Best Eco Friendly Jewelry Kit

Jewelry 29 Nov 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Cotton Drawstring EcoFriendly Unbleached Pouches

Cotton Drawstring EcoFriendly Unbleached Pouches

Natural color,muslin bags for your everyday use, are perfect for gift wrap, treat bags or favor bags for parties, weddings and showers. Each bag is 5 by 7 inches. The bags are made of 100% organic cotton which is safe and friendly for the environment. There is a method for killing. The bag is easy to carry and open for home and kitchen use and is a stylish gift presentation when tied in a bow. There are uses for cotton muslin bags, which are used for packaging fruits, herbs, spices, coffee beans, party favors, toys, dust covers, candles, and jewelry.

Brand: Drq

👤I needed 48 bags for the advent calendar. 24 for each of them. I chose this set of bags. It is missing one bag. I double counted. I got 49 bags. There is a hole in one of the bags. I only need 48 bags, so I only have 48 bags. It is good enough for the price. It is very sheer. I will have to wrap their goodies in tissue paper so they don't see what they're getting. I bought a stencil so I could paint the numbers on the bags. The item description says it can be painted on. I haven't tried that yet. If it doesn't work out, I'll change my review.

👤I wanted to use iron on transfers with my logo for more sustainable packaging. These worked well. It was easy to iron on.

👤The bags seem a little cleaner than what I received in the mail, when I look at the website photos. The cotton bags are speckled with random fibers. I want to use a cotton bag that is clean for my product, but it doesn't look like that. Maybe I just got a weird sample, but I will keep looking.

👤I use these to cover shows that I am traveling with or storing. It had been less than a year since several of them ripped at the seams. I travel a lot, so these might be better for long time storage.

👤The bags are going to be perfect for my niece's 6th birthday party. We will be able to personalize the bags for the kids and the parents, no matter the age or gender. I was worried they would be too small. I was able to fit a whole honey bun, pen, glass hand sanitizer, and face mask. There is a They are a little peek through but not much to me.

👤I used these baggies for my clay earrings. I received 49 baggies, but I did not receive 50. I will buy again in the future and hope I get the correct amount.

👤I bought these for the kids to have something to store marbles and other small items in, and I was surprised at the quality, but will definitely keep them on hand.

👤I use them to package small items in my shop. I hope they are more eco friendly than the little plastic baggies I used to use.

2. Make Real Neo Brite Bracelet Bracelets

Make Real Neo Brite Bracelet Bracelets

15x European big hole beads, 22x Charm and Pendants, 20x Colored beads, shamballa, rainbow, crystal beads, 2x Snake chain bracelet and 3 necklace cords are included in the package. There are neo-bRITE CHAINS. Young girls can learn to make their own bracelets using pom charms, neon beads, and gold chains. Helping kids develop real world skills. Young girls who create their own bracelets will be able to develop fine-motor, visual, and tactile-sensory skills. Everything is included. The kit has everything your child needs to make up to ten bracelets. Includes beads, gold chains, tassle charms, pompom charms, gem charms, and much more. A great gift idea. Make It Real's toys are great gifts for girls as they help them to develop skills that will allow them to succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow.

Brand: Make It Real

👤This is perfect for my 5 year old and my 3 year old. They have asked to break out this box and make a new bracelet several times over the course of weeks because it has been out of sight. The string has a lot of stretch. The instructions are easy to follow for anyone up to 4-5 years old.

👤Half of what is advertised isn't in the box. The box was destroyed. The packaging was not damaged. I didn't give it to my granddaughter because I bought her another brand. It was cheap compared to other sets that I have bought.

👤My grand daughter is 10 years old. She liked the variety of colors and sizes of the beads. We store them in a caboodle to keep them together and the box they came in wasn't very durable to keep beads sorted. The way in which the birthday gift was delivered was very pleasant for all of us.

👤I had read a lot of reviews. Some were bad, but mostly good. The product is not worth it. It looks cheap when you open it. I didn't expect to find items I could have bought from the dollar tree, but I did. I decided to return it after inspecting it because it was going to be a Christmas gift for my niece. Don't buy it, save the money and the hassle of a return. Nice idea but poor execution.

