Best Eco Friendly Makeup Bag

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1. EcoTools Cruelty Beautifully Kit Angled Foundation Blurring

EcoTools Cruelty Beautifully Kit Angled Foundation Blurring

Includes: a full blush brush, a full foundation brush, a blurring brush, and a Define Crease brush. The EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit is designed to simplify your daily beauty routine and organize your beauty space. A storage tray is included in the kit. The tray can be used to organize and unclutter your beauty space. Use with liquid, creams, or powder. The handles are made from lightweight bamboo and are eco-friendly. The bristles are made with synthetic Taklon.

Brand: Ecotools

👤The next day, I arrived. They were packed tightly to prevent damage. 5 brushes were labled for their use. It was very soft. There was no funny smell. There is a These are close to high end brushes. I'm happy and pleased. It is recommended to anyone that is curious. This is a good deal. Very soft. I am saving money for a new blouse. I'm done paying top dollar for a brush. I like good quality. I love saving money as well. You have to try these. Great value.

👤I've used EcoTools brushes for a long time. The packaging advertised made me buy this set. There is a EcoTools provides decent quality brushes for the price. It won't cut you because of the soft synthetic bristles. I wonder if that is correct. There is a The photos will show what I received and what I purchased. Non-recyclable plastic, no metal case, and non-compostable/non-biodegradable paper. There was no mention of what was advertised other than the name of the set. There is a The paper product had a picture of a plastic tray with pieces that were not received, and brush-use tips. I take great care to order items that will not hurt the planet. Had I received what was advertised, this purchase would have fulfilled some of the criteria. I shop from companies that are committed to bettering our planet. EcoTools does not fit that description in any way. I will no longer be buying from this company.

👤I can't afford the more expensive brushes. These are my favorites of the affordable brushes that I have tried.

👤I love how soft these are, they are great for applying makeup. bristle loss has not been an issue for me. Would buy again.

👤The brushes are very high quality. I use them almost every day and they are in good shape. It's very easy to apply makeup, and it comes with an instruction booklet to help you with that. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I love the texture of the brushes and how light they are. There is a It's perfect to carry with you on a trip and the brushes don't leave any marks on your face. There is a The design is comfortable for me to use. I don't use a lot of makeup. I use them every day and love them. The product arrived in perfect condition.

👤I don't wear a lot of makeup and my brushes are in great shape. 20 years old. I knew I needed new ones, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I rarely use.

👤The producto is talcual. Adems, son cinco brochas esenciales para recrear un maquillaje diario. La bandeja es diferente al de la foto referencial.

👤I have a mini brush set from Ecotools that has served me well, but I have not been able to find a new one. I bought this larger set because it was the closest to my needs. I recently invested in some Mykitco brushes at a higher price tag and was not impressed with their quality or performance so I decided to try old favorites Ecotools. There is a The set is not the same as before. The liner is useless for precise lines as it plays out slightly towards the cut edge. If you want to line a horse's eye, this is too big for human eyes. Is it okay to blend in eyebrows or blur eyelines but not good for the job? I put it in the dark part of my case. There is a The defined crease brush is better for making a defined crease. The defined crease brush is better at blur. Maybe Ecotools mixed it up. If you have a crepey upper eye skin like me, you will love both of them. They do a great job of keeping the crinkles. It was gorgeous to use. They work for light makeup around eyes and crevices. There is a The brush is firm. I wanted a replica of Ecotools mini blend brush which is circular and allows for all directions to be blended. The brush is narrow and too firm, which makes it difficult to work with, and it only allows for a limited blend. It isn't a good idea to blend with other people's brushes. I like a gentle blend. There is a The brush is very full. It's like a powder puff of old and it goes everywhere. I blend it with smaller brushes to reach the crease. The finish isn't amazing but it will do. The set is an okay price for the two brushes I am happy with and the ones I am not happy with. Four stars because of something. The components are made from recycled materials.

