Best Eco Friendly Mailers 6x9

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1. Biodegradable Compostable Packaging Envelopes Friendly

Biodegradable Compostable Packaging Envelopes Friendly

It's perfect for all your moving, shipping, and packaging needs. The bubble wrap is made from PBAT and modified corn starch. The envelope is made of paper. They meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials and the European Society for Testing and Materials. They generate less CO2 than traditional plastic. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open a bubble mailer of eco friendly materials. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales performance. The size is 9 x 11, 25 Count. The shelf life is 12 months. Keep these bubble mailers in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. The padded bubble envelopes are laminated to make them waterproof and resistant to puncture or tears. They are made to endure the shipping process. These padded envelopes can be used in offices, at home, in shops, schools and everywhere where there is a need for shipping. The bubble bag can't be opened until the whole bag is torn up.

Brand: Ktob

👤Surprised to find that these aren't the same size as advertised on Amazon. They are not stated as 8.5 x 12. They are about the same size on the outside and inside. I checked the box I received and it said the same size as the label said, so it's not that they sent me the wrong size. They are not the size advertised. It is a shame that will have to return. There was a lot of non-biodegradable material wasted during the shipping and return of these items.

👤I don't use these often due to the nature of what I ship, but I did recently receive a return from a buyer and they used this bubble mailer as the return packaging. I was excited to see if the closing worked out well when shipped around and opened. If you try to open the envelope from the closure flap, the bubble mailers will destroy it. That is what I wanted to see. On the other side of things, you have to be careful filling these bubble mailers because they can tear on the corner of a flat box being inserted. I will deal with it since they are green.

👤The mailer is great, but the side you put the address on is half taken up by "hey I am 100% COMPOSTABLE" I wouldn't buy these again.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I sell my old clothes on Depop and this envelope is worth the price. You can write on it and it's made from renewable resources. You don't have to worry about the rain ruining it because of the bubble lining. Will buy again.

👤The envelope is too short to properly seal with the self-seal tab, so you will have to send the documents in a different way. In my case, the purpose was defeated because you end up having to tape the package or fold the documents. A great idea for a product with some flaws.

👤The envelopes are 100% compostable. The opening won't hold a document of that size. The width is too small and the length is fine. If the usable width was increased, I would purchase more.

👤I wanted to use mailers that were more Earth friendly. I am happy that I got these. I don't have to worry about my items getting damaged in shipping because they will not rot in landfills. I highly recommend them.

👤I have been shipping packages for 17 years and am happy to have found these on Amazon. They are durable and a quality product. They will compost instead of leaving more plastic on the earth.

👤These are great. They're the perfect size for most small packages, and they're non-toxic. I run a small business from home and use these a lot. I will be ordering more as I use them. These are highly recommended.

👤The size of the mailers is not advertised. The dimensions are not that big. The inside and external dimensions for posting are about the same size.

2. Mini Scout Boho Mailers Large

Mini Scout Boho Mailers Large

Seal in seconds with the powerful adhesive strip that comes with this product. There was no need for extra taping. Light postage savings are what you will get with the abolition of bulky boxes. There is a 100 pack of eco-friendly mailers. These designer poly mailers are great for packaging non-fragile items and are great for small businesses. Pick the pattern that best fits your brand from their different size options. It's good to know that these bags can be recycled. Make it easy to recognize your shipments with beautiful prints. Your brand stands out from the crowd with the use of their stunning shipping bags. Who wouldn't want to open that package first? Box and tape are not worth the time of a quick peel and seal. The packages are ready to ship after folding over the flap. Their bags come with extra-strong glue that ensures a safe seal without extra tape. Your packages will look great and be safe from your hands. The weather replenishant emits light weather precipitations. Their lightweight mailing bags are made of 60 mic-thick plastic that is tear and weather resistant, without adding extra bulk or padding. It means less shipping costs and more dry items. The secure seal and opaque design of their custom shipping envelopes ensure that your items always arrive safely at their destination. Money-back guarantees are offered for 30 days. They hope you love them as much as they do, because every design was hand drawn in the US and then produced in the best factory. The family business worked hard to deliver the best patterned poly mailers to you. Please let them know if you have any questions or doubts. If you are less than 100% happy with your purchase, they will look into it and make it right.

