Best Eco Friendly Mattress Protector

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1. LINENSPA Premium Smooth Mattress Protector

LINENSPA Premium Smooth Mattress Protector

All liquids are repelled by the soft, quiet and waterproof top surface. Ultra-thin fabric with quiet backing protects your mattress for a cleaner sleep and is safe for the whole family. A fitted sheet placed over the protector will keep the feel of the mattress, and the fully-elasticized fitted sheet style protector features deep pockets for a smooth, secure fit on mattress depths up to 14". Easy to follow care instructions help you make this protector last. Backed by a generous 10-year warranty, the full size protector is 54" x 75"

Brand: Linenspa

👤The mattress is not protected by this protector. The first time it was peed on, it went through.

👤When I opened the package, I had doubts. This doesn't seem to stop wetness from getting through to our mattress. I gambled with bad choices and threw it on the new mattress I bought for my 2 year old. She does her best to show who her boss is and this night was no exception. She woke up in pee. Shirt, pants, blankets, elephant, panda... The crew was soaked. I didn't know she had that much volume in her urinary tract. Surprise! The mattress was completely dry when I stripped it. It is amazing. Buy it now. Buy two.

👤Is urine proof or not? I bought this because it was Amazon Choice. That was a mistake. My son had an accident last night. I found that the mattress was already soaked when I removed the dirty linens and waterproof liner. Unless you enjoy cleaning a mattress and smelly urine, then don't buy.

👤I was worried about whether this will work or not, based on previous reviews. I decide to get it. I washed it a few times after I bought it. I heard nothing when my toddler was in her room playing. Sudden silence isn't a good sign for a parent to have a toddler. She poured juice all over her bed. I was prepared to see the juice leak onto the mattress. I was surprised to see that the mattress was not damaged. I don't know if I'm doing something right, if I just caught it in time, or if other people are getting a faulty product, but I'm happy to say that this mattress cover work as intended. My wash routine is always to wash warm and tumble air.

👤The cover is easy to install. The positives end there. I poured water on it because I had doubts that it would resist liquids. It did not allow the liquid to flow through to the mattress. There is a After my cat's first accident, I washed it and now have a urine stained mattress. There is a It spread the urine over a bigger surface.

👤This was bought for my son's bed and has resisted water and liquids. I noticed the stitching around the elastic was different 9 months in and he does like jumping on his bed. I contacted the company and attached a photo and invoice to explain the problem and they said a replacement should be delivered in 3 to 5 days. The product is great for the price and they take care of you if you have problems.

👤After buying a new mattress, I stopped letting the dogs sleep on my bed. It was on the bed for a couple of months and my boyfriend didn't even notice there was a mattress protector on it. One of our dogs decided to pee on the bed while we were gone to wash the sheets. I would be furious if the mattress protector was not on there. The pee stayed there until we cleaned it up. It was thrown in the wash with all of the sheets. What a relief!

2. Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress

Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress

The skirt fits to 16-inch deep mattress, but please protect the cover from spills as it is not waterproof. The quilted mattress pad cover is long lasting and can keep your mattress free of stains. The super soft quilt with fiberfill has additional loft that provides extra comfortable sleep and protection, and the elastic all around secures the pad into position. If you're looking for a mattress pad that is comfortable, soft, and high quality, this is the one for you. Care instructions. Do not use bleach, natural drying, and the cover is machine washed.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤The first word in the description is cotton. It had a shine and feel when it arrived. The package said microfiber. I guess I'll have to go with the package since the legally required content label was nowhere to be found. It was paper thin. I guess you get what you pay for, but the false advertising is really bad.

👤The materials inside are not the same as what was described. I think they may have made this bed pad in a plastic related manufacturing site, because I found many broken pieces of "price tag plastic" within the bed pad. It wasn't bad enough to bruise my skin during my sleep, but it definitely made me uncomfortable. I picked out the ones I found. I can sleep on it now. Definitely not a good experience to have.

👤It will be washed once it is fallen upon. The product was cheap but should last more than two months.

