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1. Epica Friendly Refillable Containers Refrigerator

Epica Friendly Refillable Containers Refrigerator

The Brita water bottle filter should be replaced after 40 gallons or 2 months. The most beautiful Earth-friendly juices in your kitchen can be found in these classy air-tight and Eco-friendly bottles. Take your home-squeEZEd delicacies on the road. You can take your homemade juices and smoothies with you when you carry them in your bottles. The wide mouth on these Epica Bottles make it easy to fill and clean, unlike most water and juice bottles that are a pain to fill and wash. A rubber O-ring on the cap will keep it from leaving a mess in your car or bag. Oxygen can't break down the enzymes to ruin your juices. 18 miles. They fit in your lunch bag or cup holder. You can take your bottles with you wherever you go. At 9 in. tall and 2.5 in. They fit in most cup holders.

Brand: Epica

👤I bought these so I wouldn't have to buy bottled water to take to work, but after using the dishwasher and washing by hand, I can't use them anymore. The water in these glasses tastes bad even though I don't put RO water in them. I have never had a glass like this before. I've had people try it to make sure I'm not crazy. These go to the trash. It was very disappointing.

👤These bottles are disappointing. Here is the reason. I make 6 juices a day so I ordered 2 sets to change out. The glass is sturdy and solid, however, the rubber seal on the lid starts to mold, the metal cap on the inner cup detaches, and water and green juice get trapped inside the lid, it's an up hill battle with no resolution. I suggested them to my best friend, who is having the same problems, because I am so disappointed in these. I would rather pay a lot more for these bottles and have them work properly for a month, rather than have them only work for a month. I need replacement caps for my bottles. Something? The bottles I can't use are the ones that have fallen apart.

👤I bought these for the purpose of freezing fresh juice. I opened my freezer to discover that the bottle had exploded, because I allowed plenty of room for expansion. I'm not sure how to get a refund since I'm not mailing glass shards.

👤The bottles are good, but the caps are cheap and break. It's hard to open them when the metal part separates from the plastic piece. The components came apart as shown in the pictures. The caps and bottle are dishwasher safe, according to the listing. The return period ended so buyer beware.

👤These glass bottles are perfect. I have only been using them for a week so I can not attest to the issues reported here. There is a The glass is strong. There was no leaking from the bottle. The bottles were packaged in a box and bubble wrapped to protect them. These glass jars are simple and durable. I needed to drink my saffron water daily. It is good for my eye health. They were the perfect solution for keeping them organized. The bottles are taller and narrower, so they save more space. I am very happy with these. I will update in a few months when I see how well they perform with age.

👤The bottles are a great value. The comments about the gasket on the lids are correct, but I would have given them 5 stars. They are not sealed in place and can pop off if a vacuum forms in the bottle, but the gasket is easy to clean and reset back into the lid. I clean the bottles with a bottle brush after every use, then run them through the dishwasher to make sure they are completely clean, because I store raw juice in the bottles for up to 3 days. The bottles are meant for this purpose, and they do a good job. I wouldn't recommend them for everyday use. Without being cleaned and dried regularly, the issues other users reported with moisture causing degradation behind the gasket is sure to occur. The bottles have survived many trips to the dishwasher and I have used them for about 3 weeks now. They were kept safe and chip free in transit. The small issue with the lid is insignificant and these are great for anyone who wants to make juice, smoothie, or other beverages to be stored for a day or two and drink at home or on the go. I still have my original review. I wanted to know more about the lids. The issues others have cited and pictured are accurate. I use them to store juice until I drink it in one sitting, so I don't think it's a problem. Then I wash them. If your purpose is to take the lid on/off several times throughout the day, you're likely going to be frustrated as they will come apart each time. There is a If this is a transport or storage until you drink bottle, it can't be beat for the price. If you sip a little here and there all day, you should look elsewhere.

