Best Eco Friendly Makeup Pads

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1. Reusable Remover Washable Laundry Eco Friendly

Reusable Remover Washable Laundry Eco Friendly

Black makeup removal pads were designed to take on dark makeup. White pads can appear stained after a single use. If you do laundry every 2 weeks or so, you should have 12 pads. Put them in the laundry bag, tie them once and add to your colored laundry. All of your skin care products will not be absorbed by the double-sided pads. It is designed to clean your face. Use with your favorite makeup cleanser. The skin on your eyes and lips is sensitive. The other side is used for oil or moisturizer applications. When you throw cotton rounds in the garbage, what happens to them? It takes several years to degrade and impact the environment. The cotton rounds make a significant reduction in waste. They are a small business from Canada and they appreciate your support.

Brand: Eira Vancouver

👤I don't want the hassle of buying and throwing cotton pads away. I don't have enough room to store cotton pads. I picked these because of the container, the black color, and the washing bag. I use the nice looking container twice and the pads do not absorb too much of my solution, they work for make up removal and applying toner and other functions, and the container is not heavy weight. After washing, the pads get folded up so it's not worth stacking them in a container. I dump mine in now.

👤The cotton pads are ripped when I put them in the dryer. The bamboo holder has a bunch of splinters and I was really excited about it.

👤Really disappointed. I bought it because I was misled by the reviews. The reason I dislike this product is that when I put them in to wash my makeup, they won't wash it off, so I have to put them in again for a second time, and I still see my makeup. They have a strong sour smell when they first enter. Do not recommend.

👤It was split because it was sent in a soft mailer. I am very happy with the product, and it was easy to replace it. Very cute. It's difficult to tell if your product is lighter in color or not if the pads are black. It's perfect for taking foundation off a light-skinned person. I knew what color they were when I got them, so this was a good thing for me. There's a softer side to hard-to-take-off stuff. If it is shipped in a soft mailer, you should check to see that it isn't damaged inside the box. They will take care of things if it is true. Excellent!

👤This product is adorable. Well made! There were no reviews for the product. I took a chance and got them. I bought this for my mom and she loved it. The pads are soft and the container is nice. I might buy one for myself.

👤The materials are strong. There is a small problem with them because they are shrunken in the wash. I stretched it out and it wasn't a big deal. I haven't really used them to remove makeup, so I will make an update later. There is a They don't work well with oil base makeup remover. I use coconut oil to get rid of my makeup. It slides with the pad. The pads work well with water. I use my cellular water and it cleans up like a dream.

👤The packaging was beautiful. I switched to these from my Neutrogena make up wipes because they left behind fuzz under my eye lid, which made me get irritated. I have not had that issue since I switched over. They are good for the environment.

👤These were the perfect solution for me. I don't like single use products because of all the waste, but I was getting used to using a washcloth every night to wash my face. The container is small enough to fit on the counter. These have worked great with my makeup removal and cleanser. When removing facial masks, they work well. The smooth side is great for sensitive areas around the eyes, and the scrubby side is great for sensitive areas. I just toss the dirty ones in as I go, then wash them when full. So easy!

2. SoulSation Organic Cotton Rounds Count

SoulSation Organic Cotton Rounds Count

400 Count of pure organic cotton. No cotton lint will get in your way. Premium quality, ideal for men and women. It is certified by the animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will be happy to replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Soulsation

👤They are easy to break apart and produce a lot of fuzzies. 99 store organic lint free pads are better than these for my business. It's recommend for at home use. lint free is a must for professional use.

👤I use 100% cotton pads to clean my micellar water. This is the first time I have used these, and I am not happy. When they are moistened, the layers fall apart. I have to use about 4 of them. They leave cotton on my face and hair. The quality is not good. I will invest $13 and purchase the cotton pads. I bought some for my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas and they love them. Better for the environment as well. I do not need to add more garbage to our planet. I wouldn't recommend them and I wouldn't purchase them again.

👤I usually get my cotton rounds from a bug chain store, but they've been out for a while, so Amazon came to the rescue. These are similar in thickness and softness to the ones that buy them. They work well for applying facial astringent, removing make-up, or whatever else you'd use them for. There is a These are organic, and that's a bonus, unlike the ones I usually buy.

