Best Eco Friendly Lunch Bag Kids

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1. Insulated Cooler School Thermal Astronaut

Insulated Cooler School Thermal Astronaut

This eco-friendly option with an unparalleled quality and a reliable replacement for service you can trust is Customer Satisfaction. The FlowFly lunch bag is made of 600D Polyester, food safe PEVA lining and sturdy zippers. Premium fabric construction makes this small lunch pail easy to clean. Ice pack helps retain hot and cold temperatures throughout the day to improve food quality, freshness and taste. It is easy to use and perfect for On-The-Go Parents. Each portable,compact, lightweight lunch pail can hold a good-sized container with plenty of room for snacks, utensils and juice boxes. A handy inner mesh pouch is perfect for napkins and utensils, and there's a pocket in the front for hiding dessert or fun note. The design measures L: 10.6 x W: 4.33 x H: 7.7 inches. It is large and will fit your meat and milk inside. The FlowFly lunch pouch suit is for adults and children. It's suitable for a backpack. This eco-friendly option with an unparalleled quality and a reliable replacement for service you can trust is Customer Satisfaction.

Brand: Flowfly

👤The manufacturing process must have changed since the 5-star reviews since this product appears to be well-made. The zippers are terrible. I never got the primary zip to work on one of the items I purchased. The others were so difficult to zip that you might have to work for 3 to 5 minutes just to get it done. I bought one for myself and one for each of my two grandsons. They are in the trash. Don't get ripped off by this product.

👤The print holds a lot of food. It has a white interior that is easily stained and there is a weird net on the inside flap that attracts food and crumbs. It is not easy to clean. I washed it in the washing machine, but it was still stained from tomatoes, strawberry juice, and other things. My 4 year old can't zip and unzip without help from an adult.

👤A great backpack for a kid. I'm able to pack a box of snacks and a juice in this bag. It has been easy to wipe down. We haven't had it that long. I can't say how it will hold up over time, but so far no issues.

👤I bought this early in the school year so we wouldn't have to return it, but I thought after some use the zippers would get easier, but they still aren't working, and I thought maybe after some use they would get easier, but they still aren't working. I have to toss it if I want to get it open.

👤My daughter loved the design. That's where it ends. The sides crush on easily because there is no rigidity to them. After a week of use with a wipe-out or wash, the inside looks dirty. I think I wouldn't buy this again.

👤We've been using this for about four months and it's been great. It's easy to clean, even when my 4 year old puts leftover food in the lunch box. When I packed his lunch this morning, I noticed it was ripping on a seam. We like it so much that I considered buying another one, but theDurability is an issue for me.

👤I had to return it because it sounded like a train bell. That is on the blue denim one. I'm not sure if they're all the same. The lining is bright white and I don't like that. The grey inside of other brands is better for food stains.

👤I bought this for my daughter a few months ago. It's large enough to fit a cup of milk or a sandwich. If something spills, the inside is lined and easy to wipe down. I would recommend this to everyone.

2. EurCross Upgraded Compact Canvas School

EurCross Upgraded Compact Canvas School

It's a versatile choice for you to take food and drinks to work, school, picnics, beach, road trips, camping, traveling or any outdoor activities because it has two carrying ways. A large storage capacity with portable cute looks spacious for snacks, sandwiches, fruits, salads, bottle of water, lunch box and lunch containers of most sizes. It is easy to clean with damp cloth and dual smooth zippers, and it is leakproof, lightweight, and foldable. The lunch tote bag is easy to carry, it is portable and convenient to take anywhere. The cute lunch bag is perfect for work, college and outdoors. The lunch tote bag looks elegant, attractive, cute and stylish and is made of small dots.

Brand: Eurcross

👤Did anyone else have a stick of cheese in their lunch box? I opened the package and found a stick of cheese inside the lunch box. It's weird but also hilarious.

👤I am a college student and was tired of matching every other girl carrying their food in a lulu bag. The lunch box is very cute. The insulation can last around 5 hours. I would recommend others to buy from me.

👤Put some water in it when it arrives. When it arrived, I put about an inch of water in a container. Within 2 minutes water began to leak out of the corners. leak proof to them means something completely different than what it means tome. Before posting a review, make sure you put some water in it and check the corners. It was a perfect size and cute, but it was not built to last.

👤My daughter likes this lunch box. It is too big to fit in her backpack and she likes that she can put her cell phone in the front pocket.

👤I like this lunch bag. It is the perfect size. It is well made. Absolutely adorable.

👤This is the perfect size for my office lunch and I am happy I tried it. I was not expecting the insulation to go all the way to the zipper, but I am happy to see it. It is easy to blend in with any outfit with the polkadot design. The quality of this is amazing and I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend!

