Best Eco Friendly Iphone 8 Plus Case

Case 29 Nov 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Vooii Microfiber Shockproof Full Body Protective

Vooii Microfiber Shockproof Full Body Protective

Thickened and full body protection is what it is. Lower protection and shockproof performance should be increased. The impact of falling iphone is mitigated by better protection of the iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus. The Liquid Silicone iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus Case is for women. Anti-Fingerprints and smooth touch. The finish is thick and delicate. The back of the iPhone is protected by the soft microfiber lining on the interior of the cases. The Thick iPhone 8 Plus case is compatible. The case for the 7 Plus is perfect for the 8 Plus and 7 Plus. It fits over the buttons on the phone. The premium rubber case for the iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus is elegant and stylish. It is very easy to clean the case as it is very dry.

Brand: Vooii

👤The case is soft and beautiful. It has not yet disappointed.

👤The phone case is very slippery because of it's matt material. It is sleek and not bulky.

👤You can see how soft the inside is in the photos of the review. The outside of the phone case is very soft. The little part above the phone case is more flexible than my older transparent phone case, and that one handled itself well. I think it is a good product. We will see if I come back with any updates. It means it is a good case if I don't.

👤The inside is soft and powdery. The green case is subtle, not bright. The case is perfect for my phone, with cut outs for the camera and attachment. The volume buttons are not like other brands. I purchased it in the pink as well.

👤The case is beautiful, as I had hoped. The shade of green is unlike any of the others I had been looking at before buying it. The feeling of the material is my favorite quality. It has a nice grip. It's almost like a matt finish. I like the fact that it slipped over my Iphone 8 Plus perfect. The inside of the case is very soft. Everything is on my phone. I will be buying more in other colors.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The feel of the phone case is comfortable. It doesn't slip out of my hand like other cases I've owned, because there is enough grip. I have been looking for a pretty yellow case for a long time and finally found it. The PopSocket sticks on the back. The case protects all of the edges so I am comfortable with that.

👤The texture of this case creates just the right amount of friction for staying in my pocket, which is something that would have been impossible with my previous phone cases. Would buy again.

👤This is a deeper wine color than the picture shows. So pretty. It feels nice. The rubber texture made the pop sockets hard to stick to. I had to glue it down. I like it.

👤I ordered the pine green case. I liked the color. I did not need a new case. I fell in love with the image but when I received the case it was not the color I wanted. The images don't match the product so you have to order from a different vendor.

👤The case is soft and durable. The case has small hairs sticking to it due to its texture.

👤The case is nice. The pop sockets are perfect. There were no issues. Love this case.

👤Excellent product, the colour of this case is fabulous.

2. Pela IPhone Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Pela IPhone Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly

The pli cases are made from plants. If you no longer need your case, you can send it back to them and they will turn it into a new Pela product or compost. Protect your phone and the environment. Your Pela Phone Case protects your phone from scratches and drops. Protect your phone. They are working to create a waste free future just like you. They use recycled paper and no plastic for their packaging. The design of this case is light and airy. It is also flexible without adding bulk to your phone. There is a guarantee of success. Do you want to change your mind? They do that as well. They offer a guarantee return if you don't like your choice.

Brand: Pela

👤I was hesitant to buy this case because of the price. The increase in price compared to a standard plastic case is really worth it. There is a The last case I used from Otterbox was sturdy, but the phone felt big. The hard plastic made it hard to put it back together. There is a The material is soft but sturdy and the case fits perfectly to the phone. It has a rim on the front side that protects the screen if it drops. There is a You feel great buying it since it is non-biodegradable.

👤I'll give this case 4 out of 5 stars. I have been using this case for about a week now, and bought it to be more eco-friendly. I bought a classic black case for my phone. I like the cut-out for the power button and silent mode switch, and the volume buttons work well. My black case has brown speckles mixed in it which gives it a nice color blend. The texture is the only complaint I have. I don't love it either, but I don't hate it either. It feels coarse to my fingers. Imagine a piece of wood that has been sanded. That's the closest comparison I can come up with.

👤I was trying to find a phone case that fit in with my ethical shopping philosophy. I am very pleased that I found Pela, she was on every list about ethical phone cases. I have had a case for about 2 weeks and have not had any damage to my phone. I was worried that my pop sockets wouldn't stick, but they did! I am happy with my Pela Case.