Brand: Mini Wander

👤The quality is amazing, unlike any I have used before. The best mailers out there.

👤These are cute and great to ship out my products.

3. Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Shipping Compostable Packaging Envelopes

Provide better service. If you are tired of regular mail bags, their design mail bags are for you. They can provide 100% satisfactory service if there is a quality problem. They are committed to making better products so that their customers can get better and better. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-toxic and has a reduction in CO2 emissions. It's important to make it easy to recognize your shipments. Your brand stands out from the crowd if you use their stunning shipping supplies with custom designs. Who wouldn't want to open that package? Their 2.5 mil compostable poly mailers are unpadded and easy to use, perfect for sending out non-fragile items. Their strip is sealed so that it cannot be opened without signs of tampering. Strong packaging will deter thieves and keep your package safe. Integrity doesn't compromise biodegradability. KTOB's shipping envelopes are resistant to a number of things. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC.

Brand: Ktob

👤I am very happy with my purchase so far. It took 2 days to arrive. There is an 8.5” x 11” sheet of cardboard backing. Can't wait to use.

👤I am really happy I bought these. I use a rollo thermal printer for my labels and they didn't have any issues sticking or keeping the label on. I have shipped out over 20 orders and haven't had a compliant about the seal opening. Also, friendly with the environment.

👤If you are looking for an eco friendly option, these poly mailers are a great choice. I wanted eco friendly poly mailers for my small business and they have worked out great. One customer showed me that the bag ripped a little on the bottom, but their product was not damaged, so everything worked out in the end. I still love these mailers because I can fit quite a bit in them.

👤They really smell and the smell isn't going anywhere, so they wanted to love this option, but they really smell and the smell isn't going anywhere, so they wanted to love this option, but they really smell and the smell isn't going anywhere, so they wanted to It is not thick enough to ship an item on its own. Can't double up. It works for something inside a box or mailer, but not a practice or durable option to ship on its own. It was a disappointing purchase.

👤I bought to ship orders for a small side business and I don't feel confident with them. I use packaging tape to adhere the labels because I don't have a label printer. I don't feel like the tape I have is going to adhere. It could be pulled off during shipping. 3M shipping tape is what I use.

👤It made a big impression that the Poly mailers came in a small mailer. I'm looking forward to using these bags. Thank you again!

👤These are very nice. I love that they are non-toxic. I use all my packages from Amazon to ship stuff out, but sometimes I need sleeves and these are great. Well worth the money. They are thick, stretch well, and have a minimal look to them. Shipping labels stick well to them.

👤The company sent a new set of bags with the seal working well. I had issues with the shipping labels. They stick, but could be peeled off, which could be an issue on longer transits. The company sent me some other brand labels but I still have issues with them. The company was very responsive to help but be warned that the materials may have issues if you have a brand label. --- Some reviewers have stated that the glue isn't strong and can't be opened easily and the labels can peel off. Waterbased glue on labels didn't work. If you have to use non-biodegradable materials to get a label to stick, it defeats the purpose of a compostable bag. If bags can be opened in shipment and labels fall off during shipping, then it's not worth it.

4. Pacific Blueprint Starburst Shipping Adhesive

Pacific Blueprint Starburst Shipping Adhesive

It is possible to achieve dependability. These paperboard envelopes are perfect for CD, DVD, book, handbook, shipping promotional items, cosmetics, direct mail fulfillments, audio and video cassettes, compact disks, catalogue, literature, certificates, invitations, magazine, newspaper, prints, greeting card, binders, medical and dental booklets It's perfect for shipping clothing, jewelry, pamphlets, and other non fragile items. The self seal strip makes it easy to close. Their mailers are designed to protect your contents from punctures, tears and weather damage. Their bags are constructed with a dark lining to ensure confidentiality of your shipments. The mailers are space saver and eliminate the need for bulky shipping boxes. They make an inexpensive way to ship your items. It's convenient! Use their mailers to reduce your impact on the environment.

