Best Eco Friendly Loofah Sponge

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1. Egyptian Natural Scrubber Premium Exfoliating

Egyptian Natural Scrubber Premium Exfoliating

Naturally safe and non toxic. There are harmful chemicals in synthetic shower poufs. Crafts Of Egypt luffa sponges are all natural and eco-friendly. Softer yet more effective. Forget the Chinese loofahs. These Egyptian vegan body loofa scrubbers are gentle on dead, dry skin. Why settle for chintzy puffs that fall apart quickly? These sponges are made for long-term use. Simply hang to dry after Pop in the dishwasher. With their soft texture, Crafts Of Egypt loofahs help cleanse the skin and promote healthy circulation. Do you not like your loofah scrubber sponges? You can return unused loofas for a full refund or free replacement. No questions were asked.

Brand: Craftsofegypt

👤I've been using plastic loofahs for all my life and this is a mind-blowing upgrade. I was shocked to learn that loofahs are made from loofahs, and that a "loofah" is an actual thing that grows. It's better in every way. Bigger, stronger, more scrunier. A lot less scrubbing. A simple pass is all you need. I might save the seeds from the other two and try to grow a loofah. I can't believe you can grow these.

👤It was flat when it arrived. It became a scrubby loofah after water was added. Absolutely love it. I used it in the shower last night and it was clean and smooth. When it is wet, it becomes soft. I don't recommend if you have sensitive skin. It is on the rougher side. Next to a regular loofah is a picture of the size.

👤There were brown unknown particles inside the loofa when I was soaking it. I assumed they were bugs, but I am not sure what it is. It might be a big thing that is made of something that looks like a bug. I hope I can get my money back. Gross suppositions.

👤These loofahs are an alternative to plastic loofahs. It is still rough on my skin despite being soaked before use. I love loofahs that remove dead skin cells, but this product felt like tears in my skin. When I washed my body, it didn't feel like a nice, comfortable, exfoliant, but more like a piece of paper, and my skin was stinging in the same way that it would when you cut yourself with a razor. It was difficult to make a lather. I don't recommend this product.

👤This is one of the best loofah's I've ever used. The dead skin was scrubbed away. It would be great if it could come in the cloths packing without the plastic bag inside for environmental concerns, and you could soak it for 15 minutes.

👤I replaced the bath sponge with these loofah and they are great. My husband likes it. You get a gentle exfoliation when they lather very well. Before using, soak them in water for 15 minutes. I like the fact that they are natural and can be composted at the end. They came in a set of 3, but one was very thin compared to the other two which were thick. Consistency is not expected in nature. It came with a seed. I didn't mind it. I smiled when I found the seed. I'm using the thin one. Will definitely do that!

👤I love this! I want to take better care of my skin. It's definitely more gentle on your lady bits. After soaking, the sponge gets to the perfect size. I felt better after showering.

👤These are very high quality and can be used for a long time. I have a job that requires me to shower and scrub. I work very hard after work. I've tried everything. I use these 3X faster to clean. I get off the dead skin and all the dirt with them. I can't live without them. These are the only things that get me as clean as these. I don't mind getting dirty at work if it pays well. I can't sit on my furniture until after the shower. Love staying clean at home.

2. Ecotools Delicate Cleansing Exfoliation Smoother

Ecotools Delicate Cleansing Exfoliation Smoother

Shower Prussia: The shower loofah is made from recycled netting to remove dead skin cells for a healthy glow. Hang to dry. While traveling or at home, their vegan bath and spa tools are designed to help you relax. Try their products, including body brushes, sleep masks, and loofahs. Face forward. EcoTools has a full range of high-quality spa tools, makeup brushes, sponges, and lip balms. EcoTools provides high quality, eco friendly makeup brushes, sponges, brush cleaners, spa products, face and body care products made of recycled aluminum and plastic with renewable bamboo. They donate to The Girl Project to support women's empowerment and to help them become the best version of themselves, because of the power of beauty.