👤A lot of mesh to surround a high mattress with a lot of elasticity to grab underneath so it stays in place. I just bought a mattress set from Loom & Leaf. The cover on the mattress prevents sweat, dead skin and other elements from getting on the mattress. That's why you buy a mattress cover. There is a A word to those who made a mistake. 1. The product does not claim to be waterproof and states that it is a mattress cover. It doesn't mention anything about vinyl or waterproofs. If you allow your children to bring food and drink onto their beds, you need a vinyl mattress cover. 2. It is not meant to say that it does not make their mattress more luxurious. This product is a quarter inch in height and is meant to cover the mattress so that you can remove the locational and wash it to keep dead skin cells and sweat out of it. There is a If you have back pain when you wake up in the morning, you need a new mattress. I thought my back was the issue, but it was my mattress that was the problem. There is a It was clear that I needed to change my mattress after sleeping in a very upscale hotel bed and not waking up with pain. The Mattresses are supposed to be replaced every 6 to 7 years. After doing a lot of research about hotel bedding. ... Every six months, the hotel beds are replaced. There is a If you can't afford to replace your mattress, you need to look for a down or a latex foam one and a half to 2 inch mattress topper. There is a This product is perfect for what it says, and looks nice, but it does not have any furniture, and it fits my high mattress perfectly.

👤Love Utopia Towels, but I was disappointed to no end. The mattress pad has let me down. I washed it in my washer's most delicate setting and then dried it on low. When I used it for the first time, I noticed the backing had been destroyed. It's a pity. I never used this once. I can't rate this above a 1-star because the top material looks comfy. I don't think it's a coincidence. I wanted a cotton-y pad. This is not the one.

3. Cozynight Waterproof Protector Breathable Hypoallergenic

Cozynight Waterproof Protector Breathable Hypoallergenic

Soft fabric mattress protectors. Soft Touch doesn't affect the feel or comfort of any sleep surface and provides a silent sleep experience. 100% waterproof and safe. Keep your family safe from dirt. All types of liquids are repelled by the waterproof mattress protector full. The bed protectors offer plush comfort that helps keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Full mattress covers fitted sheet style will fit all mattress from 8 to 21 inches. There are mattress bed covers in a variety of sizes. Get a custom fit for your bed by choosing the right size above. They use Thai natural rubber bands so it won't slide around on your mattress pad. The comfort of your mattress will not be compromised. The full size is 54x75+14 inches. Machine wash with cold water, tumble dry low, do not dry clean, do not bleach, do not iron, can be washed several times. Their mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Brand: Cozynight

👤My daughter gave birth on a bed with a mattress protectors and people were kneeling on the bed and it stayed in place and kept the mattress clean. You can't tell. There. It didn't stain when it was tumble dry. Definitely recommend this product.

👤The reviews were promising, but the product was disappointing. It causes the liquids to spread, but it doesn't prevent them from soaking into the mattress. This is probably one of the worst products I have ever tried. With this product, when the liquid soaks through to the mattress, it at least stays in place, and you will have soaked pillows due to the spread. The product makes the situation worse. I wish I had not spent my money, I wish I could give less than 1 star because this product is absolutely misleading, claiming to be waterproof and not being water proof. I am going to try to get a refund for this product, as it did not do what was advertised, and the sellers description of the product is a lie. Don't waste your time, money, and resources trying this product!

👤This is a must have if you are going based off reviews. I have a brand new bed and comforter. My cat decided to urinate on my bed. My bed did not make it, but my comforter did. I don't know how long his piss was on my bed. I rushed the pee stained covers off my bed and I was surprised it was free of any smell or stain. I could sell you my bed and you wouldn't even notice. Purchase this and thank me later.

👤I like to drink coffee on my bed. Sometimes, I sneak wine into my coffee cup and pour it on my bed. I wondered if someone was peering into my window while I was engaged in my favorite pastime. I still have a concern. I think that is my hand. My coffee cup. My bed! If you took a picture of me pouring coffee or wine onto my bed, please reach out to me so that we can negotiate royalties for use of the image. If you took a picture of me pouring coffee or wine onto my bed for the purpose of developing a better mattress cover, I commend you on your research. You did a great job! I used a mattress cover and it has no coffee or wine stains on it. Thank you. There is a I'm not sure how to get the coffee and wine stains out of my mattress. I wish I'd discovered you a long time ago.

👤It is very soft and comfortable. My bed mattress was saved by it. Very happy.

