Best Eco Friendly Mattress Queen

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1. King Koil Luxury Raised Mattress

King Koil Luxury Raised Mattress

King Koil is very luxurious. The manufacturer will provide a 1-year warranty on your purchase. King Koil enhanced queen airbed technology has a soft flocking layer and a built-in pillow. They stand behind their quality and warranty. There are warranty details in the airbed purchase. Extra thick waterproof quilt top with extra spine support keeps bedding in place. The built-in pump has separate inflate and deflate knobs. If you accidentally puncture or tear your air mattress, all King Koil air mattresses include patch kits. It is easy to use a plug in internal pump. The King Koil mattress can reach full inflation in less than 2 minutes. The King Koil air mattress is perfect for overnight guests, friends or relatives, and camping trips. You can always inflate or deflate it if you click the pump for a few seconds. A 1-year guarantee is offered. King Koil is the only manufacturer endorsed by the international chiropractors association to help promote proper spine alignment and a better night's sleep.

Brand: King Koil

👤When I contacted them, they went way out of their way to make me happy after I had a bad experience with my King Koil Bed. They sent me a brand new bed. I didn't have to send the old one back. After a year of replacement, they called me to see how my bed was. I used it a few times after the trail ride. I used it to sleep with guests. There were no complaints. I will be doing the trail ride again at the end of the month. I am pretty sure that I won't have the same issues as last year. King Koil has a great customer service. The beds are very comfortable and if there is a problem contact them and they will take care of it. Customer service is more important than the product. If you are looking for an air bed that is easy to climb in and out of, give them a try. I think King Koil is a great choice. They treated me badly. This was the worst purchase I have ever made on Amazon. I am very disappointed. When I went on my trail rides, I replaced my queen size airbed in my tent. The queen size took up too much room. When this thing was delivered, I was happy. I filled it and did everything the instructions said I to do. I left it up for a couple of days so it could stretch. They said that it would be soft. I deflated it and packed it away for a week of trail riding and camping. I packed it in my vehicle and was very excited to get it out of the bag and into my tent. I used an extension cord. It filled nicely. I put a foam pad and comforter under it because of previous experiences with airbeds in tents. If you don't put something on top of the air in the bed, it will get very cold. I put a queen size fitted sheet on top of my feather down sleeping bag to cover myself. It was very comfortable until the morning. It was very soft. The instructions said that this could happen. I accepted it. The bed got worse as the week went on. I had to fill it twice, once in the day and again before I went to bed, it was very soft in the morning. I wasn't getting any sleep at all and I was very stiff from the way that it encapsulated me. I felt like a sausage in a bun. The 6th night of my ride was the worst. It was getting worse and worse and I couldn't sleep on it. I had to ride horses for 8 hours a day. I filled it again before I went to bed. It was very comfortable. At 3 am, my feet were in the air and my head was on the ground. It had lost a lot of air. I went to my SUV to see if I could get some sleep after I was in tears. It was against the reason I am in a tent. I need to hear and see the horses through the night. I went back to the tent and put the completely deflated King KOIL mat on top of the foam and comforter. I got some sleep. I am so angry. I don't want to see this thing again and I want my money back. I did my research and it was supposed to be awesome. I am going to contact the company because of its total junk. I would give it no stars. I am tired and my trail ride was ruined.

2. Richmond Open Queen Antique Walnut

Richmond Open Queen Antique Walnut

The open footrail design is comfortable. Solid Hardwood with Non-Toxic Finish is Eco-friendly. It is designed for lasting Durability. The mattress sold separately is supported by the hardwood slat kit. The weight capacity is 800 lbs. The Surface Mount Turbo Charger has a 6-foot cord. The Surface Mount Turbo Charger has a 6-foot cord.

Brand: Atlantic Furniture

👤I'm 6'1" and don't like beds that are too low so I was looking for a platform style frame. I wanted a black frame with a footboard. This unit is very solid. It was packed in three boxes, and even though it was damaged, it could not be destroyed. I don't think it's hard to assemble, there are just a couple tricks I'd like to pass along. If you're not paying attention, you can easily assemble it backward if you put the wider slit on the vertical side pieces toward the front. The side pieces should be inserted into the slots in the front legs and the platform style pins should be used for the base. Push down on the allen wrench when driving the big screws into the center support legs so that the wrench doesn't slip out and round out the allen holes in the screws. I used the pre-drilled holes in the slats as a guide when drilling pilot holes in the side pieces.

