Best Eco Friendly Jewelry Boxes

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1. Kendal Real Wooden Jewelry Brown

Kendal Real Wooden Jewelry Brown

You can keep your jewelry shining, organize and ready to wear with the sumptuous tarnish resistant felt fabric. A large wooden jewelry box with 5 drawers and 35 space compartments can be used to store more jewelry collections. User-friendly. You can easily open the drawer with a delicate handle. The jewelry organizers are unique and beautiful because of the carved patterns of four-leaf clover on the top and transparent glass lid. The jewelry storage box is built with high quality hardwoods and is a perfect gift for a ceremony.

Brand: Kendal

👤It is mostly made of pressed hardboard. The drawerfronts are very fragile. If it breaks, you just have to throw it away. I don't recommend this box.

👤I received my jewelry box today. The packaging was good, but two of the knobs were not attached to the drawers. Please see the photo. I'm very disappointed in the quality of this product. I knew the top was plastic, but I was fine with that. The quality of the wood is poor.

👤I purchased this jewelry box as a gift for my fiancĂ©e and when I removed it from the packaging I discovered it was made in China and was the same as my grandson's work. The slots and separations in each drawer were loose and restricted the ability of the next drawer to open, in reality it is a simple wooded box with simple square wooden drawers. The quality and workmanship is not close to the price. If you want to get a better value, you should shop other jewelry boxes in this price range.

👤The design of the jewelry box is very attractive and practical. It holds a lot of jewelry for the size and is much more expensive than other boxes I've seen. The top 3 drawers can hold up to 12 pairs of earrings. The 4th drawer has 6 larger squares, the 5th drawer has 4 larger squares and the bottom drawer has no drawers. There is plenty of room for earrings, bracelets and necklaces. There is an area to hold rings upright in the top drawer. I would buy this item again.

👤I bought this box to hold earrings and it does a great job, but it is not well made, the wood is chintzy, and the floral piece on top is a different color than the body of the box. You are getting a box that will make it easy for you to choose, and it will organize and separate your jewelry. If you don't toss it around the room like a football, it will hold together well, and it matches the furniture so it looks fine.

👤I was disappointed when one of the draws wouldn't open because I really like the design of the jewelry box. I found that some of the dividers were loose and that the drawer was stuck on the one above it. I tried to put the dividers in their grooves, but they didn't reach the bottom. The drawer's dividers are a little flimsy, but hopefully they will stay in place. I like the product, but it's always a little upsetting when something goes wrong.

👤I wanted to own this item. I didn't like it. It's a piece of junk. The drawers are loose and ill-fitting. They don't fit back into the slots after you pulled them out. The linings inside of the drawers are cheap. The quality of this item is poor, but there is ample storage. I would have expected better quality at this price. This would have been my rating if zero stars were an option.

2. Frebeauty Organizer Multi Functional Accessories Sunglasses

Frebeauty Organizer Multi Functional Accessories Sunglasses

The jewelry storage box is built with high quality hardwoods and is a perfect gift for a ceremony. This huge jewelry box comes with 6 layers different layout organize room and 2 side compartments which include 16 hooks for necklace and 4 pockets that can help to keep your necklaces from getting tangled. There are 6 grids and 7 slots for rings in the top layer. The jewelry organizers could hold almost all of your jewelry. Considerate design is something that should be done. In order to make it easier to dress yourself, they put a mirror on the lid of the box, a glossy clasp on the top cover, and drawers can be removed to meet your needs. The frame of the jewelry box is sturdy enough to hold stand heavy jewelry,Wrapped by senior PU material makes the box more durable and easy to clean, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth. This large case is 1012L*612W*11 H inches in size. The 6 grid is 2 inches deep, the 20 grid drawer is 1.9 inches deep, the 12 grid is 2.6 inches deep, and the 4 grid is 3 inches deep. This large jewelry box is a great gift for any woman in your life, it is made with exquisite workmanship and exquisite hardware. This large jewelry box is a great gift for any woman in your life, it is made with exquisite workmanship and exquisite hardware.

