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1. Persil ProClean Detergent Original Concentrated

Persil ProClean Detergent Original Concentrated

A powerful combination for a clean. It's great for everyday laundry and to help fight stains. There is nophosphate-free. Their standard Persil liquid detergent has less cleaning power than this concentrated formula. You don't have to use a lot to get premium clean. It's safe for standard and HE washing machines. There is a bottle of Persil 2X Concentrated liquid laundry detergent in the Persil Original scent.

Brand: Persil

👤I bought the 2 original scent when it went on sale, and I've used Persil standard concentration before. I find that Persil makes a lot of suds and is difficult to rinse out of the wash load. I've cut the amount of detergent I use to two ounces of concentrated Persil for a medium load of 10 to 15 pounds of laundry. I get good stain lifting and odor removal with almost no suds and the detergent rinses out. The wet clothes have a faint perfume scent after a single rinse, but it's good enough for our household, where no one is sensitive to laundry detergents. I don't like pouring small volumes from large bottles. I put the large bottle away because I use a smaller bottle to hold a smaller amount of Persil. I found a set of measuring spoons that had a dessert spoon measure in them. The laundry-day annoyance was solved by the combination.

👤I'm weird. I call myself an "Amazon product tester" because I get a lot of the same product and compare it often. I pay for all the products. There is a I need laundry soap again. I researched and bought 7 different products that were reviewed highly in other reviews. This is my favorite. This is the one I will use for clothes and linens. It seems to clean well and leaves a nice scent. I like the ajax for work clothes and rags, it's cheaper and works well.

👤I didn't read the description right. I thought it was the bigger container. I assumed that was what I was getting when I saw the loads. The original scent of Persil has a concentrated version. I didn't see much difference between this version and the regular ones. I bought the bigger version after using it up. I didn't get any loads out of this, but I was using more to get some sort of detergent scent on my clothing. The concentrated version of the Original Persil didn't cut it for me.

👤I love this laundry detergent, it cleans the first time. Clothes smell great. I swore by Tide years ago, and once I tried it, I never looked back. A small amount of spillage resulted in a small mess and an extra job to clean up.

👤I love Persil but this concentrated version stinks. It is very strong and smells a little like the original. The smell in the washer made me angry and it wasn't a good experience. It's like an old man wearing too much cologne. I will be happy when this bottle is done so I can get back to regular stuff. If you don't like strong scents it's not worth it for the tiny cup. The smell stays on the clothes after they are dry. The version of Persil that received a thumbs down was the one that had this version.

👤After about a year of working in a food service job, it just wasn't getting the smell out of my uniforms, even though I loved the ecofriendly product I used to buy here. When you put on a freshly laundered shirt, you'll smell the grease. I tried a lot of different products to get the odors out. I was frustrated when a man recommended PerSil in the store. It was a brand I had never tried before. I bought a bottle to try and see if it would help when expensive products didn't help with odors. It wasn't a complete cure at first but there was a significant decrease after just one wash. I've used the Subscribe and Save option since then so that I never run out. There is a It's great for grease and food odors, and has only slightly increased the fading rate on my black uniform pants compared to my eco-friendly favorite, and has been a good choice for all of my laundry since. I wish I could thank the random stranger who said it was the best because he saved my sanity by not smelling bad in clean clothes. I use Persil in my laundry room because it saves a lot of space.

2. Tide Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent

Tide Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent

Tide + Downy liquid detergent has the power of cleaning and freshness, as well as the color protection of Downy. Softening ingredients add a smooth layer of comfort to your fabrics. You get more cleaning agents and less water with a more concentrated formula. The previous formula was different. Works in both HE and non-HE washing machines. Tide is America's #1 Trusted laundry detergent brand.

Brand: Tide

👤I like my detergent. The scent is very pleasant and is a plus for me. I know it's a high quality product because it works very hard to keep white socks clean. It is thick for the preparation of stains. I don't use fabric softner with it, so you could potentially offset the higher price by skipping it.

👤It has to be Tide. The smell is great and the Downy makes the clothes soft. I use half the recommended dose and my clothes are clean, it's good stuff, not watered down. It was worth the money.

👤I enjoy Tide. I am not sure if I would get this scent again. It is too strong for my taste. You don't need fabric softeners to get the job done, the good thing is that you use very little of it.

