Best Eco Friendly Makeup Products

Makeup 29 Nov 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. BEAKEY Foundation Blending Flawless Multi Colored

BEAKEY Foundation Blending Flawless Multi Colored

Makeup sponges are used for all kinds of makeup. The sponge is made from non-latex material. The makeup sponge with uniform tiny pores gives you a perfect makeup application. When fully wet, the sponge turns bigger and bigger to form a gorgeous makeup. It's easy to clean and dry. They suggest you dry it in aventilated place after each use.

Brand: Beakey

👤I own a lot of actual Beauty Blenders. There is a These makeup sponges are not real. They are just as soft as the real thing. A lot of product is not absorbed by them. I don't purchase makeup sponges. I paid $20 for each Beauty Blender, but I use 2. They get larger when wet, but I use them dry for full coverage. They wash very well. It is very easy to wash them because they don't absorb a lot of product. I use Dr. Bronners bar soap and water to cleanse. It was perfect. 5 makeup blenders for 50% less than the original beautyblender. Yes, please!

👤I am really happy with my sponges. As soon as you get them damp, they double in size. Nothing goes to waste because they don't soak up like my foundation. It works just as well as a beautyblender but at a fraction of the price. Absolutely worth it. It stays a bigger size when it is dry than the blue one I haven't used yet.

👤The sponges felt more dense than theRT sponge after being damp. They are very soft. They feel more rough when bouncing on the skin, but I think it's due to the density. The beautyblender has a more luxurious texture and is more gentle on the skin. Using started Shapetape. I liked the coverage that this sponge provided. I was over paying $20 for a singleBB and wanted theRT as a cost-efficient replacement, but was disappointed with their performance. I was surprised by how well these sponges performed. There is a I would give The Beautyblender 5, BEAKEY 4, and Real Techniques a 3. The BEAKEY sponges have earned them a 5 Star rating.

👤After paying $20 for one sponge in a department store, I was horrified to find this set of several. I want a flat part, so cut off the part with scissors, because they do the jobs intended, but you don't have the control of a brush. I have been able to use the cut off piece for smaller jobs. I like that I can dedicate each color to a certain job and there is no need for a Crossover, plus I still have backups when I want a clean one. I've washed them out and expect them to give out eventually. I don't see any sign of decline at this point.

👤These are the best make up blenders I have tried. I never tried the original beauty blender because of its high price point, but I think these must work for a fraction of the cost. I tried at least two other similar sponge blenders, but they didn't work as well as the other ones, and I felt like they sucked up a lot of makeup, even damp, and I felt like the sponge broke down and developed splits in the foam after a few weeks. I would have been satisfied with that, but then I stumbled upon these and realized I had wasted money on other products. These are great. I bought these in March. I only started using the 4th one because I still have one left in the package. I have a while to go before I leave. I decided to write a review because I'm buying a new set right now. I use them wet because I think it helps with not having to use a lot of make up. I think it helps blend the foundation into my skin. I could not get my makeup to blend smoothly, it was like mopping makeup all over my face. It helps to keep my face hydrated. I have a lot of problems with my skin, including hormonal cysts around my period, and I use a lot of strong treatments on my face, such as benzyl peroxide, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid. I think that the sponge is a good way to help camouflage the spots that I end up with. I use a sponge to put on my makeup in the morning. It takes about 30 seconds for the gel soap to clean up the old makeup, and it's almost like new each time. The sponge will eventually develop cracks from daily use and cleaning, which doesn't allow the makeup to apply as smoothly. The pink ones seem to hold up better than the other colors, and that's strange. Maybe that is a coincidence. There is a At $2.00 a sponge, I could not be happier. I encourage my sisters and anyone reading to purchase these. I don't know how to apply makeup with my fingers.

2. Reusable Cleansing Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Reusable Cleansing Environmentally Friendly Packaging

A complete natural Ultra-Soft, Washable, 100% reuseable face pads that you can use as makeup remover, apply to, or use as wipes, are made from 100% Organic Bamboo Cotton. A must have for everyone. Cotton is a natural fabric and tested to rarely cause an allergic reaction, so use Qalb's natural swabs on your skin. Reusable make up removing pads will replace disposable cotton rounds. Plastic free packaging. The effects of waste can be improved with small steps. It's economical to buy disposable swabs every week when you can reuse them 300 times. Saving money while also giving to the environment is a good idea. Love travelling? There is an extra bonus. The Organic cotton bag is stylish and easy to use. Put the bag with the pads in the laundry and bingo to reuse.