Brand: Ecotools

👤I've been looking for a pouf that isn't too soft and feels better. This one was very close to perfect. If you like the super soft ones, this isn't the one for you. This is the best one I've found that doesn't require a lot of scrubbing. I used to get a bath pouf from this brand at my local Kroger's. They changed them to a softer brand and I hated them. I was so excited when I found these that I thought I had found them again. I thought they were the ones when I felt dry skin after they arrived. They are the closest I have found, but once they get wet and add soap they don't feel as good as the old ones. I think it's a little too big for me, but for now I'm going to go with these since they seem to have stopped making the other ones.

👤They're pretty and are a nice blend of soft and exfoliating, but they fall apart quickly. They began to fall apart after a few showers. The loofahs they have online are vastly different in quality than the ones they provide. We won't be buying them again.

👤Listen. I ordered new loofahs in January. I was trying to figure out why my skin was peeling after a shower. If I hadn't accidentally ordered the loofahs for sensitive skin, I would have known about it. I had been using Eco loofahs for years and didn't know they made a difference. I know now. I gave the sensitive skin loofahs to my roommate, and a week later my skin was clear and I had never had a blackheads before. The loofah is a great product. Y'all, thanks!

👤These are my favorite exfoliants. I like the moderate exfoliating poufs. I found a older one that said "smooth & polish." They are not too harsh on the skin and not soft. When they arrived, the tag said they provided moderate exfoliation, yet they feel exactly like the ones I wanted. Some of the others in the same brand name are too harsh on the skin for me. They are very happy with them and recommend them. Keep an eye on it. Ecotools makes a number of changes to the pouf, including a more rough, scratchy, moderate, and very soft one. Some varieties are not available on Amazon. I found the soft ones at Target.

👤I have always been very picky about which loofahs I buy. I found this brand for double the price at Sprouts. I can get more than one for a couple dollars more here. The loofah is thick enough to scratch my skin in the shower. By far my favorite!

👤I'm satisfied with the product. I'd tried an ecotools loofah a few months ago and was impressed by how sudsy it was, how well it regenerated, and how gentle it was. After it was used up, I turned to other brands until I found these on Amazon. I received all 6 of the delicate 6-pack, unlike some other reviewers. I like these replacements the most. They are gentle on the skin. I've used mine for 3 weeks and haven't had any issues. These do not lather as well as my original one. I used my old one to apply body wash once, lathered, scrubbed my body, and was able to do a second scrub without adding any additional body wash because there was so much lather left. I need to replace my body wash twice as fast because I have to apply new one for the second scrub. I bought the same body wash last year. I'm still working on it. There is a I think the performance is good. I've tried many brands and ecotools has one of the best balances between gentleness and effective exfoliation. The lathering isn't as good as I had hoped, so I'm removing a star.

3. Natural Egyptian Shower Loofah Sponge

Natural Egyptian Shower Loofah Sponge

Rejuvenation of the skin on the face with the Natural Lufa Sponge will make it look younger. Their gentle exfoliants remove dead surface cells, promoting hydration and absorption of your skin care products. SuperIOR EGYPTIAN LOOFAH is a 100% natural and Eco-friendly sponge that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Egyptian loufa has a looser weave for exceptional lather and soapiness. Their luffa sponges are natural for body care and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkling. Their large loofah body scrubber sponges cover more of your body with each pass than smaller Chinese loofahs. This makes shower loofah sponges ideal for men, women and children of all body types. The ALMOONI 3-Pack Shower Loofah Sponges are a thoughtful way to treat friends or loved ones to a relaxing spa experience in the privacy of their homes.

Brand: Almooni

👤A free travel loofah and a great quality fabric bag are included. The product is received flat and dry, but soaking it in water will turn it into a normal loofah. There is a string to hang it. Will buy it again. The photo shows a 1$ bill. If you like the review, please vote it helpful.

👤This can't be real loofah. I think I could be wrong. They look like synthetic material. It is very rough and painful to use. They won't get any softer, so you could soak them all day. They are too large to hold and use. The skin is burned like sand paper by the fibers. It was a bad experience. I have used loofah for a long time and it always felt softer than this stuff, but not these things. I have never heard of loofah being flat as a pancake. I know loofah gets even softer when wet, but it doesn't expand as much as it should. I've worked with gourds for years and have never seen loofah like this before. The size and thickness of the loofah gourd's shell are what determines its classification as a loofah gourd. The centers are machine made and not a natural plant, but they are the same size and shape as the faux material. I wouldn't give these to anyone. They go to the garbage. I won't be ordering them again. I bought several nice loofahs from Tuesday Morning's store for far less. I don't recommend this product.

