Best Eco Friendly Loofah for Body

Loofah 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Goworth Loofahs Eco Friendly Exfoliating Colors Exfoliate

Goworth Loofahs Eco Friendly Exfoliating Colors Exfoliate

The lowest price guaranteed by Amazon. Exfoliating with a loofah is easy and can help make your skin smooth and silky. You can wash your body with a loofah and warm water. The top layer of dead skin cells can be loosened. Lathers are created from Eco-friendly materials. Their imported premium loofah material is presented in a beautiful color as well as designed, and it also creates a great lather to clean your body. Soothe Skin with Care BodyWash soap/shower gel is recommended by a Dermatologist. The size is great with a long handle. The size of their loofahs is approximately 5 inches in width and 60 grams. You can hold well and wash safe with this design. Hang with a long handle. Their loofahs have long string strong handles which are perfect for your bathroom hooks. Work with your towel rack. If you are looking for a gift for your family and friends, their colorful loofahs in 4 is the best choice. Lovers will like this.

Brand: Goworth

👤This is how loofahs should be. It's something you would expect at a high end spa. It's perfect size, perfect texture, thick and not flimsy at all. The yarn is thick and strong to hold to and hang. I didn't have to add more body wash mid-shower because it keeps an awesome lather. It was soft, yet it was wondefully. My husband loves his, it's in a "non manly" color. The extra bonus is that the bag they come in is recycled and won't collect dirt and dust. I will be buying these for all my future loofah sponge needs, they would make an excellent gift, especially for under 6bucks for 4!

👤Are they tested before they are sold? Good price and size. I had a pile of plastic mesh after just 2 showers. I took some string and tied it tightly together, the way it should have been done in the factory, as a fix for the remaining ones.

👤I've bought loofahs for 15 years, but never in all of them have they been broken within 7 days of use. Within 10 days, 2 of the loofahs broke. What kind of garbage is this? I've always bought the more expensive ones that are 5 bucks each, and they last the full 30 days. I'll buy those from Walgreeens or Bed Bath and Beyond.

👤I saw some reviews that said they untangled, but I've been using just one of the 4 since November 2020 and it hasn't untangled, loosened, or stretched out at all. My partner uses that one. I have no complaints since it's the same as the first time. You can scrub it really hard without it making my skin red, but this one doesn't. I can't wrap my hands around it without having to squeeze it, my partner can do that, but I have small hands. I'll probably buy these again once we're done with all of them, which seems like it will be at least a year since the first two are still in peak condition.

👤I only used one of the loofahs for a week and it has fallen apart. If it lasts for a week, I will not be buying again and will expect a full refund. Completely unacceptable.

👤This is the second time I have purchaced this item. I loved them for the first time. The second order is not good, they fall apart after a few uses. I ordered these months ago and started using them a month ago. I need to find another brand. I was disappointed that I didn't like the first ones I received.

👤These are a decent size and have held up well. I used up a few before I used them, but I am very happy I bought them. I started using one a month ago. It is still holding up well. It has a generous amount of body wash and the robe is still in the buff. There is a The bag is cute. I know you can find these in stores for a dollar a piece, but these INM HO have held up better than the dollar ones. I will probably order again when these are no longer needed.

2. Lulu Essentials Natural Loofah Friendly

Lulu Essentials Natural Loofah Friendly

Premium quality LOOFAH PADS - (4 Pack) Large size natural scrub grooming increases surface circulation. The elasticized straps on the sponges slip over your hand for optimal handling. An anti-fray border around the edging and hanging loop speed drying. IDEAL FOR DAILY USE results in softer, smoother, more polished-looking skin. The gift-pack is made of bio-degradable packaging. These plants can easily be composted.

Brand: Lulu Essentials

👤This is a great deal to get a 4-pack of loofahs for the price. I've been buying loofahs for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the loofahs swelled up once they got wet. You end up with a loofah that lathers up nicely. I will order more.

👤I usually don't leave reviews but these are terrible. I gave the first one the benefit of the doubt and used 2 so I couldn't return them, but they are hard as a rock. I feel like I am cleansing myself with a rock even with continued use and plenty of water and soap. The back strap snapped off. Never buying again. Don't waste your money.

👤I have never used a loofah before. I love this. I saw some that looked like balls. I wanted something that was easy to hold. These ones fit the bill. My skin felt great after using it. The value is great. I will be buying them again when they are thrown away. Thanks for the great product. It's not rough on your skin.