👤I gave this as a gift to an 8 year old girl. She was excited about it. I was surprised at how nice it was. It is trendy and cute. My daughter requested one for her birthday. I will definitely buy more. It's cute, high quality, and a great price. I'm very happy.

👤My wife and daughter were disappointed with the product they purchased on Amazon. The packaging is eye-catching, but once you open it, you will see that the base that you need to use to make bracelets/charms is made of the cheapest plastic you can find. Pieces fall off when something moves. There is a The bands that come with the set are meant for another project since it is impossible to put them through the holes of the various charms and other jewelry elements that come with it. There is a I moved it out of their way after fiddling with it for 20 minutes. Amazon's quality assurance should not be used to make such products. I was very unhappy with my purchase.

👤I bought this for a friend of my daughter. They immediately began making bracelets. There were so many options and the beads were cute. I would recommend this product again because they had a great time with it.

👤It was bought for my grand-daughter. It was too time consuming for her. I made them for her. I would recommend doubling the elastic thread for bracelets. The lever hooks attached to the gem stone didn't work. The cloth ribbons were hard to braid and I had to make a bracelet out of them. The beads were hard to grasp. I used the elastic thread to make a bracelet and necklace. Chains were used to attach trinkets. I ended up with 4 bracelets and a necklace. She's happy.

3. Melissa Doug Deluxe Collection Jewelry Making

Melissa Doug Deluxe Collection Jewelry Making

A funny bead crafting kit can be a gift for girls, women, kids, family and friends, it is a big surprise for occasions or special day like birthday, craft project party, family gathering, Christmas day. There is a huge variety of colors, shapes and designs in the wooden bead set. There are 12 laces with clasps. 100 alphabet beads are perfect for necklaces. There is a wooden tray. There is a perfect activity. It's a great gift for kids ages 4 and up.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤I bought this for my friend's daughter. I think this set is cheap. Unless you put the beads in plastic bags or a shoe box, there is no place to put them. The colors are the same and I wish there was more variety. The instructions to attach the clasp are hard to understand. The beads are wooden and not plastic. I will buy something else when I get this.

👤Our 2yr old loves using these to practice stringing beads, and we love that she gets in fine motor skill work while doing that, and our 6yr old loves designing bracelets and necklaces with this set too. Cute colors, wooden beads with strings that have hard plastic on the ends that allow for easy stringing of beads by little hands. We have to watch the 2yr old closely while she uses these as most of the beads are small and she is not past the stage of putting things in her mouth from time to time. The wooden tray is a catch all, it only has one large compartment once removed from packaging, and there are no places for beads to be sorted. It is a good surface that prevents beads from rolling off the table.

👤This was an ideal pick because our daughter loves beads and she likes pink and purple. We've purchased a number of products from the duo before and have always been impressed with their quality. The beads are not exceptions. The product clearly states the ages for which these beads are suitable. Our five year old had no problem manipulating them. There are lots of beads in the set. The shape, size, and texture of flowers, butterflies, teddy bears, stars, and hearts are nice. As we ran out, there were a few more clasps in the set. It's worth taping the lid on the storage box to avoid spills when not in use.

👤On my granddaughter's 4th birthday, I gave her this gift. I knew she would like it, but it was nice to get something that hit the target. The clasps that hold the beads on each end of the cord have a huge hole, meaning you have to tie a huge knot to get the beads to stay on.

👤I liked this one for my granddaughter because it was made of wood, unlike the other ones that were made of plastic. I bought a plastic kit that looked nice, but the case broke and some of the beads fell out. Some of the holes weren't drilled completely. The only thing I don't like about the kits is that they don't have a place to store the beads.

👤I was looking forward to making jewelry with my 7 year old. The set is great. It has a lot of beads in different shapes and sizes. You can make a lot of necklaces and bracelets with it. Some of the beads didn't have openings on all sides, which was a problem. It was impossible to use those beads. 15 of the beads were like that. We love it and we share time making necklaces with our mom and daughter.