👤I had to try to buy these based on the FAKESPOT rating. I'm used to the roundish loofah, so I was surprised they showed up flat. The loofah was huge upon first use. It's probably bigger than I need, but it's soft and luxurious right away. It's not rough, but if you're not used to abrasive, exfoliating cloths like those from Japan or Morocco, or prefer a fluffy, synthetic shower puff, this product may take some getting used to. After it was wet, there was a weird smell. I received a follow up email about the possibility of a smell and black loofah seeds in the sponge, both of which are not to worry about. I have a giant soft loofah that I love using and I will give it to our overnight guests. I don't usually write many reviews, but this is a really lovely product that will make you and your guests feel better.

👤A picture shows a packaging that was unused and expanded after being wet. I wouldn't say this. This brought me to tears. After the first use, my skin felt great. The texture, smells and product expectations of the card they sent was perfect. It is large and exceeded my expectations. I wish I had seen this before. The smell of these made me nostalgic as a little girl. There is a The thank you card and small gift that I received was unexpected but a great customer experience touch. I will be looking to purchase other products from them.

4. Exfoliating Eco Friendly Biodegradable Naturally Exfoliates

Exfoliating Eco Friendly Biodegradable Naturally Exfoliates

The package includes a natural loofah sponge, soap saver pouch, and shower hook, all in a small and light package. The organic natural loofah is sun-dried, skin-friendly, soft, and chemical-free. The loofah is made from plants. It is an organic sponge. The soft loofah is made by traditional crafts and has a soft texture that leaves your skin rejuvenated and more receptive to lotion. To achieve the effect of use, immerse it in warm water. They make your skin more receptive to beauty products. The lanyard on the top is designed to keep dry after bathing. They strive to provide the finest products, service for a great experience for you. If you have a question, just contact them, the WAVEBEEXS team will answer it within 24 hours.

Brand: Wavebeexs

👤I had these loofahs hanging in my shower on the hook for 14 days, and I noticed that both sofas were black. They were growing mold in the shower. It seems like a loofah is made to be wet and in the shower. The two were thrown away, complete waste of my money.

👤These sponges are hard to use after many months of use. The skin is very harsh. I've used loofahs before and they're much more gentle on the skin. You're getting ripped off because of the size and quality of the sponges.

👤I can use it across my body, but it is a bit more coarse than I like. The little elastic handle piece is in the way and it is the reason it is getting 4 stars. I flip it to the side I am not using.

👤The shower loofahs are perfect. Theloofah bag was included and I loved it.

👤As a rock and fries are curled up, loofah sponge stays hard. It does not uncurl. I've never purchased a worse loofah sponge.

👤The first use was great, but continuous use made it softer each time. I had it for a month. I need to replace it.

👤It's waste! It was hung to dry. We are black and discolored the next day. The rough texture doesn't change at all. I felt like I was washing a tree branch.

👤I'm very pleased with the product. I will buy them for my family.

5. Scrubbers Biodegradable Plastic Cleaning Sponges

Scrubbers Biodegradable Plastic Cleaning Sponges

Two refill bottles of each cleaner are included. Each cleaning Pod makes 168oz of cleaner. Greytwig is making homes eco. The eco sister of their Australian brand is Grey twig. Kitchen scrubbers, kitchen scrub sponges, kitchen sponges for dishes and kitchen bench surfaces, scrubber sponge, and dish sponges are all used in the kitchen. The set of sponges and scrubbers can be used in the bathroom with the exception of the heavy duty loofah scrubbers. The loofah sponge is a great scrubber. The loofah pad can be used as a bath sponge, body scrubber, or whole body exfoliator. The face scrub pad is great for removing makeup and gently exfoliating at the same time. The hemp wash cloth can be used as a luxury bath wash cloth, make up removal wash towel, wash cloth for face, make up wash cloth, or exfoliant face cloth. Looking for a great gift for someone who has everything? This set is a perfect gift for mothers day or birthday. Eco Friendly scrubbers and sponges can be washed in the washing machine. They should be dry on the clothes line. The wooden dish brush, dishwashing sponge set and loofah scouring pad are presented in a cute bag.

