Best Eco Friendly Meal Prep Containers 50pack 6x6x3

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1. Containers Disposable Washable Microwave Dishwasher

Containers Disposable Washable Microwave Dishwasher

The Porter Bowl is not leak-proof. Save soups for the Porter Seal-Tight Bowl by carrying salad dressings separately. The plastic is safe and leakproof. No cracks or breaking along the way and leak-proof lids prevent spills or leaks in your bag or freezer. Their plastic food storage containers can be used for a long time. They are easy to clean. You can use them once if you want to reduce the hassle. Just put them in the dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. All of their products are made with approved materials. Food is safe and sustainable. It's portable and lightweight, perfect for busy families. Catering service can help with to-go meals. They can be neatly stacked on top of each other. The convenient size pack of 50 can meet any storage needs of you without wasting space. If you have any issues with your order, please contact them.

Brand: Aifusi

👤I will give you an honest assessment of the product after reading the past negative reviews. If you want 50 high quality containers for $20-$24 good luck, it isn't going to happen. There is a You get 50 and they are not intended to be used again. They throw away lunch and take it. Normally, I can get 3-4 uses out of these. Only one. I bought these in January and in May. The package lasts me about 4 1/2 to 5 months. Not bad for $22. They are not leakproof so do not try to put a full bowl of soup in them and expect the lid to keep the soup in. The lid is tight so you don't have to worry about tipping them over or picking up a mess on the counter or table. These are disposable and I like having them around. I don't have to worry about it when I leave it at work because I just throw it away the next morning. There is a I hope this helps. It's as fair as possible.

👤It is cheap plastic. I didn't expect glass quality or anything. I was expecting a bigger size. It holds 3 cups. It is the size of my hand. It is most likely only going to hold snacks. This is more of a kid portion. I wanted it to hold a big salad for lunch and I preferred to eat fewer meals. My fault is not mentally converting the oz listed into cups. flimsy plastic is the quality of it. If you hand wash, you could get a couple uses, but not a long term one.

👤We are elderly and disabled. We came upon these nifty containers while thinking of ways to save money. We separate the leftovers into individual meals. We pop one in the micro when we want to eat. We can either wash them in warm water in the dishwasher or wipe them down. We don't have to feel guilty if we throw away an old item in the fridge because we don't have to. Grab it and toss it. That is it! The fridge is kept neater and cleaner. The plastic has not warped.

👤These are great for meal prepping. They are microwaveable so it makes it easier to prepare meals for a household that doesn't have time to cook during the week. The lids are strong. The only thing I don't like about them is that they are flimsy, so if you lose everything in the container, you have to hold it with both hands.

👤A bunch came apart. It wasn't safe to package. There is a bag in a box. I couldn't use most of them. The portion size is small. Take out containers if you are comparing them to Chinese. It's less than the size. I think you could fit a cook chicken breast and 3 pieces of broccoli. Didn't order again because of how it was shipped.

👤At least 10 were thrown out because they were cracked. The juices can leak out if the lids are tight. These are the worst containers I have ever purchased. Don't waste your time or money dealing with them.

2. Clean LunchN Stainless Steel Container

Clean LunchN Stainless Steel Container

25 ounces of food can be held in this 2-section metal Clean Lunch'N box. It is a perfect lunch box for kids or adults. The divider can be adjusted and removed. Clean Lunch'N boxes are lightweight and easy to pack, they are great for meal prep, food storage and portion control. The smart locking clamps create a waterproof seal around your food. Clean up is easy with their smart locking lid clamps. The box can be placed in the dishwasher and the lid can be removed for cleaning. It's safe in the freezer. Comes with a backup ring. Reduce waste and save money with their eco-friendly bento boxes. They are 100% safe. The locking clamps keep food fresh and open easily. The bento box has a capacity of 2.25 inches. The total capacity is about 3 cups.

Brand: Graham Products

👤Don't buy. The food from one compartment leaks to the next when I buy 2 for each of my children. If you put a sandwich in the large section and fruit or veggies in one of the small and dry snacks in the other, it will end up wet. The product was really disappointing. The design is flawed.

