Best Eco Friendly Makeup Organizer

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1. Portable Organizer Waterproof Stand Up Professional

Portable Organizer Waterproof Stand Up Professional

Light and portable. The bag holds more than 22 brushes set and is lightweight, compact and large. There are 9 elastic band slots. Save space by reducing mess. Eco-friendly soft transparent PVC, flexible hard shell covered with water-resistant nylon, foldable, and easy to wipe clean with strong and smooth zip is a safety material. Protect your personal items and brushes with durable and scratch resistant materials. There is no harm to the body or pollution with the use of the PVC. There are multi- functions. It's accessible. The bag is also used as a cosmetics bag. It can accommodate a variety of small things. A great design idea is that you don't need to buy a makeup brush case and a makeup brush holder, just need one bag. The bag can be carried anywhere. You can contact them anytime if you have any questions after you receive the product. They will answer your questions. Until you are satisfied. Don't worry.

Brand: Monstina

👤The bag is gorgeous! I have never seen such a thing before and I highly recommend it. There is a I was looking for a case that my makeup brushes could fit in, so that I could see and grab what I wanted, instead of rummaging around a makeup bag full of brushes and makeup. It is easy to stand up when it is open, and has elastic bands for each brush. I don't use a lot of brushes and they fit in the bag. There is room for more brushes. There is a The bag is made of sturdy and waterproof materials, and I am very happy with the quality of the materials it is made of. It would be a good gift for anyone with makeup brushes.

👤The design of this product is easy to understand. I was looking for a product that could hold makeup brushes. I like how it stands up. The logo is large and I am giving this 4 stars. I don't like big logos and don't like the logo at all. The logo is not visible in the photos. I bought two and might return them because of the logos. I would not have purchased these items if the photos showed the logo. I prefer subtle logos.

👤I wanted to protect my brushes. I kept them in a cute cup holder, but I didn't like having to use something separate when traveling. I would have to pack my brushes. I get it all in one with this. It is a cup/brush holder with inside loops to hold brushes and space inside to store sponges. You can zip it and keep brushes neat and clean with the fold down sides. It can be put in a travel bag or on top of a Vanity. I plan to order more brushes to hold brushes that aren't used daily. My main point is that most brush holders that are closed would catch bristles in the zip or crush them, and I have some more expensive brushes from MAC that have long handles. This doesn't do that. It's tall enough that my brushes have plenty of room.

👤I like that the standup makeup bag takes up little counter space and I don't have to keep my brushes separate at home or for traveling. I got this before I decided to use less plastic. I am ok with it. I plan to wipe it with water when it gets dirty. The tiny fibers unseen by eyes will wash out to the ocean and be in our bodies through seafood, if we try to avoid polyester microfiber bec. Where have you been my entire life?

👤You need this in your life if you are always traveling or not having enough storage. It fits a lot. I carry my primer and spray. The makeup brushes holder is amazing. I'm considering buying this for all my girlfriends. The mesh keeps the makeup off of the brushes and it doesn't cause any harm. I now use it for travelling, but instead of keeping my brushes on a pencil holder, I just leave it on my bathroom mirror. It keeps things sanitary and avoids dust.

2. Sorbus Cosmetics Display Bathroom Lipstick

Sorbus Cosmetics Display Bathroom Lipstick

Acrylic jewelry and makeup storage case. A personalized beauty counter organizes your makeup and cosmetics. There is a storage case that holds various beauty items in one place and fits on most dressers. The drawers are perfect for storing makeup and brushes in one place. The display case can be used to store jewelry and personal accessories. They can be used on their own or as a set. Each drawer is approximately 1.62” deep.

Brand: Sorbus

👤I love it! The seller described the makeup organizers as similar. I was very happy when I received it because it had black liners inside. I bought one from a well known makeup store, but the quality was not as good and it did not come with liners. It arrived with plastic around it, so there was no scathes. Extra padding and air bubbles were included in the package. This is a great purchase. There is a Please let me know if this review was helpful, and if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

👤The drawers are really nice. I use them to store my makeup. Why would you put a giant sticker on a piece of furniture? No one is going to want it there. Maybe I can get a paper slip and put the sticker on the product that I paid for.

