Best Eco Friendly Lunch Box for Women

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1. LOKASS Insulated Wide Open Durable Organizer

LOKASS Insulated Wide Open Durable Organizer

If you don't like your lunch bag, they will give you a 30 day replacement or refund. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them by email. The lining is made of foil that won't melt when the bag is hot. The lunch bag is small but the main compartment is large enough to hold 2 small lunch containers and 2 bottles of drinks. You can store your food in a single bag. It can fit your lunch. The top of the bag can be opened up to 10"L x6"W, which means your lunch container can be put into the bag and taken out of the bag. It is possible to prevent liquid from leaking out of the container and soiling inside of the bag with a wide open design. You can save time cleaning. The Lining is made of insulated material. It is easy to wipe clean when the food and drinks are kept warm for 6.5 hours. You could put your food in the bag. The built-in foam protects your containers. The bag can bear more than 5,000 times irregular machine shaking when it's loaded with 22lb. The bag is made of heavy duty nylon and strong linen handles.

Brand: Lokass

👤I was a bit disappointed that it was more than gray when I first saw it. I was a little disappointed in how large it was. There is a I use this bag daily to bring my lunch to work and I found it to be a positive because it can hold my Tupperware, ice packs, and snacks. I vowed to never buy a lunch bag without the 2 drink carriers, they proved to be so useful that I only had one. I had to replace my previous lunch bag because the inner thermal lining was peeling and it wasn't lined on the bottom so any leaking from inside would show up on the outside and stain. The lunch bag is lined so it won't leak through, won't peel, and can easily be wiped clean. There is a I can keep both of them at the top of the bag, so I don't have to open it on each side. It's handy if you're driving. The front pouch is great for keeping napkins and vitamins separate from the main compartment. This is a long review for a lunch bag. I can't say enough good things about it. This bag is perfect for someone who packs their lunch in Tupperware and drags a water bottle and coffee mug along.

👤I was excited to use it for work. I like how you can put drinks on the sides of it to keep your inside space. I placed a glass bowl of warm food in it and when I got to take it out it melted the plastic lining, as you can see in the attached pics. I used to have a cheap lunch bag that I would put my warm bowl in all the time. I will send it back to him. It has a weird smell and is cheap.

👤Here's what I can tell you about leak proof, but I can't tell you yet about durability. I needed it for the standard water bottles. There are eight regular water bottles and four 8 oz bottles in the pictures. The Cool Pack gel packs were given to me. I'll chill. I was looking for something to carry water and peach tea into the softball tournaments and practices so that I could get some drinks in the concession stand, but I am not allowed to take ice chests into the ballparks. So happy! It's easier to practice with an ice chest. Don't leave a lid untightened! It will go straight through. The bag is still nice. There is a Two years later, still using it. It's still good!

👤The details of the bag and the stitching on it show that it is a quality lunch bag. It can hold a lot and the fact that you can square the top opening allows for large square containers to fit in. I love the pocket for utensils and napkins and the drink holder. It's easy to clean so far. I have already been praised on it.

2. Lunch Reusable Insulated Picnic School

Lunch Reusable Insulated Picnic School

Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch has been independently tested and certified to be food-safe. All Eco Right bags are manufactured in solar-powered facilities which are also Fair Trade certified. The Lunch Bag is made from TYVEK paper fabric. It is a lunch bag that is not a single-serving paper bag and is perfect for people who want a vintage paper bag but don't want to use a single-serving paper bag. The tyvek paper lunch bag is strong enough to carry 10 lbs of food. It is still tough and has no rise of wear and tear. Light weigh lunch bag is easy to take out. The bag is soft so you can squeeze it into your backpack or narrow locker, it does not take up room like other heavy-duty lunch bags. The brown paper lunch sack is 7.8" wide and 10" tall, and can be used to store a lunch container, water bottle, and some fruits and snacks. The brown paper lunch bag is a great gift for kids or adults.

Brand: Joyhill

👤I paid for the review. The negative reviews about this are ridiculous. The bag makes them align. There is a My son's day care had a brown bag policy, so this was a work around. I use this workhorse 5 days a week for my sons lunches. It is still going strong. It is showing signs of wear. I didn't think it would last two months. This bag is very good.

👤After almost a year of distance learning, we sent our kindergartener back to in person learning when we felt it was safe for her to come back. They were not allowed to bring backpacks or lunch bags to her kindergarten class because they had small cubbies. We would send her paper lunch bags to help with the space issue. I love this bag. It helped with the space issue, and it kept cold items cold. It is easy to clean. Her teacher asked where she could get one. Highly recommended!

