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1. BALORAY Organizer Holder Container Stripes

BALORAY Organizer Holder Container Stripes

100% risk free purchase. Their No.1 goal is to prove the best service. If you're not happy with their product, please contact them. The bag can be used as a lunch bag, a picnic bag, and a sundry bag. A standard lunch bag is 10x 6.6x 8.5 inches. The small lunch bag could fit your lunch box, snacks, and even a shake bottle. The feedback from their customers is honest. The Oxford cloth and aluminum foil are perfect for packing your food and lunch. They have upgraded the interior based on your needs. It will keep your food warm for about four hours. More features include light weight,padded handle,upgraded smooth zipper, easy to clean, waterproof, insulated, and convenient. One front pocket has a design that organizes your personal and napkin stuff. If you don't like your lunch bag, they will give you a 30 day replacement or refund. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them by email.

Brand: Baloray

👤I thought I was going to return it because it looked small. I was wrong. My lunch, snacks, and even a bottle of shake fit perfectly. I have more space in the front pocket. You all have an idea of how much fits, because I added photos of my lunch.

👤The bag is not strong. The first day of carrying it, one of the straps broke. The strap broke before I got to work. I'm not sure if I received a defected bag or not.

👤I love it! I read almost all of the reviews on this product, and they all had the same message: don't waste your money, and love it. I went ahead and bought it, but hesitated a bit. It has exceeded my expectations. I use it daily for the last 4 months and it shows no signs of wear and tear. I attached a video of me emptying the contents I brought to work one Monday so that you can see how much it holds. Not every day is it that full, but Mondays will usually have a heavy load to bare and this lunch bag bares it every time.

👤I only had mine for a month and the handle was ripped off on one side. I know it wasn't because of weight, but because I never put much in there. They won't allow me to return my money.

👤It was much smaller than expected. My hands are small in the carry loops. I'll keep it for use as a crochet supply carry along or makeup bag because I like the style and colors. It will get used one way or another. I wanted a bigger lunch tote. After my previous post, I had to try this lunch bag out and it grew on me. It's roomy and I can fit 2 meal prep containers inside. It's large in that aspect. It's not the bags fault, I still compete with coworkers to get our bags to fit. I was a little unfair when I disclosed the handle issue. Because it works. There is a It is compared to what everyone else has. The look of this bag has been praised by many people. I was not going for that. Hey... I like this bag.

👤I wanted to let anyone who was considering buying this lunch bag know that I was writing a review. Someone asked if I was selling my lunch bag. It's cute, first of all. It looks like a small bag. It is very stylish and matches everything. I spilled some water and it never leaked out. The best thing about it is what I think. The size is small but it holds a lot. I got it the first day. I put my pasta in a container with a fork and knife on the lid, as well as 16 ounces of water, a 11 ounce shake, 2 bars and a fruit salad. I was able to fold and store napkins because of the small pocket in front. It closed with a little room to spare. I am very impressed with this bag. I really like it. It kept my food cold until I got to work. You will not be disappointed if you buy this bag. My sister asked for a bag for her birthday gift in April and I had to update it so it's still awesome.

2. Insulated Leakproof Foldable Adjustable Shoulder

Insulated Leakproof Foldable Adjustable Shoulder

It was manufactured in the United States. The large lunch bags are great for packing all of your food and snacks for the entire day. The top of the bag can be opened up to 10"L x 7.5"W, which will allow your lunch container to get in or out of the bag, and save you time. You can put small items in the front and back pocket. The middle layer is filled with 5mm thick insulation pearl, and the inner layer is made of 300D Oxford cloth and polyester fiber. Their lunch box can keep food fresh for hours, which is perfect for on-the-go meals, picnics, road trips, beaches, as well as to have lunch in the office. The heat-welded seams guard easy to clean. If sauce spills inside, wipe it off with wet cloth or napkins. Premium waterproof fabric protects your lunch and items inside from the elements. A lunch box that has a replaceable buckle handle will look great tied to your backpack or along side a briefcase. The lunch bag is small enough to fit inside a backpack, gym bag, or travel bag. It is possible to tie your backpack, briefcase, or both together with theDetachable Buckle handle. 100% WORRY-FREE ORDER. Zero hassle returns guarantee, one-year manufacturer warranty, and 100% satisfaction are some of the benefits of the ZM-YOUTOO lunch box. Purchase insulated lunch bbox and stand freely! Contact them without hesitation if you have any doubts.

