone case. Customer support sucks.

👤The entire iPhone looks dirty because of a shiny reflective finger print that is left by touching the back of the case. I washed my hands and cleaned the case. One touch with clean fingers is the same as the prints. I washed my hands with witch hazel and used hand sanitizer. Save yourself some money and buy a different case that won't make your new phone look like a toddler is playing with it.

👤I have an idea of what makes a good case. The edges are protected by rubber. The force of drops or impacts by sharp objects can be spread by hard backing. The screen and camera are protected by tall sides. Material quality is the best I have seen in all the cases I have used. There is a The camera could use some protection. Other. It does get fingerprints, but that is not important.

👤I have used the Spigen case for my last 3 phones and they all were undamaged. The case is inexpensive and easy to hold, and lets the beauty of your phone be the center point. The nature of these cases is that they have greasy finger prints on the back. This is the case I use the most. Simple, inexpensive and great protection with no bulkiness.

👤The case is great, but not MagSafe. We have two phones and two cases, but one of them doesn't have a ring to help with MagSafe orientation. The snap to the charger is weak and the hold to it is not as strong. We usually have to get a new case after a year or so, so we will make sure that the next one has the rings for orientation. There is a The case is made well. If this isn't a deal breaker for you, then this case is great. This is a great case and it does add a bit of heft, but it is durable and soft to the hands.

👤I would definitely recommend this case. It is good for the price. It doesn't come without flaws. There is a I have not put it to the test. I can tell it is very protective. It is not heavy. It is large enough where I feel safe handling my phone. The MagSafe is also great. My dad has never had a problem with the apple wallet falling off. FINGERPRINTS. This thing is a fingerprint magnet. It is kind of annoying that you will not see the back of your phone. Spigen doesn't really show the text on the side of the case. I understand that they are branding it. Is it really necessary to put air cushion technology on the top? It's just an air pocket. It doesn't bother me, but something to be aware of. There is a Overall, it was a great case and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

5. Spigen Anti Yellowing Technology Compatible Designed

Spigen Anti Yellowing Technology Compatible Designed

The PC back case has a Magnet Integrated shock absorption. The raised lip protects the screen. Tactile buttons for feedback. Air cushion technology is used for shock absorption.

Brand: Spigen

👤The black magsafe ring on the clear 13 pro case is only attached to the case with weak glue. When you remove the case, you may notice that the magsafe rings are no longer on the phone, but on the case. I had to put them back in the case after peeling them off the phone. It seems like the magnet is too strong for the glue to stay on the case. I am exchanging for a spigen product because I like it. If the new one is any better, I'll update, but so far it seems like it was made by the lowest bidder.

👤The case is better than Apples. It feels better in your hand. It has better protection. It protects the bottom of the phone from damage. The case has small well placed logos. The flaw. The Mag Ring was slightly larger than Apple's Mag Ring. The Mag accessories bumped into the camera lip. If the case was modified so the Mag was the same size as Apple's, it would be the best Mag case on the market.

👤I received both the MagSafe case and the case for the iPhone 13 Pro a few days before the official release. I wanted to pick the best between these two because they seem to be the most reliable options for clear magnetic cases. This Spigen seems like an absolute no-brainer at less than half the price of Apple. I have always been a fan of Spigen products and this one lives up to the reputation, while Apple's falls short in comparison. Spigen offers a case with a black MagSafe ring, which will blend in better with my graphite phone. The Spigen case has a softer material around the sides than the Apple case. The Spigen case has a small but noticeable boost in grip thanks to the softer plastic. The grip is a plus for me. The price makes it reasonable to replace even if it yellows after a few months, as the softer plastic seems to yellow more easily over time. The Spigen case seems to have stronger magnets than the Apple case I just received. Even if it is just a small difference, it is reassuring to know that my phone won't fall off the mount while driving. The backside of the Spigen case has a noticeable advantage. The Apple case doesn't have any feet on the corners, which means it rocks off the camera bumps when laid on a table. The Spigen case is more stable on flat surfaces. The Apple case is being returned in favor of the guy.