👤The mattress set arrived on time. Is made of quality fabric with a strong waterproof on the underside. It is soft to lay on. I love it! I got a new puppy and he was mostly house trained, but he would pee on my bed every few days. I finally bought a mattress protector because I was sick of washing my mattress and cleaning it after accidents.

4. Waterproof Protector Hypoallergenic Breathable Noiseless

Waterproof Protector Hypoallergenic Breathable Noiseless

If you have been looking for a crib mattress protector that is reliable and safe, then you have found it; because their crib mattress pad is commercial grade quality, you will be able to use it for years without it breaking down and causing any disastrous mess. The twin mattress protectors top side is made from bamboo terry, which is Eco-friendly and has the feature of ultra soft and cooling. Their twin mattress protectors are noiseless and waterproof, and they give you more protection for your mattress. A fitted cover style design with strong elastic all around can make your mattress protectors stay in place. The twin size mattress protectors side skirt can fit up to 14 inch mattresses. There are various sizes and machines that can be machine washed. Their mattress protectors are available in a number of sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Queen. You have the option of choosing which you need. There is a Moonsea Guarantee. If the bamboo terry mattress protector doesn't meet your needs for any reason, please contact them and they can replace it for you or give you a money back guarantee.

Brand: Moonsea

👤This is not worth anything. We bought it for our toddler's bed, she is almost potty trained but we wanted to have a cover in case she had an accident. The cover was put to the test last night and it failed. I think I'm stupid to trust that this product will protect her mattress. I thought the product would work as advertised, but I should have tested it with water. I am 99% sure that the reviews are fake because the mattress cover is terrible. One star gives it too much credit.

👤I'm going to try it out, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it. Let's see how it goes.

👤Don't over guess it. I have a child who is potty training and I don't worry about this cover.

👤I was skeptical about getting this, but it turned out to be a good one. The house guests had an infant spit up some medicine on the bed. It was bright purple. I was worried that it would go through the mattress cover and void the warranty. We would have washed everything in the middle of their stay if we had known that this was protecting it. It doesn't have a plasticy feel to it and I was very impressed with it.

👤I've been using the mattress protectors for more than a year with my child who is potty trained. It protects his twin mattress very well. I washed it with cold water on a gentle cycle and then dried it on a low setting with other clothes. It has held up. The waterproof layer may have begun to crack on the edges or in the middle. I will have to change it eventually, but not now. I think I can get a few more months out of it before it quits. I will purchase it again.

👤My cat vomited all over my bed after I put this on it. I had a protective cover on because my sheets were soaked all the way through, but it didn't let any of the staining or water go through to my actual mattress. I put it in the washer and dryer and it came out good, even though it was new. Definitely recommend.

👤June 21, 2020 is an update. The first accident we had was in the middle of the night. We were so tired that we just changed the pajamas and brought him to sleep so we wouldn't worry about it the next day. The mattress was very dry. The mattress protectors did a great job. I would highly recommend this mattress protection. It is working for us so far. Changing from four to five stars. There is a May 24, 2020 is an original. I received this a few days ago. Put it in the wash and it looked good. After being washed, the feel was very soft. Even after moving around on it, there was no noise coming from it. I haven't put any liquids on it yet to see if it works. I might do an experiment with a glass of water. I will update if I do this.

5. Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement

Backed by a generous 10-year warranty, the full size protector is 54" x 75" The mattress envelope is perfect for a Queen size mattress with dimensions of 60 inches by 80 inches and 15 inches deep pocket. The knitted fabric is stretchy and can fit the mattress easily. The mattress is protected from the elements with a zip cover. Mattress encasement protects your mattress from spills and keeps it clean. The high quality backing on the mattress will not leak. tumble dry for easy maintenance is easy care. The packaging might be slightly different.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤I wanted to try a cheaper remedy before I paid a professional to get rid of the bugs. I bought this in March of last year for all the mattresses and box springs in my home and since then none of us have gotten a single bite and the covers are holding out strong. Will definitely recommend this product. There is an update. I sent an email to Amazon about the review and wanted to give an update. We haven't gotten any bites and the covers are still holding out strong two years after I purchased this product. Some say the bed bugs should be gone by now, but I am not taking any chances.