👤I don't have stubble or other good reasons for these pulling apart while trying to use them. It was wet or dry. They end up like cotton candy. They are also a bit rough. It's going to be a waste to throw them out. I don't like pulling cotton from my neck and face. Just say no.

👤The cotton rounds are the best I have used. They're tightly woven so they don't rip apart. It's so soft that I don't have to rub my face off. I plan on buying them again.

👤One of the packs had half. I don't know if this is a quality control issue or not. This seemed like a scam. Who takes half of the cotton rounds before shipping? They're cheap. It's possible that a whole bag or a few from a bunch of bags was taken. This is obvious. Wow.

👤These are great for your money, you can buy a pack for a dollar, but they absorb a lot of liquid, so you can use them for anything.

👤They're just cotton rounds, but they're worth 3$ the most. I didn't notice until after I purchased that they charged me 7 dollars for shipping. It's ridiculous to ship cotton pads for 7 dollars. My fault is that I didn't double check with other buyers. I'll be losing money so I can't return them.

3. Cliganic Organic Remover Hypoallergenic Lint Free

Cliganic Organic Remover Hypoallergenic Lint Free

300 Count is 3 packs of 100. No more cotton lint getting in your way. Ecological, Eco Friendly, and Cruelty Free - all 100% pure, natural, and bio-degradable. Soft cotton rounds are ideal for the face and other delicate areas. Risk free with the 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Quality products that will meet their customers' expectations are what they put a lot of effort into. They are behind every item that they make. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they can replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Cliganic

👤They are full of lint, cotton and dust. The cotton rounds are not sealed on the outside edge. White cotton fiber can be found on the bathroom counter and on the skin.

👤I use cotton pads for other purposes. I thought buying organic would be better for my body. No, no. I used this pad to apply liquid to my face and it left a trail of cotton on my face. I tried to use cotton as a non lint wipe, but it left cotton and lint behind. Don't buy this product.

👤They start to separate from one another with the first wash. This package could have been just a comedy. This was the second purchase from them to try a different style.

👤I reduced the stars from 5 to 2 after using them. They are not the same as the ones I got from Averr Aglow. The layers on these pull apart, even though they look like they are supposed to be together. They are soft and absorbent. I don't have to worry about them soaking up too much product. It is a good benefit. I don't like how they come apart. I got them in bulk and will not be buying them again.

👤With cotton balls now just being a string of cotton rolled up, I can't use them with spray medication for my eyes because pieces from the side of cotton stick to my lashes. So I thought I would get the pads. I didn't want to go to a store so I ordered these. They are very thin. I mean thin. When I spray the med on them, it absorbs it and leaves nothing for my eyes. Maybe use to remove nail polish, but three bags of theses. I wish I hadn't bought them. Don't waste your money. Hate writing a bad review, but money and quality are important.

👤Totally satisfied with this purchase. It is high quality and holds up during beauty rituals. It is soft yet durable. No pilling, no falling apart, a pleasure to work with. One side is smooth and the other side is textured.

👤Said it all in the title. I can wash my face in the sink. I use themicellar water. My face is cleaner and more fresh than before, and 1 pad will clean my face. Not rough like other brands.

👤I have been using these for a month and wish they were softer. They are not as soft as I would like, but I feel as though I am getting rid of them every time I use my micelles water. I will use them to remove nail polish when I want to. They are not very soft but they are not rough.

4. Lunelle Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Remover

Lunelle Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Remover

1000 disposable cotton rounds can be replaced with bamboo face pads. By using their bamboo pads for makeup removal, you will be helping their planet reduce waste and you can say goodbye to using cotton rounds for face. Their makeup removal cloth are made with 5 layers of ultra- soft charcoal bamboo which is gentle and suitable for all skin types. The dehumidification and absorption properties of charcoal are great. It is washable. Their bamboo cotton pads are easy to clean. Place them in the laundry bag and throw them in the washer. It was tumble dry. It is easy and convenient. Their finger pocket design helps you clean hard to reach areas. The bamboo cotton rounds have a unique design to reduce slipping and sliding on your skin. There is a bonus that includes a 100% sustainable natural Konjac Sponge to gently exfoliate and bring out your skins natural glow, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Lunelle

👤These are not even soft like microfiber. When the pictures are black, they're gray and I wanted something black. It feels like a clot that you would clean your car with. I thought the description of charcoal meant it was infused with charcoal rather than a gray color which is misrepresented in the photo. I will return this.