Brand: Frebeauty

👤I ordered this for my daughter for Christmas, but it took longer than expected. The front of the drawer fell off when I opened the top drawer to check it out. It was like it had been hot. It had scratches all over and was dropped on one corner and caved in. The area that holds the necklaces seems flimsy and they would break easily. I was excited to give this to my little girl for Christmas, but I'm going to have to return it and figure something out before then. I hope they have a better experience than I did.

👤The drawer-fronts are tight. You can see in the pictures that they don't fully close against the box. When I open a drawer, the one below or above opens. It looks and feels cheap. The price of this jewelry box would have assured a reasonably well-made item that looked nice and worked. I would want to keep it out of sight in the closet because it looks like a stiff paperboard with faux leather on. There is a It is not white and is also a pearlescent tan. I put a picture of it in front of the baseboards to show the contrast. The jewelry box should be lighter and brighter than the baseboard. I would be happy with the color if it matched my decor. I might have kept the box if it weren't for the flaws. The perfect size and configuration makes me sad that it has flaws. The drawers have different-sized sections inside, and I like the fact that the partition can be changed. The necklace-hanging hooks are easy to use. I am giving it two stars because of these reasons.

👤I want to include a picture, but I can't get them to post. The description and images match the item. Everything is color, size, and everything in between. I don't see travel as a viable option. Unless you travel with a lot of jewelry. It holds a lot of jewelry. I was disappointed that I was transferring from a previous box that was taller, which allowed me to hang my necklaces. However. I came up with a solution. Push pins are used to hang them on my wall. It works! This box holds more of my smaller jewelry than my previous box, which I needed, and it's more compact and organized. If I can't see what I have, I don't wear it. Out of mind for me. If you have a lot of jewelry and are short on space, I recommend you.

👤When I took them out of the boxes, one case had glue loose on two drawers, which made it difficult to open the upper drawer. The other box was broken completely. Each case cost $59.00. I got one yesterday that was the same as the other one that was going to come today. Does that company look at their product before they fight? The quality was poor for the money. I will never buy from them again. They deserve one star more.

3. Display Guys Cotton Cardboard Jewelry

Display Guys Cotton Cardboard Jewelry

The walls are stronger for shipping. The cotton fill protects the item from damage. Brand new, made from top quality cardboard paper. There are 25 boxes per order. There are different sizes you can choose. The outer and inner dimensions are 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 and 3 1/2 x 1 respectively. The size is perfect for the Post-it sticky note. Square Box is great for Bracelets, Bangles, Watches, Most Earring Types, Necklaces, Large Pendants, Beads, USB Drives, Gift Cards, etc. An affordable and reliable option for storing, organizing, displaying, gifting, packaging and shipping small items. The walls are stronger for shipping. The cotton fill protects the item from damage.

Brand: Thedisplayguys For Your Modern Living

👤The boxes look like they have been damaged by water. All 25. These are very thin. There are bubbles in the paper. I can't send my product out in these, so I have no choice but to return them. The cotton is very thin. I got a size that is perfect for my product. Had they been usable, this would have been a great deal. I wouldn't use them even if I had gotten them for free.

👤I was happy to find these boxes on Amazon. Black is hard to come by when I'm looking for boxes to store my jewelry. The exterior is black. I don't have to open the box to check what's inside because I use white mailing labels to label what's inside. I'm not upset with the construction of the box or that it's flimsy, they are just as sturdy as you'd expect. I was not happy with the thickness of the cotton. It is a standard material for boxes like these, but I feel like it is very thin. The cotton is very heavy with a single necklace.

👤The boxes were in perfect condition. I have to ship necklaces out of state. I could separate the cotton fluff into two. I put the necklace under the lid to keep the design from rubbing against it. The box is of good quality. The necklace base is a rounded dome with an 18" cord and there is enough space to make a necklace. My picture is one of my blank necklaces. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤Sturdy boxes are great for storing small items, such as earrings, pins, or any small jewelry item. If you make jewelry, it makes for nice gift boxes.

👤The bottom box's measurement is missing, so they have to give the bottom box's measurement.