👤I loved my sister model that was no longer sold and fell apart, so I jumped at the chance to get it. One of the reviews I received had some pieces that were not straight. The frame wouldn't go into the top notch of the headboard so I put it on the lowest setting. The screws weren't long enough to allow stability. My older brother helped me cobble everything together because it was hard to send something like this back. You might get one of the poor sets, but be prepared.

👤This is very nice for the price and prime shipping. Came very quickly all the way to Alaska. Looks good. Assembly took a bit of trial and error, but I got it with some patience and careful attention. Without a power driver, I got by. I used a high quality drive, but 3 allen wrenches were included. I love that spare screws, nuts were included. I was a bit confused that it came with a set of shorter legs for the foot of the bed and the center supports. I don't need or want the metal fitting on the Headboard legs because I don't need them at all. I told our 13 year old that this is a nice bed, but it won't serve as a trampoline or other abuse to hold a mattress and sleeping person. It was slightly undersize for the full size memory foam mattress we got, but with some firm support, it fit in.

👤It took me longer than I should to put it together. I had the legs on the bed backwards so I took them off and put them back on. The side boards don't slide all the way down into the legs at the foot of the bed. It's not sure if it's the leg or the board, but the swap of the two side boards seemed to make this better. I thought it wasn't going in, but that's how it is. I took off a star because of this. It's a cheap bed frame, and there are some unexpected details. It's sturdy, but it looks weird to me. The slats were easy to put together. I put the center support leg at the head of the bed because I hadn't connected that part of the base to the sides yet. I felt better not having it in the middle of the bed. When there is no bed, the center support legs don't touch the ground, but once a mattress is put on them. Leaving the bedspread untucked covers up any aesthetic issues with the frame, and the bed is high enough with the taller legs that I can put stuff under it. It took me a few hours to put the frame together, but I agree that the instructions are not always clear. You should be able to figure it out if you've put together other furniture. The only thing that took more physical force than I would prefer was to line the leg up, because it was a tight fit and it was a challenge. I got this for my guest room, so it doesn't get daily use, but it was used by a large man for a couple of weeks, and he never complained about it not feeling sturdy. I tried to shake the bed a bit to see how it would respond, and it felt sturdy. The wall has not been creaking or the headboard banging on it. I think it's solid enough for regular use, and my guest room looks better than my bedroom, since I still have nothing fancy other than a basic metal bed frame with box spring under my mattress. I'm happy with it so far. I'm not sure how well this thing will travel, the base board will be disconnected from the sides, and the center support legs will be the only thing I'm not sure how to handle. I think they can be turned over if they strip and have a new hole drilled in the bottom. I kept the shorter legs in case.

3. Slipcover Jacquard Furniture Protector Armrests

Slipcover Jacquard Furniture Protector Armrests

There are unique features and fabric. The sofa cover is made from luxurious and thick knitted Jacquard with small checks pattern material. These slipcovers are made of 85% polyester 15% spandex. Transforming your space into a sumptuous safe haven can be done in one fell swoop. The dimensions are pre-fitted. Please always measure the size of the furniture you want to purchase before purchasing, these furniture covers can be compatible with most of the furniture sizes. The bigger the size, the more doubt you can have. It's better to have extra fabric for keeping things neat. All-round protection. The back of the futon sofa can be covered with their futon cover. All-round protection for your sofa is provided by high stretch fabric. Natural environmental and ECO friendly are good choices for homes with children and pets. Extending the life of your sofa will save you money. It is recommended for both leather and cloth sofa. The elastic bottom around the hem is what strengthens the sofa cover. The anti-slip foams can be used where you want the sofa cover to stay in place. The time you spend smoothing will be reduced by a combination of elasticity and shrink resistance. A brand new sofa is shown in full-cushion coverage. There are cleaning tips. Your furniture should be refreshed and Wrinkle free. Do not use bleach if you wash your machine in cold water for easy care and maintenance. They are happy to assist you if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Brand: Princedeco

👤And it does so well as well. The cover is well made and covers a lot of sins.

