Best Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes Set

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1. BS MALL Brushes Synthetic Foundation Concealers

BS MALL Brushes Synthetic Foundation Concealers

The professional makeup brush set. 18pcs brushes for eye shadow, makeup, blush, foundation, pressed or loose powders, highlighter and eyebrows. It's ideal for applying, Blending and shading products. It is easy to use makeup. Premium SYNTHETIC FIC: The handles of the brushes are made of wood. The bristles are made of nylon and are long lasting. The brushes are dense and fine for sensitive skin. The most popular and elegant Champagne Gold color is a must-have in your makeup bag, and the 18PCS makeup brush set looks very chic and fashionable. The ideal gift is the makeup brush kit, which is easy to use and superior in quality, an affordable price, and a complete assortment, which allows you to keep your makeup. It's a perfect gift for mom, wife, female friends.

Brand: Bs-mall

👤I decided to use these in place of my current brushes to review them fully. Not all of them are direct swaps. The brush I used for each aspect was above my normal brush. The following products were used for testing: the Urban Decay Heat eyeshadow palette, the Hot Mama blush by The Balm Cosmetics, the Wander Beauty brow pencil, and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation. I used a face flat brush for foundation. I usually use an Urban Decay optical Blurring brush or a beautyblender from Target. The Flat Face Brush felt softer and less dense than my normal brush, and I noticed it on touch. I like to use this brush in a buffing motion. It took more product than the UD brush for the same area, but it still looked great and no major complaints. I went to do my brows with a pencil. Normally, I would just use the brow pencil, but I wanted to test everything, so I used the eyelash brush. It was a lot bigger and softer than the spoolie and blended my brow pencil a lot better. 10/10 would use it again. I put a base color over my eye with the Classic Eyeshadow brush. I usually use the flat side of the double ended shadow brush that came in my palette for this, or the Farrah brush that I got in an ipsy bag. It was very soft and spread the color evenly. I didn't see a lot of fall out or excess paint that needed to be removed from the brush. The crease color was added using the angled detail brush. This is the side of my brush that is flat. I was expecting the brush to eat all of the color and not put it on my eye, so I accidentally used too much and it was a bit darker than I was going for. The eyeshadow brushes exceeded my expectations. I used the Concealer Brush to apply a color to my upper and lower lashes. The dark color made it seem like any streakiness was observed very quickly. I wonder if it was because I was hesitant to use as much color as I could have due to my earlier deposit on the crease, or if it was because I was using the brush for a purpose other than recommended. I used theblender brush with nothing on it to blend my crease fiasco from earlier and add a transition color, which I would normally use the blending side of the brush. It worked well. The brush is better than my own, and will become my daily use brush. I used a mini flame brush to give my eyes a sharp look. I was pleasantly surprised that it glided and didn't try to fan out and lose the lines that my current brush has. It wasn't worth anything for actually putting my concealer out. I'm not sure if this was a user error or not. I went in with the Multi-Function brush to blend out, partially to use as many brushes as I could, and partially because I wanted to grasp what it is even for, because I have never used one in my 20 years doing my own makeup. It worked well, but I am not replacing my Vasanti buffer with this combination. I used a flat brush to set my eyes. This was cheaper than the other and I would probably not have to switch. They feel the same in both densities. I used the powder brush to apply a setting to my face. I use a buffing motion. I usually use a 50F brush. The powder brush is very soft and fluffy, but my sensitive skin didn't like it and it felt a little more rough than my Farah. I can see myself using it, but I'm not sure I'm giving up my OG. I used a brush to make my face look bigger. This worked well. I got nice lines. I wish the payoff was better, but it could be a product issue as I use a different bronzer. I would use this again. I wanted to use as many brushes as possible because I didn't have a designated blush brush in the set. I use an Elf Cosmetics blush brush. I got a great color payoff, but I had to work a little harder to get the product out. I might use this brush for a different purpose, including buffing of concealer, though it seems a bit large for that. Normally I would use an Elf or Moda fan brush to highlight, but I used the precision crease brush. I got a great result, but it took a bit of extra time due to the smaller size, which is not a brush issue. I think the brush I used for blush would be perfect for this. If I don't use the Elf concealer brush, I usually use my fingers with this specific highlighter, because it has a fairly cream-to-powder consistency that doesn't play well with a fan brush. I was very impressed with the brushes. They are soft and fluffy, I had no color fall out from my eyeshadow, and no bristles fell out, unlike budget brushes. There is a very strong chemical scent when you open these and it takes a while to get rid of it. I would definitely buy these again, and I would be curious to try other products from this brand.