2. Glass Food Storage Containers Bamboo

Glass Food Storage Containers Bamboo

If you don't like their kids toothbrush, you can return it for a full refund through Amazon. They will provide every buyer with this toddler toothbrush. 180-day free return and refund service. The green side is now available! If your glass containers arrive broken or you're displeased with them for any reason, please contact them for a no questions asked, no refunds, and full refunds. Greener Chef is a brand run by Laura, my Super Hero Buddy, and their sweet little ones. They share a passion for natural food and family life. Their family of nutritionists hand-selects the sizes your family needs most, in the sizes your family needs the most. The healthiest and most earth-friendly food storage containers are zero plastic. Carefully placed in JUST ENOUGH STYROFOAM-FREE 100% RECYCLEABLE packaging to ensure they arrive safely on your doorstep, non-toxic, phthalate free and biodegradable glass storage food containers are meticulously inspected before being placed in the right place. The Stinking Air Hostess Seal was tested and approved by the family. Don't worry, fill, seal, tip upside down and put in the fridge. Storage containers with silicone do more than save money, they also help you save time and money by storing food longer, food safe, and Ocean SAFE, which is perfect for busy families that have better things to do than clean up messes in the fridge. Storage containers that are heavy duty ovens, microwave, freezer safe, andborate glass retain their gorgeous look and durability in temperatures up to 520*F. These bamboo lids are freezer safe and gentle rinse. Storage containers that are heavy duty ovens, microwave, freezer safe, andborate glass retain their gorgeous look and durability in temperatures up to 520*F. These bamboo lids are freezer safe and gentle rinse.

Brand: Greener Chef

👤I have been slowly changing my kitchen to glass and stainless for some time now and was excited to see the dishes that weren't plastic! There is a The dishes are in my cupboard. I've never found a better one. There is a The lids are disappointing. They are well made, seal well, and aren't plastic. The dishes are so thick that they take up more space than the litterally-sized lids. They take up a lot of space in my cupboards and container. I have to leave a lot of space to put the lid on. There is a The containers get 5 stars.

👤I have had glass food storage containers for 2 months and they were good until recently. The bamboo top is growing.

👤These containers are beautiful. There are several design flaws. The bamboo lid was unfinished when I opened the package. The bamboo was coming apart. This can be hazardous to manage. There is a risk of splinters. On a functional front, the lids continue to cause issues. They're too thick for one thing. The actual space you have for storage is less than you think because they take up nearly one fourth of the container. The high likelihood of the lid sticking to the glass is an issue. It seems that condensation from a spell in the fridge will cause the lid and glass to be sticky. It will be very difficult to remove the lid with repeated efforts because of the glass. I wish they were better for household use. Good customer service was added a star.

👤I'm trying to limit my plastic use. I was surprised that these were well sealed. You can feel the bamboo wood closing as you press down. It's easy to heat up leftovers in the glass containers because they are freezer, microwave, and oven safe. It's easy to remember not to put the tops in the microwave or dishwasher. I have a cutting board from his company.

👤Most of the containers we use for food storage have plastic lids. I like the fact that the lids are not plastic. I like that they are easy to store. I have ordered from this company before, and I think their customer service is top notch. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that. The actual amount of storage is less than I thought because the lids sit in the containers. You can't fill them to the top because the lids don't project into the storage area. 2. They don't seem to be completely leak proof. I don't store liquid in these and will do so in other containers. Overall, I am very pleased with the items.

👤I would give zero stars to this product. The bamboo covers are not good for the glass containers. I kept them even though the quality was suspect because the covers seemed dry and rough. The cover splintered after I used it once. I have attached a photo to show the problem. I'm returning them to Amazon because it's a hassle, not because I'm choosing to return the product. If you are looking for glass containers with bamboo covers, I wouldn't choose this product.

3. Silicone Stretch Eco Friendly Reusable Resistant

Silicone Stretch Eco Friendly Reusable Resistant

Extra thick Silicone is dishwasher and freezer safe and can be used over and over again. The reservation: The airtight seal keeps food fresh. The lab tested for safety and found no trace of lead, plastic or BPA. COMPATIBILITY One stretchy Silicone lid is compatible with many container sizes and shapes. ECO-FRIENDLY AND ECONOMICAL. The stretch cover lid will help you save money and reduce plastic waste since you won't need to buy a cover for your leftover food. The bowl lid keeps your food fresh. 100% money back guarantee. They provide their products with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, they will accept the return and give you a full refund.

