Best Eco Friendly Kitchen Storage

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1. Stainless Steel Food Containers Food Grade

Stainless Steel Food Containers Food Grade

There is a lifetime warranty. The product is designed to last a long time. 100% satisfaction and life time manufacturer warranty are guaranteed by them. Contact them if you need a replacement. The food container set is made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. It lasts for a long time so you can reuse it. There are three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. These food containers have snap on covers with heavy-duty Silicon lining that keep your food fresh. No need to worry about spills or leaks. They are easy to open for both kids and adults. Also, note: The side flaps may need some force to snap on tightly. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like the Healthwayz food container set, please let them know within 30 days so that they can issue a replacement or refund. Can you still eat in your lunch box? The food container set leaves no food stains or residual odors, so that won't be a problem. It is dishwasher-safe and freezer safe, making it easy to clean after use. Clear plastic lids make it easy to see what is inside the food-grade safe plastic cover. Independent third parties have tested the plastic covers to make sure they are safe.

Brand: Healthwayz

👤I don't intend to use this for storage containers. I can't use my oven because my AC can't keep up with the heat in California. I use these in my air fryer. The large size is perfect for my air fryer, it leaves enough room between the pan and the basket of the fryer to take it out easily. I can now make casseroles and desserts without having to wash my air fryer often. I really like this. I baked in the large size at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and there was no warping. I intend on buying more of these. If you want to use them for leftovers in the fridge, you could use fewer dishes and use an air fryer. The clear lid makes it easy to see what you have left over. Hopefully, you already know that, so don't put the plastic lid in the Air fryer. Click helpful if you found this useful.

👤We looked for lunchboxes, did our research, and decided on a metal that was good for the environment and health. There is a The other two spare lunchboxes can do salads and even desserts, so we decided on this. If you compare it to others in the same category, it's actually the better option.

👤I use these for sandwiches and salad with a runny dressing because they protect the food and don't leak. Unlike my glass containers, they aren't adding a lot of weight to my lunch bag because they are light weight. They are not reacting since they are not steel. You can't use them in the microwave, but they work great for sandwiches and salads that you want to stay cold, and they don't add a lot of weight.

👤These containers are amazing. I pack my kids guilt free lunches all the time. It is easy for them to open/ close. Sometimes I use these for myself. They never fail to impress. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a plastic free box. I bought it a year ago and have no issues. Over the course of a year, these have been used many times. Will be buying more. Thank you healthywayz!

👤I bought the set and am keeping it. It has a clear lid and you can see the food. I haven't tried it with a lot of wet food yet, but they seem good. The plastic is not the best if you are going to switch to a metal like stainless steel for that reason. There is a I went to buy a second set because the price was $5 more expensive, and they only let you buy one. They only allow you to buy one so they can raise the price for the second set. I only give it three stars because I dislike it. I don't like the sales tactic. They only let you buy 1 at a time and I found a similar set for $17. I'm trying to see if it will be higher priced the next time I buy it. Hehe.

2. Urban Green Containers Organizer Microwave

Urban Green Containers Organizer Microwave

If their product and service does not meet your requirements, please contact them, they will provide solution until you are satisfied. There is a premium goblet and beer quality. Their glass container is made of high quality borosilicate glass with smooth and beautifully polished bamboo lid, total 10 pieces. The bamboo lids are Eco-friendly. They're free of plastic and other harmful substances. You can make heathy products part of your daily life. Their glass containers are all-in-one use and give you generous storage space for all your needs, from food prep to the oven cook. Their borosilicate glass is oven safe up to 600F degree and can be used to serve a delicious meal for lunch or dinner after cooking. You can warm the lunch box in the microwave or oven for the next day. The Ultra VersaTILE is. Their glass container is safe in many places. They could use a lunch box, butter dish, and oven cooking pan. Their bamboo lids are great for small cutting boards. The non-reactive clear glass is nonporous, worry free, and food loves it. The same cannot be said for plastic. Unlike most 4 packs, their 5 packs set includes one extra small size use for baby food or mini sauce bowl. The size is from 4oz to 50oz and each has their own. You can order a 76OZ separately, it is a great choice to cook or store a lot of food. If a glass is damaged during a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately.

Brand: Urban Green

👤I have seen something similar to these at Ikea. I couldn't resist when I saw this entire set on Amazon. They nestle into each other for easy storage and the bamboo lids fit securely on top to seal in food. Replacing the plastic lidded glassware with bamboo and silicone ones is a great next step in removing toxicity from my household. They look amazing and seal completely.

