Best Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets Made In Usa

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1. Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Pouches

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Pouches

The formula fights stains and leaves clothes fresh. Free & Clear laundry detergent packs are made for sensitive skin. The product is designed with safety in mind. Laundry Pods can be used in high-efficiency machines. The laundry packs work in hot and cold water. The product is made with plant-based ingredients.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I had this laundry Pod on order for automatic delivery for more than a year and it worked well until they changed something and it no longer dissolved in the laundry. We are using the same equipment and the same water, washing the same clothes, and suddenly undissolved soap and a plastic hunk comes out when finished. Returned to bottles of liquid after discontinued use.

👤I like Seventh generation products. I buy laundry detergent at my favorite store. I was very excited to purchase the laundry packs that I could get in my subscription and save on Amazon. The laundry packs don't get dissolved in the wash cycle if I use hot water. Part of it breaks down and the rest forms in the dispensers. I have to put them in a separate container, add boiling water to them, and then put them in my washing machine. That is ridiculous. Maybe they are old? These were a waste of money. I will return to liquid.

👤I've had a lot of poor experiences with this product, it's not very good at providing a clean load of laundry for most of my warm-water loads. They are often there in transparent, soapy patches, and so I've missed them and dry my clothes only to discover hardened patches on my clothes. It is very difficult to remove them once they are dry. I hope that the company can address this issue, because the cleaning aspect is fine, but the dissolution requires improvement.

👤Don't buy these because an entire load of laundry is useless. The Pods melted to my clothes. This is not good.

👤The detergent seems fine, but in my apartment building's coin-op washer, the detergent doesn't work. I will pull out laundry with large chunks of detergent stuck to them, and in one instance, a sheet with the entire Pod stuck inside it, undissolved, except enough to stick to the sheet. I usually pre-dissolve powder detergent with this kind of washer.

👤I had read the reviews before I bought two bags. I wanted a natural laundry soap for my sensitive boyfriend. This seemed to be a win-win. All of the reviews show that these Pods don't work well in cold water, which is the eco-friendliest way to do laundry. I have not had my clothes ruined since I read the reviews. I do laundry in a different way now. If you are using cold water, I recommend adding the Pod to the empty machine and letting it fill with water and add the clothes afterwards. This is inconvenient but it is the only way to wash clothes on cold days without the Pod ruining them. Every time I take one out, thepods stick together in the bag and I have to separate them to get one out. I am giving it three stars because my clothes are clean and we have not had any skin sensitivity issues, but this product is sub-par.

👤I use 7th Generation detergent because of my allergies. I found out today that 7th Generation makes scented soap as well. My laundry soap bags smell like Tide or Gain. The box smells bad. I will have to package the soap in baggies and throw out the original containers. I had an asthma attack. Really. I'm considering buying this product from Whole Foods or HEB if it's not against scented products. Wouldn't you think you could keep the box and containers from being contaminated if you were sending out unscented products? Very disappointed by the 7th generation.

2. Friendly Products ECOS Detergent Magnolia

Friendly Products ECOS Detergent Magnolia

A powerful laundry detergent made from plants. Coconut is the featured ingredient. There is no harsh chemicals. They promise to never use any of the nasty ingredients in the formula. A Dermatologist tested the pH and theallergenicness. The U.S. EPA is certified as a safer choice.

Brand: Ecos

👤I have tried Tide. I have tried Gain. I have tried All, Arm and Hammer as well. Ecos is my favorite. There is a No, seriously. What will you gain when the tide rolls in? Clean clothes. That is not the only thing. If you want to take the elbow work out, just choose Ecos. There is a Magnolia and Lilly are my favorites. I don't walk around smelling like a flower, but rather a clean individual who washes her clothes. As with lavender. There is a You are welcome.

👤I love this detergent. It makes my laundry feel soft and it smells great. I don't have to worry about chemicals. I will say that if something is heavily smelly, this won't take care of it. I still wash my husband's clothes in Gain because it takes care of the smells, I just rinse it twice, and hope that helps cut the chemicals back a little. I could smell his foot odor on his socks when I washed his stuff with the Ecos. I use Ecos on my laundry and my daughter's bedding and it works great.