Brand: Greytwig

👤I like to use natural sponges, cloths and colors similar to nature in my kitchen, which is a minimalist, organic and natural style. I decided to purchase the bundle because it looked nice in my kitchen. I didn't think I'd be so enamored with a kitchen cleaning set. I feel like a dork. I am very fond of this set. The neutral colors and organic look of these make my kitchen look like the way I want it to look. I will never go back to those sponges again. Even though I haven't used all of these yet, I placed an order for my second set. Highly recommended.

👤After contacting the seller back and forth, they made it right and gifted me 2 kits for all the issues and long wait, after I had an issue with the subscription which never shipped out, they made it right and gave me 2 kits for all the issues and long wait. The kit is perfect for gifts and I love it.

👤The sponges and cloths in the kit were versatile and we loved them. There is a Each one is replaceable. We have been able to put the sponges on the drying rack. There is a The sponges are absorbent and the scrubbers are great at removing things that plant based soap can't touch. There is a I plan to buy this kit for friends who are trying to get away from single use items.

👤I am very impressed. I'll buy one for each of my extended family. Just how! They made a kitchen sponge that doesn't sour. This is the first time I've ever seen that stay fresh and not break down. Everything is well engineered and beautiful. We're forever customers.

👤I am a huge supporter of the movement and I will support the companies that make it. I was a little disappointed that the scrub ripped. I still used it, so I didn't think much of it. The hole began tearing even more. I don't think it's made of hemp, it's one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet. I would give it five stars, but I was a little disappointed that the body scrubber came riped. Don't let the review affect your decision because companies make mistakes. Everything else is smaller than expected, but the job is done.

👤This is one of my favorite purchases. The kit has sponges that are different. I bought two. There is a scrubbie for everything. I like the different colors. All around a great product.

👤These are great! There is a I didn't think there would be so many different sizes. I just put them in the laundry after many uses. I'm happy I made this purchase. I feel great when I help the planet and reduce my carbon footprint.

👤Great value! The sponges are washed and dry by me. There was a small card in the bag with pictures and descriptions of each sponge. It would have been great if there was more info on how to dispose of the materials. The packaging is not very eco friendly. The box was wrapped in tape and then put in a box by Amazon. The shop/other products were advertised with a few bits of card and the paper was not recycled.

6. Daily Shower Exfoliating Scrubbers Biodegradable

Daily Shower Exfoliating Scrubbers Biodegradable

The Egyptian loofah is made of soft material and is best for removing dead skin cells. The shower sponges that are harsh with the scrubbing are not a good choice. The loofah scrubber with no chemical-based content will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and provide a healthier and more radiant complexion. The Egyptian Body sponges are perfect for hanging, with a diameter and height of 6'' and 6.5'' respectively, and a strong attachment for hanging. The DaIly Shower luffa sponges are all-natural and eco-friendly with nothing artificial, they are ideal for men, women, and children. These loofahs can be used as back scrubber loofahs for shower, face sponges, and bath scrubbers. The Daisy Shower loofah natural can be used as a bath sponge, face sponge, and as a homemade loofah soap. You can make your own loofah soap from this large loofah, it can be used for feet as a dead skin scrubber.

Brand: Daily Shower

👤It feels great to wash them. When they get wet, they become much larger. More for large hands.

👤I have used natural loofah before and it is the best when wet.

👤I've recommended these to my family. Absolutely love how soft the skin is. It's soft enough to use on my face, but strong enough to remove dead skin from my body. The large size helps me get to my back. It was perfect.

👤There are 3 of them, and they are shaped and size 2X as large as convenient. The right degree of abrasiveness is what it takes to get rid of dead skin. Would purchase again. They may last a long time.

👤These are a gift for a girlfriend. She likes them more than the plastic scrubbers. The scrubbing material is soft and rough.

👤I bought them because they are an eco-friendly alternative. It is not very comfortable at first. It gets softer after a few uses.