👤It does a great job of getting our clothes clean and smelling fresh. My favorite detergent!

👤The large size is what I get sent a month to. Why wait when you can usually get this on sale? It's all I use, so why not take a trip? It smells great and performs well. I get the dryer sheets. My husband's clothes smell great when he works in a restaurant. Great convenience.

👤The scent was light and watery, and I wasn't happy with it. I used the entire container. Not happy. I don't think it's worth the cost.

👤When I find a descent deal, this is my favorite laundry detergent. I love how clean my clothes are, and how soft they are without me having to remember to rinse them. The smell is great!

👤A fan of Tide. I found a nice size of Tide on sale and the price was perfect. When the tide arrived, I found a good deal, but I was expecting a smaller size. Winning! It's a good thing. Truly, Mi Love.

3. Dreft Stage Hypoallergenic Detergent Packaging

Dreft Stage Hypoallergenic Detergent Packaging

It's specially formulated for active babies. It is hypoallergenic. It is possible to clean hard water with the help of a water softener. 99% of baby food stains can be removed. Grass and crawling stains can be removed. Measure with a cap. Use more for loads that are very dirty. Add detergent and add clothes. It was recommended by Pampers. Dreft products can be used with any kind of washing machine. High Efficiency and standard washers are included.

Brand: Dreft

👤I bought dreft for 10 months for my baby because I loved the scent. I have been buying stage 2 for a while now and I was happy that the scent did not change. I washed my baby clothes and bed sheets after I stocked up and realized the scent has changed. I thought I had a bad bottle, but I did some research and found out that the scent has changed permanently and is now an awful scent. Its a strong scent and a nedicated one. I am sad by the scent change. I will be buying a new detergent for my baby. Bring back the original sketch. I wrote this review in June after I was disappointed in the new scent of baby detergent and was looking for a new one. I found one. If you are looking for the baby scent, please buy baby all detergent. I added a post for all the parents that were disappointed when the formula was changed.

👤I'm surprised a product for children has a strong perfume smell. It's pretty gross. Disappointed. I can't comment on its efficiency as a cleaning product because I can't get past the perfume stink. I hope someone will take it, and I will give it away.

👤I can't believe Dreft changed the scent into something so fragrant. It's AWFUL. Just why? I won't be buying anymore.

👤Can we just talk about the smell of a baby for a second? This is it! It's one of my favorite smells. It's very easy to be allergic to. My son has a serious condition that doesn't flare him up. They sell it in a two pack. I don't have to worry about it for a while. I've used Dreft for all of my children, so you should take my word for it. Ha!

👤I just opened a bottle. The new scent is bad. I can't understand why they would change the smell. I still use it because it's a good stain fighter and I love the smell, even though my child isn't a baby anymore. I came here to look at other reviews and they are not all good. I won't be buying anymore until they change it back to the original scent. I received a message from Dreft and they are sending me a gift card to try out their products. That's nice of them. Buying 2 products instead of 1 is not a long-term solution for me.

👤I opened the box to see that the containers were leaking. I use this product to get those tough stains out of my clothes. Stage 2 doesn't come in a bigger container. It's good except for that. It's disappointing that I spend so much money to have it open for me.

👤I had a patch test done because of my skin problems. I have an allergy to an ingredient in Seventh Generation and Dreft. I was skeptical about buying this because it is meant for babies and toddlers. It is the best smelling laundry detergent I have ever used. I wish I had known about it a long time ago. I take the clothes out of the wash and smell them. Thought it would smell like baby powder, but it isn't. It has a pleasant smell. There is a It works just as well as other laundry detergents and is gentle on my clothes. It is gentle on my skin. All Free and Clear was too harsh for me. If you have the same skin issues, give this a try. Don't use it if you don't. It's the best detergent ever.