👤We ordered this to deal with a bed bug issue. Without the covers, we wouldn't have been able to capture most of them, but I believe we would still be dealing with the issue. We have been bed bug free for several months. It is possible to get rid of them if you work hard to eradicate the issue as quickly as possible. We had to throw out our couch, but we were able to not let the issue get out of hand. For a few months, it was horrible. Pest control doesn't have the means to get rid of your problem permanently. It takes using covers and vacuuming. Setting traps. I'm getting itchy thinking about those boogers. I don't like them! Anyway... These covers are worth it.

👤The mattress-protector seems to be designed for children. If you're an adult who wants to protect your mattress from pests, forget it. This thing is lined with plastic, so you have a constant, loud rustling from it, not to mention intense body-heat/sweat bouncing back at you. I bought a different brand after returning it, but I'm not sure why I deviated from the original brand. Look at the photo and notice the sheen on the lining. Are you comfortable?

👤Not waterproof. The pee went through the mattress protectors after my daughter had an accident when I put this on her mattress. I bought the product because it was waterproof, but other than that, I like it.

👤This isn't water proof. The dog puked on the bed. It went through.

👤Fast shipping and a great product! My husband is the general manager of a pest control company that provides matress covers to their customers after they have had their treatments and they cost $60+). He was very impressed with the quality and price of the cover he put on our matress. He mentioned that he had toZIP the cover to let the air out so that it wouldn't leak at the seems.

👤This is a great addition to a bed. I bought a new Tempurpedic Pro Adapt since I didn't have a sealed mattress protection on my previous bed. This is a small investment on my bed. I encased my bed in the Utopia with a waterproof stain protectors sheet and a layer of the Tempurpedic bed case. I was hoping that the Utopia wouldn't be able to house all those layers, but it did, and it encased everything. I could have bought a pillow top. It would have enough room. The best part is the zip up. No dust mites or bed bugs can get into my mattress. I have recommended it to at least 5 friends and they all agree with what I said. Go buy it now.

6. AmazonBasics Fully Encased Waterproof Mattress Protector

AmazonBasics Fully Encased Waterproof Mattress Protector

Full/Double waterproof mattress cover provides complete, fully-encased 6-sided mattress protection. It is made of a heavy, vinyl-free, knitted fabric. Standard 12-inch depth can be stretched to fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep. Protect mattresses from spills and dust.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤We bought this for our guest room bed. It was in time for my sister and her boyfriend to visit. I met my sister's boyfriend for the first time after 3 years. They met on a dating website. He was rude to me in my own home and he was full of himself. Despite my sister's poor choice in men, I got through their week long visit painfully because I wanted to see my sister. A couple days before they left, my sister's boyfriend came out of the guest room and said "Why are my shorts all wet?" I asked if he wet the bed. He said no way. He went into the guest room and then came back out with new shorts. It was the day after they left that I said goodbye to my sister and shed a tear because she was no longer welcome in my home. My sister apologized for the mess on the bed after she had finished her stay. I told her that I was going to wash all the sheets anyway and that it was not a problem. Went into the guest room after they left to see a nice bed. The largest grown man pee stain was found on the sheets. His mother must not have taught him to sleep under the top sheet because she failed at potty training him. Who in the drunk night before a man. She found a grown man on an online dating site and she has had to put up with him being drunk for 3 years. I can not. She apologized after texting her and asking if the loser man wet the bed. They slept in it for two more nights. How are they still together? I would have said sorry, I only date men who are potty trained, and then took a flight home. That is not a deal breaker for my sister. I want to know how often it happens. Is it weekly? Only when he is drunk? Or when he misses his mom? Help me. My point of the review is that I burned the sheets, but this waterproof mattress cover saved our brand new mattress from the bed man child. The cover held out the urine so well that it almost covered the entire bed. It was washed really well and there was no pee stain or smell. You wouldn't know it happened. Purchase new sheets and file a restraining order. There is a My sister broke up with him. She said the bed was often wet when he drinks. She has raised her standards since. The mattress cover is still strong. I think it will last longer than their relationship did.