Brand: Pacific Blueprint

👤I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I really like these. I will update the review if I discover quality issues later. There is a The print is great. I own a small business and was looking for fun, eco-friendly poly mailers. The design on these was attractive to me. There is a They seem very durable. I've tried puncturing and tearing them, and I don't see why they wouldn't hold up crossing the country. It is easy to self- seal. There is a I wish it said "recyclable" on the packaging. If it's being marketed that way, it should be marked so the end user doesn't throw it away. I personally look for recycling labels on packaging in order to recycle in a responsible way. If it's not listed on the package, I toss it because it can ruin a whole load of recycling, cause equipment malfunction, and potentially harm workers operating the equipment.

👤These are really cool. I'm going to find out if I can get this print in larger sizes. Love it.

5. Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Packaging Zero Waste

Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Packaging Zero Waste

Perfect Design and Recycling Material is 10x13 inch and 50 pieces. The stylish design makes it different from regular mailers. Their thank you poly mailers are made from recycled material. These 6 x 9 mailers are made from 100% Compostable Materials. They are made from PBAT and corn starch. Also comes with 2 free thank you cards. It has a pink hue that makes it a little tacky. Best to use minliving black compostable mailers for full privacy mailers. It is certified. It was not certified for its ability to compost under industrial and home environments. Thoroughly tried, tested, reviewed, and adopted by businesses in the US, Canada, and the UK. The products will have the scent of cornstarch. This scent won't transfer to your content. 2.5 mil Thick Heavy-duty Biodegradable Polymailers are perfect for parcels. Even though it is unpadded, it is suitable for shipping in all climates. The mailing bag is not resealable without causing damage to the bag. They have included two strips so your customers can use the bag again. They have both black and pink mailers for you to choose from. INFORMATIVE DESIGN. The front of your business can be covered with your own branding. Even after the second glue is used, the instructions and valuable information can be seen on the back. They wanted it to be easy to read since they believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and raising awareness as the first step in fighting climate change. Social responsibility is about responsibility. Your brand is being praised for saving the environment. If given the chance, 85% of American consumers would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit.

Brand: Minliving

👤This company stand behind their products. I gave them a 1 star review, but they went way above and beyond to make things right. The company found me both of my social media accounts, messaged me, and wouldn't stop until they made things right, but they completely changed the structure of their bags, insisted to send me the new ones until I agreed, and WOW! The original bags were the biggest difference compared to the new bags that I received. They showed me how great the customer service was. I wish they had padded mailers, but the ones they do have are amazing. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, they will do whatever they can to make sure you are. There is a Thanks again for living and respecting! Keep up the great work! There were bad bags. I like the idea of them, but unless you are shipping a single sock they are not worth it. My review was original.

👤I use these for my shop. I initially sought them out because I didn't want to use bubble mailers and that's what the majority of stores on here are selling, I'm so glad to have found this store. These are not bubble mailers, they are bags, and they are not thin, so you can rest assured that they will come out just fine. If you need a cushion for delicate and fragile items, you'll have to provide that yourself, and I don't need bubbles or anything like that for the items I sell. If you bring up the smell, it's because you think it's bad, but that's not true, if you smell the material, you'll know it's bad. I'm very glad to be using these, they make me feel good about it, and hopefully my customers have also been appreciative of it, I recommend them.

👤I use these for my small business and so far so good. The peel-and-stick is easy to use and they are the perfect size for my products. I like that they are disposable and compostable because I am doing what I can to be sustainable. Definitely recommend these!

👤My first order was sent out. The adult M shirt is not tight. The seams are good and the glue is good. It's compostable and you can cut it so it doesn't get damaged during the opening, as well as reuse it afterwards. It's great for the planet and great for my customers. I'll be checking in with my customer once it arrives on how well it made the trip, but so far I'm very happy and will be ordering more when I need it, as well as getting a bigger size for mailing multiple shirts or a hoodie.

👤I am an author and have been looking for a mailer with minimal impact, but also beautiful to fit my brand and these were perfect! They have instructions for the consumer so they know what to do with it. Many sustainable products don't give clear instructions and end up in the trash. So happy with these!