4. Oumoda Necklace Bracelet Hairband Earrings

Oumoda Necklace Bracelet Hairband Earrings

Customer risk-free purchase. First. Gionlion offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They make sure that the beads are of the highest quality. If you are not satisfied with their beads, please contact them and they will give you a worry-free refund or replacement. Dressing up like a princess is a dream that all little girls share, and this jewelry making kit can make it happen. A box can be used to create hundreds of combinations of necklaces, hairbands, rings, earrings, anklets and bracelets. It could also be jewelry and some creative decorations like umbrellas, balls, caps, wind chime and so on. Your imagination is the only limitation. Premium quality and easy snap design. Kids can snap their beads together with no thread, it's simple and convenient. The quality of the snap beads is so good. The material has been thoroughly tested and proved to be non-toxic, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Your angel can play it for a long time. Benefits from playing beads are more than you think. It improves children's fine motor, visual perceptual and cognitive skills. Dressing skills like buttons and zippers are important for little girls to learn. A sense of accomplishment can be provided by beading. They will be satisfied when they finish a project that allows them to express themselves. The perfect gift for your perfect girl is a beautifully carriable gift box. It would be a surprise if she received a wonderful gift for her birthday, Christmas, or New Year. It is convenient for storing and saving space after kids play. Oumoda offer a lifetime replacement warranty if you don't like their product. Quality assurance to their customers.

Brand: Oumoda

👤My daughter's friend had these at her house when we went over for a playdate and my daughter has been asking for a set ever since. I didn't know what they were called but they popped up in an ad. I think she will stay entertained for a long time because of the tons of colors and types of beads in the set. The only downside is that it tends to get pretty messy eventually; I think the best way to prevent that is to have them sit on a fuzzy or fleece blanket while they play to prevent rolling and just resign yourself to a pretty lengthy pickup process after that. This wouldn't be a problem for older kids. The jar is smaller than I expected, but it holds more beads than I thought. A good toy.

👤My five year old is a big fan of these beads. She loves to follow the instructions and make her own creations with the suggested ideas of things to make with the beads. It's nice that there are so many beads because they end up all over our house and you can lose a lot, but still have a lot to play with. My daughter makes bracelets and necklaces for everyone. They have a plastic container with a screw on cap and a handle. This item is very recommended by me. There are some beads that weren't in the best shape. It is minimal.

👤I bought this on Prime Day for my Christmas gift. I was surprised by the quality of the material. My 15 year old is fond of playing with the plastic connectors and we separated the beads so that 3 girls can receive this fun toy in their Christmas gift. I've seen similar items where the plastic beads are thinner and easier to squeeze, but these were thicker and not as easy to squeeze. Sometimes paying more for quality is a good payoff, because the price is pricey but it is good quality.

👤The product came with a one year warranty. I contacted the company to inquire about the broken lid and bead connections. There is a I am lowering my rating because no one responded. A great gift. My daughter is able to pop them together because she loves them. She struggles with most of them. There is a I had to get another container because the lid cracked. The bead heads don't break off because it's a softer plastic. Not a big deal. There is a I would buy again.

👤I bought these for two girls. Two children are five and three years old. After opening the gift, both of them poured the beads out. They were excited to start making jewelry. My three year old son joined in on the fun. The pieces are soft and there are no strings involved which is great. The pieces snap together. Things are included in the kit to make bracelets and headbands. You can make a necklace by snapping the beads together. I was impressed by this product and thought it was cool. I highly recommend.

5. Hopttreely Premium Drawstring Festival Bathroom

Hopttreely Premium Drawstring Festival Bathroom

1. Their wedding party favor bags are made of high quality sheer organza. The seams are sewn well around the outside and on both sides of the drawstring, which makes it look more expensive. 2. Open and closed at the same time. The design of their gift bags makes it easier to put items in and out, keeping items clean. 3. Their bag size is approximately 4*4.72", perfect for packaging small items, candy, jewelry, and more. 4. It's great for a wedding, party, birthday, church, hotels. During the holdays, there are gifts for co-workers and promotion gifts. 5. Their values are "Customer First, Quality First, Service First" and they hope their bags bring customers the good and convenient life.

