Best Eco Friendly Meal Prep Containers Disposable

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1. Ez Prepa Pack Compartment Containers

Ez Prepa Pack Compartment Containers

If you have a question about the Prep Naturals glass containers set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours. The portion control bento boxes come in a 25 Pack of durable meal prep containers with lids to prepare your healthy meal plans for the week ahead and achieve your nutrition goals. Their convenient and versatile 3 compartment meal prep containers are designed to serve the perfect portion you need to carry for work, school, gym, park and any other outdoor occasion. Each bento lunch box has a capacity of up to 32oz which is the perfect size to not feel hungry and allows you to know the amount of food you are consuming to achieve your balanced diet goals. The microwave and dishwasher are safe. The plastic used in the food prep containers is safe to use and eco-friendly. It is built to resist microwave heat. They are dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Save time, money and space. The lunch box containers are able to be stacked to save time when you need more space in the fridge or cabinet. They are cheap for another go. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! When you order today, your purchase is protected. The quality of their products is something they are confident in. Their products are tailored to the needs of the customer. If you are not happy with your purchase, you will get a full refund. They will run out of stock today.

Brand: Ez Prepa

👤This is not a good product. The lids don't snap on. Several of the lids broke. They want you to print a return label off of your phone, which won't work. The option to email the slip is there, but it won't email. I have never left a bad review until this item. Don't buy this.

👤It works when you put your food somewhere. There is a The lid doesn't stay on securely. We tried to place the lids on all of them just to make sure they were compatible, as we had ordered meal prep containers from Amazon that had a similar problem. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with these as well. It's very frustrating when trying to freeze food for meal preps because the lid won't open all the way. The food will leak if you have any kind of liquid or sauce in it. It will be all over your lunch box. I won't be ordering again because 2 is for serving it's purpose.

👤I can't see how these got a high rating, they don't seal properly. The top does not snap together tightly. I don't get much of the top to snap together. It leaves a small gap that can be filled with air, which makes freezing them useless. I don't think restaurants will give these out. I'm not going to send mine back since they were so cheap. I think I can use it to store food. I'll be getting something else for freezer storage. There is a I was able to get a better seal on many of these. I would consider it to be air tight. I have added an extra star to this review.

👤Similar to the plastic Chinese take out containers, but much nicer with the compartments and seem to be better quality. The top of the lid fits into the bottom of the container so that the stack doesn't slide off each other. Excellent! There is a It seems like they would be fine if you packed crazy stuff with your meals because I have not had anything packed in them yet. There is a It's nice to have a set that's all stacked up, instead of having a bunch of random containers in the kitchen. Will make the fridge much better. I am happy with my purchase.

👤Excellent product. The three compartments are great for portion control. I like the clear lids because I can see what's going on. The seal has proven leak-proof so far, but I will have to see how well it holds up over the course of a few months, but at this price, I think it's the best part. They take up a lot of room on the top rack of the dishwasher. It doesn't seem like a good idea to wash them on the bottom rack. It is hand- washing. There is a It takes a lot of effort to get the lids open and closed. It's not a big deal for most people, but it's a small concern for those with arthritis. I highly recommend this product despite the issues.

2. Eco Friendly Containers Compartment Disposable Clamshell

Eco Friendly Containers Compartment Disposable Clamshell

100% satisfaction guaranteed! When you order today, your purchase is protected. The quality of their products is something they are confident in. Their products are tailored to the needs of the customer. If you are not happy with your purchase, you will get a full refund. They will run out of stock today. The clamshell 3-compartment container is a convenient way to serve meals. It's perfect for serving a main dish with two sides. The 3 compartment to-go containers are a great choice for your daily meals or restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, special events, and other types of environments. These take out containers are made of sustainable and renewable materials. The disposable container is a great alternative to paper and plastic, it is earth-friendly and has the same sturdy function. Meal prep portion control is a perfect size to use as a weight loss aid. Make meal prep easier and faster to help you stay on track with healthy eating habits. These to-go clamshells can be used for hot or cold food. It doesn't have any paper or wax lining. These containers are cut resistant. Stack Man has a wide range of products and a classic design that is perfect for any occasion. It's perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, BBQs, events, parties, weddings, and restaurants.

Brand: Stack Man

👤These containers were purchased for my small business. They are amazing! They are leak proof. I have peace of mind that the food won't leak while I'm driving. Quality containers are what I recommend. STACK MAN has other products I buy. The containers are 16 ounces and 8 ounces. I have dropped them many times and they don't leak. Love is what makes us happy. Cinthia is a plant. There is a person named Dawson.