👤Great containers! I can put a lot in here. I thought I would need two. The grooves on top and bottom secure them. You can pull them out with no problem. The black liners are already in. I would like them to be a tad deeper for my long lipglosses. The muji ones are double the price.

👤I absolutely love these drawers. There is a They are large enough to hold 2 standard eye shadow palettes. There is a - They look great on my counter. The space is so organized that it looks just like it was described. There is a I wish I had bought more. I plan to purchase more of these drawers as my makeup collection grows.

👤I have put my makeup and brushes in some of the Sorbus cases. The drawers are deeper and the foot print is smaller than the ones with large and small drawers. I'm very happy with all of them. Sorbus should make one with even deeper drawers. There is a If you have to remove the large sticker on the top of each unit, you can warm it with your blowdryer and use glue to peel it off. The glue can be taken off with rubbing alcohol.

👤This is a great organizer! Since there are others from this brand you can purchase later on that are compatible and stackable, I chose this one. This holds a lot of cosmetics. I intended for it to only hold lipsticks, eyeliners, and maybe small compacts, but it ended up fitting all of my cosmetics, including the taller powder tub as well! It also comes with black inserts that are meant to prevent items from sliding as you open and close the drawers. It is of sturdy quality and glides smoothly. It's heavy enough that when you open the drawers, the whole thing stays put. I'm assuming it would crack if you dropped it from a decent height onto a hard surface, but it's not steel, and it's sturdy enough to hold a few items on top. It looks great in my high-end bathroom, but I was initially concerned that it wouldn't look classy. Happy customer! Thanks a lot.

3. Makeup Relavel Travel Cosmetic Organizer

Makeup Relavel Travel Cosmetic Organizer

The makeup bag has a dual-layer design to help organize cosmetics. There are multiple compartments for different things. It's perfect for daily use. Not included are cosmetic accessories. The makeup bag is made of high quality PU leather and is water resistant. It was using a smooth double head zip up. The makeup bag has a special place for the protective makeup brush. It has makeup cases that are easy to clean. The dividers are easy to organize. It is lightweight and fit, so it will organize your beauty essentials neatly. It's a great daily makeup bag. It is a great gift idea for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend. The Perfect Travel Makeup Bag is portable and lightweight, with waterproof, shockproof, anti-wear, and spill-proof interiors. You can bring your cosmetics with you.

Brand: Relavel

👤I use this bag for my manicure kit. It is easy to carry from bathroom to wherever you want. There are four pockets in the top layer where I keep nail files, nail clippers, and anything pencil shaped. There is a mesh section under the bag. I can fit a small four-ounce bottle of polish and five square-shaped bottles of polish in the bottom layer. There is a mesh section under the lid of this compartment that holds cotton pads for polish removal. The wipe clean material on the exterior of the bag feels substantial. Each layer has double zips. I think this bag will hold up. If the reader is a person who uses a lot of makeup at one time and uses this bag for that purpose, this may be a little small. I would highly recommend this bag.

👤Best one! Convenient packing and smart packing are important when traveling to the U.S. cross-country. You still need to bring enough makeup cases even though they are not compact. I used to have two separate cases for my products, but now all of them fit in this one. I have extras in reserve just in case, this is the best case I have ever found. I lost my makeup cases at the hotel. Disappointing! I was happy to have a case to quickly buy makeup and pack again. If you don't have a good case, you have more to lose and less to have, but it's important that things are stored correctly.

👤The amount of items shown in the picture could not be held in this case. I tried to put my setting powder in the main bottom section, but it took up so much space I almost couldn't zip it. The divider has the wrong way of attaching it. I assume it would come apart easily with some normal wear and tear because it is not attached in a very sturdy manner. The small netted compartment has two small compartments. I can not fit most of my eye shadow in that section since it is divided with stitching. There is a The quality is okay. I am returning this because it doesn't suit my needs. The pics didn't reflect the issues I found I hope my pictures help the next person.