Brand: Yazjiwan

👤These were not described. After doing a pinch test, it was clear that this is not 100% silicone, but mixed with other unknown fillers. Silicone holds its color. I bought a slightly more expensive set a while back and was very happy with it, so I tried buying another in a different color. The turquoise set I have is pure silicone and the color stays consistent. The lower quality product is probably not durable. These were purchased to avoid plastic. It was in two plastic bags. It's so unnecessary! I will definitely return and buy the type I got last time.

👤This was a cool find. I can't find a lid so I have to move food from one container to another. I'm excited to use them. The first thing that struck me was how easy it was to cover a bowl with these lids. The material was easy to spread out. They are more floppy than not. The fact that they are stretchy helps me realize how easy they will be to use on a lot of different sizes of bowls and containers. There is a The nice lip of these makes it easy to know where to spread the material and it clings better to the bowl. There is a cute little face in the middle of the stretch lid. That was enjoyable. There is a The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the lid stuck out on one side. I took a picture of it to make it easier to understand. It doesn't bother me because it still seals the top of the bowl where the most important seal is, but I thought it was odd that it didn't seal all the way. I wondered if they will stretch out.

👤When I saw them on a "review on Amazon" site, I ordered them again. I realized it wasn't okay and I couldn't do it, I never applied for reimbursement. The main reason I bought these stretchy lids was because I saw them on that site. The first one I used was the largest, and I had to laugh when I tried to stretch it over a glass bowl that should have been perfect for the size. I loved the idea of these stretchy lids as a way to avoid wasteful cling wrap that clings only to itself. Once I got it hooked around the other side, the silicone lid would pop off one side. I stuffed them away because it wasn't worth it. I tried the smallest one on an open can of cat food and it worked perfectly. The purchase was worthwhile. These are worth the purchase, but be aware that the stretch may be limited for some sizes. The thickness is not bad.

👤These are not dishwasher safe unless you roll them up and put them in silverware, which defeats the purpose. They are washed by the jets at the bottom of the dishwasher. There is a The bowl will never stay on if it is damp. It makes taking the lid off a hassle since it builds condensation inside the bowl.

4. Weck Canning 743 3 Jars Transparent

Weck Canning 743 3 Jars Transparent

WECK has been providing quality glass jars for more than a century. Specializing in all problems and questions concerning canning jars, weck never failed its customers. They are certain that once you use weck jars, you will never look for other canning jars. Click ADD TO CART to see the quality. If you grow a lot of vegetables and fruits in your home garden, then this safe, decorative and airtight jar is a good idea. WECK is constantly working in the field of home canning research and has continuously developed and improved home canning methods with the aid of its long experience. While world is moving away from plastic, WECK spice jars with additional cork and keep fresh lid offer an awesome alternative to plastic jars, and you can easily wash these glass jars in dishwasher. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones because it is a sturdy gift with style and can be used for juices, dried vegetables, and more. WECK has been providing quality glass jars for more than a century. Specializing in all problems and questions concerning canning jars, weck never failed its customers. They are certain that once you use weck jars, you will never look for other canning jars. Click ADD TO CART to see the quality. WECK has been providing quality glass jars for more than a century. Specializing in all problems and questions concerning canning jars, weck never failed its customers. They are certain that once you use weck jars, you will never look for other canning jars. Click ADD TO CART to see the quality.

Brand: Weck Jars

👤I ordered this for my starter. I can use the glass lid on the fridge or the cork lid with the rubber gasket to let gas escape. It is easy to clean.

👤I have been using this for a month for my sourdough starter. It is perfect. Within 8 hours, my starter will double on the counter. It does well in the fridge and is heavy enough to do feedings and mix really well without worrying about the container or the water in it. I bought another so I could give this one a good cleaning. The product is worth the price.