👤The seller is A+ in my experience. The loofahs are better than I expected. Thank you!

👤The handles on the sponges are easy to use.

7. BAIMEI Exfoliating Exfoliator Cleaning Scrubber

BAIMEI Exfoliating Exfoliator Cleaning Scrubber

There are two different colour sponges included. The bath sponge is easy to drain out. The bath sponge makes the skin feel moist. The loofah body scrubber sponges hold soap. Apply body wash on the sponge and massage it to create suds. Allow the bath sponge to air dry and wash after each use. The bath sponge can dry nicely if there is a string on it. They recommend rinsing the luffa sponge completely and hanging it to dry to keep it clean.

Brand: Baimei

👤Please soak it! They expand a lot. These sponges were what I was looking for. They feel luxurious once soaked and expanded. I have dry skin and haven't felt pampered in a long time. My skin was soft and smooth, and the sudsing made me feel like I was using a spa product. If you are looking for something less scratchy than other sponges and not all plastic, you can go wrong here. You should not judge them by the packaging. Some reviews complain about how thin and hard they are. Sponges are like night and day on size and texture, and can compress more than you think. Give them a chance!

👤When they are new they are too rough and when they get old they are too soft. I have tried those sponges and they don't lather. The sponge is perfect. It is rough and perfect for removing dead skin cells. It is squishy like a car sponge. I lather up well. I have been using the perfect size for about a month and it looks and feels the same as the first day.

👤I expected them to be smaller, but they are larger than I expected. The sponges seem to break in when I use them. I like them and would probably buy again. These are better than the plastic loofahs that fall apart quickly. These feel better on the skin. I can still tell that I am getting some skin care products.

👤Great sponges! I don't know about longevity yet. I guess I can update later. They are a good price for a dual pack. I don't see the sponge type in the store. I thought online would do fine. I like to scrub dead skin off with them. I like that they are close knit so they don't catch hair easily. They arrived flat with the air sucked out of them, but they fluffed up just fine.

👤This is soft and holds a lot of soap. I only need one pump of body wash for my entire shower, which is half of what I used to use. I felt a clean after.

👤The product description and photos are correct. They were vacuum packed so they looked thin before opening the package. They quickly grew to be large. The soap is held for a strong lather. Look like they will hold up. My use has been limited. I would recommend.

👤These bath sponges are very absorbent. My regular loofah wasn't helping remove my winter skin, so I've been trying to get my skin cleaned. If you have sensitive skin like me, I suggest rubbing the sponge across your body in slow to medium circles. I will review more on the durability after a month.

👤I have been using this for a while now and I am very happy with it. Not too rough or soft. It's textured enough for daily exfoliation. Very happy with it.

👤PRO 1 is the number. The sponge gives light exfoliation. The rough texture is light and won't dry out your skin. You can feel the removal of dead skin on some areas, but not on others. The texture is similar to a sponge. There is a PRO 2. It's the same thing. It's a large sponge that can cover your whole body. There is a PRO 3. It's the same thing. Storage is easy because it is compressed. When it arrives, you have to open it and wait for it to fluff up, but it looks exactly as pictured. CON 1 The parts were ripped after the first use. The holes are in the picture. They are not a huge issue as they are tiny pieces. CON 2 is the second one. I have trouble with the lather. It makes a lot of soap bubbles. I have to squeeze the soap onto my body. It's not a big deal for me. Maybe I need to try different soaps.

8. Natural Loofah Dish Sponge Biodegradable

Natural Loofah Dish Sponge Biodegradable

Four natural kitchen sponges will be in each box. These will be compressed to help their pledge. Put them in the water and watch them grow. The sponges are 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. 100% Loofah Plant is used for all your kitchen and house cleaning needs. The dish sponges are great for scrubbing pots and pans, sinks and countertops, and there is a natural loofah scrubber for tougher jobs. These premium kitchen sponges are completely plant based, vegan friendly, and packed in recyclable packaging, they are good for you and the planet. Have you been unimpressed with the durability of a natural dish sponge in the past? The sponges kitchen are naturally bonding together, so they won't fall apart or break like other scrub sponges. Wave is over. You will never feel like you have cleaned up if your sponges stink, but they are resistant to odors and can be washed in the dishwasher as needed. All of their products are consciouslysourced to minimize environmental impact. The sponges are packed in order to save space and waste. They are committed to creating quality, eco-friendly household alternatives.