👤There is a lot of junk. I bought one that was useless because the tabs were not lined up and it would not have been possible without a rubber band or clip. I returned both the cheap and poorly crafted material. Disappointed. I wouldn't purchase this item again.

👤It's not a big deal that the inside layer is too high, it causes the outer top to fold, almost like it doesn't want to. I like that. It's flexible and squishy, but holds its shape and feels like a paper bag.

👤These work well for keeping your food warm or cool. Sturdy for what they are and small when empty. I wanted a light that would keep lunch cool and safe for a few hours, and these are fine. This brand is cheaper than most. There is a The only thing that works is a tiny roll at the top.

👤It holds up just as well as the first day I bought it. It looks great, keeps my food relatively cold or hot, though the insulation isn't thick enough for it to keep the temperature for too long, which is fine by me. I use it to hold water bottles or food in my backpack.

👤I like that this bag can fit in my purse or backpack without me having to carry my lunch separately. The toned-down look helps it stand out in the work fridge since it's so different.

👤A simple lunch box was what I wanted. This product was perfect for me. It compacts when I finish. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556

👤The material on the outside is flimsy and could easily be mistaken for a real paper bag, so write on it or draw a decoration to remind the user. It looks like the fastening won't last long and the protective layer won't reach the top. The lining between the exterior and interior will be damaged by spills. It's reasonable to pay a cheap price for a short term product, but not purchase again. It's reasonable to fit two sandwiches and some fruit.

3. ASEBBO Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

ASEBBO Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

This lunch tote is an ideal gift for your kids or for yourself in daily use, such as school, daycare, picnic, working. ASIN: Kasqo matching children backpack B07FLXSZBR, B07FMJXN5F, B07FM6DQNQ. The Asebbo lunch bag is extra thick and lasts. The canvas is made of wax and lasts for a lifetime. Save money and buy a lunch box sack to enjoy for years to come, instead of the soggy paper and plastic bags. Their canvas lunch bag can hold up to 11 lbs of snacks. The lunch bag can hold at least 4-5 food casseroles, 2 bottles of water, and 3-4 fruits. The paper bag looking foldable lunch bag is easy to clean because it is water-repellent. Simply wash the canvas tote bag with soap and a smooth cloth and let it dry. Their bag is free of synthetic and toxic materials and is odorless. Enjoy your lunch. Their lunch bag has a simple, functional design that makes it feel vintage. You can use it to carry snacks to your work, school, college, picnic or office.

Brand: Asebbo

👤Before I review this purchase, I want to make sure that I'm a professional lunch bringer, with a track record of over 99% of lunches brought directly from home. I will try to write a constructive review for this item and hope it helps you make a decision. There is a Shipping is the first thing. When I got my package 2 business days after ordering, I was questioning weather or not, because I had bought something else in the past that never made it to my door. The items in the box are a nice way to receive an item. I opened it and it felt like a gift. I loved it! There is a Also great! The bag looks better than the pictures show. I have mine in brown. It looks like a cooler version of the brown paper bag. Both of my office mates liked it. The cotton retains some of its softness and pliability, but is not heavy, and the wax coat is not heavy, which makes it a good choice for waterproof purposes. The napkin and bag are made from the same fabric and are gentle to the touch. There is a The size is very large. People usually use different types of containers to store their lunch, such as long-shallow containers, short-shallow containers, and sometimes a mix with containers that stack onto one another, in which you can store desserts separate from salads and main meals. I have a long, flatter version and it fits nicely into the bag with plenty of space above and not a lot of room for it to jiggle sideways. There is plenty of space in the bag, so you should not have a problem with a taller container or one with a square base. I add my fruit and utensils and have more left. There is a I carry mine with the top folded in my backpack and it still has room for a wallet, small umbrella, a scarf, a couple of grocery bags, a decent size book and a bunch of random other small stuff. There is a I like it! You can see that care was put into the product. The bag is well made and slides nicely when closed. There are no loose seams or funky smells for all items, and I like to wash my purchases for eating purposes. There is a Since the bag is waxed, it will protect its contents from spilling, but don't expect miracles. In some of the worst conditions, I used a container which I either did not close properly or was placed sideways in my backpack, and I carried a very juicy vegetable mixture. I expected some of the juice to spill, but I found most of it in a puddle at the bottom of the bag. If you're like me, you'll need to double check that your lunch is properly closed and invest in a quality container if you're like me, because this will not be a problem if you drive to work and your containers spend the ride relaxing flat on the backseat. The bag is not insulated, so you can use it to carry your lunch if you work less than 2 hours away from your house. If you live in a warm climate and it's very hot outside, you should be safe if your travel time is less than an hour. I take my bag out of the backpack and put it in the fridge, and I haven't had any issues with it becoming stiff, as I've seen with another item. There is a bonus. It feels nice. When you open your bag, take out the napkin and then carefully remove your utensils from their own pouch. I am in a restaurant. Like a boss! If your lunch is already fancy to begin with, like the smoked salmon-white sauce farfalle recipe my colleague shared with us, it can't hurt.