👤This stuff is terrible. Our clothes stink since we switched to this. I made the mistake of subscribing for it and ended up giving away 4 of them. It's funny stuff. This is the worst soap I have ever used.

👤If you like the smell of standing in a Yankee candle store, this soap is for you. It was gross. I thought ECOS could be toxin free. How is a highly fragrant person called hypoallergenic? A person who likes to use and INHALE TOXIC CHEMICALS could possibly need this. Shame on me for not reading the fine print. ECOS tricked us into believing that they cared about our health and were clean, green and trusted.

👤I usually buy Puracy, but wanted to see how this compares. I just trusted it would be clean. I read the ingredients when I arrived. There is a mixture of phenoxyethanol and Methylisothiazolinone. I researched and decided to clear my home. It is often in baby wipes. We bought new wipes. I can see it in this too. Look up skin reactions from these. I think I will return it. The scent is next. It is okay. It is the kind of scent I would not want in a hand lotion or foot scrub. It was too floral for a detergent. I wouldn't get it again, but I could probably get through this bottle. The second photo shows packaging. There is tape around the seal. They taped over the seal instead of putting a seal on it. You life the tape and soap is all over. It would need to be washed. It is all over my hands as I pull it out of the box. I will go back to Puracy after the return process is over.

👤Not good. The smell is nice but doesn't clean well. The colors fade more than other detergents. We will give the rest. The eco friendly style needs to work.

3. Biokleen Clear Natural Laundry Detergent

Biokleen Clear Natural Laundry Detergent

Powerful laundry cleaner uses mineral-based cleaning agents and chlorine-free oxygen bleach to remove odors and stains. Biokleen Free & Clear uses a formula that works great in High Efficiency and standard washers, and is gentle on sensitive skin. Laundry products from Biokleen are concentrated to reduce packaging and waste. Get sharper looking clothes. The stain fighting power of oxygen bleach lightens whites and colors. It doesn't leave a mark on fabrics. Biokleen products are made in the USA and never tested on animals.

Brand: Biokleen

👤The way our grandparents did things was the same. This stuff has rules. It's simple, economical, has minimal plastic packaging that can at least be reuse or recycled before "recycling" (sorry to burst your hippie bubble, but very little of what goes into recycle bins actually gets averted from landfill), the box takes up way less room than liquid detergent bottles This has an A rating on, which is a nonpartisan research group that analyzes all sorts of data, including ingredients of consumer goods, which are rated based on how healthy things are for humans and the environment. There is a I usually wash my clothes with cold water in a front-loading washer, and I have no problems with the clumps because I sprinkle the powder inside the drum on top of my clothes. If you put it in the compartment that is meant for liquid detergent, it will clump. I add a small amount of distilled white vinegar to every load. There is a Sometimes I shed a tear because I miss the smell of Gain and Tide and Bounce. I think about how sewage is minimally processed by wastewater treatment plants, then dumped into our rivers, bays, oceans, etc etc, and I snap out of it. It's time to smell the future. Thank you, Biokleen.