Brand: Zm-youtoo

👤I thought it was smaller. Very strong. I wanted something that could be flatter but also be packed out. I don't need a day of cooling, just something to hold for a few hours. I don't bother with ice packs. It works. It doesn't leak. I leave a beverage in the fridge and prep it before I open it. I toss it in my bag when it gets soggy. The drink is still cold by noon. I haven't used ice packs yet, but it's a great lunch bag. I have a 16oz steel bottle, a nalgene 32 and a snack. If you only fill half of the material, it doesn't want to collapse. You could make it a bit more. I'm not sure if I want to go this route for a messenger bag, but it's fine for a backpack. I'd say for a messenger bag, you want 2 slim soft-cooler-type lunch boxes. If I used a messenger bag, that's what I would want. The soft-cooler slim things have a leak. I remember why I went with this. It doesn't leak. I noticed something when I took less food to work. The top of the bag doesn't want to roll more than once before hitting the strap attachment. If rolled more than 1x, it will create a better seal. The front strap attachment should be lower. The 1x fold keeps food chilled until lunch. Something I noticed would be improved.

👤The material inside will not fall apart immediately. There is a This would fit a six pack of soda, but wouldn't have enough room for ice. The bag should be white because dark colors absorb heat from the sun. It would be great if the buckle was closer to the bottom so you could roll it tighter.

👤Ice packs keep food cold for a long time. The smell was the reason I didn't give it 5 stars. It lasted over a week. I have been wiping the interior down with wipes and leaving it propped open so that it doesn't fall apart.

👤A great bag. The bag is perfect for my lunch. I compared it to 5 others and a gentleman preferred the simplicity and ruggedness of this bag. 2 were bought. I can use it for road trips or give to a guest before a long flight.

👤I thought I would write a positive review on this one. The bag was leaking from the first use. Maybe it didn't claim to be water tight. I don't think that is normal. I can't put ice in my lunch bag. I know you can use those freezer pack things and not have melted ice in your bag. I wanted to be able to throw ice in occasionally. I think I should have tried a second bag but with so many products like this to choose from, I don't think I should risk it a second time.

👤I bought this for myself. He is a longshoreman. We stuff it with food. It is easy to wipe down and keep the food cold.

3. Eco Bags Products Organic Cotton Lunch

Eco Bags Products Organic Cotton Lunch

The Lunch Bag is 7x10.5 and is made of organic cotton. It was manufactured in the United States.

Brand: Ecobags

👤I was disappointed when I received the fuchsia bag instead of the lunch bag. I guess I get to keep it because it's not eligible for return. The fuchsia is fun. It came in a plastic bag, which I was hoping to avoid. There was no smell of chemicals.

👤The bag is decent quality, but it is too small for my needs. I tried to return it but it was not eligible. I don't see a "no returns" notice on the product page, but maybe I was warned during the ordering process. I missed it. There is a The bag is good on the return.

👤I like the bag. A couple years ago, I bought one. It's easy to handle my breakfast, snack and lunch on a work day. At the end of the day, I can fit a bag in my pocket and take my lunch with me. I'm buying a second one as I forgot to bring home a spare and I'll use one for a week, then put it in the wash and have the second one ready to go. I've used canvas grocery bags since 1992 and do the same rotation with them. The Canvas type product is Re-usable and Washable and saves waste or recyclable material every day. The canvas is more durable than any paper or plastic bag. It will hold a bottle of water, a 3 cup square sandwich, a small bag of chips, a pack of crackers, a fruit or pudding cup, and a breakfast bar, all in a nicely organized container. It's perfect.

👤I use paper bags for lunches. Inexpensive, easy to carry, etc. I tried the standard lunch box because of the bags tearing. It's a good size, but hard to carry with other things and large to stick in a messenger bag with other gear. The bag is perfect. Large enough to carry lunch and snacks, but small enough to fit in the bag. It looks like it will survive abuse and be able to be used for a week. Very nice.

👤I was hesitant to order these due to some of the comments and ratings that I saw, and I was also worried about the size of the items. They are perfect. As the school year progresses, these things are reasonably durable, good looking, and of a size that is worthy of a lunch and not just some small snack that these other paperless lunch bags accommodate. There is a I have placed it next to a Tupperware container that is 6 1/2” L x 4 1/2” W so that everyone can have an actual gauge of usable size. It fits inside. The bag is 9 inches high and it swallows the thermos because it is 6” tall. There is a It will still be worth it to not hear of paper bags ripping open and dropping lunches, not adding to the daily landfill from bags being tossed, and having three high schoolers happy to not be carrying around tiny paper bags or, God forbid, lunch. There is a I hope these hold up, but for now, I would be willing to recommend them.