👤I thought I would use this bag for travel purposes, but I am using it more than I thought. When I travel, I put all my makeup in my home and then clean it out. It's a nice shiny black, the bow is nice, and it's great for airport security, which is a pain on a good day. They don't have to dig through your bag like they're looking for buried treasure because the inside is see through and mesh, which will fit in most purses and luggage. It's small enough to fit in your purse and large enough to hold a week's worth of products so you don't have to go to the pharmacy and try to memorize a word in French. I've learned my lesson. It's a nice bag that will keep all your stuff safe while you travel and mentally curse airport security for making you put a week's worth of hair regrowth in 3 ounce bottles.

4. Sorbus Cosmetic Organizer Multi Function Toiletries

Sorbus Cosmetic Organizer Multi Function Toiletries

They can be used on their own or as a set. Each drawer is approximately 1.62” deep. The carousel is a great way to organize your makeup, hair, and other items. Lipsticks, makeup, brushes, manicure tools, toiletries, facial scrubs, hair products, and medicine bottles can be found in the store and display. The Lazy Susan base rotates so items are always within easy reach. Centralized-free organization It's easy to get ready and gain space with the help of the specially crafted compartments with 3 openings for brushes, eyeliner, lip, mascara, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other slim items. TheEGANT BAMBOO DESIGN is made of bamboo wood and is ready to use, no assembly is required. TheEGANT BAMBOO DESIGN is made of bamboo wood and is ready to use, no assembly is required.

Brand: Sorbus

👤I received this package and was very excited for the extra storage on my bathroom countertop. I was disgusted to find it covered in fleas. I took the package back outside and it turned out to be a lot more than I thought. The little cracks are where they are hiding. I don't want to bring this back inside to ruin my home. I am horrified that I may soon have a flea problem in my house because of opening this package inside, I can't stop thinking about it, I don't know where this package has been or where it's come from. I don't know when or if I will bring the stand back inside, but it will be hanging out on my back porch, not my bathroom counter. It seems like the product is fine for the price. There are some dried glue globs and the wood stain is a little rough, but I can deal with that. If you purchase this product, be sure to open it outside to make sure you don't run into the same issue as I did.

👤I returned it. The product is terrible. The finish was applied after the item was put together so there were bare spots where the shelf pieces come together with the frame in multiple places. The shelves splintered where they had been attached to the frame. There were weird textured spots on the top of the organizers that were set on before the varnish dried. The spinning hardware on the bottom was cheap and there were no grips to keep in place while the upper portion is spun. Save your money and get the Refine 360, it costs more but is a decent product.

👤I have higher expectations after reading so many great reviews. It was made of bamboo, like the plastic ones. The base is flimsy and not stable, especially if you put heavy bottles on it, and do not feel safe to put expensive glasses on it. Turn quickly? No! Especially when loaded! The holes are small and do not fit much. It was not impressed but it was usable.

👤I love how this product looks. I have a small bathroom. I wanted to get rid of the products on the counter. I previously owned a rotating plastic organizers and did not want them again. They are cheap and flimsy. The one in my bathroom is amazing. It holds a lot. It is nicely packaged and comes in one piece. I was willing to sacrifice the chique look for the sake of the height of the small shelves. Absolutely recommend.

👤I love how classy the bamboo is. It is assembled right out of the box with lots of storage pockets. It was very well constructed. Highly recommended!

👤This is a great place to put things. I like how large it is. It holds all of my products and has room to add more. It doesn't look like a lot of the plastic options you see. I wish the holes on top were bigger, but I was able to fit my brushes so they are not terrible. I would not recommend this to someone who is a product junkie. It holds a lot, but not a lot. Still a great person to organize.