👤I love this bag. The inside is insulated and I can fit a lot. It needs to be put in the fridge at work or inside the ice pack.

👤The little lunch bag is cute and holds more than you think. I like that I can wash it once a week for a deep clean. The side compartment is great for your phone, keys or work badges.

👤It was a little smaller than I had thought, but it fits my needs. There were two yogurts, a Tupperware, a banana, and some small snacks with room to spare. It will be a push to fit larger containers. If you're packing sandwich size ones, this is a great option.

👤I use this for work every day. Sometimes I take more than I need, because I'm not sure what I'll want to eat. I can put at least 2 days worth of snacks and lunches in it.

👤The lunch box is amazing. It can contain a lot of things. I didn't think it would have so much space.

👤The design is easy to understand. It seems good. My daughter likes it. We will see how it holds up.

3. Luckies London Insulated Box Lunch

Luckies London Insulated Box Lunch

This eco-friendly option with an unparalleled quality and a reliable replacement for service you can trust is Customer Satisfaction. Their lunch containers are inspired by brown paper lunch bags. Lunch containers with a conscience are packed with retro style insulated thermal bags. Classic design is smart technology. The magnetic seal on the sandwich bags keeps the lunch cooler. Enjoy quality food whenever you ditch brown paper bags. Their sandwich containers are waterproof and can replace your unreliable small lunch bag. With space for all your snacks, you won't have to worry about spills with their sandwich bags. Their insulated sandwich container is a great lunch box for kids and a smart lunch bag for men or women. A cool lunch box gift is sure to get kids excited. Their lunch bags can be used many times. The Tyvek insulated food container can be used as a big lunch box for picnics or a kids lunch bag.

Brand: Luckies Of London

👤This seller was very disappointing. I was excited to get this for my son in high school, but after waiting for over a week, I found a knock-off version of the listed product. The bag was cheap and flimsy and was better suited to visit the inside of a trash can. I will return the item and hope to receive it as described. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I seem to have drawn the short straw on this order and won't be doing business with this dishonest seller again. Attached are photos.

👤I got this more for the novelty, as a not paper brown bag has the same flair as a reuse bag. Some people think that this is a paper bag, but it is not. Since it is not a paper bag, you won't be left with a sad banana and a sandwich, and it won't fly out the 1mm wide hole that escaped your vision. People will ask how you keep the same bag. Let them think. It is your secret. There is a The insulation is terrible but who is buying it?

👤It is a cool looking bag. It is the right size for me when I work 8 hours and don't take up a lot of room. I can fit a rectangular Tupperware, soda, bars, and another small container. There is a It's not like a sealed top, or a way of closing it. I wouldn't put a lot of stock into the insulation properties.

👤Have you ever bought a shirt that was irregular and then put it on and it looked like a mess? That's what I received. The inside is twisted and it doesn't set on the table properly. It's so bad that there are 3 magnets in random places that you can't even close them. Returned. Someone sent a new one. Hopefully it's sewn correctly. The replacement was properly sewn. It works as intended and is the proper brand. I'm sure someone else will get the junk I returned.

👤When we received this bag, I was very fond of it. It looks like a paper bag but is leak proof. My son was happy to carry this because the wrong bag means no lunch in Middle School. I pack a big lunch for my son in containers that take up a lot of space. There is a The negative: Within a month, the magnetic closure failed to function. There is a Within six months, the interior cracked and ripped apart. There is a It was the best lunch bag ever for a month, then it became a good bag and I had to dispose of it. I liked it initially.

👤This is an alternative for my son. He takes a water bottle for lunch. It makes a mess by sweating through paper bags. It is holding up so far. My 16 year old does not fold the magnets just so, even though people said they stopped working. I will be happy if it lasts half the year. Boys get picked on if they have a plain lunch bag. This is perfect. I wish the logo wasn't on it. Again for high school students.

4. Insulated Container Lunches Kinsho Camouflauge

Insulated Container Lunches Kinsho Camouflauge

What you get is a lunch box with a user manual and caring customer support. Today is a good day to buy! Their lunch box is easy to clean because of the PREMIUM QUALITY tight-weave, stain resistant camouflage fabric. Extra thick insulation keeps temperature and freshness. Two ZIPPERS with pull tabs are easy to access. The ICE PACK is covered in a soft fabric. The popular catamaran design has a large compartment that can hold lunch, snacks and a beverage. 11” x 8.25” x 4” front pocket has a mesh pocket to hold additional utensils. For students who have long school days and need lunch and snacks - youth, pre-teens and beyond. They will love using this fun design and may just make this their favorite picnic and day trip bag as well. Eco-friendly materials are made from recycled materials. What you get is a premium insulated lunch bag. The ice pack is the best. The industry's leading replacement guarantee. Kinsho's founder, an award-winning mindful meals author, has 100 pages of tips and pics in the e book. Details on package Customer support from their Boston team is reliable.