4. Fit Fresh Coolers Packs Flexible

Fit Fresh Coolers Packs Flexible

Wide mouth is easy to eat from and clean. It's possible to make a bandage around a baby. Every on-the-go mom will be reinvented. The soft ice packs are slim enough to fit in a bag. The ice is made with top-quality, stretchy nylon and eco-friendly gel. It is easy to mold around bottles or containers. Reusability and long-lasting are two things. They put cool stuff in these packs. The soft freezer ice packs are long- lasting and can be used again and again for convenience. Flexible ice directly insulates your breastmilk storage bottles or containers from the elements for hours. For the best results, stack multiple ice packs and freeze overnight. These gel coolers are perfect for on-the-go use, but they're also versatile. These gel freezer packs keep your food and beverages fresh for hours, whether you're packing your child's insulated lunch box, a beach tote, picnic basket, or sports coolers. The flexible ice can be used when heading to a concert tailgate, a day on the boat, or hitting the road for a long travel day. Non-ToXIC and SwetpROOF are included. Taking the kids to the beach or park on a hot summer day is not hard. The nylon fabric is sweatproof and protects your valuables from condensation. Soft ice is safe to pack with your breastfeeding essentials and food. It's easy to spot clean and dry after a long day on the road. Cool COOLERS BY FIT. The Cool Coolers brand has redefined the meaning of "cool" and is the most trusted brand for its line of dynamic ice packs. Cool Coolers is the best of the best for your insulated bags because it is available in multiple sizes, colors, materials, and shapes.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤It sweats! There is a It tore in 4 weeks. The quality is not good. It ripped from the seems. The design and service are the only good things. Buy the other product.

👤These ICE packs are amazing! I use these to store my breastmilk in my cooler bag. I put the bottles in the middle. It keeps my milk cold all day. The prints are adorable. Definitely recommend!

👤I have held off on this review until I have had time to use these in daily practice. They are small enough to fit into the smaller lunch boxes, and are thin, which is perfect for the tighter fit. They seem to freeze fast. They say they are not soft. You should freeze them flat because they are straight from the freezer. As they warm up, they go soft rather quickly. Keeping the chill of things? Only about a 3 out of 5. I use both in my lunch box. They keep things cold for about 4 or 5 hours before giving up. If you need more of an all day one, this is perfect, but if you need more of a short one, it's not. Might want to look somewhere else.

👤These ice packs are cute and stylish, but they don't have the ability to stay frozen for more than an hour. I put the ice packs inside of an insulated diaper bag, away from heat and sunlight, and they still melt within an hour and a half.

👤I like the idea of ice packs. So far they have not leaked. They don't stay cold that long. They kept my sandwich cool in my lunch box. I had to put my milk in the fridge because they don't stay cool long enough, so I used them in my pumping bag.

👤I went to the brick store to get these because you can find them at Walmart or Target. It lasts a good 4-5 hours with my thermos insulated lunch bag and two of the Fit & Fresh ice packs. I like the design but it took 2 stars for the longevity of keeping the food ice cold. It's a good idea to use a stylish ice pack for bruised knees, flexible in the lunch bag, and 4-5 hours of ice cold. It can get bulky to put more than 2 in a standard insulated lunch box.

👤The ice packs have been great. They stay cold for at least 4 hours in an insulated lunch bag. They have been a staple in my son's lunch for a long time. I decided to write a review because one of them leaked today and I have been using them for just about 6 months now. The container was full of yogurt and the get popped out at the seam. It's the first time that's happened. I was hoping they would go a bit longer than this. I don't have any other complaints.

👤I bought these for my daughter. I needed something that would stay cold for several hours in the heat of August. The bad news is that they are not very good at staying warm. The bad news is that they leak. The company has a form on their website that I contacted them for. I took pictures of the leak but never received a response. We only used it a few times and it was really bad.