👤Most eco-detergents get a grade of C or D from the Environmental Working Group, but they don't work very well. Two exceptions are Bio-Kleen and Planet, both of which receive a grade of A and actually work. I use both Bio-Kleen powder and Planet because we have a HE washer and Bio-Kleen foams/suds if you use too much. Planet doesn't make suds. There is a The test for eco-detergents is cloth diapering. I've been using this regimen for a year in my mountain. My cotton prefolds and hemp inserts come out clean as a whistle after drinking well water with high levels of calcium and magnesium salts. I use coconut oil on the baby's bottom and lanolized wool covers to get those oils out of the cotton and hemp. It's important to note for hard water. If you want to use a non-toxic, eco-detergent and you have hard water, you will need to add in a hard water treatment to your wash. Non-precipitating water conditioners are the only ones that work in the long run. I've been playing with the idea of adding 1/2 - 1 cup of vinegar or 10% citric acid solution to the rinse compartment to remove mineral deposits and make fabric softer. I don't know if the hard water deposits will be controlled by a single rinse, but it seems to be enough for some people. Calgon is a water softener, but it isn't a miracle for me - I'm not 100% sure how well the new formula works, it contains synthetic polymer and zeolites, and it has an unclear safety profile. Unless you use non-precipitating water softeners, you should be aware that borax and washing soda can cause mineral salts on your fabrics. The problem with borax is that it is toxic to humans. STTP and EDTA are approved for use as food Additives. I make a gallon of solution at a time by adding 100 g of citric acid per liter of water. I use my mediocre front loading washer to load a load that fills up 1/3 of the washer. Pre-soak prefolds and inserts in hot water in several 5 gallon buckets for 1 - 2 hours. This removes mineral build-up on fibers. It also removes odors. The water is softened to prevent and remove mineral deposits. After soaking, dump the water and load the washer to remove excess liquid. There are two more To remove remaining poo + urine, 1/2 to 1 scoop biokleen + 1 tbsp STTP, you need to wash on warm water. Heavy duty hot wash with biokleen and extra rinse. The final warm water light wash should be used to remove residual detergent and alkali. I add 1 cup of vinegar or 1/2 cup of citric acid solution to this in the detergent slot to help remove hard water mineral build up and make sure the diaper's pH is back to neutral or just slightly acidic which human skin does fine with. There is a I wish I had an old fashioned non HE washer or a better one. Most HE washers don't use enough water to wash cloth diapering situations. I know that Love University doesn't do extra rinses, but that's rubbish. I left out the final rinse a few times and that is the only time that a contact rash appeared on the baby's bottom. I added the extra rinse back in and it went away. As long as you keep the mineral deposits in check, you can do some extra rinses without creating more of a mineral build-up on the fibers in the long run. If you ever need to strip your diapers, I would recommend soaking in a very strong de-greaser like dawn in very hot water for 3-6 hours, and then using a plunger. Adding Bac- Out which helps too, is also possible if you use a bathtub or big bucket. This gets rid of gunk. Then you can follow this with a soak in hot water for 3-6 hours. Hard water mineral deposits and soap scum are removed. If you have soft water, stripping will probably work, even if you have an acid soak. There is a Hope this is useful. It took some trial and error to figure it out.

4. Biokleen Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid

Biokleen Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid

There is a plant-based gardener. The cleaning agents used by Biokleen are plant-derived and leave your clothes fresh and clean. For use in high EFFICIENCY washing machines. High Efficiency washers work great with Biokleen. It leaves a fresh scent on your clothes and fabrics. Laundry products from Biokleen are 3X concentrated to reduce packaging and waste. The liquid laundry soaps from Biokleen are plant-based and eco-friendly. Their products do not contain chlorine, ammonia, orphosphates. Biokleen products are made in the USA and never tested on animals.

Brand: Biokleen

👤I really wanted to love this product from Biokleen. I have been using this product for over six months and I am not happy with its performance. There is a I have no reaction to the scent or detergent of this product, and I have sensitive skin. It is an excellent value for money at.19 per standard load. There is a My clothes don't feel clean and start to smell bad after I wear them for a while. It is very strange. It seems to leave no smell in the washer. It does not do well on most stains. I have tried smaller loads and warmer water. I love my dish powder, carpet cleaner, and bac-out spray, but the detergent and liquid dish soap are not something I like to use.

👤I'm happy to have found an inexpensive detergent alternative. The EWG gave Biokleen an A rating. After my last bottle was out for almost 7 months, I am ordering again. I initially thought our clothes weren't getting as clean as they could be, but after a bit of research I realized it was due to our hard water issue. We have to use more liquid than usual. The benefit of using this over other detergents is that the odor in my washing machine is less. The fake fragrances make the machine smell bad and make it hard to wash away the gunk. Very happy with Biokleen!

👤Something has changed in this formula. It causes skin issues in my daughter and I. I have been using this detergent for years and it took me a long time to figure it out. The rashes went away after I switched. I used to love this product. I have been using this laundry detergent for 8 months. I was a fan of the Tide. I switched to this based on the EWG "A" rating because I wanted to switch to more natural products. I live in Florida and the recommended half cap isn't enough to fight the water here. It is about.15 per load with the subscribe and save price. CHEAPER than Tide! It works just as well. I have sensitive skin. I didn't have any issues with this detergent. The scent doesn't carry to the clothes. I would like a subtle sent. I can't stand the scent of Tide anymore after using this detergent. I'm sold on this product. I like the stain booster from biokleen.