👤My husband goes to work and we bought these for him. We use the biggest compartment for the meats and the smaller ones for the sides. These don't open and they haven't leaked either. They keep food warm for a while. If you need to microwave it later on, you can do it in this container. Will buy again.

👤Its not foam. It keeps food warm. Thank you.

👤I bought these for a gathering. Since it was outside and a bit cold, these were able to protect the food from the wind. Highly recommend them! It's very strong to hold any amount of food.

👤One day shipping was amazing. The containers are sturdy and durable, the lid snaps shut, and they are all I need in a container. The container keeps food warmer than styrofoam and the interior food compartments are a reasonable size. The price is reasonable for a quality product. I will buy these again and recommend them to others.

👤Good product, good quality and good container.

👤These plates are very sturdy and fancy. It snaps closed instead of the tuck in. They are a bit smaller. The amount of food in the plate is obscured by the black color. It is not noticeable.

👤I use this product for my pack meal in the office. It is reliable and there is no spill at all.

👤La calidad is excelente.

3. Containers Eco Friendly PLANET AVENUE Dishwasher

Containers Eco Friendly PLANET AVENUE Dishwasher

You can trust me. EcoPreps has made it easy to prepare waste-free food. Their 180 day satisfaction guarantee will keep you covered. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, contact them and they will resolve the issue. Eco-conscience materials. The environment is what they value most. They strive to be kind to nature by making non-plastic food containers. These containers are made from glass and bamboo and are re-usable when cleaned well. The lungs are sluggish. Their glass container with a bamboo lid is perfect for those who have had bad experiences with storing fresh foods. These containers have bamboo lids reinforced with food-grade silicone rubber to prevent bugs from getting into them. Their glass, bamboo lid food storage containers give you the ultimate solution for food preservation. The ultra-durable is. There is a big room for you to use the bamboo lid meal prep glass containers in the oven, freezer, and microwave. The glass is pleasant to look at and can handle temperatures up to 520F. You can use your hands or a dishwasher to clean these wood lid glass food containers. There are noxious use containers. The glass container with a bamboo lid is a universal container that you can use to store a lot of stuff. It's good for dry foods like pasta, rice, sugar, beans, and spices. You can use them to store wine, honey, and other liquids. The bamboo lid can be used as a cutting board. They care about your health. The health of you and your family is of paramount importance to them. The bamboo lid glass containers are more durable than the plastic ones. They are 100 percent recyclable and eco-friendly. Plastic may emit unsafe chemicals into your food in the microwave and wear off under dishwasher pressure.

Brand: Planet Avenue

👤A few months ago, I received a gift of the Planet Avenue 5-pack tall canister glass jars with bamboo lids, which I really liked. I used those to store dry food. When I saw that Planet Avenue had other food containers with bamboo lids, I ordered a set of rectangular glasses, also 5 pieces. I received them in record time. I found the glass containers to be very sturdy and a lot thicker than the canister jars I had previously. The freshness of the food was retained when I put it into the five containers that were sealed around the bamboo lids. I can put the containers in the microwave, the oven or the dishwasher without the bamboo lid. I like the fact that I can use these containers to keep food at home or to carry food when I go out to work and expect the same freshness. I can use the bamboo lids as small chopping boards when I am doing some food prepping, because of the great aspect of these containers. I recommend these storage dishes for use and gifts.

👤I was excited about these but they were not up to par. They arrived mostly broken. I was able to save and use 2 of the shattered containers. I received a refund from Amazon. The ones I was able to use, I used for a couple months, but the lids got moldy and there is no way to clean them. A way to ship them safely is needed.

👤They seem to be good quality, but the lids stain easily. I put the leftovers in one of these. The pasta sauce stained the lid. Several of the lids won't stay on. They pop back off when I press them down. I will not buy more because of that issue.

👤This set is easy to use and store, and it is elegant and beautiful. I bought a few of the glass food storage containers as gifts for people who came to my wedding, and the responses I got were so sincere. Someone sent me a picture of how beautiful they were and said that it was something she had always wanted but had never been able to get. I will definitely be buying more of these as gifts, thank you for this wonderful product. The bamboo lids have a great touch. It is very easy to use.