👤It was worth it. It is cleaner than the plastic ones. Lunch boxes are a concern for me because of how much of a safety concern they can be if your food warms up too much. I like this metal one because I can put it in my lunch bag with ice blocks and it will stay cold. I use a lunch bag that you freeze so it helps a lot.

👤The box is easy to clean, but the divider is terrible and the food inside gets mixed up. What is the point of having a divider if it can't do its job? The fruits and vegetables are not the same. The option of a fixed divider was not shown when I purchased the box. It is useless to buy the adjustable divider. I have to buy a box from another brand.

👤I own a different, two - level lunch canteen, but love this more because it is dishwasher safe for one, but I also love the size of the compartments and I think one - level boxes are just easier and less messy all around.

👤I can not get the lid off. The box is fused to it. It won't come off when I run it under hot water. Have to come back. The other lunch box I got from them was perfect, and it was disappointing that I had to go through the extra hassle.

👤If you have eaten lunch while playing golf, you may have had your food taken by wildlife. I wanted a container that was easy to open and close. The product met both requirements. It works well for sandwiches. I could throw in some chips with the divider, but they would need to be in a bag.

👤The box is well designed. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into this product. The average person doesn't think of a lunch box like that.

👤My order arrived quickly and is leak proof. I should be good for a long time. I covered some of my stuff with ice, and it still didn't leak, and it kept things cooler than plastic, even though it's not suppose to.

👤It's perfect, it fits two pieces of bread, a hard boiled egg, a piece of cheese and a bit of room for whatever. Excellent seal is achieved by the thick Silicone gasket. Working out as I wanted.

3. Reli Meal Prep Containers Pack

Reli Meal Prep Containers Pack

The food bento containers are easy to clean up. The perfect size is 8.7 x 5.9 x 1.9" Food storage containers that can be Microwave/Freezer Safe can be used to store food. Their leak-proof design makes it easy to meal prep with food containers. Reli is the one to rely on. It's perfect for to-go meals, carry out, lunch boxes, restaurants, nutrition and fitness needs.

Brand: Reli.

👤I wanted to make the storage of leftovers in the fridge more streamlined and purchased these for that purpose. The containers are a great size for a packed meal and I like how they line up in my fridge. The only downfall is that a few of the lids have cracked after you closed the container. If you are too rough, they will crack. You need to pry them open to take the lid off. I would buy them again because they served the intended purpose.

👤These trays are great. They are great for lunches and were afraid they might be too thin. I keep these in the fridge for after school snack for the kids and they work out great. It is more affordable than buying fruit trays at the store.

👤I like the price and the size of the salad. Stack better in the fridge. They will buy again.

👤I didn't realize the depth of the "bowl" was too shallow. The container had a nice tight fitting lid. I will check out this company for future needs.

👤The containers were nice, but once something was in them, it was hard to open them. There is no tab to open the lids. We broke most while trying to open. This product was very disappointing.

👤The product is great but they ship them in a storage box so the top and bottom containers have broken spots. I could not use 2 bottoms and 5 lids. Quality and size are great.

👤I like to cook. I love sending desserts and entree to my friends and family in these containers. They can reuse the containers for storing their own food or sharing their food with others.

👤I work amazing for my meal prep service because I order these almost every week. I have never had an issue with clients saying that they leaked. The portion sized compartments allow for serving specific items in the meals.

4. Reli Meal Prep Containers Pack

Reli Meal Prep Containers Pack

Multi-purpose lunch boxes are perfect for a wide range of uses. The perfect size is 8.7 x 5.9 x 2.1" Food storage containers that can be Microwave/Freezer Safe can be used to store food. Their leak-proof design makes it easy to meal prep with food containers. Reli is the one to rely on. It's perfect for to-go meals, carry out, lunch boxes, restaurants, nutrition and fitness needs.

Brand: Reli.

👤I bought these several years ago and needed to give them back to my mom, who makes dinner for me a couple times a week. I have all of the sizes. There is a They are great for preparing lunches, freezing leftovers, and for lunches. They stack well in your fridge, freezer and pantry. There is a You can't beat the price. I purchased extras to use in our RV for a number of reasons, but mostly because they stack so neatly that I will save space. There is a Definitely a must have! They are great for storing plastic for picnics, pens, markers, crayons, and so on.