👤My last cell phone case lasted more than five years and had no issues. The phone is on my desk most of the time, but I occasionally go for a run. I swap my phone for an armband. The phone was removed from the clear backed Pela case and caused a crack within a few weeks. The case fell apart when I tried to remove the phone. Crack after crack. I lost my ability to make returns through Amazon after 60 days. I contacted Pela as their warranty information told me to. They can't warranty any product that isn't sold on their website. They don't have a warranty. If you want to get customer service from them, you should probably purchase this case directly from Pela.

👤The case has a good grip, but don't expect much in the way of drop protection, they don't state what the Drop Rating is on their website. This is a thin case and the texture is very good, so I guess it's no more than 2 feet. If you don't like big bulky cases and you don't like dropping your phone often, this is the one for you, it's nice and it's on sale.

👤I received a different case. I thought the seller shipped out the wrong one, but after doing some research, I realized it was wrong. The whole listing is for "Clay (Jumbo Edition)", but the name of the case is "Shark". I was misled by the image and ordered "Shark", hoping to get the "Clay (Jumbo Edition)". I tried it out, but I am not impressed. The grip is ok but the button is hard to press. I don't think it was worth $30. If you really want to protect the environment, go for another brand. I am pretty sure that they will have a better quality case.

3. Dreem Wallet Case Detachable Unbreakable Protection

Dreem Wallet Case Detachable Unbreakable Protection

The flexible plastic used in the case cannot crack. Enclosed top and bottom for better protection. It's still slim and elegant. The phone wallet has three card-holder-slots and is multi-functional. Easy-open clasp and horizontal and vertical kick-stand viewing are fully adjusted for hands-free viewing. The magnetic flip-case design allows for the convenience of a wallet-folio without sacrificing the superior handling of a slim case. Out-of-the-box ready for Magsafe charging or magnetic mounts. Premium handcrafted faux leather with beautiful stitching. It's perfect for men and women. You will receive a beautiful box ready for gift giving. 30-Day Money Back and 5-star customer care are included in the 1-year warranty. Choose your phone accessories from a brand that you can trust and a company that has a purpose.

Brand: Dreem

👤I do a lot of flying and renting cars at my job. I love using a wallet case on my phone as it gives me easy access to my credit cards while I'm traveling. I bought a magnetic car vent phone holder to carry with me because I was tired of trying to use my phone gps in rental cars. I need to put a magnet on my phone or have a different case in order to switch it into something I don't want to do. It wasn't going to work on the wallet case I had. Enter this case. It's an excellent solution. I like how I can get my phone out of the wallet. The case is magnetic. I don't need to put a magnet on my phone for the car vent holder. It's great. Why are three stars? The magnet is weak so it moves around a lot in the wallet and on the car vent holder. The magnetic closure on the wallet is weak and is already beginning to wear. I still have to carry another wallet with me because I can't put more than 3-4 cards in it. The edges of the cards rub against the phone screen since they don't go all the way into the pockets. It's not a huge deal, but it's not ideal. I'm not worried that the cards will fall out because they stay in the card slots of the wallet. The case is perfect for the phone. No problem getting to buttons, camera, or charge port.

👤These cases have been used by me for a long time. I bought one for my phone when I upgraded to 7. + I bought a new case for my new phone after I upgraded to a X. What I don't like: I can easily detach my phone and set my wallet aside when I get home or at work. I have a slim case for my phone. There is a The buttons on the phone are easy to access with the notch on either side. There is a The ports at the bottom do not block the speakers and the notch at the bottom is big enough for the charging cable. Even the widest angle of the new iPhone doesn't pick up the edges of the case because of the large notch for the camera. There is a The rubbery texture of the slim case edges is not rubbery enough to catch on clothes when you try to slide it into a pocket. There is a The inside of the slim case is lined with felt to protect the finish of the phones. There is a The case is very tight. You have to pry the case off. There is a Credit cards fall out is one of the complaints I've seen. If you put 3-4 cards in each slot, then stretch the slot out, then leave one card in the now stretched out slot, it's going to fall out. There is a It's difficult to talk on the phone for long periods of time when you fold the case back. It's not a phone, it's a device. There is a The phone fell out of the wallet. I've had 4 different versions of this case for my phone, and never has it fallen out. The slim case is held in extremely well by the magnets. There is a The case is expensive. You just bought a new phone and you're complaining about the case?

4. Kalibri Case Apple IPhone Eco Friendly

Kalibri Case Apple IPhone Eco Friendly

Quality materials. A natural speckled appearance is created from high-quality TPU and wheat straw fiber. The soft matt finish looks great in your hand and protects against fingerprints too. The perfect fit is the back and edges of the case. The bended edge. Extra protection from scratches and bumps is given by the raised edge around the camera and screen.