Brand: Hopttreely

👤The birds were eating figs. The solution to the problem is these bags. Place the bag over the ripening fig and pull it. White is the best color for fig because it will not get too hot from the sun and you can see when the fig is ready to be picked. I wish I had known about this trick a long time ago, because I think it works for TomATOES.

👤If you're just filling with a little lavender and putting it in a drawer, they look pretty nice. I would spend a bit more and get a better product if I did more with these. Very shiny. There is a The threading is loose and falling apart. The seams are not straight. There is a The drawstring does not open. It's good! That's what I needed. I'm not using it for a wedding or shower so it's what it is.

👤I share milkweed seeds with others to protect the Monarch butterfly population. I don't have to be constantly checking to see if thepods have opened and if I have lost seeds before I can collect them, because these bags allow thepods to open up but not blow away. I shake the bags several times and the silk separates from the seeds. The silk is used for bird nest. You can put them in a container in the yard, along with other string and yarn. Very happy with them.

👤My daughter's wedding favors were made with 100 pieces. I could have put half a cup in with room to spare if I had filled each bag with a quarter cup. All but one of the 100 were tied perfectly. Not bad. They will hold up well in the application I'm using.

👤I'm serious here. I use these bags as chasers for garlic and gypsies. I use 1/2 head of Garlic in a bag with individual cloves that are UNSMASHED. I place around/near doors and places that are too close to the house. The smell of garlic seems to be hated by pests such as Geckos. Humans don't smell cloves but the Geckos and PEST do and they run away. I replace with new bags and garlic every 4 months. It's a cheap and natural PEST Control. This is how I use these bags.

👤I put confetti in these bags and they are a big hit. I keep them in my purse for a month because they don't look cheap. Highly recommended.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the bags were. I was making gifts for people at a conference and needed a lot of them. The bags were uniformly made and very nice. I received them in a short period of time. I had been doing business with a company in China and every item I got was taken forever. It took over a week for the ones that I paid for expedited shipping to go through customs. Regular shipping took two weeks. I believe the shipping was for two days. It is amazing. I will definitely order again, and see what else they have.

6. 4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit

4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit

Great size. Pony beads are about the same size. 6x9mm and letter beads. The good size for making necklaces, bracelets and hair braids is 6x6mm. The Recycled Paper Beads Kit is a great way to teach the value of recycling. Simply insert strips of paper into the tool and turn the handle to make paper beads. Simply insert strips of paper into the tool and turn the handle to make paper beads. Most plastic bottle designs use the paper bead tool. Instructions for use and care are included. It is recommended for ages 5 years and up. 4M toys and kits challenge your child's imagination. Science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more are included in the 4M educational toys.

Brand: 4m

👤I wanted to make paper beads before giving them to my niece. She gets bored easily when something new is too difficult. The tool is easy to use, and there's a spring mechanism to make sure you don't lose tension on the paper. My husband woke up at 3am and found me making beads. It was a huge hit with my niece. She made beads after she was done playing with her gifts on Christmas Eve. If you're going to give this to a younger child, you might want to cut up some more paper. It allows him/her to start making beads without having to do the boring part.

👤This tool is very useful. The old fashioned way of rolling the beads with a tooth pick would make my hands hurt, but this tool makes it easy and fast. I have solutions for some of the complaints that I have read. I have had no problems with bead sizes when using larger strips of paper. I push the pick in the lid of the Styrofoam container to make sure they dry with out sticking to anything, because glue builds up on the tool and needs to be cleaned often. This will keep the tool clean. It's too hard for younger kids. If you can get it started, let them finish the beads. Practice makes perfect, at first you don't succeed, try again.

👤My daughter bought this for her for Christmas and she is still making jewelry in February. There is a She loves this kit. It is an endless amount of fun for her.