👤I bought this because a cat peed on my futon. It may have been more than once before I discovered it. Cat pee is hard to get out, so I tried everything to clean it. It wouldn't work even if you soaked the mattress. I could still smell it. I decided to try this out because I didn't want to buy a new one right now. My thought was that if it were waterproof, it would lock in the faint smell that is left as well as protect the futon from further accidents. I can confirm that this thing is water proof. It doesn't feel like plastic at all. It is not noisy or uncomfortable. It is air tight and smells good. I took a leaf from a fresh basil plant and slapped it a few times to get the smell out of it. I put it inside the case. I was able to smell the leaf but couldn't smell it. I could not smell the basil before the dinner came out, but I was able to smell it afterwards. I tried to smell the cat pee but it was too strong. There is a I recommend this thing because it will prevent me from getting into my situation in the first place. If you're looking to get out of a similar situation, I recommend that you do.

7. Oaskys Mattress Stretches Cooling Alternative

Oaskys Mattress Stretches Cooling Alternative

There are tips. Spread it for a few days before use. It would return to normal size. Again, lay it in the sun for a few hours. It's cool,breathable,ultra soft,beautiful. The new shape of the diamond quilting seam is more supportive and soft than the normal one. The filling is prevented from running around. It is easier to install in the elastic fabric pocket. The spilled fluid can be wiped quickly. It is machine washed. It is easy to maintain a tumble dry on low. Natural drying. The material is made of 83 GSM pongee reverse.62 oz and has high quality fitted fiber that gives you superior comfort against your skin without extra heat and sweat.

Brand: Oaskys

👤My wife decided to replace our mattress with the hardest slab of concrete I've ever had to sleep on. I ordered this cover hoping for a little bit of relief. I was able to sleep again after the first night, it doesn't slip off even with my tossing and turning, and it stays cool. The mattress cover probably saved my marriage. Thank you!

👤I bought this to see if I slept cooler on my memory foam. I do! It's not a miracle worker, but I am sleeping better with it. I'm not completely sinking into the bed like I did with my heavier weight memory foam, because it did firm up the bed a little. As a Texan who sleeps with 73 degrees on the AC, I was able to decide whether or not to buy these things.

👤I didn't want to write a review until I used it a lot. I didn't have high hopes for it because of the price, and it was wrong. There is a This thing has made my bed softer. I do a lot of that in my bed when I work from home. Doing this was killing me because of my lower back problems. I barely want to wake up for work after buying this mattress. I could spend the entire day on this thing. When you take it out, don't be alarmed at how flat it is. I put it in my dryer with wool dryer balls and ran it through a 60 minute cycle. It was so soft when I pulled it out. There is a I already had mattress protectors on my bed, but the deep pockets fit perfectly. My sheets fit perfectly. It does not slide around. There is a As soon as my dogs jump on the bed for the night, they pass out. There is a If you want to make your night incredibly cozy, buy this! There is a The only thing I noticed was that it makes your bed super warm, which is a good thing. I can see that being an issue if you are a hot sleeper, because I am always cold anyways.

👤The product was in a bag. The mattress topper was completely covered in mold when it was taken out of the packaging. It was disgusting and damp to the touch. Horrendous. Return for a refund immediately.

👤I have bought so many toppers in my life that I have given up trying to find one that is perfect for me, and I finally decided to try one more. This is like lying on a bed of marshmallows. I don't want to get out of bed. This is the best purchase I have ever made for bedding. I am not a lightweight because I hold it shape every day. It has been a long time since a great night sleep.

👤I never write reviews but this item deserves it. We bought a new mattress and returned the old one because we were unhappy with it. The pad is tucked away in the guest room. All of it's fabulous reviews were seen after this one. It doesn't have the price tag we would expect to pay for quality, so we were skeptical. We went with it and were very happy. We bought it back in August and it's now two weeks before Thanksgiving. I'm still making comments about how it changed our bed. We're not sure why, but it definitely feels like it! I don't have menopausal sweats. They seem to be not worse. You wont regret buying it!

8. SafeRest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

SafeRest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

A new foam scent is normal and should be gone within 72 hours. It protects against urine, fluids, andspiration. Cotton Terry surface has a back coating that is waterproof. Pets or incontinence is great for those with kids. Will not change the feel of your mattress. The fitted sheet style design fits up to 14 deep.