👤I wanted glass containers for my food storage and bought these. Everything looks good when unpacking and the lids stay on. I tried to store some soup in the biggest container. The lid wouldn't stay down when I put it on. I let the soup cool off because it was still hot. The lid was pushed down again and it was still open and sitting on top of the container. A food storage container is completely useless.

👤The quality is not good, but I wanted to love these and they are cute. The rubber seal on the bamboo lid is stretching out and the bamboo lid is splintering after only 2 weeks of use. You lose a good amount of food space at the top of the container because the lid has to sink into the glass to seal it. The small container was the one I noticed that the other ones would slide up like they wouldn't seal. This is dangerous if you are sending off with someone. I have to use rubber bands around the containers to keep the lid on. I would urge you to keep looking because they are not practical.

👤The lids and lid are not secure.

👤The packaging for the glass containers is very well done and we were surprised when we received them. We are happy to use Urban Green instead of plastic containers. The bamboo lid has a tight seal and the glass containers are sturdy. They look great! The purchase was great for my family. It is easy to see what is in each one without opening the fridge.

👤I still love the concept of these. It is easy to wash bamboo hard to stain glass. I have to wrap rubber bands around them when they are full to keep the lid on, or when the lid has warped and won't hold its seal, which happened immediately with all of them. I've only washed them by hand, but I hoped the company had found a solution. These are a disappointment because they did not. They don't stay mold-free, and I have had to throw them away because they have gotten mold. I'm on here again to find a different type of cookware and feel like I'm missing out on something because they'll be going into recycling and the trash instead. I can't give them away between the two.

👤I pack my wife's lunch every day and had been using the same size bowls. These seemed perfect because we are trying to get away from plastic. The bamboo absorbs color from food. After washing the lids with hot water and dish soap, Drying and putting them away was the worst part. There was mold around the bamboo when I came back to use it. The larger bowl that did not have a mold growth I used again and again made a giant mess when it leaked into my wife's lunch box. It has lost its ability to seal. The idea is great, but the product is useless.

3. SPLF Reusable Sandwich Leakproof Silicone

SPLF Reusable Sandwich Leakproof Silicone

It is easy to care forSTACKABLE/ easy care. These glass containers are made to be used and not be damaged. The top floor of the dishwasher is a good place to wash the lids because of the high temperatures. The lids should be washed as much as possible. Food grade material Choose a brand that has food-grade bags. Made of food grade PEVA material that is free of lead and other harmful substances. It's safe for family and the earth. The Easy Seal is an airtight leakproof seal that is perfect for storing and preserving food. Children can easily open and close the snack bags with the upgraded widened side and non-slip zipper design. It's easy to clean and safe. The freezer bags can keep food fresh and full of taste, perfect for freezing meat, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables. You can wash your hands in cold or room temperature water. Not dishwasher or microwave friendly. It's large anddurable. Lunch bag size is larger than others and snack bag size is larger than others. The space is large enough to hold more stuff. A thicker bag can save more than 300 disposable baggies, a solution for plastic bags waste reduction and eco-friendly. 100% SATISFACTION. Perfect containers for food storage, home organize, travel, make-up, soap, creams, and outdoor picnics. If you're not completely satisfied with your bags, you can contact them for solutions.

Brand: Splf

👤I was very pleased with my first bag purchase. I didn't want to pay the extra cost for the oven/microwave/dishwasher safe ones because I was looking for a replacement for the Ziploc bags. The perfect solution is the SPLF bags. These bags are thick and flexible. I immediately tested the waterproof claim and it works great. I like the simplicity of the design and the fact that my eye can see the food first. It's a bonus that they're recyclable. I just ordered more gifts for Christmas, and I plan to role some up to be stocking stuffers! There is a The zip seal is tight but it is a good way to open it. There is a I just started using them and they were not rated Durability.

👤I have bought these before for my husband's lunch and they hold up well, even though they have been abused. I bought more because my husband lost most of the ones we had, but they did great. I love that they fit even his big sandwich slices, it's easy to clean. I added a picture of an average banana for comparison.

👤I wanted to make freezer meals. They have held up well. When I put a gallon of beef stew in the bag and put it in the freezer, I was a little worried it would open. It was a very large meal. I told myself I wouldn't open the door for a while. If the bag broke, the mess would be frozen and I could chip it off instead of having it spill on the floor. There is a It was exactly where I left it an hour later. I will be ordering more. These are not to be filled with hot or warm food and have to be washed with cold water. It's not a big deal to me. It might affect your choice.