👤It seems like I'm allergic to cleaning products, especially the perfumes used in them. This detergent smells wonderful, it doesn't set off my asthma or make me itch like other detergents, and it doesn't make me itch like other detergents. It cleans my clothing well, rinses out completely, and works well as a prespotter, unlike Tide Free, which took the color right out of one of my daughter's brand new t-shirts. It's a good price and it's very concentrated, so you use a small amount. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, so this is important to me, I can pour some into a small jug that isn't too heavy or awkward for me, and it doesn't run out too fast in that small jug the way less-concentrated detergent would.

5. Biokleen Concentrated Eco Friendly Plant Based Preservatives

Biokleen Concentrated Eco Friendly Plant Based Preservatives

It cleans tough stains and odors and leaves no scent. The bottle is 3x concentrated and equal to 64 HE loads. Kind to people with chemical sensitivities. There are no negative effects on rivers, streams, plants or wildlife. 64 is truly 3X concentrated. He had loads of 32 standard loads. The formula for saving energy. The cleaning power of the Enzyme andCitrus extracts.

Brand: Biokleen

👤I've only used this detergent a few times, but so far it's done well, so I'll update this review as needed. There is a The original liquid detergent has an A rating on the EWG. It's thinner than typical detergent and doesn't suds as much, but that's fine with me and it still cleans well enough. It's easier on my skin. There is a I use this detergent to spot clean armpit stains before throwing my clothes into the washer to get the odor out, because I don't typically have heavily stained clothing. Can't speak for the heavier stains. I've used this to get out chocolate stains, grease stains, and odd reddish stains at the bottom of pant legs. The chocolate and grease stains came out just fine after I pre-treated them with a light wet stain, rub in the detergent, and rinse without rinsing. The weird red stains at the bottom of the pant legs came out fine after I put them in the wash. I still love this detergent. There is a The scent is light. I hang dry my clothes indoors and don't use the dryer, so that's probably why it stays on my clothes. I share a washing machine with people who use typical detergents, so it's possible that part of the smell is other detergents. This detergent has not caused my eczema to flare up like many typical detergents do, either due to synthetic fragrances or other harsh ingredients, nor has it caused me to have a flare up. My skin condition has improved since I've used this detergent. The liquid is very concentrated and you only need a small amount for each load as the directions state on the bottle. I use cold water 99% of the time, but I have used warm water once and it did just fine. I have found that many items of clothing can be washed in cold water even if the tag says warm, but I don't put cold clothes in warm cycles. Cold water and hot water left for showers are good for energy savings. The smaller size is what I love about it. I can carry it with me to the laundry room since I don't keep it in the shared machine. It doesn't have a handle, so keep that in mind, but it doesn't bother me. It is easy to pour, but it may take two hands to do it. I like to use two hands to make sure it's stable. I haven't spilled detergent on accident. The cold water detergent works well in cold water. I've only used it on lightly dirty clothing. It doesn't make my skin itch. Will buy again. I'll probably pour some of it into the smaller bottle I have already.

👤I've been using a store brand of laundry soap for many years, but my husband couldn't find one that didn't leave a "musty" scent when dry. He's become picky in his old age. The one I've been using was not acceptable to him. I saw this soap on Amazon and decided to try it. I loved it right away. The smell is pleasant without being a scent. I was skeptical of the 1/2 of a small capfull that was recommended for use in my HD washer. It cleans great and leaves a nice scent behind, which fades after the dryer.

6. Seventh Generation Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Seventh Generation Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Baby laundry detergent is made to target baby stains. A powerful clean with plant-based ingredients. The product is certified by the USDA. Synthetic fragrances, dyes, and artificial brighteners are not allowed. It works great on cloth diapering.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤My son had the biggest blow up of the century on our family heirloom. It was huge and yellow on the fabric. When we got home, I tried to soak it. That didn't do anything. I didn't know what to do. Since this detergent is so gentle and gets out all of the other poop stains, I thought I would give it a try and see if I like it. I hope you are not stressed out. I washed it with the detergent. It got out of the stain. And made the aged white fabric brighter. I am proud that my son made a mark on history. He wasn't the destroyer of the gown. The best product ever.