👤I bought this for my dog. The containers are sturdy, the size is perfect, and I haven't seen any cracks or flaws. It's a good thing. These can be stacked up on one another. It was never done. I thought they would be more sturdy than they are, but even if I tried to pry the lid off, it cracked and rendered them useless. It's getting annoying that I need to look for other types of containers.

👤They are sturdy and happy. The closing doesn't feel as secure as I would like it to. I've only tested the chicken Alfredo I made, but it's thicker than before. I have not been able to test with soup. I hope that if I use other liquids that there won't be a spill. It has a corner that is sticking out. I have a hard time opening containers like that, but they don't seem like seals or snaps. The corner edge on the lid can be removed.

👤I wanted to see if these would work for my drive-by baby shower meals. I wanted our guests to be able to reuse the container. These are perfect for my lunches and for all of the "take home" meals I give to my kids whenever they come to visit, even though they were too small for the meal I had planned for our drive-by baby shower. I can use them for something else. The lids fit tightly. Thanks for the product.

👤This product is a great deal. The containers are of great quality. They don't leak and are the perfect size. I don't have any complaints. I recommend this item to anyone looking for a sturdy container for their meals.

👤I have to say that I really like these. My Husband gets his lunches in his backpack every day. He has never had a leak. I have washed them. I can send food home with friends if they are cheap. These are great. When we run out, I will order them again.

👤The lids are tight. If you like to prepare meals to take to work or for freezer storage. It works well. If you remove the lid while it's still frozen, it's likely to crack and you should wait until the lid is closer to room temperature. Also, be aware. I use these in my microwave all the time and it's fine. You don't need the container back if you share stuff with others.

5. MIER Adult Insulated Cooler Double

MIER Adult Insulated Cooler Double

It was designed to last. The large cloths make it easy to clean messes. Towels fit on a towel holder. 2 Compartment Lunch Bag The top section of the store has a yawning U- opening and dual zip pulls that are ideal for non-seeping items. The bottom section is insulated with a soft PEVA liner, perfect for drinks and water. It is easy to clean. The lunch bag is insulated. The thick inner insulation and food-grade safe PEVA liner can keep food cold for hours, the heat-welded seams can guard against leaks, and it's easy to wipe clean. The top and bottom section interior sizes are 9.45L*7W*4.7H inch. It's nice to carry. The shoulder strap can be changed for carrying. The length is adjusted to fit most people around the shoulder at the drop of a hat for a hands-free carrying experience. The MIER special design 2.0 handle has a comfortable grip. High Reliable Cooler. The thermo tote has a front pouch for packing utensils and napkins, two small side pockets to hold other belongings, and is more convenient and flexible. There are two sizes available and they come in 8 amazing colors. The manufacturer's warranty is limited. MIER lunch bag is for two years. They are behind their products. If a product fails because of a defect in material or the quality of workmanship, they will repair or replace it for free. The materials and workmanship of their products will be free of any defects, as MIER takes pride in the quality of their products. If a problem develops, please contact them.

Brand: Mier

👤I bought this bag because it was one of the highest related lunch bags on Amazon. The side of the bag was ripped. The Styrofoam is all exposed. The return window just closed.

👤This lunch bag is very cute. Not too small. I put 16 ounces in it. There are water bottles in the bottom, 2 sandwiches, a pickle, a bag of chips, and some yogurt in the top. It all fits with some of the cooler blocks. I pack it at 5 am with 3 frozen water bottles on the bottom and 3 unfrozen bottles of water above. I put the blue ice blocks in the top section so that I could pack my food there. I've never had any issues. I work in a service truck in Southern California. It gets hot here. The cab has a bag in it. I don't use the A/C very often. I am. The water bottles on the bottom of the bag are still half frozen at 5 pm, and I was spending up to $11 a day for lunch. I make it the night before. Pack it in the morning and save a lot of money.

👤The reviews made me buy this item. Initial quality looked promising. From the first time, the zippers came off. I'm pretty disappointed.

👤My husband had been carrying his lunch in a small box. He was not happy with everything. We decided on this lunch box after doing some research. He is happy with the amount of food he can put in the lunch box. He uses the top for things that he doesn't want to get crushed and the bottom for heavier items. There is plenty of room for ice packs. The blue is the same color as the photo. It is a well made lunch box and will last a long time.

