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1. Containers Lids,Disposable Reusable Microwave Dishwasher

Containers Lids%EF%BC%8CDisposable Reusable Microwave Dishwasher

You can always enjoy healthy, homemade meals with these multi-functional lunch boxes. This bento box is perfect for work or school and can be put in your lunch bag, backpack, gym bag or handbag. The hard-plastic construction will ensure no cracks or breaks along the way. The leak proof lids will keep food out of your bag or freezer. Microwave safe means that they should be reheated in the microwave. The containers can't be placed in the oven. It is necessary to thaw frozen food before it is reheated. If there is too much oil, fat, sugar, or salt in the food, please do not use bento boxes. The temperature of these foods may go over 100C if the heating speed is too fast. When using a microwave, open the lid. When using a 1000 watt microwave oven, use 80% of the power. Prepare and package up your meals in advance. The food containers with lids will prevent the freezer from burning and absorbing odors. Also, note: They will break if you try to squeeze it into a narrow space. If you want to remove the cover, you need to make sure that the air pressure is balanced by a small amount of warm water. You can reuse these containers as many times as you want. Place the portion control boxes on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. If you don't want to reuse them, you can throw them in the trash. The 50 Pack Take-out box bulk is 26oz / 750ml, 50 bottoms and 50 lids. It's convenient to make school meals and working meals for busy families. It's great for packaging food at your deli, kiosk, food truck, or restaurant for to-go meals. They stack neatly on top of each other, making transportation mess free and making your customers happy.

Brand: Aifusi

👤Half of it was broken. The plastic is very thin. As long as it wasn't broken, it's ok. I guess. I didn't have time to order another set so I used the unbroken few for the big food order. I had some already with me. It is plastic!

👤I ordered this kind of container before, and I am still using it. The product is not of good quality. I don't think I'll be able to use them more than once. Very disappointed. I like the shape but not the quality.

👤A short list of ways I have broken these so far: Dropping onto linoleum from about one foot off the ground. Accidentally poking one with a nail. There is a coffee mug in the sink. 3. Is it the right way to stare at them? There were cracks that appeared for no apparent reason. There is a These aren't actually the same as the photos. The seller took pictures of a better version of the item. I don't recommend purchasing these unless you enjoy the excitement of having the container you're using to hold your food break mid-use.

👤These are cheap and flimsy, and a large number of them are not usable as the lids are damaged. The bottom part of the containers are thin and flimsy, so they won't stand up to repeated use, since so many of them arrived damaged just from shipping. You can spend a little more for something you actually use. Highly disappointed.

👤We put the large meals in the freezer. This worked well. The meals become freezer burned. They worked well. They would be great to use as fresh prep for the fridge. They were cheaper than Tupperware. It is a win.

👤Greetings everyone... I use them everyday since I bought them a few weeks ago. They don't have a problem going in and out of the microwave. They are very sturdy. It is in a bag. The seals are tight. I need more of these. I will buy them again. Buy with confidence and you will get the best price too. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

👤I put them in the dish washer and they came out great. I have been careful with them because they can break. They have a good portion size. I look nice, but I like to throw everything together. I only have to use 20 of the whole thing so far. I bought this in case they break.

👤It's difficult to determine the size when the description says 26 ounces. I ordered anyways. They are not "dinner size" containers. They are more portion-size containers so you may have to use more than one when packing a lunch. Not bad for the price. They are more disposable than wash and re-use.

2. Microwavable Containers Rectangular BPA Free Dishwasher

Microwavable Containers Rectangular BPA Free Dishwasher

If you have a question about the Prep Naturals glass containers set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours. SINGLE 1 COMPARTMENT MEAL PREP CONTAINERS, LEAK PROOF, STRONG DURABLE CONSTRUCTION are super convenient to prepare in and are great for to-go meals. The construction is hard-plastic and will not break. The leak proof lids will keep food out of your bag or freezer. Prepare and package up your meals ahead of time in the freeZER safe food storage box. These safe to freeze food containers make sure that your prepared meals retain their flavor, color, and texture. The plastic boxes will prevent freezer burn and absorb odors from the freezer. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of using a microwave safe meal prep container. If you are in a rush at home, at the office or in your college dorm room, you can make your life simpler by preparing, packaging and warming up your food all in the same dish. All of your food is in one container. PP material is safe and can be recycled. You can reuse these containers many times. Place the portion control boxes on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them. If you don't want to reuse them, you can throw them in the trash. A pack of 50 take-out boxes is great for packaging food at your deli, kiosk, food truck, or restaurant for to-go meals. They stack neatly on top of each other, making transportation mess free and making your customers happy.