Brand: Kalibri

👤I had been using a Pela Case for a long time. I didn't want to shell out money for another one because I never had any problems with it. I bought this case instead. There is a The case is not slippery. Since I put it on my phone, it has survived multiple falls off of the counter and onto ceramic tile. The buttons work despite being covered. There is a My only complaint is that my case became discolored very quickly. The photo shows the damage done to the case after I put my phone in my pocket. You're not looking at shadows and it's not dirty. I cannot make it look better. The light color of my Pela Case never looked like this. This case does everything you need it to do. I can't recommend that you buy it in a light color because it does it at a great price point. I will buy a new one in a darker color after tossing this one.

👤I don't want to break the bank, but I am always trying to be aware of the waste and whatnot that comes along with the items I buy. I find it sad that most eco-friendly alternatives are more expensive than non- eco-friendly alternatives, but this phone case is an exception. It is a fraction of the price, but it looks like a pela case. This case is great if you still want to make the right choice but don't want to spend all of your money. I have received a lot of praise for it.

👤I have never had a problem with breaking my phone or cracking it due to dropping it, so I have opted for slimmer profile cases for my current and last phones. I knew I wanted a plastic-free case, so I was thrilled to find one that was exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. I have had it for about 2 months now and it's still in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the purchase so far.

👤I needed a case for my new phone. This case was not made for this phone. If I purchase a better one down the line, this case seems like a good secondary option. I like the way it feels. I have seen a few people complain about the packaging, but perhaps this has been updated because the packaging I received all said it was recyclable and was accepted when I turned in.

👤I dropped my phone cases while running and then again while walking. It banged up the corners and I can already feel the dents and scratches on the back of the case. I am happy that it is non-biodegradable, but I am not impressed. I received 3 stars for being a bio-degradable option and for being nice. It is close to Pela in appearance but not in performance.

👤I wanted an alternative, but sadly, I don't think this is it. The case itself is fine, but it comes in a lot of single-use plastic despite some reviews saying it doesn't. Even though the case is slightly better for the environment, I am disappointed in the waste. Alas.

5. Ruky Glitter Colorful Quicksand Floating

Ruky Glitter Colorful Quicksand Floating

It's compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus/8. This Liquid Glitter Case is specially designed for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and has cutouts for all buttons and ports. This glitter liquid design is more interesting to play and makes your phone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus look better, it also has the ability to change its color with floating up and down, giving your loved one a big smile. The raised lips provide full body protection for the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus case. Anti-slip and comfortable grip are included. The soft TPU cover is flexible and bendable, and the liquid in the case is non-toxic and eco-friendly. They provide Lifetime Friendly Customer Service. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Ruky

👤I absolutely love this product. The case arrived sooner than I anticipated. The product is well worth the money. I give this item five stars.

👤I've never been so enamored with a phone case. This is the prettiest case I have ever seen. The glitter is therapeutic. This purchase is recommended by me. It does not protect your screen. I have a glass screen protectors, and it cracked when I dropped my phone. If you plan on getting this cover, you should get a screen protector.

👤I think this case protects your phone and looks pretty. ... Not many out there... I have dropped my phone at least 3 times since I put this case on it. I think this case is good.

👤I love this case. I've had liquid glitter cases in the past and it would stick on the bottom unless you tapped on it. This doesn't happen with this case. The two tone color is stunning in person. The case fit perfectly. The holes are lined up. This is the case for you if you are looking for a striking phone case.

👤The case arrived on time and no damage was done. While on the phone, I watch the glitter move. I am enamored with a shiny new toy. I have no problem plugging my cord in. The buttons are easy to use. I made a pop sockets purchase to complement the case.

👤I put this phone case on my new phone, the one that is waterproof, because it is pretty but unsafe, but I washed my phone off in the sink because it was wet with some oily substance.

👤I love this case so much. The back is soft like those old scool notebooks that had the soft covers with the blue water and glitter. It's relaxing to watch the glitter fall and you can move glitter around as well. I want all the colors. My rose gold phone looks amazing with the pink gradient. I feel like my screen is safe because it has a slight lip on the front. I put a screen protector on it. I feel like it could take a small drop from my hand or off table to be safe, even if it is not as safe as an otter box. My pop sockets is sticking great after I added it. There were no bubbles in the water. Its perfect! I love it! I want more.