👤It works and looks like it. A bit of a learning curve with the lid. I think I'll use these for my sourdough starter as it's easier to clean than my Mason jars. I'm not sure if I'll use the other lids.

👤The entire set was well protected. Weck makes a great product and I like the option of a glass lid with rubber gasket, plastic lid or cork lid. I wish the price was less steep. If they had a multi piece set with a price break, I would buy it. It's great for storing homemade soups. It's easy to fill without spilling.

👤This is a container for my sourdough starter. It came with a plastic lid and a locking glass lid. I don't know how the cheap clips will work for that job, I have no intention of canning this container. It works well for my sourdough starter.

👤This is for the sour dough starter. It is perfect. There were several lids, depending on how tight of a seal you wanted. Bubble wrap was used to wrap it.

👤The type of jar was recommended in the article. The white plastic lids are more convenient to use than the glass ones, which are more attractive but for rising sourdough too tight. The jars are both pretty and practical.

👤I like this container. It is a large size. I use it for my sourdough starter. It's good for soy, left overs, etc.

5. Urban Green Containers Containers Organization

Urban Green Containers Containers Organization

It is the perfect size for the fridge. Urban Green glass canisters are made of high quality borosilicate glass with smooth and beautifully polished Bamboo lids in a set of 5 Pack. The bamboo lids are Eco-friendly. They're free of plastic and other harmful substances. The non-reactive clear glass is nonporous, worry free, and food loves it. You can make heathy products part of your daily life. Line up their 5 Pack glass storage containers with lids on the kitchen countertops to keep dry ingredients such as Pasta, cereals, beans, rice, nuts, and so on, perfect for pantry organization and storage. It's a great product for coffee lovers to store their coffee beans, tea, sugars, and snacks. Their products are practical, functional and stylish, so you can keep them on your Vanity for holding small accessories and spa products. The quantity pack combo and different heights of the air-tight kitchen canisters are designed for multiple purpose of use. The bamboo lid is made of silicone and it keeps food dry and fresh for a long time. There is a pack in 10 PIECES. There are two different sizes of glass conister sets. Some customers prefer a little slimmer Canister, this is the right choice for them. Choose the Pack of 5 that has the best value and you will get 8.6 cups, 7.8 cups, 6.7 cups, and 4 cups. Take out 2oz for the lid volume. If any glass is damaged in a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately for a return, replacement, or refund. If any glass is damaged in a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately for a return, replacement, or refund.

Brand: Urban Green

👤Being able to store things in glass is a blessing. The set surpasses the bar for keeping a tight lid. I filled them with water. For easy access, hand fit inside. Excellent for closed storage, I Tipped them over and not a drip. It dried quickly and without a hitch. It's pretty enough to use on the counter. I am very pleased.

👤These are wonderful. I loved how fresh and sealed these are, and I am buying my third set. They are great for cereals, flowers, candy, and other items that fit. CopDrel are equally as nice, but I prefer them the most. Highly recommended product.

👤I like the feel of the glass and they looked very elegant on my counter top. I have to be careful when handling them. I'm clumsy at times. They are delicate. I think that's what makes it elegant, they are sturdy enough to hold my rice, beans, sugar and so on. They are easy to clean, the bamboo lid adds to freshness, and the price was not bad at all.

👤pantry moths were getting into my pastas and beans, so I got these. I had everything in canning jars. We used these and I put bay leaves in every jar. I deducted one star because I barely tapped one on the sink when I was washing them. I hadn't used it yet. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤It's pretty thin. I suppose it depends on how thick the rest of the piece is, in this case it wasn't as thick as I would have thought.

👤The jars are worth more than the cheaper ones. The brand that starts with p and ends with yrex is the same kind of glass that these are made with. They are high quality. I bought 2 large jars for the flour and sugar after buying 2 sets. I bought 2 more sets the next day, and I couldn't be happier. My kitchen is clean and organized.

