Best Eco Friendly Journal for Women

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1. Ruled Notebook Journal Hardcover Twin Wire

Ruled Notebook Journal Hardcover Twin Wire

Wide application. The notebook is suitable for many purposes. It is easy to carry and convenient. The journal has 134 pages and is easy to carry. The elastic closure band is designed to keep your notebook close when you don't use it. Premium hardcover paper is used to avoid the ink feathering and seepage. The page is thicker than other notebooks. The lined journal keeps handwriting neat. The pineapple design theme is used in this ruled notebook. The journal uses a double-wire binding design that makes it easy to lay the notebook flat. 7mm ruled writing space gives you an ample place to write. It's ideal for taking notes and keeping work in order, as a diary or journal, as well as just doodling and drawing. It is a perfect gift for friends, family, classmates, and coworkers. This high quality journal is an ideal gift choice. A gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Booqool

👤I love this notebook. Excellent quality and adorable. It's perfect for my business. The pages are not too thick. The size is large, can fit in a lot on one page. The back sleeve has a pocket. The place band is a great place to keep track of where I left off. I recommend.

👤My daughter loves pineapples and I bought this for her as a Christmas gift. The product was a nice looking gift and I was very pleased with it. The gold metal spiral adds to the appeal of the pattern. The paper is of good quality. It has not been used, but it appears to be sturdy. This product is recommended by me.

👤These notebooks are the perfect size for me. My pen doesn't leak through the cover and the paper is college linked. I will buy them again.

👤I just bought my 4th one. The fruit! I use them for work. I am in love. At work I write down everything I need to do and it adds a cute style to my desk. The lines are large enough to hold the pens. I have to keep buying more since it is great for the price. I can get a different design every time. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤There are three notebooks in different patterns. All are very sturdy. They are meant to be kept for a longer period of time than you want.

👤She loved it when it was bought for her. I thought it was a little high for a writing device. It was on her list. I got it!

👤My youngest daughter bought this for herself and she couldn't wait to write in it. I think it's a bit pricey. Hopefully it will hold up because it seems sturdy.

👤I have so many notebooks, but I loved the pineapple design, so I had to buy it. I like the strap that holds it closed.

2. Notebook Keegood Expandable Dividers Gifts,Pen

Notebook Keegood Expandable Dividers Gifts%EF%BC%8CPen

A special item is shared with your friends and family. It's ideal for notebooks. It's a great decoration for your computer. A surprise for an event. Excellent for journal, school, college, meeting, travelling, writing workshop, etc. A sturdy sewn elastic pen holder and elastic closure are included in the functional and sanitary note book. Premium hardcover is great for all occasions. They do not add any chemicals to the paper, it's 100 gsm thick and acid-free. Good feels to touch, smooth to write and draw on, thick enough to avoid bleeding and ghosting, resists damage from light and air, and provides you a happy journal experience. The pages don't get torn away from the cover. Your journal will last for years if you use a round case binding. Each journal can be opened flat 180 degrees for easy note taking. The package is wonderful with multi size tabs and aruler.

Brand: Keegood

👤The notebook has a cork cover. It's larger and heavier than I thought, and it arrived in two plastic sleeves. The notebook was wrapped in a plastic sleeve inside the box. The packaging was professional looking and great for a gift, but why so much plastic?

👤This product is great for daily journaling. If you split the pages in half, you have enough pages to journal every day for a year. The cork board has a rubber strap to keep it closed and a slot for a pencil or pen, which is cute. A ribbon page holder is also available. There is a mini ruler in the back of the journal.

👤A great notebook. The tabs and folder are nice. Lays are relatively flat.

👤I use this for a daily journal. I don't like fighting to keep the notebook flat or break the spine over time, they have to lie flat. The pages are the perfect thickness, it is flat, and there is a pen loop to keep it closed. The cork material is soft and attractive. It has a sleeve in the back that has sticky section dividers and other useful accessories. I use gel pens and they don't bleed through so far. I will stock up on these.

👤The paper inside is thick and good quality. The outside is strong. There are two ribbons that you can use to bookmarks two sections at the same time. The folder in the back of the notebook is nice. I like using this notebook and I get a lot of praise for it.