4. Seventh Generation Concentrated Detergent Unscented

Seventh Generation Concentrated Detergent Unscented

The triple-enzyme formula fights stains. It's free and clear laundry detergent for sensitive skin. The product is designed with safety in mind. The detergent washes 53 medium loads in a high efficiency machine. The product is made with plant-based ingredients.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I have ordered three bottles of Free & Clear. I recently noticed a strong, unfamiliar, drug store perfume smell coming from nowhere yet everywhere. I live alone, so no husband will step out on me. I started sniffing around to find the smell of whence came after I was reminded that I was going to die alone, unloved and childless. Went room by room, but please imagine a towering castle on a cliff overlooking a roiling ocean, and then sniffed my sleeve, jeans, and sheets. Think of a bloodhound in a flower shop. A sommelier is at a tasting. Think... I think you know where this is going. This BOTTLE IS BEING HUNTED. The Geranium is labeled with the wrong label. That's probably it. Ignores thumping noise in laundry closet.

👤I was looking for a detergent that wouldn't hurt my skin. One of the worst offenders for skin irritation is sodium lauryl sulfate.

👤I have very sensitive skin and I wanted to use this product. I had to stop using it and wash my clothes because it made me itch. This product was very disappointing. I like their dish soap and cleaning wipes, but this product is a flop.

👤I could get a bigger bottle for the same price if I had paid for this tiny thing. I went to my grocery store and saw that the smaller bottles were only $4 and the big bottles were $12. I am showing a picture of people who may not want to concentrate. The bottle I ordered is on the left. I have the one on the right. Both say they are over 50 loads. I chose one star because it is good for sensitive skin.

👤Love the plant based products from this company. I worked in a plastic factory in Canada. I am familiar with the harsh chemicals used in laundry detergents. The plastic used to hold laundry detergent needs to be resistant to a lot of abuse. There is a You get a lot of washes from this tiny bottle, you don't smell like a dryer sheet, and my clothes look brand new after the wash/dry. It works well on pizza sauce. If you're not a "save the Earth" person, buy everything found on the side of a NASCAR race car, even if you're not a "save the Earth" person.

👤I will not be using Seventh Generation products in the future.

👤The only one that does not irritate my skin is this laundry detergent. I've tried many scent free and natural laundry soaps, but the more "natural" ones often contain botanical extracts that cause irritation. I have a lot of allergies to plants, so it makes sense that something without botanical extracts will be less upsetting to me. I am sensitive to scent and this seems to be free of it. I suggest you try a few kinds of laundry soap to see which is best for you. This has been the best scent free option for me so far.

👤The Seventh Generation concentrated detergent works well in my washing machine. It's free of scent and friendly to my system. I get the correct amount to clean even large loads if I measure using the cap and not the guide inside my washing machine. I don't have kids or dogs at home, but my husband does a lot of projects around the house and I spend a lot of time in the garden. It does more ordinary laundry and cleans all those work clothes. -- Wesselmann was named after Deborah Lee Wesselmann.

5. Gain Laundry Detergent Moonlight Packaging

Gain Laundry Detergent Moonlight Packaging

America loves Gain Flings and Tide Pods. The Gain Original Scent liquid laundry detergent has 2x the cleaning ingredients. 6 weeks of freshness from the wash. The scent is 50% more than Gain. Both regular and HE washers are compatible. Dissolves in water.

Brand: Gain

👤My washer is from Sears. I'm an 84 year old widower with a left arm that's palsy, and I had a stroke about 10 years ago. I was using the Amazon packets for my laundry and it was great. I chose Gain Flings after reading a lot of reviews. There is a I guess they clean my clothes. Some white socks and tee shirts have stains on them. The cherry perfume smell is not something I like. There is a Cotton tee shirts and socks freshly laundered are my biggest gripe. They won't hurt me. Being handicapped makes it hard to get dressed. I thought my shirts had shrunk, but they are still sticky. There is a I know my washer is old, but I have to go to smaller loads because it gets hung up in the rinse cycle. I'm not happy with this product, but after reading reviews, none of them are very good. Things used to be okay a long time ago. They started to improve it.

👤Since Gain came out, I've been enamored with it. It has a very luxurious and lightly floral scent, with highlights of a water-type fragrance as well. Gain's Moonlight Breeze is supposed to be a trio of red berries, sweet florals, and cream. I wouldn't describe it as a berry scent, it's more like a warm and lovely perfume, and also smells like water lilies. It's a pretty scent to put on your clothes, and it will make your house smell great when you wash your clothes. The Gain detergent and Febreze come with these, and they are a great laundry combination. These laundry detergentpods are worth it.