👤The bags are better than the ones I bought before. It is easier to open and close the zipper now. The leakproof performance is excellent. They are used to pack sandwiches for my kids and store producers. The snack bag size is great for storing travel items. I'm happy that they have 12 bags in one set. I just hand wash the bags and put them on top of a glass to dry because they are not dishwasher safe. I try to avoid storing food or oily liquid in it, that makes the cleaning much simpler. I'm going to buy a second set of these bags because they are worth it.

👤I don't consider myself a hardcore environmentalist but I try to avoid using plastic whenever I can. That's the reason I started using the baggies in the first place. I like them a lot more than the first ones I tried. The brand of the seal is not as good as the one I use, but it is easier to use. I do not buy lunch. I use the baggies to pack sandwiches and snacks. I have never had food leak out of my bag because of the material. I use to put some in the fridge. I have one in the freezer. The food is kept fresh and the baggies are not affected by the cold. I used the baggies to store some of my liquids when I traveled. No leaking at all. It's much better than those flimsy bags. You can't put them in the dishwasher when you're washing them. It should be obvious when you look at them. I wash them in the sink with warm water. I try not to put greasy stuff in it. There is a These baggies are great. They are a must have for anyone who is trying to reduce their use of disposables. They are one of my favorite eco-friendly groups. My.

4. TIBLEN Storage Containers Ecofriendly Microwave

TIBLEN Storage Containers Ecofriendly Microwave

These are the best MEAL CONTAINERS. You don't owe them anything. That's correct. They zero risk giving these soup bowls a try. If they're not a good fit for your home or business, they'll take them back for a full refund. No questions were asked. High quality glass. Their glass storage containers are made from high quality borosilicate glass, which is stronger than cheaper glass food storage containers, so they can be used straight from the refrigerator to the microwave or oven to the table. There are four sizes of glassware containers, including a rectangle container with a 1x350ml, a 1x650ml, and a 36 Oz container with a 1x1520 cup. Your understanding is appreciated, you can allow 0.1"-0.3" due to manual measurements. It's a perfect use for:gym, leftovers,picnic,portion control,work lunches, travel etc. Ecofriendly Bamboo LIDS: TIBLEN Glass food storage containers use Ecofriendly Ultra-Durable, gorgeous Bamboo lids that comes with silicone seals to ensure your meal prep food will last much longer than normal plastic food storage containers. The lids are easy to use. The lids will not stop working. It is easy to use and take care of, as it is safe in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven. Before putting in the dishwasher, oven and microwave, take the lid off. The thick meal prep containers glass is sturdy and safe to use in the microwave and oven. Never messes with odors or stains.

Brand: Tiblen

👤They look nice and are perfect for us. These are for storing leftovers and serving side dishes. There is a When you are trying to get everything into the fridge, they stack well. They work well and have a nice seal. They are easy to care for. I've used them in the microwave, but haven't tried them in the oven. I put the containers in the microwave to wash them. A good mix of sizes. I am very happy with them. They seem to be strong.

👤The rubber/plastic that came out on the first hand washing doesn't fit back into the wooden seam so the top isn't usable anymore.

👤I teach cooking and knife skills and am a professional home chef. I take all of my kitchen items very seriously. I am very careful in evaluating and rating the items I test and review. My reviews are not biased. Good is bad. I own a set of smaller containers. I ordered a larger set to add to the original set. There is a The glass containers are oven-safe to 450F. There is a The Bamboo lid is a base for hot containers when needed. There is a Silicone seals assure the most secure seal. There is a The set can be rearranged. The containers work well for a number of uses. The glass containers are dishwasher safe. A light rub of butcher-block oil can be used to maintain bamboo lids. I am very pleased with this addition to my containers. I am giving them a five star rating, along with my honest recommendation. Your food should be fresh longer. Bon Appetit! There is a If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the "helpFUL" button below.

👤These glass containers are large and heavy. They are in very handy sizes and I often stick small amounts of leftovers in too-big containers. You can wash the glass in the dishwasher. The white seal inside the lid is the only concern I have. It's removeable so you can wash it if you need to. Since the containers are made to recess inside, you can't fill them to the absolute top, but you can leave a small space for the lid. The bamboo lids are difficult to remove because they aren't flexible. The seal is very tight. There is an update. I'm finding that hand-wash is very inconvenient, having had these for a long time. It becomes necessary at times to remove the plastic gasket in the case of trapped food or to prevent the growth ofbacteria. I wish I could throw everything in the dishwasher.