Brand: Kinsho

👤I have been using this lunch bag for almost two months now and I like it. The insulated compartment of the lunch bag allows for utensils to be held in it. I like the small pocket on the front that can hold small items. The mesh drink holder fits a standard plastic water bottle. I would like it to hold an insulated coffee mug. There are 2 drawbacks to this product. The bag is not built to prevent condensation from building up on the outside of the bag when I use ice packs. I've noticed that the material is getting wet and the surfaces are getting wet. There are two The inside of the bag is not well sewn or attached because the bag liner is already detaching from the edge of the bag. The bag has begun to break apart.

👤My child needs a new lunch bag. I don't like buying cheap tire brands at Walmart or other stores. It was broken in a week. There is a bad smell on plastic. etc There is no side package for water. This one is larger than the 31 brand lunch bag. The design and material are good. Quality zippier work is amazing. Well done. I buy the blue one just in case one of my kids breaks hers again. Kids lost their lunch bag a lot. Only once a year.

👤He was happy with the purchase and was hoping the side pocket for a bottle was larger. It wasn't. I like the lining of it. It keeps spills on the inside.

👤This came in handy. Better than another one. The inside pocket has more storage. My only problem is that the zip ties are jamming.

👤The lunch bag is great. It is easy for my child to use without adult help. The company went above and beyond what I expected when I contacted them. This lunch bag and the company I work for are recommended by me.

👤My son loves it. It's perfect for any cat lover. It seems to be holding up great despite the fact that some of our Tupperware isn't that shallow. I ran it through the washing machine once after a spill on the outside fabric, help up well!

👤My daughter loves it and it fits all. She brings a lunch and snack to school. There is a cute pocket in the front for me to put my little lunch notes in.

👤We were lucky that we found a replacement that did what we needed it to do. It is covered in adorable cats. It can fit a bento box, silverware, and two ice packs.

👤My daughter loves it. I can fit a lot of food in a single container for school. Would buy again.

👤The bag is bigger than I expected. There is a lot of room with the box. Excellent quality.

👤Wanted this for a child's birthday. Excellent quality arrived in a lot of time. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤A bento box and a few other containers are needed. The front pocket is more than expected.

5. Fit Fresh Coolers Packs Flexible

Fit Fresh Coolers Packs Flexible

Wide mouth is easy to eat from and clean. It's possible to make a bandage around a baby. Every on-the-go mom will be reinvented. The soft ice packs are slim enough to fit in a bag. The ice is made with top-quality, stretchy nylon and eco-friendly gel. It is easy to mold around bottles or containers. Reusability and long-lasting are two things. They put cool stuff in these packs. The soft freezer ice packs are long- lasting and can be used again and again for convenience. Flexible ice directly insulates your breastmilk storage bottles or containers from the elements for hours. For the best results, stack multiple ice packs and freeze overnight. These gel coolers are perfect for on-the-go use, but they're also versatile. These gel freezer packs keep your food and beverages fresh for hours, whether you're packing your child's insulated lunch box, a beach tote, picnic basket, or sports coolers. The flexible ice can be used when heading to a concert tailgate, a day on the boat, or hitting the road for a long travel day. Non-ToXIC and SwetpROOF are included. Taking the kids to the beach or park on a hot summer day is not hard. The nylon fabric is sweatproof and protects your valuables from condensation. Soft ice is safe to pack with your breastfeeding essentials and food. It's easy to spot clean and dry after a long day on the road. Cool COOLERS BY FIT. The Cool Coolers brand has redefined the meaning of "cool" and is the most trusted brand for its line of dynamic ice packs. Cool Coolers is the best of the best for your insulated bags because it is available in multiple sizes, colors, materials, and shapes.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤It sweats! There is a It tore in 4 weeks. The quality is not good. It ripped from the seems. The design and service are the only good things. Buy the other product.

👤These ICE packs are amazing! I use these to store my breastmilk in my cooler bag. I put the bottles in the middle. It keeps my milk cold all day. The prints are adorable. Definitely recommend!

👤I have held off on this review until I have had time to use these in daily practice. They are small enough to fit into the smaller lunch boxes, and are thin, which is perfect for the tighter fit. They seem to freeze fast. They say they are not soft. You should freeze them flat because they are straight from the freezer. As they warm up, they go soft rather quickly. Keeping the chill of things? Only about a 3 out of 5. I use both in my lunch box. They keep things cold for about 4 or 5 hours before giving up. If you need more of an all day one, this is perfect, but if you need more of a short one, it's not. Might want to look somewhere else.

👤These ice packs are cute and stylish, but they don't have the ability to stay frozen for more than an hour. I put the ice packs inside of an insulated diaper bag, away from heat and sunlight, and they still melt within an hour and a half.