👤Excellent. It's amazing that only 3 or 4 Pods can make a load clean and smell great. I squeeze them under the water to make sudds before I load them in. The detergent will squirt on the wall if you squeeze them above the water. It's better to do it under the water. Rub them between your fingers. I used to spend all my money on detergent. I will never return. These Pods win. The product is the best ever made. I didn't try Tide'spods. The stuff did the trick for me. My socks are always white. For real. It is amazing.

👤The container was crushed. They will be pretty useless. There is a pool of liquid on the bottom of the container. Huge disappointment. We love this product but it was not received well by Amazon.

👤It was weirded out by these. Not sure if these are knock off gain flings or if they got swollen due to heat. Maybe they were overfilled at the factory. Who knows? The normal size gain flings are three times larger inside my bucket. See the photo comparison of normal size flings to what I got. They seem to work well. I've been using them for a larger load, but they smell the same, and I've been using the same scent for years.

👤I ordered it because you get more than you pay at the store. After washing, it would leave stains on the clothes and not have a smell. Went to the store and bought the same thing. Guess what? My clothes smell great and they never left any stains. This is not the original Gain Pod. I don't think it's a good idea.

6. Gain Laundry Detergent Original Compatible

Gain Laundry Detergent Original Compatible

Gain Original is a refreshing scent that comes from the brilliant cleaning performance of liquid laundry detergent. It smells great because it cleans up. 6 weeks of freshness from the wash. Start water, add Gain, then add clothes. Don't allow children to reach you. It's not recommended that the surfaces are leather. It smells great because it cleans up. It works in all washing machines. Keep away from children.

Brand: Gain

👤I wanted to refill my container. I looked in the bottom of the jug to see if there was anything left that would not come out. I poured the screw driver into one of the tops to measure how much was going to be thrown away. It was enough for a lot of laundry. I'm not very happy about it. I know this has a lot to do with their packaging, but still, it is a waste of money and makes me upset. How many times have I thrown out the jug and not looked to see if there was anything left? This happened with the jugs that were in the shipment. Make sure you look in your empty containers to make sure you don't throw away your money.

👤My son loves the scent of Gain Detergent and the clean feeling of his clothes. There is a My son decided to try it because we are both allergic to perfumed laundry detergent. He went to find out. There is a He wants to test everything he was allergic to in the city now that he lives in the mountains. There is a He has been using "Gain Detergent" for over a year and has not had any itching or rash. I don't know if it was the environment or his life style change. There is a We lived in the house for over a decade. I stayed for medical reasons and he stayed for safety reasons. Hearing gun shots, police sirens, fire engines, grown men and woman fighting over juvenile situations in public is not something that should happen. There is a Our little city has turned into a city of misfits, people who don't speak English, and people who don't have a reason to live here. There is a This has to do with Gain Detergent. Your brain controls how your body responds to stress, pollution, and other factors. There is a My son lives 20 miles into the woods and he is very happy and enjoys his new life. There is a Both of us have the same panic anxiety disorder. I just want to know that "Gain Detergent" is the #1 brand and that "Red" is the #2 brand. People with allergies can't use Gain. I will buy your products for others, but you can't please everyone. I have to move. My friends and family love the product that Amazon has.

👤The two bottles of Gain detergent that I received were very thin, like they had been watered down and placed back in the bottle. I have to use more of the product to do laundry. I will not be ordering from this seller again.

👤These were very wet. Not like the ones you get at the store.

👤The president of a dog rescue said that bringing new dogs into the home can sometimes mean a lot of urine to clean up.

👤"If its gotta be clean its gotta be tide" is a phrase that has always gotten rid of my stains and dirt.

7. Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent Original

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent Original

A pouch that uses less packaging and lets you reuse an empty bottle is convenient. The weight is 50 ounces. A bottle. A refreshing original scent is left behind by a brilliant cleaning performance. 10x the cleaning power of the leading liquid bargain brand. Measure with a cap. For medium loads, fill bar 1. You can fill bar 3 for large loads. fill bar 5 for full loads. Put clothes in the dispenser and start the washer.

Brand: Tide

👤The price went up from $18 to $25, while ounces went from 48 to 45 without any notice.