👤Everyone will want one of these journals. It's easy to write on. The thickness is great for travel. It comes with a side pocket, sticky place markers, and 2 ribbon attached book marks. I wish it came in a different color.

👤I love this journal. The cover is pretty. The pages do not bleed with colored ink pens. I like the bookmarks. I bought more of these for future use. They come in a box so I can mark the year on the outside of each one.

👤It's exactly what you need for a journal. I love the elastic band that keeps it shut and the elastic pen holder that is on the side so I can always use the same pen. This is my second one and I will buy it for my journals.

3. Hardcover Bookmark Recycled Terracotta Journaling

Hardcover Bookmark Recycled Terracotta Journaling

The hardback journal is a 5.7 in by 8 in lined notebook made from recycled materials and features a 160 page inner pocket, sticker labels, ribbon bookmark, and elastic closure band. Made with premium recycled paper, it's thicker than average notebooks and writing pads, so you can use most pens, pencils, and markers without ghosting and bleed-through. Their thread-bound notebook is designed to lay flat, making it easier to write with both hands. It has never been easier to journal, take notes and plan. Their recycled journals are available in a variety of beautiful and fun colors and are available in a variety of page styles. The inner pocket and separator labels have an extra pocket to keep track of appointments, notes, and more. Personalize your journal cover and spine with sticker labels.

Brand: Paperage

👤The journal is beautiful and has a lot of great features, especially for the price. I am giving it four stars because the pocket at the back of the journal has a small bent corner from the packaging. It was disappointing to unpackage it and see that it already had an issue, but luckily the minor issue doesn't compromise the function of the pocket. I would have liked to have known the line spacing of the journal, but I couldn't find it in the description. I would have liked to know the line spacing before I bought it.

👤The lines on the pages are slightly different from a normal notebook, leaving each page with less lines. There is no discernable top line, which is standard. All the lines are the same. I have only used the first 10 pages, but it has been difficult to use the space near the binding. It doesn't open all the way. The conclusion is that there is a better place to go for cheaper. I liked the color and the recycled paper factor, but I wouldn't buy this again. Go for a bargain.

👤I fill them up and then buy a new one because this is the second one I've ordered. I'll be back soon. A journal is perfect for a writer or just someone trying to keep notes.

👤This is a great notebook for people who like bullet journaling. The Leuchtturm is a good dupe.

👤It works well for my budgeting. There is a small pocket in the back.

👤A great notebook! The color is made from recycled paper. It is a great journal because it has a lot of room.

4. Kraft Notebook Journals Travelers Assorted

Kraft Notebook Journals Travelers Assorted

We only use top quality materials. Their film is clear and not cloudy because of the recycled weaker materials. The set of 24 is perfect for taking notes, taking notes, drawing, drawing ideas, creative writing, and doodling. Motivational journals feature motivational quotes such as "Be Bright, Be Bold, Be You" and "My Happiness Journal". Take on the Go: Use the brown soft cover notebook alone or insert it into a journal cover to take notes on the go. The a6 journal has 80 pages of white lined paper and the tightly sewn binding allows it to lay flat on most writing surfaces. The perfect gift is to decorate the pocket journal covers with stamps, twine, ribbon, or stickers to create custom party favors for an upcoming baby shower, ladies night, or classroom celebration.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I gave these to my clients as a gift. I went to Vista print to design some stickers that I will put in the journals. These are so cute. They will buy these again.

👤I bought these for my English teachers. I used my cricut to personalize the back cover of the journals as a small token of appreciation for the teachers. I almost feel guilty because they were so easy to give, I have received so many thanks.

👤They are the perfect size to put in your purse and I will give them away in gift bags. I think we need daily reminders. It's nice to just use it for notes. It's stitched adds to the appeal for me.

👤I liked the look of the journals. I was surprised that they were smaller than I had expected. They were a good value for the price I paid and I have given them as gifts.

👤I gave the boxes of these to everyone at work with a candy can. They are just the right size for quick notes. The covers are cute and I let everyone pick the one they wanted. It looked like I spent more than I did. I was very pleased with the purchase. I still see my coworkers bring their bags to meetings.