2. Duorime Toothbrush Concealer Foundation Cosmetics

Duorime Toothbrush Concealer Foundation Cosmetics

The hot essential set includes specialized brushes for every need and application. This brush is made with a revolutionary synthetic fibre that is used for applying makeup. The hightest quality is silky soft and fine density. The best makeup brushes have a secret that will help them pick and distribute makeup products better. Hot design brushes are loved by a lot of beauty enthusiasts. Many make-up artists and product designers have professional requests that lead to improved level-up design. These brushes are universal in that they cover all of your makeup needs. If you're new to makeup and don't like the brushes, please contact them, they'll give you more time to try them.

Brand: Duorime

👤I'm usually all about supporting small craft companies. This is one exception. Before craft companies started selling things like this for 10X the price, many of us were using things like this. It's amazing that these blends of die ink and Distress Oxides are so easy to make. They clean up with soap and water. If you buy stamps and dies, buy original designs from the artists, and avoid the knock offs, but for supplies like this, don't waste your money on the designer brushes!

👤I love these brushes. I was looking for a new thing. I don't have to worry about a sponge soaking up my expensive foundation and wringing the sponge to clean it after every use, that's what makes these so much better. There is a The brushes give them a small amount of give, but not too much. I thought the brush would leave me with bad marks on my face, but it doesn't. I can rinse them off after I dry them. They have more than one use to them. Depending on if I want a dramatic high light look. Or when I make my face look bigger. I am very pleased with the product.

👤I wanted to try them, I've seen them in a lot of makeup videos. The handles are sturdy and flexible. I don't think they would be easy to break. The bristles are very tight. It's a great quality for the price and you get a great range of brushes. They give a smooth application and even coverage.

👤I wanted to try out the "toothbrush" style blend brushes, so I bought these. Save money and buy these! The quality is comparable to more expensive brands. They are soft and make it easy to blend out my makeup. This brush is not for applying powders like blush and bronzer. A lot of reviews said the brush was smaller than expected.

👤I'm very happy! These brushes got five stars. Great quality, no lie! I showed in my video that my skin is soft and flexible. It makes your makeup application easy. It makes your foundation cover even. Verneso has a trifold mirror that I recently got. These two changed my makeup routine so much that it took it to the next level.

👤Originally... I would have given a 5 star rating. This brush is life changing. I use the large brush almost daily now, but it is less than 2 months. The base of the brush has come unglued. I am very sad. To see if you want to invest in a good one, this is a great starter brush to use, to see if you like the style of the brushes. It was a good run for the price. It makes me want to buy the expensive Artis ones now. I wish the company would make this right and send me a new one. It is not possible to return them in 30 days. I am very sad.

👤The brushes are great for the price. You should wash them before applying makeup. They are soft, but not as soft as the expensive ones. The best way to apply my foundation is to wet the brush first. It makes my face look hydrated and flawless. The handles are flexible, not as sturdy as the original pricey ones, but workable. Take your time and you should be fine. I still use the foundation brush and love it. It is still lasting me. I don't wear makeup everyday. I wear it 7 times a month. It's worth a try for the price.

3. EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Foundation Bronzer

EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Foundation Bronzer

The EcoTools Retractable MakeupBrush is a versatile makeup brush that can be used on-the-go. It's designed for sensitive skin and can be used with powder and bronzer. The cap is for mess-free storage. It's best used with powders. Soft bristles for makeup application. The handles are made from lightweight bamboo and are eco-friendly. The bristles are made with synthetic Taklon.