5. EcoRight Reusable EcoFriendly Insulated Washable

EcoRight Reusable EcoFriendly Insulated Washable

100% WORRY-FREE ORDER. Zero hassle returns guarantee, one-year manufacturer warranty, and 100% satisfaction are some of the benefits of the ZM-YOUTOO lunch box. Purchase insulated lunch bbox and stand freely! Contact them without hesitation if you have any doubts. The lunch bag is machine washed and made to last for years. The carry strap handle is comfortable. The water bottle holder is 11 x 8.5 x 5 inch. Their heavy duty lunch box for women with zip closure is small but has a large capacity to fit your food, drink, and accessories. The architect and the designer are insured. Ice packs keep your food fresh and hot for hours. Their lunch bag for girls is leakproof and comes in cute colors and prints that are perfect for Christmas gifts. A multi-use and convenience. These lunch boxes can be used as a lunch bag for women, a large lunch box for men, a kids lunch box, a lunch cooler for office, and an adult lunch box. Can be folded and put in your backpack. Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch has been independently tested and certified to be food-safe. All Eco Right bags are manufactured in solar-powered facilities which are also Fair Trade certified.

Brand: Eco Right

👤The lunch bag is great for kids and adults. It can fit a larger thermos, small Swell bottle, banana, chips, and a cookie all at the same time. The handles are long. It goes through the washing machine without any problems. There is a The bag is only one color, has the brand name printed on the outside, and is cotton, so it doesn't look like yogurt smudges. The zip ties work well. There is a I have mixed feelings about lunch boxes that are vertical and horizontal ones that are horizontal. It takes up a lot of table space. The lunch bag is large and easy to look into, and it is zips open so there is less need to stack things. I like the shape and size of the bag. It is not too heavy to carry when I am packing it. I put a big ice pack for sandwiches and yogurt at school, but I don't think it's really insulated. It is not plastic or neoprene. I will buy the exact same product to replace the bag when it wears out, because it looks brand new with washing. This product is recommended by me.

👤This is a day trip bag. It's size is deceiving. You think it can hold my lunch, but if you actually fill it up you would be surprised what can fit in there. I used this for a day trip and it held enough drinks and snacks for our family of 3, with 3 standard size water bottles, 3 small gatorades, 3 packages of crackers, 3 granola bars, and 6 fruit snacks. I could have put more bars in there. I think so. The bag is of excellent quality. It is tough and durable. I highly recommend!

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lunch tote. The handles are well-constructed and are navy-like. The lunch tote is a little lighter than it should be. It's big and I can fit a few things, like a water bottle and an apple. The teal color pops but isn't obnoxiously bright. There is a The inside of the lunch tote is made of a dark blue/black material that can easily be washed with a dish towel. The mesh side pocket on the inside of the wall of the tote is great for utensils, a container of salad dressing, etc. The lunch tote has a dark-colored zip that runs along the top, but doesn't extend down the sides. There is a The large logo of Eco Right is my only gripe. It's only on one side of the lunch tote, but I could do without it. It's my favorite lunch bag I've ever had and it's cheap. Well-made and minimalist!

👤After my husband's old lunchbag broke, I bought this as a gift for him, and I was looking for a good quality eco-friendly product. He absolutely loves this bag. The bag is strong, the stitching is strong, and the quality of the zippers is great. It is bigger than I anticipated, which was not a bad thing. Even though the inner compartment is just one space with no divider or pouch, it can hold a lot of food and there is a pouch on the front of the bag. He has been able to fit a piece of fruit inside the main compartment with room to spare. It's amazing quality, and you can just throw it in the washing machine to clean it. Highly recommended!

6. Insulated Reusable Adjustable Shoulder FlowFly

Insulated Reusable Adjustable Shoulder FlowFly

A multi-use and convenience. It's great for men and women to pack food and drinks for any outdoor activities. The lunch pail is perfect for those on the go. The meal prep bag is made of 600D Polyester, non-toxic food safe PEVA lining,PE foam insulation and strong sturdy SBS zippers. The material is rip resistant. If you put 2 ice packs into the bag, the cooler tote will keep your food cold for more than 9 hours. It is heavy duty and water resistant. The large size container is not too bulky and can give you more space to hold your food and snacks. Lunch boxes, food containers, condiments, fruit salad bowls, unoils,napkins,can opener,wallet,keys and other essentials could be filled with the roomy compartments or pockets. Water bottles or energy drinks can be kept inside the mesh pocket. The insulated lunch pail can keep your stuff cold or warm for hours as interior lining with food grade PEVA material, you can prepare full meals and enjoy healthy food anywhere you go. It is easy to clean. The great thermal lunch kit is easy to carry with a handle and shoulder strap. The bag can be used as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag when you use the 48" strap, and you can carry it by the handles. It's easy to pull and it's durable. The compact bag is lightweight, portable and can easily carry your lunch or meal prep containers to school, work, office, while traveling, camping with your family, fishing with your pals, while boating, and hiking, enjoying a romantic picnic in.