5. Mossio Multifunction Bottles Grooming Approved

Mossio Multifunction Bottles Grooming Approved

It'sHANGS for easy access. The bag can be hung on the bathroom door, shower rod or towel rack, as well as simply storing it when not needed, if you attach the hanging hook. You can put all of your items in one place. It is a good idea to have all your necessities in one bag. Large outside pockets hold additional items for easy access when the bag is closed. Extra storage is provided by a front zip pocket and three interior main compartments. Travel in style is lightweight. The traveler bag is a great choice to put in your suitcase on any business or family trip.

Brand: Mossio

👤I need this to fit all my travel size items. It still zips together with ease with everything from mini dry to contact solution in the main pocket. The front and back of the compartments have something on them. It's sturdy and cute. Looking forward to using it.

👤I ordered this bag in time for my trip to the U.K. It would fit my full size hair care product. I think I will be fine. I'm more of a dry hair girl. The bag is good quality and I like the print. It's not a large bag and it doesn't fit all of my products. I'm just bringing what I know I'll use. It is on the back of my bathroom door.

👤My review was updated to a 4 stars after excellent customer service. I really liked this when I received it. It's a great size, though the slots to hold things inside the biggest pouch are a little flimsy. There is a hole in the bag after it ripped. I have had it less than two months and never washed it or put anything sharp in it. Bummer. I didn't have a way of contacting the company, but they apologized and sent me a new bag free of charge. I am hoping this one holds up because they clearly stand behind their product.

👤The nifty little carrying kit is falling apart very quickly. The stitching is coming undone sooner than expected and the zip is flimsy. The velcro is not holding up as well as it could. Mossio did everything they could to make sure I was satisfied after they were contacted about my faulty product. I am so happy that they sent me another case to replace the faulty one, and I can't believe I am able to keep using this bag. The new product is a lot stronger and is holding up just as well when full as the faulty one. It's helpful to have a small hook in the inside to hang it up. I love it!

👤I liked the idea of being able to hang my bathroom items and give myself more space. It has everything I need to travel, from face wash, face lotion, contact solution, to body lotion, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, toothbrush, all of it. I have only used it twice and it seems to be very durable. There is a It is a water resistant material. I feel good with it. There are more pockets inside and outside. I would definitely recommend it!

👤This is a great way to organize. Being able to throw my makeup, brushes and skin care all in one bag is very handy, as I frequently travel on the weekends. I like the hook. It's easy to hang up on a shower rod or something nearby to keep the bag out of the way while I'm getting ready.

👤This has a lot of space. It is very cute. The second time I used this thing, the plastic piece broke. The seller reached out to me based on my review. They sent me a brand new bag after they refunded the entire cost of the bag. I would highly recommend this seller. Their product is cute and functional.

6. AMEITECH Organizer Adjustable Lipsticks Transparent

AMEITECH Organizer Adjustable Lipsticks Transparent

It's convenient and easy to carry, great for overnight stays, a long journey, gym shower and outdoor activities. Perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics and accessories. It's easy to get all of your makeup products. It's a perfect Christmas gift for your friends, family and makeup lovers. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can adjust the height of the laminates as you please. It is convenient to clean with the Removable design. LARGE CAPACITY: Measures 15inch in height and 10.3inch in diameter when assembled. It has at least 60 makeup brushes, 30 skincare products and other accessories. SturDY & SAVER: Holding personal beauty items in the bathroom takes up less room in the house. Customer service is the best. Please contact them if you have any problems. They will solve the problem for you in the first time and give you a 24 month warranty.

Brand: Ameitech

👤I did a lot of research on makeup organizers because I wanted to choose the right one. I am very happy that I used this organizer. It is very easy to assemble and holds a lot of product. When I had my makeup thrown into one container, it was easy to grab when I needed it. It's so convenient because of the rotation. You will not regret this purchase.

👤I like the way it organizes my makeup. I used to use a makeup bag, but this helps me layout my makeup products. It was nice to be able to set the height for the four middle shelves. Hopefully this will prevent me from using any more counter space.

👤I like it. I need to keep my drawer clean.