Brand: Qalb

👤I love these. I noticed that I used 3-6 cotton swabs during the day and night. I was glad to find these because I thought it was wasteful. I use one in the morning and one at night to clean my face. It is about the size of my palm. It is easy to clean. Each week, I tie the bag and put my laundry in it. I don't wear makeup everyday. I wouldn't recommend those who use these as makeup removers. It is best to cleanse the makeup off with a double cleanse and then use these to dry the skin. It has been several months and I don't see myself replacing these for now.

👤I have had these for a few months now and they have held up well. They're a bit rough but not in a bad way. It's a noticeable difference if you switch from cotton. They've gone through multiple uses and washes and still look great. Still white. I use them for water, not makeup.

👤It was in the package that it was shown. It is a bit thin. The cotton is as advertised. I like the idea that it is economical and friendly, but it scratches the face and you might want to be careful with it. It's not like a cotton pad that's disposable. Use at your own risk. I might be using the wrong side, but both sides are rough with your face.

👤I have never used them before today. I used one pad to do both eyes. They are very soft. I don't know where people are saying that they are rough. Some people said they were soft. I am sure they are soft.

👤I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup. I've never considered using a reuse, but as I get older, I'm starting to think about how I can reduce my carbon footprint, and these pads are just one more step I can take to do so. I keep one in my medicine cabinet and one in the shower so they can be washed or borrowed. They are soft and capture the makeup. I have found that with these pads, I have less issues with streaking while I take my makeup off because I don't have to shift the wipe.

👤They are okay. There is a These are not cotton. I don't understand why they're called cotton. There is a I have to use more product because they're too big. There is a The bag is too small to properly clean. When the bag is a third or half full, try to throw them in the wash. They start off as nice lay-flat rounds, but after one wash they are all folded up. They are okay. They're better than disposable rounds, and I'll keep using them. They fall short.

👤I think it's a little rough on the skin. A. I wanted to be eco friendly and save money at the same time. I might be going because they are a lot softer on the single use side. I got this because of b/c. I need it for my cleanser but it sucks up all the product.

3. Real Techniques Beauty Latex Free Blender

Real Techniques Beauty Latex Free Blender

The Real Techniques mini miracle sponges leave skin with a smooth and natural looking finish. There are 4 mini miracle complexion sponges. The sponges leave skin with a smooth and natural-looking finish. It's best used with liquid or cream foundations. The foam is made from foam. It's great for touch-ups on the go. 100% vegan, and latex free.

Brand: Real Techniques

👤This has almost 4 stars. I am trying to learn more about make up and this is my first time buying sponges. I knew I would need these. The size is too small. They are not the same size as in the photo.

👤These are great. I've tried other brands of makeup sponges and they are the closest you can get to the original beauty blender brand. They do what you need them to do. I ordered minis to apply my makeup. These are the things that make my concealer go on perfectly. There are many unfair 1 star reviews for these. People are upset because they thought they were ordering full size sponges. The title and description say that these are mini sponges. If you just ordered based on the picture and didn't read anything, that's on you and not the seller. They do not deserve a 1 star review.

👤The sponges are small. I don't know why they're called eraser sponges because I've never used them to fix makeup mistakes but rather apply product to a small area. You could use it to highlight your face. It's the same material and texture as the larger sponges and the minis in the multi-sponge set. I can now purchase them separately. There is a Be gentle when washing sponges because they tear a little more easily than the RT brand. It's a great tool to have in your kit for the price.

👤A regular makeup artist doesn't do a good job of getting into my nose and under eyes when I use my makeup. I thought I would give Real Technique sponges a try. I was surprised by their quality. They are soft and not hard on the skin like a beauty product you would find in a store like TJ Maxx. For someone who isn't familiar with the pricing of beauty products in the makeup world, the price for just 4 small sponges is a little bit pricey. When I showed my Cuban mother the product and the price I paid for it, she was shocked that small sponges would be sold for that price. If you're looking for a really good quality small beauty blender, this is the one for you.

👤Some people seem to like these, but I don't see what they're about. I think a big beauty blender with a good shape is more useful than the tiny ones. Since they are so small, you have to be extra careful when cleaning them. I think their size is helpful for things that require more precision. I prefer a big, powerful blender over a small one.