Brand: Flowfly

👤It was a pretty color. Works well. I like it.

👤I need to bring food for the entire day and keep it cold. This lunch box is perfect for that. I usually keep everything cool until an hour before my shift ends, but by then I've eaten most of the food. It was going to be a little bigger, but still a good size.

👤I like the color of this bag. It's large enough for my lunch. It keeps things cold for about four hours. The side pocket is great for my things. There is a pocket for plastic ware on the front. It is good to use.

👤The bag is large enough for me to input one lunch box and one fruit bowl. It is waterproof.

👤I have used this a few more times and it is fine. The smell was funny at first but dissipated after a few days. The side pockets don't hold a beverage bottle. About half of the time, my bottle falls out. If you don't need that feature, it's perfect.

👤This is an attractive, durable and spacious cooler. I like the strap that is adjusted. I highly recommend it to others.

👤Excellent size for meal preppers. I can fit a full size steel water bottle on each side pocket. The front pocket is big enough for utensils, napkins, and sauce packets. The top handle and strap have held up the weight that I have put in for the past 5 days. The strap can be adjusted to a long length. It is easy to clean. This is perfect for me. It is what I needed. This lunch bag is very good.

👤I use it all the time. I pack lunch and snacks for myself and my kids when I am home from school. It has plenty of space, is stable, and holds up to the inevitable abuses my kids throw at it. It wipes clean. I like the soft sides because I can collapse and throw a backpack. A great lunch pack.

7. MAZFORCE Original Lunch Bag Insulated

MAZFORCE Original Lunch Bag Insulated

The exterior of the lunch bag is made out of 600D water-resistant dirt-proof Oxford fabric for easy cleaning and long-term dependability. The bag is made of heavy duty nylon and strong linen handles that connect by dense stitching. This insulated lunch box is tough and modern. The design is built with the office gladiator, weekend warrior in mind, so you can meet everyday challenges or weekend adventures with cutting-edge style. Their foam core insulation technology will keep your food cold or warm when you're on the job. Stop wasting space. Don't put something inside your lunch bag. The bag has a mesh pocket, a slim back pocket, and a side water bottle holder, which will allow you to pack all of your food and snacks for the entire day. A strong fit for the on-the-go professional or adventurer is a highly functional lunch box that comes equipped with a buckle handle which will always look great tied to your backpack or along side a briefcase. The insulated lunch bag is small enough to fit inside a backpack, gym bag, or travel bag to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. Drop it, wet it, this box has you covered. All bags are made free of lead and other harmful materials and have undergone rigorous quality control tests. You'll be protected from leaks and spills with waterproof Oxford fabric and leakproof aluminum inner lining. They will offer a hassle-free return or exchange for customers who are not 100% SATISFIED with their purchase.

Brand: Mazforce

👤I ordered this bag for my son, but when I received it, I wanted it for myself. I have a water bottle on my side pocket because I snack a lot at work. The bag is of good quality. The clip on the handle makes it easy to clip on the side of your backpack or purse and not have to hold it. My son will have his own lunch bag. This bag is very good. I uploaded some pictures so you can see how much food I was able to fit, I also added a picture of my food after I put it in a zip up bag, so you can see how it wasn't stuffed tight.

👤I know what you're thinking. My kid has to pay for this to mess with his lunch. I was wrong about the same thing. I will tell you why this is worth every penny. I have a boy that can destroy things, but not this. It is a mother's dream that the space inside is great and not only because he can carry his water bottle on an outside pocket, and fit an ice pack in a separate pocket so there's no soggy food, but also because he can fit his ice pack in a separate pocket No more cheap plastic that can be ripped and the beat part, no more plastic that can be torn and the beat part, no more plastic that can be torn and the beat part, no more plastic that can be torn and the beat part, no more plastic that can be torn and the No inside seams have to be cleaned. It arrives home clean. It's very strong, it keeps his lunch in one piece, and it's not smooshed. I was worried about him losing it, but Mom's, that's what good old Sharpie's are for, and I can find it in a lost lunch pail. It's worth a lot of use.

👤The handle on this lunchbox was completely torn off after only 4 months of regular use. I will follow up in a few months to see if the replacement seems better than the original, because the seller contacted me and sent a replacement free of charge.