👤It was a disappointment. The plastic case for the iPhone 13 Pro is better than the other clear cases I tried. The third time I removed the case, the pill-shaped magnet came out. The back of my phone had a magnet stuck to it. I put on the second case, but didn't know it. I wondered why the other case didn't fit. Terrible. There is a Spigen has not solved this. I contacted them last week and they've been slow to respond. They wanted me to send a pic of the lot number from the box and more photos to figure out what might be wrong, despite sending these photos and more. It seems obvious to me. The case will be returned to Amazon after 2 more days. Spigen's support was poor. Completely unforeseen. Spigen replaced the case. It's good! The same thing happened when I removed the case. It would seem that the magnets are poorly placed. This is a significant production defect and the case is pretty great. They couldn't have tested this. I'm happy that Spigen refunded my purchase, but this is the worst Spigen product I've ever bought.

6. IPhone Shockproof Rotation Kickstand Magnetic

IPhone Shockproof Rotation Kickstand Magnetic

The perfect fit case is compatible with most screen protectors and accessories. The kickstand feature is an integrated gear rotating ring finger holder that can be used as a convenient viewing kickstand. The car mount function. There is a piece of iron hidden in the center of the holder ring that allows the case to be attached to the magnetic car holder, which is strong and sturdy, and will allow you to navigate on your trips without danger. Drop protection is made up of reinforced corners and raised edges. A strong and simple protective case can be made out of flexible and soft rubber bumper edges and rigid hard PC back cover.

Brand: Sqmcase

👤I wanted to show off the beautiful blue color of my new Apple iPhone 13 Pro, so I bought a clear phone case. I use my phone as a gps while driving, but the case is too heavy to stay on the magnet without it falling down, so I use a small one on my dashboard. I figured out a way to use the ring as a sort of hook around the magnet, but that may not work on all magnet models and it is not what I was going for. It works well as a clear case and ring holder, but needs improvement in the magnet department.

👤I had this case for less than two months and while I was initially pleased with it, the ring part fell off the other night. I thought I would be able to fix it, but without some kind of glue or glue-like substance, it wouldn't work. I ordered a different case because it was definitely not quality construction. I have had other ring cases that lasted over a year. It didn't cost much.

👤The case for my phone shows the phone. It is nice to have a ring on the back. It works better than the pop sockets because it is flatter. It is only a problem if you fold the ring in a certain way or it is hard to pull it out again. There is a lowered portion of the base that makes it easier to open, but the hinge needs to be opposite of that lower portion to open easily. I would recommend it.

👤The case works well. The version of this product that is glass protected doesn't stick well. I followed the instructions hard, have done this many times before, and when I placed the protector, I couldn't get bubbles out. The bubble grew for about 4 hours, but it grew so much that it was half the phone surface. After 8 hours, it was removed. I will try the second one to see if it sticks better. I used a microfiber cloth, anti dust stickers, and a guide from another phone.

👤I was hoping to find the same style for the 13 Pro as the one I just purchased for the 11 Pro. I was happy that I could get it clear. I will be able to see the phone. The kickstand appears to be very good quality.

👤I liked the case initially. The ring worked as advertised and I liked the case. There is a The ring came off the back about 7 weeks after I started using it. There is a I notice that the case is discolored. There is a I'm going to try to get a refund. It should last at least 7 weeks. There is a I will buy a different ring case for my phone.

👤The case is okay, but it turns colors after a whole. The screen protectors are great. I dropped my phone and it should have shattered, but the screen protector took it like a champ and there was a backup. The case is alright again. The screen protectors are not.

7. Spigen Anti Yellowing Technology Compatible Designed

Spigen Anti Yellowing Technology Compatible Designed

The PC back case has a Magnet Integrated shock absorption. The raised lip protects the screen. Tactile buttons for feedback. Air cushion technology is used for shock absorption.