Brand: Ecotools

👤I like this brush. I have used this for a long time. I have a purse, an office and a home. My first one was from Ulta and the other two were from Amazon. It works well with liquid, cream or mineral powder and is gentle on my sensitive skin. I used to wash the whole thing with a mixture of water and water, but it took forever to dry, and I left some residuals. There is a I use old fashioned alcohol. I swirl the bristles after pouring the alcohol in a small cup. I am not gentle with it. I squash it and smash it in the cup to make sure all the bristle gets cleaned. I replace the alcohol and do this a few times until the makeup has been removed. You would be amazed at the amount of makeup in there. It is cheap to use isopropyl alcohol and it cleans the brush thoroughly without leaving any residuals. The brush is soft and fluffy. If you towel dry first, then blow dry, it will be even quicker to dry. There is a I clean them with alcohol wipes. I use my make-up brushes every couple of weeks. Try it. I promise you won't be disappointed.

👤I bought this to keep in my purse, which is a small crossbody. I used to carry both the brush and powder, but I read that they pre-powdered the brush, then put it in the base, so they didn't have to carry a compact. That was a big change. That is exactly what I do now after reading great advice. Valuable purse space is saved.

👤I thought I would regret buying this, because cheap makeup brushes are not soft and fluffy, but they feel like corse paint brushes. I love this. I haven't tried it yet, but it's stylish, compact and big enough for a face brush. I love that. I can put it in my bag because it has a cover. It was perfect. A happy girl. Hope my pictures help.

👤No purpose. I don't recommend this makeup brush. I needed a weekend away from home so I tried to use it for the first time. I didn't have to bring my large makeup brush, so I bought it. This brush was a disappointment. The design matched the website description. It wasn't possible after opening to use. It is very small, and barely opens to hold any loose powder I wanted to apply to my face period. It was difficult to open wide to use. The design is not good. It looks nice. I tried to apply my makeup with it, but it resulted in a mess on my face. The brush is non returnable due to my total dissatisfaction. Head up! I got a response from the customer service at Amazon. No where. It was a hazardous product and a return wasn't allowed. That made no sense to me. The option to email the seller was not available. I wanted to return and be paid back. No. I was told I had to contact EcoTools, and they gave me their email and phone number. I plan to do this. It was unacceptable that Amazon couldn't help me. I wonder if it's worth my time for a cheap brush if I repeat my complaints to the company. You get what you paid for. I don't think it's a good idea to make this purchase. The brush isn't designed to apply makeup during a period.

4. EcoTools Enhancing Sustainable Materials Synthetic

EcoTools Enhancing Sustainable Materials Synthetic

The Duo Eye Makeup Brushes set have dual ends to shade, define, blend and smudge makeup. Makeup brushes. EcoTools makeup brushes help apply products to your face, whether they're travel size makeup brushes, eye makeup brushes, foundation brushes or big brushes. The makeup brushes and products are made from recycled aluminum, plastic, and cotton. ECOTOOLS: They use recycled aluminum and plastic in their makeup brushes, sponges, brush cleaners, spa products, face and body care products. They support women's empowerment, as well as quality vegan and cruelty free makeup products, in order to become the best version of themselves.

Brand: Ecotools

👤I had them and didn't think about it. You have to lay the brushes flat. They lay on my dresser because they can't fit in a cup or travel case slot. I find that somewhat annoying. If they came with a storage case or brush caps, I wouldn't buy double-sided design. It depends on your preferences, but a design feature is worth consideration.

👤These are very small brushes. They are my go to eye makeup tools. It's a good idea to use the one brush for smoking out your eyeliner. I slept in my eyeliner and still look great, it's very in for those of us who want a little Rocker chick vibe, but on the down low. There is a The other brush is very soft. The eye skin is delicate. Blending the colors without taking the color off your lids is a great way to do it. When I use my fingers, they pick up the color from my eye-shadow. These little brushes pack well, are clean, and are most importantly of all, you can't go wrong with them. They make my eyes look less like crypt keepers.