👤This is the third makeup organizers that I have ordered. The three have broken apart within a few days of use. The last one has been in use for 2 days without my housekeeper being around. The bottom of the bathroom has cracked and a piece has broken off, just like the ones I had before. I haven't placed any heavy items on the organizers that could cause it to break. Since I have had three of these break in the same fashion, I can say that this is not just a defect, but a quality andDurability issue.

👤Love, love, love! It was perfect for what I needed. I needed something that was small, but still kept my stuff organized and at my fingertips, because I have a small space in my bathroom for my beauty needs. This was the right fit for me. There is no hidden items in the organizers. You have a lot of space for all your items. I don't have a lot of beauty products, but I do have a lot of variety. I filled this with everything I needed and still have room to add more. The spin feature was easy to use and it was easy to assemble. It isn't cheap, but you wouldn't want to drop it or mis- handle it, as I'm not certain it could take that kind of impact. It's made well enough to do it's job and looks nice as well. Now is the time to fill it up.

👤I was pleased with how easy it was to assemble my makeup organizers. The pieces looked sturdy and the instructions were clear. I just ordered another one and can't wait to use it. It is larger than the other ones I saw. 10x14.

👤I really like this organizer! The customer service is great. I believe the broken pieces were caused by shipment. Customer service wanted to fix this. They offered a full refund or replacement. I use it everyday even though it has two broken pieces. As my collection grows, I will most likely continue to order from this company. I am very happy with the company and their products. There is a The two pieces that were broken were in the original review. The rubber security bands snapped when I put it on. I continued to put the product together and it was fine. It is still sturdy but will need to be reinforced with super glue if it were to break. It was enough to keep instead of returning. If it wasn't broken, I would give it 5 stars.

7. Meowoo Waterproof Organizer Organizing Transparent

Meowoo Waterproof Organizer Organizing Transparent

The clear bags are made from transparent material that is eco-friendly. It is convenient to pack and save time when you have a large opening zip up. The package includes 4 toiletry bags, a L: 7.8, a M: 6.7, and a S: 4.3. Light weight and easy to carry wherever you are. These bags can be used as a storage bag, jewelry bag, gift packaging bag or makeup bag, perfect for bathroom, traveling, business trip, camping or other outdoor activities, also an ideal gift for your friends or relatives. The dual pull head nylon zip up gives you a comfortable touch feeling and is anti-cracking. You can open it from either side. It is easy to clean and waterproof, and it is also a great solution to separate wet closing with other liquid cosmetics.

Brand: Meowoo

👤This set is wonderful! It is what I was looking for. I wanted them to be used in my purse. I have a lot of purses that are one big open area inside. I don't like having my stuff fall over. The pieces work well to keep things organized. I used the smallest case I could find for my phone and it fit perfectly in my purse. I used two of the other cases for personal items. They do a great job of keeping things organized, but because they are clear, I can find just about anything I'm looking for without taking the whole case out of my purse. There are two zippers on each case. I keep the two zippers in the middle rather than off to one side because it doesn't seem important. It's much easier to open a case without taking it out of my purse. I am buying another set after this review.

👤Not waterproof. I needed these so I could fly and not have liquids spill on my clothes. They are not waterproof. The smallest part of the video is the smallest.

👤Get it! It is worth the investment if you need to organize your life.

👤This set worked well for me. I like the different sizes. Someone who was worried she would have two weeks of issues needed the biggest size. The ability to see inside from the outside is the best part. It was convenient to know which pouch was the right one without shuffling around. The smell from all four pouches was so strong that one star was deducted.

👤The items smell like a plastic pool floatie when you pull them out of the box, so I unboxed them so I can't speak on durability. I immediately thought of blowing up a pool float because of the smell. I was able to fit 8 size 5 diapers in the largest size and the second smallest size for all the kids on the go. A second set of diaper bag necessities is likely to be purchased.

👤When I change purses, I just take the clear bags out and put them in the new purse. Works well. I thought it was bigger. They open at both ends.