👤My wife and daughter love the pads. These pads are very soft. The sponge that comes with it is very soft and gentle on the face. We love that it is sustainable and helps us save money. Will definitely buy again.

👤Why would you put these in the dryer? They come with a little bag to hold the washing machines that need to be cleaned and washed with cold water. They dry fast if you just lay them flat. I rinse mine off when I use the rose water, but if I use them to remove a clay mask, I put them in the bag for a washing machine wash. There is a These are larger than the cotton pads and have a pocket where you can slip your fingers in to wash your face. I love them!

👤I use them to take off makeup. It's soft, effective, and perfect to be more eco friendly. It's more of a charcoal color than black, it doesn't get ugly after washing it, and the sponge it comes with is soft to use on the face.

👤These are soft. I use these for removing eye makeup and they are the most soft I have used. They don't rub the eye area too much. They help remove my eye makeup. They are thick. I love these!

👤I'm always trying to find ways to eliminate everyday household items that are thrown away because they're only used once. I am very happy with the pads. I like the grey color because removing makeup that might stain a white pad won't be noticeable. The pads are very soft, so don't feel like I'm rubbing my skin when using them. The pads are easy to clean. It's nice to have a bag to wash the pads so you don't have to chase individual items. I use the shower pad to wash my face after removing my makeup.

👤My daughter will be getting a stocking stuffer for Christmas. We aren't going through cotton rounds because she loves them so much. I stole a few from her and will be ordering a set for her. They are soft and easy to wash since they come with a bag. We put a cute little hook next to her mirror and she keeps them there until laundry day.

👤I have never owned a round that was as stiff as this one. I got these because of the finger pocket. I wear heavy black eye make-up and had some great cream bamboo rounds, but seeing the stains after a wash made me search for something darker. I picked them up. Not as soft as my other ones. They are thin and stiff. I wouldn't recommend it.

5. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Washable

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Washable

Their makeup removal pads are made from natural cotton and bamboo, which can remove waterproof makeup gently. It works well in removing dirt and oil in just a few seconds with a cleanser. Their organic bamboo cotton rounds and cleansing laundry bag can be washed and reused hundreds of times. A safer method of make-up removal. The package is a 20 PCS valued package. There are 20 makeup removal pads and 1 cleansing laundry bag, which is enough for use while some are in the wash. They can replace a lot of general makeup pads. They can be washed with a machine. It is suitable for sensitive skin. The makeup removal pads are suitable for sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, and delicate eye area. They are more absorbent than cotton pads, so they leave your skin smooth, soft and clear. It's great for home and travel. These palm sized wash cloths are portable and convenient to use. You can keep some in your bag, purse, or home.

Brand: Yiyee

👤The cotton pads are very absorbent. They are large and soft. I don't know how they hold up over time, I only washed them once. There is a The only thing I didn't like about the product was that the seller offered $5 to anyone who left a 5 star review. I think that the product should be able to speak for itself, and that some of the reviews are disingenuous.

👤If you leave a review, they will give you a $5 coupon. They don't say you have to rate them 5 stars. In their note, they mention that they hope you can support them and give them a 5 star review, but it's not required. They should be 5 stars because they are amazing. They are so soft that I can throw them in the wash after I rinse them out. They're eco friendly. They absorb water very quickly. They feel better on my skin than cotton balls or makeup wipes, and they save you money by getting reuseable. It's a win. One was dyed pink from being next to something red in the wash. Not taking off a star for it. I knew it was possible and did it anyway. Completely my fault.

👤It works great for water. They have been washed in a regular load. There is some curling at the edges, but I don't care because it's part of the product and it's to be expected. The bag is too small to be washed. I use it to toss my dirty clothes in the washer, and then use an empty lingerie bag.