👤This is exactly what I was hoping for. It took me a long time to choose which case to go with, there are a lot of cases with liquid glitter on Amazon. I finally decided on this one. I am very happy I did. I live bling in the sides of the glitter flow.

👤This is one of the prettiest phone cases I have ever seen. The photos on the product page don't do it justice. The colors are vibrant. The glitter moves quickly and smoothly, and I can't stop looking at it! There is a The case is perfect for my phone. I have not had a problem with it interfering with the buttons. I plan to buy another in the pink colour. So pretty! Highly recommended.

6. OtterBox Symmetry Case IPhone Plus

OtterBox Symmetry Case IPhone Plus

It's not compatible with Plus sized models. A pocket-friendly design with wraparound colors and graphics adds seamless style. The construction is dual-material and protects your device from drops. It is easy to install a phone protection. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the OtterBox.

Brand: Otterbox

👤I liked the color and style. The case is not easy to understand. If you need it for something, it would be easy to slip it into a pocket or purse. It is cheap for an otterbox. If you want a case that makes it less likely that you'd drop it, I'd go for the traditional style. I can't rate scratch resistance or durability because I had the case on the phone for a long time and it wouldn't work for me.

👤This case is very strong. I've dropped it several times while standing and my phone has always been well protected. The case is very slick, so it can sometimes slide from my hands. The rubber side buttons add a bit of grip to the phone, but I would still recommend using a pop sockets with this case. It doesn't add too much thickness to my phone, which is a huge plus since many of the covers are pretty bulky. There is a The side of the case is tan. I am unable to get rid of the tan part of it that turned grey after I left it in my black leggings. I still think it's a good phone case, even though it was disappointing.

👤The built in screen protector is something I don't like. The phone case is pretty and perfect for me. I like the one-piece design. It's slim and sleek but protective, and it's not hard to hang on to, like some of the reviews said. It's a good price. I love it!

👤The case was brand new, and seems to be keeping my phone safe. The material absorbed the blue from the inside of my jeans and it became discolored the first day I used it. It was not something I expected, because my old phone case never did this. The case is nice, but it always looks dirty now.

👤There is noting to not like this case. The color is green and suits me. This leans on the feminine side. I don't carry my phone in a pants pocket and I haven't had this long enough for that to be an issue, so I can't attest to the front, lighter color picking up dye from clothing. There is a The inside of the phone has a rubbery feel which makes me believe it's more shock proof than most cases. I decided to get a glass screen cover to cover all bets.

👤This is a good case. It's slim enough that it doesn't add a lot of weight. The curbed lip doesn't obscure the screen on my phone. It's sturdy and I'm happy with it. The cover is pretty, but it can easily be stained. I sometimes put the phone in my back pocket. The white part of the cover has blue marks from my jeans all over it after three days of pocket use. I've tried to get it clean with alcohol wipes. It doesn't come off. The blue jean color permanently stained the case. The white part of the case will stain easily if you decide to get the lovely sea green/white color.

7. Seashell Pattern Shock Absorption Rotating Kickstand

Seashell Pattern Shock Absorption Rotating Kickstand

The back of the ring with artificial diamonds is for teenage girls and women. The kickstand feature is new. The ring can be used as a kickstand, allowing hands-free use of the iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus. The unique Seashell Texture cover with Round Shape Finger Ring Stand holder is perfect for your phone. The soft case enhanced impact resistance. The design of the case and cutouts allow you to maximize the function of your phone. It is compatible with the 5.5" iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus. Port covers keep out dust and debris.

Brand: Watache

👤I had to remove the charging port cover and cut out spots because the case covered the mic and no one could hear me.

👤The product was very nice to begin with. The ring on the back was easy to hold on to. I have to flip the ring around on the other side to keep it out of sight. The material for the case is cheap. It is already starting to peel!

👤The ring is sturdy and the case holds the phone. There is a It's quite thin, that's part of the problem. There is a It's very thin, the back where the rings connect it's thick and stays on your phone. There is a The problem with it is that it doesn't protect the edges at all and if you hit it it will split your screen. It's very stunning and lots of people recommend it with caution.

👤The case is easy to use on the phone. It feels like there is no case on. It is perfect for any setting. I am. Like it when it is held using the ring. It is hard for me to grasp the phone. I thought the ring would help. It made it harder for me to grab my phone. The ring only holds the phone up at a certain position if it falls on itself due to it's weight. I would look for a different case for looks and practicality.