2. MUEROSA Reusable Remover Cleasing Skincare

MUEROSA Reusable Remover Cleasing Skincare

14pcs double-sided pads with their signature M stitching, sustainable Bamboo Jar for easy storage and access, and a laundry bag are included. All are made from 100% natural ingredients. For all skin types, it is Dry, Oily, Normal or Combination. Their Bamboo makeup removal rounds are soft and non abrasive. It's great for removing makeup and putting it on. Without taking too much of the product. They should wash and reuse their rounds over and over again to reduce waste and support an Eco-friendly lifestyle. No need to buy cotton pads again. Use your money for a good cause. You can save the planet by saving your wallet. An amazing gift is the perfect gift idea for any occasion, or as a way to keep your skin naturally glowing.

Brand: Muerosa

👤I was directed to these by Amazon. The nail polish became hardened after being washed. I use vegan nailpolish and a nailpolish remover. This could be a contributing factor. I use these to remove make-up with my micelle water. It doesn't grab the make-up well because I have to use several pads. I wear high end make-up and it may be a contributing factor. The make up is washed out of the well. I didn't like using these to smooth my skin because the pad is large and flexible. I had to fold it in half so I could control how it was spread. The concept and packaging is beautiful. The bag is small. Don't wait until all of them are used to wash in the bag because the pads will be cramped and not be cleaned well. The wash bag would have been larger.

👤These bamboos are black! It's soft and comes in a cute holder. I have bought others that were natural in color, but my mascara would stain them. One side is very soft. I use the dryer. These are perfect for taking off makeup and mascara.

👤The set is worth a lot of money. It's great that it comes with a bamboo container, most of the time it comes with a bag and pads. These are high quality pads and they are soft. You don't want anything that tugs at the sensitive skin around your eyes and will age you early. I would 100% recommend these for anyone who is looking for cotton rounds. This swap is easy to wash and will feel like an upgrade.

👤I'm not great at reducing habits to prevent emissions, but replacing my cotton pads with something else seemed easy enough. There are enough pads for a week before I need to clean it. I clean it with my delicates and dry it low. It keeps the pads too tightly packed together to clean or dry, so don't bother cleaning it. The holder is made of bamboo.

👤I wanted to like them. There is a lot of waste when I use a rose water toners. I use a water makeup removal product, but it doesn't get them completely clean again. I have washed the laundry by hand, but nothing works. Excellent quality product. I love the bamboo storage box, but it isn't working for me.

👤All the reviews said that they were soft, but when you rub makeup off of your eyes they are kind of annoying. I have to use a mirror because I can't tell if the makeup is gone with the black pads. I wipe my makeup off before I fall asleep. I look at the pad to see if the black and nude colors have stopped. I'll probably order a set of white ones and keep the blacks. I know the whites will get staines, but for my use black just isn't working. I'm happy that I'm replacing my routine with an earth friendly product. I'm happy with my purchase because I used to use disposable makeup removal pads.

3. Paulas Choice Reusable Eco Friendly Exfoliants

Paulas Choice Reusable Eco Friendly Exfoliants

70% of the time. 30% of the total. It is 100% sustainable. These rounds are gentle on the skin and the planet. It's suitable for all skin types. These rounds can be used with eye makeup removal or standard makeup removal to remove makeup. LIQUID PRODUCTS can be applied. A blend of cotton and bamboo gives these facial rounds enough weight to hold and apply liquid products. ECO-FRIENDLY: Up to 2,000 cotton rounds or balls can be replaced with one set of 10 rounds. They are 100% Compostable once they reach the end of their lifecycle. There are 10 machine-washable bamboo-cotton blend rounds and 100% cotton laundry bag.

Brand: Paula's Choice

👤These makeup rounds work well. They are the best rounds I have used. They feel as soft as disposable cotton rounds and are much better than other brands that have a towel feel. The rounds are large. They are also very easy to clean. If I take any makeup off with them, I just rinse them off in the sink, and the makeup slides off the pad. The wash bag has a zip instead of a draw string. The pads should be in the bag. I have only used these for a short time but they seem to be better than brands I have used for years. I like to help the environment and this is a very simple way to do that. I was disappointed to see that the product was wrapped in plastic. I understand if one was required but not two. I hope they improve this in the future.