👤My baby is due in September and I bought these to organize my diaper bag. They are great for organizing and seeing what you have. Will update the review when they are in use frequently.

👤These are ideal for traveling. It makes things simpler for tsa or when you need quick and easy access to your items. I keep some in my bathroom filled with items for guests who may have forgotten something, and I use these when I travel. These are great for the value that you pay for. I would highly recommend those who love to travel to do so.

8. YOUTH UNION Cosmetic Organizer Multi Layer

YOUTH UNION Cosmetic Organizer Multi Layer

The great gift idea. Anyone who loves to look great while staying organized will appreciate this organizer. Everyone needs this hair supplies caddy. There is a functional cosmetic organizer. All your makeup, jewelry, nail polish, eye liner, and accessories are in one place. PP plastic is lightweight but sturdy. The dimensions are 9 1/6'' X 7'' X 9 1/2''. A nice choice as a gift would be Jully's makeup organizers. 30 day free return If you have an issue with it, email them. They will help you deal with it. 30 day free return If you have an issue with it, email them. They will help you deal with it.

Brand: July's Song

👤The small size is perfect if you don't have a lot of makeup. If not, go for the large. I returned and ordered the small because the large was so large for me. I would like the small to be a tad bigger to fit my eyeshadows. I show in the pictures that my naked3 palette is barely fit in. The small will not fit anything longer than that. You have to load the top sections for the unit to be strong.

👤I was glad I ordered the large case. The smaller one wouldn't fit in all my products. The sectioned top was my favorite part. The drawers are open and have no sections. You have to be careful when pulling a drawer because it can fall out. If you open a drawer too far out, it can cause the unit to topple over. The problem was eliminated when I placed the products on the top. The case was the perfect size and did the job I needed it to.

👤This was what I was looking for. It works well on my bathroom counter because it has a place for everything.

👤I ordered one of each size. They are nice. The deep drawers are perfect for makeup and hair items. I like them. Good value for money. The drawers work well.

👤My new bathroom has a lot of space, but there weren't many drawers to keep my makeup in. This is what I needed. My makeup is put in the top piece and the extra stuff in the drawers. This is underneath the bathroom sink. When I'm ready, I grab the top piece which sits on top of the drawers and sets on the counter, then I put it under the sink.

👤The unit is a great place to store what I need. The only problem I have with it is the drawers. The drawers are hard to use because they are accessed from underneath. A small knob would have been better. I've been looking for small knobs to glue on.

👤The picture and the organizers are the same. I ordered a gray desk and liked it. The design is reasonable and can hold my stuff in the two drawers.

👤I found it on a person's post. I needed a storage unit for my small bathroom and this one was perfect. The drawer unit can be separated from the top portion. I was able to fit all my daily skin care products on the open piece and put things in it. Into the drawers. The bathroom looks neat and organized.

👤I love that my makeup fits in easily. I had a lot of makeup bags in it. I was worried that the small would be too small. The large must be large. The drawers are easy to open. I wish it was black or purple.

👤In due pacchi, uno arrivato puntuale, il successivo arrivato con una disguido postale. Immaginavo, il prodotto molto bello.

👤Is it possible to use the espace de rangement for the purpose of the manucure? It's sur la photo.

9. Rotating Organizer Countertop Organizers Transparent

Rotating Organizer Countertop Organizers Transparent

The Rotation is made from odor-free eco-friendly plastic and won't change shape or color after being washed. The height is 12 and the diameter is 9. The compartment height can be adjusted at any time to fit different bottles. Come with an English User manual. Attach 8 components and 16 rubber rings. Accommodates space for makeup brushes, lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner, perfume, cheek color, eyebrow pencils, hair clips, hand bands, washes, skincare products, and jewelry.

Brand: Coyaho

👤I was nervous to receive it. It exceeded my expectations. It was easy to assemble and freed up a lot of space in our bathroom.

👤The pieces don't stay in place, and it doesn't allow for products with a little bit more weight to them. The section where there is an opening for makeup brushes and other items collapses often. The top of the unit seems to be different from the rest of the unit, not sure if it is a defect or a design flaw.