👤We used colorful pens and homemade bookmakers at the party. The kids liked the books with the color pen and the parents liked the favor bags. There is a We had some left over and they are the perfect size for keeping in a purse pocket to jot down notes or to draw when at the doctor's office.

👤I love everything about them. The sayings are not too cliché or over the top. The bag is easy to throw into. There are a lot of pages in this size of notebook, so it is a great value. I would buy these again.

👤These were gifts for my kids. They were wonderful and loved them. I teach first grade and they were fun. I would buy for any age.

👤I gave these books to my class as gifts. When I opened the box, not one of them had a design on them. I would not recommend this product to anyone else.

👤The product is beautiful. It was very well made and looked professional.

👤Ich die. Notizbcher gekauft um, mein Schler*innen. The design of the Notizbcher is topnotch. Schler*in hatte jede*r verschiedene Cover-Motive, somit. There is a The Produkt ist die Farbgebung. Einband ist natrlich und ist toll aus. Es ist klein und handlich. Weiters ist die linierte Seiten. Ich bin in den Notizbchern. Wrms empfehlen!

👤Sehr dnnes Papier, die meisten. Stifte ist. Kugelschreiber ist aber Fineliner. Im Design ist sonst.

👤I gave these to my students as a present. They loved it.

5. Minimalism Art Classic Notebook Journal

Minimalism Art Classic Notebook Journal

The art notebook is named "A Midsummer Night's Dream", as beautiful as a poem. The Classic Journal is small and easy to carry around and perfect for your desk. The ivory paper has 122 numbered pages and is friendly. The table of contents, elastic strap, ribbon bookmarks, and an inner pocket are included in the notebook. The leatherette hard cover is made of leather. The book is open flat. A classic style of notebook with a celebratory touch is executed to near perfect. All the difference is made by attention to details. It's nice to write again. The Premium Edition notebook collection is available in a variety of sizes and colors. They have them in their store. Their team designs notebooks in San Francisco. If you leave San Francisco without a notebook full of memories, you will be missing out. It's also a good place to put your best ideas.

Brand: Minimalism Art

👤The book is cute but there is a lot of bleed through and ghosting on the opposite page. It is great for those who use pencils or pens, but any colored pen or marker will go through. I can't return it because I wrote on one page, but it was cheap. I will not be using it in the future.

👤This is my new go-to notebook when I can't or don't want to buy an A5 notebook. There are a few key things to think about when considering this notebook, none of which are horrible and all of which I am more than ok with considering the price point! The item title is not true. It is actually 5" X 8.3", and is not as wide as an actual A5 notebook. It's not enough to make the notebook look or feel awkward, and I like this non-standard size. 2. The color of my notebook is a bit more orange than the picture shows. I've looked at the pic on different screens and it still seems like it's more of a'mac-n-cheese' picture than a'sunshine' one. Still beautiful! 3. The cover is made of soft vinyl and it feels like there is a gap between the spine of the notebook and the cover. If you press down on the spine of this book, it feels loose and you can feel the bumps of the paper binding, which is different than with other notebooks. It doesn't affect the function of this notebook at all, just one of those feel-quirks that might be off-putting to people with opinions on how they like their notebooks. 4. The paper in this notebook is a bit thicker than the Leuchtturm/Molskine paper that I use. . I've been using Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Papermate Flair pens and they've all been free of bleed. When you turn the pages, they make a nice sound. 3 5. The elastic band was pressed against the cover of my notebook. It's definitely noticeable when you look at the end of the book, but it's not really a big deal. It has a small pocket in the back. Was very excited about that bit. There is a If the notebook came printed with page numbers, it would be the only thing I could think of that would improve it.

👤1. The pages are thin, but everything you write on them goes through to the other side. 2. The notebook I ordered was a lemon-yellow color. I received an orange one. The pages are flat when you open the journal. This is my bullet journal for the next year. Not very exciting.