👤The product seemed like it was good quality if you didn't care about the packaging. I care these days. I bought this item from both Amazon and Paula's Choice. The cotton rounds were put in a plain plastic bag with a sticker on it that said "New" and it was easy to remove. That isn't new to me. It's New. I want the health and beauty item I purchase to be new. There is a I know I wasn't sent the exact same item when I ordered it twice, but I did it quickly enough. The price is usually discounted when an item is returned. There is a The product is being sold at full retail price, which is higher than most of their competitors, for it to be in a plain plastic bag with an easily removed "New" sticker. It was gross. Paula's Choice reached out to me, explaining how I received their item, in accordance with their packaging policy. The product is authentic, so even if there is no tag to indicate it is new, it doesn't mean the item has been returned. I appreciate them reaching out, but I don't think it's enough to increase my review rating. Not everyone has the same standards for health and hygiene, nor do they have the same consideration for others, if the last year and a half has taught me anything. It was a hard pass from me.

👤I like these. I was tired of buying cotton rounds and throwing them out because I was using almost two a day with my makeup removal. These do what they are supposed to do. They suck up a lot of makeup removal. I have to use twice as much as possible to get rid of my makeup. This is not my favorite thing. I have found that if I put on makeup removal first, it will solve the issue. There is a They won't return to white after washing. Maybe they will do it. They only serve the purpose of taking off my makeup. If you like nail polish removal, you should get a separate set. I don't think you would be able to get the nail polish out of the pad and use the same pad on your eyes to remove makeup. My opinion.

4. Me Plus Traveler Organizer Organization

Me Plus Traveler Organizer Organization

5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide is perfect. Small items are very handy to keep all the little things sorted. For Mother's Day, Bridemaids, Friends and Family, there are great gifts.

Brand: Me Plus

👤The canvas feels thick and sturdy, the zipper doesn't get stuck on the fabric. It's not long enough to hold new non-mechanical pencils, but I use it as a pencil pouch for school and it works just fine.

👤I ordered a few of these for storing computer accessories. They're nice. Excellent organic cloth, good zip. Not all the plastic rubbish. We are killing this planet with plastic. I should get more.

👤This cute makeup bag has a pineapple print. You can wash it with soap and let it dry.

👤The canvas bag is small enough to hold my makeup in my purse. It looks like it was made by hand.

👤My mom and I went to a local salon together and I got this for her. She put it to use immediately. It looks even better! There is a I got one for myself after liking it so much. I have been using quart baggies for toting makeup until I saw this cute bag.

👤I bought this for a friend of mine who loves tennis. She is going to love it! It is very cute and just the right size. The pricing was reasonable.

👤It was used to keep my change in. So helpful.

👤I gave it to a woman as a Christmas gift. It is a beautiful hand screen print of 2 Flamingo's.

5. SMRITI Canvas Makeup Handbag Organizer

SMRITI Canvas Makeup Handbag Organizer

The cotton canvas is hand wash. There is a real leather tab. There is an extra pocket in the interior. Large size is 11.42 x 3.74 x 7.09 inch, and small is 10 x 3 x 6 inch. It's perfect to organize items in your day bag or carry it on its own.

Brand: Smriti

👤I was looking for a bag that would hold my products. I am on the go a lot. I wanted a place where I could keep all my products in one place. I can use my products in the morning or at night and not have to keep my counter cluttered with all my products. If I need to leave town without packing all of them, I can just grab the bag. The bag was large, durable and cheap, unlike the other canvas bags I saw on Amazon. Even with all my products loaded, I still have room to double what I have in it so if I need to include anything else, I still have plenty of room! I like the grey color and canvas bags are light ivory and tend to look dirty after a while so that was a benefit of this bag. Sometimes the zip is an issue on cheaper items. The bag has a small pocket on the inside of it that I can put small items in. I think this bag is a win. I highly recommend it. I ordered two. I kept the second bag for my makeup because I like it so much. I think it will work, but it is a little large for my makeup products.