👤I felt cheated. I was pretty upset when they arrived. I thought they would be mid-sized, but they are not.

👤I enjoy real techniques. I don't think I dislike any of their brushes at all. I own a lot of them and they are a staple for me, great value for money and better than many high end brands. Quality products can be had for the right price. The performance of mini sponges was not expected. I was not ready to hate them so much. That is a sad thing. The concept is good, nothing new, use these little sponges to get in the difficult corners of your face, like undereye concealer and precision work in general, like dot concealing, or even blush and highlighter with a more satin finish using I am damp. The execution is terrible. There is a These sponges are not mini, so there is no precision work. They are like a beauty blusher with more corners. So reaching the challenging angles. No. They absorb a lot of product. sponges will drink product, but in this case it was too much. There is a The third and worst, for me. It is how stiff they are. You might think that the mini beauty blender is too small, but at least they are smooth and easy to use. The miniRT were rough and gave me the chills. For the same price or less, you can get a softer version of the RT concealer brush. Maybe someone thinks I'm crazy, but I have so many other options for the same price.

4. Remover Reusable Cleansing ProCIV Washable

Remover Reusable Cleansing ProCIV Washable

100 The cotton pads are more absorbent than the clean cotton. Compared to disposable cleaning pads, ProCIV cotton pads are better for removing makeup and saving money. It can be washed by a machine. Pure cotton and bamboo are raw materials. ProCIV cotton pads are made from recycled cotton. Make the environment cleaner by reducing trash pollution. When using cotton pads for makeup removal, it is recommended to add a makeup removal product such as a makeup removal agent or a cleanser. There are trashcan pads that are portable and not taking up too much space. A cotton laundry bag is included in the set. Perfect for use in a long or short journey. Don't worry about taking up too much space in your suitcase. It's safe for all skin types. The men and baby can get USDA organic products, healthier, because this cotton rounds pads is fit for most dry, sensitive or oil skin and delicate eye area. These pads do not stain and come with a handy mesh cotton laundry bag for easy washing with the rest of your laundry; they tumble dry well and do not shrink or shrivel in the dryer. ProCIV cotton pads are the real thing. The gifts are bequests. Reusable cotton pads are great for removing makeup and leaving your skin smooth, soft, and clear. You can use their pads on the baby's skin. It's the perfect gift for makeup lovers. A Bridesmaids Gift is a great choice for friends gift. It's a statewide system for local solvency. Add your favorite cleaning agent and knead the cotton pads clockwise until you feel clean. It's a Stable for large area sprawl. Put the cotton pads into the water and wait for about 5 minutes. Place the pads in the laundry bag and machine wash them at a temperature of 104F.

Brand: Prociv

👤I received 16 pads. I received a plastic zip up bag with orange siding to store my clean pads for travel and a mini mesh laundry bag to keep all of the pads together when washing. The pads are made from bamboo fabric. They are designed to remove makeup, sunscreen, chemicals, and cosmetics from your skin. I found that these pads remove makeup very well since they have a larger surface area than my cotton rounds or squares. The large size of these pads allows you to easily remove dirt, oil, and sebum without having to use multiple pads which makes them eco-friendly. One critique I have about these bamboo pads is that they aren't as soft as the disposable cotton rounds or squares I used to use, however I don't find them to be overly abrasive either. The bamboo pads are very durable and do not fall apart like cotton rounds or squares. I threw my used ones in the wash and they were not damaged. I am hopeful that they will last for 1000 times before I have to replace them, which makes them eco-friendly. All waterproof and non-waterproof makeup, including black eyeliner, black mascara, foundation, and lipstick, were completely cleaned out of the wash pads. I will no longer be buying disposable cotton rounds because I am impressed with the organic bamboo pads. I would like to give half star ratings because I feel like 4.5/5.0 stars is a more accurate representation of this product.

👤Hey everyone! I have been using these pads for a week. I really like them! There is a First, these come with a small bag to put them in to wash. I didn't have to look for them in the laundry. It took a while for the drying to be done. I had to put them back in the dryer. Being able to wash and reuse drew me to these pads. Between removing makeup and using micellar water, I could use up to 6 cotton pads a day. These pads have helped me cut down on the number of pads I use. There is a The texture of the mesh bag is so soft that it's not hard to wash. Absorbs thin products and is cost effective over how many cotton pads I purchase. I didn't like using it with the printer. There is a It takes me a little longer to dry. These pads are recommended by me. I have been using microfiber clothes in the morning and they are big and annoying. These are the right size for me to cleanse and take up less space. They are easy to use to remove eye makeup. All opinions are my own, I was not compensated for this review.