👤The first one I used lasted a month and then it started cracking. I tossed the first one because I thought I still had many. The scrub part cracked open and left debris everywhere. I'm on my third one. Definitely not buying again. They are made in China so they are not green.

👤The company is responsive. They kept me informed when the product arrived. The loofah pads are easy to use. A 4-pack is a great value. The cloth strap is soft and can be used to keep it from falling off your hand. I use the loop when I'm done and just hang it on my shower attachment for the next time. I will buy this product again.

👤These were purchased to replace plastic loofah. The sponge is very rough for sensitive skin after soaking in hot water. It has softened, but not as quickly as I 888-276-5932 The elastic band on the backside was ripped.

👤I received these on March 6th and have already gone through 2 because they have started to turn blue/black in the inside, which to me looks likebacteria. I hang it dry after each use. I was hoping they would last a month.

👤I got these because I wanted something more relaxing. I was tired of using the Agave fiber wash cloths. The little loop to hang it and stretchy handle are both useful features, so far, but it scrubs well, rinses well, and is handy features. It's easier to use than a whole natural loofah because the loofah part puffs up once it's hydrated. I've only been using this for a month, but it's held up well and seems sturdy.

👤The product I purchased was not what I was expecting. It was very rough on my skin and didn't lather well. It didn't work for me because I have sensitive skin, but once I contacted the company they were amazing at helping me out. They sent me a different product that was more suited to my needs and they were easy to deal with. The seller was a positive one and the original product wasn't for me. I would highly recommend doing business with more companies like them.

3. Natural Exfoliating Egyption Scrubber Biodegradable

Natural Exfoliating Egyption Scrubber Biodegradable

The Joory Exfoliating loofah body scrubbers can be used in the shower or bath. The bath sponges gently remove dead cells and dirt from the skin. From the shower, you should have clean, soft and lustrous looking skin. The 3-pack bath robes are constructed with anti-fray edge tapes, palm straps and soft cotton backing pads. Both men and women can wash their bodies with fewer passes with the thoughtfully sized bath sponges. 100% Egyptian Lingo is natural and treated with chemicals. Eco-friendly loofah is an alternative to plastic shower scrubbers. They promote skin moisturization to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Joory Body Loofah Shower Sponges are for women and men. Lifting away dirt and makeup is one of the things that stimulates circulation. They make your skin more receptive to beauty products. Women and men can carry their shower loofah bath scrubbers in a carry bag. While on vacation, maintain your skin care regimen at home. Joory Biodegradable Sponges are essential for bathing.

Brand: Joory

👤Adding a body wash to my loofah makes a big difference in showering. It's happening everywhere. The texture is stimulating. I will never use a wash cloth again. This is a lifetime use and I will be ordering more. It gives you the feeling of bathing off dirt and grease on your body. You feel very clean after showering. Happy to have found you on Amazon.

👤I couldn't even use it for my body, I touched it to my skin, and it was useless for anything other than the bottom of my feet. It feels like plastic. I like a deep cleanse. I couldn't use this on my body.

👤I don't hate that it's bigger than I expected. I don't feel like I'm getting my feet wet when they're soft. It starts to smell after about 2 weeks of use, even after squeezing all the water out. I can't smell it when I'm in the shower, but I can smell it when I'm outside. You get three. If it gets unbearable, then use a different one. The company says that only one seed has been gotten so far. I don't think it's necessary to use the soft side, it almost isn't necessary.

👤I have tried a lot of loofahs and they have worked well. I haven't had them in a while, but I can tell they are durable, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. In the future, definitley would consider ordering them again.

👤When it was time to replace the loofah, it was sold out. I was hesitant to buy another brand, but I was happy when these arrived. It expands with water and holds soap and suds. Some can be rough on the loofah side. The side of the washcloth is soft. Unbeatable value at this price.

👤The company did a good job of including a little insert explaining how to use, the benefits of using, and a few other tips to help you with using an all-natural product. We don't know if this is intentional or not, but these are made in Egypt and whoever filled our order put 3 different levels of loofah stiffness. If you want 3 of the same power, you may want to request it in your order.

👤It is a must add to your bath routine. Takes a small amount of soap to start. Your skin will thank you.

👤My daughters and I shared this purchase. We have used the loofah every day for a spa treatment. Excellent price and product.