👤I bought the tall set in June of 2021. I wanted to give a few months before posting the review. I use the middle size for storing my coffee beans and it has been great! I use other sizes for sugar and flour. I keep it on the counter because it's stylish and elegant and sturdy. This is the perfect product for people who don't want to buy in bulk and want to showcase their kitchen. I haven't washed in the dishwasher, mostly because of a quick clean with a wet dish rag.

👤I ordered these glass containers for my wife. They arrived three days early. All 5 glasses were neatly stacked in an inner box and the cute bamboo lids were in a second box. There is a My wife loved them. She is using the larger bamboo lid as a cutter. I eat my breakfast with one of the smaller glasses. I like it. There is a We've used the containers with the lids to store food in the freezer and vegetables in the fridge. The glasses can be used to warm food in the microwave. They wash in the dishwasher. We use kitchen towels to wipe the bamboo lids clean. This is the first time we have glass containers with bamboo covers and we will enjoy them for a long time in place of the plastic containers. There is a We will buy them for our friends at Christmas.

4. Pyrex Meal Prep Containers Multicolored

Pyrex Meal Prep Containers Multicolored

If you have a question about the Prep Naturals glass containers set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours. There are two glass storage containers with lid, one for 1-Cup and one for 7-Cup, and one for 2-Cup and one for 4-Cup. This set of glass dishes for fridge or freezer is large enough to fit in your fridge or freezer. Pure Pyrex glass is stain and odor resistant, so it stays clean and preserves the freshness of your food. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. The plastic lids are secure and dishwasher safe. There is a limited warranty on glass and plastic. USA, Egypt, and Turkey are where the vessels are made.

Brand: Pyrex

👤If you are David Blaine, you should only buy this Pyrex set. I tried to microwave something at room temperature for 60 seconds, but the container shattered into a million pieces over the microwave. The containers are labeled as oven and microwave safe. I have microwaved other Pyrex containers and they have not had any issues, but this one blew up catistrophicaly on the very first use. I enjoy the set and look of the product, but I cannot stress enough that it was inadvertently explored in my microwave!

👤I would like to thank Amazon customer support for their assistance in the matter, they were completely satisfied with their solution. Highly disappointed in the product. I have been using glass pyrex for over 15 years. There were no complaints until 4/6/18. Less than 3 months after receiving this set, one of the glass bowls exploded in my microwave. The food was reheated. This Pyrex set was very disappointing.

👤The bowls are chipping after a few months of use. The manufacturer didn't seem to care about this issue after I contacted them. There was no concern about the potential for glass to be in food. That is completely unacceptable. Before buying a glass bowl, make sure to check out the other glass bowl manufacturers.

👤The glass shattered as soup poured out of the microwave onto the stove. It seemed to have moved around the soup line. It seems that other reviewers have had the same problem. I bought it because of the Pyrex name, hoping that they would last a long time. I wouldn't recommend them. It's better to buy a set that won't break.

👤The bowl was not worth the money. The rice was not warm at all. Still shattered. I put my lunch in it and it shattered out of nowhere. I thought this would be a better container than the plastic ones I have. I guess I was wrong.

👤Is the microwave safe? I don't think so. These should be avoided. When they warmed up some rice, they blew up.

👤The glass dishes seem strong and good quality, like I've come to expect from Pyrex. The quality of the overall product is affected by the quality of the lids. The green containers are flimsy and won't stay on the container, even though most of the lids are good. I wanted to use these two containers for lunches, but I don't trust the lids to stay in my lunch bag. The dishes would be perfect for meal prep if only two of the corners had been undone. I was disappointed that I didn't find a good meal prep container, but I thought I'd stick with Pyrex because they looked good. My instincts were wrong in this case.

👤I love these so much. I trashed all of them and bought glass because plastic Tupperware is a nightmare to clean. The food moves quickly. If you're complaining that your dishes have exploded in the microwave, I'd bet you're making the mistake of nuking leftovers straight from the fridge. When a glass dish goes from cold to hot too quickly, it will shatter or explode. My recommendation is either 1. Before you put the dish in the microwave, make sure it is sitting on the counter for a few minutes. The food should be in a dish that is not cold from the fridge. I will never put my new glassware in the dishwasher or microwave it, as this is a lovely set. I want to keep it as long as possible. It takes a few seconds to clean them.