👤I like this. It is large and heavy duty. There is a pocket in the bag that is sewn in. I have finally found a bag large enough to hold my essentials. I keep a small jar of salt for low blood pressure and a small pouch for my "rescue" items. I don't want to add to the shame and stigma around women's bodies by using a euphemism. There is a As soon as I opened the package, I thought it was awesome. I should get the other color. What else does this brand do? I've slowed my shopping to become a minimalist, but this is still happening. This item was a good fit for the philosophy of buying less, in great quality, for the environment and for your own sanity. Nice items are fun to use. I need to finish this review so I can buy more items from SMRITI. And you know what? I don't work for them. I'm a musician and designer, I have a handbag business, and I sew. I want the world to know that another company has it licked. This brand has been the best of success. I'm hoping they use ethical practices, as this information is missing from their advertising material.

👤I wanted to keep all of the electronics in my bag. It fits in the bottom of my bag and has a lot of space. There's still extra room for my spare laptop, portable, and computer mouse, and it's still carrying my spare laptop, portable, and computer mouse, and it's still carrying my spare laptop, portable, and computer mouse, and it's still carrying my spare laptop There is a The bag is sturdy and has a good zip. * The leather strap is surprisingly roomy. The small interior pocket is too rugged for a makeup bag. My husband thought it would make a great bag for small, spare tools in the garage, and he bought a couple for himself.

6. Mossio Multifunction Bottles Grooming Approved

Mossio Multifunction Bottles Grooming Approved

It'sHANGS for easy access. The bag can be hung on the bathroom door, shower rod or towel rack, as well as simply storing it when not needed, if you attach the hanging hook. You can put all of your items in one place. It is a good idea to have all your necessities in one bag. Large outside pockets hold additional items for easy access when the bag is closed. Extra storage is provided by a front zip pocket and three interior main compartments. Travel in style is lightweight. The traveler bag is a great choice to put in your suitcase on any business or family trip.

Brand: Mossio

👤I need this to fit all my travel size items. It still zips together with ease with everything from mini dry to contact solution in the main pocket. The front and back of the compartments have something on them. It's sturdy and cute. Looking forward to using it.

👤I ordered this bag in time for my trip to the U.K. It would fit my full size hair care product. I think I will be fine. I'm more of a dry hair girl. The bag is good quality and I like the print. It's not a large bag and it doesn't fit all of my products. I'm just bringing what I know I'll use. It is on the back of my bathroom door.

👤My review was updated to a 4 stars after excellent customer service. I really liked this when I received it. It's a great size, though the slots to hold things inside the biggest pouch are a little flimsy. There is a hole in the bag after it ripped. I have had it less than two months and never washed it or put anything sharp in it. Bummer. I didn't have a way of contacting the company, but they apologized and sent me a new bag free of charge. I am hoping this one holds up because they clearly stand behind their product.

👤The nifty little carrying kit is falling apart very quickly. The stitching is coming undone sooner than expected and the zip is flimsy. The velcro is not holding up as well as it could. Mossio did everything they could to make sure I was satisfied after they were contacted about my faulty product. I am so happy that they sent me another case to replace the faulty one, and I can't believe I am able to keep using this bag. The new product is a lot stronger and is holding up just as well when full as the faulty one. It's helpful to have a small hook in the inside to hang it up. I love it!

👤I liked the idea of being able to hang my bathroom items and give myself more space. It has everything I need to travel, from face wash, face lotion, contact solution, to body lotion, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, toothbrush, all of it. I have only used it twice and it seems to be very durable. There is a It is a water resistant material. I feel good with it. There are more pockets inside and outside. I would definitely recommend it!

👤This is a great way to organize. Being able to throw my makeup, brushes and skin care all in one bag is very handy, as I frequently travel on the weekends. I like the hook. It's easy to hang up on a shower rod or something nearby to keep the bag out of the way while I'm getting ready.

👤This has a lot of space. It is very cute. The second time I used this thing, the plastic piece broke. The seller reached out to me based on my review. They sent me a brand new bag after they refunded the entire cost of the bag. I would highly recommend this seller. Their product is cute and functional.