4. Natural Egyptian Shower Loofah Sponge

Natural Egyptian Shower Loofah Sponge

Rejuvenation of the skin on the face with the Natural Lufa Sponge will make it look younger. Their gentle exfoliants remove dead surface cells, promoting hydration and absorption of your skin care products. SuperIOR EGYPTIAN LOOFAH is a 100% natural and Eco-friendly sponge that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Egyptian loufa has a looser weave for exceptional lather and soapiness. Their luffa sponges are natural for body care and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkling. Their large loofah body scrubber sponges cover more of your body with each pass than smaller Chinese loofahs. This makes shower loofah sponges ideal for men, women and children of all body types. The ALMOONI 3-Pack Shower Loofah Sponges are a thoughtful way to treat friends or loved ones to a relaxing spa experience in the privacy of their homes.

Brand: Almooni

👤A free travel loofah and a great quality fabric bag are included. The product is received flat and dry, but soaking it in water will turn it into a normal loofah. There is a string to hang it. Will buy it again. The photo shows a 1$ bill. If you like the review, please vote it helpful.

👤This can't be real loofah. I think I could be wrong. They look like synthetic material. It is very rough and painful to use. They won't get any softer, so you could soak them all day. They are too large to hold and use. The skin is burned like sand paper by the fibers. It was a bad experience. I have used loofah for a long time and it always felt softer than this stuff, but not these things. I have never heard of loofah being flat as a pancake. I know loofah gets even softer when wet, but it doesn't expand as much as it should. I've worked with gourds for years and have never seen loofah like this before. The size and thickness of the loofah gourd's shell are what determines its classification as a loofah gourd. The centers are machine made and not a natural plant, but they are the same size and shape as the faux material. I wouldn't give these to anyone. They go to the garbage. I won't be ordering them again. I bought several nice loofahs from Tuesday Morning's store for far less. I don't recommend this product.

👤I had to try to buy these based on the FAKESPOT rating. I'm used to the roundish loofah, so I was surprised they showed up flat. The loofah was huge upon first use. It's probably bigger than I need, but it's soft and luxurious right away. It's not rough, but if you're not used to abrasive, exfoliating cloths like those from Japan or Morocco, or prefer a fluffy, synthetic shower puff, this product may take some getting used to. After it was wet, there was a weird smell. I received a follow up email about the possibility of a smell and black loofah seeds in the sponge, both of which are not to worry about. I have a giant soft loofah that I love using and I will give it to our overnight guests. I don't usually write many reviews, but this is a really lovely product that will make you and your guests feel better.

👤A picture shows a packaging that was unused and expanded after being wet. I wouldn't say this. This brought me to tears. After the first use, my skin felt great. The texture, smells and product expectations of the card they sent was perfect. It is large and exceeded my expectations. I wish I had seen this before. The smell of these made me nostalgic as a little girl. There is a The thank you card and small gift that I received was unexpected but a great customer experience touch. I will be looking to purchase other products from them.

5. Ecotools Friendly Cleansing Exfoliation Smoother

Ecotools Friendly Cleansing Exfoliation Smoother

Adults, women, and men can enjoy their shower or bath with the body sponges. The EcoTools loofah body sponge is made to fit in the palm for precise and controlled exfoliation. While scrubbing skin, focus on rough areas such as knees and elbows. Use with your favorite body washes, scrubs, and body washes. It is gentle on the skin. A textured material is used to remove dead skin cells. Spa quality bath and skincare products!

Brand: Ecotools

👤Great product, but you need liquid soap. Liquid soap comes in plastic bottles. In my CA county, plastic is no longer collected for recycle because it is being shipped to China for recycling, where it isn't being recycled at all. Is it going to be dumped in the Pacific? Purchase bar soap and cotton washcloths. The loofah sponges are fine, but they are bad for the planet.

👤I needed a new option for my plastic loofah but these were too rough. I have no sensitive skin and left my arms and legs red. It was very hard to use after multiple uses. I keep them for the purpose of removing the bottoms of my feet.

👤This came in a pack of three. loofahs are the only way I feel clean and I love using them on my skin. I have used other loofahs, but this one seemed a bit harder. It took longer to use it even after soaking it for a longer time. The loofah stayed intact longer than others, which is a plus.

👤The loofah sponge is the best in class and long life holding their sturdy shape giving you a wonderful cleansing. If you love loofah, this is the only place you can get 3 sponges at a price of around 10 dollars.