👤I like the idea of ice packs. So far they have not leaked. They don't stay cold that long. They kept my sandwich cool in my lunch box. I had to put my milk in the fridge because they don't stay cool long enough, so I used them in my pumping bag.

👤I went to the brick store to get these because you can find them at Walmart or Target. It lasts a good 4-5 hours with my thermos insulated lunch bag and two of the Fit & Fresh ice packs. I like the design but it took 2 stars for the longevity of keeping the food ice cold. It's a good idea to use a stylish ice pack for bruised knees, flexible in the lunch bag, and 4-5 hours of ice cold. It can get bulky to put more than 2 in a standard insulated lunch box.

👤The ice packs have been great. They stay cold for at least 4 hours in an insulated lunch bag. They have been a staple in my son's lunch for a long time. I decided to write a review because one of them leaked today and I have been using them for just about 6 months now. The container was full of yogurt and the get popped out at the seam. It's the first time that's happened. I was hoping they would go a bit longer than this. I don't have any other complaints.

👤I bought these for my daughter. I needed something that would stay cold for several hours in the heat of August. The bad news is that they are not very good at staying warm. The bad news is that they leak. The company has a form on their website that I contacted them for. I took pictures of the leak but never received a response. We only used it a few times and it was really bad.

6. Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Insert

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Insert

BUY IT. Have it for a long time. Their insulated lunch box is made from long- lasting materials. After opening the release steam tab, place it in the fridge or freezer and microwave it. They have a new bento box that will hold your favorite lunches without splitting at the corners. The original GreenLunch Bento has been given a massive facelift and can now hold your perfectly packed waste-free lunches for life. Most Bento boxes are 50% bigger. Are you fed up with metal lunch boxes that only hold a sandwich and a few carrots? They have good news for you, if you like eating over a lot at lunchtime. Their lunch container holds 6 cups of food. Most metal bento boxes have one satisfied appetite. There are three condominiums with snicker Pod. The bento lunch box has 3 separate sections to plan your meals and avoid food mingling. Don't stop there, place your full-sized sandwich in the bottom-tier. In the top-tier are pasta, salads, meats, and veggies. Don't forget the snacks. The snack box is perfect for fruit, nuts, or thick sauces. Their lunch box is made of 100% food grade steel and is the safest choice for your family. Have peace of mind that plastic won't ruin your child's lunch. The snap-secure locks will keep your lunch box secure at school, work, travel, picnics, or camping. There is a note about this. The snap-locks are strong and young children may need the assistance of a teacher to open and close them. * There is a bonus lifetime warranty. Their new and improved design will hold your lunches for the rest of your life. You and your children will enjoy digging into your favorite foods on-the-go for years to come, with over 6 cups of capacity. Their lifetime warranty makes your purchase risk-free. Start preparing your lunches. Click the button to buy now.

Brand: Greenlunch Bento

👤They warn you about leak-proof, but it's still a shame. It cracked less than a month after it was received. I don't have a dishwasher. I always washed it with warm water. Spending your money somewhere else would be better.

👤One side of the locking mechanism is not tight enough and there is not enough room for the box to be held together, leaving the entire unit susceptible to leaking. I really needed this and I was very disappointed. Video is included.

👤I ordered two for my children. They leak with anything liquidy so be careful, including just a little olive oil on pasta placed in the bottom compartment. One of them that is only 1-2 months old has already cracked at the top and although the product states unlimited life warranty, Amazon states you need to see the product website to request a replacement. We paid $30 for a lunch box. There is a The company responded to my complaint and shipped a new one. Customer service is great. Hope the second one holds up. The paper insert tells you how to get a replacement.

👤It's hard to be excited about writing a review. The product helps you transport your lunch from home to work. There is a The setup of the lunch box is acceptable, but there are improvements that can be made. The smaller container used for holding small berries, hummus, or other foods doesn't lock up or lineup inside the container, making it difficult to evenly distribute food around this insert when using it in your box. It is not a game change, but with more design work it could be very beneficial. There is a The box doesn't keep anything cold unless it's in a refrigerator. I have a few cups that are made of steel that I think hold items better at a cold temperature. I have about 12 minutes to either eat what I have inside or move my food to another cooling unit. This wasn't advertised to keep your food cold, but I think that for the price you pay, better materials and development could have made this a better product. If I drop this on the ground it's going to take a lot of damage since the walls of the box aren't very strong. I have a lifetime warranty per their listing, so if I can find a website that will back their product, I will know I have a company who will back their product. There is a It's easy to maintain and clean. Use a sponge to wipe out after you rinse out with hot water.