👤The brushes are soft. I think they're great for beginners because they only need the brushes to achieve their basic look. The brushes are labeled with the intended use on them, right on the brush. I didn't give a full five stars because the brushes came a tad mangled, which was easily fixed by running some water on them. It was definitely worth the purchase. I love this set and recommend it.

👤The brush set is small. It's worth the price because I got it for $2.99. I can use these two brushes to make eyeshadow looks for travel. I washed them and they held up. They are well made and seem sturdy. Most people would find them a perfect size even though I wish they were a bit smaller. A gift for someone just starting out in makeup would be nice. I'm very happy. There is a I've been using this set for a couple months and washing them several times. They have held up well. I took them on a weekend trip and they were very convenient. This set was recommended by me.

👤These are great. I don't know what the tips are for, but they seem well made. In the past, I have had good success with EcoTools products. The brush is good for putting eyeshadows on my lashes. The two brushes are very similar. I've been using one for lid color and one for crease and it's a bit more floppy. The smudging brush is dense and useful for highlighting in tight corner spaces. I've only been using them for a week or so, but I like them. I feel like a professional when I use my fancy brushes. I like to stand my brushes in a cup-like container, but I don't like the fact that you have to smush one of the ends. I don't like that they have to lay on my makeup space. I didn't deduct any stars because I saw that before buying.

5. BS MALL Brushes Synthetic Foundation Concealers

BS MALL Brushes Synthetic Foundation Concealers

There is a collection of jewelry. All of your makeup needs to be covered. BS-MALL makeup brushes can give you the same results as a professional makeup artist. Every day is a good day to fit. The eye makeup brushes are suitable for every face shape. There are vegan and cruelty-free bristles. The bristles are made of synthetic fiber, which is soft and silky. The makeup brushes are very dense and fine for sensitive skin. The brushes would be a great help to create a flawless look. The most popular and elegant Rose Gold color is a must-have in your makeup bag and the 14PCS makeup brush set looks very chic and fashionable. The makeup brush kit is an ideal gift for beginners and enthusiasts as it is easy to use and superior in quality, a complete assortment to allow you to keep your makeup. A gift for mom, wife or female friends.

Brand: Bs-mall

👤It would be a good idea. I've used high end brushes at the Estée Lauder counter. These are comparable to high end brushes. The handles are nice, but not as fancy as expensive brushes. The brush is soft and feels good. There is a wide variety in the set. I bought a set that included a fan brush. They both have a strange smell, but after a quick wash the smell was gone. You should wash brushes before he uses them. You will notice the good quality while washing. One hair fell out of the 28 brushes I bought. I have Bare Minerals brushes that have been there for a long time. The brush and handle are very sturdy and well made, and I gave them a pretty aggressive wash. If you want good quality brushes but don't want to spend a ton of money, give these a try.

👤I love to use make up brushes. I own sigma, sephora, elf, and real techniques. Quality labels are what I love. I own one of the best make up brush sets. There are lots of soft hairs in the brush that help to create a flawless finish. The handle and ferrule are made of nice materials and lend the brushes the perfect balance of weight.

👤I decided in my 30s that I should learn more about makeup than just using makeup on rare occasions. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on quality brushes because I don't wear makeup often. Over the last six months or so, these have been great for me. I forget when I ordered them. They come with a photo reference of what each brush is designed to do, which is great for me who still can't tell one small brush from another without looking at my guide. I mostly use one of the big brushes for blush and the other for mineral foundation. I use small brushes to apply eye shadow. The fine one is great for using eye shadow as eye liner. There is a If you're a makeup novice or an occasional makeup wearer, these are for you.