👤The cooler is larger than it appears on the internet. The bottom compartment wouldn't hold what I needed. The top part is larger than the bottom and causes it to be heavy. The strap is not sewn into the product and instead is attached to clips that are not secured to the top part of the cooler. I went with the 9. Can. The strap is sewn into the product and it is much more solid than the smaller one.

👤I needed a new lunch box because I was using plastic grocery bags to carry my lunch and decided to try the MIER Adult lunch box. I was worried that it would be too big. It is just right for my needs. The separate compartments have insulation. I spilled some salad dressing in the lower compartment and it was easy to clean up. I use the carry handle for now, but the shoulder strap is useful. It has a zip pocket on the front for utensils which is insulated and open side pockets on the ends. There are 2 food compartments. The first time I used it, I put too much food in the lunch box and didn't eat enough. I have leftover food from the few days I owned it, so I'm not sure how much to bring for lunch. This will hold 2 meals in two separate compartments.

6. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers

The item shape is rectangular. Make a lunch box with home-cooked food for the whole family and bring it to work, school or gym, then eat it on the go. You can cook your food in the containers and save it for later. The biggest set and best value you can find on Amazon is the 5 x 30 ounce glass food storage containers. Perfect for portion control. Save time by cooking and freezing your meals. The dimensions are 4.75” x 2” If you have a question about the Prep Naturals glass containers set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours.

Brand: Prepnaturals

👤I was going to buy Pyrex, but they switched from borosilicate glass to soda-lime glass in their USA products. If you put a hot container on a cool surface, it can explode, and that soda-lime glass is not as tolerant of fast temperature changes. I expect these glass containers to be safer when I go from oven to freezer to microwave. If I use the container to take lunch to work in my backpack, the tight fit of the lid is great for me. Unless you have two hands of normal adult strength, you might have trouble snapping them into place because the lids are tight. I wouldn't recommend these for elderly or disabled people.

👤The review was updated on July 18. You can find my original review below. There is a I don't usually write reviews, but I was so impressed by the company's resolution that I felt compelled to update my review. There is a After seeing my negative review, the company reached out to me and sent me a new set of containers that were perfect. The containers were on my doorstep within 2 days. I'm very happy. Thank you, HomeNative! The original review was not a good one. I don't usually write reviews but I feel compelled to do so. The glass containers are perfect. I was expecting work lunch containers. There is a The box had locking sides that had already broken off. The first two broke when I snapped it shut and the third broke when I opened it. I threw the packing material away because they were missing one locking side. They leak so I can't bring them to work. I don't want the hassle of returning them because I don't have packing material and I don't want the containers to be shattered. I'm back to square one with finding lunch containers. I tried to write a review on the first day, but the website wouldn't let me because it was receiving unusual review activity. I kept trying, but I felt so strongly about it. Frustrating!

👤There are a lot of things about this food container. The container is deep enough to fit a k-cup inside, so you won't have a problem fitting a full chicken thigh or drumsticks in there, unlike most containers I found. The glass container is smaller than I expected, but it can fit a nice full meal, even though it is too small for what I intended to use it for. 3. The containers are stable so no problem storing them. 4. The rubber is easy to clean. Exercise caution when washing because the rubber is only glue or something. 5. The plastic lock doesn't feel sturdy, that's one thing I don't like. The glass part is amazing, but the plastic covers are not as good as they could be.

👤People have to know that they have paid for this product. I got an absolute steal for the $20 that I paid. Plastic containers are bad for your body and I haven't been liking them. I found this one in the market for glass containers. There is a When I washed them, I noticed one of the lids was cracked. I sent an email to the seller to see if they could send me a new lid in less than 12 hours, and they said they would replace it. I get a brand new set 2 days later. I call it service. There is a I have not had any issues with the containers. If you bang them around the kitchen, it would start cracking. It's easy to clean, but not so easy to store. It is microwaveable, not the lid. I absolutely love it for what I spent. If you are on a budget, I would recommend looking for glass containers.