Brand: Spigen

👤I use MagSafe if my car mounts and it works great. There is a The case sides are made of two different materials. There is a The back hard plastic? Is easy to scratch, keep it away. The side is soft. It has not been 3 months. The cases have magnets? Are the stickers applied? They will fall off when you wash it. Is it long term? I have no high hopes.

👤The case feels great in your hands. It fits like a glove and has access to the Lightning port, side buttons, and the mute switch. I accidentally flung my phone while trying to shoo a wasp away from me, and the case protected my phone's corner from getting dinged/shattered on concrete. The magnets are attached to the case with a weak glue, so it's very likely that they will stick to your phone if you remove it. The magnets for the ring have been reported to come off by people, but this hasn't happened to me yet. The magnets for the "pill" underneath the circle came out of my case. I'm pretty sure it's caused by the phone heating up during wireless charging or intensive games. There is a I can't vouch for any anti-yellowing that this case claims, as it's 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 The back is protected with a material that will protect it from scratches.

👤Overall, I like this case. The case and phone are in great shape, even though I dropped my phone several times. The material gets oily/slippery after holding it for a while. I think there is not much that can be done to fix the issue unless it has some texture to it. Not a big problem. You have to wipe your hands occasionally.

👤The problem is that it does not hold on to a magnet. The phone case fell off when it was mounted vertically. It is only a 4 inch drop. I don't need a case that isn't up to par. There is a The case is on the heavier side. The feel in my hand is not bad. Returned.

👤The perfect option is the clear case from Apple. I'm returning the apple because it felt loose at the bottom and was more exposed. The case feels good in the hands. I wanted to see the "starlight" color on my phone. Magnets are strong. Definitely recommend!

👤This is a great fit for the 13! The raised edges for the cameras and screen seem to be good for them. All cutouts are done nicely and buttons are easy to press. It has a large area around the lightning port that my cables can fit in. I would buy it again.

👤The blue of my phone shows through the clear case. The rose crystal is the same color as the iPhone. After a big drop, the case held up well but the screen protectors and camera protecters cracked. Sticks back on. It should not be falling off so easily. The phone case is only a month old. There is a Still recommend!

8. IPhone Elegant Shockproof Protective Decoration

IPhone Elegant Shockproof Protective Decoration

It was designed for the Apple iPhone 11. The Pro Max cell phone has a 6.5-inch screen. The Floral Luxury Metal Air Corner Design is a perfect gift for women on any occasion. The case won't be damaged and it will have a soft touch. The iPhone 11 Pro Max case for women helps to protect your phone from damage. Comes with a bling sparkle diamond rhinestones holder. The back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max case has a kickstand that you can use to stop the phone from dropping. The glossy surface pattern and squared edges provide full body protection for the iPhone 11 pro max, and the cute shiny glitter design on the back will make it more attractive and fashionable. The material is scentless and harmless to your health.

Brand: Awsaccy

👤I agree with my case. I tried it for the first time after receiving it. It looks nice. The ring holder is a small downside to what I have seen. I have a hard time holding it with one hand because of my old case. Maybe I will learn how to use the ring holder. It is good and beautiful.

👤The ring is a bit loose after a while. It almost feels like it will come off. It's a great case that my mother loves. There is an update. My mother is really disappointed that the ring fell off after only 2 and 1/2 months, but she would have preferred to keep the ring on.

👤Very disappointing. It lacks quality compared to other cases I have purchased from high end to the lowest. When viewed at angles, the gloss looks like a film, but it is not. If I had bought this from Five Below, I would be very happy but not for $12. If you don't cut you, the cutout is not aligned and the edge is sharp. It looks like someone inexperienced rushed this through for a quick buck.

👤The back of the case isn't fit into the structure of the case, and the square cut out where the camera fits into the case is bent, so this case isn't one of my favorites. There are small dents in the case. The floral pattern hides it. Too bad it was so cheap.