6. Tree Was Harmed Sustainable Alternative

Tree Was Harmed Sustainable Alternative

Save on shipping charges with this lightweight mailer. Make your hand made products stand out, grow market share, increase revenue, and promote brand awareness by using sustainable packaging. The bamboo used to make their Mailers does not contain plastic, wood, wood pulp, or tree waste. 100 Count, Reusable, 2 Glue Strip with Pull Tab, 6 inch x 9 inch Bamboo kraft mailers are made of natural bamboo 200 . Each mailer has a second strip with a tear tab, which can be used a second time. The mailer has a total length of 9 inches when closed and a total length of 12 inches when open. Their video is below. They offer sustainable bamboo card Mailers and bamboo paper Mailers in 9 sizes, as well as Bamboo Honeycomb Cushion Wrap, Bamboo Jewelry Boxes, Tuck Boxes, Bamboo Paperboard Jars, and Push up Tubes. Eco bamboo packaging helps save trees and animal habitats. Each mailer is made one at a time, the 2 glue strips are applied one mailer at a time by a skilled worker. The bamboo card mailers are made from bamboo that does not contain wood, wood pulp, or tree byproducts, and are more eco friendly than recycled paper, paper card, or cardboard from trees. The ideal Green Eco Packaging choice is bamboo. They sell eco 50lb bamboo wrapping paper and bamboo honeycomb paper as an alternative to bubble mailer or bubble cushion wrap to hold a non fragile product in place inside the package. The bamboo paper, bamboo paperboard, and bamboo pulp used in the No Tree Was Harmed Mailers are all certified by the FSC.

Brand: No Tree Was Harmed

👤I would order again because it was perfect for our needs. Make sure the measurements fit your item, as they are a bit stiff and sturdy, so don't expand much. I put a few custom tea bags in each envelope. I will use them to protect artist trading card projects.

👤I still care for the earth and love this alternative. Sturdy with a beautiful look. I will definitely use these and other products from this company.

👤This is a great mailer. Very strong. The bottom expands to fit thicker packages. The seal strip has a great grip.

👤These bags are great for small items. It's a little pricey but willing to pay more for quality.

👤These are not an alternative to a bubble or padded envelope. These don't offer any extra protection. The slip seal that I got was also a sticker or tape to secure it for mailing. There is a If I didn't already make the inner packing envelopes, I would recommend them to my friends who ship cards, but don't make their own inner envelopes.

👤I was going for a solution that was more eco friendly. I will most likely switch back to the original rigid envelopes for our decals because I haven't had any issues. These are not as strong as they could be.

7. Smart Shipping Supply Packaging Envelopes

Smart Shipping Supply Packaging Envelopes

The interior of their bags are made with a dark lining to prevent the contents of the bag from being seen during shipping. Smart Shipping Supply is proud to offer mailers made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. When compared to conventional poly mailers, they require significantly less energy to be produced, and they also give existing plastic waste a new life. Their recycled mailers are in sizes of 6 x 9 and 2.5 mil in thickness with black interior lining and a tamper-evident seal for extra security. They are more resistant to tear than compostable mailers. The self-sealing closure of the mailers is anti-static for faster and easier order fulfillment. Reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact is achieved by using 100% recycled shipping envelopes. They donate a portion of their sales to carbon reduction and tree planting programs. They plant a tree for every order they get. Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to order from brands that use sustainable packaging, and they thank you for being part of the effort to care for their planet while growing your business.

Brand: Smart Shipping Supply

👤These are great for my small business. They're true to size and durable. I use sticky shipping labels. Definitely recommend. It's made from post-consumer waste.

👤The price and delivery were great.