👤This is not a green product, it contains synthetic preservatives. ... MIT caused damage to rat brain cells in two laboratory studies. A brief exposure to a widely used industrial and household biocide is highly toxic to cultured neurons.

👤The only brand that does not cause a reaction. I bought the company and brand. We switched back after the company gave my baby a rash. I would like to see this baby detergent in a bigger size.

👤I have been using this for 6 months and it is great. It works hard to get dirt out of clothing, which is a must with three messy boys, and the smell is perfect.

👤I use a very effective detergent in my washer. I've used it for a lot of different things. It doesn't have a scent and is more sustainable. I can't tell if this is cleaner than the tide. The detergent bottles were shipped with tape on the cap to prevent leaks and were smaller than traditional detergent bottles in the store.

👤It is a good product for baby laundry since it is easy to clean and it is gentle on the skin. I don't like having our clothes scented so it's perfect for us.

👤The laundry soap did not smell washed after use, the clothes still smelled like formula, and my baby's clothes did not smell washed after use.

👤I'm not sure. I transitioned from Dreft to this and now my baby clothes are covered in stains.

👤It doesn't clean well and ends up with a lot of stains on baby clothes.

👤Works well! The cap is concentrated so use it. I used too much of my first load.

👤Baby clothes feel soft and the scent is subtle. Waiting to see how newborn skin reacts over time.

👤I bought it to wash my baby clothes. The baby's clothes are clean. Good product.

7. Earth Friendly Products Detergent Lemongrass

Earth Friendly Products Detergent Lemongrass

A powerful laundry detergent made from plants. Coconut and lemongrass essential oil are included. There is no harsh chemicals. They promise to never use any of the nasty ingredients in the formula. A Dermatologist tested the pH and theallergenicness. The U.S. EPA is certified as a safer choice.

Brand: Ecos

👤Don't buy this product! I used to purchase detergent from ECOS at SamsClub due to it's healthy ingredients and lack of chemicals. See the pictures 1 and 2. I bought 2 bottles of the same product on Amazon, but couldn't find the same product again. The European Union will ban the new formula because it contains a preservative that may cause allergic reactions. This company is very disappointing. Will have to buy more laundry detergent from another company.

👤I like the Ecos brand, but Amazon sent me two large containers that were not what I ordered. I always order the magnolia. I am allergic to the flower. I have a rash on my chest that won't go away and itches all over. I have to wash my clothes, sheets, and blankets in a detergent.

👤Great product! I'm happy I bought this. I was worried about the smell since we've been using fragrance-free detergents, but I don't notice it until the clothes are dry, and it seems to work well with our sensitive skin. There is a We're expecting a baby soon. I switched my husband and I to this in hopes that we can all use it when the baby arrives. It will agree with baby as well. I discovered that using the two products together works well for tough stains. Highly recommended.

👤I switched from Tide to this because I was looking for a more natural product. My oldest daughter had a reaction to the detergent and developed a rash all over her. It took me a while to figure out what was causing the rash to get worse, as her clothes were coming into contact with her skin. After trying a lot of things, I realized that the rash developed at the same time I switched to this detergent. She started to get better after I stopped using it. She does not have sensitive skin and has never had a reaction like this to anything else that I have used so it is hard not to conclude that there is something a bit harsh in this detergent compared to others. Who knows, my youngest daughter and myself did not develop a rash. Sharing our experience with it. It's a good thing.

👤I bought this mistake. I thought I was buying a detergent that wasn't harmful. I bought it because I thought it was a good price. The smell of laundry detergent didn't bother me and I thought of giving it away, but I realized it wouldn't do me any good. You don't smell it in your clothes after you wash them. I barely smell it when I open it. I would have to get the scented laundry soap out of my house. I like the product. The scent is not noticeable.

👤The water is safe. There is low residual. It smells great. It doesn't get stains out like traditional detergents. It's worth it to have an eco friendly detergent if you want to pre-treat stains. I have to buy a separate detergent to wash my microfiber cloths and I wish it didn't come with fabric softener.