👤I wouldn't call this an luffa. I say what I mean with a grain of salt. I use a soft Spong inside of a bag and it is very tough. I would have ordered it again but it fell apart too quickly. There is a This luffa may be good for someone who is just starting to remove dead skin cells or someone who doesn't want a harsh product.

👤The loofah was advertised as recyclable. It was in plastic wrap. Not very eco friendly. Solid soaps don't lather. Was expecting more from this loofah. Especially in the ECO department.

👤These things are made of bricks. Trying to use them when they are wet is awkward. They didn't lather up because they didn't soften up correctly. I tried one for a few showers and was not impressed. Returned.

👤I'm not sure why I was surprised, but they ship flat and expand to the full roundness when you get them wet. They do what you get a loofah to do, and they aren't overly harsh on my skin.

👤The title of the product says "rich lather" and "gentle exfoliation", but for me it's not true. I have to use a lot of soap to get it to soak in, otherwise it will just come off with the water. I've been using this for a little over a month, and when I first started using it, it was very rough and inflexible, and had a very off chemical scent to it. The scent has gone away as time has passed, and it has become a little more flexible. There is no advertised gentle exfoliation. Sometimes I get cuts and scratches from scrubbing at an incorrect angle. I don't apply pressure or scrub it, but it's still rough and sometimes a little painful. I don't have sensitive skin which makes it worse. I appreciate that I am using a product that is eco-friendly.

6. Ecotools Delicate Cleansing Exfoliation Smoother

Ecotools Delicate Cleansing Exfoliation Smoother

Shower Prussia: The shower loofah is made from recycled netting to remove dead skin cells for a healthy glow. Hang to dry. While traveling or at home, their vegan bath and spa tools are designed to help you relax. Try their products, including body brushes, sleep masks, and loofahs. Face forward. EcoTools has a full range of high-quality spa tools, makeup brushes, sponges, and lip balms. EcoTools provides high quality, eco friendly makeup brushes, sponges, brush cleaners, spa products, face and body care products made of recycled aluminum and plastic with renewable bamboo. They donate to The Girl Project to support women's empowerment and to help them become the best version of themselves, because of the power of beauty.

Brand: Ecotools

👤I've been looking for a pouf that isn't too soft and feels better. This one was very close to perfect. If you like the super soft ones, this isn't the one for you. This is the best one I've found that doesn't require a lot of scrubbing. I used to get a bath pouf from this brand at my local Kroger's. They changed them to a softer brand and I hated them. I was so excited when I found these that I thought I had found them again. I thought they were the ones when I felt dry skin after they arrived. They are the closest I have found, but once they get wet and add soap they don't feel as good as the old ones. I think it's a little too big for me, but for now I'm going to go with these since they seem to have stopped making the other ones.

👤They're pretty and are a nice blend of soft and exfoliating, but they fall apart quickly. They began to fall apart after a few showers. The loofahs they have online are vastly different in quality than the ones they provide. We won't be buying them again.

👤Listen. I ordered new loofahs in January. I was trying to figure out why my skin was peeling after a shower. If I hadn't accidentally ordered the loofahs for sensitive skin, I would have known about it. I had been using Eco loofahs for years and didn't know they made a difference. I know now. I gave the sensitive skin loofahs to my roommate, and a week later my skin was clear and I had never had a blackheads before. The loofah is a great product. Y'all, thanks!

👤These are my favorite exfoliants. I like the moderate exfoliating poufs. I found a older one that said "smooth & polish." They are not too harsh on the skin and not soft. When they arrived, the tag said they provided moderate exfoliation, yet they feel exactly like the ones I wanted. Some of the others in the same brand name are too harsh on the skin for me. They are very happy with them and recommend them. Keep an eye on it. Ecotools makes a number of changes to the pouf, including a more rough, scratchy, moderate, and very soft one. Some varieties are not available on Amazon. I found the soft ones at Target.

👤I have always been very picky about which loofahs I buy. I found this brand for double the price at Sprouts. I can get more than one for a couple dollars more here. The loofah is thick enough to scratch my skin in the shower. By far my favorite!