👤I didn't think I'd ever reach a point in my life where a purchase of detergent would bring me joy. We are here. These packages have made my life easier and brought me general satisfaction each time I refill my container, something about knowing I saved a little bit of the planet by not buying plastic, and the odd satisfaction of watching this cool blue, thick liquid run into the container brings me. There is a Do yourself a favor and subscribe and save. Don't take laundry detergent from your car. Plastic jugs are annoying. The satisfaction of the refill can be felt.

👤I started ordering them a few years ago. I like being able to refill my detergent bottle with less packaging and less than a giant container that is difficult to store. I compare the cost of liquid detergent to the cost of buying a new bottle every time, and I'm always sensitive to the cost per ounce. The price of a refill pack has gone up by 32% and 12% in the last two months. I think I'm going to shop around before I buy any more refill packs.

👤I have used Tide laundry soap for 35 years. You can refill a previously used container with this packaging. It is cheaper to buy the same amount at a retail store. If you add it to Amazon's Subscribe & Save, you can get it for free every month, or even every year. It is easy and one less thing to have to remember to do.

👤The method of packaging is better than the dispensers. I can easily determine how much I want in my washing machine. I don't have a cup to throw in to the machine or wash after use, and I don't have a dispenser that drips everywhere. It allows me to keep the extras in my closet until I need them. 1/3 of my detergent is lost if my children accidentally pour too much or spill it. I love the scent of the product and it has worked well with my kids' artistic and just plain ol' "kid" stains.

👤The collapsable pouch containers of Tide Laundry Detergent are convenient to use. I use them as a refill for the larger plastic jugs that have the measuring cup style caps included. There is a The three pouches of Tide are packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and always arrive at my door in good condition. The packaging materials are labeled as recyclable which makes it a better deal. Most users of Tide agree that it is the best at cleaning laundry with a lot of dirt. I have tried a few of the newer detergents but they don't work as well as Tide, which is why I still use it after 50 years.

👤I started using this packaging because it was less plastic and I now have a load and go machine. I love it more. It is easy to pour and remove quality stains.

8. Dreft Stage Hypoallergenic Detergent Packaging

Dreft Stage Hypoallergenic Detergent Packaging

The #1 recommended baby detergent was recommended by a doctor. It is specially formulated for newborn babies. Moms have been trusted by them for over 80 years. It was recommended by Pampers. Measure with a cap. Use more for loads that are very dirty. Add detergent and add clothes.

Brand: Dreft

👤I bought this item in July of 2019. The smell was pleasant. The smell is different now than it was in the first place. The smell is heavy parfume. The difference can be seen in the photos. The front of the box says "new improved formula" and the back is white. I apologize for returning. I found the one with the old smell in the store.

👤The scent was changed by Dreft. It doesn't smell like Dreft or the scent booster. Your baby will stink. I bought it in October. The smell is so bad that it's obnoxious. The mild signature scent is not sweet. It smells like regular adult detergent. I will use Noodle And Boo detergent. There is a Dreft, you messed up big time, and you had the idea to be progressive in changing the formula. Nobody wants their baby smelling like Karen. Do the right thing. Let me know after you see a 30% drop in sales if you want to fix your formula back to the original scent. The money!

👤It seems like the scent was changed a long time ago. When my son was a baby, I used Dreft. I was very disappointed to find out that the scent of Dreft is different now that I wanted to bring it back to our family. It smells too strong and perfumy. Why ruin a product?

👤I don't like the smell and it covers up the amazing smell of a baby. I buy detergent from the store.

👤I was expecting this to be free of perfumes or at least have a mild smell, and it was recommended for newborns with sensitive skin. It stunk up the great outdoors with its baby powder scent when it was on the dryer. I had to wash it all over again. The smell was bad.

👤I don't know if dreft changed the scent or not. My baby smells like perfume after I washed one load in it. The last bottle I had was from buy baby and it smelled like a baby. This is not close to smelling the same. I had to check to make sure that dreft had different scents, in case I didn't read everything thoroughly. This is just wrong.

👤RATES F ON EWG. This product is dangerous. I bought it in August and it hasn't opened yet and I won't be able to return it because they have horrible chemicals in it. These companies lie about their product being hypoallergenic in order to make up for the fact that it is full of cancer causing chemicals. My son and I used this for the first time and had no idea what was in it. Don't ever buy!