7. Reusable Remover Eco Friendly Natural Cleansing

Reusable Remover Eco Friendly Natural Cleansing

FEEL FRESH, HEALTHY AND CLEAN. Wouldn't you love to be clean in a second? The fluffy and soft beauty pads are great to clean your skin. You can take off mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, or waterproof makeup. The bamboo face cleaning pads make it easy to remove them. Take care of your skin. There are 3 black scrub and 12 white and mint soft make up pads in the set. The scrub pads are great for cleaning off waterproof products, while the soft pads are great for sensitive areas. Save your money and their planet. The equivalent of thousands of disposable single use makeup wipes, pads, or cotton balls can be found in these 15 re-usable makeup removal pads. Don't lose the pads between your towels if you include a mesh laundry bag. The gift is ready. Their portable facial rounds set can be put in your travel bag, gym bag or luggage for effective makeup removal. It's the ideal gift for makeup and beauty lovers. They are dedicated to providing the best product and service to all their customers. If you don't like their product for any reason at all, please get in touch with them and they will happily give you a full refund.

Brand: Odoxia

👤I think they serve a purpose for certain things. They are great for being eco-friendly, but I have a problem with them absorbing all of your product so you have to use more. I don't want to waste a bunch of toner or make up removal using these, but it's not a problem if you're using something else. I really wanted to like them, but they are very soft, but four squirts of toner and one wipe on my face, and the round was dry.

👤I used more product than normal when I used pooled up toners. I love them after they were washed and dried. I recommend washing and drying before use.

👤I use these pads in the morning and at night to apply my toner, and they seem to be working just as I had hoped. I don't see how reviews that say they soak up the product are a problem. The first time I used them, I got my hand and floor wet. If you want to soak it, you need to use more product, but I think they're just bigger than the average cotton pad. They stain really easy and it's hard to get out, so it's best to wash your face before using them. I have washed them about 5 times now and they are still soft and holding up, though some of them have left over mascara. I usually wash them with baking soda water because it seems to help get some of the stains out. I like them. I may need to get more.

👤I received this today and am obsessed with it. It comes with a little laundry bag, which is something I love about it. I recommend this to you. Great product.

👤If that was an option, I would give these a 3.5. These are not 100% bamboo. It comes with 3 that are 80% bamboo. The 80% bamboo ones have a rougher texture than the others, but it is better for removing dead skin cells. It absorbs cleanser better. The others don't absorb liquid at all. They are very soft on your face, but not cleaning anything. It can be washed in a washing machine with a bag. I haven't washed anything yet, so I can't comment on that.

👤The makeup removing pads are amazing. They are larger than expected, but they are wonderful quality. The bag is easy to clean. They are very easy to understand. They are great for sensitive skin and help with removing makeup. I will always recommend them to a friend.

👤I have been looking at wipes that are disposable. These are great. I used some before I washed them. I would recommend washing them before using them. Some of them seem to take in more than others. You can wash them by throwing them in the bag that comes with them and in the washer. I will sometimes spray the white ones with stain removal to make sure they are clean. These are must haves.

8. Makeup Relavel Travel Cosmetic Organizer

Makeup Relavel Travel Cosmetic Organizer

The makeup bag has a dual-layer design to help organize cosmetics. There are multiple compartments for different things. It's perfect for daily use. Not included are cosmetic accessories. The makeup bag is made of high quality PU leather and is water resistant. It was using a smooth double head zip up. The makeup bag has a special place for the protective makeup brush. It has makeup cases that are easy to clean. The dividers are easy to organize. It is lightweight and fit, so it will organize your beauty essentials neatly. It's a great daily makeup bag. It is a great gift idea for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend. The Perfect Travel Makeup Bag is portable and lightweight, with waterproof, shockproof, anti-wear, and spill-proof interiors. You can bring your cosmetics with you.

Brand: Relavel

👤I use this bag for my manicure kit. It is easy to carry from bathroom to wherever you want. There are four pockets in the top layer where I keep nail files, nail clippers, and anything pencil shaped. There is a mesh section under the bag. I can fit a small four-ounce bottle of polish and five square-shaped bottles of polish in the bottom layer. There is a mesh section under the lid of this compartment that holds cotton pads for polish removal. The wipe clean material on the exterior of the bag feels substantial. Each layer has double zips. I think this bag will hold up. If the reader is a person who uses a lot of makeup at one time and uses this bag for that purpose, this may be a little small. I would highly recommend this bag.