7. Glotoch Containers Compartment Microwave Dishwasher

Glotoch Containers Compartment Microwave Dishwasher

If you are not 100% satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution. Convenient MEAL PRE CONTAINER for lunch, leftovers and takeout. Their leak-proof, airtight food pre containers keep your food fresh and make meal prep a breeze, with their quick, easy open lids and quicker reheat times compared to other bulk containers. It's great for work, kids, school, travel, or restaurant takeout. They measured portions for satisfying meals. You can separate your main course from the rest of it. This tupperware container set is designed to meet all your needs. It's perfect for: packed lunches, takeout and delivery. Salad, sandwich, snack, fresh fruit, dip, breakfast, lunch, dinner, leftovers, and kids meals can be prepared. Their containers have a high tolerance for bending, twisting and temperature and are leak-proof, making them ideal for prep meals. A set of 50 packs. The container is a single compartment. The container measure is 8.7” x 6.2” x 1.7” The lightweight design makes it easy to store. It's microwave safe, and it's Washable. The containers can be reheated or frozen and can tolerate temperatures in the range of -40F to 132C. The material can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher multiple times. All of their lunch containers are made from the highest quality PP plastic. These containers are microwavable. Their products are manufactured to ensure that they have airtight lid to seal and store food. Durability and flexibility are important for the safety of the product. The containers are easy to clean. It is 100% recyclable. Quality assurance. If their food storage containers, bento lunch box or tupperware sets don't meet your needs, please contact their customer service team. They are able to resolve any issues that may arise. Quality assurance. If their food storage containers, bento lunch box or tupperware sets don't meet your needs, please contact their customer service team. They are able to resolve any issues that may arise.

Brand: Glotoch Express

👤We found these containers while looking to replace our food storage containers. The price seemed reasonable and we thought, "Why not give it a try?" Did we ever get tricked into buying a lemon of a product? This shows how bad the fake reviews are on Amazon, promoting products that are poor quality. The first time we tried to snap a lid, it cracked. Every time we try to open one, we have been able to get it closed without incident. This is what happens when you try to open one of these containers more than once. These are worse than disposable because you can't use them all.

👤They are the perfect size for me because I don't like cooking or storing a lot of food. (32OZ) I can use them over and over again because they are dishwasher and freezer safe. If I don't reuse them, they're recycled. There is a The meal prep containers help me with portion control when I'm on a diet. It is very sturdy and has spill proof lids. I did a watering test. I would recommend these healthy and safe meal prep containers if I were you. bang for bucks is a meaning of durable and reuse, meaning last for a long time. There is a I can use them in the oven, but make sure that your food is not frozen before putting it in the oven. There is a If you leave the lid open, the materials will become flimsy so it can break. There is a But other than that awesome product. Yesss would recommend them...

👤Most of my reviews are about organizing. These are my favorites. My daughters and sister are using them. There is a They don't take up a lot of room in your cupboard. I threw out my mismatch tuppers. I use quart containers for everything. I use these for leftovers. There is a They make your fridge/freezer look clean. There is a You can write what is in the container and date on a piece of paper. That way, you don't eat leftovers that are too old. There is no guessing when you look in the freezer for lunch or dinner. There is a If you just microwave the bottom, the lids will last longer. I always use the top rack of my dishwasher.

👤My love for these is twofold. They are disposable and can be given away. I'm one of 6 and my wife is one of 5 so there are often large family "pot luck" style meals. I usually let people use them as containers to take the extra food to our parents so that they don't have to throw it away. I don't mind letting go of them, but the quality is outstanding. There is a I don't agree with those that are complaining that they are hard to open.

👤I have a tendency to feed others, neighbors, friends, anyone that may want to try something, or just those having one of those places in life where homemade meals showing up on your doorstep is a relief. Paper plates and cling wrap aren't a great option so I decided to try these. If I don't get it back, the cost per container is a reasonable loss, but they are sturdy enough to wash and reuse. They are easy to break apart and get closed, and I haven't had any issues with thick sauces in them. It's great for a main dish portion with room for a side as well. One of the people that received meals bought herself a stack. They impressed! When my stock dwindles, I will definitely purchase these again. Would recommend.