👤The containers are well done. I use them to microwave leftovers for lunch the next day, and it's not super-hot when you take the container out of the microwave. The footprint in your cabinet will be the largest container because the containers neatly stack. When you put a bamboo lid in the fridge, you don't have to worry about it smelling bad because it has a clear seal. The containers are a step away from the plasticware. The containers are elegant and can't be touched by Rubbermaid.

5. Bees Wrap Assorted Sustainable Alternative

Bees Wrap Assorted Sustainable Alternative

Bee's Wrap is an easy, yet thoughtful gift for holidays, because it has you covered from prepping meals and storing leftovers in the kitchen to packing lunches and snacks on the go. Good food deserves good care, so it's plastic free and silicone free. A medium (10 inch x 11 inch) wrap is great for cheese, baked goods, half a cabbage or grapefruit, and a small (7 inch x 8 inch) wrap is great for fruit. The combination of certified organic cotton, certified organic plant oils, and certified tree resin creates a plastic wrap alternative that can be used again and again. Wrap Care 101: use the warmth of your hand to create a seal around food, bowls and pans; Bee's Wrap will hold its shape when it cools, creating a breathable seal; rinse your Bee's Wrap in cool water with mild soap, then air dry; reuse your

Brand: Bee's Wrap

👤I bought the Bee's Wrap Wraps, and the Honey Bee Beeswax Wraps. The Honey Bee Beeswax Wraps and the PataBee had the same smell, but the Honey Bee Beeswax Wraps had the least pleasant smell. How did I do it? I compared each version on appearance, malleability, durability, and then tested each on a loaf of dog food, a small glass of water, and a glazed cereal bowl. I compared seal, cleaning/instructions, and how they did between fridge and ambient temperatures. These were the most pleasant to work with, but were not as sticky as the Honey Bee Wraps. The Bee's Wrap brand is made in Vermont. Instructions were similar, wash in COOL water with dish soap, hang to dry, fold and store. Don't use for meat for about a year. Don't cut on them. The pattern was pleasant, with an off white and a honey comb print. The Large is 13x14 in, Medium is 10x11in, and Small is 7x8 in. The smell of one of the brands I tried was pleasant. It gets an A+ for malleability and shows no wear. It was not as sticky as the Honeybee Wrap brand. The water glass test showed the same leak as the PataBee brand. The Honeybee Wrap left a visible trace. I would rate it a B for function. There is a The pattern is nice to me, but I prefer simple solid earth tones. The pack is a good mix and is ideal for many uses. The PataBee ones had damage from the corners being folded, but they showed no wear or damage. There is a The Honey Bee Wraps worked on all the different surfaces equally well. The ParaBee's aren't as stiff as they are because they take a little work to stick to edges. They are washed and dry. There is a The PataBee is made in Switzerland. Instructions are more specific. Hang to dry and only use the soft side of the sponge to clean. Direct sunlight and avoiding raw meat and fish are recommended. Don't eat hot food or deep freeze. There is a warning not to eat them. They mention that they should last 3-6 months and that they only use organic ingredients. It comes with four wraps- small, two medium, and one large. They are in solid colors. They show every crease, corner damage, and other crazy things. I would rank them in 3rd place. I had to re-smoosh them down because they didn't stick to themselves well. I would come back a few minutes or hours later and they'd be stuck. There is a The packaging says to wash with a mild detergent and rinse in cold water. They don't recommend using raw meat because the surfaces are porous and not easily sterilizable, and they feel they will last up to one year. Like all of these, avoid heat. The pack comes with a large (14x14 in), medium (11x10 in) and small (8x8in). This brand leaves a very sticky obvious stain on everything that has to be scrubbed off. See the picture! There is a The prices... The 4 pack of PataBee Beeswax Wraps was priced at $20.95. The 3 pack of Bee's Wrap wraps was $18. The Honey Bee Wrap wraps cost $16.47. Overall thoughts. I wouldn't buy the wraps again. They didn't function as well. These things are already more work than saran wrap, press-n-seal, or foil, so a noticeable difference in function and annoyance level was a deal breaker. They have the shortest expected life-span and must wear/damage. The smell is not a deal breaker. Solid colors are a plus. They were just more unwieldy and stiff, without being thicker or more secure. The cheapest wraps were from the Honey Bee Wrap. The biggest down side is the fact that there's a lot of stuff. That's a big disappointment. It seems to come off easily in the dishwasher but takes a bit of elbow grease with manual dishwashing and looks terrible. They took the same amount of work to get things locked up. The patterns are likely to be hit-or-miss with people's preferences. The smell is strong. There is a The Bee's Wrap wraps are close to second place. Just after the Honey Bee Wraps, the smell gets a B rating. I like the pattern more. They don't show wear, aren't as sticky, and don't leave a trail. They are not as secure as they could be, but still usable. There is a A final soap box topic is a veterinarians interest in zoonotic diseases and food safety. I'm sick of people picking on meat. People act like vegetables and can do no harm. All fruits and veggies should be treated like meat. Vegetables and fruits can be contaminated easily by E coli, listeria, salmonella, botulism, etc. Don't wash them lightly! Everything that comes in contact with them should be washed. If you're going to put raw/unwashed fruits and veggies in these things, you're probably creating a surface that you're not going to be able to wash off in the long run, and it's not going to be impervious to heat. Take care and be safe in the kitchen. I will give a final lifespan update and review for each of these as I use them longer.