8. Fuxury Honeycomb Envelopes Cushioning Protected

Fuxury Honeycomb Envelopes Cushioning Protected

There is a need for shipping in schools and shops, so Multipurpose Envelopes can be used. The mailers come with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, they will replace it. Outside size is 11x10.5 inch. A pack of 10 items. These padded sturdy envelopes are your first choice if you are thinking of mailing documents. The padded envelopes keep your shipment safe from damage. SAY. If you are a supporter of plastic prohibition, Honeycomb Padded Envelopes with patents can solve your packaging problems. Fuxury Fibers padded envelope is made from recycled paper and is sustainable. Super security. The surface of the envelopes is made from paper. The packages arrive in great condition because the interior is built with honeycomb padded construction. Opaque and lightweightKraft Paper Fibers Cushioning Protected Padded Envelopes are completely opaque and protect the shipped item from curious eyes. You can mail sensitive documents without fear. Tight The self seal is a tight seal that can be used to secure enclosures. The smooth surface is perfect for writing.

Brand: Fuxury

👤Don't buy a scam. I purchased these to be an eco friendly shipping option but not only were they not sturdy enough to survive being shipped inside another box with additional support of wrapping and cushion but the wrapping is in plastic and The Cushining is plastic too. It is greenwashing and a quick money grab for this company.

👤These mailers are great. My friends have shipped things to me before and they hold up well. Is they perfect? No. They do a good job. There is a Why is the review score low? There is a I wanted these over other mailers to reduce the amount of plastic waste. It's wrapped in unrecyclable plastic and it doesn't matter. I thought I could get away with it, but I have to put some plastic in a landfill. Your recipient won't have any guilt. There is a Thanks to China and Amazon. :')

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find recycled paper and padded mailing envelopes. I was able to ship packaging-guilt free because I got a larger quantity than I needed. The paper honeycomb interior is not as strong as the stuffed mailers. They are fine for my purpose. They were an affordable price and were shipped fast.

👤The envelope material is sheer with a smooth waxy paper and has little thickness to support the contents in the package. The problem was with strength. The edges of the packaging were delaminated. We had minimal secure packaging goals for outgoing parcels. We received 1/3 of the envelopes. We paid extra to have these nice looking envelopes.

👤My son did paintings for Mother's Day. They wouldn't get involved in transportation. The envelopes are nice, but I was upset to find that they wouldn't fit in the 8x11.5 paper. The inside of the envelope is much smaller than the 8x11.5 dimensions would suggest. We are trying to be more eco-conscious. I didn't think I would have to sacrifice something. Not worth the hassle of returning them.

👤I wanted to find padded envelopes that were not made of plastic. It is possible to write on them withcent padding. I would love to see these in smaller sizes.

👤I sell stuff on the internet through an online marketplace called eos. I have used the red ones. These are better than any poly ones in stores and a lot better for money.

👤I took a chance because I saw a lot of other reviews complaining about how small these were, but I thought the books I hoped to mail were much smaller than the envelope. I might be okay. Nope. I might cut them apart and tape them together. I get some use out of them. I was able to use them because one was large enough to wrap around my books.

👤I like using something like this. No complaints!

9. Sealed Air Shipping Recycled Cushioned

Sealed Air Shipping Recycled Cushioned

Bubble mailers are multipurpose. You can put postal stickers on bubble mailers. The bubble mailers can be used to mail accessories, cosmetics, paintings, etc., and can be used in stores, offices, schools. The brand image can be established with Famagic colorful padded envelopes. There is 250 - #0. Genuine padded envelopes. Their mailers are made from heavy-duty kraft and have a uniform inner padding. This mailer is eco-friendly and offers excellent protection while reducing freight costs and warehouse storage space. There is recycled content. The mailers are made from recycled paper. 100% recycled newsprint is used to makeerated paper. It is easy to recycle. Curbside with paper.

Brand: Sealed Air

👤There are a lot of small lightweight items that I ship. These mailers are a great size, sturdy and seal well, however they are much heavier than bubble mailers and will often push me into the next weight class. A lighter weight option would be great.

👤I love these because they don't add much to the shipping costs. There is a I'm having trouble with my labels sticking and I'm adding clear packing tape because it's not 100% eco-friendly. Is there a label that will stick to them?

👤I ordered these mailers because I needed to replenish my supplies. The first few envelopes seemed fine, but as I got deeper in to the 100 count box, I started to find mailers with manufacturing defects. I bought these because they were self sealed, but on many of them the glue was missing or they were already partially glue together. I kept them because I used so many already and it was not convenient to tape them shut. I am not happy.