👤Best one! Convenient packing and smart packing are important when traveling to the U.S. cross-country. You still need to bring enough makeup cases even though they are not compact. I used to have two separate cases for my products, but now all of them fit in this one. I have extras in reserve just in case, this is the best case I have ever found. I lost my makeup cases at the hotel. Disappointing! I was happy to have a case to quickly buy makeup and pack again. If you don't have a good case, you have more to lose and less to have, but it's important that things are stored correctly.

👤The amount of items shown in the picture could not be held in this case. I tried to put my setting powder in the main bottom section, but it took up so much space I almost couldn't zip it. The divider has the wrong way of attaching it. I assume it would come apart easily with some normal wear and tear because it is not attached in a very sturdy manner. The small netted compartment has two small compartments. I can not fit most of my eye shadow in that section since it is divided with stitching. There is a The quality is okay. I am returning this because it doesn't suit my needs. The pics didn't reflect the issues I found I hope my pictures help the next person.

👤I thought I would use this bag for travel purposes, but I am using it more than I thought. When I travel, I put all my makeup in my home and then clean it out. It's a nice shiny black, the bow is nice, and it's great for airport security, which is a pain on a good day. They don't have to dig through your bag like they're looking for buried treasure because the inside is see through and mesh, which will fit in most purses and luggage. It's small enough to fit in your purse and large enough to hold a week's worth of products so you don't have to go to the pharmacy and try to memorize a word in French. I've learned my lesson. It's a nice bag that will keep all your stuff safe while you travel and mentally curse airport security for making you put a week's worth of hair regrowth in 3 ounce bottles.

9. Reusable Washable Lipstick Foundation Friendly

Reusable Washable Lipstick Foundation Friendly

The cotton rounds can be used to quickly remove makeup. The new bamboo cotton material can absorb 100% of lipstick, mascara, and other makeup, which can clean the skin more thoroughly than traditional cotton pads. 1,600 disposable makeup wipes, pads or cotton balls are equivalent to 16 makeup removers pads. Natural bamboo cotton pads are soft and natural and are great to clean your skin. Fiber nutrition tissue is made from natural bamboo and blended with organic cotton and no chemicals to help the skin. The face pads can be washed around 200 times. Their organic makeup removal pads have 3 layers of organic cloth, which are effectively to clean deep into your pores and pull all of makeup, sunscreen, chemicals, and cosmetics out. It is thorough, does not cause irritation to the skin, and maintains the skin well. You can reuse bamboo cotton rounds and save money by putting the pads in the laundry bag to avoid them disappearing in the washer. It is easy to hang in the shower. Don't tumble dry. The bamboo storage jar is good for placing makeup removal pads. The range is wide. There are cotton pads for face, lips, mascara, eye shadow and foundation. No matter how dry or sensitive your skin is. The pads are used to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. 100% guaranteed and zero risk.

Brand: Lhiuem

👤They are completely different than my other make up pads. I wish the pads were soft. They look smaller after they are washed. If you are a texture person, I would try another version. I assumed the pads were going to be soft for your face. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The pads are soft. They take off my makeup very well. They clean well and come in a neat wooden case to keep on the counter. I love it! I think this would be a great gift for a woman who likes to use makeup or pads to cleanse their face. Being that they are disposable, they are more eco-friendly. I like how soft they are on my face.

👤I would not give these 5 stars because they are a bit out of round and don't fit right into the container, which is a problem for me. I like the container. I like the rounds. They are easy to clean. I put them into the sanitary cycle with our towels, sheets, and masks, then into the dryer with them. They don't dry as quickly as the towels and sheets, so I spread them out, let them finish drying, and then take them out of the wash bag. There is a I use a larger bag for them because they are too tightly packed into the bag and I don't want them to get dirty in the wash. I only do laundry once a week and use 2 pads a day. I don't use these for makeup removal because I don't wear makeup every day. I use them for applications that work with toner. These are awesome.