6. Stainless Refrigerator Organizers Ecofriendly WHYSKO

Stainless Refrigerator Organizers Ecofriendly WHYSKO

The yoga set comes with a free yoga mat strap, and the patterns make this the perfect exercise mat for boys or girls. The Complete Mixing Bowls Set is ideal for meal prep, food storage, or making pancakes. Their small and large mixing bowls come with a premium quality lid cover that helps retain freshness and odors during storage. These deep mixing bowls are food-grade safe, rust and corrosion resistant, and feature a smooth steel design that is easy to use. Stack the bowls on top of each other in a fridge to maximize storage when not in use. The perfect choice for your healthy meal prep plans or regular daily dinners, simply put them in the dishwasher when you are done, the lids need to be hand washed.

Brand: Whysko

👤I don't know what company this is, but there was a clear foot print on the top of the box. Product seems decent but really? Someone used their foot to push the lids into the box. I don't know what to say.

👤I was expecting a bit better quality. The bowls are cheap to make. The lids are the most disappointing part. They are cheap and thin, and don't fit on the right side of the body, like other lidded bowls.

👤I ordered this set, but there were not the same bowls. I didn't get any lids.

👤I love these! It's great for meal prep. I prepare all meals on Sunday. As soon as I don't prepare, I just seal the store and the lids with the ones I already have. It's so efficient to store all in one bowl. I will give my mom a second set on Mother day. I think shell likes it.

👤My kitchen was updated to be more modern. The set is perfect for that style. I read that the lids don't fit well and that some are damaged. I have not had any issues. I inspected them all and they were fine. One of them had a small mark on it, but not enough for me to return it. I don't put them in the dishwasher. I wash them and then dry them. Some have reported that this will prevent rust. If you leave them in the sink for long periods of time, they will rust, and you should take good care of them. They nest together to save space and money.

👤The capacities shown by Amazon are larger than these. The next smallest bowl is 2.5 quarts, not the 4 quarts shown in the description. I didn't bother to measure the rest. The quality of the set appeared to be okay, but I'm returning it because it's too big.

👤Work as a bowl maker. The sizes are very large. The kids are poorly made and break after a couple uses. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤They have been used for food prep and washing fruits and vegetables. All sizes are easy to fit. It is easy to clean and care for.

7. Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. Chef's Path airtight food storage containers will make more efficient use of every inch in any space, and their canister sets for kitchen counter organize your kitchen easily and with the style you like. No longer messy, just organize! Includes 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small, and 2 mini containers. The containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 7 premium kitchen canisters and chalkboard markers will help keep everything organized. chalkboard labels are an extra bonus. The containers for organizing are designed to make life easier. Poor seal and cumbersome opening are caused by these innovative kitchen appliances. The food will be fresh and dry. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤I would give this zero stars. I bought these six months ago. The first cracks were noticed within the first month. I let it slide because it only happened to one container. All of them have cracks six months later. The bottom is cheap and can't hold up against the seal. The cracks make them airtight when there are no cracks. It is not. The lever can be moved up top to release the seal. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I have received my second set and have added a photo. I haven't filled all the containers yet. They are accounted for. Everything about this company is wonderful. I took advantage of the extra 10% off and ordered the 4 piece set of containers, and added the food storage set as well. The containers made my bakers rack neat and organized. I had to use the pasta container in order to fit a 4lb bag of sugar, they are a bit smaller than I anticipated. The package included a coupon for 10% off on a second set, which was fine with me. I ordered right away. I can't wait to see my set displayed. If you are discouraged by the size, then purchase smaller packages of sugar and flour in the future, because I promise you won't be disappointed. There is a The chalk pen and bonus reuse label are awesome. My handwriting doesn't look like the photo but it doesn't look bad either. Again, I love them!