👤This lunch box was lightweight and good looking, it would work for an adult or a child who didn't like a lot of color. It weighed nothing. I'm upset that the zipper broke almost immediately. I returned it because I wanted to give it back. I don't know if I just got a dud. If this is common for this product. It wasn't as tough as it was described in the name.

👤I am glad I found this bag. The look is rugged and modern and the leak proof insulation worked well when I spilled my soup inside the lunch bag. My son loves it and takes it to school with him every day. I highly recommend it.

👤July 2019: Revised. My son used this for the entire year. The soft sides were not ideal because of how rough he was with his lunch and it would crush his chips in a baggie. The handle began to wear down in the second half of the year. My son was very angry with this. I'm not changing my rating but I will be packing his lunch everyday. It was more difficult to wipe down when he spilled something in this lunch box. It was easy to rinse and dry. There is a I bought this for my son. I would highly recommend it. It is well insulated and spacious. I only gave it 4 stars because it isn't rigid on its sides. If you put a sandwich in it, it can get crushed because the sides are not rigid. The sides would get 5 stars if they were rigid. This is a nice lunch box and works well for my son.

8. Insulated Lunch Bags Waterproof 8 5x4 5x12

Insulated Lunch Bags Waterproof 8 5x4 5x12

Perfect for professionals and students, it's made for anyone and everyone. The bag is insulated so it can be kept cool. An innovative, artistic design will stun your co-workers. The wax canvas lunch bag brings style and chic high fashion into the lunch room, on the go, or anywhere your food takes you! These lunch bags are designed to fit water bottles, fruits, and containers of any size, and are made with a high-functional design. The rich color makes the bag feel high-end. The bag has a hook and loop closure and is functional. The strong closing is necessary to ensure the safety of your lunch. SIZING AND MULTI USE. These lunch bags are easy to bring to picnics, work, or on vacation. They can fit any size lunch container. Environmental and economical FRIENDLY. The bags are made from 100% cotton and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The insulated interior of the Hasse Free Lunch bags make them strong and waterproof. The material on the bags repels water and prevents stains, keeping your lunch safe and dry. Simple maintenance: easy. The lunch bag is made from the heavy-duty washable kraft material. Simply wipe the canvas with a damp cloth and let it dry. Maintaining and cleaning your bag will prolong its life.

Brand: Zenpac

👤I bought this because of the look, it was either relive my childhood or get a power ranger lunchbag. The brown bag is surprisingly durable and the outer lining is almost canvas like. The inside is lined. It will keep your food warm or cold. I haven't tested if it's true but have had no incidents yet. The dimensions are small so don't expect to jampack it with a lot of stuff. You wash it. So. It is easy to clean. After a month and a half, it started to fray a little but not much.

👤It looks like a paper bag, drawing less attention and making people less likely to steal it. The insulation works for several hours, but it's not supposed to keep stuff frozen past 24 hours.

👤It's great for keeping lunch warm. It is a little stiff, but it is very durable. Nobody laughs at my plastic grocery store bags that sometimes rip open, and I can fold it over to fit in my work locker. I would buy it again.

👤I needed a single compartment lunch bag for my work so it could be searched easily and this one fit the bill. The bag seems to be good quality and feels like paper. I would recommend it.

👤It is difficult to open because of how stiff it is. I would find a different bag if I had dexterity difficulties.

👤The insulation is thick and durable but the velcro is giving out after 8 weeks of use. I will keep carrying since everything else is up to par.

👤I used this to deliver some pies and ice cream because it fit two quarts of ice cream perfectly. I love that it is disposable.

👤It was perfect for my son. There are no kid style lunch boxes anymore. There is a lot of space for larger lunches here.

9. EurCross Upgraded Compact Canvas School

EurCross Upgraded Compact Canvas School

It's a versatile choice for you to take food and drinks to work, school, picnics, beach, road trips, camping, traveling or any outdoor activities because it has two carrying ways. A large storage capacity with portable cute looks spacious for snacks, sandwiches, fruits, salads, bottle of water, lunch box and lunch containers of most sizes. It is easy to clean with damp cloth and dual smooth zippers, and it is leakproof, lightweight, and foldable. The lunch tote bag is easy to carry, it is portable and convenient to take anywhere. The cute lunch bag is perfect for work, college and outdoors. The lunch tote bag looks elegant, attractive, cute and stylish and is made of small dots.

Brand: Eurcross

👤Did anyone else have a stick of cheese in their lunch box? I opened the package and found a stick of cheese inside the lunch box. It's weird but also hilarious.