8. Freshware Containers Compartment Stackable Dishwasher

Freshware Containers Compartment Stackable Dishwasher

A pack of 50 take-out boxes is great for packaging food at your deli, kiosk, food truck, or restaurant for to-go meals. They stack neatly on top of each other, making transportation mess free and making your customers happy. The 50-pack of Bento boxes has 1 compartment in one container. Each container can hold 28oz, which is the perfect portion for fit and healthy eating. There is a healthy food everywhere. Food storage containers with portion control can help you lose weight. The plastic containers can be used as a school lunch box. Premium quality and design. Meal prep containers don't last very long. They crack after a few uses. Their heavy duty lunch containers are built to be more strong than their competitors. The microwave, dishwasher and freezer are safe. The bento box is made of the highest quality food safe materials, so you can enjoy without worry about harmful chemicals leaking into your food. Freshware food containers are meant to help you eat healthier and save money by cooking at home. If your containers aren't perfect for you, just send them back for a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Freshware

👤The meal prep containers are well made. I've had issues in the past with them cracking when taking off the lid, however, this has only happened after long term use. They accommodate my meals of a variety of vegetables. I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in meal prepping but doesn't want to spend a lot on Tupperware. I don't know if the container is durable if they are thrown through the dishwasher frequently. I have not had any issues with microwaving the containers.

👤I use these for weekly meal prep. I had other people that had different areas for food. I always wanted the sizes to be different. I did not need so many dividers. I bought a package of little cups to add liquid dips or anything I wanted to keep separate. Over the last few months, they have held up well. There is a I haven't frozen anything in them. I wash them. I can't attest to leak proof or not, but I have not put any real liquidy items in them.

👤These are great. These help me meal prep each weekend because I have limited time as a medical student. There is a They are very pleasant in the microwave. The burritos get warm, but the container doesn't at all. They do well in the freezer and the dishwasher. Those who have had them melt probably didn't read the warning. Don't do that and you will be happy.

👤I bought these containers to portion out cooked meals for freezing, lunches, and the like. I guessed the size. It is good. I could've been a little bigger. The lids fit securely. They stack well in the frig and in the cabinet. They do well in the dishwasher. I wanted plastic that was free of the harmful chemical. The price is great for 15 containers. I am very happy with these.

👤I started doing meal prep a few months ago, and these have made it easy. They are dishwasher safe and seem to last over several uses. The end of the round ones are great for serving sizes. I only have to run my dishwasher once a week once I have eaten the portion, because I rinse it out and put it in the dishwasher. My other container ware is not being used.

👤I love these. They allow me to cook a lot and store it for future use. When I need a quick meal, cooking and storing the food in these containers is a huge help. Each day I go to my freezer and pick out a meal for the evening. I can make a variety of meals and store them for the rest of the week. They can be used to deal with leftover food at church luncheons. It's very handy. It works in the dishwasher and microwave.

👤It makes carrying your lunch so much better. My husband takes the train to work and so we freeze lunch in containers so he can grab and go. They don't get brittle from freezing.

9. Greenco Storage Containers Condiment Leak Resistant

Greenco Storage Containers Condiment Leak Resistant

Their glass meal-prep containers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The lids are not dishwasher safe. There are containers and lids that can be rearranged. The value pack is a set of 20 mini storage containers. It's perfect for lunch boxes or for storing small craft items. The container holds 2.3 ounces. The dimensions are 2.75" x 2.75" Not for Microwave use, but fridge, freezer, and dishwasher are safe. Kid-friendly, easy-open lids.

Brand: Greenco

👤I'm going to give it a 3. These are terrible. They were stuck together when I opened the package. I ripped the nail polish off my nails just a few days ago. I put one on top of the other and it made it difficult to pull it apart. These are cheap. I bought better ones from the dollar tree. The top went on better because they were thicker. The Dollar Tree still sells these. I got my money's worth for $1. I use them for extra storage for my arts and crafts, so I will keep them. Don't stack them if you buy them.

👤When I bought these for my slime business, I had to put a rubber band on the top because it wouldn't stick to the container, but it's a good size for a small or x small slime. I don't think it could hold a liquid without spilling it because the people who bought my slime said it cracked very easily. I found the exact same container at the dollar store. So. Check your dollar treee first.