4. Eco Bags Products Organic Cotton Lunch

Eco Bags Products Organic Cotton Lunch

The Lunch Bag is 7x10.5 and is made of organic cotton. It was manufactured in the United States.

Brand: Ecobags

👤I was disappointed when I received the fuchsia bag instead of the lunch bag. I guess I get to keep it because it's not eligible for return. The fuchsia is fun. It came in a plastic bag, which I was hoping to avoid. There was no smell of chemicals.

👤The bag is decent quality, but it is too small for my needs. I tried to return it but it was not eligible. I don't see a "no returns" notice on the product page, but maybe I was warned during the ordering process. I missed it. There is a The bag is good on the return.

👤I like the bag. A couple years ago, I bought one. It's easy to handle my breakfast, snack and lunch on a work day. At the end of the day, I can fit a bag in my pocket and take my lunch with me. I'm buying a second one as I forgot to bring home a spare and I'll use one for a week, then put it in the wash and have the second one ready to go. I've used canvas grocery bags since 1992 and do the same rotation with them. The Canvas type product is Re-usable and Washable and saves waste or recyclable material every day. The canvas is more durable than any paper or plastic bag. It will hold a bottle of water, a 3 cup square sandwich, a small bag of chips, a pack of crackers, a fruit or pudding cup, and a breakfast bar, all in a nicely organized container. It's perfect.

👤I use paper bags for lunches. Inexpensive, easy to carry, etc. I tried the standard lunch box because of the bags tearing. It's a good size, but hard to carry with other things and large to stick in a messenger bag with other gear. The bag is perfect. Large enough to carry lunch and snacks, but small enough to fit in the bag. It looks like it will survive abuse and be able to be used for a week. Very nice.

👤I was hesitant to order these due to some of the comments and ratings that I saw, and I was also worried about the size of the items. They are perfect. As the school year progresses, these things are reasonably durable, good looking, and of a size that is worthy of a lunch and not just some small snack that these other paperless lunch bags accommodate. There is a I have placed it next to a Tupperware container that is 6 1/2” L x 4 1/2” W so that everyone can have an actual gauge of usable size. It fits inside. The bag is 9 inches high and it swallows the thermos because it is 6” tall. There is a It will still be worth it to not hear of paper bags ripping open and dropping lunches, not adding to the daily landfill from bags being tossed, and having three high schoolers happy to not be carrying around tiny paper bags or, God forbid, lunch. There is a I hope these hold up, but for now, I would be willing to recommend them.

5. EcoRight Reusable EcoFriendly Insulated Turquoise

EcoRight Reusable EcoFriendly Insulated Turquoise

What you get is a premium insulated lunch bag. The ice pack is the best. The industry's leading replacement guarantee. Kinsho's founder, an award-winning mindful meals author, has 100 pages of tips and pics in the e book. Details on package Customer support from their Boston team is reliable. Reusable and eco-friendly. The insulated lunch bag is designed to be used daily. The cotton canvas lunch tote is made to last for a long time. The carry straps are comfortable. Struck with water bottle holder: This lunch tote is small but has a lot of capacity. It would fit your meal, snacks, fruits, and waterbottle. There is an extra pocket on the front. The architect and the designer are insured. Ice packs keep your food fresh and hot for hours. Their lunch bag for girls is leakproof and comes in cute colors and prints. A multi-use and convenience. These lunch boxes can be used as a large lunch bag for men, lunch box for women, kids lunch box, lunch cooler for office, toddler lunch box for daycare, and more. Can be folded and put in your backpack. Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch box is food safe due to being certified free of heavy metals. All Eco Right bags are packed in recycled plastic and are ethically manufactured.