5. HeloGreen Eco Friendly 3 Compartment Cornstarch Disposable

HeloGreen Eco Friendly 3 Compartment Cornstarch Disposable

The food trays in the sustainable value pack are 100% compostable. By using their containers, you are helping to keep harmful materials out of landfills. If you compost at home, use proper composting measures. Comes with 50 take-out containers. Their containers are 8” in length and 8” in width. No more worries about food liquids getting into the water while on-the-go. You can carry these containers with you wherever you go. The containers are made from cornstarch, a renewable resource, and with small percentage of PP#5 that helps save their planet. Completely microwaveable, save time re heating leftovers. HeloGreen food containers can be kept cool. HeloGreen containers can be used to preserve or reheat food. HeloGreen containers are non- soggy and can hold any type of food without it becoming soggy. They will replace your containers for free if you don't like them, they know you'll love them. You can contact them at any time. What are you waiting for? Think green, choose HeloGreen, and start saving the earth.

Brand: Helogreen

👤I love these! My husband never brings back the containers that I send him for lunch. They are disgusting if he does. I need an alternative because I am already behind on dishes. I feel guilty buying disposable things because I don't like being wasteful and filling up our landfills with things that will be there forever. Go boxes help with guilt a bit. They are more durable than Styrofoam containers. I am able to use them for more than just his lunch because I can rewash them multiple times. If I am out of my regular storage containers, I use them for my sons stuff. Highly recommend!

👤I've been trying to find eco-friendly things to do in the club's commercial kitchen. Some were eco-friendly, but in less than an hour they would leak. This brand is amazing. I had corn beef and cabbage in the container in the fridge for 3 days and it didn't leak or seepage. I highly recommend. For a buffet, these are smaller than your normal 9x9 or 10x10, but they keep people from over serving.

👤Our church had a Thanksgiving luncheon. Pick up and delivery orders are not available. The sections were large enough for our purpose. Our guest appreciated that we didn't have to cancel the event. There is a I will recommend this product to my family and friends, because of the new rules. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless. To all.

👤Everything works well about these. They're too shallow to fit most food on a platter. It feels crowded and hard to close when I put a few pieces of meat in it. It could be a problem or fine depending on what you're serving.

👤Shallow, thin, couldn't properly hold a slice of pizza. Anything with liquid is not possible due to leaking. Don't bother, it doesn't shut properly.

👤My wife makes me breakfast in the morning so I can get to work. Great product. It was very well made and there was no leak. Other brands are more expensive. You get a better quality.

👤I bought these containers because I knew there would be leftovers for people to take home from the event. Garbage to Gardens is a service that we have subscribed to, and we have recently moved to using all compostible products at the church. Compostible waste is turned into garden compost by that service. We will use some of it in the garden.

👤The texture on the bottom collects a lot of the good stuff, but my husband only complains about that. It's hard to eat out of. That is just nit picking. They are eco conscious.

6. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers

The wheat fiber lunch box kit comes with a Bento Box, 1 spoon, and 1 Rice. Ball mold,Sauce dish,Silicone cupcake liners,Fruit Forks. Customer support is friendly. The bento box body should not be heating in the microwave oven. Meal prep containers have locking lids. If you have a question about the Prep Naturals glass containers set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours. The best value you can find on Amazon is the 8 x 30 ounce glass food storage containers. Perfect for portion control. Save time by cooking and freezing your meals. The dimensions are 4.75” x 2” Make a lunch box with home-cooked food for the whole family and bring it to work, school or gym, then eat it on the go. You can cook your food in the containers and save it for later.

Brand: Prepnaturals

👤I was going to buy Pyrex, but they switched from borosilicate glass to soda-lime glass in their USA products. If you put a hot container on a cool surface, it can explode, and that soda-lime glass is not as tolerant of fast temperature changes. I expect these glass containers to be safer when I go from oven to freezer to microwave. If I use the container to take lunch to work in my backpack, the tight fit of the lid is great for me. Unless you have two hands of normal adult strength, you might have trouble snapping them into place because the lids are tight. I wouldn't recommend these for elderly or disabled people.

👤The review was updated on July 18. You can find my original review below. There is a I don't usually write reviews, but I was so impressed by the company's resolution that I felt compelled to update my review. There is a After seeing my negative review, the company reached out to me and sent me a new set of containers that were perfect. The containers were on my doorstep within 2 days. I'm very happy. Thank you, HomeNative! The original review was not a good one. I don't usually write reviews but I feel compelled to do so. The glass containers are perfect. I was expecting work lunch containers. There is a The box had locking sides that had already broken off. The first two broke when I snapped it shut and the third broke when I opened it. I threw the packing material away because they were missing one locking side. They leak so I can't bring them to work. I don't want the hassle of returning them because I don't have packing material and I don't want the containers to be shattered. I'm back to square one with finding lunch containers. I tried to write a review on the first day, but the website wouldn't let me because it was receiving unusual review activity. I kept trying, but I felt so strongly about it. Frustrating!