👤To organize and hold dry pet food and treats. There is a shelf on the fridge door that holds pet medication. There is a The main container is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Plastic is better quality than the Chef's Path cereals containers. Positive: Kids can easily open the lid, and it's cat proof. Susan holds them perfect. It's nice to see what's in the cabinets at one glance. There is a After liking the first set, they sold out of them. I bought their competitor's brand to compare it to "Dwellza Kitchen", which has not arrived yet. The Dwellaza Kitchen products have arrived. Chef's Path has no water trapping, and has an opening under the lid that traps water when handwashed, making it easier to lock and clean. Chef's Path is the only purchase I have made. The family agrees that Chef's Path is the best. There is a It was worth it. Chef's Path is the best of all the brands purchased.

👤I haven't had these long so I can't attest to their quality, but on first glance they seem to be great. The plastic is thick and the seals are air tight. The food items will be protected. They look nice and are able to fit in less space.

👤I've been looking for air tight containers since we found out we have pantry moths. I decided to give this product a try after reading other reviews. I was worried about it being plastic, because I don't trust those thin and flimsy containers, but this is a very thick and sturdy plastic and the lid takes a bit of force to snap on, so you know it's not going anywhere. There is a I will be buying more of this product.

8. CLEAN UP Reusable Storage Sandwich Kitchen

CLEAN UP Reusable Storage Sandwich Kitchen

Safety and environment stewardship are included. They are committed to delivering a container that reflects your passion for food safety and the environment. No questions are asked about the full warranty. They give $1 for every order that goes to ocean clean up. You will be reducing plastic waste and cleaning the environment with this purchase. There are reloaded storage bags. These bags are used to store things. The bags are easy to clean because they are made of PEVA. Only hand-wash. Order will include 2 Gallon bags, 4 sandwich bags, and 4 snack bags. If you have an issue with their product, please message them for a full refund. If you have an issue with their product, please message them for a full refund.

Brand: W. Innovations

👤Over the years, I have seen a lot of plastic bags in the ocean, but scuba diving is my passion. The company donates to clean our oceans after I bought these to reduce my own waste. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

👤I wanted to like them. I use too many bags and want to save plastic. I ordered them with high hopes. They're terrible to clean, it's a waste of time, and they never will because they "seal" shut and stay wet. I'll stick with containers with lids that can be put in the dishwasher because they're too time consuming for me. These are better than what they are. They're made like a bag and don't stand up. These will probably be deligated to non-food items because I won't buy anymore.

👤We use these bags for everything, and it's obvious how much less plastic waste we are generating. They're great quality, durable, and easy to wash, and the various sizes are great. I might buy a second set.

👤The smell inside the bags is overwhelming. Will most likely be returning them.

👤I have been looking for something like this for a while. They take care of all different size portions with the different size bags. I will be saving a lot of money and using less disposable bags. With the donation that comes with every purchase, I will be helping out with the over abundance of plastic we create each day.

👤These bags are great. I rarely use the full amount of fresh fruits and vegetables for a meal. I don't use a lot of disposable plastic baggies. They are large for a variety of things. They are hand wash only, but they are easy to clean, and don't maintain any flavor of the food. They keep my vegetables and herbs fresh. The company donates to ocean clean up.

👤I really like the idea of disposable bags. I have two kids who need to have a snack. Sometimes more than 10 bags a week, depending on activities. It's terrible for our environment. For the past few weeks, these have not snapped shut. We've had the product for a while.

👤I didn't consider the environmental impact of my choice of bags. These bags are very sturdy. I regret that I didn't discover them sooner.