👤22nd of December I was reminded to update this review as I tried out some new layouts. I bought two of the notebooks last December and I think this is a great deal. It is half the price of Leuchtuturm1917 if one is considering the Bujo special edition. It really depends on whether or not you are going to use the notebook. The jog in the page line-up didn't bother me. I only notice it when I use the edge for a full spread while creating the Monthly Log. It might not be good for anyone who does more elaborate full spreads with drawing, or anyone who cannot have the pages not line up. I will be reverting to the basics this year, so no drawings or designs for me. The quality is okay for the price. I stuck the cover back on where it came from, even though the ribbon came off. The writing is visible from the other side of the page, despite the fact that Sharpie pens don't bleed through. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it might be for others. This is a great alternative for anyone who is not sure the system will work out and is not ready to commit to more expensive notebooks. I might try the Leuchtturm1917 next year to see what the fuss is about. I bought this to start the new year. I was not willing to pay for an actual Bullet Journal because I was not sure how committed I would be. This one was reasonably priced. The pages are thicker than normal copy paper. I used Staedtler triplus fineliner pens and the ink doesn't bleed through, but it is visible from the other side of the page. It is something I can live with. The ribbon came off quickly. I haven't started the journal yet. There is a The grid count is different from the Leuchtturm1917 and the Moleskine. There is a 24 across; 39 down. L & M: 26 across. I would have preferred more space across. The odd numbers bother me, but that is purely personal. I dropped my initial rating from 4 to 3 stars because the pages don't line up properly. I regret not going for a better option.

6. Colorful Notebook Hardcover Watercolor Bookmarks

Colorful Notebook Hardcover Watercolor Bookmarks

We removed all the Chinese characters from the blank pages. The small size is135mm*185mm/5.3in and has 192 pages and 96+ unique color design thick paper. Useful supplies for schools and offices can be used as class notes for students or learners, and also as a gratitude journal, taking notes, plans, ideas, records, thoughts, daily planner, bullet journal, and etc. It was made with high quality paper and covers for easy writing. It is a wonderful gift for a young writer. The art notebook is named "A Midsummer Night's Dream", as beautiful as a poem.

Brand: Siixu

👤I can't wait to start writing! I have been wanting this for a while but never ordered because of the reviews about the words and thank you messages on the pages. The sellers listened and now the ones are beautiful and blank. The pages have beautiful watercolor designs. It's a perfect size to fit into my bag. I love it!

👤This is pretty. It is unique. I absolutely adore it. I don't understand the cover with the white paper tag that says " summer". I just peeled it off and left a square with the shape and size of the paper. There is a The blank pages are classic and classy. I would ask the sellers to stop putting the sticker on. The cover looks better with the khaki texture.

👤I love this journal. I have never seen a journal with designs like this. I knew it was the one I had been looking for when I saw it. I think it will do a great job. I haven't written in it yet, but I think the paper will hold up. I think it's like printer paper thickness but a bit more. I don't recommend using makers or anything along that line as I think it will bleed and show through. Hopefully the gel pens won't bleed or show through when they arrive tomorrow. You can see the variety between pages by taking a photo of a few of my favorite pages. Some of them have more detailed designs. I think there are at least three or four drawn images. I only counted two pages that were blank. I included a photo with the remote in order to compare it to other things in my vicinity. There is a If you like this kind of thing, this journal is worth the price for the attention to design. If I fill this one up, I will get another one. There is a I tried to cover things that I would've liked to see in reviews.

👤It is a pretty notebook with beautiful watercolor pages and a neutral cloth cover. There is a sticker on the cover. You can either leave the sticker on the cover or remove the sticker and decorate the cover you like. I decorated the notebooks with fake flowers for gifts and they turned out very unique. Great purchase. PS is recommended. I don't understand why people who chose notebooks with writing didn't like them. You can choose a non character option if you don't want to write on the pages.

👤I fell in love with the notebook as soon as I saw it. They must have changed it because there were no texts on the pages based on other reviews. The sticker will be in a convex place if the sticker was taken off the cover. Gel pens won't bleed through the thick pages.

👤The blank version has no text. It is the exact size to fit my B6 notebook cover. There is a This little notebook is very cute. I have been leafing through the pages to enjoy the designs. It is easy to write right over the splashes of watercolor on most pages. There are some gorgeous illustrations that I won't dare write over, but they will look great with some writing around the margins. There is a The binding and cover are very strong, I think it will last for a long time, and it will take me a long time to use all the pages in this cute little notebook. There is a All the way here, heart-eyes.