👤I have purchased from Urban Green before. My son is eco-friendly. We love that it keeps the product fresh and attractive. The order had a lid missing. Within 24 hours, the lid was shipped to my son. Will buy their products again.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. I like to store grains, dry beans, and pasta. These are the best I have found recently. It is difficult to find glass storage containers. The weight is nice. Glass is not too heavy. I don't have to worry about finding the right lid because the tops will fit all of the jars. The fit is very snug to keep the product fresh.

👤I like the way everything looks in these, and will invest in adding to my collection so far, I put our sugar, coffee, and even the high one, which is too high for our cupboards, in it, and it looks gr8t.

👤Achat! Aliments pour le qualite.

👤THe beaux beaux, ArrivĂ©e rapide de la commande.

6. Bottle Sealed Storage Coffee Transparent

Bottle Sealed Storage Coffee Transparent

The spherical cork cover design increases the artistic beauty and facilitates the storage of various nuts and beans. High quality and resilience. Storage jars are made from high quality glass. They have a polished base that is contrasted by a natural wood lid. The transparent design makes it easy to see what's in the jars. The canisters are used for space saving and to prevent cabinetcluttering. Good seal performance: tightness. It is easy to clean the bottle with soap and water. It is easy to clean the bottle with soap and water.

Brand: Saphalton

👤Love the look. I bought them because I was going to tell the world how great they are. They have a flaw for me. I used to have to open everything for my parents. Seniors with arthritis in hands can't twist, push, or turn, and the print that tells you what to do can't be read. It is frustrating. This was a perfect solution for me. The circumference is a major flaw. If my hands are tired, I have to hold it with two hands. These would be great for a variety of items.

👤I wanted to love it, but the top doesn't fit. It sits on top. I feel deceived.

👤I like the way this looks. It's easy to get to the things inside. It's nice for someone who can't open jars because of a broken wrist. I will get more.

👤The cork is strong. l keep the design on the kitchen counter. I don't need another one. Drat.

👤It's a cute jar. I put sand and seashells in the letters outside. If you were to use it to keep dry goods fresh, it wouldn't work because the ball doesn't seal at all. It works for me.

👤The laundry room project was filled with various stones.

👤I have been using this for about 2 months and it is perfect. Really cute. It is keeping moss and little hearts happy.

👤Cute and well made! I will buy more after seeing the package.

7. Tzerotone Airtight Storage Containers Canisters

Tzerotone Airtight Storage Containers Canisters

8 pieces of labels will help you never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda, unless you have 3 glass jars. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. I really like the cute little jars and the mini glass jars set, they can help you to sort and store a lot of items and make your room clean and beautiful. The cute spice jars are thicker than other jars. There is a ring on the bamboo lid that won't make a sound or scratch the jar. I think the wooden lid is more healthy. I like being able to hear the air being sucked out of the containers as I close them. The bamboo lid keeps the contents fresh and dry. It looks great. I believe the spice jar set can be washed with water and the wooden lids can be wiped with cloth. This will save you time. They offer a risk-free satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured. They will do everything they can to delight you if there is damage during transportation.

Brand: Tzerotone

👤The perfect size for my drawer is these. The opening is large enough to fit my spoon. They look more expensive than they are. I put the labels on the jars.

👤The jars themselves look nice and the lid is secure, so I am giving this two stars. There is a The problem was with the capacity. In the description, 2.5oz capacity is mentioned, but in retrospect, it appears to be referring to a liter. I intended to use them to hold 2oz of spices, but it wouldn't hold 1.5oz. Get a bigger jar if you are looking for spices.