👤I use these to ship clay items from my shop. They are easy to mail in a padded envelope. It makes my shop more professional. Very happy with this pack.

👤I bought these boxes to hold the medals for the event. The medals were a little larger than the box, but it worked out well. The boxes are made with cotton material. There were no defects in the boxes that were sent. Would buy again.

👤The boxes are perfect. The filler inside will catch onto anything, so be weary of using anything that may catch.

👤It's perfect for boxing my jewellery.

4. Memory Building Company Unicorn Jewelry

Memory Building Company Unicorn Jewelry

Oumoda offer a lifetime replacement warranty if you don't like their product. Quality assurance to their customers. They grew up with music boxes, but this is a classic. The 888-405-7720 This small jewelry box is about to come to life. The Wonderstruck App can be used to make a magical unicorn appear. Little girls are jewelers. This kids jewelry box is the perfect gift for a child, it also comes with a necklace and bracelet, so your child can wear their new gift on their head. The large size of their jewelry box for little girls gives them plenty of space to store their rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other stuff within the felt compartments. It isdurable: Their music box is built to be a timeless classic, so you and your kid can make memories for years to come, unlike many jewelry boxes that break after a year. Lifting music. You can open this box and hear the soothing song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" every day. Your child will remember the experience of playing music boxes for girls and boys.

Brand: The Memory Building Company

👤I brought this for my niece who is into unicorns. It is sturdy and beautiful. It was delivered on time with no damage or missing. It plays a song. When I opened the package, my lil one was playing a song that would put me to sleep. It's a nice tone, not loud or annoying. I recommend buying this for anyone who loves jewelry and unicorns. My sister in law loved the gift I gave her. She said it reminds her of a jewelry box she had as a child. I didn't measure the jewelry box, but it's a nice size with plenty of room at the top and a drawer at the bottom for all her jewelry and trinkets. The jewelry inside was a bonus. You can either leave it inside for a special surprise for the person who loves unicorns or take it out and give it as two gifts. My niece showed it to everyone and she loved it. She said that she has a place to keep her like her mom. I'm very happy I bought from this business. I read reviews on Amazon for a week trying to decide which box to buy. I'm glad I went with this one. I love the business name and the fact that a child helps design it. You can see the dedication and time put into the products. I hope my review helped someone like me.

👤Our girl will love finding this gift set under the tree. It's well made and the jewelry for the set is lovely. Individual packages could be opened on the day. There is a I think we'll be hearing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" from our 7yr old's bedroom for a long time to come.

👤The items arrived in good condition. The music box was great, it had a music box and a unicorn. The music winding function works perfectly every time I tested it. The design images are striking. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality box. I bought this for my granddaughter, who is 4 years old. I'm pretty sure she will love the box and jewelry. She is opening the gift and I hope to get some good photos of her.

👤I bought this music box as a gift for my twin niece. I was very disappointed to find only one of the two necklaces. The packaging was not the best and the box has some scratching on it. I don't recommend purchasing it for the price at which it's being sold, it's a nice concept with cute music.

👤It's a perfect gift for lovers of the animals. We were going to give this to our daughter on Christmas. It is the perfect size for her, she will love the white & pink Unicorn spinning around to music, along with the really cute silver unicorn necklace and bracelet. She will see her reaction on Christmas morning.

👤When my daughter opened the jewelry box, I was surprised. It seems like it will last for a long time. I bought this for my birthday. I thought this would be perfect because my daughter is a big fan of unicorns. She liked it. It plays music that is lovely. It came with a necklace and bracelet. I am very pleased.

5. TheDisplayGuys 25 Pack Necklaces Bracelets Shipping

TheDisplayGuys 25 Pack Necklaces Bracelets Shipping

Brand new, made from top quality cardboard paper. There are 25 boxes per order. There are different sizes you can choose. The outer and inner dimensions are 8/16" x 2 1/4" x 1 3/8" and 7 7/8" x 2 7/8", respectively. The box fit the pencil perfectly. The extra long and narrow box was designed for jewelry. An affordable and reliable option for storing, organizing, displaying, gifting, packaging and shipping small items. The walls are stronger for shipping. The cotton fill protects the item from damage.