👤I had a white garbage bag with the premium cover in it to take to the cleaners. I had 20x20 pillows and they couldn't be ordered due to all the ugly patterns online. Took a chance and bought this. My matress is a thick premium, almost as big as a Queen. This is perfect. It was like a cover sheet. I will change it by buying other colors. The material is similar to a Chenille. My cats don't look at this. None of the 3 are declawed. I like that. There was a small stain from my granddaughter's spill. The air dryer tumbles low. Has good stretch and stays in place. The photo states a beautiful color. Exactly what color it says it is. Arrives in a nice plastic bag with wrapping that is similar to a premium storage bag. Pleased!

👤Too small! The fouton is 58" wide by 78" long, and I got the queen size. The measurement pictures show that it should fit, since it goes up to 40 down the back and 40 over the seat. It doesn't. The fouton mattress folds backwards when you try to force the stretch. It's impossible to turn it sideways because of the extra material for the back folds. The material can not be used because we force it to each corner.

👤I wasn't expecting much for the price. It was something I could wrestle onto my futon until a better option came my way. I was impressed when I got this thing. It looks nice. It feels good. It was so easy to put on. The previous futon covers were so cumbersome and confusing that they made me weep. This thing? It looks great, despite being as complicated as pulling on a sweatshirt. It doesn't make sense. Were the other manufacturers having fun with us? Count me out of that game, bros. I'll use this to cover it up if I have a futon.

👤I was not sure what to do with the couch, which was still comfortable, but I was doing a 1989 camp trailer. I found this cover and it fit perfectly, was easy to put on, and was what I was looking for. There are two photos that show before and after. I don't know if it wears well or washes well, I haven't had it long. I like that it doesn't leave a wrinkled rump print when you sit down. It seems to come back. It feels like it could be easy to grab. Will have to watch over time. The color "Dove" is gray.

👤This was purchased because it was supposed to be queen size, and a review said it fit her Ikea Beddinge futon. It will be indicated by the measurements. It doesn't. This does not stay on the futon where it bends when positioned for sitting. This will not work if you have a queen sized futon.

4. Air Mattress Built In Pump Camping Air Mattress

Air Mattress Built In Pump Camping Air Mattress

The air mattress with built in pump can be inflated in 2 minutes or less. The blow up bed will wake you up in seconds. The queen air mattress is waterproof and puncture-resistant. The mattress can support up to 300 lbs. The double-high mattress has a premium, ultra- soft flocked top for non-slip stability wherever you rest your head. Real-mattress comfort and support is provided by coil beam technology. The portable bed can be inflated or deflated in minutes, measuring 76" x 38" when fully blown up. A free carrying bag is included. The volume of air in your mattress can be adjusted to fit your sleep pattern. A simple turn of the inflate/deflate valve will make a restless night into a relaxing one.

Brand: Ez Inflate

👤My daughter's friends need something to sleep on when they go to her sleepovers. It filled quickly after we blew it up. Within an hour it deflated. Just as quickly, deflate it again. The price was quite high, so I was very disappointed in this product. It should stay inflated. Would love to get a refund. The company apologized for the bad experience and sent me a new air mattress. The mattress works great. Finally a company that cares about their customers.

👤After a lot of research, we decided to purchase the EZ Inflate air bed and we are very happy with the purchase. We have used expensive beds in the past and this airbed feels more durable than any of the expensive aerobeds we had in the past. There is a The bed was easy to inflate and blew up instantly. The air held well and the bed was very comfortable. The instructions said to inflate and let the bed stretch and then add more air. I like my bed a little less firm than our real bed because we have a memory foam mattress that replicates our real bed and has a soft feel. When our guests come over, this will be the perfect addition. The 2 year warranty and price point were important factors for us and so far this is the best air mattress we have ever used. We appreciate that the company let us know that the bed was on its way and that they were following up to make sure we were happy with it. It is nice to know that companies still care about the consumer.