👤There is a new date for July 2021. The cabinets at my new place are smaller than the ones at my old place, so I needed shorter jars. I thought that the 2.5 oz jars would be able to hold the contents of most store-bought jars. That is on me. One jar was only able to hold about 1/3 of the garlic granules from the original jar. Had I known before buying, I might have gone with larger jars. The jars came in foam, but I received a cracked one. I was not willing to give everything back for one jar. I contacted the company to request a replacement jar. They told me that it wasn't feasible to send a single jar and that they would give me a partial refund. This was an acceptable solution for me. I had to purchase more jars. I did not need the exact 30. The jars are all uniform and will look better when I order some nice labels from Etsy. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I love these jars. I was looking for glass jars and they were perfect. It would be nice if they were taller and could fit the standard jar, but that is not a big deal. A quick project turned into over 40 messages asking where I got the jars. They are great quality and have made my pantry look better.

👤The jars are great for the price. These will fit a small jar of seasoning. I used a laser engraver on the wooden top to engrave the labels. The seal seems to keep the air out. The jars are perfect for creating a clean looking spice rack. I bought 5 sets of jars. They were packaged in foam that was cut out for each jar. Quality defects were not found in the jars I received.

👤I made a special seasoning blend for myself and gave it to my friend at my 40th birthday party. Everyone loved it. When I was a guest on a virtual cooking show, I needed more. It was a great problem to have. If I dump seasoning from a store bought bottle into the jar, I don't have a problem with the fact that a whole store bottle won't fit. It's just as necessary if needed. They bring a bit of sophistication to the kitchen. I used to not like wooden accents, but recently I have acquired small bamboo cutting boards and other bamboo items in the kitchen. The jars are perfect. I use my chef name and brand on the wooden spoons that I make for myself, as well as gift them with my jars that have my special seasoning in them. Now is the time to place another order. I don't have a quick picture from my birthday, so I have a recent one.

8. Weck 760 Mini Mold Ounce

Weck 760 Mini Mold Ounce

Hand washing and hand drying help prevent oxidation. The one piece lid has a 10mm Straw Hole. It was made in the USA. The straw hole lids are made of tin plated steel. The screw top is made of metal and has a rubber seal. Plastic Mason jar lids have a long life span, but metal lids are better quality and have a longer life span. A sleek design. A tight fit. The modern design lid is easy to use. There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. Their elegant mold jars are the perfect accessory for your breakfast, baby shower, or other event. These Weck mold jars are great for serving your favorite jams, honeys, and condiments. You will receive 6 glass jars, 6 glass lids, 6 rings and 12 clamps with the 6-pack glassware jar with LID. Each jar holds up to 5oz of liquid with an opening of 2 1/8". Their 6 pack of 760 Weck glass containers are versatile and can be used for storing jams, honey, spices and herbs. If you are looking for a unique, practical gift for newlyweds, this 6-pack of glass juice bottles is the perfect choice. The happy couple will appreciate receiving these as a gift as they are a kitchen essential which will be used in a wide variety of entertaining occasions.

Brand: Weck

👤The bad: Weck jars are easy to clean and don't absorb odors. Remove the rubber gasket and metal brackets and put them in the dishwasher. There is a It was a risk because it was hard to tell how big or small these are. These are unstackable because of the metal clamps on top.

👤Great jars for storing infused alcohols. It's very easy to take apart, clean, and disinfect. It was easy to flee easily. There is no deep recess where mold can grow. The gasket is loose on the lid. It comes off when I open the jar. The jar has a lid that depresses a little so you can't squeeze the liquids out all the way up, and you have to leave a little room at the top. I took out 1 Star for these reasons.

👤These are small and good for small condiments. There is a The design is different than regular Mason jars, but I think it's better. 1. All of the pieces have to be cleaned. The clips are made of rubber and steel. The lid can be removed for serving 4. There are 5. The glass is strong. The clips were easy to use. I will purchase more weck jars in the future.

👤The style of these jars is amazing, but not practical. The clips on the side pop off easily.

👤Great glasses! I use them to store breast milk and glasses for drinking. The white plastic lids are more convenient for storage. While we have these as an alternative to plastic, the lid isn't in contact with the contents so there's no problem there.

👤These jars are great. They work whether you are preserving or storing. I didn't know how small they are. I love them all.

👤The jars are beautiful. I bought them to put spices in and they are the perfect size. The glass is sturdy.