9. Reusable Storage Dishwasher XLarge Freezer

Reusable Storage Dishwasher XLarge Freezer

If you have an issue with their product, please message them for a full refund. Storage bags are everything you need for fresh food to go, from packing sandwiches to snacks to fruits and veggies. It is very lightweight for food to be on the go, it will remain fresh with juices and flavors well kept with a seal. Safe to use in the freezer and dishwasher. Pack fish or meat in bags and freeze them. Grease can be removed by cleaning the product in the dishwasher. It's not suitable for microwave. Safe to use in the freezer and dishwasher. Pack fish or meat in bags and freeze them. Grease can be removed by cleaning the product in the dishwasher. It's not suitable for microwave. They are travel essentials because of the leakproof seals. Pack your prescriptions, carry baby bottle and pacifiers, pack your jewelry, skin care products, toothbrush, make-up and organize your home while at the beach. Peva bags are the best alternative for disposable plastic bags. Go plastic free in your kitchen.

Brand: Eoglo

👤I put a few of them in the dishwasher to make sure they were clean. Most of the bag was intact. But as the picture shows... After being used in the dishwasher, the closure got stiff and melted. My kitty is tired of my quest to find food containers that live up to their claims. I wanted them to work. I want something to work that won't hurt those who invest their money. I will keep on going. I wish I'd get hired to do these reviews. I use a clip to close them in the refrig. The company needs to say "hand wash only."

👤I love these things. There is a They do what they say. This beat is better than what you can get in the stores. There is a This one did not have odors. There is a I used dish soap and hot water to clean. There is a Shoot it and rub it around. Stayed out of sight. It was dried upside down. I put it over the bottle and let it dry. There is a These are great for small fridges and freezers. I put packages of dry ingredients in along with directions and fridges or freezer. The fresh alto linger. I've bought twice. There is a Sell and shipping were great!

👤The bag was an epic failure. After one use, 2 of them developed cracks in the plastic. A hole in the seam causes it to leak. The plastic is thin and brittle and I expect it to be in the recycle bin within a month. Very disappointed. We have other types of bags that we have had for over a year and there are good ones out there.

👤I was looking for gallon-sized bags. I wanted bags that were leakproof and could be washed in the dishwasher. I haven't tested them yet, but they are not dishwasher safe. One of them melted in the dishwasher when we washed them. I wanted to use the convenience of a dishwasher so I bought bags that said they were dishwasher safe. I can't do that with these.

👤Like other reviewers, I wanted to love this item. I'm trying to use only items in my life to help the environment. I don't write negative reviews but I wanted to contact the company directly but couldn't because I didn't have an appropriate way to do it. It no longer seals. Now useless and warped. I can use the others, but I won't wash them. I guess be cautious. Such a great idea!

👤The bottoms leak when they come undone. Not every one, but on half of them. I bought a second set because they looked so good, but I had to clean them all up after I went hunting. My son threw two away before I could catch him, so I can't even return them.

👤Those who don't like throwing away plastic baggies will find these bags useful. They are very easy to clean. They are heavy duty plastic. I had no problem closing it. I didn't have any other issues after I did.

10. Plastic Free Containers Storage Eco Friendly Bamboo

Plastic Free Containers Storage Eco Friendly Bamboo

25% of the proceeds of POPi products will be donated to non-profits that work to clean up oceans and beaches. Add a splash of style to your space. They should be put on the counter in the kitchen to keep dry ingredients out of sight, or on the counter in the bathroom to hold small accessories. They are made from high-quality lead-free borosilicate glass and offer a clear, polished base that is perfectly contrasted by a natural wood lid. Space saving design allows you to get the kitchen organized and free up space in the pantry. They are also double as portable cutting boards. Clear glass is far safer than plastic and can be used for food and beverages. These glass storage containers are non-toxic and plastic free to hold all types of food. These glass containers are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. If you want to wash the lid, use mild soap and warm water.

Brand: De

👤These are probably good containers. I haven't used them in a while. I appreciate that they don't have a lot of plastic. I have noticed that unlike glass containers with plastic lids, you can't overfill them and expect the lid to fit. It won't. There's nothing to give in the lids. The lids can get a bit rough. I have noticed that some pieces are starting to come up on the bamboo lids. I think this will get worse over time with more washings. I don't recommend putting the lids in the dishwasher for this reason, and it may be necessary to condition them with some oil as they dry out.

👤I was sent 4 containers with lids, but two were 600 liters and the other two were less than a liter. The seals stuck to the glass and tore. I had to empty them and scrub off the silicone that stuck to the glass. We'll see if it happens again. I put a small amount of olive oil on the seals, but don't expect it to last long. I had to pry off the seals when they came loose. It was easy to install, but not what I expected. The raw bamboo is not sealed, so the first time you wet it, it will swell and stick up, so you should have sanded and sealed it before the sale. I'll do this myself if I keep the set. The containers are heavy and I'm hoping they will last a long time. I wet sand and seal the bamboo lid so that food won't get into it. I found a small stick, like a skewer, inside the dado that runs around the lid for the seal. It was making the seal stand out and not seal the container. I have about 45 minutes to fix a product that should have come with better quality control and properly sealed. A star has been removed as a consequence.