8. Laundry Detergent Sheets Loads Biodegradable

Laundry Detergent Sheets Loads Biodegradable

Good things come in small packages. Their sheets are safe and powerful to clean. Zero waste is their packaging design that saves space, mess and keeps plastic out of the ocean. Every box has a certain amount of use. Their soap can be washed in any standard washing machine or washer. Relax by adding a strip. The skin is safe because it is Paraben-free,phosphate free, bleach free, and dye-free. Kid friendly. Mom approved! Powerful cleaning power in a small package. Their laundry sheets work as well as detergents. Don't compromise for clean. It's perfect for when you're traveling.

Brand: Sojourner

👤This is my second purchase and I really like it. I usually use half a sheet and cold water. I own a front load washer. I put the sheet in the soap dispensers in the top drawer and it dissolved in the cold water. I'm very happy with it. We have a family of 4. There were no complaints. I always do laundry with a little bit of borax or oxiClean on it. It comes in a bigger size.

👤I've hated lugging those heavy liquid detergent bottles home for a long time. I recycle paper and cardboard. I knew that the detergent bottles wouldn't be recycled back into the system even if I washed them out. I was correct. I can rest easy knowing that this product won't hurt my family or my tank, and that it cleans phenomenally. I used to have a musty smell in my washer, but now it's gone. There was no slimy countertops, no washing the bottles off, and no mess around the machine. My old towels are brighter and smell better. Will re-order this and I'm very happy.

👤Have used it twice. The sheets are dissolved into suds. One shirt has a stain on it after it dried in the dryer, so not sure if cleaning power is there. Tide was thought to be the number one in cleaning power, but it is not as good as it used to be. It seems like a watered down formula compared to the past usage. The sheets are very inventive. I'm on the fence as to what the greatest is. Everyone should try it out and decide for themselves.

👤There are pieces of the strips all over my clothes and the side of my washer. My daughter developed a rash after using these. I think these are the cause because they aren't rinsing completely. Next time, I will buy a box of powder detegent. It's like a simpler way to cut down on plastic.

👤I like that the product doesn't take up a lot of space in my storage area. The sheets smell good and are preforated for tearing in half. After washing my clothes, I feel like it works. It does not have any dyes in it. It doesn't make me itch because I have sensitive skin. I don't have to run a seperate cycle to rinse out anything that might have been left behind, which helps me save water. The product is more expensive than I would pay for detergent, which gives me the impression that it might be a novelty right now. If the price would go down, I think this would be a good choice. If you have limited storage space and have sensitive skin, I recommend this.

👤The scent is pleasant. There is a I think I am sold on the concept of detergent sheets, but I have never tried them before. Three of my friends will get a full sheet from me so they can try them. There is a We all have different laundry needs. The manufacturer claims these to be septic safe for bonus points. All of my friends liked the trial results. There is a coin-op in the basement of a shared apartment building. There is a The packaging is lighter and smaller than other options. I don't have to worry about putting my laundry in the car before I get to the laundromat because it will be dry before I get home. There is a You can change my title. If the load required a bit of extra, I used 1.5 sheets. I don't mind a raggedy half sheet. I will only keep a small bottle of liquid or powder detergent at home for emergency hand washing, because I am completely on board with detergent sheets. There is a If you want to get huge bonus points, you should try the reduction of environmental impact.

9. Seventh Generation Concentrated Detergent Geranium

Seventh Generation Concentrated Detergent Geranium

The triple-enzyme formula fights stains. The scent of Geranium Blossoms and Vanilla Detergent is gently scented with 100% essential oils and botanical extracts. The detergent washes 53 medium loads in a high efficiency machine. The product is made with plant-based ingredients. There is a 40oz bottle with 53 loads.

Brand: Seventh Generation

👤I was not happy with the product. I did a load and some of the clothes were workout clothes, but they didn't take out the sweat smell. I used extra soap and rewashed 3 times. I've never had a problem with detergent. I wanted to like this because I love 7th generation products, but it just doesn't get the job done. The detergent I bought was the same as the one I bought before. I only gave 2 stars because I love the company, but this product is not good.

👤The entire family can tolerate only one scent. There were no skin or headaches from the perfume. Everyone has been burned out on lavender. It does have a distinct scent, but it's not flowery at all. The laundry room and closets smell great. The scent doesn't linger on the clothing. When little and older bodies are heating up from the hot weather, it makes the smell less unpleasant. It doesn't smell like laundry products in our neighborhood.