👤After less than 3 months of ownership, the mattress spontaneously ripped along the edge of the air cell, and is now worthless. I was shocked. Mayfair's failure to act promptly to resolve this issue has prompted a 1-star review. I have written to the company twice, but have not heard from Mayfair. Hopefully, this poor review will prompt Mayfair to act.

👤January 2020 is an update. Customer service is excellent. Patrick sent me a new mattress to improve their ratings. Can't wait to try it out! It will live up to my original review. August 2019: original review The reviews were very promising. The experience was not as good as ours. It was very easy to inflate. We went to a wedding after we inflated it. The pump was turned on a few seconds after we returned. My husband and I laid down and immediately looked at each other. It was very hard. It didn't stay rock hard all night because it lost air until we were rolling into each other. I found a couch to sleep on after giving up. When we got up in the morning my husband looked at me and said "you're returning this, right?! Neither of us got any sleep. I had to remove the box from the recycle bin. I could send it back. It has a built in pump that inflates it quickly. It was awful to actually sleep on it. Would not recommend it.

5. Giftway Queen Camping Mattress Inflatable

Giftway Queen Camping Mattress Inflatable

You can get 10 years of support with the purchase of an Avenger mattress. Their queen mattress is rolled up in a box for easy delivery. Simply release the queen bed mattress and wait for 72 hours to fully expand. They are committed to providing the ideal sleep as a member of ISPA. Special inner construction make the air bed stable and comfortable like a real bed, unique coil beam technology support all parts of your body well, help you completely relax, and the perfect inner construction makes it performing like a real bed, so You will get a good night's sleep. The waterproof surface of the air mattress keeps it dry. Extra thick non-toxic PVC material makes it more durable against the hard ground, and puncture-proof materials will not easily crack and flaw. It's raised 9 inches from the floor to make sure you don't get cold or wet when you sleep, and to make sure you get a good deep sleep no matter where you sleep. The queen air bed is larger than a typical twin air mattress, so it is easy to carry or store. If you are a hiking enthusiast, it is a great gift for you as it can let you feel at home anytime and anywhere. Excellent welding man crafts and upgraded seam. The air mattress is completely air tight. The airbed has a perfect inner construction that won't let the bed sink without a bulge, and it's flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Convenient and convenient are two words. The air mattress is the same as a real bed. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, such as a sandy beach, for traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking trips, and as a temporary bed for your overnight guests or when moving to a new place.

Brand: Giftway

👤It would have been nice to have an air pump with it. But okay.

👤I got the air bed because I was going to visit my family. I have a spare bedroom with a queen size bed, but it wasn't enough room for all my cousins to stay with me. My cousin and her husband stayed in my spare room, where their three kids slept on the air bed. The kids didn't complain about the bed. There is a I blew it up and tried it out after I ordered it a few weeks before they were going to visit. I'm a big guy, under 300 lbs, and this bed held me through the night. Also, note: The bed does not have an air pump. I used a generic air pump from Amazon a few years ago to blow up the mattress. The main plug of the mattress inflates without deflating while you blow it up, but the inflation plug will snap tight and then there is a plug that will come out of the main plug. The inflation hole is a standard size, less than an inch wide. The middle size of the air pump was perfect for it. The air bed that I use to sleep on is more comfortable for me than a spring mattress could be. I enjoyed laying on the mattress and playing on the game console in the living room, but I ended up falling asleep when I woke up. I woke up with little to no air escaping from the mattress and felt good. There was no sore back or anything. This mattress does not have a raised section for a pillow. I like them without the raised part. I would like to use my own pillow. The mattress had a strong smell when I opened it. It was a vinyl mattress and it had a chemical smell. When I opened the box, the smell was strong, but after a few days, it faded. The mattress has a soft and silky filling. The mattress is under 8 inches tall. When I measured the mattress, it was 56.5" wide and 74" long, which is much closer to the size of a full mattress. I am 6' tall and my feet are at the end of the mattress, which makes it hard for me to lie down. I forgot to mention that the mattress has a vinyl patch, which may be useful since my cat approves of it. Ha! There is a It's a great mattress. In case that's a determining factor, just know the size is smaller than a queen. I would consider buying again if there was anything that would make it past patching.