👤If you want to take off your make-up at the end of the day, then you should not buy these. There is a They absorb all the make-up remover to a point where they are almost dry to the touch and you cannot rub your face hard enough to remove any make-up. They are tough for the face. I use a regular cotton pad after I use these ones because I want to be more sustainable. I think I can use them as coasters.

👤A lot of reviewers said they weren't as soft as other brands. I need a little scrubbing power to wash my face. My daughter is staining the washcloths with makeup. They're the best of both. I feel like my face is getting clean, and they're not too rough that they dry my daughters face out or cause irritation. It's like washing your face with a cotton t-shirt. They do stain, which I expected, and they don't dry flat, which I don't care about. We've used these with a lot of things, and they're holding up great. The bag is useless for washing. I use it to hold the dirty ones until we use them all, then empty it into my towel laundry. It helps me keep track of them so I don't lose them. The holder is a plus. It has a small crack in it, but it's only holding cotton pads, so it doesn't bother me.

10. Organic Reusable Remover Washable Eco Friendly

Organic Reusable Remover Washable Eco Friendly

Reusable. If you're sick of spending a lot of money on cotton pads, you can use bamboo cotton makeup removal pads. 100% of your make-up is removed. Simply wash and reuse. You will be happy to create less waste instead of using disposables. It is suitable for all skin types. Natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types. It will leave your face clean and smooth after you use makeup removal pads. ECO-friendly and zero waste. Makeup wipes, sponges, and paper towels are wasteful. It is possible to wash and reuse organic makeup remover pads and cleansing gloves hundreds of times. They replace 10,000 cotton balls. There is a plastic-free package that can be recycled. The Organic Bamboo makeup removal pads have a cotton laundry bag. Enough for other uses. They are USDA certified bamboo cotton fabric. The nature gifts should be preserved. Cotton pads are better than disposable ones for skincare products. Home and trip friendly. The lightweight portable set can be put in your travel bag, gym bag or luggage for easy access to makeup and clean skin. It's the perfect gift for makeup lovers and eco-conscious friends. A great choice for birthday gifts, teacher gifts, and even a housewarming gift.

Brand: Aspaces

👤I didn't know these existed until I watched a video on YT. I decided to give it a try since I am currently working on doing better with my skincare routine and have purchased many products. It's larger than a regular round, which makes it hard to open. You have to put a lot of effort into maneuvering it. They work well outside of that. It's a tip. If you don't wash them by hand, I would rinse them after using the product, because they tend to get fried. I'm not sure if this will affect the pads, but it's better than sorry. I will run a wash weekly and collect them on my sink. I have a full set available.

👤Do you want to save the environment? This is a small thing. I was a bit skeptical. I bought black ones first because I was afraid that light-colored pads wouldn't get clean after washing them. I couldn't see the makeup on the pads. I returned them. I was happy that they lived up to their promise. I only use 10 and save the others for when these wear out, which won't happen soon. They are absorbent. After each use, I lightly handwash and use a little soap to clean. I put them in the pouch after setting them aside. I just throw them in the laundry. They come out looking brand new. Great product. Definitely recommend.

👤I decided I was accumulating a lot of waste when I used cotton rounds all the time. These are perfect. It's easy to use and it's the right size. They hold the cleaner in, so you don't have to rub it hard. We put them in the washer and dryer and then put them back in the bag. You can wash them in the bad.

👤I was skeptical about how well they would clean after being used, but we put it in the washer and it came back clean. I will have to replace them after a while. It will be way down the road. I was hoping that I could use them for applying my astringent as well. It didn't have the same effect as a cotton ball. I feel like I'm helping the environment by not buying cotton rounds. I keep some rounds to use in between washes. I could probably buy another pack of cotton rounds. I'll think about it.

👤I use them to cleanse my face and neck. I haven't used makeup removal yet. Waiting for my towelettes to run out. These pads are soft. I didn't use hot or warm water in the wash, but I didn't shrink after the first wash. I used the dryer to dry them. The mesh bag was my only disappointment. The photo was taken after one wash. I really liked the bag, but after a few washes it starts to fall apart. No deal breaker, just disappointment. I will make a crochet bag. Air dry them in a bag.