Brand: Saferest

👤I got this for my child's bed. She's potty trained, but still wets the bed. The high overall rating and the number of reviews made me choose this waterproof mattress pad. The mattress pad didn't keep urine from leaking onto the new mattress, which now has a urine stain/smell. Hopefully one of these works, I'm going to try another mattress pad that claims to be water-proof.

👤I reviewed water proof pads for our bed. I wanted to make sure we were buying the correct product for our expensive mattress. The perfect pad does not exist, even though I read all of the 1 and 2 star reviews for a variety of pads. I was very happy to purchase the SafeRest. After washing and drying the pad, I was told to test it to make sure it wouldn't leak. After pouring a cup of water onto the pad, there was no leak. I dried the pad a second time and put it on the mattress knowing that adequate protection was assured for my wife and me. The product I received was described in the 1 and 2 star reviews, but not one of the negative reviews described it. The pad was received exactly as it was described. I replaced my 5 year old pad with this one and believe that it will provide the same service for less than the price of my original pad. The product is described in the on line information. Excellent pad for the price.

👤You don't know until it's tested, but I thought I would work for two years. My cat peed on the bed after getting locked in the room. The water proof layer of the cover broke and ruined my thousand dollar latex foam mattress. Very disappointed.

👤My wife went into labor a year and a half ago and it went very quickly. She gave birth on our bed in the presence of EMTs. I stayed in the hospital with my wife and baby girl. I went to clean up before they came home after the clamming. I arrived to a mess for those who have witnessed or gone through child birth. There are many different types of fluids and a lot of them. I was going to purchase a new mattress. The mattress was fine once I'd packed it. I bought another one immediately and will use it for a long time. I'm positive that it can stand up to some sweat or pee in the middle of the night if you put it through a more rigorous test. It's better for everyone if I don't post a pic.

👤I am disgusted with this product. It was not brand new, but it was overrun with bugs and eggs. This is the first time I have ever received a product with this problem. I am horrified that a product meant to be used to kill bugs was found to have bugs. I bought this item for my daughter who has asthma and terrible allergies, and now I have to worry about BUGS in her bed. I can't believe a product advertised would have a bug problem. I am not happy with this product. I would rate it less than 1 star, but that is not possible. I would never recommend this item to anyone, even if they are already dealing with allergies and asthma.

9. PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

Protect your investment. Protect your mattress with the PlusHDELUXE PREMIUM BAMBOO MATTRESS PROTECTIONOR. Their mattress guard protects your investment from dirt, water and normal wear and tear, so it stays clean and comfortable for a long time. Guaranteed. Their mattress cover is made from natural bamboo. You and your family can enjoy a fresh and cool sleeping environment with the ultra- soft and Breathable Membrane. 100% waterproof and impermeable. Their mattress pad cover is able to resist water and spills. It's an excellent choice for potty training, nursing sick kids, and having pets in your home. Perfect fit. All types of mattresses are designed with their mattress topper in mind. It is silent and has no sound. Their bed protectors stay neat and smooth, so your mattress will be as comfortable as before the cover is applied. Full is 54''x75'' and fits any mattress depth up to 18''. It is backed by a 10-year dependability warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact their friendly customer support and they will do everything in their power to make you 100% satisfied. Why wait? Pick them now.

Brand: Plushdeluxe

👤Buyers should be aware of the Lining: 100% Polyurethane Laminate. The skirt is exclusive of elastic Sleep surface material. There is nothing else on the Amazon product description. Very deceptive marketing. It seems like a decent product, but be aware of what you are buying.

👤I wanted to leave a review because I researched a lot. I was worried about my bed. I didn't want a mattress pad that was going to make me sweat more. There were reviews that said this was hot. It's not something I have experienced. The water rolled off and did not soak it, as I ran it under the faucet. It fits the bed well. It doesn't move or shift. I was happy that this wasn't so thick that it took away from the comfort of my mattress, because I have a Sleep Number bed with a nice top. Very happy. I washed it twice. It's held up well.

👤I bought different versions of the waterproof mattress pads on Amazon and they all leaked. This is the only one that doesn't. I use them for an elderly relative I live with and most of the nights the bed gets wet. I had to put disposable incontinence pads underneath the waterproof mattress pads to keep them from soaking through. This pad has not been bypassed so far. This is the best way to keep your mattress dry. It's easy to wash and care for.