👤I contacted the company and got them replaced with no problems at all. The company is holding true to the warranty that I got for them. I've had them for 8 months. I have two children and I bought two of them. We don't use these every day, but they both started cracking a month ago. The corners of both containers are cracked. They're falling apart because they don't close well anymore. What a waste of money. I want my money back.

7. Neoprene Lunch Bag Insulated Container

Neoprene Lunch Bag Insulated Container

Clear plastic lids make it easy to see what is inside the food-grade safe plastic cover. Independent third parties have tested the plastic covers to make sure they are safe. ECO & MENTAL FRIENDLY. They use the same philosophy when choosing lunch bag material as they did with the Bklyn Bento lunch box. This material has a good look and feel to it, and it is also Lead-Free, Vinyl-Free and PVC-free. Not sure what neoprene is. Ask a surfer. It is the same material as his/her wetsuit. It is soft, stretchy and durable. It is easy to clean. Oh yes. It is also waterproof. Surfs up! If you have already been to their Bklyn Bento box listing on Amazon, you already know how easy it is to clean the dishes. It is easy to clean. Throw it in the wash. My son is the messiest eater on the planet. The Bklyn Bag is still clean. They see lots of other manufacturers claiming that their lunch bags and totes will keep your food hot or cold for hours. They don't want you to think of this bag as a "cooler" They think it is a cool bag, but it is not a cooler. COMFORTABLE HANDLE + SHOULDER: If you have ever carried a bag with a handle that digs into your hands, you will appreciate this bag. The handle is comfortable to carry on long walks, and the blue strap is not just for looks, it is a shoulder strap.

Brand: Bklyn Bento Peace & Love From Brooklyn, N.y.

👤Despite the following, have been happy with this bag. I love the colors and the strap that can slip out of the bag to be used as a longer strap. It had a strong scent of neoprene. It dissipated quickly. I haven't been brave enough to wash it in the washing machine yet, but I spot cleaned it and it works well. It doesn't keep things as cold as I would like them to be. I think that is the norm for all bags. It isn't big enough to fit in a drink with a lunch. There is a The bag was made in the USA by a Brooklyn-based company, which is good news. After half a school year of use by my 12 year old, it has threads that are starting to break on one side of the bag which is too bad.

👤It's thin and flimsy. If you attempt to test the bag's capacity, the seams will rip through the material. I jam my bags full of stuff because I don't want to eat out. The bag is not a good fit for me. There is a It is hard to clean. I don't like hand washing. I prefer Ross stuff in the laundry, but I'm afraid to do that with this bag as it may break. There is a The colors are nice.

👤I've been looking for a lunch bag that could expand and be flexible enough to roll up and be carried away, since I have different sizes of plastic lunch containers. I was surprised at how much stuff I could stuff in here. I have a lunch box where a sandwich can go in the top compartment and you can put fruit and other snacks in the bottom compartment. A waterbottle and a banana are in that box. I was happy with just that and I could've stuffed more. It might not sound like much. I wasn't looking for a lunch pail with a zip up top, expansion on top, etc. This bag is perfect for school and work. I love the fabric. I think this bag could survive accidental spills.

👤One of the best lunch gifts was the first one. I bought two more. They are very flexible. They fit in any bag and are easy to wash in the machine. Will buy again if necessary.

👤My daughter wanted to carry her lunch. She is in high school. The lunch bag is dangerous. The strap is soft and doesn't dig into her shoulder. I was worried that water would get into the bag when the pack melted, but it didn't. I was impressed. She said her lunch was nice. This is very well made. A good job on this! It is a keeper!

👤It is a well-made bag that can hold a lot of food. I use this lunch bag for my meal prep meals and the containers fit perfectly inside. I am disappointed that I wasn't able to get the bento box with the bag because it arrived with a strong plastic smell. I am happy with my purchase overall.

8. Lunch Box Insulated Pre School Container Compartments

Lunch Box Insulated Pre School Container Compartments

The best-in-class 18-MONTH MANUFACTURER is owned by Mincoco. The lunch box portioned perfectly to feed the appetite and comprehensive nutrition of kids, children, students, and adults. It's perfect for all of them. If you have a problem with the products, please feel free to contact them, they will handle it for you within 24 hours. Their lunch box is easy to clean because of the tight-weave fabric. Extra thick insulation keeps temperature and freshness. Kids love eating from lunchboxes. The fun design can hold all the food. Will fit a variety of food prep containers. There is extra space and efficient design that separate the morning and afternoon snacks from the main lunch. The compartment is insulated. The front pocket can hold more things. The external dimensions are 9 x 6 x 8 inches. The bottom box is 9 x 4.25 x 5.5 inches. The water spout has a flip-and-sip feature. This is not a "bite and sip" spout. It works for a large age range. Less refilling for long days at school or travel is possible because of the spill-proof and leak-proof 16 oz capacity. All parts are easy to remove from the top rack dishwasher. It's great for toddlers through elementary school. The lunch bag can grow with your child. For daycare, kindergarten, pre-school and beyond, they will love opening the different compartments and may just make this their favorite day trip bag as well. Eco-friendly materials are made from recycled materials. What do you think? There is a lunch bag. A water bottle. The industry's leading replacement guarantee. Kinsho's founder, an award-winning mindful meals author, has 100 pages of tips and pics in the e book. Details on package Customer support from their Boston team is reliable.