👤I've been using these padded envelopes for a while and lately I've started getting messages from my customers saying they got empty envelopes. I can see the pictures and the damaged labels from the post office, so I know it's not a scam. There is a gaping hole in the side of the envelope. They are easy to rip. The labels don't stick very well. They're coming loose on the sides or corners. I will phase out the boxes once I'm done with them.

👤The usable space is not as large as anticipated. The dimensions seem to be off by an inch. Paper envelopes are more eco-friendly than plastic because they are less likely to be thrown out, but they weigh more and cost more to ship. Depending on what is being shipped in them, it may or may not be a good option.

👤My business partner had to tape all of the mailers shut after they unglued themselves when she dropped off the orders. It was weird because we didn't notice any defects with our order, and each envelope had a seemingly intact glue/seal strip when we enclosed our items. In terms of item safety, I would recommend this to replace bubble mailers. We will probably order again because this seems to be one of the better eco-friendly mailers out there.

👤When you tear them apart, they get a bit dusty, but we love them. There's no plastic, they're recycled, and so no room for concerns from customers. We can get two bags of coffee in one, but they aren't super flexible.

👤These are more sturdy and stiff than bubble mailers. I put a strip of clear packaging tape over it to make it stick. No worries! The mailers do not provide a stick for your labels. That's just the nature of a beast. Throw some tape over it. I need protection for our mailings. Great product!

👤The mailers are very good. Canada Post over-sized letter mail is awesome. They are thick, but you could fit a medium or smaller tee inside. The next size up might work as well. These are great for branding. They're blank, so bust out a stencil and spray paint your logo on it. You should watch out for warehouse deals from Amazon. The listing stated that the mailers were in great condition, but may have had some damage. It's probably only 90 or 80 mailers. It's still a great deal. I received 25 mailers. The package stated it was inspected by Amazon. Yes, right! Only 24 mailers? What a joke! The listing did not state that you'll pay almost 2 bucks each for the mailers. I was able to get a refund as it came down to false advertising. I'll never purchase a warehouse deal from Amazon again because of their customer service. I will be buying these mailers again.

10. Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

Biodegradable Compostable Shipping Packaging Envelopes

The lightweight cushion mailers are ideal for online sellers shipping handmade goods, or for small businesses sending products to customers. The 100% biogenic is made of PBAT and modified corn starch and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The material is non-toxic and has a reduction in CO2 emissions. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open the bags of eco friendly materials. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales. Their poly mailers are portable, secure and easy to use. Poly bags are not allowed to open during transit if the seal is tampered with. Integrity doesn't compromise biodegradability. KTOB's shipping envelopes are resistant to a number of things. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC. They use vegetable oil as the base for ink. It is more eco-friendly than traditional ink because it doesn't include plastic orPVC.

Brand: Ktob

👤I love that these envelopes are compostable, but they Stink. I cannot send handmade crochet plushes in these envelopes because of the smell. It is a sad thing. I can use them for any solid items I need to send, but not for what I bought them for.

👤The bags are great, the price is ok, but it is wasteful to have to buy many in the same size, when most people need a few different sizes and less product overall. There is a An assortment of sizes and less product would solve my problem.

👤These are more durable than poly mailers and I use them for my small business. I have tried tearing one of these myself and it is not as easy as a plastic poly Mailer. The quality of this has not elicited any complaints from my customers. It's a great alternative to poly mailers for being more eco-friendly.

👤I pride myself on being sustainable. I felt like it would be hypocritical to send samples in traditional mailers, yet I wanted them to be water-proof. I was relieved to find these mailers. When you get them, I have one caution, and that is to store them flat. I put them in a box of other things and they get wrinkled. That's right!

👤I would love to be able to offer customers an eco-friendly option when they purchase things from me. These little mailers are so flimsy that I worry about sending them long distances. They almost feel like a film of some sort. I will probably not purchase these again and instead use more recycled materials.