Brand: Eco Right

👤The lunch bag is great for kids and adults. It can fit a larger thermos, small Swell bottle, banana, chips, and a cookie all at the same time. The handles are long. It goes through the washing machine without any problems. There is a The bag is only one color, has the brand name printed on the outside, and is cotton, so it doesn't look like yogurt smudges. The zip ties work well. There is a I have mixed feelings about lunch boxes that are vertical and horizontal ones that are horizontal. It takes up a lot of table space. The lunch bag is large and easy to look into, and it is zips open so there is less need to stack things. I like the shape and size of the bag. It is not too heavy to carry when I am packing it. I put a big ice pack for sandwiches and yogurt at school, but I don't think it's really insulated. It is not plastic or neoprene. I will buy the exact same product to replace the bag when it wears out, because it looks brand new with washing. This product is recommended by me.

👤This is a day trip bag. It's size is deceiving. You think it can hold my lunch, but if you actually fill it up you would be surprised what can fit in there. I used this for a day trip and it held enough drinks and snacks for our family of 3, with 3 standard size water bottles, 3 small gatorades, 3 packages of crackers, 3 granola bars, and 6 fruit snacks. I could have put more bars in there. I think so. The bag is of excellent quality. It is tough and durable. I highly recommend!

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lunch tote. The handles are well-constructed and are navy-like. The lunch tote is a little lighter than it should be. It's big and I can fit a few things, like a water bottle and an apple. The teal color pops but isn't obnoxiously bright. There is a The inside of the lunch tote is made of a dark blue/black material that can easily be washed with a dish towel. The mesh side pocket on the inside of the wall of the tote is great for utensils, a container of salad dressing, etc. The lunch tote has a dark-colored zip that runs along the top, but doesn't extend down the sides. There is a The large logo of Eco Right is my only gripe. It's only on one side of the lunch tote, but I could do without it. It's my favorite lunch bag I've ever had and it's cheap. Well-made and minimalist!

👤After my husband's old lunchbag broke, I bought this as a gift for him, and I was looking for a good quality eco-friendly product. He absolutely loves this bag. The bag is strong, the stitching is strong, and the quality of the zippers is great. It is bigger than I anticipated, which was not a bad thing. Even though the inner compartment is just one space with no divider or pouch, it can hold a lot of food and there is a pouch on the front of the bag. He has been able to fit a piece of fruit inside the main compartment with room to spare. It's amazing quality, and you can just throw it in the washing machine to clean it. Highly recommended!

6. LOKASS Insulated Removable Shoulder Organizer

LOKASS Insulated Removable Shoulder Organizer

If there is a problem, just contact them. The double deck lunch bag has a dimensions of 10.2 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches. You can pack cold drinks and hot food separately. It has a wide opening design that makes it easy to get food inside. It's ideal for adult men and women to pack a lot of food. Two sections keep cold and warm items separate. You could keep drinks cool on the deck. No worries of mixing hot and cold food anymore. The bottom section is leakproof, no worry of spills or leaks anymore. The PEVA lining is stain and water resistant. The wide open design makes it easy to load and unload. If sauce spills inside, just wipe it with a damp cloth and it is new. The structure is made of heavy duty nylon fabric and is scratch resistant. The interior is thick foam padding and soft PEVA insulated. The top handle and side shoulder strap have reinforced stitching. The lunch bag stand is alone because of the (4)PU leather Bottom. Powerful organization. The tote lunch bag has two ways of access. The upper compartment can hold many snacks and apples. The compartment can fit 2 lunch boxes and 2 cans of cola. 2 front + 2 side + 2 back pockets can hold things. It's possible to carry more food to improve your daily life. Soft handle for easy tote. It also comes with a free of hands carrying option, as well as a shoulder strap that can be changed from 29 inch to 52 inch. This bag can be used as a lunch bag, picnic bag, snack bag, cooler bag, diaper bag and a shopping bag to supermarket, so versatile for men and women packing food and drink to work, campus, gym, outdoor etc.

Brand: Lokass

👤I love this bag. I work 12 hour shifts with a 1 hour commute and pack all 3 meals plus snacks. The bag is large enough to hold everything and not look bulky. I noticed some bags were not perfect after reading the reviews. I put my lunch bag in the grocery bags and left it there for 3 days. Since then, it has kept its shape. It is easy to clean and I have received many praise. I would recommend it.