👤I'll give this item a try. You can cut your own paper and use a bamboo skewer to make beads. The hole for stringing the bead is too small for anything but the finest line or thread. My grand daughter made bead making after I bought it. I put the tool back in the book and into the donation bin.

👤I'm having a great time using it to make professional looking beads, even though it was designed for children. I like the size that it only makes. Adults with bead-making experience should be able to use this tool. I put the tool on a water bottle, hold between my knees and use both hands to roll it. I use different tools when I want to make different types of beads. This is a great value in jewelry making tools.

👤I got to play with this today while trying to recycle a couple huge stacks of magazines. I made a lot of beads in the time it took to make one. I was worried that the stringing hole might be too small, and that they wouldn't fit on any sort of yarn, but they will fit on elastic string, heavy thread, or fifty-pound fishing line. This would make a great after-school activity.

👤I am going to have to buy some glue before I can use this product. The small amount of glue is dried up in the package. Everything looks great except for that.

7. Bracelet Gionlion Polymer Bracelets Necklace

Bracelet Gionlion Polymer Bracelets Necklace

It's a great gift for kids ages 4 and up. All you need. It's a must for jewelry making lovers. A box of 5520 beads in 24 colors and a charms kit with random letter beads, smile beads, colorful heart beads, shells, pendants, jump rings, lobster clasp, and more. VIBRANT COLORS are clay beads in 24 bright colors. You can make bracelets with mixed clay heishi beads. They prepare everything you need. You can make a charm vivid bracelet or necklace. Skills for bracelet jewelry making are more inportant than imagination. The beads are made from a type of material called aPVC. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, strong plasticity, and durable. The diameter of the beads is 6mm and the thickness is 1mm. The clay beads for bracelets are lightweight, not easy to fade, and waterproof when worn at the beach or pool. Perfect size for crafts like jewelry making, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and any ornaments. Adding some decorations for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, besties is an ideal gift. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc., are all occasions where a meaningful and cheerful gift choice can be made. Customer risk-free purchase. First. Gionlion offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. They make sure that the beads are of the highest quality. If you are not satisfied with their beads, please contact them and they will give you a worry-free refund or replacement.

Brand: Gionlion

👤I was excited to make name bracelets for my friends for Christmas gift, but as we started to set aside the letters, the set was missing the letter P and their friends name star, so we are stuck!

👤The tools that came with are very helpful.

👤Stop being picky. It is a great gift. My daughter likes it.

👤I would have given it five stars, but the beads had no e's or H's. My daughter wanted to make a bracelet with the word "hiker" on it. Lots of tools and pretty beads are included in the kit.

👤The set was great. It came with everything you need to make bracelets or jewelry. Comes with little sheets. My daughter immediately made jewelry out of these. It's perfect for a gift idea.

👤My 10 year old made jewelry for the family. All broke within minutes. She was upset.

👤For Christmas, we bought this for our youngest daughter and she absolutely loves them. Excellent quality.

👤Our girls are 12 and 14 years old and they make bracelets a lot.

8. Monochef Bracelet Making Jewelry Supplies

Monochef Bracelet Making Jewelry Supplies

These eye-catching padded mailers are ideal for party favors and would make someone surprised when they open their mailbox. Charms craft supplies are great for finding your clip-on charms, dangle, earrings, bracelet, necklace pendants, and anklet. Girls are making jewelry accessories. There are 19 metal beads, 19 beads with dangle and 10 rainbow beads. Simply screw back the end cap after stringing in the beads, it's simple to use. No tool, no guillotine, no message. There is a great gift idea for girls. A great gift for girls who like making things. It can be fun for girls. There are best gifts for teen girls. Everything you need in a single box, no more going to hardware stores to find the supplies kit. There are beads and bracelets in a box.

Brand: Swagitloud

👤I bought this kit for my niece. The package looked nothing like the picture that I received. I was expecting a box with a picture of a mythical creature. I got a tin small enough to fit in my hand. Not to mention the tin had some damage. Not satisfied at all.

👤The set was in a different box. The box is still cute. The bracelets are small enough for a small child's wrist and made from metal and stretchy material. There are lots of cute charms for kids.