👤There are a lot of things about this food container. The container is deep enough to fit a k-cup inside, so you won't have a problem fitting a full chicken thigh or drumsticks in there, unlike most containers I found. The glass container is smaller than I expected, but it can fit a nice full meal, even though it is too small for what I intended to use it for. 3. The containers are stable so no problem storing them. 4. The rubber is easy to clean. Exercise caution when washing because the rubber is only glue or something. 5. The plastic lock doesn't feel sturdy, that's one thing I don't like. The glass part is amazing, but the plastic covers are not as good as they could be.

👤People have to know that they have paid for this product. I got an absolute steal for the $20 that I paid. Plastic containers are bad for your body and I haven't been liking them. I found this one in the market for glass containers. There is a When I washed them, I noticed one of the lids was cracked. I sent an email to the seller to see if they could send me a new lid in less than 12 hours, and they said they would replace it. I get a brand new set 2 days later. I call it service. There is a I have not had any issues with the containers. If you bang them around the kitchen, it would start cracking. It's easy to clean, but not so easy to store. It is microwaveable, not the lid. I absolutely love it for what I spent. If you are on a budget, I would recommend looking for glass containers.

7. Container Janpanese Compartment Leak Proof BPA Free

Container Janpanese Compartment Leak Proof BPA Free

The containers are large enough to hold chicken, rice and vegetables, pasta, salads, and entree for breakfast, lunch, dinner, at school, at work, and at parties. They are great for meal prep, take out or kid's lunches. It is perfect portion control. The bento box design prevents different food from mixing together in order to maintain the original taste of the food. The perfect size for portion control can prevent you from over eating. You can eat healthy and delicious food at the same time. This bento box is perfect for portion control. The Lunch Box is made with eco-friendly materials, such as reuseable wheat fiber and PP plastic. It's suitable for adults and kids. A compartment tray and eco-friendly materials make it easy to clean up in the dishwasher. High cost performance and leakproof design. The bento lunch container can be used again and again. The food should be kept fresh and free of mess. The leak proof Silicone on the cover is designed to prevent leaks. You get a classic Japanese 3-In-1 containers bento lunch container with Divider, Fork and a spoon and optional lunch bag. Customer support is friendly. It's risk-free! The bento box body should not be heating in the microwave oven.

Brand: Asfrost

👤Disappointed. I had a bento box for 2 weeks and I loved it. The box seems to have shrunk or the lid has expanded. The sides of the lid that hold the boxes together don't want to clip to the box anymore The clips are too long. I have microwaved food in this before and I don't see anything in the advertising that it isn't microwaveable. They should specify that if it is not. The lid no longer works and I can't use it anymore, so I gave this 2 stars.

👤This box is great. I bought it to bring on my weekly visit with my grandchild, if I hadn't taken care of my daughter in law that week. The size is perfect for her. I like the separation of items so fruits don't smell like chicken. It is small for a heartier eater. The bag is large enough to hold an ice pack, a couple of drinks and extra items, so it works well that way. I use it to keep my attitude in check so I can get time with my grandchild.

👤Many others have stated that I bought this for work. To start, I love the utensils, they're small, and wonderful. The top is no longer open. I've tried turning it around and closing it, as well as rearranging it. I might try some tape. The first two compartments are useless because the top half is no longer secure. I use the bottom compartment with the lid on it to carry things with me, which does fine on its own.

👤My daughter received a lunch box for Christmas. The bag's handle is broken a few weeks later. The lock on the bento box is loose and the seal on the top lid keeps coming off when I wash it. I should have known that it was junk, but I took the chance. My daughter likes the style and size of the bento and the bag that comes with it. I wouldn't pass on this one.

👤The bento box is adorable. My daughter received it as a Christmas present. She's going to love it! It has a handy bag for carrying extra items. A set of plastic silverware is a huge plus. I was sure that Bento boxes would not hold enough food. I'm happy to admit I was wrong. You can have a nice lunch with three layers.

👤I had high hopes for these little boxes. I got 2 for myself and my son and thought they would be great for lunch. For my little guy. There isn't enough room for an adult lunch in it, but I can fit his preschool lunch in it. It is not easy to stack back together from preschool. Save money by getting a flat easy bento box.