👤I have had them for a while. I like to wait to write a review until I have a chance to see how the product will hold up, and I have to day these have exceeded my expectations. I wash my eyeliner with my normal laundry. There was no special detergent or stain treatments. The picture shows how they look after 3 months of daily use. The seams are holding up well and don't look gross. I use less product with these than with disposable cotton pads. The extra surface area of these is very nice. I will buy a couple sets as gifts.

5. Green Estate Reusable Makeup Remover

Green Estate Reusable Makeup Remover

A tree with every product purchase is recommended. Green Estate Reusable Cotton Rounds plants a tree for each purchase. Your help helps restore forests in impoverished villages. Makeup regrowth pads are dual function. The makeup removal pads are used for two things. The black side removes makeup with water and won't stain. The white side is used to apply makeup. The makeup removal pads have a special edge designed for durability. These will never lose their shape. The 14 Reusable Makeup Remover pads are the equivalent of thousands of disposable single use makeup wipes, pads, or cotton balls. A one time investment pays for itself. 100 At Green Estate, they design eco-concious products that work well and save you money. They offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with their product.

Brand: Green Estate

👤I thought I would save money over time. I thought these would be a great replacement for the cotton rounds I was using. I wanted them for my eye make up. They are soft and seem to be good quality. They seem to soak up more product than the disposable cotton rounds. I have to use a lot of more toner and buy nicer ones. The disposable ones fold in half to get eyeliner off your eyelid. These are too thick to fit in there. They are nice, but I can't afford more product. I am wondering if they can be returned.

👤I've been using these pads for about 2 weeks. I wasn't sure how well they would hold up when I received them. I washed them before I used them and then washed them again a week later. They are softer around the eyes and don't leave lint like the cotton ones, which is very painful to get in your eye. I am very happy with these together. I put them in a small container on my bathroom counter so they can be used at night. After each use, I will rinse them and put them in a mesh bag to wash. The set came with a bag that I don't want to stay closed in, so they end up scattered in the wash if I use it. I use a larger bag to hold the pads and other items. I am very happy with this product so far and hope they will hold up for many years to come.

👤I have been trying to reduce waste for the last two years, and suddenly realized how many cotton pads I was using. Terrible! I ordered these and will never look back. I have washed them three times since I started using them. They are holding up well so far. The little bag that they come with is a bonus and helps keep them together in the wash. There is no shed and they are soft. They work well with water and ink. These are a great way to save money. The cotton I was using cost $20, so these pay for themselves. There is a If you plan on using these with P50 or any other acid/exfoliant, be aware that it will cause black dye to run onto other fabrics and permanently stain them. After setting it down on a white cloth, I learned the hard way.

👤I used to use bamboo velour makeup removal pads, but these are a great improvement for me. There is a The micro fiber does a great job of taking off makeup with water, but I had to use makeup removal for my bamboo pads to work. I don't use expensive makeup remover anymore and this is worth the cost alone. There is a The pads are thicker and don't flop around, making them easy to hold in your hand. There is a The product looks and feels refined in the two tone black/white color. The materials are soft on my skin and have edging.

6. Compressed Cellulose Eco Friendly Reusable Exfoliating

Compressed Cellulose Eco Friendly Reusable Exfoliating

100% all natural facials. The facial sponges are free of harsh chemicals and odors. Exfoliating and gentle enough for daily cleansing of the face. These sponges are perfect for all skin types, they are very effective in deep cleansing. Reusable and bio-absorbable facial soft scrub. After a simple hand wash and air dry, their makeup sponges are disposable. The sponges can last between one and two weeks if they are properly washed and dried. They are a great gift for women and teens. It is easy to use with great results. To make a gentle skin scrub, add water to the sponge and expand it to its full size. The face sponges can be used to remove makeup and cleanse the face. Add your favorite makeup removal or cleansing product. Throw them away once they're done using. There is a face wash that is durable, effective and portable. It's strong enough to remove makeup, dirt and face masks. The sponges will last between one and two weeks if Rinsing and drying is done after each use. They work best with facial cleanser. Store in a cool dry place such as a pantry or purse after rinsing. It's great to take while you travel and on the go. 100% Money- Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked! If you purchase this product directly from Shopper Goods, they will give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Shopper Goods

👤The sponge on the left is from a previous pack. The one on the right is from the listing. It was very flimsy. There is not much to them when I wash my face. I was disappointed that the reviews were so good, but I am throwing them away because they are more frustrating to deal with.