👤The case looks like the picture. Love it.

👤I like it a lot. It doesn't protect your phone. I like to design and use my phone as a design tool.

👤The phone case is pretty. I can not stop looking at it. I am in love. The finger holder is not stiff and swings around.

👤The ring on the back broke when I put it on my phone. The same thing happened when I replaced it and got the new one, the ring broke on the back. There is a The cover is cute, but it is a total waste of money.

👤My husband loves the design of this case and he keeps telling me how nice it is. It's different because of the gold studded look around the frame, the little gold hinges on the back and the pretty gold ring. I'm not hard on my cellphones. I would buy it again.

👤This case is gorgeous. I received a lot of praise. I have had it for two months now and it is very sturdy.

9. Diaclara Designed Sensitive Anti Scratch Protector

Diaclara Designed Sensitive Anti Scratch Protector

The full body is rugged protection. The dual layer provides full body rugged protection. The raised 4 corners surround your phone to protect it from accidental drops and falls. The screen protectors are built in. The built-in touch sensitive and anti-scratch screen protectors protect the fragile glass from scratches and cracks. Extra protection for the screen and camera is provided by the 1.5mm raised screen edge and 3.5mm raised camera edge. It works with a wireless charging pad, no need to remove the case. It is compatible with the iPhone 13 6.1. It's easy to install or remove. If you have a question, feel free to contact them.

Brand: Diaclara

👤The case is perfect for people who want a clear case that is more protective than the standard clear cases. It's more expensive, but you get what you pay for. It is similar to clear cases sold by other companies, but I believe it is better constructed for the money. I like the raised edges that give a lip to the screen, and the hard clear plastic on the back of the case. The rear of the case can scratch more easily when placed on a hard surface like a table or desk because the case does not have a raised edge. The buttons are much more responsive than the other versions and the case is very strong. I don't want this review to sound like a dig on Speck and Otterbox, but in my opinion, this case offers the specifications important to me.

👤It has been over a month since I ordered it. It far exceeded my expectations. It is very comfortable at the same time. Let me put it that way. I have 3 kids, a 6 year old, a 4 year old and a baby boy. There is a The thing has been dropped dozens of times and still looks and works as the day I took it out of the box, so they all get to use it. I added a back camera lens protection and a screen protector.

👤Doesn't fit what they say. I and the store employees couldn't get on the phone because it was a little off in size.

👤Absolutely love this case. Very strong. It's easy to put on and take off. The phone is light pink. This is perfect because I needed a case to protect it and also show off the color.

👤The phone case is cute, but not like the picture. The color is not what I was expecting.

👤The case on doesn't pick up face ID. It is hard to type while using it. Don't like it.

👤This case protects my phone. It is very strong and hard on the edges. The buttons are easy to press. The back of my case has some light and deep scratches, but it's a great case for its price.

10. DEENAKIN IPhone 13 Pro 6 1

DEENAKIN IPhone 13 Pro 6 1

Baby Skin-like Soft Touch Liquid Silicone TPU Rubber Gel Protective Phone Case is for the iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch. When laying down on the tables or floors, the raised lips protect the camera and creen of your phone. There are buttons with cutouts. The charging port works well with all the cables. It's compatible with Wirless CHARGERS. Premium liquid silicone is used in the protection. There is a free screen protectors. There is a DEENAKIN lifetime warranty and 100 percent authentic. If the package you receive has quality issues, please contact them for a replacment or refund. They will get back to you in 13 hours.

Brand: Deenakin

👤It's cute but not very strong. My phone fell and the corner of the case tore after I got the case. The case got loose in that corner and it doesn't completely cover that corner of my phone anymore. It's a nice case, but not great for drop protection.

👤I like the color and solidness of this case. The screen protectorAdhered correctly the first time, which takes me twice to get out right. There were no instructions for how to put the screen protectors on. I put it upside down and it doesn't affect my camera. The color is pink, more than I thought. granddaughter picked it out for me.