Brand: Thedisplayguys For Your Modern Living

👤I try to never write bad reviews and I'm usually the person who does the sucks and doesn't say anything at all. I had to say something because I was so disappointed. I ordered 300 of these for an event and they all smelled horrible of mold and mildew, many had mold spots and almost all were damaged with the white surface bubbling up. Will never order them again.

👤These boxes are used to package my nails. The boxes are sturdy and cute. Some boxes were bent or had small dents. The boxes do their job. There is a It's cheaper to ship them because they're extremely light. Press on businesses is what these are great for. I make my own labels and add glitter paper at the bottom to make it even cuter.

👤I was only shipped 20 of the 25 boxes that were advertised. I opened every box to see if the display guys had packaged one inside the other, but I think that was foolish. I only got 19 boxes out of the 25 I paid for because one box was badly stained and I couldn't use it.

👤Most of the boxes had scratches. Time was not on my side so I wouldn't have returned them. I wouldn't recommend this product. This is my first negative review of a product.

👤These boxes were the first packaging of any kind that I have ever ordered through Amazon and they will definitely not be the last, but I will be picking a better seller next time. They arrived in a bad state. At least 2 of the corners on both packages that I ordered were crushed. There is a There are pros. The boxes seem to be sturdy for their size. The fact that they come pre-stuffed with batting is a plus, but not a game-changer. The boxes fit together well, there are no major differences between them. There isn't much else to say. There is a They are boxes. There is a They have stuff. There is a The boxes were damaged during shipping. I don't know what happened when they fell out of the truck, but about half of them were crushed. I have seen that in other reviews and I would have thought it would have been fixed since the seller knows it is an issue and has been for a while. There is not much more to say. There is a They are boxes. There is a They have stuff. Is it possible that I would buy them again? Yes. Would I buy again from this seller? No. I understand. I am paying for empty boxes so I am sure they crush easily. I paid for all of them, so I would rather they were usable.

👤The boxes are beautiful and eye catching. It's very spacious as well. I used to sell press on nails from them.

👤These boxes were used for pens. The black is so chic. You don't need to gift wrap, just add your adornments and voila, your beautifully wrapped gift.

6. MESHA Jewelry Inches Cardboard Bracelet

MESHA Jewelry Inches Cardboard Bracelet

Two cotton filled jewelry boxes have a plush cotton filled insert to keep contents safe. These boxes can be used to store and ship jewelry, accessories, or other delicate items. These two-piece boxes are perfect to package and protect jewelry. There are 42 cotton filled jewelry boxes. Simple classic design, prefilled with soft cotton, protects items. These boxes are filled with cotton for jewelry. They are the best choice for jewelry packaging. The jewelry boxes are simple and elegant. You can make your own gift boxes. Send your customers home in style and add more value to your jewelry with these cotton filled gift boxes. These boxes are made of sturdy cardboard material and soft non-tarnishing cotton to keep your jewelry items protected. The jewelry gift boxes are made from recycled materials. These jewelry gift boxes can be used for many items. These boxes can be used for all sizes of jewelry. It's perfect for selling handmade jewelry online. These simple jewelry gift boxes with cotton filling are a great way to add a professional touch to your products. Stamp or sticker each box to build your brand. Mesha is committed to making sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. They will resolve any issues you have if you're not happy. Their high quality products and customer care are guaranteed by them. They are committed to giving you the best products, the best price, and the best customer experience.

Brand: Mesha

👤I ordered this on Thursday and it arrived on Friday. These boxes are absolutely awesome. I use them for my press on nails business. Don't hesitate to buy! I got the glossy finish. Good quality boxes are also available.

👤These were purchased to package handmade caramels. I used greaseproof mini cupcake liners to hold the individual confections after removing the cotton padding. I tucked the ribbon on the underside of the lid. I got some gold dot stickers to use to seal the boxes. Everyone was blown away when they opened their gifts because of the professional look. I would buy them again if I had an option to buy them without the cotton pads.