👤It was perfect size. Not rough on the skin. These broke me. My skin broke out when I started using these pads. I was running low on the usual ones I buy from UrbanSkin and needed some quick so I ordered since I have prime. It was not worth it for my skin to break out. I wish I would have used them sooner because I am done with the return/refund deadline. Be careful. There is a I don't have sensitive skin. Take this into account if you have sensitive skin.

👤The first facial sponges that I ordered a year ago are not as good as this one. It is hard to wring them out of these ones, they are so thin. I will not order this product again unless I can get the same ones I ordered. I hope the thin sponges aren't replacing the ones I ordered.

👤I started taking care of my skin at 55. I tried to remove dead skin from my face. I don't have sensitive skin but the other ones I tried felt like someone was using an electric sander on my face. These little sponges are amazing. They don't try to remove the healthy skin. I keep it in a wire soap dish so it doesn't get wet. They are small enough to fit in a small room. They get very flat when they are dry. I throw it away after a week of use.

👤These sponges are awesome. I have not seen any issues with other reviews. The sponges have the same size and thickness. I was expecting to have to replace the sponge weekly because of other reviews. I used the same sponge for about 4 weeks. I replaced it. No ripping during use, growth or smells.

👤I like the texture of my face and the way it feels after I wash it and scrub it with the sponges. I have been using one for almost two weeks and it is intact, I rinse it with hot water and let it dry, it is a great value. The package has 50. I was very happy with this purchase.

👤I love these sponges. They're very absorbent, porous, gentle on the skin, and are available at a very affordable price. I ran out of sponges at a beauty supply store. I decided to check out Amazon to see if they had sponges that were similar to what I'd been using. The first ones I ordered were too big and absorbed too much water, which made my clients face wet. I fell in love with the sponges after trying them. They are $2 cheaper than what the beauty supply offered. These sponges will be my go to sponges.

7. Maybelline Makeup Instant Eraser Primer

Maybelline Makeup Instant Eraser Primer

Pore Minimizer Face Primer is a makeup primer that helps create a smooth canvas over which to apply foundation, and leaves the skin looking matt. Bye Pores. If you're looking to minimize the appearance of pores, this primer is for you. They have full coverage foundation in liquid, stick, and cushion formulas, as well as a range of other products. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand, they make no hassle, high performance makeup for every look, style and skin tone, so whatever the world throws at you, you'll look and feel ready.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤This stuff is amazing. I have always been bothered by my huuuuge pores. I've tried a lot of makeup products. It seems like they don't hold up under my makeup, but none of them make much of a difference. I use the Baby Skin primer after I wash my face. I apply a thin coat to my skin and let it dry for a few minutes, then apply a second coat just on the surface of my t-zone. I applied my makeup as usual. The difference lasts all day. My skin is almost invisible. I was never able to achieve that with other primers and caking. It helps with shine, though I still have to touch up/blot a few times throughout the day.

👤If you like smashbox clear primer, you will love this. It is not as long wearing as smashbox when it comes to keeping my face clean because my nose and cheeks still get oily, but for this price, I am not mad at it. There is a Make sure you clean your face before you sleep because it will cause problems.

👤I have big giant pores that I don't like. I don't wear makeup. I'm using this product, so maybe I do now. I want something to make my face look smaller. I'm trying to look good. I found this product on a blog after I searched a bunch of different products. If someone asks me about it, I can say my sister or Mom uses it and accidentally left it, and they won't think twice. More guys are self conscious. I didn't know what to expect when I used it. If you apply makeup on top of it, that's probably even better.

👤I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin. They are always with me no matter what I do. Baking soda is a good cleanser, but this is a great cover up. I didn't think it worked at first because I applied it before my makeup and didn't see anything. When I applied makeup to my face, I noticed that my pores were completely covered. It's like an invisible fill that is mostly or only noticeable when you apply your make up. This doesn't work if you want to be natural for the day and have less noticeable pores. When applying makeup, it works. Pictures did not do it justice. I'm telling you that it's a great buy. The stuff in stores is $7 bucks. So purchase it here.