👤I'm satisfied with the product. I'd tried an ecotools loofah a few months ago and was impressed by how sudsy it was, how well it regenerated, and how gentle it was. After it was used up, I turned to other brands until I found these on Amazon. I received all 6 of the delicate 6-pack, unlike some other reviewers. I like these replacements the most. They are gentle on the skin. I've used mine for 3 weeks and haven't had any issues. These do not lather as well as my original one. I used my old one to apply body wash once, lathered, scrubbed my body, and was able to do a second scrub without adding any additional body wash because there was so much lather left. I need to replace my body wash twice as fast because I have to apply new one for the second scrub. I bought the same body wash last year. I'm still working on it. There is a I think the performance is good. I've tried many brands and ecotools has one of the best balances between gentleness and effective exfoliation. The lathering isn't as good as I had hoped, so I'm removing a star.

7. BAIMEI Exfoliating Exfoliator Cleaning Scrubber

BAIMEI Exfoliating Exfoliator Cleaning Scrubber

There are two different colour sponges included. The bath sponge is easy to drain out. The bath sponge makes the skin feel moist. The loofah body scrubber sponges hold soap. Apply body wash on the sponge and massage it to create suds. Allow the bath sponge to air dry and wash after each use. The bath sponge can dry nicely if there is a string on it. They recommend rinsing the luffa sponge completely and hanging it to dry to keep it clean.

Brand: Baimei

👤Please soak it! They expand a lot. These sponges were what I was looking for. They feel luxurious once soaked and expanded. I have dry skin and haven't felt pampered in a long time. My skin was soft and smooth, and the sudsing made me feel like I was using a spa product. If you are looking for something less scratchy than other sponges and not all plastic, you can go wrong here. You should not judge them by the packaging. Some reviews complain about how thin and hard they are. Sponges are like night and day on size and texture, and can compress more than you think. Give them a chance!

👤When they are new they are too rough and when they get old they are too soft. I have tried those sponges and they don't lather. The sponge is perfect. It is rough and perfect for removing dead skin cells. It is squishy like a car sponge. I lather up well. I have been using the perfect size for about a month and it looks and feels the same as the first day.

👤I expected them to be smaller, but they are larger than I expected. The sponges seem to break in when I use them. I like them and would probably buy again. These are better than the plastic loofahs that fall apart quickly. These feel better on the skin. I can still tell that I am getting some skin care products.

👤Great sponges! I don't know about longevity yet. I guess I can update later. They are a good price for a dual pack. I don't see the sponge type in the store. I thought online would do fine. I like to scrub dead skin off with them. I like that they are close knit so they don't catch hair easily. They arrived flat with the air sucked out of them, but they fluffed up just fine.

👤This is soft and holds a lot of soap. I only need one pump of body wash for my entire shower, which is half of what I used to use. I felt a clean after.

👤The product description and photos are correct. They were vacuum packed so they looked thin before opening the package. They quickly grew to be large. The soap is held for a strong lather. Look like they will hold up. My use has been limited. I would recommend.

👤These bath sponges are very absorbent. My regular loofah wasn't helping remove my winter skin, so I've been trying to get my skin cleaned. If you have sensitive skin like me, I suggest rubbing the sponge across your body in slow to medium circles. I will review more on the durability after a month.

👤I have been using this for a while now and I am very happy with it. Not too rough or soft. It's textured enough for daily exfoliation. Very happy with it.

👤PRO 1 is the number. The sponge gives light exfoliation. The rough texture is light and won't dry out your skin. You can feel the removal of dead skin on some areas, but not on others. The texture is similar to a sponge. There is a PRO 2. It's the same thing. It's a large sponge that can cover your whole body. There is a PRO 3. It's the same thing. Storage is easy because it is compressed. When it arrives, you have to open it and wait for it to fluff up, but it looks exactly as pictured. CON 1 The parts were ripped after the first use. The holes are in the picture. They are not a huge issue as they are tiny pieces. CON 2 is the second one. I have trouble with the lather. It makes a lot of soap bubbles. I have to squeeze the soap onto my body. It's not a big deal for me. Maybe I need to try different soaps.

8. Ruitorly Scrubber Exfoliating Eco Friendly Non Scratch

Ruitorly Scrubber Exfoliating Eco Friendly Non Scratch

The sponges/scrubbers are made of organic luffa vegetables and come with a recyclable packaging. Luffa materials are easy to care for. The luffa sponge could be used for many functions, based on the 100% natural characteristics of the material. The body scrubbers are perfect to use after a long day to clean the skin and make it smooth. The kitchen shears are durable. Natural loofah can be used in the kitchen. The luffa sponge is a perfect kitchen sponge for cleaning cookware, countertops, sink and mirrors. The organic luffa materials are hard enough to clean hard stains, but soft enough to not scratch. They are very fast to dry. Each luffa sponge has a loop in the top that can be hung in a dry place to keep it clean. You can cut it into smaller pieces for cleaning. Each package had 5 sponges. CARING TACTIC: The luffa sponge should be soaked under warm water for 8 minutes to absorb the water. Hola! You will get a bigger luffa sponge.