👤The case is not a bad one, but it is not the most protective. I only ordered this for a short time. The case attracts every piece of lint/fuzz it is close to.

👤The quality and color are as pictured.

👤The black was ordered. Just received it. Love the product so far. It seems like a good case. Looks sleek too! Love it.

👤I thought the case was for the 13 pro, but it was actually for the 13 pro max. I am sending it back. If I had gotten the right size for my phone, I would not have returned it, I love the color and feel of it, definitely recommend, and would never return it.

👤This is the best case I have ever had. The quality is better than the Silicone Apple cases that are more than triple the price. I wish that this case was compatible with MagSafe.

11. GALAPPLE Ultra Thin Minimalist Shockproof Compatible

GALAPPLE Ultra Thin Minimalist Shockproof Compatible

Light and slim design adds no bulk to your phone, show the original design beauty of your phone. You don't feel anything on your phone, but it protects your phone. TPU Bumpers are strong on camera. The raised frame can reduce the risk of impact on the lens and screen. Protect your phone from damage. There is a Mag Safe Design for Wireless Fast Charging. Every time, the case offers a magical attachment experience with built-in magnets that align circle perfectly with the phone. It is compatible with official Magsafe accessories. The MagSafe wallet card holder and magnetic stand can be used together. The transparent frosted back panel is made of PC with translucent texture design, the mobile phone case is easy to clean. The combination of black and white can be used with any phone model.

Brand: Galapple

👤The case adds zero bulk and maintains the sleek design. This is the first time that I have seen a case that doesn't protect the edges. Hopefully, it won't scratch the shiny frame. It could use a bit of grip. There is a PROS adds 0 bulk, low price, protects camera len, and Magsafe compatible CONS - slippery. Adding texture to the case could help. The table screen protection could use a little more edge.

👤The case is minimal and offers bumper protection on the 4 corners. I like the fact that the buttons are exposed on the side and that there is no lip on the screen, so when you are in the browser or other app, it is easy. There is a I would like to suggest that the bumpers be slightly thinner for a more minimalist feel and that the top and bottom material be more grippy. It's fine on the grip. It can be better. There is a Love this thing. No need to remove it because it charges with the case as well.

👤Love this case. The best case is minimalist. It was the closest thing to going bare. It's perfect for the iPhones. The grip is provided by the bare steel. Better than plastic cases. The phones are slippery. The case still gives good protection. This case may not be for you if you are hard on your phone. The corners are raised and thicker. The back panel has lip that extends beyond the sides. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it and it improves grip. The camera bump protects the lens. The edges of the front side are exposed. The edge is as smooth as new. Magnet works well on my car mount. There is a There were more colors available. Black is the only color available for 13 pro. There were more choices in this style case.

👤The body is thin and the corners are normal thickness. The side is bare and the case feels very thin when you pick it up. This is a good choice if you don't want a case.

👤I like the fact that the sides of the case are not exposed and that the corners are protected, I want the screen and cameras to not touch a surface when put down. The fit on my phone is perfect, so it appears they did a good job with the testing.

👤The camera cutouts were a little off, I thought this was a great case until I removed it, the magnet came off the case and stuck to the phone. Not what I was expecting.

👤The case is slim and perfect. Each camera has its own spot. Absolutely love it.

👤I like the design and feel of it. The ring loop attachment is very convenient.


What is the best product for eco friendly iphone 13 case with finger loop?

Eco friendly iphone 13 case with finger loop products from Spigen. In this article about eco friendly iphone 13 case with finger loop you can see why people choose the product. Tendlin and Woodcessories are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly iphone 13 case with finger loop.

What are the best brands for eco friendly iphone 13 case with finger loop?

Spigen, Tendlin and Woodcessories are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly iphone 13 case with finger loop. Find the detail in this article. Sqmcase, Awsaccy and Diaclara are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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