👤I am a college student and was tired of matching every other girl carrying their food in a lulu bag. The lunch box is very cute. The insulation can last around 5 hours. I would recommend others to buy from me.

👤Put some water in it when it arrives. When it arrived, I put about an inch of water in a container. Within 2 minutes water began to leak out of the corners. leak proof to them means something completely different than what it means tome. Before posting a review, make sure you put some water in it and check the corners. It was a perfect size and cute, but it was not built to last.

👤My daughter likes this lunch box. It is too big to fit in her backpack and she likes that she can put her cell phone in the front pocket.

👤I like this lunch bag. It is the perfect size. It is well made. Absolutely adorable.

👤This is the perfect size for my office lunch and I am happy I tried it. I was not expecting the insulation to go all the way to the zipper, but I am happy to see it. It is easy to blend in with any outfit with the polkadot design. The quality of this is amazing and I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend!

👤I love this bag. The inside is insulated and I can fit a lot. It needs to be put in the fridge at work or inside the ice pack.

👤The little lunch bag is cute and holds more than you think. I like that I can wash it once a week for a deep clean. The side compartment is great for your phone, keys or work badges.

👤It was a little smaller than I had thought, but it fits my needs. There were two yogurts, a Tupperware, a banana, and some small snacks with room to spare. It will be a push to fit larger containers. If you're packing sandwich size ones, this is a great option.

👤I use this for work every day. Sometimes I take more than I need, because I'm not sure what I'll want to eat. I can put at least 2 days worth of snacks and lunches in it.

👤The lunch box is amazing. It can contain a lot of things. I didn't think it would have so much space.

👤The design is easy to understand. It seems good. My daughter likes it. We will see how it holds up.

10. BUILT Gourmet Getaway Neoprene Lunch

BUILT Gourmet Getaway Neoprene Lunch

The lunch box has a total of 10,333 square feet of space. The maximum capacity of the Lunch Box is 4L. It's a good gift for a boy or girl. If you don't like the lunch tote, you can get a 100% money refund and replacement warranty. The machine is washable. The mid-sized, stretchy lunch tote is made from machine-washable, machine-dried neoprene, which makes it easy to machine wash and let it air dry, so you don't have to worry about spills or accidents inside or outside your tote. The cooler the contents, the longer they will stay cold. Durability and resilience: these are the qualities. This lunch bag is lightweight and stain, tear and water resistant so it doesn't add to your load. It's convenient and stores flat. The lunch tote can be expanded to fit a variety of food and drink containers with a flat bottom. The tote is able to fold flat to take up less space than you would think. The lunch tote has a smooth secure zip to keep your lunch inside when you are on the go, and soft grip neoprene handles to make it easy to carry. The lunch bag is black.

Brand: Built

👤I received my lunch bag. It had a high quality feel and look. It has a horrible odor after a washing. My instincts tell me that these are typical odors associated with cheap Chinese products. Something tells me that this company has been making these bags in less expensive factories. Being in quality engineering, I know that those type of changes usually mean cheaper materials, which may or may not contain carcinogens. The bags used to have an odor. It seems that "Built" has gone cheap on their supply base to make up for lost profits. I don't feel safe exposing my food and drink to these bags.

👤The smell of dying plastic is very bad. If you leave food in it for too long, you can smell it and it's horrible. I am going to wash it.

👤I'm pretty sure this is fake. We own two other Built bags, but this one is half the thickness. It won't keep the food cold. The actual bags have a logo. The bag I received has a cheap sewn on tag.

👤The machine is washable. The mid-sized, stretchy lunch tote is made from machine-washable neoprene, which is machine dried, so you don't need to worry about spills or accidents inside or outside your tote. This lunch bag is lightweight and stain, tear and water resistant, so it doesn't add to your load, and it's also very durable. The lunch tote can be expanded to fit a variety of food and drink containers with a flat bottom. This lunch tote is able to pack more than you think, but is still able to fold flat to fit in less space.

👤I was hesitant to get this cute lunch bag because of the reviews that said it smelled strongly of chemicals. When I received it, the smell was weak and only lasted a few days, but I didn't transfer it to my food, which are packed in glass containers. There is a I did not wash my lunch bag to remove the smell. I followed the advice of another review that said to let the bag sit and air out for a day or two. The smell might settle if the bag is washed. Who knows? There is a The bag is lightweight and durable, but the zip feels less than it should. Even if the shape of the bag broke, I would still have my lunch items in it, because it's still serving its purpose. I haven't had the chance to try it out, so I don't know if the bag is leak proof. There is a I recommend.