Brand: Mioeco

👤In general, Loofah products are cheap, in this case only pennies more expensive than plastic sponges which are a burden to the environment. I can see that these sponges are natural and vegan friendly, but I can't say that they are compostable because I have been using one of them for a while and it really looks like when I took it out of the package. The sponge can be washed out and sterilized with boiling water, which is recommended by the manufacturer. I am wondering why we don't stop the production and sale of cheap plastic kitchen sponges, for the sake of saving the environment, after using this wonderful product for a while. There is a These sponges don't get soggy and feel like a natural product, which is a plus. I will be checking out other products from the manufacturer.

👤They are great for scrubbing. I bought them because they are useless for washing dishes. They are too stiff to fit around the rim of a dish or around a piece of silverware. Don't clean the inside bottoms of cups. My search continues.

👤I like loofah sponges. 1. They are made from plants. 2. They are quick to dry. 3. They work. There is a I don't like them. Why? They try to be normal sponges, so they compress the loofah so it looks like a sponge, and as a result they dry slower than a regular sponge. They work less well than sponges. They have a tiny fabric tag on each sponge which makes me question if they are compostable. Sponges do not need to be branded. That is actually silly.

👤This has been a great sponge. I've used natural loofahs in the shower before and figured I'd give it a try. This seemed like a better alternative to traditional sponges because of being more eco-friendly. They're more absorbent than I thought, yet they dry to be very small, so take up very little space. I wouldn't use it for scrubbing messes, but it's worked great so far. Definitely recommend!

👤I didn't like them when I first saw them, they were small and stiff. It was difficult to clean anything other than a flat surface. It does not make good suds even though it has gotten more pliable. This thing is intact and does not fall apart like most sponges. They would be easier to use for people with large hands if they made them 2x the size.

👤The product is either old or poor. It is so tough that it is impossible to hold it in the hand. It was thrown into the trash.

👤It's hard to use and it's stiff. Curls very strongly towards the sponge. Sponge falls apart first. I can compost it. The loofah-only sponges are easier to use.

👤They work well. I really like them because they keep the soaping lather for a while. They don't smell when they are dry. I will buy more of them.

👤Pour la vaisselle et le comptoir!

9. Ecordinary Eco Friendly Compostable Dishwashing Biodegradable

Ecordinary Eco Friendly Compostable Dishwashing Biodegradable

The sponge is natural and odorless, you can use it for a long time. The everyday sponge is ideal for cleaning tasks. Their plant-based kitchen sponges are made from natural materials and are easy to use. The zero waste sponge is a natural plant-based scrub sponge. Unlike other cleaning sponges, they are packaged in recycled paper and do not come wrapped in plastic. If your experience is less than perfect, you can get a full refunds on the dish sponges you add to your cart.

Brand: Ecordinary

👤I bought a dish sponge that can be put in the compost after it's no longer useful. I've only used it for a few weeks so I can't speak to its longevity. The pros and cons I've identified so far are as follows: Pros: Made from natural materials, so can be composted - Looks very nice (my wife and daughter both said so) cons: Does the job, more or less Have I mentioned that before? There is a Con: It works well but not as well as a typical blue Scotch Brite. Why? The synthetic sponge is more effective for scrubbing pots and pans than the natural one, but the scrubby part is not as effective. This is not a huge issue but it is noticeable. There is a I think the slight loss of function is worth it for the warm fuzzy feeling it gives for being better for the environment and nicer looking than the sponge it replaced.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but this time I will make an exception as I am very satisfied with my purchase. These sponges are made from natural materials and do not have any scent or plastic in them. The packaging is cute and easy to clean and it's amazing how easy it is to sterilize them in the dishwasher. There is a The sponges are absorbent and the loofah part does a good scrubbing, without leaving scratches behind, after a few days of using them. It was a bit stiff at the beginning, but is getting softer with use. I am happy with the results of using them in the kitchen and bathroom. They seem to last very well so far. There is a It's nice to have an alternative to plastic sponges and not have to throw them in the bin.