👤I chose this lunch bag. It is very sturdy. I could put my small purse inside and it was still fit. There is a The lunch bag is similar to my jacket. It is very fashionable and whenever I meet people at work, they ask where I bought it. There is a The only thing I asked for was the strap. The plastic on my shoulder is very hard. Anything else is great.

👤It was delivered within 2 days without a prime membership, and I got it for $20 on sale. There are other designs and colors in it. It is large and fits a bit. It is important that I bring enough with me for the shift. I can fit 4 bottles in the top compartment and if you drink soda you can fit 6 cans in there. I was able to fit two large dinner containers in the bottom compartment, as well as a banana and 3 bars, and a yogurt. It has cute little pockets around the bag that you can use to hold things like napkins, hand sanitizer, or even wet wipes, as well as one that you can fit your silverware in. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 It is a very high quality bag. It has a small handle on top of it so you can carry it in hand. It has little feet at the bottom of the bag which makes it stand up. The bottom of the bag should not be placed on the floor. This bag is very good. It is cheap, durable and sturdy. It is easy to clean. It comes with a warranty of up to 2 years. I am happy I chose this bag. It is worth every penny. I will be ordering another to have a back up.

👤I bought glass meal prep containers to make my lunches for the week. There's still room for more stuff in the bottom compartment, I can fit 2 of these there. The top compartment is very large. There's still room for a tea bottle, another drink, medium to large apple, small container of yogurt, small container fruit cup, utensils, carton of protein drink, and more. The best lunch kit I've had so far. There are a lot of little pockets on the side. I'll find something to put in them.

👤I've gotten a lot of praise for this lunch bag. It is large enough to be used for a picnic, but not so large that it can't be used as a lunch bag for school or work. The black peony pattern is quite stunning. It has the added benefit of looking stylish on your arm or shoulder because it looks like a Vera Bradley-style purse or work bag. I plan on getting a smaller version of this bag when I carry lighter lunches. I would recommend this bag to people who plan to carry a lot of food to work.

7. Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Insert

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Insert

BUY IT. Have it for a long time. Their insulated lunch box is made from long- lasting materials. After opening the release steam tab, place it in the fridge or freezer and microwave it. They have a new bento box that will hold your favorite lunches without splitting at the corners. The original GreenLunch Bento has been given a massive facelift and can now hold your perfectly packed waste-free lunches for life. Most Bento boxes are 50% bigger. Are you fed up with metal lunch boxes that only hold a sandwich and a few carrots? They have good news for you, if you like eating over a lot at lunchtime. Their lunch container holds 6 cups of food. Most metal bento boxes have one satisfied appetite. There are three condominiums with snicker Pod. The bento lunch box has 3 separate sections to plan your meals and avoid food mingling. Don't stop there, place your full-sized sandwich in the bottom-tier. In the top-tier are pasta, salads, meats, and veggies. Don't forget the snacks. The snack box is perfect for fruit, nuts, or thick sauces. Their lunch box is made of 100% food grade steel and is the safest choice for your family. Have peace of mind that plastic won't ruin your child's lunch. The snap-secure locks will keep your lunch box secure at school, work, travel, picnics, or camping. There is a note about this. The snap-locks are strong and young children may need the assistance of a teacher to open and close them. * There is a bonus lifetime warranty. Their new and improved design will hold your lunches for the rest of your life. You and your children will enjoy digging into your favorite foods on-the-go for years to come, with over 6 cups of capacity. Their lifetime warranty makes your purchase risk-free. Start preparing your lunches. Click the button to buy now.

Brand: Greenlunch Bento

👤They warn you about leak-proof, but it's still a shame. It cracked less than a month after it was received. I don't have a dishwasher. I always washed it with warm water. Spending your money somewhere else would be better.

👤One side of the locking mechanism is not tight enough and there is not enough room for the box to be held together, leaving the entire unit susceptible to leaking. I really needed this and I was very disappointed. Video is included.

👤I ordered two for my children. They leak with anything liquidy so be careful, including just a little olive oil on pasta placed in the bottom compartment. One of them that is only 1-2 months old has already cracked at the top and although the product states unlimited life warranty, Amazon states you need to see the product website to request a replacement. We paid $30 for a lunch box. There is a The company responded to my complaint and shipped a new one. Customer service is great. Hope the second one holds up. The paper insert tells you how to get a replacement.