👤A gift for a girl's birthday. I was a little worried about the box being small, but she loved it! She liked the little box, and the jewelry/charms were pretty high quality. I like that you could rearrange the charms to make different bracelets.

👤It was so much cuter than I anticipated. I bought this for my daughter's birthday and I'm so excited to give it to her. The charms and beads are very cute. The bracelets are small enough to fit her wrist. Cite string necklaces. The box is small. The colors are bright. It was packaged well. I would recommend it.

👤Cute packaging. Quality charms. The wire bracelets and necklace strings are very nice. The box isn't covered with labeling and it's not a problem if there is no label or instructions. One of the bracelets doesn't fix together and you need to remove part of the end knobs to put beads on it. It isn't obvious where to do that and it is threaded a bit tightly. Follow the instructions in the product listing. You can use a toothpick or the end of a paper clip as a lever if you can't open it. You have to screw the end back on to hold the charms on the bracelet. The two ends overlap. It stays on. My 7 year old daughter made me one of this style with an M for mom along with other charms and I even got a compliment on it. The set gives endless amusement and styling possibilities, changing up the color of the necklace cord, the bracelet style and the quantity and choice of beads and charms, and the little box is sturdy enough to be long term, reuseable. It's a great gift for kids. The quality of the charms and beads make the pieces the kids create look like real jewelry. Very happy with this!

👤The assortment was great and the charms were of good quality. There were many with the mythical creature. My granddaughter made bracelets and necklaces. I would buy this again. I didn't find anything that was close to the value at the stores. The price was great.

👤I was disappointed without opening the box when I first saw it. I thought I had paid for it. I counted 53 charms, 2 silver colored bracelets, and 3 string necklaces, all in a tiny box. One of the bracelets I received is 2 3/8" across, when closed to form a circle, and the other is about 2 3/4" across. If the bracelets are too small for your needs, you can slide the charms on another type of bracelet or necklace. There's a lot of cute charms here, many of which have stones, and the style is similar to the popular mall-based "build your own bracelet" store, which charges $80 and up for a metal bracelet that is not real silver, plus each charm. The charms are mostly small in size. There are a few small glass spacers. My granddaughter is 9 years old. It is a great buy for the price and will be appreciated.

9. Bracelet Friendship Bracelets Elastic Jewelry

Bracelet Friendship Bracelets Elastic Jewelry

All the tools and accessories are packed in a bag that is easy to carry and store. A must have for a jewelry maker. The kit comes with rainbow color pony beads, different color letter beads, charm beads and 10 colors elastic strings. The collection of pony beads is a must have for the avid jewelry maker in your home and is well suited for a wide variety of crafting applications. This vibrant bracelet beads kit has an impressive 4 different types of beads and 10 different colors of string, making it a great assortment for making necklaces, bracelets, hair braids and many other craft and jewelry projects. The plastic beads for bracelets are made with a smooth surface and are well shaped. It's perfect for jewelry making. Well packed. The rainbow beads are packed in a plastic lidded organizers to keep them neat and organized. Great size. Pony beads are about the same size. 6x9mm and letter beads. The good size for making necklaces, bracelets and hair braids is 6x6mm.

Brand: Shynek

👤I love this! I found this kit after having the urge to make bracelets, chokers, necklaces, etc. I bought it because it had good reviews and seemed to have everything I need. 100% recommend. It is so cute. The colors are pretty. The case is sturdy and the packaging was great. No damages at all. I used these to make necklaces that bring attention to problems and I plan to wear them a lot. I can make more money for people around me who support the movement so they can wear them.

👤My daughter fell in love with these bracelets after she was in intensive outpatient therapy for being suicidal. She sparks her creative genes when it occupies her hands. Her bestie loves them so they can spend hours doing them. She is making a good amount of bracelets from just one kit, so need to get more.

👤Cute and colorful beads! The stretchy string fits your wrist nicely. Good value for the price, but could use more vowels in the alphabet beads.