Brand: Ruitorly

👤An excellent exfoliant. I don't smell weird. It doesn't smell if you use soap and rehydrate it. Surprisingly, it lathers pretty well. It was enough.

👤I did not receive all the pieces in the package, and the ones I did receive looked gross.

9. Egyptian Natural Scrubber Premium Exfoliating

Egyptian Natural Scrubber Premium Exfoliating

Naturally safe and non toxic. There are harmful chemicals in synthetic shower poufs. Crafts Of Egypt luffa sponges are all natural and eco-friendly. Softer yet more effective. Forget the Chinese loofahs. These Egyptian vegan body loofa scrubbers are gentle on dead, dry skin. Why settle for chintzy puffs that fall apart quickly? These sponges are made for long-term use. Simply hang to dry after Pop in the dishwasher. With their soft texture, Crafts Of Egypt loofahs help cleanse the skin and promote healthy circulation. Do you not like your loofah scrubber sponges? You can return unused loofas for a full refund or free replacement. No questions were asked.

Brand: Craftsofegypt

👤I've been using plastic loofahs for all my life and this is a mind-blowing upgrade. I was shocked to learn that loofahs are made from loofahs, and that a "loofah" is an actual thing that grows. It's better in every way. Bigger, stronger, more scrunier. A lot less scrubbing. A simple pass is all you need. I might save the seeds from the other two and try to grow a loofah. I can't believe you can grow these.

👤It was flat when it arrived. It became a scrubby loofah after water was added. Absolutely love it. I used it in the shower last night and it was clean and smooth. When it is wet, it becomes soft. I don't recommend if you have sensitive skin. It is on the rougher side. Next to a regular loofah is a picture of the size.

👤There were brown unknown particles inside the loofa when I was soaking it. I assumed they were bugs, but I am not sure what it is. It might be a big thing that is made of something that looks like a bug. I hope I can get my money back. Gross suppositions.

👤These loofahs are an alternative to plastic loofahs. It is still rough on my skin despite being soaked before use. I love loofahs that remove dead skin cells, but this product felt like tears in my skin. When I washed my body, it didn't feel like a nice, comfortable, exfoliant, but more like a piece of paper, and my skin was stinging in the same way that it would when you cut yourself with a razor. It was difficult to make a lather. I don't recommend this product.

👤This is one of the best loofah's I've ever used. The dead skin was scrubbed away. It would be great if it could come in the cloths packing without the plastic bag inside for environmental concerns, and you could soak it for 15 minutes.

👤I replaced the bath sponge with these loofah and they are great. My husband likes it. You get a gentle exfoliation when they lather very well. Before using, soak them in water for 15 minutes. I like the fact that they are natural and can be composted at the end. They came in a set of 3, but one was very thin compared to the other two which were thick. Consistency is not expected in nature. It came with a seed. I didn't mind it. I smiled when I found the seed. I'm using the thin one. Will definitely do that!

👤I love this! I want to take better care of my skin. It's definitely more gentle on your lady bits. After soaking, the sponge gets to the perfect size. I felt better after showering.

👤These are very high quality and can be used for a long time. I have a job that requires me to shower and scrub. I work very hard after work. I've tried everything. I use these 3X faster to clean. I get off the dead skin and all the dirt with them. I can't live without them. These are the only things that get me as clean as these. I don't mind getting dirty at work if it pays well. I can't sit on my furniture until after the shower. Love staying clean at home.

10. FRTIM Natural Friendly Exfoliating Scrubbers

FRTIM Natural Friendly Exfoliating Scrubbers

Loofah Sponges Loofah 3.8-4.6"(L) * 2.4- 3"(D) Natural products have the same size and color as each piece. It's a little different but it doesn't affect its use. The difference is allowed. LUFFA comes in a vacuum sealed bag. Bath loofah shower sponges are a great substitute for plastic sponges. Exfoliant body scrubbers for men and women can deep clean the body, remove dead skin, surface oil, and promote blood circulation, making it feel cleaner and refreshed. Luba sponge is used as a scrubbing tool. When washing dishes, remove oil quickly and avoid leaving harmful chemical remnants. It's used for soaps and flowerpots. It is easy to use and maintain. Before using, rinse and soak in warm water for a few minutes to make the shower puff softer. Hang and dry it after using to ensure natural sponge's long-time use. Hang it in a place that has enough air. Natural loofah sponge is made of natural loofah, non-toxic, unbleached and non-chemical. Natural luffa is an eco-friendly product with a loose weave. Some black seeds may have been washed and dried by hand. The seeds emerge when you soak in water.