👤I bought this because I was ashamed that my phone was living in an ugly case and the holder on the back was appealing. The case covers the back of the phone, even though it doesn't wrap around the phone, as advertised.

👤The phone case looked better in the picture. I needed a new phone case because my old one was so bad, and I was looking forward to this case. It was very thin and didn't protect the phone from a drop on the ground. If I go out, I put it on. I returned to my old phone case. The finger holder that helps the phone stand up is a bit awkward. It fits weird when you try to put your finger through it.

👤The design of the phone case is pretty. The ring is too thin and low, but I love it. It works when I put my finger in it. If I put my finger in my phone and don't hold it, it hurts and digs into my finger. The metal part is too thin, and it feels like it's cutting in. I have an 8. Maybe it is too heavy.

👤I give this one star because it is a thin plastic gel like case and the ring is loose after a long time. The ring doesn't stay one way or the other after I bought this case a few weeks ago. It is loose in all directions and I cannot stand it up. Don't buy this case, just buy yourself a nice case and a ring stand of your choice, and you'll be good to go. It is what I am doing. This garbage will be returned soon.

8. Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Woodcessories Compatible IPhone Ecofriendly Plants

Stop using plastic at the source. Their cases are made of wheat and straw and contain organic and non toxic ingredients that comply with the EU Reach regulations. They are working on solutions to combat the global plastic pollution using recycled paper packaging, too. High quality and protection. Their cases meet high quality standards and are certified Drop- Down Protection for a longer lifecycle and sustainable future. They will give you 30% on your new case if you turn your old case into new. Their goal is to act sustainable in every process. A tree. They plant a tree for every product sold. They act sustainable.

Brand: Woodcessories

👤It's great, but my phone keeps sliding when I hold it casually. There have been no damages or tears on the case.

👤This product is made from waste. The formula is soft and performs like a regular plastic, which makes it great for protection. It is very small.

👤I like that this item is made of sustainable ingredients and that it adds beauty to my phone, as well as providing extra protection.

👤This is a perfect case. A vegan. Climate friendly. Slim. It's easy to hold. It was protective. It was perfect.

👤I always liked the minimalist cases but didn't like the silicone. This is plant based. The corner sometimes pops off when I take it out of my pocket. It is very smooth. The white is similar to oatmeal. The turquoise one is nice, the colors are not glossy.

👤This case is made of compost. It looks great and is sturdy.

👤The new case is great. It's easy to hold and protects well. I love the fact that it is non-toxic.

👤It's not bulky and has a raised ridge to protect the screen. I have had it for a month and there is no scratch on it.

👤Ich ist die Hlle gekauft. Ich ist die Hlle zwar in Deutschland designed. In der Verpackung ist es kaum. The Peoples Republic of China ist gleichzusetzen. Im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit kein Transport ist um die ko-Hlle in Deutschland. Die Nachhaltigkeit beschrnkt. Im Marketing ist das Produkt selbst. An das optisch, das von der Qualitt. Irgendwie schade.

👤The phone cover is eco-friendly. It is a nice colour and sturdy. I am very pleased that it is not made of non-recyclable material. It was in a cardboard box.

👤I love the smooth feel of the phone case. It was delivered quickly and packaged well. Overall great as well as sustainable.

👤Silikonhllen, feste Kunststoff-Hllen, ist das Gefhl. Im mix aus beidem an ist das. Was it the gut finde? The word "kase" is derived from the Greek word "optk." Besonders der Kontrast, dunkel grne Hlle. Besonders ist die Materialpikmente. Habe. So nirgends gesehen. There is a Passt, absolut kein rutschen. Die Vorderseite des Handy ist immer gut. Dick was 1mm. There is a Zustzlich ist die Hlle wie Eine typische Silikonhlle anfasst. Hllen besonders gestrt. Im Tasche holen da es ist, die etwas rutschiger ist. There is a Habe nun, die es aus wie the new Handy. There is a There is an update 01.02.2021. The Hlle ist nun, wie neu. Ich hatte insgesamt bei Hlle. Alles sitzt fest. It's absolute kapempfehlung.

9. CasesByLorraine IPhone Plus Case Soft

CasesByLorraine IPhone Plus Case Soft

There is a phone case for the Iphone 7,phone 8, and iPhone SE 2020. Only the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus are included. All edges of the phone are protected by a high quality TPU Soft case. The front screen has a raised lip. It protects your phone from scratches and dust. The perfect fit makes it easy to access all the features. This is not a skin or a sticker. The case is printed on ECO friendly ink. If you want to buy a product from a third party, please make sure you buy it from Cases By Loraine.