👤These things are magic. I thought that I could use one a few times and then wash it in the washer, but no, I wear a lot of eyeliner and waterproof mascara. A few seconds under the tap and some rubbing. It is like it is brand new. I was very happy to get these.

11. Makeup Toiletry Approved Luggage Organizer

Makeup Toiletry Approved Luggage Organizer

The bag is clear. Keeping away from torn up along side the zip up due to full pack or cold weather is what the upgraded from PVC toPolyester does. The bag is strong and easy to clean, it is called the Travel Pack to Hold all Your Liquids, cosmetics, makeups and easy to clean. The toiletry bag is approved by theTSA. The bags are fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the airlines. It's easy to get through airport security. You can save your time at the airport. The bag is clear. Clear makeup bags are waterproof and transparent to see and get items quickly. If you have cosmetics on your bag, it will be easy to clean, since the material is waterproof. Clear travel bags for toiletries. Your toiletries stay secure inside with a strong Zipper Closure. It is resistant to corrosive elements. The inferior zip-top bags are not as durable. It is at least resistant to leaks. Carry small plastic containers. Multi function clear bags. A clear toiletry bag is a perfect gift for a family, girlfriend or even yourself. It could be a bag for cosmetics, a bag for toys, or an accessory bag. It's an ideal organizer for travel and home use.

Brand: Anrui

👤The bag is over a quart and not approved by the transportation security administration. I made it through with my husband but he did not. He had to fit what he could in the bag and throw away anything else. He had to throw out six bottles to fit in a quart size bag. It is luck if you get through security. There is a I like that it is still a good travel bag. It is clear and the zippers go all the way around, but it is not approved by the transportation security administration.

👤This is a good product for a carryon bag. It can hold a lot. In the picture and video, I have a bottle of 3 ounce sunscreen and six bottles of 3 ounce bottles. It can hold more than what I have in it. The fabric on the sides is strong. It has two zippers which is a plus.

👤This item was rejected by both of them as too large. They transfer items from this product to quart size ziplocks. It will be rejected at some point. I had to give up $6-$10 so they will enjoy it. The item's height by length is more than the width. The quart is too large to be approved by the transportation security administration.

👤Fantastic product. I travel internationally as well as domestically. Occasionally, I am asked to open my Away suit case, but I only travel with a carry-on. The clear toiletry bags make it easy to inspect. I've had some products in the past but after a few trips they start to fall apart. These seem to be a good quality so far. At the moment, very pleased.

👤We travel a lot with our 2 children and we use a ziploc bag for our luggage as well as our odds and ends. It worked well, but it only lasts for a few trips and I started feeling guilty about plastic trash. I was surprised by the quality of the bags. The canvas sides have a nice strap. It fits a decent amount of supplies. I put all of our travel accessories in a single bag. I put first aid supplies and meds in one of the other places. We can leave these packed and ready to go in our suitcases, making packing easier. Highly recommended!

👤The price was great. I got these for my makeup because I was not happy with the way I reached into the bags. I was eyeing the inner bags, but time and money were factors. There is a These worked well. I could see which products were in there. It's long enough for brushes, pencils, etc. The sides of the ketket are open. What I was looking for was exactly what I was looking for. Very happy. The problem for me is the lack of rigidity in the sides. That's not really an issue when there is product in it. It worked perfectly.

👤I was looking for a clear plastic bag that was easy to carry. I found the perfect bags at the best price. I did not want logos or pictures on the plastic of the bags I looked at on Amazon, so I did not buy them. These bags are made of sturdy plastic and have a flat surface on which you can see and grab whatever you need. I am happy they can replace the food bags I have been using because I wasn't looking for the TSA approved bags. The price included 3 bags compared to 2 bags by others. I found another use for one of the bags for my crochet items. I found these bags and plan to give them as gifts, filled with small items specific to that person.


What is the best product for eco friendly makeup bag?

Eco friendly makeup bag products from Ecotools. In this article about eco friendly makeup bag you can see why people choose the product. Muerosa and Paula's Choice are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly makeup bag.

What are the best brands for eco friendly makeup bag?

Ecotools, Muerosa and Paula's Choice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly makeup bag. Find the detail in this article. Me Plus, Smriti and Mossio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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