👤I bought two for kids under 5 years old. They loved them so I blew them up for a test run. Having a good time! The wife and I tried them out. It was pretty good to be on a mattress. The air mattress is made of high quality materials. Their customer service is great. An employee reached out to make sure I had ordered the air pump I wanted, and another message asked how I felt about the purchase.

6. EnerPlex Premium Mattress Camping Warranty

EnerPlex Premium Mattress Camping Warranty

Their premium, waterproof air mattresses can be used as a floor mattress at home, a portable bed for traveling, and even as a camping mattress in the great outdoors. The queen air mattress with built in pump inflates in under 2 minutes. If you're camping or traveling, use a portable battery pack or car outlet accessory to inflate the pump. The blow up mattress has a premium comfort top to prevent leaking and provide non-slip stability. The portable inflatable mattress is perfect for a cat nap in the woods. The built-in, fastest inflating pump on the market can be used to fill up the queen air bed. Allow it to form and then inflate or deflate.

Brand: Enerplex

👤I bought this air mattress/bed after reading all of the positive reviews. Positive points were inflated quickly and were accurate. I can only say that those people must have gotten a bad product because I had to let a little air out at one point, even though I held air for at least a couple of months. As for the warranty. I'm writing this review so that potential buyers know that they are not lying, and that the 2 year warranty is the primary reason. It had held air for close to 3 months, but all of a sudden it began to lose air, and it became completely deflated within a few hours. I tried, but I could not find a leak. I called them to let them know. They kept their word and sent me a new mattress after 2 years. There is a People will write bad reviews if they are unhappy with a product or service, but if they are happy with the product they won't take the time to write about it. I believe that if something is good, it's only right to acknowledge it. Allow me to make a suggestion to the company. You need to make a version of the mattress with an inverted headboard like other air mattress companies do. One of the criticisms of your product is that it doesn't have one. There is a The loudest pump you can find is the one that is the fastest to inflate the mattress. I was afraid to inflate my mattress because I was worried that the loud noise would wake everyone up, because I live in a place where people have to get up very early to go to work. There is a My second criticism is the issue of furniture. I will never buy a air mattress again unless you add the inflatable headboard option to some of them. There is a I had the head of the bed against the wall, so I had to pick my pillows up off the floor every night. I'm using an air mattress that has an inflatable head board as part of the bed and it's like it's night and day. I sleep better because I don't wake up a lot to get my pillows. I buy air mattresses on a continual basis and if you guys made one with the head board option I would buy it for the rest of my life. Thank you.

👤If they are built right, a good air mattress can be a variety of colors. An air bed should be able to be used either firm or soft, this one allows both depending on how much air you want to add. The Sound Asleep that my sister had in the past was over the EnerPlex bed, it was a clear winner. The fact that it was only half the cost and that there were features on the EnerPlex air mattress should not be taken away. There is a The material is very thick and will stretch a bit, so make sure you top off with air after you inflate it and before bed. There is a The bed was very comfortable and the price is spot on. I am very comfortable with my purchase because of the 2-year warranty and the quality of the product.

7. Atlantic Furniture AR8042119 Concord Platform

Atlantic Furniture AR8042119 Concord Platform

The Flat Panel Footboard enhances class. Solid Hardwood with Non-Toxic Finish is Eco-friendly. It is designed for lasting Durability. Two large drawers are easy to slide on wheels for ample underbed storage. The mattress sold separately is supported by the hardwood slat kit. There are drawers on either side of the bed.

Brand: Atlantic Furniture

👤I wanted something with real wood instead of the pressed particle board that was in the bed. The price seemed reasonable. It only has one enclosed end and two drawers on one side. My daughter didn't want her cat to hide under the bed so I got it. You have to push the open side against the wall and the head against the wall to make it enclosed. Not what I had in mind. The drawers are on the floor and there is no track, which I took a chance that they would work. I think it's a decent bed, but it would have been better if the manufacturer had not cut corners. I think it should be on all four sides. The picture is not good.