👤The smell is very strong and 888-270-6611 Will return to Babyganics. Will use it for my own laundry.

9. Method Concentrated Detergent Naturally Air Scent

Method Concentrated Detergent Naturally Air Scent

Keep out of reach of children. Give a glassful of water if you swallow it. Call a doctor. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Dispensing beverages or other liquid is not something you should reuse. The ingredients include nonionic and anionic Surfactants. There are 53.5 ounce bottles of laundry detergent. Laundry detergent that is plant-based. Whites and bright colors are kept the same. The concentrated formula has cleaning power for HE and standard washers. The formula fights dirt and stains. It is cruelty free. Not tested on animals. The Fresh Air scent is a refreshing one. Doing business with a purpose is what they are doing.

Brand: Method

👤I've been using this product for over five years. The scent is awesome and it does a great job. Love these products.

👤I've been using this product for a long time. It is great for your skin and it smells great as well.

👤I have tried a lot of different skin care products. This works well for me.

👤It's difficult to get ahold of anyone to replace my item, I love the product but it's hard to get ahold of anyone. They only want me to return all of them, after I cleaned the outside of the containers. They are not very eco friendly.

👤We like another scent. It wasn't available.

👤I like this product. I clean clothes and leave a clean scent.

👤Even though there is a trace amount in this detergent, my husband can tolerate it because he is allergic to it. The container is easy to handle and it smells great.

10. Tide Concentrated Laundry Detergent Compatible

Tide Concentrated Laundry Detergent Compatible

Tide Free and Gentle are the same package. The NEA and npf have been recognized. 3 x 46oz bottles are made with 40% less plastic. More gentle clean per drop. Remove the panel to uncover the nozzle. Pull the nozzle forward. Take out a dosing cup. Line up a nozzle. The counter-clock should be twisted to conjugate liquid. The cup should be held under the white portion of the nozzle. Liquid comes out fast if you be careful. The tip box should be forwarded to make sure your final dose is paid. Store Cup on top of box Throw in wash to clean cup. C10-16 Pareth, C10-16 Alkyldimethylamine Oxide, C10-16 Alkylbenzenesulfonate, C10-16 Cumenesulfonate, and C12-18 Fatty Acids are ingredients. Eye irritation is a safety warning. It was harmful. If swallowed. May my eyes be hurt. Don't look in the eyes. Dispensing beverages or other liquid is not something you should reuse. Don't let the children reach you. The first aid treatment contains Biodegradable Surfactants. And things. Give a glassful of water or milk and call a poison control center. Don't Induce Vomiting. If you have eyes, rinse them with water for 15 minutes.

Brand: Tide

👤I like this product. Many in my household suffer from severe skin irritation. This does not cause reactions. Tide is changing the amount of product in a bottle. You could be misled if you don't check the unit cost of the product. Attached is a photo. I had a bottle at home. The bottle that just arrived is on the left. I think this purchase was a good value. You need to be aware that this change is happening.

👤I was not happy with the amount of packaging. 105 ounces and 96 loads is what it says. I usually buy a 100 ounce jug that says 64 loads. I suppose I can get another 32 loads out of the extra 5 ounces. I think I should have paid more attention to my order. I was comparing loads and ounces. It's over priced by a factor of two compared to a jug. It was very misleading.

👤I wanted to like this package. I thought it would be more efficient to use plastic bottles, but Amazon wrapped the tote eco boxes in more plastic. Shame on you. Love tide free, it's the best, no scent at all and doesn't bother my sensitive skin, but still cleans better than all other brands.

👤Honest review here. I have been using this for a long time and love it. It's less harmful and comes in a nice box that means we won't be wasting plastic in a big bottle to sit at the botton of the ocean. That makes me happy. The way to go is ECo-box. There is a The eco box has a slight issue, but I can get over it. You have to be careful when using the spout because it spills the liquid detergent very quickly. The spill rate decreases once you work your way through the box. It was worth it for the environment. There is a I love that this doesn't irritate my or my children's skin. It's clear to the liquid and has no scent. We love it and will continue to use it.

👤It's the box! The little spiggot was in the box. It is a hassle but it worked for me. This one has a leak. I saved the landfill from plastic but lost most of the bottle of Tide. If you buy it, watch it.