👤I ordered the detergent and it smells like neither of those things. It doesn't smell like good. There is a Someone else said that theirs was fake. It was delivered with white tape around the top and had a gross texture. Definitely not using this and returning it quickly. I will get detergent from the grocery store.

👤I didn't care for this one. My clothes smelled and didn't come clean. I've tried other ones from this company. Not this one.

👤I thought it would have a heavenly scent. Air dried my clothes. I couldn't smell anything at all. I started to sweat at work. My clothes started to smell like a trash bag liner. I was embarrassed. I am starting to smell like a garden, which is not a good thing. She says "YUP!" when someone comes by and starts sniffing the air. That is the smelliest thing that can happen. I don't think smelling like outdoors is a good thing. I am. It was frightening. Devastated.

👤I love this detergent. After I did laundry, my clothes smelled great. Not sweet or flowery. It's concentrated so one cap can clean a load. Cleans well. To see how much to use for different loads, look on the inside of the cap. There was no chemicals or phosphorus. Six friends ordered this product after I suggested it. It's worth the extra few dollars because it's concentrated, but you can't find it in most supermarkets. It was very SATISFIED!

👤I don't like the scent of Geranium and Vanilla. I don't get any of the flavors. I recommend a different scent for natural laundry detergents because I love them. This one doesn't smell good to me, it almost smells like something is not clean. I have been washing my clothes with no scent detergent for a while, so I'll just use the rest of the bottle, but my recommendation is to try a different scent. The bottle is called TINY.

👤When I put my son's clean laundry away, I noticed a musty smell on his clothing. I didn't notice it when I used other detergents. I wonder if a pallet of bottles was left in a warehouse too long in the heat. It really stinks. Yuck! When we use other detergents, the front loader doesn't happen. We clean the machine with a spray.

10. Eco Me Laundry Detergent Concentrated Fragrance

Eco Me Laundry Detergent Concentrated Fragrance

This formula is tough on stains and dirt. 64 loads per bottle for front and top load machines. It's perfect for sensitive skin. It is made to be gentle on sensitive skin and noses. It's ideal for sheets, laundry and baby clothes. There is a clean and effective formula. The formula is made from plant extracts and botanicals. All of their products are made with high quality ingredients that give you and your family effective cleaning. It is free from Harsh Chemicals. Sulfates, SLES, SCS, and otherPreservatives are free from. Leaping Bunny is made in the US and is certified as Cruelty Free, Safe, and vegan.

Brand: Eco-me

👤I've tried a lot of eco-friendly laundry detergents, and I haven't been very happy with them. Some of them make me itch, some have bad ingredients, and most leave my clothes smelling not-so-fresh. Eco-Me and castile soap are the only ones that work well for everyday laundry. My clothes are clean. Eco-me doesn't leave greasy soap on my eye glasses after drying them with a towel. There is a Eco-Me is in a small bottle. The other reviewer stated that Eco-Me needs to redesign the cap. It's annoying. I put a pump on it from another bottle, and I like it better. It is possible to rinse the cap before putting it back on the bottle. I like this detergent so much that I have to use it. There isn't a laundry detergent on the planet that can remove every stain, get out all nasty sweat smells, take away urine odors, or be able to refresh musty towels. That's what you can get by soaking, washing machine steam setting, or hanging your clothes outside on a line. Extra steps are always required for tough stuff. I've tried many "green" options, but this Eco-Me detergent is the best I've tried.

👤I am happy with this. is an amazing site which discusses and recommends nontoxic products. I tried it and it worked very well. My daughters skin is extremely sensitive and I will stick with this. I'm happy to have a detergent that works well.

👤I've been using this detergent for about a month and have been washing for a family of 10 including a newborn and a 90-yr-old. The allergic reactions to detergents have disappeared. Most of the time a large tablecloth gets even the dirty baby clothes clean and fresh after it has been washed. The packaging of the abyssmal is my biggest complaint. The directions say to use one to two capfuls in an HP washer and the caps are small regular screw-on types that don't drain back into the bottle, which is a mess. The cap is only 1 inch in diameter and holds a small amount of liquid. I use a measure but it's still messy. Get with the program and fix your packaging - a measured pump as another user recommended would be ideal, or at minimum a cap that drains back into the bottle!