👤The fork that came with it had ridges and could possibly bite my child when she eats. The ine design is not smart. I had to throw it.

👤I love it! I bought another in a different colour and will probably buy the last one as well. These are amazing. They make packing lunch fun. They are the right size. It's big enough to hold enough food to get full and it portion controls. This has helped me a lot because I had trouble packing my lunch. I used Silicone cupcake liners as separators and bought cute food picks and salad dressing containers for it.

8. Clamshell Disposable Containers Microwavable Container

Clamshell Disposable Containers Microwavable Container

If their food storage containers, bento lunch box or tupperware sets do not meet your needs, please contact their customer service team. They are able to resolve any issues that may arise. All natural is made of 100% non-toxic sustainable plant material. Reheat food in the microwave is safe with hot or cold foods. It's important to remember that hot and moist foods can cause condensation at the bottom of the container. The natural fiber blend is stronger and more durable than styrofoam or thin paper, and it is food safe. Compostable is made of Bagasse sugarcane. The company is certified by the BPI. It's ideal for daily or restaurant use, for burgers, food truck, bakery, takeout, togo, meal prep, and wedding reception. It's ideal for daily or restaurant use, for burgers, food truck, bakery, takeout, togo, meal prep, and wedding reception.

Brand: Harvest Pack Gourmet Showcase

👤We use them for leftovers. It works well, except for liquid-y foods. It gets flimsy with food. We put wax paper in the bottom for these types of foods.

👤The meatballs had made the bottom of the container very damp after a couple of hours, and I bought these for leftovers. I don't think it would have broken through, but it was moist enough that I worry about wet food being in there overnight, and will not purchase these again.

👤This is a terrible product for leftovers, especially anything with sauce. They get soft on the bottom when you put food in them. The leftovers may spill out everywhere because the lid is not very tight. If you want to store lunch leftovers to eat for dinner, do not purchase this item.

👤I used this for my son's birthday party. I wanted to have pre-packaged food for his party and they were a hit. I used foil under the entree to keep it from getting soggy. Would purchase again.

👤They can be used for storing food. You can feel the moist on the outside of the container, but it does not leak, so be aware.

👤A classy looking person. My new thing is to bring to-go boxes since I have two small kids and coworkers who make too much. It looked decent to hold food for short travel and more eco friendly than dollar store containers.

👤The size is great for lunches. The bottom of the box will get soft if there is more than a day or two left.

👤I use these to save my family from having to send dishes back. I like that they biodegrade. If they closed more securely, they would get five stars. I use a rubberband to hold it in place.

9. Containers Lids,Disposable Reusable Microwave Dishwasher

Containers Lids%EF%BC%8CDisposable Reusable Microwave Dishwasher

You can always enjoy healthy, homemade meals with these multi-functional lunch boxes. This bento box is perfect for work or school and can be put in your lunch bag, backpack, gym bag or handbag. The hard-plastic construction will ensure no cracks or breaks along the way. The leak proof lids will keep food out of your bag or freezer. Microwave safe means that they should be reheated in the microwave. The containers can't be placed in the oven. It is necessary to thaw frozen food before it is reheated. If there is too much oil, fat, sugar, or salt in the food, please do not use bento boxes. The temperature of these foods may go over 100C if the heating speed is too fast. When using a microwave, open the lid. When using a 1000 watt microwave oven, use 80% of the power. Prepare and package up your meals in advance. The food containers with lids will prevent the freezer from burning and absorbing odors. Also, note: They will break if you try to squeeze it into a narrow space. If you want to remove the cover, you need to make sure that the air pressure is balanced by a small amount of warm water. You can reuse these containers as many times as you want. Place the portion control boxes on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. If you don't want to reuse them, you can throw them in the trash. The 50 Pack Take-out box bulk is 26oz / 750ml, 50 bottoms and 50 lids. It's convenient to make school meals and working meals for busy families. It's great for packaging food at your deli, kiosk, food truck, or restaurant for to-go meals. They stack neatly on top of each other, making transportation mess free and making your customers happy.

Brand: Aifusi

👤Half of it was broken. The plastic is very thin. As long as it wasn't broken, it's ok. I guess. I didn't have time to order another set so I used the unbroken few for the big food order. I had some already with me. It is plastic!

👤I ordered this kind of container before, and I am still using it. The product is not of good quality. I don't think I'll be able to use them more than once. Very disappointed. I like the shape but not the quality.