👤It's hard to be excited about writing a review. The product helps you transport your lunch from home to work. There is a The setup of the lunch box is acceptable, but there are improvements that can be made. The smaller container used for holding small berries, hummus, or other foods doesn't lock up or lineup inside the container, making it difficult to evenly distribute food around this insert when using it in your box. It is not a game change, but with more design work it could be very beneficial. There is a The box doesn't keep anything cold unless it's in a refrigerator. I have a few cups that are made of steel that I think hold items better at a cold temperature. I have about 12 minutes to either eat what I have inside or move my food to another cooling unit. This wasn't advertised to keep your food cold, but I think that for the price you pay, better materials and development could have made this a better product. If I drop this on the ground it's going to take a lot of damage since the walls of the box aren't very strong. I have a lifetime warranty per their listing, so if I can find a website that will back their product, I will know I have a company who will back their product. There is a It's easy to maintain and clean. Use a sponge to wipe out after you rinse out with hot water.

👤I contacted the company and got them replaced with no problems at all. The company is holding true to the warranty that I got for them. I've had them for 8 months. I have two children and I bought two of them. We don't use these every day, but they both started cracking a month ago. The corners of both containers are cracked. They're falling apart because they don't close well anymore. What a waste of money. I want my money back.

8. Waterproof Magnetic Reusable Eco Friendly Suitable

Waterproof Magnetic Reusable Eco Friendly Suitable

Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch box is food safe due to being certified free of heavy metals. All Eco Right bags are packed in recycled plastic and are ethically manufactured. The quality is high. The KRENDR lunch bag is made of heavy duty canvas which is stain resistant and waterproof. The perfect size of 14" x 8.5" x 5.5" makes it enough capacity. Waterproof and thermal insulation. The food can be kept at a proper temperature in this lunch bag, even if it is cold or hot. soup can leak into the cloth layer if the inside lining is not used. If you feel that the cloth is not hygiene, you can use it for cleaning. The lunch bag will be more stable and easier to carry with the 2 Hook&loops. ECO-FRIENDLY The lunch bag is free of plastic, non-toxic, and animal-based materials. The life time warranty. They will respond to you within 24 hours and give you a full refund or replacement if you have encountered any problems.

Brand: Krendr

👤The seller has been helpful to my situation. The replacement item buttons are better aligned. Hopefully the bag lasts because it looks like it. There is a The larger size was purchased by me. The bag is sturdy and durable. The color is described. It seems like the thermal lining would work. I can update it after I use it a bit. The magnetic buttons are notigned, that's a problem for me. They don't match if I fold it straight across the top. The magnetic retention seems to be weak. The large size is easy to fit in my meal prep container.

👤This lunch bag is awesome. I like the irony of it being disposable. There is a The buttons don't match up to hold it closed, so I have a critique. It would have been better if it had worked.

👤Good value. There is a Sturdy. Curb appeal is similar to old school paper sack. Adequate insulation is needed for everyday uses. It holds containers or loose food items enough for a lunch and a snack. It can be used to keep items cool until they reach the reefer. It is very reuseable. If you don't own a chihuahua or pit bull, it should last.

👤A great little cooler keeps my lunch cool. I can pack it away and roll it up. The smaller of the two offerings would be perfect for a lunch.

👤I like the look of this lunch. Since it is made of canvas, it is easy to clean and looks like a paper bag. The only thing I don't like is that they use a piece of tape to close the bag. I wish it was something like buttons because it tends to scratch my hand when carrying it.

👤The magnetic buttons don't stay closed.

👤I went back to work and bought this. It seems smaller from the dimensions. I had to fold it into a paper bag because it doesn't have a shape. It is too large and heavy. I will look for something else.

👤I guess it's a spot clean. Put it in the laundry. It's even more difficult to close now. If you want to close the top, it has a standard size PBJ and a few hardy snacks. If you make a sandwich, you might get an apple in it. It's more difficult than cute. Should have gotten the kind with the handle?

9. Lekebaby Insulated Reusable Office School

Lekebaby Insulated Reusable Office School

You should keep your food for a long time. The Slynnar lunch box is great for packing healthy foods. Food stays fresh and cool all day. The Large Capacity Lunch Bag is 10 x 6.5 x 11 inches. The small lunch bag can fit a regular size lunch box. The lining is reinforced. The eco-friendly material used in the lining is made of four layers of high quality aluminum foil that won't melt when they put something over heat. The insulated lunch bag is very easy to clean. Long-term insulation. The lunch bag lining can keep food fresh for at least 6 hours. Their latest foam design protects your lunch. Their lunch bag is heavy and lightweight. Double dual zippers are rip resistant. They make sure that their customer gets the best lunch bag they made. All Lekebaby lunch bags have a 30-day money-back guarantee and 180-day warranty for quality-related issues.