👤I have been using them a lot since I bought them. These are good brushes for $10 I would buy the set again for the blush brush alone. I was excited to try a full set that included the foundation brush because I couldn't find a single brush for less than $10. I think this is a good set of brushes and I don't regret getting them. There is a difference between a $150 brush set and a $10 brush set, but these are phenomenal compared to other $10 sets you would find in stores. They are soft, keep well, and don't feel cheap. They get the job done and they look legit. There is a They don't clean very well and if you don't clean them after each time, you might end up with a streakier application. This makes me better at cleaning them. My real techniques and elf brushes clean in half the time and don't eat as much product as these do. There are some bristle fly-aways, but they don't sacrifice your look. There is a These are great for the price. I am happy I got them. The positives outweigh the negatives.

6. EcoTools Cruelty Beautifully Kit Angled Foundation Blurring

EcoTools Cruelty Beautifully Kit Angled Foundation Blurring

Includes: a full blush brush, a full foundation brush, a blurring brush, and a Define Crease brush. The EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit is designed to simplify your daily beauty routine and organize your beauty space. A storage tray is included in the kit. The tray can be used to organize and unclutter your beauty space. Use with liquid, creams, or powder. The handles are made from lightweight bamboo and are eco-friendly. The bristles are made with synthetic Taklon.

Brand: Ecotools

👤The next day, I arrived. They were packed tightly to prevent damage. 5 brushes were labled for their use. It was very soft. There was no funny smell. There is a These are close to high end brushes. I'm happy and pleased. It is recommended to anyone that is curious. This is a good deal. Very soft. I am saving money for a new blouse. I'm done paying top dollar for a brush. I like good quality. I love saving money as well. You have to try these. Great value.

👤I've used EcoTools brushes for a long time. The packaging advertised made me buy this set. There is a EcoTools provides decent quality brushes for the price. It won't cut you because of the soft synthetic bristles. I wonder if that is correct. There is a The photos will show what I received and what I purchased. Non-recyclable plastic, no metal case, and non-compostable/non-biodegradable paper. There was no mention of what was advertised other than the name of the set. There is a The paper product had a picture of a plastic tray with pieces that were not received, and brush-use tips. I take great care to order items that will not hurt the planet. Had I received what was advertised, this purchase would have fulfilled some of the criteria. I shop from companies that are committed to bettering our planet. EcoTools does not fit that description in any way. I will no longer be buying from this company.

👤I can't afford the more expensive brushes. These are my favorites of the affordable brushes that I have tried.

👤I love how soft these are, they are great for applying makeup. bristle loss has not been an issue for me. Would buy again.

👤The brushes are very high quality. I use them almost every day and they are in good shape. It's very easy to apply makeup, and it comes with an instruction booklet to help you with that. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I love the texture of the brushes and how light they are. There is a It's perfect to carry with you on a trip and the brushes don't leave any marks on your face. There is a The design is comfortable for me to use. I don't use a lot of makeup. I use them every day and love them. The product arrived in perfect condition.

👤I don't wear a lot of makeup and my brushes are in great shape. 20 years old. I knew I needed new ones, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I rarely use.

👤The producto is talcual. Adems, son cinco brochas esenciales para recrear un maquillaje diario. La bandeja es diferente al de la foto referencial.

👤I have a mini brush set from Ecotools that has served me well, but I have not been able to find a new one. I bought this larger set because it was the closest to my needs. I recently invested in some Mykitco brushes at a higher price tag and was not impressed with their quality or performance so I decided to try old favorites Ecotools. There is a The set is not the same as before. The liner is useless for precise lines as it plays out slightly towards the cut edge. If you want to line a horse's eye, this is too big for human eyes. Is it okay to blend in eyebrows or blur eyelines but not good for the job? I put it in the dark part of my case. There is a The defined crease brush is better for making a defined crease. The defined crease brush is better at blur. Maybe Ecotools mixed it up. If you have a crepey upper eye skin like me, you will love both of them. They do a great job of keeping the crinkles. It was gorgeous to use. They work for light makeup around eyes and crevices. There is a The brush is firm. I wanted a replica of Ecotools mini blend brush which is circular and allows for all directions to be blended. The brush is narrow and too firm, which makes it difficult to work with, and it only allows for a limited blend. It isn't a good idea to blend with other people's brushes. I like a gentle blend. There is a The brush is very full. It's like a powder puff of old and it goes everywhere. I blend it with smaller brushes to reach the crease. The finish isn't amazing but it will do. The set is an okay price for the two brushes I am happy with and the ones I am not happy with. Four stars because of something. The components are made from recycled materials.