👤A short list of ways I have broken these so far: Dropping onto linoleum from about one foot off the ground. Accidentally poking one with a nail. There is a coffee mug in the sink. 3. Is it the right way to stare at them? There were cracks that appeared for no apparent reason. There is a These aren't actually the same as the photos. The seller took pictures of a better version of the item. I don't recommend purchasing these unless you enjoy the excitement of having the container you're using to hold your food break mid-use.

👤These are cheap and flimsy, and a large number of them are not usable as the lids are damaged. The bottom part of the containers are thin and flimsy, so they won't stand up to repeated use, since so many of them arrived damaged just from shipping. You can spend a little more for something you actually use. Highly disappointed.

👤We put the large meals in the freezer. This worked well. The meals become freezer burned. They worked well. They would be great to use as fresh prep for the fridge. They were cheaper than Tupperware. It is a win.

👤Greetings everyone... I use them everyday since I bought them a few weeks ago. They don't have a problem going in and out of the microwave. They are very sturdy. It is in a bag. The seals are tight. I need more of these. I will buy them again. Buy with confidence and you will get the best price too. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

👤I put them in the dish washer and they came out great. I have been careful with them because they can break. They have a good portion size. I look nice, but I like to throw everything together. I only have to use 20 of the whole thing so far. I bought this in case they break.

👤It's difficult to determine the size when the description says 26 ounces. I ordered anyways. They are not "dinner size" containers. They are more portion-size containers so you may have to use more than one when packing a lunch. Not bad for the price. They are more disposable than wash and re-use.

10. Glotoch Containers Compartment Microwave Dishwasher

Glotoch Containers Compartment Microwave Dishwasher

If you are not 100% satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution. Convenient MEAL PRE CONTAINER for lunch, leftovers and takeout. Their leak-proof, airtight food pre containers keep your food fresh and make meal prep a breeze, with their quick, easy open lids and quicker reheat times compared to other bulk containers. It's great for work, kids, school, travel, or restaurant takeout. They measured portions for satisfying meals. You can separate your main course from the rest of it. This tupperware container set is designed to meet all your needs. It's perfect for: packed lunches, takeout and delivery. Salad, sandwich, snack, fresh fruit, dip, breakfast, lunch, dinner, leftovers, and kids meals can be prepared. Their containers have a high tolerance for bending, twisting and temperature and are leak-proof, making them ideal for prep meals. A set of 50 packs. The container is a single compartment. The container measure is 8.7” x 6.2” x 1.7” The lightweight design makes it easy to store. It's microwave safe, and it's Washable. The containers can be reheated or frozen and can tolerate temperatures in the range of -40F to 132C. The material can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher multiple times. All of their lunch containers are made from the highest quality PP plastic. These containers are microwavable. Their products are manufactured to ensure that they have airtight lid to seal and store food. Durability and flexibility are important for the safety of the product. The containers are easy to clean. It is 100% recyclable. Quality assurance. If their food storage containers, bento lunch box or tupperware sets don't meet your needs, please contact their customer service team. They are able to resolve any issues that may arise. Quality assurance. If their food storage containers, bento lunch box or tupperware sets don't meet your needs, please contact their customer service team. They are able to resolve any issues that may arise.

Brand: Glotoch Express

👤We found these containers while looking to replace our food storage containers. The price seemed reasonable and we thought, "Why not give it a try?" Did we ever get tricked into buying a lemon of a product? This shows how bad the fake reviews are on Amazon, promoting products that are poor quality. The first time we tried to snap a lid, it cracked. Every time we try to open one, we have been able to get it closed without incident. This is what happens when you try to open one of these containers more than once. These are worse than disposable because you can't use them all.

👤They are the perfect size for me because I don't like cooking or storing a lot of food. (32OZ) I can use them over and over again because they are dishwasher and freezer safe. If I don't reuse them, they're recycled. There is a The meal prep containers help me with portion control when I'm on a diet. It is very sturdy and has spill proof lids. I did a watering test. I would recommend these healthy and safe meal prep containers if I were you. bang for bucks is a meaning of durable and reuse, meaning last for a long time. There is a I can use them in the oven, but make sure that your food is not frozen before putting it in the oven. There is a If you leave the lid open, the materials will become flimsy so it can break. There is a But other than that awesome product. Yesss would recommend them...