👤The bed frame and drawers are nice. The woodwork and staining is done well. There were a few issues in putting it together. The metal inserts that were pressed into the wood at the factory are threaded into the head bolts. The inserts were set too deep and the bolts weren't long enough to catch the threads. I had to go to a hardware store to find the thread pitch and diameter. Not really a big issue. It might be for you. The pictures look like the frame is finished to the floor by a panel behind the drawer is the real reason this is two stars. It is not. There is an open space after the drawer. The ad copy says it comes with two drawers, but the pictures on Amazon show a different bed with four drawers or a finish panel, which makes it look like the bed is finished. I sent pictures. The company sells sets of two matching drawers for $200. If you buy end tables, you can't use the extra drawers. The opening may not matter to you. We bought the bed so our kittens wouldn't get into trouble or make a mess and it would be finished to the floor so we wouldn't have to worry about it. The pictures are deceptive and the description doesn't alert you to the fact that it is unfinished behind the drawers.

👤Our 14 year old is already 6' and we needed a twin for him. I couldn't find an XL in furniture stores. I was a little worried about purchasing online as I saw some negative comments about the quality of the materials and how long it took to put together. The bed was adequately padded and packed so there was no damage. Extra hardware was sent in case it was damaged in shipping. The bed was easy to assemble and the only thing that was not solid wood was the drawers. We used wood glue in the slots for the bottom panel to prevent it from sagging out in the future, and if you've put together ikea furniture you will find this very similar and easy. If you go that route, you only need a head screwdriver and wood glue. The bed is very solid and attractive, there were some minor stains in the bed but they are not visible when the bed is put together. The bed was due to arrive after Christmas but it was only 3 days after ordering. This bed is very good.

8. Mattress Avenco Detachable Supportive Relieving

Mattress Avenco Detachable Supportive Relieving

There is an ERGONOMIC 2 LAYER DESIGN for TWICE THE COMFORT. The 10 inch queen mattress has a two-layer design of cooling gel memory foam and high-density support foam that makes it the best mattress for sleep. The shape cutting technology allows you to rest in all sleep positions and the ergonomics design keeps your body in a natural line. GEL MEMORY FOAM is very absorbent. The queen size mattress has the latest generation of gel memory foam to help you stay dry and cool. This mattress queen size is wellventilated and has better sleep temperature adjustment. Say goodbye to body pain with great support. The queen foam mattress has a high density of memory foam that supports your whole body. The head, shoulder, and back are all uncomfortable. Even if you turn over frequently, the back of the mattress queen has anti-slip treatment. You are safe with an Avenco Queen size memory foam mattress if you use CertiPUR-US foam. The plush mattress cover on this Queen mattress will give you a clean and comfortable surface. Their premium Queen memory foam mattress is finished with high-quality and can help you sleep better. You can get 10 years of support with the purchase of an Avenger mattress. Their queen mattress is rolled up in a box for easy delivery. Simply release the queen bed mattress and wait for 72 hours to fully expand. They are committed to providing the ideal sleep as a member of ISPA. You can get 10 years of support with the purchase of an Avenger mattress. Their queen mattress is rolled up in a box for easy delivery. Simply release the queen bed mattress and wait for 72 hours to fully expand. They are committed to providing the ideal sleep as a member of ISPA.

Brand: Avenco

👤After reading all the reviews, I was hoping to love this, but it has been terrible for me and my partner. It feels like sleeping in a pit of melted marshmallows, which is ruining my back and neck. I didn't think it would cause damage to the mattress since it was still sealed in plastic and compressed. I only had 30 days to return this, but Avenco will not accept the return because there isn't a 90 day window. I have been unable to get a reply from Avenco, and I began sending emails a month ago. There is a I will amend my review if I have better news about the company service, but so far, Amazon and Avenco have disappointed me.