👤I spread it all over and then pat it into my larger pores to set it. I spray it with my spray gun. It works for my oily skin after that. There is a white shirt with a black shirt.

👤No matter what kind of face cleaner I use, they don't work, they blast for 2 seconds, and I look in the mirror again and again. I used a liquid foundation to see if I would like it, because I use a bronzer powder instead of liquids, and it worked out. Oh my gosh, it worked! It worked well. I gave it 4 stars because I love this stuff and I think the size is a little bit too small, but I think it's a sample size and you would pay for that. The size is throwing me off. I will be back to buy more and this will always be in my make up bag. I like it. I'm glad I filed something that works and is reasonable. Thanks for finally making a product that works. I'm a buyer for the rest of my life.

8. BS MALL Brushes Synthetic Foundation Concealers

BS MALL Brushes Synthetic Foundation Concealers

There is a collection of jewelry. All of your makeup needs to be covered. BS-MALL makeup brushes can give you the same results as a professional makeup artist. Every day is a good day to fit. The eye makeup brushes are suitable for every face shape. There are vegan and cruelty-free bristles. The bristles are made of synthetic fiber, which is soft and silky. The makeup brushes are very dense and fine for sensitive skin. The brushes would be a great help to create a flawless look. The most popular and elegant Rose Gold color is a must-have in your makeup bag and the 14PCS makeup brush set looks very chic and fashionable. The makeup brush kit is an ideal gift for beginners and enthusiasts as it is easy to use and superior in quality, a complete assortment to allow you to keep your makeup. A gift for mom, wife or female friends.

Brand: Bs-mall

👤It would be a good idea. I've used high end brushes at the Estée Lauder counter. These are comparable to high end brushes. The handles are nice, but not as fancy as expensive brushes. The brush is soft and feels good. There is a wide variety in the set. I bought a set that included a fan brush. They both have a strange smell, but after a quick wash the smell was gone. You should wash brushes before he uses them. You will notice the good quality while washing. One hair fell out of the 28 brushes I bought. I have Bare Minerals brushes that have been there for a long time. The brush and handle are very sturdy and well made, and I gave them a pretty aggressive wash. If you want good quality brushes but don't want to spend a ton of money, give these a try.

👤I love to use make up brushes. I own sigma, sephora, elf, and real techniques. Quality labels are what I love. I own one of the best make up brush sets. There are lots of soft hairs in the brush that help to create a flawless finish. The handle and ferrule are made of nice materials and lend the brushes the perfect balance of weight.

👤I decided in my 30s that I should learn more about makeup than just using makeup on rare occasions. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on quality brushes because I don't wear makeup often. Over the last six months or so, these have been great for me. I forget when I ordered them. They come with a photo reference of what each brush is designed to do, which is great for me who still can't tell one small brush from another without looking at my guide. I mostly use one of the big brushes for blush and the other for mineral foundation. I use small brushes to apply eye shadow. The fine one is great for using eye shadow as eye liner. There is a If you're a makeup novice or an occasional makeup wearer, these are for you.

👤I have been using them a lot since I bought them. These are good brushes for $10 I would buy the set again for the blush brush alone. I was excited to try a full set that included the foundation brush because I couldn't find a single brush for less than $10. I think this is a good set of brushes and I don't regret getting them. There is a difference between a $150 brush set and a $10 brush set, but these are phenomenal compared to other $10 sets you would find in stores. They are soft, keep well, and don't feel cheap. They get the job done and they look legit. There is a They don't clean very well and if you don't clean them after each time, you might end up with a streakier application. This makes me better at cleaning them. My real techniques and elf brushes clean in half the time and don't eat as much product as these do. There are some bristle fly-aways, but they don't sacrifice your look. There is a These are great for the price. I am happy I got them. The positives outweigh the negatives.

9. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhancing

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhancing

The nude look kit includes 9 eye shadows, 2 eyeliners, and 2 mascaras. For a softer result, a custom palette can be wet or dry. It was a long last champagne. The eyeliner formula in this kit is smudge resistant and water resistant. It's safe for contact lens users. They make a full line of beauty products for eyes, lips, face and skin care, from makeup to eye creams and clay masks. It's for skin that's sensitive. The personal care products are good for sensitive skin. Allergists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons have recommended their makeup. Formulated without Parabens, Fragrance, andGluten. Beauty products that are healthy. All of their products are safe for sensitive skin and eyes, and are created without any of the harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.