👤I was very excited about this product. I wanted something that was healthy for washing dishes. I opened the box and it smelled like a box of dryer sheets. I don't use artificial fragrances in my home so I put these out in the garage to use for something else. I'm pretty sure they were stored next to the laundry detergent and cleaning product area in the warehouse. It's a shame.

👤I've been looking for the best sponge for my kitchen. I have tried many and this one is the best. It has a rough side to scrub pots and pans and is soft enough for glass. The sponges are a neutral color and not obnoxiously bright, which is a plus for me. I highly recommend!

👤I decided to make a switch to eco-friendly kitchen products and I found this wonderful kitchen sponge, which I already love. It is made of natural materials and does a great job. I will be happy to buy this sponge again and I am really excited about the purchase.

👤I'm not sure how clean loofah can be, as they are a natural material, and it's not the best material for scrubbing really nasty dishes. I always use cellulose for sponges. The sponges I buy are no longer available.

10. FAAY Non Scratch Handmade Cleaning Dishwashing

FAAY Non Scratch Handmade Cleaning Dishwashing

100% of the time, it's a 100% LOOFAH DISH SPONGE. Their dish sponges are made of 2 pieces of loofah sewn together with a small amount of fiber in between, making them thicker and more comfortable to use at the size of 234”x434” loofahs leave no micro plastic on your cookware, which makes it safer to eat. They are suitable for any type of cookware, and not melted when used with a hot range cooker. 100% eco-friendly: The loofah is collected from a sustainable loofah field. Their sponges come in a variety of colors, but they all allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and healthier kitchen experience. Their sponges are friendly to both humans and the environment. They leave no trace even after being used. All loofah sponges are made by a group of elderly women. The skilled people are far away from where to sell their products. They help them connect with you and make sure everyone gets what they deserve. Buying their sponges is a way to show how much you appreciate their work, and they will send you a thank you card if they improve the product quality for you. Their sponges will be compressed flat to make it easy for shipping. Put them in warm water for a couple of minutes and they will come back to their normal shape. Shake off the water and then wash the soap off. sponges can be kept in a dry place for a long time. The sponge should be replaced if it becomes squishy to clean cookware. 100% warranty is guaranteed. If their sponges are not like what you've seen, please let them know within 30 days and they'll send you a new one. They appreciate all of your comments. They are used to develop and improve their handmade and heartcrafted products.

Brand: Faay

👤A loofah sponge can be used to clean all kinds of things, but it won't scratch a delicate surface. The sponges are in a box. They plump up to twice their size when you soak them in water. I used one of them to clean my bathtub. The tub was cleaned with the help of the loofah. I had to scrub very hard. loofahs can be used to clean a lot of stuff. I didn't wear gloves when I cleaned the loofah, but maybe I should have. There is a I learned a lot after I ordered this. There are articles on the internet that say you can clean a loofah sponge, but after you hang it up to dry in the air, it could be colonized withbacteria. It is possible that you could be exposed to harmfulbacteria if you wash yourself with a loofah sponge. That's why the dermatologists don't recommend using loofahs. The skin of loofahs is very harsh. It was still damp two days after I used a loofah sponge. They don't dry well. When you wash dishes with a loofah, the dish soap may be able to clean it up. I don't think these loofahs are enough to clean pots and pans. They are not like pads. They were all natural and came in a paper bag.

👤I have a busy kitchen and no dishwasher so I put these to good use before my review. There is a There are pros. It's enough for tough dishes and gentle for glassware. The hands feel soft after doing dishes. There is a The size is a bit smaller than I like. It was necessary to re sew after the edging came undone. It was stained easily. Quickly turned shabby-looking. Would I buy them again? Nope! There is a After a few uses, they look shabby because the edging came undone on every single one.