7. BEAKEY Premium Synthetic Foundation Eyeshadow

BEAKEY Premium Synthetic Foundation Eyeshadow

A complete set of makeup brushes. The perfect makeup brush kit can be used to create flawless natural makeup. Sturdy brush handle and no-shedding synthetic hair. Always give a smooth and flawless makeup application. A beauty sponge with a shape. The pointed end is for targeting small areas. An egg is a makeup brush cleaner. The stripes are for larger makeup brushes while the tiny granules parts are for smaller brushes. It is perfect for traveling. If you soak the brush handles in water, the glue that bonds the bristles will be weakened.

Brand: Beakey

👤A good set of brushes. You can't beat the price. The set I received was clean. I have been using these brushes for a few months and they are holding up well. I am surprised at how good the quality is. The foundation brush works so well that I ended up loving it, which is weird because I am a beauty blender junkie and I don't like the one that came with the kit. The eyeshadow brushes are very good. I have a lot of brushes, cheap and expensive, and I tend to reach for them the most. I was not expecting that. A second set is a back-up. It's been a year since I bought the first set and my brushes are still in perfect condition. I've started buying this set for my friends and family because I love them so much. I bought a set for my youngest sister in October and now I am buying a set for my middle sister so she will have the tools to achieve beautiful make-up looks and hopefully catch the Beauty Bug, too.

👤I got them out of the package and they are absolutely love them. Okay. Everything was packaged well and the sponge is pretty.

👤I don't understand why anyone would leave a bad review. Unless they arrive broken, I would understand, but here's a 100% honest opinion from a makeup junkie. I received my package today. Nothing arrived broken. It was well packaged. I unpackage each brush. One by one. I always read reviews before I buy, I was expecting a smell from these brushes, so that's what I read most of the reviews. Yes, it's true. There is a strong smell when you smell the brushes. They are $1O. If you're looking for brushes that are not perfect, stop looking for them on Amazon. A quick wash is all you need. The smell came off immediately after I got my cheap E.L.F brush cleaner. Which is a plus. The brushes themselves. They're soft from the looks and feel. They will be getting the job done. I am very happy with this purchase and I don't mind buying them again.

👤There is an update on 1/219 The seller keeps reaching out to me to revise my review. I rely on reviews to make purchases and this is pretty icky to me. The product was poor quality and the seller was not good. I was too scared to use the brushes on my face because of the horrible smell of the brushes and the blender. The brushes are the same shape. There is no variation of shape in the pictures.

👤I am doing my makeup with the brushes. I was expecting a mediocre job with them, but they did more then I expected, and the Beauty blender is very soft and works well. It came with a list of the brushes and how to use them. I'm happy I found this set. Will recommend this set to friends and family.

👤It's better than my brushes. My brushes were softer than my soft one. Does not shed like my brushes. I have a lot of bristles left on my face when I use my MAC brushes. These brushes are great because people say "oh you have hair on your face" or "you have eyelash". For the price and what it comes with. This product is really good.

8. EmaxDesign Synthetic Foundation Concealer Cosmetics

EmaxDesign Synthetic Foundation Concealer Cosmetics

Premium makeup brushes include 5pcs big kabuki makeup brushes and 12pcs essential make up brushes. The bristle is firm to hold makeup. No shedding! The makeup brush set is made by a professional makeup artist to ensure long time use. A multi-function brushes kit is ideal for applying, Blending and shading products. It's great for all kinds of cosmetics. It's perfect for making a face and eye makeup application. 100% satisfaction purchase is offered by EmaxDesign. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with their products. They will give you a solution in 24 hours.