👤Unless I just received a faulty one... I am shocked that this thing has any decent reviews. The plastic is very thin. The screw in the bottom of it makes a scratching sound when you rotation it. I tried to tighten the screw to see if that would help. I was barely touching it in my attached video, and it is not sturdy at all. I wouldn't want to put perfume on it. I will definitely return it.

👤The makeup carousel helped me organize my makeup and it is exactly the size I needed. Not too large, tall, or bulky, and fits nicely on top of the Lingerie Dresser. There's still room for more items even though everything pictured plus additional items have been added. The opening at the top for brushes, eyeliners, and pencils is a space saver, and the almost flat top is great for stacking larger eye shadow pallets. It only took five minutes to make a makeup station. The hard plastic is not heavy duty and the carousel is easy to turn on.

👤I bought one at marshall's. I was surprised at how small it was. It was very easy to do, although I was not sure what to do with the little black rubber bands. I like this model because it has an open top so you don't have to limit yourself to putting something that is too long. It can get so flat that I might even pack it with me for long trips. My husband suggested that I get a second for our seasonings.

👤Not what I was expecting. There is a I was thinner than another one. The item was cracked on the top platform. I believe it is because of the tight fit and the fact that one drop in shipping hits the divider on the top rack. I was able to compare them after they arrived. There is a This one is going back. The other is a 9 inch turn table. I like working for them more than I like working for them. There is a The other one is sturdy and thicker than the other one.

👤Those who cried that theirs fell apart did not read the directions. The directions and what comes in the box have been included. The setup takes 5 minutes. There are rubber bands that keep the ends from popping out. The center has 4 main parts, the 2 middle and the top and bottom. There are shelves that can be popped in any height. There are 8 parts total. There are rubber bands and spare ones. Reading is important. In my pictures and video, I overload the daylights out of them. These things hold a lot. They are rotating smoothly. I bought a slim one for my bathroom and it saved my skin. I am a cosmeceutical engineer, I have a beauty subscription, and I do product testings. I have a lot of stuff. I needed this for my entire life. I don't have a medicine cabinet in my bathroom or sink. The video is of my bathroom. I have a routine now that is fast. There is a The next one I ordered was my bathroom. The table has been cleared up and Susan has more makeup on. The height of the cup holder is something that makes this different from other organizers. It is so important to have things that can stand up on their own. There is a You can't order more shelves. I tried to contact the seller. That's terrible. The product is still a 10 star product. There is a The 3rd I ordered was for my mom. She has a lot of trays on her table that she takes a long time to get ready for. I am going to surprise her. I might have to order a 4th for her bathroom.

10. Me Plus Traveler Organizer Organization

Me Plus Traveler Organizer Organization

5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide is perfect. Small items are very handy to keep all the little things sorted. For Mother's Day, Bridemaids, Friends and Family, there are great gifts.

Brand: Me Plus

👤The canvas feels thick and sturdy, the zipper doesn't get stuck on the fabric. It's not long enough to hold new non-mechanical pencils, but I use it as a pencil pouch for school and it works just fine.

👤I ordered a few of these for storing computer accessories. They're nice. Excellent organic cloth, good zip. Not all the plastic rubbish. We are killing this planet with plastic. I should get more.

👤This cute makeup bag has a pineapple print. You can wash it with soap and let it dry.

👤The canvas bag is small enough to hold my makeup in my purse. It looks like it was made by hand.

👤My mom and I went to a local salon together and I got this for her. She put it to use immediately. It looks even better! There is a I got one for myself after liking it so much. I have been using quart baggies for toting makeup until I saw this cute bag.

👤I bought this for a friend of mine who loves tennis. She is going to love it! It is very cute and just the right size. The pricing was reasonable.

👤It was used to keep my change in. So helpful.

👤I gave it to a woman as a Christmas gift. It is a beautiful hand screen print of 2 Flamingo's.