👤I am so impressed with these. It's versatile and stylish. They look better in person. There are strong glass and lids.

👤When I took the containers out of the box, the silicone seal was stuck to the glass and torn off. The product was re-ordered to give it another chance. I was excited to use the second order because I thought the new ones were perfect. I opened the box and it looked fine, but I opened the larger containers. Along the longest side, the largest lid was cracked and broken. I think the craftsmanship would hold up through shipping.

👤The package arrived and seemed fine, but the containers were broken. When I opened the second one, it was so shattered it cut me, and tiny glass pieces went all over the room. I will never order them again.

👤I use this product to store leftovers. The heavy, substantial lids are very attractive to me. My husband can't put them in his briefcase to take leftovers to work because they leak when turned on their side.

11. Storage Containers Bamboo Friendly Airtight

Storage Containers Bamboo Friendly Airtight

If a glass is damaged during a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately. The strongest glass available, borosilicate, can be used in their kitchen ware, which can be used at temperatures up to 520F. They are dishwasher-safe, but not the lids. The materials are ECO-CONSCIOUS. The containers are plastic-free. They make sure the materials they use are appropriate for nature. 4 x 36oz containers are sized at 8.25 x 5.75 x 2.3 inches. The bamboo lid has a leakproof cover and is also used as cutting boards. They care about your health and don't need to worry about food, odor, or irritants in these nonporous glass containers. They are non-toxic and are free of the harmful chemical brominatedominated flame retardants. Safety and environment stewardship are included. They are committed to delivering a container that reflects your passion for food safety and the environment. No questions are asked about the full warranty.

Brand: Verel

👤There was bad mold in the containers.

👤It's gorgeous. If you love bamboo and lass, you will love these. I am not sure about the lids. I am not sure how the lid will hold up to the elements. There were small splinters in mine, so be carful again with lids. There is a After washing the lids have some splinters. The product was not what was expected. Food smells even after washing multiple times. This product is not a product I would buy again.

👤I decided to write my own review after reading some reviews that were not positive. There is a It's definitely a container you buy for aesthetic reasons. All of my stuff arrived intact and in perfect condition. The lid will shut if you store food in it. The lid will not seal if you fill the container up too full. The lid will push the contents down a bit and complete a tight seal. Unless you stack something else on top of it or keep constant pressure, this container does not. There is a There were comments about the bamboo lid. I wash them. bamboo doesn't do well in the dishwasher and will change its form, such that the lid might no longer fit the container, in my experience. There is a I'll definitely buy this again because it serves its purpose and looks good in my kitchen. I wouldn't use this container if I needed to bring food to work as the seal on the lid is not good.

👤These storage containers are gorgeous. This year is the go to present. They are thick and strong and I use them to make meals in advance. It can be put in the oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. I washed the tops myself. They don't leak like some containers. I got rid of some of the cheaper stuff and am ordering more. These containers are for me.

👤The lids are not dishwasher or microwave safe. The lid bow was microwaved. Customer service is great. They will add care instructions to future purchases, and sent me new lids. These containers are well cared for.

👤I was looking for something similar in food storage containers. It's easy to stack and store. It seems thick and durable. Does not retain odors. The bamboo was very dry and splintered after delivery. Semi-frequent oiling is required to maintain structural integrity. Not a big deal for me. It is worth noting that in the event that you don't want to maintain your containers, it is worth noting.

👤These were bought for better health. Even if it says it's better to use glass instead of plastic, it's still better. I have been buying things that will help me know the end and it starts in the kitchen. I bought 8 of these containers and only one was messed up. The wooden top was cracked on the side and could splinter. I will be buying again because you can never have too many. Great purchase!


What is the best product for eco friendly kitchen storage?

Eco friendly kitchen storage products from Healthwayz. In this article about eco friendly kitchen storage you can see why people choose the product. Urban Green and Splf are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly kitchen storage.

What are the best brands for eco friendly kitchen storage?

Healthwayz, Urban Green and Splf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly kitchen storage. Find the detail in this article. Tiblen, Bee's Wrap and Whysko are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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