👤I use these for my small business and they are amazing. They are thin, that is expected with environment safe packaging. 10/10

👤If something rubs against the edge, what is the point of a variety of self-adhesive mailing labels from USPS, and the like? The bags I used for the 100 have not been able to stick to the mailing label. I have to tape all four sides, and what is it about that?

👤I use these for my business and my customers always think it is great when they get these in the mail. I always get the thought that I had no idea.

11. Biodegradable Compostable Packaging Envelopes Friendly

Biodegradable Compostable Packaging Envelopes Friendly

The stickers are used for moving or shipping. The bubble wrap is made from PBAT and modified corn starch. The envelope is made of paper. They meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The bubble mailer is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open a mailer of eco friendly materials. You will be able to communicate your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand with the use of biodegradable shipping supplies. Your brand and concepts will be recognized by your customers, which will boost your sales. Each poly bubble envelope has a strong self seal strip. Even if the weather is hot or cold, the strong stickiness of your items will not be replaced. Store these padded shipping envelopes in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months. Their bubble mailers are made with thicker materials. They are waterproof and tear-resistant. Their poly mailers are made of bio-degradable material and will keep your packages safe until they reach their destination. These padded packaging envelopes can be used in offices, at home, in shops, schools and everywhere where there is a need for shipping. The mailer can't be opened until the whole bag is torn up.

Brand: Ktob

👤I like these. Excellent quality. I wish the prints were on the back because with a regular 4x6 shipping label all the print is covered so the end customer wouldn't know the package is compostable.

👤These mailers are great. I used to have some polymailers. I would buy the next size up if it wasn't so manageable. I am grateful to be using something that is not harmful to the environment. Customers are paying attention to it. I bought these in a larger size as well. I don't know if that's a legitimate concern or just me over thinking it, but if they sit around for a long time they might absorb some of the water and break down, which is usually the case. I keep them in large bags and take out what I need until I see how they do. I am very grateful for the thoughtfulness of this product in doing everything we can to move forward with more eco-friendly products. It is shocking how much we rely on plastic. I am thankful for those who can provide better alternatives.

👤I like that they're not oil-based. Sturdy seams, great bubbles, and a general feel. I love em. There is a I've had positive comments from customers asking if I used a 3rd party glue in addition to the solid envelopes. They stick very well. There are no quality control issues. I'm not sure it will fit, and the interior is on the small side. The 'I'm compostable' message should be printed on the back of the package, not on the front. You would never know these are eco friendly, they look and feel the same.

👤The picture shows dimensions and it appears that there is 4 inches of usable space. If you're shipping something relatively flat, it's only 3.75 and that's usually the case when you need a padded mailer. If you agree with other reviews, the compostable info should be printed on the back, otherwise it gets covered by the label, or you'd have to cover the flap.

👤These are not much more expensive than the plastic bubble mailers I used before, but they feel more durable. I have no issues with them. There is a The compostable labels are on the back, but a few reviews say they are on the front. If it matters to you, I have the 4x8 size.

👤I like the idea that this is a good quality bubble mailer that is biodegradeable and better for our planet. I feel like I'm making a difference. It is pricier than others, but it is the same as saying that everything you want to buy that is better for our environment costs you more personally. This aspect of product manufacturing/sales/marketing deters many from doing the right thing and buying in an effort to help the environment, so companies have to start taking this aspect of their product manufacturing/sales/marketing. We need their help to make this happen on a bigger scale.

👤They fit my requirements so far. It was the ideal size for what I needed, as they are quite small, but I think it's just the external dimensions listed. Adherents were adequate. The text was not on the front. I hope the rest of the envelopes don't degrade too quickly in a draw, so I can buy more of larger sizes.


What is the best product for eco friendly mailers 6x9?

Eco friendly mailers 6x9 products from Ktob. In this article about eco friendly mailers 6x9 you can see why people choose the product. Mini Wander and Ktob are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly mailers 6x9.

What are the best brands for eco friendly mailers 6x9?

Ktob, Mini Wander and Ktob are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly mailers 6x9. Find the detail in this article. Pacific Blueprint, Minliving and No Tree Was Harmed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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