👤The kit is good for the price. I sorted the letters by their order. There are many Q's. There are more W's than M's. The letter ratios seem odd to me. It's difficult to get the letters out of the container. I put them in a container with easier access. I like the little beads. I'm not sure why all the Wonder Woman ones are green.

👤I think there should be more beads for the price.

👤I wanted to make a stretchy bead bracelet at home because one of my children made one in preschool. This kit did a great job. Most of the beads have large openings that can slide off the knotted string. I could work around that, but my kids struggled. Maybe more beads with a smaller opening will act as a cap on either end?

👤The daughter loves them. The container snapped closed, I am happy about that.

👤I bought this set for my granddaughter. I was a little disappointed that it didn't come in a more attractive package. That was the reason I was not able to give a 5 star rating. The kit was securely packaged after all the pieces were included.

👤My end of year class gifts were made with this. I have 21 children and only just completed them all with this set, and it took me hours to sort them all out and ensure that each name used the same style letter beads. There is a There is a lot of beads left over but not sure what to do with them.

👤These are great! My daughter begged me for them. I gave in, but it was a great buy. She picks at her head due to her anxiety. We are moving so her anxiety has gone up. These are actually live saves. She now takes bead making as a hobby, it helps her to calm and focus, and also gives her something to do with her hands, so she is distracted from touching her head. Great value too!

10. 35000pcs Supplies Bracelets Necklace Alphabet

35000pcs Supplies Bracelets Necklace Alphabet

35000pcs 2 is the glass seed beard starter kit. 50pcs jump rings, 10pcs charms pendants, 1 pc beading needle, 1 pc tweezer, 2 rolls of elastic strings are all part of the 12/0 glass seed beads. The beads set is colorful. The most unique color that can easily meet your jewelry craft ideas and help create different stunning color scheme jewelry, includes opaque dyed rainbow color, cream color,AB colors, metallic color. Charm pendants and alphabet letter beads add more fun and creativity to design multi-types of jewelry with seed beads. You can make a personalized letter bead bracelet from their letter beads set. Seed beads jewelry making kit is great for all kinds of fancy jewelry making, such as bracelet, friendship bracelet, necklace, anklets, waist chain, eyeglass chains, key chain, rings or any other handicraft. A funny bead crafting kit can be a gift for girls, women, kids, family and friends, it is a big surprise for occasions or special day like birthday, craft project party, family gathering, Christmas day.

Brand: Urradia

👤I fell in love with all the colors. The colors rub off. 70% of the beads wear off very quickly. The shower will remove the colors. The colors are pretty, but they won't last. I tried not to shower with them. It was still rubbing off from my skin and clothes. I wore the necklace for 2 days. The colors are turning white.

👤The beads all change to white and can't change back, so maybe they should be marketed as "color changing beads". There is a When you work with the painted beads, they have color that comes off. There is a The bead colors in this box are great.

👤First off, they shouldn't be called glass beads.

👤If you purchase this product, you won't get the description details. You only get the beads and rope. The metal charms are missing, the circle claps to tie them. I am writing a bad review because I reached out to Amazon to see if they could fix the issue and they just sent the same messed up order again.

👤When my daughter got the beads, she was very happy. She found out that the paint came off some of the colors.

👤This is like a scam. And came with the best packaging. Everything was sealed. Everything was intact and should be priced higher for quality.

👤I searched for a variety of seed beads on Amazon, as I've been purchasing individually from craft stores all of my glass seed beads. I didn't think the quality was as good as these were. These items are not consistent in size and cost more. The seed beads in this kit are of the same size, color and quality. I have put them to use in many projects so far. The items came exactly as they were described, and I did not count out the individual seed bead, which seems to contain everything they said they would. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, I'm not sure if these are measured by weight or not. I can say that this is the best value for your money because I have been making jewelry for a while now. I enjoyed the extra gifts. I was going to pick up a stretch cord in this size. I was able to use what was included in the package. I was impressed by the quality of those as well as the pewter charms that came with it. The alphabet beads matched up to the ones I had already purchased so they went with the ones I had already bought. You can't tell the difference between the ones purchased at the craft store and the ones that arrive in this package. A 5 star purchase. It's a good thing.