👤I had few options for my supplies. This is the first time I've bought from this company and I buy this box a lot. These boxes are used as gift boxes for my stained glass ornaments. The color of the earth. They call them natural, though I was hoping for a darker color. The boxes are lighter in color and have a yellow tint. They don't fit in with my other people. Construction. They seem strong. The paper that covers the boxes has small bubbles in it. I think a few of the boxes came dinged up from shipping. The boxes do not stay shut if they are knocked around, but they fit nicely and securely. I tie them shut for customers. Cotton is inside. The inserts are much more substantial than any other boxes I have seen. Excellent! There is a The cotton was nice and the price was right, so I gave them 4 stars. I wouldn't order them again if I were in a jam, but they aren't bad. There is a This will help you make a decision.

👤The gift boxes are cotton filled and brown. The package arrived on time. A good experience these days. The boxes were in good condition. The cotton inserts are soft and fluffy and don't smell like mold. I didn't go through the entire box of 42. I would order again if the boxes were consistent in quality.

👤You don't need to baby them. Would not recommend burping. I don't think there would be much damage if one falls. Carrying in the rain or pouring cement would not be recommended. Cats like to rub their faces on the corners. You get it if you have cats. The boxes are great for what I wanted. It was a little disappointing to see that the measurement was across the lid instead of inside. You can't put something inside that small. It can be forgiven because it limits my options.

👤I liked the undamaged boxes that we received, but they were pricey and we received several damaged boxes. I'm not sure where the damage came from, the outer box didn't look bad at all. The individual box price on these makes them not a great deal. I would order again if I knew they'd arrive in perfect condition. I'm most likely not ordering these again based on what I received.

7. Jewelry Organizer Necklaces Bracelet Carbonized

Jewelry Organizer Necklaces Bracelet Carbonized

Two swing out cabinets have 8 necklace hooks and 2 storage ledges. The weight is 10 ounces. The jewelry tower has a double layer jewelry storage drawer box and 6 tiers of jewelry tree branches. You can display and organize all necklaces, bracelets, earrings, while keeping them tangle-free. The jewelry holder has a wood base. The jewelry storage drawers are torched finished carbonized black wood and can be used as earring hanging holder, ring tray, bracelet holder, or watch holder; this wood box can also be used as wall mounted organizers. Wall mounted design allows you to make use of wall space to release your furniture. The necklaces holder can be grouped together or separately. The angle of the jewelry metal brackets can be adjusted. A necklace and earring holder is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, women friends, appropriate for any holiday or special event. The wood base was covered with fine linen to protect it from damage. They will reply within 24 hours if you want to ask about product or service. The wood base was covered with fine linen to protect it from damage. They will reply within 24 hours if you want to ask about product or service.

Brand: Olakee

👤I'm really excited about this thing. I thought it would hold less pieces. I finally have all my stuff organized and I feel like I'm adding to it that it may become less sturdy after a while.

👤This thing is great. I was worried that I would have too many necklaces, and that they would be too heavy, but this set-up handled them easily with room to spare. There are 41 necklaces on mine. There was a lot of room for my jewelry. Thank you for helping me organize, the product is great.

👤This jewelry holder is very attractive. This was perfect because I have a lot of jewelry and no place to put it. The earring holders on the sides of the main necklace are perfect for bracelets to hang from without touching the earring holder underneath it. I would like the necklace holder to be a little taller. I have a lot of long necklaces. There is a ring cushion in one of the drawers. It's only good for small rings, I like big cocktail rings so they don't fit. I have so many that I have a box for them.

👤I bought this to organize my jewelry because it was scattered all over the place. This was easy to put together and I love it. I used it to hold more than just my earrings and rings, but also my extra glasses and masks. The bottom drawers are not attached so if you wanted to separate them for more storage, you can. I was worried about the quality of the wood and metal. I like the wood in my room and this seemed to match it. I was surprised by the quality. It looks nice and it did not fail to impress.

👤I was very excited to get this box. I read all the reviews and am very happy with it.