👤The product is hard to clean. I got these to stop using cotton pads. I wanted something that was easy to use and less wasteful. I use 3 per day to take off my makeup and tone my face after washing. These are a good replacement. There is a The -washable -reusable -20 count is a pros. The laundry bag is too small and the stains easily. I just throw in my normal laundry after I soak in a small bowl of oxyclean. I use the laundry bag to hold the used ones until I am ready to wash them. I tried to wash them in the laundry bag. They did not get as clean. I use eyeliner and mascara to remove my makeup. If you are trying to be less wasteful, it's a good thing. The staining would be less notable if these were a darker color. There is a I use 3 per day so I would need to wash them every week so I might order a second one. It would be nice to have a few extra days.

👤The mesh laundry bag is included with the pads. They were more than 2 inches in diameter, which was 800-211-2519 The packaging was light. They are not very absorbent and hard to use for toner. I have to use both hands to keep the pad smooth because there is no cross stitching between the two layers.

6. Friendly Facial Sponges Cleansing Exfoliating

Friendly Facial Sponges Cleansing Exfoliating

The face scrubber helps you clean your skin thoroughly without being too abrasive. Use the facial scrub pads to clean your skin. The face sponges are made in the US out of recycled materials. The face exfoliator sponges can be dried and used multiple times. This product is not tested on animals. You can help take care of the planet. The buff puff facial sponge has deep exfoliation properties to help remove dirt and dead skin cells. You can wash off your face and neck with a facial cleansing sponge. The face sponge can be used to help restore your skin. The face scrubber will help your skin look younger. The buff puffs will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Simply add cleanser and warm water to the face pads and scrub in a circular motion until the skin feels clean. The sponge can be left out to dry before being used again. Have one on hand for this pack of 10.

Brand: Impresa

👤The trademark for the device was called a Buff Puff and it lasted because of its dense quality. The item has the same scrubbing capacity, but it doesn't last as long. Four or five uses, and it is washed up. Quality is no longer possible because industry is too interested in turning a buck.

👤I'm a long time user of BufPuf. I came looking for an affordable alternative because they're getting a little pricier. This isn't it. They are labeled eco friendly, but I disagree. I don't know what these are made of, but they don't feel the same as the original. I can use my BufPuf for a full month. The hot water soak is boiled. When you give them the hot soak, they will back up. I only used this one for 4 days, but it looks like it's been used all month. It didn't fall in the hot water soak. It feels weird, like something I've encountered before, but I can't quite put my finger on it. They are a lot thinner. If you have to get out a new one every week or less, it's not really eco friendly. Will be coming back, but will stick with the original.

👤I've been using microdermabrasion to improve my skin tone and texture. For the last few years, I have used a brush machine and a scrubbing cream. When I was looking for a buffer to replace a machine that had stopped working, I remembered that I had used the buff puffs when I was a teen. A pack was ordered. I think this will work out well. I have control over how long and how long I scrub.

👤I liked the size of the puff and it lasted about 2 weeks. I would have liked the puffs to be softer. There is a The price is not bad.

👤These work well. Your baby's skin is soft. Yes, they are very sore. We're the original brand that I've bought since the 80's. I have no irritation from this product. I load them up with dove by rubbing all sides and edges of a dove bar so they are soapy, this helps minimize the feeling of being wet, and it also helps to have a lot of lubrication while scrubbing. I cut them in half or thirds because you don't need a whole one for your face. I will order again.

👤I have used this type of product for 30 years. I scrub lighter because this product is stiff. This is a great deal. I am giving my kids the extra. They came as promised.

👤I love that they keep their coarseness for a long time. They remove the soap from my face and keep it clean before I apply makeup. If you are a fan of exfoliants like I am, you should definitely recommend it. I use it on my shoulders as well. The bumpy upper arms are eliminated. I'm happy...

👤These are great for getting rid of dead skin. Highly recommend, pressure and Frequency of use can be determined by your skin type.