👤I'm trying to find a sponge that lasts longer. I used a different seller's brand before this and my main complaint was that the thickness of the sponges was never consistent and I had to apply dish soap every now and then. This brand is basically a big shredded wheat, and I have a few complaints about it. It hurts my hands when it falls apart so quickly. It's so thick that it's hard to get into small corners. I liked being able to wring it out and let it dry. I leave this one in the sink because it's hard to do with shredded wheat scrapping your hands. This brand requires less soap than my last one, but it lasts less than my last which only lasted a few weeks. I only got 1.5-2 weeks out of it. I am in a household with two people and we almost always eat at home. We do a lot of dishes outside the dishwasher. Maybe it lasts longer for other people.

👤These are perfect. The size and shape are comfortable. I was worried that they would fall apart or the stitching would come loose, but they didn't. For us, it's possible to switch them out each month, but mine last me just as long. They feel cleaner than a regular sponge, food stuffs seem to wash easily, and I have never seen one change color or absorb food stuff color. We end up throwing them out because the luffa starts to break down. There is a The texture is soft enough to scrub, but textured enough to be soft. Outside of the Amazon shipping stuff, the packaging for the luffas is also non-biodegradable. I love these.

11. Natural Loofa,Sponge Exfoliating Scrubbers Friendly

Natural Loofa%EF%BC%8CSponge Exfoliating Scrubbers Friendly

Loofah Sponges Loofah 3.8-4.6"(L) * 2.4- 3"(D) Natural products have the same size and color as each piece. It's a little different but it doesn't affect its use. The difference is allowed. LUFFA comes in a vacuum sealed bag. Natural loofah sponge is made of natural loofah, non-toxic, unbleached and non-chemical. Natural luffa is an eco-friendly product with a loose weave. Some black seeds may have been washed and dried by hand. The seeds emerge when you soak in water. Bath loofah shower sponges are a great substitute for plastic sponges. Exfoliant body scrubbers for men and women can deep clean the body, remove dead skin, surface oil, and promote blood circulation, making it feel cleaner and refreshed. Luba sponge is used as a scrubbing tool. When washing dishes, remove oil quickly and avoid leaving harmful chemical remnants. It's used for soaps and flowerpots. It is easy to use and maintain. Before using, rinse and soak in warm water for a few minutes to make the shower puff softer. Hang and dry it after using to ensure natural sponge's long-time use. Hang it in a place that has enough air.

Brand: 9long

👤Absolutely horrible! Filled with dead bugs. Do it. Not. BUY. These are.

👤Smooth skin! I switched from plastic loofahs to these in order to become more eco friendly. I used this before my sugar scrub and it made my body smooth. I will buy them elsewhere in the future because they come in a plastic bag.

👤If you like the feeling of being disappointed when you open your Amazon box, this is the LooFA for you. In real life, it's much smaller and smells like a petting zoo. I would have given it zero stars. It came in a small box, which is the best thing about it.

👤If you take care of them, they will be a good addition to your bath time. If I want a gentle exfoliant, I'll just use a wash cloth. The size is perfect for me because I'm small.

👤These are tiny. The yarn loop is very small and it would be fine if the loofah was close to a usable size. I have been buying loofahs for a long time and this is the only one I have ever purchased that was disappointing. This is the size of a bar of soap after rinsing.

👤The loofahs are compressed in a package. When you get them wet, they "poof out" I have a disease on my arms and legs. After using the Dove body wash for the first time, my arms felt softer. The loofahs are soft. They work well. This product is recommended by me.

👤This is great for getting rid of dead skin. It's from a renewable plant source. It's a nice size and it fits in the palm of my hand. There is a I got a couple of seeds during the first use, but not many after the second use, as was mentioned in some other reviews. I will buy again when these are no longer needed.

👤They were sealed off and ruined. They fall apart after being flat as pancakes. Ps. They were in a second box that was damaged by the shampoo. I can't get a replacement unless I send them back first. I can't drive. Don't spend your money in a store that doesn't carry them, check if your local store has them. It's worth the extra money if you can use them.


What is the best product for eco friendly loofah sponge?

Eco friendly loofah sponge products from Craftsofegypt. In this article about eco friendly loofah sponge you can see why people choose the product. Ecotools and Almooni are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly loofah sponge.

What are the best brands for eco friendly loofah sponge?

Craftsofegypt, Ecotools and Almooni are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly loofah sponge. Find the detail in this article. Wavebeexs, Greytwig and Daily Shower are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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