Brand: Lekebaby

👤I received the Lekesky brand, but I ordered the Leke baby brand. I kept it because I didn't want to go through the trouble of returning. The bag has enough room for all my stuff, so I love it. It holds my smoothie bottle upright, which is a big plus for me. I have a smoothie bottle. I love the shape and colour of the bag. The zip isn't properly aligned at the ends, but I can live with that. The bag is great.

👤I am surprised that I am not reading more about how much this bag is. It's a strong smell. I've washed it twice and it still stinks. I can't get it to go away because it has been airing out since I got it three days ago. Baking soda is something I would like to try next.

👤The cute design of the lunchbox. I could use this lunch box to work back and forth. There is a small compartment in the front that has a lot of space for food and drinks. It is easy to clean.

👤My favorite lunch is not my favorite lunch to date. Everything stays cold for 12 hours. It can easily be cleaned. I am buying another one as a spare.

👤I found a cute lunch box while looking for one for work. I needed something that held larger tupperware containers and this holds everything. I am very happy that I bought it.

👤The bag was getting wet. I had to buy a lunch box.

👤I like my new lunch bag. It's cute and has great structure. I've had it for a while. All is well so far.

👤The bag is large. You can pack more than one item. I have enough space to pack my lunch, bottles of water, juice, snacks, and fruit. There was room for a small bag, meds, and wallet.

👤No se transpasan los lquidos a la tela, ya estaba derramando lquidos dentro de ella. Le pongo es al llenarla, pero no tiene en la parte superior. Producto y sper.

👤A prueba de lquidos resiste buen peso y es linda por fuera.

👤La bolsa para el almuerzo tiene un excelente. No se escurren los lquidos.

👤Me encanto la lonchera.

10. Syntus Insulated Detachable Shoulder Container

Syntus Insulated Detachable Shoulder Container

If you're not 100% satisfied with your lunch bags, please contact them. Large capacity. The front pocket and back pocket are attached with a zip up and provide enough room for your lunch and your bus cards, keys, knives and forks. Triple insulated lining with eco-friendly aluminum foil, interior padded with 3mm pearl foam, protect with Oxford outer fabric, keeps food cold for hours. It's dirty proof and easy. To clean. The Oxford material is easy to maintain and clean, and the lining of food-grade aluminum foil is very easy to clean, too, aiming to provide you with healthy and delicate food. Lunch bags are light-weight and keep their shape. Strong stitching in the shoulder strap. It is a stylish design for your life. It's a versatile choice for you to take food and drinks to work, school, picnics, beach, road trips, camping, traveling or any outdoor activities because it has two carrying ways.

Brand: Syntus

👤I'm happy with the item. I keep my drinks and sandwiches cool. I like the side pockets one without the zip. I don't have to carry my purse because I can put my wallet, keys and phone in the side. It has an insulted interior to keep it warm. This was a good option for me.

👤My daughter has been using this lunch kit for a long time and loves it. There is plenty of room for her bento box, extra snacks, a water bottle and an ice pack. It has a pocket for money or napkins. The kit keeps lunches cool. Because it's so large, there hasn't been any need to rip it apart to get the items out. The fabric is durable. The size helps to keep it fresh, as it can get roughed up. There is a The shoulder strap that allows her to carry her school and activity bags with no hands-free use in the halls of her school is the icing on the cake. This kit is roomy, durable, and convenient.

👤I love it! I had it for a few days. It is really sturdy. It fits a lot of things. When you have too many things to carry, the strap is useful.

👤This lunch bag is awesome! I went to the office to get something for my lunch since some of the restaurants are still closed and the refrigerator and microwave haven't been cleaned in a year. I make sandwiches with black bean salad. Surprisingly roomy and has a single compartment.

👤The lunch bag is perfect for me. It is the perfect size for me because I am able to carry a lot. The appearance is very nice. Can beat the price. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Disappointed with the size. It appears to be larger than it is. Didn't fit my immediate needs, but will keep.