7. LastRound Reusable Cotton Rounds LastObject

LastRound Reusable Cotton Rounds LastObject

One cotton round is enough to save their planet from 1000 cotton rounds. The makeup removal pads are a must for your bag. It's easy to bring with you on-the-go, it's soft on the skin, and it's long- lasting. The production of LastRound uses 100% natural and eco friendly materials. The third product that they have created is a cotton round for makeup removal or face cleaning that will help you to follow a zero waste lifestyle. The packaging is made from recycled materials. Compostable, not just the pads, but also the holder for 7 cotton rounds to last you all week and stay organized is also. The environmental pollution that goes into cotton production is reduced by using LastRound. The rounds are made of a shape-shifting fabric that feels just like regular cotton rounds when liquid is applied. After using pads, wash them. Put your clean and dry pads under the case. Psst... You can check their bag for more effective washing. The dimensions and materials are listed. 70% of the wood and cotton used in the rounds are from the Nordic countries, and the cotton is too short for the textile industry to use. The case holding them is made from Certified Ocean-Bound Plastic, which means you are actually reducing plastic in the ocean when you're buying LastRound.

Brand: Lastobject

👤I did 4 out of 5 stars because they shrink after use. The picture shows the used one that I washed by hand and the non used one that was air dried on the bathroom counter. They seem to shrink different amounts and the one is small enough that it barely stays in the container which is almost entirely open on the bottom. If you wash with cold, warm, or hot water, it may affect it. I have not conducted any experiments that are important to me. There is a The container is nice and the picture is correct. You pull them out for use and push them back in when they are clean and dry. I didn't like how open the container was because it seemed unsanitary. I keep them in a drawer, what are they going to get on them? There is a The pads were a little stiff and rough but as soon as water hit them, they became soft and supple and I could use them on my eyes. They are soft to scrub. I am not using the exfoliation properties on the rest of my face. I can only assume that there would be some removal. There is a These are pretty great for what they are. It is easy to wash by hand. Hopefully they will last as long as they say.

👤I don't like these at all. I wanted to like them. I wanted to like them. They're not the last ones I'll buy. I bought more disposable ones a week after these arrived. There is a They're very thick and stiff. They'll make them softer, but it takes more than the amount of toner I would use with on disposable cotton round. Don't try to use these to remove eye makeup. If you just scrub that delicate skin with some cardboard from your recycle bin, you'll get the same result and it will cost you less. I hope they fix the texture so I can use them in the future.

👤These are Swedish dishcloths. The container is easy to use. The rounds are very absorbent, soft and travel friendly, but for the price, I am not sure what the difference is between them and the more affordable dishcloths.

👤These pads are great! I have cotton squares. They wash perfectly clean. I use these to take my eye makeup off. I get one wet, squeeze out the water, put on my eye makeup remover, and do it again on the other side. I just washed the pad with soap and put it on the bottom of the pile. I was hesitant because they cost a lot, but if they last 1000 uses, it is justified. I am doing a small amount for the environment, which always feels good.

👤I don't wear makeup, but I use cotton rounds to clean my face. I didn't like the ones I bought because of the hassle of putting them in the washing machine. I didn't expect much from these, but they are perfect! They absorb the micellar water and I can wash them with water and let them dry out for use again. I don't have to put them in the machine. They are good quality and expand nicely when lightly wetted, so I highly recommend them. I'm no longer throwing away rounds.

8. Luxury Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover

Luxury Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover

Thin cotton pads for face are not absorbent and can be wasted with expensive skin care products. Unlike others, Tayvada ReUSABLE FACE PADS are made with 4 layers of fabric. They include two types of makeup pads in each set, which are great for toes, eyebrows, and foreheads. Your skin is red and irritated because some cheap face cleaning pads and wipes are too absorbent. The Tayvada facial rounds use a plant that is perfect for sensitive skin. Their inner stitching design allows for generous space and no itch. It looks better too. Their bamboo is resistant to odor and ivy even after many washings for a clean, fresh experience that won't break you out. POLYESTER is added to increase resilience, help maintain quality, and help your eye pads dry quickly. You can easily get every spot with their makeup removing cloth. You can wash your eye makeup removal pads with a large, absorbent bag with zipper. Just goes in the laundry. There was no need for a fabric softener. It is time to replace Cottonwood Rounds for a better world. They can help you reduce your impact on the environment. They always test for the best formulas, the most earth-friendly ingredients and the best designs. You can always expect thoughtful designs at Tayvada. The Eco-Packaging Alliance backed their 14 count set with sustainable packaging. It's. A purchase will make you feel good. It is at TAYVADA. Their goal is to create products that foster personal strength, beauty, and self-care. They are a small business with a passion for improving the world. Cool Effect contributes to Carbon offset initiatives with each purchase. Let them know if you don't like your bamboo makeup removal pads, they will make it right.