👤I found this on Gimme the Good Stuff and used it on my baby's stuff since I wanted to use the safest detergent possible. Why not be less chemical-free in general? I'm very pleased with this... A little goes a long way, and I notice that All Free and Clear is the same as this. The excess detergent drips down the bottle when you use the cap as a measuring cup. When I ordered a second bottle, I kept the old cap and put the clean cap on the bottle. After washing and rotating them, I just remove the lid. You could keep one cap for measuring and the other for lid. The bottle would never be soiled by the measuring person. I got the Eco-Me dish soap as well. I love that both products are safe for my family.

11. Earth Friendly Products Hypoallergenic Detergent

Earth Friendly Products Hypoallergenic Detergent

A powerful laundry detergent made from plants. Coconut and lavender essential oil are included. There is no harsh chemicals. They promise to never use any of the nasty ingredients in the formula. A Dermatologist tested the pH and theallergenicness. The U.S. EPA is certified as a safer choice.

Brand: Earth Friendly Products

👤There is a warning It's not a safe ingredient for your skin or body. It's a powerful synthetic preservative that's found in many personal care products and has been linked to lung toxicity, allergic reactions and possible neurotoxicity. The European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has reported that it is a contact sensitizing agent. Personal care products containing phenaclyst are used to limit the growth ofbacteria. It has been found to be toxic even in small amounts. A phenol and a known skin carcinogen are combined to create it. Exposure to phenoxyethanol can cause reactions ranging from mild to life threatening. The nervous system can be affected by exposure to phenoxyethanol. If you want to use this product for your family's laundry, please read up on the ingredients and decide for yourself. Many of the ingredients in cosmetics, sunscreens and body washes are common. Over time, toxins build up in the body and can cause health problems. I used this detergent and didn't realize what I was doing. It foamed up a lot more than other detergents. The lavender scent is pleasant, but it doesn't last on clothes. It made my clothes feel stiff and harder. I don't like that this laundry detergent claims to be made for sensitive skin and that it's clean and "plant-powered". It's very deceptive. I like most of the ingredients, but a few are not safe for babies and people with allergies. There are many toxic chemicals in our everyday products. Not good.

👤I bought this product a long time ago and liked it. There is no smell of lavender anymore and the odors are still on the clothes. Dinner napkins were smelling like last night's dinner. There is no stain removal. I think I will use it on bath towels. The scent of my blouse is light. It isn't practical if it can't remove odors and soil. I doubled the amt. It did not have any better results. Can't recommend for anything.

👤This formula is not good for my sensitive skin. I have not had an outbreak of Eczema in about a year, but I did get one after using this laundry detergent. I use Econ's Lavender without the fabric softener and it works great. I don't recommend this particular formula to anyone with the skin condition. I had to learn the hard way.

👤I have been using this for a while. It is the reason that our smell is not clean and that we have been sitting in the washer for days. I switched to this because I noticed my detergent left a white crust over our line when I used it. I was told that soaps and detergents are bad for the system. I bought this and the leech line area improved so much that I no longer smell the sewage after being washed. Going to have to switch back to a regular detergent.

👤Since Covid, we've been doing a lot more online shopping and we would always pick this soap up from our local C***** Warehouse. The price... It's still cheaper than anywhere else. There is a This stuff is eco friendly, works well with high efficiency washers, it's a low-sud soap, great for my toddlers sensitive skin, and the lavender isn't too strong but still smells great. Depending on how much soap you actually use and the size of your load. The bottles are more like 50 loads than the 100 load claim on the label would suggest.


What is the best product for eco friendly laundry detergent sheets made in usa?

Eco friendly laundry detergent sheets made in usa products from Seventh Generation. In this article about eco friendly laundry detergent sheets made in usa you can see why people choose the product. Ecos and Biokleen are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly laundry detergent sheets made in usa.

What are the best brands for eco friendly laundry detergent sheets made in usa?

Seventh Generation, Ecos and Biokleen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly laundry detergent sheets made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Ecos, Sojourner and Eco-me are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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