👤It's difficult to find the right lunch box to take to work. I want it to be easy to carry and keep my stuff cold. I initially nixed this one since my hands are always full, but I'm glad I bought it. Even without the strap, I love this one. The pattern is cute and the pink on the inside makes me happy. It's easy to identify in our work fridge that it's overstuffed and smelly, and my stuff doesn't even absorb the smells. I like that the fabric is easy to clean, and that the zip is sturdy, which makes my items safe to tucked inside. I don't know how long it will keep things cool since I'm only using it to take stuff from home to work and back again, but the fabric seems to have good insulation. I was worried I wouldn't have enough to eat. On good days, I bring my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. This has fit everything I've wanted to stuff inside, including beverage bottles and cans. The fabric is all in one direction. It is roomier than thought. Cans can be upright if they are on their sides. It's large enough to fit everything I need, yet it fits in the fridge without any stuffing. There is a I haven't missed the lack of shoulder strap. I can put the whole bag into my larger work bag to free up an extra hand, because the handle is comfortable. Smaller items do shift around or fall to the bottom when there is so much room inside the singular compartment. If you're a ninja, you won't have a problem with that.

11. Waterproof Magnetic Reusable Eco Friendly Suitable

Waterproof Magnetic Reusable Eco Friendly Suitable

Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch box is food safe due to being certified free of heavy metals. All Eco Right bags are packed in recycled plastic and are ethically manufactured. The quality is high. The KRENDR lunch bag is made of heavy duty canvas which is stain resistant and waterproof. The perfect size of 14" x 8.5" x 5.5" makes it enough capacity. Waterproof and thermal insulation. The food can be kept at a proper temperature in this lunch bag, even if it is cold or hot. soup can leak into the cloth layer if the inside lining is not used. If you feel that the cloth is not hygiene, you can use it for cleaning. The lunch bag will be more stable and easier to carry with the 2 Hook&loops. ECO-FRIENDLY The lunch bag is free of plastic, non-toxic, and animal-based materials. The life time warranty. They will respond to you within 24 hours and give you a full refund or replacement if you have encountered any problems.

Brand: Krendr

👤The seller has been helpful to my situation. The replacement item buttons are better aligned. Hopefully the bag lasts because it looks like it. There is a The larger size was purchased by me. The bag is sturdy and durable. The color is described. It seems like the thermal lining would work. I can update it after I use it a bit. The magnetic buttons are notigned, that's a problem for me. They don't match if I fold it straight across the top. The magnetic retention seems to be weak. The large size is easy to fit in my meal prep container.

👤This lunch bag is awesome. I like the irony of it being disposable. There is a The buttons don't match up to hold it closed, so I have a critique. It would have been better if it had worked.

👤Good value. There is a Sturdy. Curb appeal is similar to old school paper sack. Adequate insulation is needed for everyday uses. It holds containers or loose food items enough for a lunch and a snack. It can be used to keep items cool until they reach the reefer. It is very reuseable. If you don't own a chihuahua or pit bull, it should last.

👤A great little cooler keeps my lunch cool. I can pack it away and roll it up. The smaller of the two offerings would be perfect for a lunch.

👤I like the look of this lunch. Since it is made of canvas, it is easy to clean and looks like a paper bag. The only thing I don't like is that they use a piece of tape to close the bag. I wish it was something like buttons because it tends to scratch my hand when carrying it.

👤The magnetic buttons don't stay closed.

👤I went back to work and bought this. It seems smaller from the dimensions. I had to fold it into a paper bag because it doesn't have a shape. It is too large and heavy. I will look for something else.

👤I guess it's a spot clean. Put it in the laundry. It's even more difficult to close now. If you want to close the top, it has a standard size PBJ and a few hardy snacks. If you make a sandwich, you might get an apple in it. It's more difficult than cute. Should have gotten the kind with the handle?


What is the best product for eco friendly lunch bag light blue?

Eco friendly lunch bag light blue products from Baloray. In this article about eco friendly lunch bag light blue you can see why people choose the product. Zm-youtoo and Ecobags are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly lunch bag light blue.

What are the best brands for eco friendly lunch bag light blue?

Baloray, Zm-youtoo and Ecobags are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly lunch bag light blue. Find the detail in this article. Fit & Fresh, Eco Right and Flowfly are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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