👤It took me about a week to get used to the mattress. It took me just a little less than a week to get used to the new mattress, which is why I was surprised. I wouldn't have had anything to sleep on if my mattress had taken more than 24 hours to form. I opened the box, let it go out and ran some things to do. I came home with a mattress that was ready to use after only a few hours away. I was looking for a soft mattress, but I didn't want to sink in it. This mattress gives me a good combination of soft, yet supported, and I needed that. The moment my friend sat on my bed, her reaction was priceless. She commented on how good my bed felt, and then proceeded to feel up the bed by pressing down on it with her hand in different spots. Some customers found tiny shreds of fiberglass in a memory foam mattress that was reviewed. I used a fine tooth comb to read the reviews. If it had one person that found fiberglass in their mattress, I was not happy. I was thankful to find a mattress that had good reviews, multiple images, and videos of what it looks like in real life, as well as no signs of fiberglass found within it. I think this mattress is worth the price and I would highly recommend it to anyone that's interested in it.

👤I recommend it to many of my friends because I love it so much. I used to toss and turn all night and didn't believe that I could stay in one position all night but with this king memory foam mattress I did, great sleep quality for a back pain sufferers. It is very comfortable and does not bounce like a spring mattress. I wish I had bought this years ago.

👤I looked at reviews for weeks. After reading the great reviews, I felt confident ordering this mattress. What did I do wrong in the world? I feel like I'm sleeping on a bed of books on this mattress. I wake up sore and hurt. 100 night sleep is guaranteed by them. I don't know how they will proceed with the return process. It's definitely on my to do list today, so I'm going to contact the company and hope for the best. I just want a good nights rest, wish me luck!

9. SoundAsleep Mattress ComfortCoil Technology Internal

SoundAsleep Mattress ComfortCoil Technology Internal

All SoundAsleep mattresses have a 1-year warranty. Money can buy the highest quality air mattress. Call or email for support. Their team is based in the US. The design uses ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure stability. No sliding or slipping! Your bed will remain flat and firm with 40 internal air coils. The SoundAsleep logo was updated in 2019. Quick and easy inflation and deflation can be achieved with the invention of a 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP. The Queen Size Dream Series mattress will stay inflated for days and will reach full inflation in under 4 minutes. If you prefer a firm surface, use the pump. The air bed has dual chamber construction. This mattress is large enough to sleep two people or one person like a king. People of all shapes and sizes will be happy. Their Twin Size is a smaller mattress. Extra thievery. The roof is locked. This mattress is puncture-resistant and long- lasting, and it is made of Eco-Friendly PVC.

Brand: Soundasleep Products

👤I bought this air bed for guests who were visiting for 5 nights. It inflated in about 4 minutes. I set it up in advance of the guests arrival. It is one of the most comfortable beds I have ever used. I inflated it briefly because it had stretched a bit after the first night. It held its shape for our visitors from that night on. They were happy with how well they slept after the first night. One of our guests commented that the raised sides of the mattress were genius because she didn't feel like she would roll over and off the mattress like other air beds. This is a very smart design. The bed folds into its original shape so that it fits easily into the fabric bag for storage. It's a good product.

👤After only a few uses with the same guest that sleeps over and still deflates, I received a third replacement. I don't know what's causing the deflate. I have had nothing but issues since I bought my own air mattress. Maybe they're making it with less quality. It's only been used in the same house and one adult. He's about 200 lbs and 6'3. The photo is attached. The customer service was awesome.

👤I bought a mattress about 2 years ago and am giving it a review. I used it a couple of times and it seemed to deflate a bit, but after a day or two of inflating it, it stayed firm and I didn't have to use it again. I didn't use it at all for the second year in a row. I decided to sleep downstairs all summer because my wife doesn't like the AC being on a lot. I've used it all summer. The mattress started to bow up in the middle as I stayed inflated. However, it is still firm. I don't drop my pillow very often. It's still the most comfortable inflatable bed I've ever owned. I've bought about 5 other things before I bought this one. I would take this mattress 100 times over the Aerobed. The Aerobed ALL was trashed because the repair kit didn't work well and it would leak in a matter of days after repair. Coleman lasts a bit longer because they don't produce pinholes but they leak and it gets worse over time.

👤The mattress worked well for a few days. It was very comfortable and held air all night. We folded it up after we deflated it. We needed to use it again a few days later, but it doesn't hold air overnight. After a couple of hours it starts to sink into the middle. We used it this way for a while. The inflate/deflate dial might be the reason for this. We tried a lot of different positions. Returning this one.