👤I have been looking for a jewelry holder for a long time, but I am not sure which one to get. I bought this for myself because I wanted it for my jewelry. It's definitely recommended to be easy to assemble.

👤I bought this when I had a lot of jewelry. I don't like the look of the metal stand and I like what I have for my regular jewelry. It is wall mount-able. It is a bit shabby chic for my taste, but it gets the job done in a storage-sensitive way. I am glad I did not use the metal stand. It wasn't sturdy and the welding seams didn't match. If you try to make them both face in or out, you will have welding marks all over one and a clean surface on the other. I threw it out. There is a It does the job in a way that is very basic.

👤The jewelry organizers looks exactly like the picture and is easy to set up. It was perfect for the most part. I wish the ring drawer was a bit deeper so I could put my wedding set and other rings in the pillows, but that is ok, I will either leave it in its original box or lay it. I was able to hang a bit of regular costume or everyday jewelry up there, but I reserved the drawers for some of my fine pieces that I am not leaving in the cases. This would be a great gift. I like the fact that the case is wall mountable. If you want to place the top on the opposite side of the drawer, you can separate it from the bottom. I am very happy with my purchase.

8. Plastic Jewelry Box Container Adjustable

Plastic Jewelry Box Container Adjustable

The small jewelry box necklace ring storage organizers have a strict quality control system to ensure a stable quality. The jewelry box set is perfect for small objects and valuable jewelry, and is perfect for craft supplies for kids. Travel friendly. The plastic earrings storage boxes are great for storing jewelry while on a camping trip. The plastic jewelry box is made of high quality plastic and comes with grids to hold larger items, so keep your valuables organized. The perfect size is the jewelry storage box container, which measures approximately 10.75 x 1.7 x 7 inches. You'll get 3 jewelry box organizers with 36 grids. You'll get 3 jewelry box organizers with 36 grids.

Brand: Juvale

👤The jewelry organizers were made for earrings. I put the trays on the shelf in my closet. I hung the pierced earrings by their backs after cutting two holes in the back of each divider. The back of the dividers needed to be higher to hold the dangling earrings. It was a perfect viewing. It was perfect organization. 36 earrings are held in each tray.

👤They're cheap, that's the best thing about them. The separators are not flush with the bottom because they are not the same shape. They are okay for storing larger beads, screws, rocks, and so on, but not for anything small. I received one of the three that came with a dead mosquito inside.

👤I bought this set to organize my earrings. I was tired of fumbling through my jewelry case to find a matching pair. This is perfect. It is much easier to find a set in a compartment. Spending time finding the right earrings is over. They stack well on my bed. It is very durable and close so no spills.

👤I have accumulated a lot of things, and since I retired I have put them in plastic drawer cabinets. They take up a lot of space on my workbench and I have to open a lot of drawers to find what I'm looking for. I bought a set of 36 compartment organizers to experiment with. I ordered 10 more. I can see a lot of stuff in the drawers. If you have anything longer than the short side, the partition won't fit. I have some things that won't fit because of their shape, one option is to cut out some of the permanent dividers. I might put them in an overflow box or decide if I need to hang on to them. If every space is filled to the top with smaller screws, nuts, bolts, and other heavy stuff, it might get difficult to pick up with one hand from one corner. I don't want it to pop open and spill but I haven't seen that happen yet. I've turned them over, hung them up by the tab, shook them up, and otherwise tested their resilience and they kept their shape, kept everything in their own little compartment, and stayed closed and secure. If I need to help someone else with something, I would put a bunch of these into a bag and take them with me. I couldn't think of anything else to consider with the drawer cabinets. If I hadn't stuffed them with heavy metal stuff, I think leaving them hanging from peg board hooks is a good option. I'll probably build something to hold them in long drawers under my work bench so I can see a lot of them. It's hard to say how long the locks will last but so far they seem very secure. I'm confident that this vendor will be helpful if I run into any problems with the next delivery because they responded to my message very quickly and helpful. My mileage is great.