Brand: Kinsho

👤We've been using this for a week and it's great! It's small enough for my 2yr to carry, but big enough to fit his lunch. The top compartment is good for putting a cup or drink in, so it doesn't break a sandwich or chips. The quality of the zippers is nice. I'll buy another for my younger boy once he's old enough to need one. The patterns are cute. It's easy to spot his lunchbox because it stands out compared to everyone else.

👤The mini bento box and lunch bag are great. I knew my little guy would love the bag when I saw it. There is plenty of room to pack the mini and other snacks. The mini bento is lightweight and durable. It is perfect for snacks. It is leak proof! We love it!

👤My grandson is a big eater and his old lunch box didn't cut it. We had to find a bigger lunch box to fit all the vegetables and fruit. This is the one we recommend. The patterns are sturdy and hold everything he needs. Excellent product!

👤It is what I needed, my child is in preschool and it fits in this lunch box. It is great except for one detail that will leak out of it. Keep things sealed and tight. Inform the teacher or assistant to make sure the kids close the back up containers when they put their lunch in the container. I was very happy that the case of water was put back not closed so that it wouldn't stain or get damaged. It was ready to use the next morning.

👤My son is going to his new school and I was excited to buy this for him. The inside of this product is so bad that it is hard to clean thoroughly, as the stitching on the plastic pieces make it smell terrible. Don't waste time with this. If a lunchbox can't be properly cleaned, then what's the point as it will always have the possibility of food or liquid spilling in it. The manufacturer refused to give me a refund or replace the product. I was out 20 bucks on an overpriced piece of junk.

👤The bag has a terrible zip. My son returned it to me for the second day in a row. It happened again today, but I fixed it yesterday. The bag is rendered useless because all of his stuff tumbles out. Before the bag broke, it was used twice. It is going into the trash on its fourth day of use. The plastic container had many functions. I own several that I bought separately.

👤I like the quality of the lunch box. I don't like the fact that I can't put a glass container with a small kids thermos. I think it's only for small snacks and lunch.

👤I was looking for a bag that had lots of room for my son's lunch containers and this one has an extra compartment in the lid. I decided to try it. The compartment is so small that you can't put utensils in it. The fabric design is cute, but it is difficult to use. I went back to his old lunch bag and discarded it.

9. Kasqo Insulated Childrens Detachable Adjustable

Kasqo Insulated Childrens Detachable Adjustable

The Kasqo kids lunch bag is insulated and made of reliable materials. The Kasqo kids lunch bag is free of lead and the harmful substance,bisphenol A. The insulated lunch tote could keep your food fresh and safe, as well as keeping your loved one safe. The cute lunch tote has three unique designs: Dinosaur, Astronaut and Unicorn. These cute prints are designed by an artist who loves children and they are symbolic of innocence, fantasy, exploration. Your kids must love it. The main compartment in this lightweight lunch tote is easy to organize. The bottom of the lunch box is square, which makes it a good place to keep the bento box and water bottle. The front pocket has utensils and napkins. The lunch box could be toted or hung on the shoulder to free up your hands. The large capacity is 27.5L x 15W x 21H cm / 10.83x 5.9x8.27in and has a weight of 0.25 kilogram/0.6lb. The small cute lunch bag can keep its shape when it is packed with items and you don't need to worry that the soup or drink will spill out. This lunch tote is an ideal gift for your kids or for yourself in daily use, such as school, daycare, picnic, working. ASIN: Kasqo matching children backpack B07FLXSZBR, B07FMJXN5F, B07FM6DQNQ.

Brand: Kasqo

👤This bag is lightweight and fits a flat box. Before buying this, I looked at many lunchboxes.

👤Even with a little juice box on the side, the lunch containers fit perfectly in the bottom. Extras can be on top. I pack a sippy cup and snacks with room left.

👤The large size fits a bentgo. It had a strong smell. I've washed in the washing machine many times. I'm hesitant to put my kids food in other containers.

👤My son's lunch bag is great because it fits his water bottle, lunch and snacks. The long strap makes carrying your kid and other bags much easier. The pattern is cute.

👤The lunchbox is not lined with anything that would keep it cold. I put ice packs in my sons because he says it keeps it cold for his lunch, so to me that's all I need to do. He is in pre-k and so his lunch time is 10:30 am. It is very cute. We got this because it matched his bag.