👤Most of my reviews are about organizing. These are my favorites. My daughters and sister are using them. There is a They don't take up a lot of room in your cupboard. I threw out my mismatch tuppers. I use quart containers for everything. I use these for leftovers. There is a They make your fridge/freezer look clean. There is a You can write what is in the container and date on a piece of paper. That way, you don't eat leftovers that are too old. There is no guessing when you look in the freezer for lunch or dinner. There is a If you just microwave the bottom, the lids will last longer. I always use the top rack of my dishwasher.

👤My love for these is twofold. They are disposable and can be given away. I'm one of 6 and my wife is one of 5 so there are often large family "pot luck" style meals. I usually let people use them as containers to take the extra food to our parents so that they don't have to throw it away. I don't mind letting go of them, but the quality is outstanding. There is a I don't agree with those that are complaining that they are hard to open.

👤I have a tendency to feed others, neighbors, friends, anyone that may want to try something, or just those having one of those places in life where homemade meals showing up on your doorstep is a relief. Paper plates and cling wrap aren't a great option so I decided to try these. If I don't get it back, the cost per container is a reasonable loss, but they are sturdy enough to wash and reuse. They are easy to break apart and get closed, and I haven't had any issues with thick sauces in them. It's great for a main dish portion with room for a side as well. One of the people that received meals bought herself a stack. They impressed! When my stock dwindles, I will definitely purchase these again. Would recommend.

11. Biodegradable Grease Proof Microwavable Eco Friendly Restaurants

Biodegradable Grease Proof Microwavable Eco Friendly Restaurants

We will replace your containers for free if you don't like them, they know you'll love them. You can contact them at any time. What are you waiting for? Think green, choose HeloGreen, and start saving the earth. Compost saves the earth and food. Their natural takeout boxes are made of plant fibers, which are 100% Compostable, and keep food fresh and hot. It's important to keep your car seat free of burry. Forget about flimsy boxes. Their wheat straw and sugarcane fiber boxes keep oils and moist inside. It is guaranteed for life. All of their sustainable kitchen storage supplies have a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. They will make it right if you send them an email at any point. A few dirty dishes means that a microfiber box is needed to clean them. When you can microwave their carry out box, you don't have to waste a bowl or plate. The scupls are safe to heat up to 200 degrees F. There is a LID SHUT IN TRANSPORTATION. The tab and slot feature makes it easy to close these lids. Travel home knowing that your leftovers are in a food-grade box that won't accidentally pop open and spill.

Brand: Avant Grub

👤I bought these containers because my teenager kept forgetting to empty out and wash the tupperware and left them in their rooms for weeks at a time. There were science fair projects in their rooms. I love this product. It has helped them pack lunches, keep their rooms free of hazmat, and is easy to use.

👤Returned because they were too big. They were bought for a party for kids to take home an extra serving of cake. They were large enough to hold a full meal. The packaging is labeled 6 x 6 inches, but the outside dimensions are 9 x 9 inches. See the pictures. The style was too big for me and I got 2 stars.

👤These were bought as a way to give baked goods to friends and neighbors. Some of our neighbors are not the best at recycling and at least these products will biodegrade. We will take these to restaurants for the un eaten part of our meals. Styrofoam containers are used in some restaurants.

👤My daughter can safely take leftovers in these containers and throw them away. They will break down quicker than styrofoam. I was sending glass containers and they broke.

👤It's preferred to those plastic clamshells. They protect the environment at the same time. They are not used by the big chains and grocery stores. Yet. I bring them with me to the store when I remember. There is a Downside? I don't think they will do soup or sauces, they are more expensive than plastic. The cost will not kill the individual user, but it could affect profits for larger chains.

👤I like to cook and this is what I wanted to bring to my family and friends, so I put it in this nice container.

👤Our church is starting to do "carryout" dinners instead of the weekly dinners we used to have. I wanted to get away from the styrofoam. The containers are microwaveable and should break down in the trash dump.

👤I bought these for my daughter as a last resort. The children were able to eat cake. Clean environment that is sturdy and durable. Highly recommend.

👤These are not actually boxes. Not like in picture. I ordered this expecting a different kind of box.


What is the best product for eco friendly meal prep containers disposable?

Eco friendly meal prep containers disposable products from Ez Prepa. In this article about eco friendly meal prep containers disposable you can see why people choose the product. Stack Man and Planet Avenue are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly meal prep containers disposable.

What are the best brands for eco friendly meal prep containers disposable?

Ez Prepa, Stack Man and Planet Avenue are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly meal prep containers disposable. Find the detail in this article. Pyrex, Helogreen and Prepnaturals are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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