9. Kraft Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes

Kraft Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes

The gift box is for the economy. Jewelry is not included. There are packages of 100. It's 1 7/8" x 1 1/4" x 5/8"H. The box has a cotton insert. This small box is perfect for a pair of stud earrings, a special bead, or any other small objects you have. Put the item on the cotton insert inside the box and then put the lid over it for a cute little gift. Wrap with raffia for a signature look. Not included is jewelry.

Brand: Display And Fixture Store

👤Cute boxes, nice for small gifts, but not very sturdy. I was going to use them to send small pieces of jewelry inside of a bubble envelope, but I wouldn't recommend them for mailing.

👤These are the most adorable boxes. I love them because they're tiny. If you have a small charm or earrings, they are great for when you have to fit many boxes in one envelope. I recommend drawing the size out on paper to see if they're a good fit. I absolutely love them.

👤The boxes are small so I should have read the dimensions before ordering. That was my mistake. There is a The boxes are okay. The cotton insert fits nicely, but a lot of the boxes have issues closing without force. The sides are not even and a lot of the lids are assembled in a way that the boxes don't fully close. I will try to find a use for them. There is a I will not be ordering them again.

👤These boxes are great for the price. I got exactly what I wanted, because the size is listed in multiple places, and it's sturdy enough to ship in a bubble mailer. If you're worried about it being too small, make a makeshift paper box that's the same size. You will see what you are getting.

👤These boxes are only meant for small rings and studs and if they fit, they are studs. We use these for packages on eBay but they are too small and pointless for us to use because they collect dust. Shipping was quick on this item, would suggest scrolling through other sellers.

👤These are not normal. Like small. Like a smaller ring box. The title and photos were not accurate.

👤I was laughing out loud when I received these. They are so small. It's just enough to hold a quarter. I think it's cute, but only works with my smaller pendants.

👤These were what I needed. The amount of inner padding is nice.

10. HengLiSam Jewelry Organizer Rotatable Accessory

HengLiSam Jewelry Organizer Rotatable Accessory

The jewelry stand owner can easily access her jewelry and save her time, effort, and frustration when in a rush. Please tell them if you have a problem or not. The pierce size is 3.94 inch. It is a small cylinder when closed. The appropriate size will not occupy the space on the desktop, and can be used to separate the dust from the jewelry to keep it lustrous. ROTATABLE DESIGN The design is simple and modern. ClassIFIED STORAGED The jewelry storage box is for small items. High quality materials. The tray is made of premium ABS Resin, Sturdy and durable, Internal soft non-woven fabric for preventing scratch and tarnish, give you a safe storage space to protect the jewelry. EXQUISITE GIFT A sweet gift for family and friends. It's an ideal gift for Mother's Day. You don't need to worry about choosing gifts now. EXQUISITE GIFT A sweet gift for family and friends. It's an ideal gift for Mother's Day. You don't need to worry about choosing gifts now.

Brand: Henglisam

👤Always read reviews. I learned something. The picture makes it look like it is not for a dollhouse. The thing is small. What is this suppose to hold? 5 rings and a couple earrings? It was so irritated. It is the size of my palm.

👤It looks very modern. It gets the job done because I don't have a lot of jewelry. If the drawers are open, it can topple over. If you have a lot of jewelry, this is not for you. It works well for my necklaces and earrings. If my big earrings were any bigger they wouldn't fit in the drawers and that's not the best for organizing a lot of smaller earrings.

👤Everyone needs this product for organizing their jewelry. It's perfect for organizing your jewelry, it's super compact and I love it. I divided my jewelry into 4 separate compartments. It works perfectly and is described exactly. It is small, so make sure to know the correct size before buying.

👤This is what I needed. I used to have my jewelry in a small bag, but now I can divide it into different areas. It works for me because I have a small collection of jewelry and I don't think it would fit all of them. There is a It is easy to get to and it is also nice to look at when all the drawers are closed. There is a The quality of the material is not the best, but it still works very well.

👤This is a great design. I can fit so many pieces of jewelry in the trays because it doesn't take up much counter space. I am very happy with this product.

👤I should have looked at the measurements, they are much smaller than the photos show.