👤This is a cute lunch box. I bought some bento boxes for my daughter and wanted a lunch box that would hold food. This fits the bill since it's made from neoprene, and it has some give and fits extra snacks.

👤There is a compartment in the front that can hold something else. If you are looking for something with space for your child, this is it.

👤I liked this lunch bag. There is room for a water bottle, snack bag, and a good size lunch container. My son was able to open it on his own after liking the design.

👤No good. It takes a long time for food to be cold enough for a whole day. I give my kids lots of fruits, yogourt, cheese and leftovers lunches that need to be kept cold, but this lunch bag wasn't able to do it because I put two ice packs in it. My other girl has a thermos and the ice pack always comes back frozen. They come back a little bit cold from this one. I worry that she might have food poisoning. I ordered a new one and will keep it for when I go to parties. It can hold a few drinks. If you give your kids dry food, it's ok. It's as good as a paper bag.

👤We have mixed feelings about this bag. It is easy to carry and clean. Your packing method is a huge factor in the usability. If you pack solid fruits/veggies, sandwiches in foil and use small bento lunch boxes, this bag is very useful. We don't have room for bottles in this bag because we use large bento boxes for sandwiches. We cut the fruits so they are not feasible to store in this bag. There is a We decided not to use it for kids, but we kept it as our picnic food bag. We were able to fit 10 burgers in this thing.

👤I love these bags. They can pack a decent amount of food. They don't require your child to play in the lunch box to get it closed again. I love that I can toss them in the wash when they get gross from kids. We've bought three of them in the last year, two for my kids and one for my husband, because they can hold a lot of food.

10. Fit Fresh 10300FF Flexible Coolers

Fit Fresh 10300FF Flexible Coolers

The age is recommended by the manufacturer. It is possible to modify "on-the-go" for anyone who is always on-the-go. Soft ice packs are slim enough to fit in a lunch bag. Ice is made with top-quality, stretchy nylon and eco-friendly gel. It is easy to mold around bottles or containers. Reusability and long-lasting are two things. They put cool stuff in these packs. The soft freezer ice packs are long- lasting and can be used again and again for convenience. Flexible ice directly insulates your food and beverages, so you don't need to chill in communal spaces. For the best results, stack multiple ice packs and freeze overnight. The gel coolers are perfect for your insulated lunch bag or lunch box, but they are versatile and can be used for other things. The gel freezer packs keep everything fresh for hours. The flexible ice can be used when heading to a concert tailgate, a day on the boat, or hitting the road for a long travel day. Non-ToXIC and SwetpROOF are included. Taking the kids to the beach or park on a hot summer day is not hard. The nylon fabric is sweatproof and protects your valuables from condensation. The soft ice packs are safe to pack with everything, including unpackaged food, beverages, breastfeeding essentials, and more. It's easy to spot clean and dry after a long day on the road. Cool COOLERS BY FIT. The Cool Coolers brand has redefined the meaning of "cool" and is the most trusted brand for its line of dynamic ice packs. Cool Coolers is the best of the best for your insulated bags because it is available in multiple sizes, colors, materials, and shapes.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤These don't stay warm. Your lunch will be warm by lunchtime if you use these.

👤I tried to keep my lunch cold with one of the ice packs that I had frozen overnight, but it failed miserably. I take my lunch to work with a soft sided cooler. Today was the same as before, from the house to the car to the office. After leaving the freezer to go into the cooler, the room temperature was about 70 degrees. I had been using a similar sized ice pack for daily use that was refrozen nightly, but it was still cold when I got home about 12 hours after leaving the freezer. I would still be using the ice pack. It was one they gave you when you only had a cheap plastic covering on your ankle and the plastic began to tear from wear. I threw the box quickly because I would return it.

👤Fit & Fresh 10300FF Soft Cool ice packs were purchased to keep lunch cool while hiking. The contents of the back pack were a bit cooler than the room temperature, but it was in the cooler for 1.5 hours.

👤It is durable and flexible. I was worried about the material at first because it was more of a plastic cloth than a normal plastic, but I haven't had any issues cleaning it off. I would like it to stay cooler a little longer. It will last about 30 minutes for headaches or injuries. The lunches are not cold enough to keep them cool in the summer.

👤I was so disappointed after only using them 3 times. I got them for my kid's insulated lunch box, which needs to stay cool for 4 hours, and for placing on the head/chest to cool off or soothe injuries. They won't fold around a box of milk because they froze hard. Maybe they will work well even if not folded. There is a I opened the lunch box after a couple of hours at the park and it was soaked with water. I wanted them to get soft, but not if it means they are no longer very cold. There is a They sweat so much that it just soaked his shirt. How can the product be different from the description?