👤My new lunch box is very stylish. What more can you ask for? Cute and efficient. It packs a lot of drinks and counter space. Love it. You have to get one.

👤Love it! I don't know how this will hold up. I wanted to eat in the car. We fill our travel squeeze containers at home and keep condiments cold in the bag. During the Covid pandemic, we ate food in the car while it was hot. Take out condiments were always out of stock. We put our food and drinks in this bag. TV tray tops are used as tables. Get our food and park at a drive-through. You can push your car seat back and eat lunch or dinner. You can listen to your favorite music on your car radio while you enjoy your meal. It was a good appetite.

11. Lunch Insulated Organizer Holder Container

Lunch Insulated Organizer Holder Container

Food safe and sustainable. Their lunch box is food safe due to being certified free of heavy metals. All Eco Right bags are packed in recycled plastic and are ethically manufactured. The material isdurable. This insulated lunch bag is made of high-quality tear and water-resistant Oxford fabric, heavy-duty metal zippers, and enhanced by bar-tacks at major stress points provide long- lasting durability against daily activities. The report shows that this lunch bag can hold 22 lbs of load. Proud to carry your lunch. It is easy to clean and leakproof with eco-friendly waterproof lining. You can keep your food cold or warm with Padded With 4mm Epi foam. The dimensions of the Lunch Bag are 7.8" 6.3" 10.12" inch, great for packing all of your food and snacks for the entire day. Cans of cola, ice pack, and some snacks are included. It is easy to carry a lunch box by hand or tied to a briefcase because it has a shoulder strap. The modern and lightweight design makes it easy to use as your lunch bag, cooler bag, picnic bag, sundry bag, or shopping bag. They will give you a satisfactory answer if you contact them.

Brand: League Promo

👤We have been using this bag for a while. It has torn all over on the inside, as you can see in my video. It is. It doesn't keep things chilled. It has been difficult to clean due to the poor quality. I was able to use lysol wipes to clean the inside. I wanted a cooler that was more durable. It is difficult to find a lunch box that is insulated.

👤When it is not, Amazon photos can let you think it is a higher end product. The small lunch bag is enough for what I need. It doesn't fully close on the top, but is leak proof and doesn't take a lot of space. Due to its design, it can't maintain a low or high temperature, so it's only good to carry your lunch, to avoid direct sun light, and to be placed in the refrigerator till lunch time. I wouldn't buy it if I saw it in store. Walmart sells uglier ones for the same price. 3 stars is good for every day use, but I don't think people will give it higher ratings unless Walmart is the only other option.

👤This was great the first time. It's a nice size, not bulky, insulated, expandable, secure, and has a sturdy handle. One of the side snaps has broken 7 days after a 3rd graders lunch was packed in it. I thought the review might have been a mistake. Quality is in question. There is a I chose this lunch bag because of this small feature. I was going to buy another one after I got back in stock.

👤I wanted to get this because I wanted to bring more frozen foods to work and they wouldn't fit in a smaller bag. I went to get my lunch and water and it was everywhere, but one item was more frozen than others. There was a huge puddle on the desk. If it lasts, I will try to use it, but it's very discouraging since it's already smaller than the picture said it could use for. It's about the size of a lunch bag. When you open the sides, it doesn't fit as well as it would with the latched version. The top only closes if you fit a specific distance between the two sides, which causes me to have several times it not closed unless I pay attention.

👤I looked at the bag after I got to work and there was a wet mark on it. I think the melting seeped through the frozen things in there. Wasn't expecting that. It might be a good bag if it didn't leak.

👤I have been carrying my lunches to work in a paper bag since I was a child. I know. They rip, they are disposable, and they are cheap. I searched for a sturdy, quality, spacious lunch box that didn't look like I was in kindergarten and found this! It's a great lunch box for someone who loads it with Tupperware and snacks. (Me) It is cute carrying it on my wrist, and it doesn't look bulky. There is a cute leather patch on there. It is easy to wash and doesn't stink. I finally found a bag that was functional and cute, and it was a good price. I am happy with this purchase.


What is the best product for eco friendly lunch box for women?

Eco friendly lunch box for women products from Lokass. In this article about eco friendly lunch box for women you can see why people choose the product. Joyhill and Asebbo are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly lunch box for women.

What are the best brands for eco friendly lunch box for women?

Lokass, Joyhill and Asebbo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly lunch box for women. Find the detail in this article. Ecobags, Eco Right and Lokass are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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