👤I will get another one for my son's bed. There is an update. My dog peed on my bed, but it didn't reach my bed. I am thankful that I can wash the cover. They said it was waterproof. Two thumbs up for it. I got one for my son too.

👤I will list the things I like about this mattress protectors. There is nothing in the mattress protectors to make noise. I think the ones that make the noise have plastic in them. 2. You would expect a mattress to be soft. Its still soft even though it's not on a very fluffy blanket or soft sheet level. I would say it's a little softer than a cotton shirt, but not as soft as a quality bedsheets. 3. When I opened them, there was no scent at all, it was a great quality protectors that was soft, quiet, and didn't smell.

👤I am very grossed out. We received our cover that was not in original packaging and not folded, but there was a piece of hair inside. There was a piece of brown inside. See photo. I will be returning the packaging. I don't know if the quality is good because I refused to open the plastic.

👤The 15lb Miniature Schnauzer vomited on the bed after getting sick in the middle of the night. The sheets were wet. The mattress was wet after we removed the sheets. There is a The mattress was a brand new one. The protector didn't do its job.

👤We wanted to protect our purple mattress and not compromise its comfort. I put a cup of water on the mattress protectors. I washed it and put it on my bed. The soft upper layer fully absorbs liquid, which would eliminate more mess. After sitting for a while, the water didn't go through and the mattress was dry. It's soft and not like the ones my mom bought when we were kids. The sides have no protection and the waterproof layer stops at the edge of the mattress. It didn't stretch very far under the mattress.

10. Mattress Protector Breathable 8 21Inches Hypoallergenic

Mattress Protector Breathable 8 21Inches Hypoallergenic

There is a choice of size. The mattress protectors are available in twin, full and queen sizes. It is great for people with pets. It makes me happy. If you have an old mattress, use their mattress topper Queen, it will transform your old mattress to a new comfortable and extreme soft mattress as it serves as a mattress reviver, do not throw the old mattress away. The Bamboo Quilted Mattress Topper Queen Cooling is made from natural Bamboo fabric which is ultra soft in touch and provides enhanced sleeping experience. Bamboo is silky to touch, which makes it easier to sleep. It helps regulate body temperature by keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is like sleeping on a cloud with the Quilted Mattress Topper Queen 2 Inches Bed Size Extra soft premium mattress topper. It's good for people who want extra cushion between them and the mattress, and they're looking for quilted mattress topper protectors or pillow top mattress topper protectors. Back. Adding a cushion between the mattress and the bed can help alleviate back pain. Money. Money back guarantee on Bamboo Mattress Topper Queen with One pillow protectors set. If you don't like the product, you can return it.

Brand: Niagara Sleep Solution

👤The mattress topper is very nice and cheap. It fits my queen bed perfectly and is very soft. I needed a cushion to alleviate my lower back pain in the morning, and I felt better after the first night. I only had to wait a short time for it to expand fully. The quality of this topper is really good. I highly recommend!

👤I thought something like this would work for now because our mattress needs to be replaced. I was a bit skeptical of the price. I was not sure if it would live up to what others said, but I am glad I did. It fits our queen mattress well. A standard size pillow case was included. The cover didn't have a nasty chemical smell. It grew quickly. Go ahead and get it if you are on the fence. You will love it!

👤It's so comfy. I was not expecting much, but I read the reviews and decided to order it myself. I bought a memory foam mattress that was too firm, but I have added a bamboo mattress cover to make it softer, and it makes a difference. I had a great night's sleep last night and my bed is very comfortable. I ordered a second one for my guest bedroom. The pillow case is very nice.

👤This is a very soft top. I put it in the dryer for a few minutes after spraying it with some freshener. It plumped up very quickly. My bed feels like it's floating in the air.