Brand: Physicians Formula

👤I like this brand. For some reason, I ordered off Amazon. It seems to be different. I had a bad reaction to it. I went to the ER. There is a At first, my face felt fine. My eyes started to itch more than I'm used to. I washed it off as soon as I could. It was late. My face felt like it had been rubbed with fiberglass. It continued to itch and it was a lot. The swelling came in. I couldn't see anything. The doctor got it to reverse. There were 2 weeks of puffy pain. Don't buy off AMAZON.

👤I had never had a problem with eye makeup before, but two hours after I put this on my eyes, I felt like I had acid in them. I'm not going to try this brand again. I would have liked them to be a bit wider, but they go on very easily, and I miss the smoothness of a liquid liner. It's a very dark brown, so suits someone like me who likes dark colors, but still looks like dark. I haven't found the sharpener mentioned on the packaging yet, but someone said it was in the base of the liner, so I'll keep looking. There is a The mascaras are ok, but not as good as the one I was using, but oh well. On the other side of things, they don't clump, but they don't add much volume or length. There is a The shadows are not great. Stunning colors. They look like the picture. The case has a good magnet. Who uses the applicators that come with these things? They are not easy to apply for. If they were in order of darkness, there's a light one intersperced with the darker ones, which wouldn't be so bad, but you can't get a whole makeup brush onto them without overlap. It was difficult to get the shadow onto my eyes. There is a I don't know how long they last, so I wash it off as soon as possible.

👤The reason I bought this product is that it is very easy to wash off, and it's also hypoallergic. I really needed mascara that washes off easily, and this does, so I found it hard to rate the water resistance. The strips of color are very small, so I only use a brush to cover the lid and shadow part. I bought this as a way to try out this brand, as I was having itchy eyes from my other brands, and I am pleased with the lack of itchiness. The colors are small.

👤The colors are bright. The eye shadow has some color. They are shimmery. The eye liners had glitter in them. They are easy to apply. I didn't think that would happen. I like the brushes for the mascaras, but I am not happy with the overall product. The mascara didn't want to come out of the bottles. If I didn't put any on the brushes, I couldn't apply the product. These are brand new products. I was surprised to see glitter in the mascara. I wish there was more brown mascara in this set. The colors are bright. The set is small. I was disappointed with the mascara.

10. Airspun Translucent Setting Foundation Lightweight

Airspun Translucent Setting Foundation Lightweight

Coty Airspun face powder in translucent extra coverage is a loose face and setting powder that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines,wrinkles, and scars, giving your facial skin a smooth, softer look. Foundation or setting powder: Coty Airspun face powder can be used to help smooth and soften the appearance of your skin as a foundation coverage, or use the loose powder on top of your makeup as a setting powder so you can get that flawless, smooth look. Airspun Loose Face Powder is lightweight and long lasting, which makes it a good choice for full coverage. This face powder can be used as a foundation or setting powder. Airspun loose face powder can be used to get a flawless finish. To help correct skin tones and reduce the appearance of rough skin, use to set highlights.

Brand: Coty Airspun

👤I didn't know that it was the main ingredient. Talc is harmful and toxic. It can cause lung cancer when breathed in. Do yourself a favor and not buy this. Do your own research if you don't believe me.

👤I found out that the powder used in this product can cause rare abdominal and chest cancers. It works, but you should use it at your own risk. This is inexpensive. I tried to return it, but it doesn't qualify for returns.

👤I love the smell of this loose powder and have tried many of them. It blends very well without flash back.

👤So, the first thing is no flashback... It has been mixed reviews but my favorite one so far. I travel for weddings. I do bridal hair and makeup. The way it is used makes me think the reviews are mixed. There is a If you are using this as a full face powder, I wouldn't recommend it to you. Yes, if you are using it to bake your concealer. It is for you. It makes your makeup last longer from the time you put it on to when you take it off. There is a It's not cakey or thick, it's " Airy", and your skin can breathe. You should bake before you bronze, blush and highlight. When you wipe the access powder off after a few minutes, there is no way it will look cakey, thick or noticeable. It is to help create a smooth appearance over those concealed spots. For example, under eye.