7. Huhuhero Notebooks Journals Hardcover Journaling

Huhuhero Notebooks Journals Hardcover Journaling

The inner pocket and separator labels have an extra pocket to keep track of appointments, notes, and more. Personalize your journal cover and spine with sticker labels. The Great Classic hardback notebook is made of faux leather. The leather is soft and smooth, will protect your journal for years, the pages are thick and cut evenly. It's easy to lay out flat for comfortable writing and reading. The premium hardcover paper notepad is 40% thicker than normal. Most pen types, including ballpoint pens, brush pens, fineliner pens, glitter pens, and Alcohol-based Markers are not suitable. The paper protects your eyes from irritation and resists damage from light and air. The lines are 6mm. It's perfect for carrying around or putting into a purse. The LAY-FLAT 180 rum note is comfortable to use. It's perfect as travel notebook, business notebook, study notebook, journals. Birthday gift, Halloween gift, Christmas gift, back to college gift for family and friends. Great journals for writers, business, college; Multipurpose for home, office, work, art and drawings, teaching, studying; convenient for educators, church supplies. The elastic band is strong and the page marker is handy. There is a handy-dandy pocket in the back that can hold small paper items. The Huhuhero notebook is great for writing, drawing, studying, and note taking. College supplies, office supplies, and art supplies are premium.

Brand: Huhuhero

👤I needed a heavy bond paper to absorb ink from a fountain pen. This is what I wanted. The binding is strong enough for me to carry it every day. I will order 10 next time.

👤The Center for Children provides mental health care and therapy for young girls who have been victims of sexual, mental and physical abuse, and I am on the Board of Directors. Your Journals are given to women's groups in our community to decorate the covers and write positive messages on the inside. The journals are given to the girls in our program as a gift, from someone who cares, to journal their feelings and therapy notes. It's a popular program that is growing. We've searched for journals that are easy to decorate and inexpensive. Thanks for the great product that fits within our budget.

👤The quality of the writing paper is not visible through the back. I use a paper mate flair tip pen and am very happy with this notebook. There is a great inside pocket in the back. The pen holder is a plus.

👤I rarely write reviews that don't mention the product's flaws. This is a very rare one. The books are comfortable to hold. I've never written that in a review before. They are well constructed. Almost no damage was done after being dropped a number of times on a hardwood floor. It's a pleasure to write on this paper. The nice touches like a ribbon bookmark, sewn spine, and pocket on the inner back cover are icing on the cake. They're very well priced. I recommend them and you will be happy to have purchased them. I will be buying more. There is a If you know someone who takes notes, they'll love these.

👤I was disappointed in the quality and price of the journals I picked up at Walmart. Buying on line seemed risky. Quality is hard to tell in a picture. I didn't want the return. I checked Amazon for something else because I was so dissatisfied with my Walmart find. These gems were found that way. I got 5 journals instead of 4. Everything about them was better. The elastic strap for closing, the ability to lay flat when open, the quality of the paper, and the pocket on the back cover, are some of the things that make this cover unique. Everything. I absolutely adore these! I give one Bible study Bible to each woman I lead, and they use it for their weekly Scripture journals. They all love the journals. It's not just me. The product is amazing. I am a very picky person and I recommend them to everyone.

👤I ordered them for myself. I do a lot of writing. I have used basic school notebooks, but decided to use something more substantial. You cannot beat the price for what they are and I would like them to be a little bigger. I paid ten dollars for a single journal, but this is just as good as it gets. The reviews are valid. There is no idea on how this holds up over time. Someone needs to come back with an update if the things tear over time/fade/wear poorly.