👤I will write this again because my original 1-star review was never posted. This product could be worth a four-star rating. The product that arrived with blood stains was the reason for the original 1-star review. I took pictures of the larger stains, but there were several smaller spots throughout the whole thing. If I ordered a used one, it might have been lightly expected, but when you want someone to believe that something is new and not something that someone might have returned for dissatisfaction then you wouldn't send it like that. Even if the stain were used, it would still be disgusting. I contacted Amazon and returned the first item I received, and got a new one because it seemed like it would be what I was looking for. I thoroughly inspected the replacement and did not find any stains. I washed it in a top loading washer. I put it in a dryer on a low setting and took it out and flipped it to dry it without putting it on a higher setting. I am happy with the level of comfort it gives. It feels like lying on a high quality blanket or comforter. It made my sheets feel even softer than usual. I agree with a reviewer who said it was too short. It fits well at the top and bottom of a queen, but it leaves a gap on the sides. It's not too big of a deal if someone tends to sleep towards the edge. We haven't noticed a change in temperature from previous toppers and just the plain mattress, but it definitely doesn't seem to be making us hotter. If you still want to try this, I would suggest putting something waterproof underneath it, because it is not waterproof. There is a I really do like this product, minus the short sides. It is very soft and comfortable and I am glad I tried it again. If I were to order it again, I would get the king size to try to get more coverage on all sides.

11. Tempur Pedic Luxury Mattress Protector White

Tempur Pedic Luxury Mattress Protector White

Cool and comfortable knit is cool to the touch. The yarn that feels cool instantly is Smart Climate Technology. Waterproof mats are waterproof to protect against spills and stains. The perfect fit is the t-shirt system with two-way stretch on top and sides. It fits mattresses up to 20 inches deep. It's easy to care for - it's machine washed and dry. There is a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Tempur-pedic

👤I thought the mattress protectors would protect my mattress. When I stripped the bed recently, I found that the lining on the mattress was no longer strong and that the mattress had a stain. I've had this item for less than 3 years and it's never left the house. I will stick with a non-tempurpedic protection in the future.

👤It's a fitted sheet with mesh sides and a rubbery lining. I have never had a problem with fitted sheets, but this one doesn't fit my mattress well. It's odd that Tempur-Pedic can't make a mattress protectors that fit its own mattresses. It's not really bothering me when I sleep, but it makes it harder to strip the bed, because it's not hot or cold. It's hard to get the fitted sheet on because it's too big around the corners of my mattress, and when I change my sheets, it comes off with the fitted sheet. I got it because I don't want my cat to ruin my mattress by barfing on it. I think it will work for that purpose, but it can't really be waterproof because of the mesh sides. If you're dealing with a spilled drink or a bed-wetting child, the liquid could easily soak into the sides of the mattress if it goes over the edge. It's useless for dust mites and other pests.

👤I bought both the cooling and non-cooling versions. I have a new tempurpedic mattress and I wanted a waterproof protection that didn't mess with the cooling function. I have tried cotton terry, perlux and purple. They had their ups and downs. The cotton terry is nice. It keeps it from feeling too slick. The tencel cooled well but was slick and the purple felt like a shower curtain. The purple was very hot. The perlux tencel had nice cooling and no sweats. The top of the tempurpedic cooling version is soft but not too slick. Overall construction is a notch above the others and doesn't feel like plastic. To my complete surprise... I was pretty cool, but with a better feel, even if it wasn't better than the tencel. It was like my mattress cover. I was even cold in the morning. The materials tag shows that it has a blend of polyethylene. I will return the non-cooling because I know the top material is 100% polyester and will sleep hot. The cotton terry typw is the only thing I didn't like about all of them, the lines under your fitted sheet is what makes it hard to brush out. That is my conclusion. It seems like a perfect protector isn't such a thing. The cooling tempur is pretty good so far.

👤The product of the mattress cover has improved greatly over the years. The material on my previous purchase was thin and over time became a mess of vinyl covering my mattress. The new version has a thicker lining on the inside and a soft padding on the oustide. They improved their product greatly. I hope this one lasts longer than 2 years. This is waterproof.


What is the best product for eco friendly mattress protector?

Eco friendly mattress protector products from Linenspa. In this article about eco friendly mattress protector you can see why people choose the product. Utopia Bedding and Cozynight are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly mattress protector.

What are the best brands for eco friendly mattress protector?

Linenspa, Utopia Bedding and Cozynight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly mattress protector. Find the detail in this article. Moonsea, Amazon Basics and Oaskys are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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