👤This is a very cute jewelry holder. The box is small. My friend is going to college. It held up the jewelry well. I wish it was made with recycled material. I will definitely be buying this again if they switch to a more eco friendly alternative. Very small. It is also for travel to on the go.

👤This is good for tight spaces. If the drawers are all open to one side, it is manageable. I was impressed with the quality. There are expensive jewelry holders. It gets the job done, even though it isn't as fancy looking. I was surprised how much I can fit in.

👤This fits a lot of jewellery and other small items. I am happy with the design, it doesn't take up a lot of space and I like it.

👤I use mine in my bathroom for little earrings so they don't get lost, it's perfect. It's easy to clean.

👤This is a great place to store jewellery. The compartments are easy to slide out.

👤Very disappointed. A plastic bag in a box is damaged.

👤Ts satisFAite. C'est exactement ce...

11. Hopttreely Premium Drawstring Festival Bathroom

Hopttreely Premium Drawstring Festival Bathroom

1. Their wedding party favor bags are made of high quality sheer organza. The seams are sewn well around the outside and on both sides of the drawstring, which makes it look more expensive. 2. Open and closed at the same time. The design of their gift bags makes it easier to put items in and out, keeping items clean. 3. Their bag size is approximately 4*4.72", perfect for packaging small items, candy, jewelry, and more. 4. It's great for a wedding, party, birthday, church, hotels. During the holdays, there are gifts for co-workers and promotion gifts. 5. Their values are "Customer First, Quality First, Service First" and they hope their bags bring customers the good and convenient life.

Brand: Hopttreely

👤The birds were eating figs. The solution to the problem is these bags. Place the bag over the ripening fig and pull it. White is the best color for fig because it will not get too hot from the sun and you can see when the fig is ready to be picked. I wish I had known about this trick a long time ago, because I think it works for TomATOES.

👤If you're just filling with a little lavender and putting it in a drawer, they look pretty nice. I would spend a bit more and get a better product if I did more with these. Very shiny. There is a The threading is loose and falling apart. The seams are not straight. There is a The drawstring does not open. It's good! That's what I needed. I'm not using it for a wedding or shower so it's what it is.

👤I share milkweed seeds with others to protect the Monarch butterfly population. I don't have to be constantly checking to see if thepods have opened and if I have lost seeds before I can collect them, because these bags allow thepods to open up but not blow away. I shake the bags several times and the silk separates from the seeds. The silk is used for bird nest. You can put them in a container in the yard, along with other string and yarn. Very happy with them.

👤My daughter's wedding favors were made with 100 pieces. I could have put half a cup in with room to spare if I had filled each bag with a quarter cup. All but one of the 100 were tied perfectly. Not bad. They will hold up well in the application I'm using.

👤I'm serious here. I use these bags as chasers for garlic and gypsies. I use 1/2 head of Garlic in a bag with individual cloves that are UNSMASHED. I place around/near doors and places that are too close to the house. The smell of garlic seems to be hated by pests such as Geckos. Humans don't smell cloves but the Geckos and PEST do and they run away. I replace with new bags and garlic every 4 months. It's a cheap and natural PEST Control. This is how I use these bags.

👤I put confetti in these bags and they are a big hit. I keep them in my purse for a month because they don't look cheap. Highly recommended.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the bags were. I was making gifts for people at a conference and needed a lot of them. The bags were uniformly made and very nice. I received them in a short period of time. I had been doing business with a company in China and every item I got was taken forever. It took over a week for the ones that I paid for expedited shipping to go through customs. Regular shipping took two weeks. I believe the shipping was for two days. It is amazing. I will definitely order again, and see what else they have.


What is the best product for eco friendly jewelry boxes?

Eco friendly jewelry boxes products from Kendal. In this article about eco friendly jewelry boxes you can see why people choose the product. Frebeauty and Thedisplayguys For Your Modern Living are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly jewelry boxes.

What are the best brands for eco friendly jewelry boxes?

Kendal, Frebeauty and Thedisplayguys For Your Modern Living are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly jewelry boxes. Find the detail in this article. The Memory Building Company, Thedisplayguys For Your Modern Living and Mesha are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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