8. LEATHER BOUND JOURNAL Scriveiner Handmade


The customer service group will give you an enjoyable shopping experience. Please let them know if there are problems with the products and they will help you out as soon as possible. You can feel a difference in quality. Premium quality leather is used to make a journal more soft, supple and durable. Handmade thick, 125gsm creamy recycled cotton paper! It is acid and tree-free and will last a lifetime, giving you a wonderful writing or sketching experience. The paper can be used for watercolors. Are you going on a new adventure? A life transformation, a new relationship? Every time you open the journal, you will feel special, because it is worthy of your thoughts and ideas. Their journal has a luxurious feel and is a delight to your senses with its craftmanship and leather scent. Why compromise if you are going to give a gift? The timeless attributes of classic British design - elegance, sophistication and understated luxury are shared by scruiner products. They use 100% natural materials in the most sustainable way possible. The leather tanning process does not use lead or arsenic. They take waste from the fashion industry and turn it into beautiful paper. The NRDC is a US organisation fighting pollution and climate change. 100% money back guarantee and incredible customer service make buying with total confidence. Everything they do is done by their customers. They will either put it right or refund you if you don't like it. They want you to have the best possible products. This is the perfect gift for any occasion, from a birthday to a Christmas gift. For writing, dnd, bible journaling, or poetry. This is the perfect journal for a travel diary, for recipes, as a sketchbook, writing notebook, or for a daily planner.

Brand: Scriveiner

👤I can spend hours in the bookstore admiring journals, notebooks, pens and the like. The two days it took to get here felt so long because I found the journal by happenstance. This book exceeded my expectations and was worth the wait. The smell of the supple leather, the texture of the paper, and the lovely warm character of the artisan's careful craftsmanship make this a journal for the senses. It makes writing enjoyable. There is no man-made artificiality on this piece. It makes me feel connected to the past. There is a If you're not sold yet, you can visit the website to see their process and commitment to quality and sustainable practices. The journal is built to last for a long time. I will finish it and buy another one.

👤I was looking for a gift for my wife on our anniversary. I wanted to give her something she would treasure. My wife and I like to be responsible when it comes to the environment. A friend linked me to an article about luxury minimalists. They were launching a journal on their website. There is a Normally I wouldn't buy something without a review but I knew my wife would love it. It was handmade and they used recycled cotton for the paper. They talk about waste from the fashion industry and I like the idea that it is being recycled to make something special. It is special. I was expecting a good thing but it has been worse than I expected. It is in a recycled cotton bag. It is an off-white colour and there is something classy about it. The thickness of the leather was much thicker than I anticipated. It has a rich smell and texture. The pattern changes as you handle it. The look has changed from the pictures below. The journal will last and become more beautiful as you use it. There is a The paper is not normal. It is hard to believe that you can make something so beautiful from recycled material. It is not too thick. The texture is still smooth even though you can see and feel it. It is beautifully bound into the cover. This journal is special because of the attention to detail in many areas. The journal isn't distorted when you put a pen inside because the pen holder sits inside a gap created by the paper. I like this journal. I know my wife will be happy. The company stands for something and I like how it is made. I am not associated with this company. This is the first time I have reviewed anything on Amazon. Hopefully this review and images will help you to make a decision on whether or not this is the right journal for you.

👤I had high hopes for this journal. It is aesthetically pleasing, but the practicality just isn't there for me. It is difficult to write in a way that suits my needs. The craftsmanship is very good. I couldn't continue writing after two pages because of the awkward way the journal opens. The journal is stained. The inside of my book bag has a dark brown stain that is nearly impossible to remove, and I didn't know it was going to happen.

9. Refillable Notebook Bloggers Teachers Students

Refillable Notebook Bloggers Teachers Students

Their team designs notebooks in San Francisco. If you leave San Francisco without a notebook full of memories, you will be missing out. It's also a good place to put your best ideas. This is a journal. This vintage looking notebook made out of faux leather is the right choice for you if you are looking for a refillable PU leather bound notebook to organize your class notes and/or thoughts. A cord is included on the cover to keep your writing journal closed. Everything you need for back to school, university essentials or daily use is included in the new collection of notebooks and journals from their school and office supplies range. The perfect travel companion is a daily diary or personal sketchbook that is turned into a hardcover leather journal. The traveler's notebook was designed to create a middle ages atmosphere while you let your creativity flow or use it as a meeting organizer. Looking for a daily use gift for a family member? The perfect Christmas gift is this antique journal with retro style. A brown faux leather notebook. There is a printed "Tree of life" on the journal cover. The notebook comes in a box to protect it and be found on arrival. There is a refillable cover. The paper is thick. The width is 6mm. The cover is made of PU leather. It is possible to slip the journal into your bags. A pen holder keeps from losing your pen. There are two inside pockets to organize tickets, invoices, or small memos. The 3 pages are an index. There are 185 numbered pages included. It is easy to tear out pages. The best daily use gifts for women are listed.