👤I rarely leave reviews with the title "horrible". I didn't expect extraordinary quality, but one does have the expectation that the lid will fit. I received more than half of the batches and the rest fit so poorly that a breeze would blow if it fell off. Didn't bother returning the small purchase, threw them all in the garbage.

👤These are not good. I was not buying them for food use. They were stuck together and it started to feel like they would only be able to work together. My husband had to pry them apart after I hurt myself on the little plastic rim. The lids aren't sealed, which doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't use them for food or liquids for fear of them leaking. SureFresh seems to be better in quality if you can find it. I can't recommend a product that requires so much effort to try and unpack.

👤These are the cheapest containers I have ever seen. Absolutely terrible product. I would come back if I was not charged for the shipping. The lids don't stay on very long. These are not suitable for storing food. From now on, I will use Glad or Ziploc containers. If you need something for craft storage, these containers are not for you.

👤The reviews about the containers are correct. I thought I could pull the containers apart after purchasing them. I didn't see how the containers don't snap on or off, but this may be because people discarded them before using them. The lid is not secured if you put dressing or condiments in it. The containers joined the party.

👤The description tells you what to expect, cheap containers that don't stay on very well. The package says it was manufactured in China, but there is no Greenco on it. They look like cheap party favors because of the packaging. Don't expect Tupperware quality at $5.99 for 20.

10. Superior Containers Innovated BPA Free Locking

Superior Containers Innovated BPA Free Locking

If you want to save money, you should equip your kitchen with plenty of STACKABLE bento box containers. Regardless of time constraints, you and your family should eat well. Easy Lunch Prep. Each container has a capacity of 32 ounces (950 liters). It's the right size for soup, leftovers, and meal prep. Pack lunch into a cooler or backpack for school or work. SAFE AND FRIENDLY. Glass is free of chemicals and friendly to the environment. Hot foods can be transferred directly to the containers, as there are no chemicals in the food. The plastic in the lid is safe to use. Premium glass: The containers are made of borosilicate transparent glass and are impervious to rapid temperature changes. Transferring from the freezer to the oven is safe. The perfect choice for acidic foods are glass containers. The tastiness of food is maintained by glossy surface. An airtight seal is created by a locking lid. The lid can be opened and closed quickly and last longer than one piece. The containers are leakproof and are perfect for the gym, pool, or work. Their glass meal-prep containers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The lids are not dishwasher safe. There are containers and lids that can be rearranged.

Brand: Finedine

👤My first shipment had a chip in it. Quality control was an issue. I made a mistake or requested a replacement because I saw that it was thick. The reason? I stacked the containers vertically in order to save cabinet space. There were glass shards in the container when I took it out to use. This product is dangerous. Unless you like eating glass, I don't recommend it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase. The set is very nice. The glass is a little lighter than other snapware but not so light that it would be easy to break, just light enough that it is not as heavy in my lunch box. Highly recommend this product. It looks nice if you eat at your desk. I like round over the standard rectangular containers, I can easily eat a rainbow salad and escape from the drudgery of desk work. I don't regret it.

👤The containers are not 35oz. They do leak. The stew leaked out when I filled the containers a bit more than half way. The lunch bags were in the car. The containers should be able to hold that kind of movement without leaking, as shown in the picture. This is not the case.

👤I like a big salad or a bowl of soup. I use them for both. It is easy to clean because it travels in a small bag. If you put them over a bowl of soup, I would recommend letting it cool off first. I wish I hadn't warped 2 of them, I'm washing the same lid most nights for reuse.

👤I put the containers to work after washing them. I have been using them for 2 months and love them. They are leak proof and large enough to hold a decent sized left over, a fresh chopped salad and other goodies. The glass makes it easy to see the contents. I have included them in the dishwasher and they come out sparking either way. I wanted to eliminate the majority of my plastic storage containers. I will be ordering larger and smaller containers for the storage of my food items, which will be safer and more efficient.

👤Love is in the air! The soup didn't leak and was the first use. It's just the right size for a lunch and I like that it's oven safe, so it can be a multitasking lunch. It was worth the price.

👤I dropped one on the concrete as I was unpacking it and nothing happened to it. They are exactly what I wanted. I had three of them filled with soup and stacked on top of each other. I put them in the fridge and the top one slid off and fell. The lid stayed on. I am very happy with this item.