👤The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air bed arrived today. I am a skeptic first of all. I researched before making a decision. The bed was at the top of most sites. I listen to bad reviews and make decisions accordingly. I thought it had to be good. I finally ordered! There is a I smelled a scent from the material when I removed it from the box. That is a natural thing to me. Everything was in good shape when it arrived. I filled the bed to the max by plugging it in. It bounced on it and it seemed fine. We left about 4 hours later. Returned and checked for leaks. The bed was allowed to stretch and flex. It needs to be flexible. I had more air left for flexing and stretching. The scent has become bitter. There is a The bed is very tall. The bed is the same height as the sofa. I am taking the bed to Nicaragua to use for a few days and then leaving the bed in the children's home for them to use as a bed. Being that high from the floor is a good thing. There is a I haven't slept on the bed yet, but I think this is a good purchase. There is a Thanks to those who wrote the great reviews and those who wrote the poor ones. It helps a lot.

10. South Shore Mates Drawers 60 Inch

South Shore Mates Drawers 60 Inch

The Particleboard is laminated. Clean and low productivity lines. The traditional mates bed has smooth lines, 2 large drawers, and rounded edges. The bed has 2 drawers on one side that are ideal for storing and organizing items in the unused space under the bed. Save money with this bed, no box spring required. You can place your mattress on top of the frame. The bed is made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, which complies with all North American safety standards. They have a full 5-year limited warranty on this bed, so you can shop with confidence. It's necessary for assembly to be required. A queen size bed can hold 500 pounds. Ships in several boxes.

Brand: South Shore

👤It has been a few years. I have had this bed for over two years and it holds up well. I sleep on it every night because it has undergone a lot of use and abuse. I'm 200 lbs. My 300lb friend has slept on it a few times, and for the most part, it has not been a problem. The only problem I have had with this bed is that the wood boards that go under the mattress started to break and fall where I sleep the most. I flipped them and it was a good fix for a while, but eventually it snapped and left my mattress sagging. I went to Home Depot with a good board in hand, measured it up, and got some plywood cut to the same dimensions for cheap, and shouldn't have a problem again.

👤When the bed was delivered, I questioned if it was just one box. The driver told me twice that there was nothing else. I could not build this bed with just a few pieces because it was too large. They helped me quickly order another bed. On the day after, it was discovered that another box was left on the truck and was to be delivered that day. I had to refuse delivery once the 2nd bed arrived 3 days later because I had to cancel the reorder. I put together the bed by myself, since I already put together the matching headboard. My daughter lives too far away to get the power screwdriver back, so I lent it to her, even though it was not needed for the bed. I didn't know that the muscles of my body were hurting after fastening many long screws. The instructions were easy to understand, but I still wish that a written explanation was available. The rails for the drawers on the bed frame were the most difficult issue to resolve. It was hard to see which way they were going. I love this bed. It is sturdy and in perfect order. I was surprised that there were no holes on the bed to attach the headboard. I decided to leave it alone since the bed is very heavy and I have a corner place.

👤The instructions show black and white pictures, and every nail looked the same. 3 hours later, I figured it out. I was a little worried about missing nails or a huge chip on the parts, but overall I was very impressed with how sturdy and neat this look was. Since my bed is finished, I don't see where the chip part is, so I only saw 2 tiny chips that are not that big. It doesn't feel like it will break apart after sitting in it. I would buy another one of the bad reviews if I could.

👤I assumed that the quality of the bed was not great because it was easy to assemble. The bed is like putting your mattress on the floor, because it doesn't have the support for it. This is a cheap bed. I was surprised that for the price, I didn't see the same quality as Ikea, but since I was not able to find stock in my area, I decided to go with this one. And it is ok. I was a bit disappointed.


What is the best product for eco friendly mattress queen?

Eco friendly mattress queen products from King Koil. In this article about eco friendly mattress queen you can see why people choose the product. Atlantic Furniture and Princedeco are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly mattress queen.

What are the best brands for eco friendly mattress queen?

King Koil, Atlantic Furniture and Princedeco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly mattress queen. Find the detail in this article. Ez Inflate, Giftway and Enerplex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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