Brand: Casesbylorraine

👤I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and was disappointed that the cherries soft case wasn't available for that phone yet. I always put the glass on my phones so it doesn't crack if I drop it, I never had a problem with this case. It gets dirty easily, but nothing that a wipe can't clean, that's the only bad thing.

👤Everyone drops their phone. One day I dropped my phone and the case didn't protect it. The back of my phone is cracked. My phone never cracked with my last case. I don't recommend buying this case for any protective uses. They only use it because it's cute.

👤The case is cute and sturdy, but the glass screen on the phone broke when I applied it. Attempted to get a replacement, but was turned down.

👤I'm not sure if it will protect my phone. It looks great, which is all I care about.

👤The case is cute, but not protective. The screen cracked when I fell.

👤The case is light and cute. It shouldn't be a case to have on your phone every day.

👤The cherries are so cute.

10. CasesByLorraine IPhone Plus Personalized Handwriting

CasesByLorraine IPhone Plus Personalized Handwriting

The models that are compatible are the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus. It is a marble print. Pick the correct phone model. Click Customzie 3 times. The Marble print design can be selected. Text 5 if you want to type in your name. You can add to the cart. All edges of the phone are protected by a high quality TPU Soft case. The front screen has a raised lip. The ultra thin flim is designed to provide the best protection for your phone. The perfect fit makes it easy to access all the features. It protects your phone from scratches and dust. This is not a skin or a sticker. The case is printed on ECO friendly ink.

Brand: Casesbylorraine

👤The case was pretty but not protective and only for looks. The case turned yellow and gross in less than 6 weeks. The seller told me that the case turns yellow when used for a few weeks. It wasCopied directly from the response. If you plan on using the case for more than a month, I don't recommend buying one. They offered a free replacement. They offered a 70% discount because I didn't want another one that would turn yellow in a month. I think they should refund it completely, as most other companies would. The damage was not our fault because it was still within the return window. To summarize... When they didn't deliver on their promise, they wouldn't refunds the purchase, only 70% of it.

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday and she loved it. It was supposed to take the longest to deliver all the gifts, but it actually came quicker. I love it! The personalization is the most important thing. The writing is beautiful. I would love this for myself. It was packaged nicely and came with a screen protectors, which was nice. I will order again from this company.

👤I chose my daughters names as personalization and it turned out beautiful.

👤It is very pretty. It is very thin. It is a skin. If we are going out, I won't use it. There are pictures included.

👤I have to be aware of where I put my phone.

👤I love it! It was perfect to fit my phone.

👤You can personalize this phone case. There is a It came with a screen protectors, it was nice to have a cute heart at the end.

👤This is for my daughter's phone. She loves it! Shipping was fast and the packaging was nice.

11. STINFIZTOL Retro Cassette Compatible IPhone

STINFIZTOL Retro Cassette Compatible IPhone

The Retro tape cassette case is for the Apple Iphone 7,phone 8, and iPhone SE. The pattern on the case makes your phone stand out. The high quality TPU keeps your cellphone lightweight and easy to install. It is compatible with wireless charging. All buttons, ports, speaker, camera and other openings are easy to access with precise cutouts. There is a phone case for the Iphone 7,phone 8, and iPhone SE 2020.

Brand: Stinfiztol

👤I bought this phone cover for fun, so I could relive the good times. Many young people have seen it and said, "Oh look, that's one of those, what were they called?"

👤I bought this phone case because my other was worn out. I asked wifey to give me my phone, but she thought it was an old phone. Well made and retro!

👤The product, packaging, and looks great!

👤This was a gift for a friend who didn't want a smart phone. He got one after breaking down. I got him this case to ease his pain. He liked it. No one will want to steal his cell phone when he leaves his desk. Who uses cassettes now? I think that's correct.

👤This case is wonderful. It takes me back to my childhood. It is a good way to start a conversation.


What is the best product for eco friendly iphone 8 plus case?

Eco friendly iphone 8 plus case products from Vooii. In this article about eco friendly iphone 8 plus case you can see why people choose the product. Pela and Dreem are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly iphone 8 plus case.

What are the best brands for eco friendly iphone 8 plus case?

Vooii, Pela and Dreem are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly iphone 8 plus case. Find the detail in this article. Kalibri, Ruky and Otterbox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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