👤There is a helpful video that shows how to open up the packaging, but there is no instructions on how to open the cup to keep it on top of the packaging. Between reading the instructions and watching the video, I figured it out. If you don't read the instructions, you'll get frustrated. It is a good idea to pay for heavy duty plastic only to throw it out, so it reduces the overall costs for the consumer and there is less land fill. Same great gardener free. Would definitely buy again.

👤The soap is clean. The packaging is ridiculous. More plastic ended up in the garbage because it was difficult to open. Hard plastic jugs can be recycled. Not so with this setup.

11. Gain Concentrated Detergent Original Compatible

Gain Concentrated Detergent Original Compatible

There is no smell or smell of drugs in this container. This simple two-ingredient formula of sodium carbonate and water is 100% fragrance-free and 100%phosphate-free, and is built off of their commitment to the environment that started more than 120 years ago. It's a clean without harsh chemicals. Same great package. 3 x 50oz bottles are made with 40% less plastic. A small size. It isphosphate free. More freshness per drop. It's easy to use the No-Drip tap. Eye irritation is a safety warning. It was harmful. If swallowed. May my eyes be hurt. Don't look in the eyes. Dispensing beverages or other liquid is not something you should reuse. Don't let the children reach you. The first aid treatment contains Biodegradable Surfactants. And things. Give a glassful of water or milk and call a poison control center. Don't Induce Vomiting. If you have eyes, rinse them with water for 15 minutes.

Brand: Gain

👤96 loads? Say whaaaat? There is a This is the smallest box. This is supposed to wash 96 loads. Gain is used often in the bottle. I think the bottles could be much smaller. It is a marketing scam. Love Gain, but come one man. The detergent should be more expensive than this.

👤The valve on my item was broken and the contents of the box leaked onto my floor. I spent $13 on one load of laundry.

👤If you're buying this to try and be a little more eco or green friendly than the big plastic jugs, then this is the same great Gain detergent we know and love. I'm not sure. The box is wrapped in a thick plastic coating and you have to tear off the cardboard to get to the detergent. I just wasn't prepared and a warning, open the nozzle slowly as it comes out super fast. The packaging for the product was not well done.

👤The blue knob on the drain does not open until 3 o'clock, so it pours at 3 o'clock if you turn it.

👤Live the box and save a lot of space.

👤Business as usual with this product. There is a You already know the brand. The packaging is up to par.

👤I love Gain products. They are the best. I got it because the Tide Plant-Based Detergent was unavailable. I thought it was eco-friendly. I am not sure if it is less plastic than that. There is a plastic nozzle on the outside of the box and a liner that holds the liquid inside. A bottle has all of them in it, but not in a box. I was hoping for an eco-friendly option, but it's still not. I prefer plant-based liquids as other liquids spill out into the water and kill wildlife.

👤The top of the box has no way to grab it. The pinch holes made it difficult to handle. Since you have to handle it every time, it could be a bit frustrating. The price is good and it works, so it's still a value.

👤I have used laundry detergent in a box before. I like the packaging. You can empty the bag when it is practically empty. You use all the detergent this way. You don't lose anything. The box and bag can be recycled.

👤I will not buy again. The box is more than a liter less than the 96 load jug, but it is still a great way to save plastic from the environment. Not worth the money.

👤I am happy about this. The packaging shown in the photos is minimal. Which is important to me. When a new variation of business is tried in the market it can cost more initially until they know there is enough sold to bring the cost down, so I chose the eco box. I hope the cost goes down. We should be rewarded by a lower price than the original plastic jug if we choose the "wine box" option again. Gain is a reliable product for me. It is considering changes to reduce. 60 percent less plastic use. I watched a documentary and it was clear that the laundry jugs are not as recycled as you would have thought. 5 stars for the world!


What is the best product for eco friendly laundry detergent he?

Eco friendly laundry detergent he products from Persil. In this article about eco friendly laundry detergent he you can see why people choose the product. Tide and Dreft are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly laundry detergent he.

What are the best brands for eco friendly laundry detergent he?

Persil, Tide and Dreft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly laundry detergent he. Find the detail in this article. Seventh Generation, Gain and Method are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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