Brand: Tayvada

👤It works well. If you read the card that came with it, you'll see that it's made of plastic. As much as 70%. The pads are gray. The white ones have 20% of the material. I wouldn't recommend this one if you are trying to avoid synthetic materials. Took off two stars for that. Long-term exposure to plastic is not healthy.

👤I've been thinking about trying face pads for a while. I found some of the options on Amazon that I was overwhelmed by. They had features that others didn't. They have a pocket that is very easy to hold and it is a little finger glove. I like the stitching design and the fact that most of the other brands have an outer stitching ring. I wanted to make sure I took this into account. I have been using them for a week now. I love them, they are soft. I will buy them as gifts, they have a cute packaging. Would definitely recommend. One of my favorite uses for them is to put the pads in warm or cold water and lay them on my eyes. Since the pads are soft, it doesn't cause any irritation.

👤The pads are very absorbent. I was a little skeptical that they wouldn't hurt my sensitive skin, but after one wash they were almost twice as soft and nice as the disposable kind. Each pad has a small sleeve for your fingers, which is an added plus, and they are larger than the cotton rounds. The cheapest disposable pads I could find were about $8 for 300, but with 14 you can reuse them 1000 times. Although I get lazy with doing my laundry, using 1 pad everyday lasts me 2 weeks which is more than enough time to wash everything and throw the pads into the bag. If you're reading this, think about how many disposable pads you use in a week, month, or year, and consider the fact that you can buy a re-usable one that will last you for years, support a great cause, and produce zero waste.

👤A friend of mine has one of these make up pads at home, and it caught my attention. I have very sensitive skin and it's hard to remove make up because I get red rash or have all those little white cotton pads on my face. I ordered the exact one my friend has, and I absolutely adore it. The package is made of premium box that I can use to leave all the clean pads in, and a wash bag that I can use to wash my stockings. The pads are soft and I tried rubbing on them. It took my foundation off immediately and I am saving the environment on a daily basis.

👤The product is of the highest quality. I have bought other brands that were rated 5 stars but did not compare to these. The material stayed in tact after being thrown in the washer. They lose their shape and quality with other brands. I have sensitive skin and this never bothered it. The packaging for this price has great quality. I feel like I bought a high end product. There is a pocket for your fingers. This is very easy to use. I put the pads over my bottle to dry them. It is ready to leave the next day.

9. Compressed Cellulose Eco Friendly Reusable Exfoliating

Compressed Cellulose Eco Friendly Reusable Exfoliating

100% all natural facials. The facial sponges are free of harsh chemicals and odors. Exfoliating and gentle enough for daily cleansing of the face. These sponges are perfect for all skin types, they are very effective in deep cleansing. Reusable and bio-absorbable facial soft scrub. After a simple hand wash and air dry, their makeup sponges are disposable. The sponges can last between one and two weeks if they are properly washed and dried. They are a great gift for women and teens. It is easy to use with great results. To make a gentle skin scrub, add water to the sponge and expand it to its full size. The face sponges can be used to remove makeup and cleanse the face. Add your favorite makeup removal or cleansing product. Throw them away once they're done using. There is a face wash that is durable, effective and portable. It's strong enough to remove makeup, dirt and face masks. The sponges will last between one and two weeks if Rinsing and drying is done after each use. They work best with facial cleanser. Store in a cool dry place such as a pantry or purse after rinsing. It's great to take while you travel and on the go. 100% Money- Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked! If you purchase this product directly from Shopper Goods, they will give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Shopper Goods

👤The sponge on the left is from a previous pack. The one on the right is from the listing. It was very flimsy. There is not much to them when I wash my face. I was disappointed that the reviews were so good, but I am throwing them away because they are more frustrating to deal with.