Brand: Emaxdesign

👤Since I bought these makeup brushes, my foundation application has been very smooth. I love it! They are easy to clean. Everything is perfect! It is definitely worth a buy. Shipping is also fast! I have a good one. It came the next day.

👤These brushes are wonderful. We have the makeup brushes you're looking for. You will be amazed at the quality of the product. I promise you are getting a good deal. The brushes are soft and look just like the picture. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, I recommend this brush. Very happy with the product!

👤I purchased the product with a shadow palette and primer and I love it. I gave them 4 stars because they are soft. They are too soft for me. The eyeshadow brush picks up the shadow easily, but it is difficult to apply as the color doesn't lay down for how much the brush picked up. It could also have been the shadows, which will begin a separate review. There is a The foundation brushes apply my liquid foundation just fine. I don't use the smudge brush because it pulls my skin. I don't need to worry about wrinkling my eye area. I would recommend these to beginners and people like me who love to play.

👤I have never used makeup before. I have always been outdoors. It seems like makeup is very complex. I liked the variety of brushes. I feel comfortable using these brushes even though I might be using them wrong. They are very soft.

👤I had to look at 100 makeup brushes on Amazon because I was so indecisive over what to buy. I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I was afraid that I would get a bad brush set and not be happy. I clicked the buy now button because these kept popping up as suggested for me. I can just send them back if I don't like them, but I am happy with the brushes. I use a mix of different sizes and brushes every day. They are soft and bright. If you're looking for a great set of brushes, look no further.

👤This was my first time buying a whole set of brushes, and I like that this pack includes a brush for every need. It has a little card with pictures of each brush, but it would be more helpful if the brush itself were labeled. The smaller eye brushes need to be broken in a bit because the bristles stick together well.

👤The brushes were a good purchase. The set has everything you need for the face, but I didn't like the eyeshadow brushes or eyebrow brush. The eyebrow brush is not slim enough to get a clean line. This set does not have a good eyeshadow brush. I didn't think the eyeshadow brushes were very useful. The face brushes are great and for those who can't afford them, they're worth the price. They are dense and nice to look at. The face brushes set is recommended by me.

9. EmaxDesign Professional Synthetic Foundation Concealer

EmaxDesign Professional Synthetic Foundation Concealer

The EmaxDesign brush set will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. Premium synthetic fiber materials give handmade brushes an incredible touch and feel. You own the brush. The essential brushes are perfect for makeup that is liquids, powders, or creams. The set includes brushes for eye shadow, makeup, and eyelash use. The package is easy to use and carry. They are hand-crafted by a professional makeup artist. The brushes are made of high-quality bamboo, nylon, and soft synthetic materials, which offer a sense of luxury.

Brand: Emaxdesign

👤I love these brushes. I'm not a makeup artist. I wanted to add some text to the photo that I took of them so that the paper would show what each one is used for. The card it comes with is the basis for these. I think #1 is the best for blush as it could be used for foundation, but more dense brushes are better for liquid foundation or creams. The flat top brushes are the best for foundations. It's best for a liquid foundation, or a highlighter on top of your high cheekbones. It can also be used as a bigger brush. #3. This one is best used for highlighting. The best uses would be for smudge eyeliner or lower eye lid eyeshadow. It's good for adding more colors to your eyelid. It's the best for eye shadow in the crease. If using eye shadow for eyeliner, use the #6 eyebrow brush. There are 7. It's best to use eye shadow to "pat" on the eyelid for a small brush. It's the best for eye shadow in the crease. There is a ninth. The bristle side is for eyebrows and the comb side is for combing and separating eye lashes. The more dense it is, the more it helps blend the liquid or mineral foundation.

👤The brushes exceeded my expectations. The quality of these brushes is better than some of the name brands I've purchased from, and I have to say that the price of this 12 piece set is a good deal. I could not complain about anything. The brushes were nicely packaged and I didn't have to wash them because they didn't have any strong chemical smell. The bristles are soft but firm. I haven't had any shed and they feel well made. This set is a must have for me. I might buy another one just because. The price is amazing and the quality is great.