👤I was pleased with the product so far. 3 leak proof bowls with locking lids for $18.00 is a good deal. There is a The bowl and lid seem to have been made well. I washed the bowls, seals and clips and verified them. I will use one and pack the other two away. There is a Too soon to discuss the product's longevity. The lid or clips will fail at some point. I will have to buy another bowl. It sounds like a 5 year warranty. I did not read the fine print. I would be happy if it lasted a few years.

11. Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Lasting

Fit Fresh Coolers Reusable Lasting

The ICE packs are called the XL ICE packs. These ice packs are perfect for any bag, and are perfect for when you want to escape the house. These ice packs are perfect for lunch bags, beach bags, picnic baskets, and more. TILE DESIGN: Food and drinks can be kept fresh even longer with the help of these ice packs. The design allows you to pack them on the bottom of your lunch bag or cooler. Use ice packs for more cooling power. It is long-lasting. The ice packs are designed to last a long time so you can head out knowing that what you pack will stay fresh until you are ready to eat. The ice packs should be frozen the night before use. HEALTHY AND SAFE. There are 4 plastic ice packs in this set. Pack a lunch with ice packs to prevent germs from entering the cafeteria, shared office refrigerator, or takeout containers. Do not microwave the hand wash. They are fit and fresh, designed by women for women, and they are dedicated to supporting your healthy lifestyle. The key to living your best life is creating a colorful balance, and they have a line of accessories to help you do that.

Brand: Fit & Fresh

👤I paid a lot of money for them, but they are not worth it. They start to thaw out as soon as you take them out of the freezer. I wouldn't return them since I have already thrown away the packaging.

👤This is a weird review because I don't know how to classify this issue. It took me 2 full days to freeze them. There is a It took a full day to freeze solid after that. I thought it was frozen solid. It only froze on the outer edges. I was surprised that something this thin would not freeze in a day. How can a thin object not freeze? There is a I discovered this when I was pushing the ice into my cooler. I heard a small noise. There is a When I pulled out the ice pack, it was full of liquid and ice chips, and it looked like a "shylus" drink. The pop was made of ice. I put these in my cooler after only a few hours of work on Monday, but they were already melted, so I took a break. It seems as if the solution mixture inside the icepack needs to be addressed because I don't understand why it takes so long to freeze but then melt down so quickly. There is a It causes a lot of trouble and frustration. There is a The thinness of this product makes it slip into some tight areas, but the outer shell seems durable, and I prefer cold drinks when working outside in the heat. This review can help you.

👤My kid's lunch boxes stay pretty chilled because they stay in the freezer until 5pm when they come out of the freezer. I use these slim ones as a replacement for the "ice walls" that came with their lunch boxes and they work better. There were no sandwiches at noon. If I ever need more of these, I would buy more of them.

👤After just a couple of hours, everything was already getting warm, worthless.

👤I don't think this stays cold as long as the squishy gel packs, but I prefer this to the cold packs, that I've had break open and leak, or that take up more space in the freezer and the lunch box.

👤I have used the coolers daily since I purchased them. They refreeze very quickly. They keep my items cold. The longer they are frozen, the smaller the bag. In the morning I can put room temperature items in my bag, but by lunch soda and water are cold. If I forget to put the coolers in the freezer in the evening, I can have them frozen within two hours in the morning. Will return.

👤Thin ice packs that don't take a lot of space in the freezer or lunch bag. It stays frozen for a long time. It's possible to keep lunch in an insulated bag during the summer. Due to Covid 19 we no longer have a public fridge at work to keep our lunches, so needed something to keep lunch fresh and safe to eat in the car. The ice packs saved lunch when we hit 98 last week.


What is the best product for eco friendly meal prep containers 50pack 6x6x3?

Eco friendly meal prep containers 50pack 6x6x3 products from Aifusi. In this article about eco friendly meal prep containers 50pack 6x6x3 you can see why people choose the product. Graham Products and Reli. are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly meal prep containers 50pack 6x6x3.

What are the best brands for eco friendly meal prep containers 50pack 6x6x3?

Aifusi, Graham Products and Reli. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly meal prep containers 50pack 6x6x3. Find the detail in this article. Mier, Prepnaturals and Glotoch Express are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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