👤It was perfect size. Not rough on the skin. These broke me. My skin broke out when I started using these pads. I was running low on the usual ones I buy from UrbanSkin and needed some quick so I ordered since I have prime. It was not worth it for my skin to break out. I wish I would have used them sooner because I am done with the return/refund deadline. Be careful. There is a I don't have sensitive skin. Take this into account if you have sensitive skin.

👤The first facial sponges that I ordered a year ago are not as good as this one. It is hard to wring them out of these ones, they are so thin. I will not order this product again unless I can get the same ones I ordered. I hope the thin sponges aren't replacing the ones I ordered.

👤I started taking care of my skin at 55. I tried to remove dead skin from my face. I don't have sensitive skin but the other ones I tried felt like someone was using an electric sander on my face. These little sponges are amazing. They don't try to remove the healthy skin. I keep it in a wire soap dish so it doesn't get wet. They are small enough to fit in a small room. They get very flat when they are dry. I throw it away after a week of use.

👤These sponges are awesome. I have not seen any issues with other reviews. The sponges have the same size and thickness. I was expecting to have to replace the sponge weekly because of other reviews. I used the same sponge for about 4 weeks. I replaced it. No ripping during use, growth or smells.

👤I like the texture of my face and the way it feels after I wash it and scrub it with the sponges. I have been using one for almost two weeks and it is intact, I rinse it with hot water and let it dry, it is a great value. The package has 50. I was very happy with this purchase.

👤I love these sponges. They're very absorbent, porous, gentle on the skin, and are available at a very affordable price. I ran out of sponges at a beauty supply store. I decided to check out Amazon to see if they had sponges that were similar to what I'd been using. The first ones I ordered were too big and absorbed too much water, which made my clients face wet. I fell in love with the sponges after trying them. They are $2 cheaper than what the beauty supply offered. These sponges will be my go to sponges.

10. SUNLAND Resuable Remover Laundry Fridnely

SUNLAND Resuable Remover Laundry Fridnely

The package includes 14 pack of 3.15 inch round makeup removal pads and a laundry bag. These palm sized wash cloths are soft to the touch and fit in your hand. You would be happy how much you are saving if you reuse these pads. The makeup removal magic cloth is suitable for sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, and delicate eye area. It is soft and friendly. Sunland makeup removal pads are soft and fluffy, great to get deep into your skin and successfully remove makeup, chemicals, sunscreen, and more without any irritation. It can be used to remove eye makeup, facial makeup, and more. It is easy to use, just add warm water to the makeup removal pad, gently remove makeup pads with a circular motion, and then flip a cloth over and over until all makeup is removed. They put the facial rounds in the laundry bag to make sure they don't get lost in the washer, they come out nice and fresh.

Brand: Sunland

👤The cloths are good quality, but when I washed them all for the first time, the black bled onto the white ones. I had to scrub at my eye makeup to get rid of the fabric that didn't have much grab. I wear mostly eye makeup, but these are good for face makeup and lipstick. This is not what I wanted. Minus 3 stars for dye bleeding and lack of grab.

👤These facial cleansing cloths are gorgeous. After a couple months of using them, I discovered they smelled like mold after coming out of the wash. I found a way to keep them fresh. Instead of putting them in the machine, I boil a big pot of water with some white vinegar and laundry detergent. I boil for five minutes and then rinse everything off. It will keep the cloths fresh. I wear a purple dishwashing glove so I don't burn my hand.

👤I was hoping these would be a great substitute for the 'Magic Eraser' make-up removing face cloths, but I'm not a fan of leaving a damp face cloth hanging up in my home. I tried using warm water on non-waterproof makeup and they didn't work out. I didn't have a chance against my long wear lipstick. Total failure.

👤I tried these because they were not available for reorder when I bought them. The product is good. I don't like them. You waste a lot of product because the material is too thick. It would be fine if you just use water and face wash. I would love to have more laundry bags. Can't find it anywhere. It's perfect for items like this.