👤Great jars for canning. It was easy, clean and useful.

9. JuneHeart Storage Containers Airtight Kitchen

JuneHeart Storage Containers Airtight Kitchen

There are three Offset Straw Hole Food Safe Silver Lids and three Supreme Stainless Steel Straws in this package. The 20 small spice jars with lids have a capacity of 4oz/110ml and are part of the Value Pack. 64 basic spice stickers, as well as 18 expired date labels and 32 blank labels are included in the set. The spice container is made of heat- resistant high borosilicate glass and is safe to use as it is sterilizable by high temperature. There will be no sound or scratches when opening the bamboo wooden lid, it is made of natural bamboo and has a Silicone gasket. The transparent glass makes it easy to see what's inside and check if your food has run out. They are easy to clean and can be placed in microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators, while the natural bamboo wooden lid is recommended to be wiped instead of being washed. These food storage containers are perfect for storing fresh or dried spices, snacks, other ingredients, bathroom and toiletries, cotton balls, hair band, tea leaves and other items. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy their glass jars with confidence. If there is damage during transportation, please contact them. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy their glass jars with confidence. If there is damage during transportation, please contact them.

Brand: Juneheart

👤I love the containers and their labels. They are the right size and look great. The wood top gives this a modern feel. It was a small change in my kitchen. I need to find a place for them to stand. It is worth it! They have an array of spices. Whatever you can think of, they might have it. I don't regret it at all.

👤I bought a lot of these to store my spices. They are not like your typical spice jars. They're shorter and wider, so be careful when buying them, and make sure to measure your cabinets. I've dropped them from 2 feet up and they've held up. The vacuum seal lids don't need to be screwed. It's a big time saver. You don't have to use dirty hands. All in all, a great purchase.

👤The jars were in perfect condition. The packing was good. I have concerns about a few of the silicone seal rings as they just arrived, but I haven't reviewed the sturdiness yet. Just a heads up - I have a 2.5 ounce bottle. I had to take a few fluffier spices down to get them into the new jars, but so far, so good, and I love the uniform look in my spice cupboard.

👤Some of the jars came broken. I don't have the option of asking them to send just a few to replace them without sending the whole thing back.

👤I was very impressed with the containers. They were well packaged, I was worried since they are glass, but they were all in tact. I saw a TikTok video of some similar bottles and had to buy them because I hated looking at different brands in my drawer. They don't have all the labels you will need, but they do have some empty ones for you to fill in. I would rather not use my handwriting. It will make me cringe if I see something handwritten. Overall, I give these a 10/10. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I ordered another set since these look nice. I like that I can add my own names to the jars. The ones that were pre labeled were included. I gave 3 stars on the strength, as one fell off the little elevated spice ledge and broke. It could have been a 1.5 inch drop. I was surprised it broke so easily. I like the look of them so I am ordering them again.

👤These containers look lovely in my cabinet, and I have had many people compliment them. I will get more from this purchase.

👤I really like the jars, but one broke when I opened it. I don't know how to contact the seller. I would love if they could replace it instead of sending it back.

10. Plastic BPA FREE Eco Friendly Lemonade Beverage

Plastic BPA FREE Eco Friendly Lemonade Beverage

100% money back guarantee. They provide their products with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, they will accept the return and give you a full refund. Made from ECO plastic, no odor, and no plastic smell. The plastic is strong and easy to use. It will be what you want the pitcher to be. Remember to clean the inside after every use of any hot or cold liquid, because there is no suggestion of a 24 hours suggestion. Is that (ml)? Marks are used for making and mixing drinks. It works well for homemade ice green tea. A nice container for drinks. It's perfect for eating outside during the summer. Enjoying your time! It is very easy to clean a wide mouth pitcher. Doesn't stain. Light weight. Lifting and pouring are easy with a large, comfortable and strong handle. Keep away from the fire and the pitcher can handle boiling water. It is the perfect size for the fridge.