👤I was excited for these. They were going to take my lunch box with them to work. I put them in my lunch box, but it sweated so much that it ruined my lunch box. I wanted to avoid as much sweat as possible, but these did the opposite. I have begun my return.

👤My food was not kept cold or frozen all day. There were wet marks on the outside of my insulated lunch bag. I returned them.

👤For a long time, these will not stay cold. The weather is hot outside. I don't keep anything cold enough in an insulated bag. If I have a headaches, I use these.

👤I bought these for my kids when they were younger. I was looking for a softer ice pack as the hard ones aren't great for this purpose They can be shaped and stay cold. For a long time and freeze quickly. The dual pack is a great value.

11. EcoRight Reusable EcoFriendly Insulated Washable

EcoRight Reusable EcoFriendly Insulated Washable

100% WORRY-FREE ORDER. Zero hassle returns guarantee, one-year manufacturer warranty, and 100% satisfaction are some of the benefits of the ZM-YOUTOO lunch box. Purchase insulated lunch bbox and stand freely! Contact them without hesitation if you have any doubts. The lunch bag is machine washed and made to last for years. The carry strap handle is comfortable. The water bottle holder is 11 x 8.5 x 5 inch. Their heavy duty lunch box for women with zip closure is small but has a large capacity to fit your food, drink, and accessories. The architect and the designer are insured. Ice packs keep your food fresh and hot for hours. Their lunch bag for girls is leakproof and comes in cute colors and prints that are perfect for Christmas gifts. A multi-use and convenience. These lunch boxes can be used as a lunch bag for women, a large lunch box for men, a kids lunch box, a lunch cooler for office, and an adult lunch box. Can be folded and put in your backpack. Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch has been independently tested and certified to be food-safe. All Eco Right bags are manufactured in solar-powered facilities which are also Fair Trade certified.

Brand: Eco Right

👤The lunch bag is great for kids and adults. It can fit a larger thermos, small Swell bottle, banana, chips, and a cookie all at the same time. The handles are long. It goes through the washing machine without any problems. There is a The bag is only one color, has the brand name printed on the outside, and is cotton, so it doesn't look like yogurt smudges. The zip ties work well. There is a I have mixed feelings about lunch boxes that are vertical and horizontal ones that are horizontal. It takes up a lot of table space. The lunch bag is large and easy to look into, and it is zips open so there is less need to stack things. I like the shape and size of the bag. It is not too heavy to carry when I am packing it. I put a big ice pack for sandwiches and yogurt at school, but I don't think it's really insulated. It is not plastic or neoprene. I will buy the exact same product to replace the bag when it wears out, because it looks brand new with washing. This product is recommended by me.

👤This is a day trip bag. It's size is deceiving. You think it can hold my lunch, but if you actually fill it up you would be surprised what can fit in there. I used this for a day trip and it held enough drinks and snacks for our family of 3, with 3 standard size water bottles, 3 small gatorades, 3 packages of crackers, 3 granola bars, and 6 fruit snacks. I could have put more bars in there. I think so. The bag is of excellent quality. It is tough and durable. I highly recommend!

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lunch tote. The handles are well-constructed and are navy-like. The lunch tote is a little lighter than it should be. It's big and I can fit a few things, like a water bottle and an apple. The teal color pops but isn't obnoxiously bright. There is a The inside of the lunch tote is made of a dark blue/black material that can easily be washed with a dish towel. The mesh side pocket on the inside of the wall of the tote is great for utensils, a container of salad dressing, etc. The lunch tote has a dark-colored zip that runs along the top, but doesn't extend down the sides. There is a The large logo of Eco Right is my only gripe. It's only on one side of the lunch tote, but I could do without it. It's my favorite lunch bag I've ever had and it's cheap. Well-made and minimalist!

👤After my husband's old lunchbag broke, I bought this as a gift for him, and I was looking for a good quality eco-friendly product. He absolutely loves this bag. The bag is strong, the stitching is strong, and the quality of the zippers is great. It is bigger than I anticipated, which was not a bad thing. Even though the inner compartment is just one space with no divider or pouch, it can hold a lot of food and there is a pouch on the front of the bag. He has been able to fit a piece of fruit inside the main compartment with room to spare. It's amazing quality, and you can just throw it in the washing machine to clean it. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for eco friendly lunch bag kids?

Eco friendly lunch bag kids products from Flowfly. In this article about eco friendly lunch bag kids you can see why people choose the product. Eurcross and Luckies Of London are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly lunch bag kids.

What are the best brands for eco friendly lunch bag kids?

Flowfly, Eurcross and Luckies Of London are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly lunch bag kids. Find the detail in this article. Kinsho, Fit & Fresh and Greenlunch Bento are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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