👤It is very soft to use. You can reuse one pad multiple times. Run it under water and let it hang dry. One pad can absorb a lot of water. The mesh bag is a great addition. If you order the black pads, they might turn the mesh bag a little grey. I wanted to purchase the black color so I wouldn't see the make up and other products on the pads.

👤I've tried many different brands of makeup removal pads, but these are my favorite so far. They are thick and soft. There is a I like to use them to apply the toner and the liquid on the microfiber surface instead of immediately sinking into the fabric. I just have to wait a few seconds for the fabric to absorb the liquid, and then I can use the pad on my face. The liquid spills off the edge of the pad if I don't wait.

👤I was very pleased with my purchase. They had a pleasant scent right out of the bag. They are soft and have held up well so far. The size is perfect, I wanted larger than a standard cotton round, but it wouldn't fit in my jar. I have large hands for a woman.

👤It's soft even after washing, unlike other products. There is a I fell because it absorbed too much makeup removal or toner.

11. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Sustainable

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Sustainable

Their set includes 4 scrub and 8 soft bamboo and cotton rounds. The scrub pads are used to clean the skin. The softer pads are great for sensitive areas. These cotton rounds are great for removing makeup from the face. These cotton pads reduce single-use cotton rounds and save you money. It is long lasting. The wipes that remove makeup serve you for a long time. You can save a lot of money by using makeup removal pads. Their team is obsessed with customer satisfaction and will return or replace any questions asked.

Brand: Am Nolimit Trade

👤I'm always looking for ways to be more sustainable. My boyfriend is crazy about the amount of makeup I go through. I have stopped buying makeup removing wipes because of these. They come in a bag. After I use a wipe, I put it in the bag and then throw it in with my towels. The two texture are great. I use the tan and make up removal to get rid of the makeup and then I use the gray to apply the toner. They are very clean in the bag. I have not had any issues. They are soft and can help remove makeup.

👤The grey cotton pads are not absorbent. They end up making a huge mess because the water runs right off of them. How are you going to wash it off if you can't use water with them? I would rather use a wash cloth than these. I wish the whole set was the Terry white pads. I don't like this set at all. I'm not sure how the money back guarantee works. I wouldn't spend your money on this product.

👤One of my decade resolutions is to be more eco friendly and with that comes finding new innovative and healthy ways to replace single use products. My skin care routine is a big part of who I am and I use more cotton rounds than the typical female. There is a I was very interested when I found these pads. I ordered the first set because I only had a few single use rounds left. There is a The first time I tried them, it was a good experience. The texture made it seem like it was getting deeper into my pours. It has been over a week. I am very happy with them. It is easy to use, easy to wash, and it is helping me fulfill my new decade resolution! I highly recommend them.

👤I just purchased these and am very impressed. The cotton and bamboo pads are soft and provide the right amount of exfoliation. They are very well made. I was very impressed. I'm excited to continue using these pads and reducing the amount of time I spend cleaning my face and eye makeup. I already use some of these, so they are economical and eco-friendly. There is a The bag is very thoughtful and high quality. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤They work well, not what I was expecting. I am happy to be moving away from single use pads, but they are a little funky. You have to hold your face over the cotton pads to spread the liquid on the pad. You tend to loose a lot to the counter and sink. Cleaning them is easy and sustainable. The trade off is worth it, so I would still recommend it, but probably just recommend the terry/textured pads over the regular cotton ones.

👤These cotton rounds are great. They are free from toxins and prevent waste. Everyone needs to start thinking about the earth and how they throw things around. The trash will cause a catastrophic event. Please buy these rounds and products in order to reduce waste and save the future of human race.


What is the best product for eco friendly makeup pads?

Eco friendly makeup pads products from Eira Vancouver. In this article about eco friendly makeup pads you can see why people choose the product. Soulsation and Cliganic are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly makeup pads.

What are the best brands for eco friendly makeup pads?

Eira Vancouver, Soulsation and Cliganic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly makeup pads. Find the detail in this article. Lunelle, Yiyee and Impresa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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