Brand: Desj

👤I didn't know that liquids can't be stored for more than 24 hours. There is a warning in the pitcher. Does this mean something is in the liquid? Very frightening. I threw it away. Who puts 64 ounces in a pitcher to use in 24 hours? Too bad. The pitcher was nice.

👤Content should not be left in a container for more than 24 hours. There is a piece of paper inside the pitcher. I didn't see that on the product description. Quality control is needed on product descriptions. The information should have been bold at the beginning of the description.

👤The item is back. The fine print on the product says not to store beverages in it for more than a day. It's weird?

👤It is safe to use this pitcher for iced tea. It's safe if it's free of the chemical. Questioning it's safety is a way of reflecting another reviewer's preferences. The pitcher and handle are strong. A large one may need two hands to carry. We knew it would fit on the top shelf of the fridge because of the dimensions in the description. After a week in the fridge, it didn't stain. We use an Oil-Eater degreaser to clean cups, pitcher, and other containers used for coffee and tea. Any stain will melt away. The degreaser took care of the stained lid. I took off a star for a few reasons. The lid is small to prevent spills and has two pour spouts, one open and one for straining out ice. It hasn't been a big issue because we're careful and haven't spilled. The measurement markings are in grams, not ounces, which would be more useful for US users. Right-handed users will find the measurement markers useful on the opposite side. If you are left-handed, they would be good.

👤The product is fine, the lid was grease and needed to be washed off. The problem with this pitcher is that the lid doesn't extend lower than the spout, so it's never really closed.

👤For some reason I haven't been able to find any pitchers in any store, so I went to Amazon. Why? Who knows? There is a The pitcher has a lot of extras like helpful measurements on the side. There are four different openings and markings on the lid. I'm very pleased. Some of the ratings say you can't store liquid for more than 24 hours, but they've upgraded this to be free of the harmful substance.

👤There is a space in the bottom of the spout when you attach the lid. I use this for a compost holder for fruit and veggies. Fly can come and go so don't think about the space. I like the size of this item, as it sits in my sink waiting for me to fill it up. I will be looking for an alternative.

👤Good quality should make good tea. Is made from a type of plastic called polypropylene, which a search says is free of the harmful chemical brominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominated The only label was a sticker on the base, which peeled off easily. The pitcher has volume markings, but only in liters. I can still work with what it has, even if it is labelled for oz/qt.

11. Reusable Smoothie Stainless Drinking Eco Friendly

Reusable Smoothie Stainless Drinking Eco Friendly

There is a lifetime manufactURER warranty. They care for the environment so they make quality, zero-waste products. PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING: The box is 100% recycled. Heavy duty and resilience: 30% thicker than original canning lids. The original canning lids will not break, degrade, or bend like ours. These Tumblers are great for Smoothies and are perfect for your hand or car cup holder. TILE USES: A drinking lid and a storage lid are included in the set. You can store anything and they are great for taking your drink on the go. These are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The leak proof and air tight ones are made in the USA. There are three Offset Straw Hole Food Safe Silver Lids and three Supreme Stainless Steel Straws in this package.

Brand: Jarming Collections

👤I like these glasses. I have only had them for two months and they are not as convenient as I would have liked.

👤I use the two packs less than I expected. I still love them.

👤I thought I could use the cups to drink boba tea, but the straws were smaller than I thought, so I will use the cups for smoothies.

👤The item arrived broken. One of the cups is intact.

👤I love these cups! I make my iced coffee in them daily. They are a great portion and can be seen on social media.

👤The item arrived in one piece. The bottle is well sealed and perfect for smoothies.


What is the best product for eco friendly jars with lids bulk?

Eco friendly jars with lids bulk products from Epica. In this article about eco friendly jars with lids bulk you can see why people choose the product. Greener Chef and Yazjiwan are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly jars with lids bulk.

What are the best brands for eco friendly jars with lids bulk?

Epica, Greener Chef and Yazjiwan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly jars with lids bulk. Find the detail in this article. Weck Jars, Urban Green and Saphalton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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