👤These are soft brushes. Since I've gotten these brushes, my makeup has looked better. I would highly recommend to beginners. They're not a bad thing, they're a lot smaller than I 888-276-5932s I compared them to the size of an E.L.F. lip exfoliator.

👤I have been using these brushes for over a week now and they are the best yet. I usually get brushes every 6 months because of the usage but these are great. I have washed them three times.

👤I bought this set a few months ago. There is a lot of variety in it. I use the foundation brush daily. I have washed it many times and not seen any wear on it. I use the other brushes. The price is a great one. If you are on a budget, I would recommend them.

👤I have had the set for over 3 years with no shed but lost some of the pieces so I decided to buy the set again. They don't have the strong paint smell I remember and seem soft. I have been using them for a while now and they have not lost their form. There is a There is a revision on 9/1/2019. Never mind! This brush was washed. It fell apart.

10. BS MALL Synthetic Cosmetics Foundation 11pcsbamboo

BS MALL Synthetic Cosmetics Foundation 11pcsbamboo

The brushes are soft and well shaped. The brush handle is natural and easy to use. A great travel set. It comes with a makeup sponge and a beauty makeup sponge with uniform tiny pores. The bristles do not fall out during the makeup application process. BS-MALL brand of synthetic brush hair is high quality.

Brand: Bs-mall

👤The brushes are perfect for the price range, they are not too firm, not too soft, and the A Dream is one of the best blends I have ever tried. There is a The beauty sponge does a good job. There is a If you are looking for a simple, but complete makeup brush kit, on an amazing price and with a natural, organic feel, this is the one for you. Thank you, the yellow bag is a nice detail.

👤I don't like them and I don't love them. I would have gotten my money's worth if I had found just a few out of the bunch that worked well. There is an update! I love these. I included a more detailed update at the end of the original review. I don't apply make up very often. I don't wear make up often. I bought some of the MAC brushes and applicators a decade or so ago, because I am dabbling in make up again, and with the new formulas and different needs of my skin, I figured I needed more of them than I currently have. I saw these and thought to give them a try, because I didn't want to spend a lot. Even if I only like 1-2 brushes out of the entire pack, it's still better than the prices for one out there. My brushes did not have a smell. The brushes are in a bag, and they fit in there. I haven't washed any of the brushes yet, but from the little I have used, they have not shed. I thought the brush I used to apply cream eye shadow would be too soft, but it worked out just fine. I think I chose the shorter haired option. The rest are too soft for make up application. I'm not sure if these brushes are too soft, but time and experimentation will tell me more. I would like to see a sharper brush for eyeliner. A less fluffy brush is used for eye shadow Blending. I have used the squat brushes for powder and blend, and they seem okay. It was better than expected. The large brush does a good job. When I wash the bristles, I will get the handles wet. I am worried that the smooth handle will lose its protective coating and feel rough. I don't want to sacrifice one yet to figure this out. I will adjust my rating if the brushes are used more and hold up to use. If I learn more or find they aren't as good as the current rating, I will do so. There is an update. If I learn anything new, I will come back. I have washed my brushes several times since using these. The brushes are holding up well after being put through the paces. I like applying liquid make up with a few of these brushes. I used to think the brushes were too soft, but they are actually quite effective. It washes well, and feels new every time. I am more impressed with the quality, variety, and price of their sets than I was with their initial experience. Raising my rating!


What is the best product for eco friendly makeup brushes set?

Eco friendly makeup brushes set products from Bs-mall. In this article about eco friendly makeup brushes set you can see why people choose the product. Duorime and Ecotools are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly makeup brushes set.

What are the best brands for eco friendly makeup brushes set?

Bs-mall, Duorime and Ecotools are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly makeup brushes set. Find the detail in this article. Ecotools, Bs-mall and Ecotools are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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