Brand: Valery

👤When I was looking for a cover for my Hobonichi Cousin, I found this item. I was enchanted by the appearance of the item and decided to use another journal. It is not meant to fit a full A5 journal, so it will not fit. The seller took care of the damaged item when I contacted them, even though I was disappointed that Amazon had sent me a damaged item. Even if the product is short, I would acknowledge the seller because proper service always wins me over. The product is lovely. The cover is soft and lush. The pen loop on the open edge of the notebook protects it when packed in a bag. The cover and refill are made easier by bending back the flap. There is a small pocket in the inside front and back covers. The design won't peel off over time because it's delicate. The color I chose is a warm turquoise, contrasted by a dark brown faux leather tie that wraps around the cover to keep it closed. The medals on the ties depict a tree and a bird that looks like a bird. There is a The refill has a light blue paper cover. It has soft ivory paper with 6mm spacing between the lines, discreet page numbers in the lower outside corners, three different colored ribbons, and an name/email page and three-page contents section at the front of the book. The last 15 pages are easy to remove. This journal would be a serious competitor to Leuchtturm1917 if the seller made a 5mm dot grid refill. The fountains pens that I have inked at the moment did quite well, with no feathering, light ghosting, or ink bleed-through, only with the Nemosine stub nib inked with very wet. The M nib Pelikan behaved well on the paper. Dry times were good. There is a Although my refill was damaged due to the seller's responsiveness and its overall quality and features, I will not hesitate to replace it with another of their refill. The cover could hold any slim journal, such as a Moleskine large. If they ever made a cover to house a full A5 size notebook, such as a Hobonichi Cousin, I would snap it up. Highly recommend this seller and product.

👤I purchased two of these, one with a tree and one with a compass, and I am very happy with my purchase. Each was packaged in a cardboard box that made sure the edges weren't damaged in transit. They look and feel like the real thing at a reasonable price. The pages are made of thick paper and have an aged look to them that makes them inspire to pick up the pen. The charms on the outside and the strings on the book kept it closed. If you choose, you could use the top one to finish the page. The books have a charming feel and are very old world. Everything about them is wonderful.

👤I finally found the perfect journal. It is the right size. They were telling the truth when they said the paper was fountain pen friendly. The TWSBI Eco medium nib with the beautiful Emerald of Chivor ink has been great for my diary and the paper has been great. This is a good option to buy refill for the notebook insert.

10. 100 Recycled Dotted Notebook Pages

100 Recycled Dotted Notebook Pages

Make sure you keep your pen with you all the time by sticking your notebook onto it. Recycled and replanted sources: These notebooks are of the highest quality. They decided to make their own notebooks because they couldn't find a good recycled pack on the market. The dimensions are 7.5” x 8” There is something nostalgic about the size of a travel journal. It is a good idea to keep a few in your desk or car when traveling. There areROOF PAGES Their notebooks feature double sided pages that will keep the ink from bleeding through. 100 pages of possibilities is what this provides. It is impractical for work, travel, and gifts. The quality of their journal packs is unparalleled. Their binding is strong, their design is minimal, and their paper quality is second to none. They are great for travel and work notebooks. The outlook for the economy. They would like to thank you for considering their recycled notebooks as a purchase. They hope to be a part of your eco conscious journey, and they appreciate your green shopping habits.

Brand: Ecotiva

👤The paper in my notebook has to be fountain pen friendly and lay flat. The type of binding does not lay flat. The dots on the grid are not a deal breaker. I feel that dark dots distract from your writing. There is a A5 is shorter and narrower than A5. A5 paper is 5 7/8” x 8 14” and this is 5.5” x 8” There is a There are pros. This notebook has fountain pen friendly paper and shows no feathering or ghosting. The paper is more white than Rhodia. There is a The whole package consists of 500 sheets, 1000 pages, and each notebook has 50 sheets. This is a good deal. There is a I think we can forgive the small flaws, but I don't think we can buy more of them because they don't lay completely flat. If the review was helpful, please click on the button. Thank you!