Brand: Frtim

👤They are flattened. It was wet. It puffed up. They smell good and are real loofah. When you open the package, are you all confused?

👤The containers are 6 pieces. I received three. I saw this complaint in a previous review and thought it was a one off issue. Apparently not. The pictured items have a rope loop so the loofa can be hung to dry. The product I received was not what I received. It was a very disappointing experience.

👤Not happy with these. They were not as flat as in the photo.

👤I ordered six and three. The loofahs are great, but I wish I had ordered more.

👤To the point of falling apart, the loofas are not hard or rough. They make suds, gently wash the skin, and rinse easily.

👤I didn't like the loofahs that were on my skin.

👤After a few uses, they are very hard to use. I've been using one for about two weeks and it is very rough. My skin burns after I use them.

👤The loofah is well made, but it is too small to fit in your body. They work well for the bottom of your feet.

11. Loofah Exfoliating Shower Sponge Brush

Loofah Exfoliating Shower Sponge Brush

Both men and women can benefit from the luxury bath and shower sponge mesh puff. The shower sponge poufs are soft and fully recyclable. The sponge is soft enough for daily use. The nylon cloth fabric works well for soap lathering and removing dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin. Use their cloths with your cleanser. They will make a thick lather while you scrub away the stress of the day. The back of your legs. If you have a hard time reaching different areas of your body, these are great. A very eco-friendly and durable mesh sponge, equipped with a tight fabric tape loop, will not easily fall apart. The body bath sponges come in a pack. It is an ideal gift for friends and family. They want to make you happy and they believe in high quality customer service.

Brand: Mr.cui'shop

👤I have been looking for these for a long time. I found the right name. The arrived. I ordered 3 more bags in case I ever have trouble finding them again. A person hated the scratch. I like how clean they are when I shower. If you like a good clean and don't mind the scratching, I would recommend these to you. It was just perfect.

👤I was looking for a rougher scrubfah. I saw reviews about size but they didn't deter me as I am a small person. I would not recommend this loofah to a taller person as it is very small. It is rated 3 stars for size and possible issues.

👤I will buy these scrubby's frequently. I like that they have a coarse texture. They are not soft. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend them. They have a coarse texture but I like that about them. They maintain their texture for a month on my second one. I am enamored with this product.

👤I was very excited about these. There is a They are just like the picture, except small. There is a The shower pouf is larger than the smaller one. I will try them in the shower. Since they are so small, I don't think they will be as practical as I would like. There is a There are some shower decor. There is a The shower pouf idea is great, but it would be better if they were larger. There is a I was attracted to them because they are the same material as the clothes I use. There is a I tried it in the shower. There is a Not too rough and not too soft are some of the qualities of a great total body exfoliant. These will serve their purpose, even though they are a bit bigger.

👤I was not prepared for how well these little things would work. I had dead skin on my towel after using a shower. These are just abrasive enough to remove dead skin cells. My skin is soft and smooth. I feel comfortable using the same towel the next day. These are highly recommended.

👤I like them very much. A little soap goes a long way with these. They last a long time as well. If they were larger, they would get 5 starts.

👤I have been looking for bath sponges for a long time since Walmart no longer sells them. Gave them a try after finding them. They are absolutely perfect! They provide a good scrub in the shower. I bought another package in case they ran out.

👤I like it. It's a little rough, but once you wet the loofah it gets soft. It is smaller than other plastic loofahs. It's a good knock off brand like Earth Therapeutic Super loofah that you can get from the store, and it's a great alternative if you want to go plastic free.


What is the best product for eco friendly loofah for body?

Eco friendly loofah for body products from Goworth. In this article about eco friendly loofah for body you can see why people choose the product. Lulu Essentials and Joory are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly loofah for body.

What are the best brands for eco friendly loofah for body?

Goworth, Lulu Essentials and Joory are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly loofah for body. Find the detail in this article. Almooni, Ecotools and Ecotools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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