👤Its perfect! ! It comes with a lot of product, and the puff is useful. The application is easy to use. My makeup looked great. I worked out after setting my makeup. There wasn't any wrongdoing. I was blessed by this powder. God bless.

👤There are a lot of mixed reviews for this. Some people swear. I think it's good for at least 2 things. If your foundation is a little too dark or has a red or yellow color, this powder can help make it look natural. If you need a under eye setting powder that provides a little more coverage, then this works for you. There is a I don't recommend using this powder on your face. If you are a person of color. This isn't completely translucent. If you use this all over as a setting powder, you will likely look a little pale and ghostly. I only use this when my foundation is too light or too deep in color, otherwise it makes my foundation look too dark. I look pale. It's a very good quality powder and it smells really good. It is very dense and fine. The consistency of the Coty powder is very blendable and smooth, so I mix it with a tinted setting powder to make it easier to blend. It leaves a nice air brushed finish. It's not a powder that you want to put all over your face. How you use it will be dependent on how much you like it. It's not for everyone.

11. Cleansing Skincare Reusable Exfoliating Adjustable

Cleansing Skincare Reusable Exfoliating Adjustable

The Eco-friendly face cleansing set comes with 14 bamboo makeup removal pads, a Konjac sponge, a cotton laundry bag, a headband, and a bamboo storage box. Their makeup removal pads are made with 100% sustainable bamboo fiber, which helps keep your face looking fresh and clear. They need to wash and reuse their accessories to support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Their cloth is made of 100% natural organic bamboo. Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton. It is softer than cotton. It will last three times longer than cotton. PREMIUM ACCESSORIES They have a headband that keeps hair out of your eyes, a face cloth that helps wash and dry your skin, and a bamboo storage box for easy access to your pads. The ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or just as a way to keep your skin naturally glowing is the AmaZing gift. Their pads are great for people of all ages.

Brand: Muerosa

👤I like everything about this set except the facial pads. The two layers of fabric are sewn together around the edges, there is no stitching holding the layers together in the middle, so when you use them, the two layers separate and bunch up easily. I will sew them to fix it. There are two more Unless you bleach them, they won't be white again after the first use. It would be better if they kept them natural or dyed them a different color. It's great for cleanser/Makeup Removers, but too absorbent for toner. They will suck all your product up and out of your face on these. There is a Don't dry them in the bag they give you, throw them loose in the dryer on low-medium heat, because they will end up being crinkled into little balls and not lay flat again.

👤Cute packaging. You get what you expect. It would be great to put it in a guest bathroom or an Air BnB. There is a I assumed that the cotton rounds would sit straight and flat like regular non-reusable ones. It is difficult to get them to sit in the container. I just shoved them in and called it a day. I don't think it's possible with this fabric. It doesn't bother me. I can't speak for the sponge that I haven't used.

👤There is nothing to complain about here. Quality is good, I like the convenient, nice looking holder, and I like not having to pay for cotton rounds. The product does what it says. I like that they are black. I don't remove makeup to make them look raggedy.

👤I bought them in white. The white looks dirty after being washed. I brought the black because I didn't want to see the staining. If you are conscious of helping the environment, I would recommend you.

👤Our bathroom accessories have a new addition. My wife loves to use this daily to remove her makeup and it's great for kids as well. The family likes this. It's easy to wash the net bag. It is eco friendly.

👤I thought they were the kind that remove make-up with water. They don't. They just put it around your face. I like the size of the storage container and the laundry bag, but still have to use make-up removal.

👤I think this is one of the best inventions to come along in a long time because it is so easy to use.

👤These are great! The face rag is very soft for the eye area, but it is nicer on the smaller side. The sponge was going to be rough but once wet it works great with my face wash. Not to rough at all. The bamboo holding case is the icing on the cake. Let's hope these hold up in the washer and dryer because I can't say my last set did.


What is the best product for eco friendly makeup products?

Eco friendly makeup products products from Beakey. In this article about eco friendly makeup products you can see why people choose the product. Qalb and Real Techniques are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly makeup products.

What are the best brands for eco friendly makeup products?

Beakey, Qalb and Real Techniques are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly makeup products. Find the detail in this article. Prociv, Green Estate and Shopper Goods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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