👤These notebooks are very nice. I use a fountain pen because they are thick enough that ink doesn't bleed through. The paper is very easy to write on. I like the dot-grid more than lines. If you tear out one page, the binding won't loosen another. They have a nice touch to them. I will definitely order more when I run out.

👤These work well in Tennessee. I was not sure since it isn't "stapled in the middle". The photo bomb was for the kitten. The kitten has a paper obsession. I use them as a bullet journal and use different books for different topics, such as money related logs in one while calender and tasks go in another and Collections has its own. I bought these books because of the eco friendly aspect, but the amount and price allowed me to simple for a couple months, what my BuJo style is. I have a product that is a S&S. I think I'll be rearranging this again. It would be great if it were a S&S item.

👤Cute notebooks. They are used for journals. I like the dotted lines. College rule width is different. The pages are line like normal paper, so you could use it for drawing. Markers or paint would bleed through. It's fine for pencils. Small enough to fit in a purse but big enough for a journal entry. It will take me awhile to get through 10, but I would definitely purchase again.

👤The box containing the notebooks was damaged so I wouldn't be able to use it as a gift. It was fine for my own use. The notebooks are nice and convenient for carrying around.

👤The notebooks were described. They are made from recycled materials. They have a look that is "eco-friendly" as well.

👤These notebooks are an easy 5 stars if you don't mind the not laying flat look. They are a great value.

👤There's no bleeding, my pens are sturdy and good page thickness, but my dark pens can be seen on the other side, but it's not disruptive.

11. Notebooks Feela Journals Motivation Travelers

Notebooks Feela Journals Motivation Travelers

High quality materials. 120 pages of acid free interior writing pages with lines are included in the brown paper front and back covers. Feela 15 pack notebooks have 15 different designs. Each of them is 4.1” x 5.8” and is perfect to carry in pockets and easily held by young girls and boys. The cover has 15 different designs. The notebooks are printed with cute patterns and inspiring words. When you look at the notebook in your hand, they hope you are motivated. These notebooks are blank inside with 80 lined pages, which would be convenient for daily use. There is a column on the top of the page. You can use it to remind you to remember important dates and to find the page you want in a short time. Feela 15 pack notebooks are perfect for many people. It can be used by students of primary school and college. Commuters can use it to plan their daily work schedule. It can be used by a small girl or boy to start writing. They provide you with both high quality products and a quick response service.

Brand: Feela

👤Favors for coworker or customer. I gave these along with the good eye patches. Didn't break the bank. It's a useful item. I kept one for myself.

👤I made a self care bag for adults and these notebooks were a part of it. Blank pages and well bound. The cover is lovely. It is nice and sturdy. It's great for all ages.

👤Weird sayings like be happy for yourself.

👤I like to give my students a journal to write in. These are the first journals they have. I need them to be low cost since I have to buy so many, but they can personalize them with a saying or slogan, and they can color them with markers.

👤I like the look of these. The designs on the covers are cute, but I wouldn't have bought them if they weren't cute. Will probably buy again.

👤These are perfect for stockings. Small but put together well, lots of pages, perfect size for stockings, your purse, in the car, anywhere you might need a notepad on the spot.

👤I bought the books for my two grandsons, 11 and 8, to keep a diary for the month when they go to see their dad in Germany.

👤My son will be taking a class trip to Iceland and I wanted to give him some small journals to keep. He liked them so much that he gave them to his friends. If you want a cute little notepad to have with you, it's small.

👤These are small journals. They were used as welcome gifts.




What is the best product for eco friendly journal for women?

Eco friendly journal for women products from Booqool. In this article about eco friendly journal for women you can see why people choose the product. Keegood and Paperage are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly journal for women.

What are the best brands for eco friendly journal for women?

Booqool, Keegood and Paperage are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly journal for women. Find the detail in this article. Paper Junkie, Minimalism Art and Siixu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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