11. Water Resistant Organizer Accessories Container Toiletries

Water Resistant Organizer Accessories Container Toiletries

The Large Capacity is 12.6 x 9.1 x 4.3 inch and has 4 separate compartments with zip and back open pocket. It's suitable to pack all men, women and kids. The bag has a special design that has pockets with elastic straps that hold bottles upright, a double zip compartment for easy access, and transparent sides to show the contents. Convenient design - a sturdy, non-slip metal hook for hanging, a carry handle that doubles as a hanging strap, and a two-way zip up for quick access. The material is water-resistant and well-padded to keep the bag's shape. Sturdy stitching and heavy duty material can hold up many items. It's convenient and easy to carry, great for overnight stays, a long journey, gym shower and outdoor activities.

Brand: Bagsmart

👤Thought the material was going to be like a fake leather but it's actually a regular fabric almost like a suede and not really tested the fit with full size body creams and body works. I had to lay the lotion a certain way so the corners wouldn't puncture the plastic, but it does fill all 6 of them. The hook goes in the top flap, but I didn't put anything in it.

👤The bag got a lot of things right. The hardware seems to have been designed thoughtfully. The handles of the zippers are made of metal. I'm impressed with how easy it is to open a bag when I reach into it. When I reached into the compartments of some of the bags, they had sharp teeth that scratched my hands. None of that is present here. The elastic strap options for the main compartment are nice. I wanted this bag to be the keeper. The bag had a few issues, mostly minor. The outside pocket is loose. It is not possible to secure items in it once you pack it. The pink I ordered was the second color scheme. It doesn't meet the modern idea of pretty. The pink is not as bright as a bright rose. It looks like shop soil, which can make your luggage dingy after it comes off the plane. The beige inside color doesn't help. The combination just misses the mark. The color scheme is not modern. It looks like something my grandmother would have carried, but she would have said it wasn't very pretty. The bag that carries the stuff we use to feel pretty is the bag that looks not everything. It looks tired from the first glance. The outer shell is soft and not water- resistant, which is a deal-breaker. It already looks worn in, but the fabric will pick up everything it touches, including any product left on the counter after doing hair and make-up. There is a It's frustrating. It was so close.

👤The bag is better than expected. It is very sturdy and has plenty of room for my products. It was purchased as a space saver and is perfect for my needs there. It's pretty cute and great quality. I like the bands that keep my products in place. This item would be recommended by me.

👤The BagSmart Toiletry Bag is made from high quality materials. The handles have a soft brushed microfiber. The front and back of the house are quilted. There is a The only bag that I have found that has a metal hook is the one that fits on a closet pole. The hook is a bit larger than the wire one. It takes a little persuasion to push the rubber tip over the pole. One of the rare bags that has a method of securing the hook to prevent it from flopping around, blocking a pocket, or interfering with the exterior zip, is this one! Every pocket has high quality plastic windows. This is different from the other bags I have tried. Other bags have plastic windows on a single pocket. The elastic straps inside the middle pockets are thick to prevent bottles from tipping over. Two straps of elastic are used to hold bottles. Both inside and out, the nylon zippers are smooth. A must have is a two-way zipper on the exterior. There is a The metal pulls are pretty, but a bit small and have three points which make them move around when I try to grasp them more than I like. The interior zip ties feel like plastic. The bag must be opened at least three times in order to get to the contents. The bag has an extra zip on the third pocket which allows access from either the top or the bottom depending on the orientation of the bag. Time will tell if this is doable. - Water will bead up on the surface if it is splashed, but it will absorb water if not brushed off. It feels like a microfiber lens cloth.


What is the best product for eco friendly makeup organizer?

Eco friendly makeup organizer products from Monstina. In this article about eco friendly makeup organizer you can see why people choose the product. Sorbus and Relavel are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly makeup organizer.

What are the best brands for eco friendly makeup organizer?

Monstina, Sorbus and Relavel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly makeup organizer. Find the detail in this article. Mossio, Ameitech and Meowoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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