👤The colors are vibrant, haven't had issues with the color rubbing off, but the beads are not all the same shape or size. It became very frustrating to use when making a loom bracelet, it took longer to make just the same shapes and colors. For smaller projects. But. If you want to make your jewelry cohesive or sell it, you should spend more money on better quality seed beads.

11. Chielor Bags 3 94 Eco Friendly Drawstring Jewellery

Chielor Bags 3 94 Eco Friendly Drawstring Jewellery

After-sales service. If you have a problem with these bags, please contact them first, they will solve it for you within 24 hours. Their bags are made of high quality natural cotton, which is Eco-friendly. It is possible to use a disposable bag to reduce the use of plastic bags. The material of the cotton bag is thin in order to maintain its practicality, please check the picture for details before buying. Their bags can be used to hold crafts, candies, coffee beans, tea leaves, and small gifts, as well as to filter cheese, wine, and milk. The bags keep your items clean and tidy, they are essential to well-ordered living. You can make your own patterns. The cotton bag isn't thick like the material in the house. Put something inside to prevent bleeding if you stamp them with ink ordye. The cotton fabric bags are designed with a draw string to allow you to easily seal or open the bag. There is enough space for storing small items. Good for both the home and kitchen. This bag is a great gift for people who love to live healthy. The cotton bags are perfect for making homemade nut/almond/soy be milk,yogurt,cheese makers,vegetable or fruit juices. You will get 50pcs bags bulk with natural color, which can be used in various occasions, such as: gift bags, jewellery pouch, and coffee tea brew herb bag.

Brand: Chielor

👤Does the job. What will I do with 50? Really? > They are not disposable. Turn them inside out to dump the old stuff. They don't need to be turned back inside for the next batches of spices. > I've only used 3 bags of fresh pickles after nearly a year of making them. I've used each bag a number of times. The seam on one bag had to be thrown away. > If you reuse the bags, they need to be sterile. I also reuse my solution, which is never more than 2 weeks old. I use a boiling method to sterilize the used pickling solution and spice bags while I cut up fresh vegetables for the next batches. I think you could run the bags through the dishwasher to sterilize them. > What do I eat? Most of the onions are sliced. Pickling takes the bite out of a salad. Why do you put sweet onions in a jar? Mild sweet onions are great in salads. Sweet onions are not always mild, which is something for people with diabetes to keep in mind. The same grocery store onions which are mild in the Summer can have a bite in the fall. For a few years, my doctor sent me to a doctor because of my stomach pains. I had a lot of expensive tests and procedures. I no longer have stomach pains after I pickle my salad onions.

👤The bags were simple and as expected. They arrived as if they were ironing. The pictures show after washing and hanging to dry.

👤Good quality, less odorless and useful are what these are. The packaging was good. The delivery was on time. The product is described. A few individuals can be washed by hand but due to the size of the washer it is difficult to wash in bulk.

👤If you want to make your own tea or need to put spices in, this is a good bag. My mom uses this bag for almond tea, which she make her own, crush all the almond, and then add it to a pot of boiling water, and it works great, it doesn't rip.

👤The size and description of the bags were nice. They have a clean country look. There is a I thought they had ribbon ties. The strings are small and this will make it difficult for me to tie them. The process is taking longer because I am cutting off some strings. I am growing my own lavendar. I may buy them again if they work well.

👤I put organic lavender in about 30 of them. I had to cut the threads. I was able to complete my project, but I was a little disappointed.

👤I made a tea blend for an event and gave it away. The bags were easy to fill and people were happy that they were reuseable.


What is the best product for eco friendly jewelry kit?

Eco friendly jewelry kit products from Drq. In this article about eco friendly jewelry kit you can see why people choose the product. Make It Real and Melissa & Doug are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly jewelry kit.

What are the best brands for eco friendly jewelry kit?

Drq, Make It Real and Melissa & Doug are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly jewelry kit. Find the detail in this article. Oumoda, Hopttreely and 4m are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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