Brand: Promoze

👤I was ordering this multiple times because they were easy to use and held a good amount of food. The right picture is before and the left is from my last order, as they appear to be coming in at barely half the volume that they used to. I don't think they're any volume anymore. I will not be ordering them again.

👤I don't want to limit what I cook. I have similar containers before the brand Fitpacker. These are the same things that were bought for more value. I usually cook 30 meals a week, lunch and dinner for three people. It is easy to clean and replace these things.

👤These were reviewed and got great reviews. I ordered them. I don't have the same experience. The first time I put them on, they are cracking. After the first use, most of the lids will be useless. They all have the same spot. They are difficult to fully close. Very disappointed!

👤I have been a meal prepper for over two years. Containers are important. They take up very little space when they stack up. They are allowed to go in the microwave. I put these in the freezer with no issues. You need to use enough detergent on them to get them clean because they do get greasy. My male counterpart seems to be riding the stuggle bus with this concept, which is not an issue for me. I would like these to be slightly smaller. I would buy another set.

👤I use them for leftovers and for packing lunch. But. The lids are garbage. If you look at them in a different direction, they crack. They are inexpensive, but I would rather pay more for something with more longevity than something I use. The bottoms are made of more durable material. There is a I'll buy something else next time.

👤I bought the containers to freeze the food. I cook a lot of food and freeze it in these containers, then when I get home from work, the food is already cooked, just heat and eat. It will be ready for a meal if you decide to go out. It's not wasteful to dump food because it spoils. The containers are the right size for one person. It was well made and re-useable. Thank you. Jo.

👤It's okay if your friend never returns the dish because it's a large quantity for little cost. I bought these for our company luncheon because I was tired of seeing food go to waste at the end and nobody would bring Tupperware. Everyone was taking home food from the luncheon after I donated these. No waste! There is a They are great for lunches to work. I had a crack in the lid and I think it was because I went from the freezer to open it. It snapped a piece off because it was brittle, but it was not a big deal because they are inexpensive. It's a good thing. You can get the Glad or Hefty ones at the local supermarket or Walmart.

3. Dips Condiments Containers Silicone Stainless

Dips Condiments Containers Silicone Stainless

The bento lunch container is leakproof and high cost. The food should be kept fresh and free of mess. The leak proof Silicone on the cover is designed to prevent leaks. Not a tote food container is enough to carry your meal or snack, Dacha Mia Container are Eco Friendly and are a perfect solution to reduce waste. Each container has 7 Oz. Also suitable are the three steel lunch containers. Take your food for picnic, gym, work, and more, in the perfect size for baby jars. Bento Lunch boxes, metal lunch containers, and a snack container for kids and adults are ideal for toddlers. Premium quality. The Dacha Mia containers are leak proof and are perfect for toddlers to snack on. There is a plastic free Silicone lid design. 3 of them are perfect for your kids, babies, and adults. Their food storage containers are food grade. Light weight. Kids Lunch Containers are leak proof and keep food fresh. It is 7 ounces for storing baby food, school lunches, snack, beach, camping, picnic and more. Fit on Bento boxes for a perfect size for portion control.

Brand: Dacha Mia

👤My family is trying to get rid of as many plastic items as possible. These are very lightweight and great for snacks. If they nested, they could be better. They take up more space when not in use.

👤I have these to hold our playdough. The playdough starts to get dry after two days. I add water to the dough. These are decent, not the best seal. Not the worst either.

👤I was very excited about these. The size and weight were perfect. The tops don't stay on. It's easy to leak in a child's lunch box. I wish they had a screw on the lid.

👤It is difficult for my 6 year old to close these. The lids need 2 hands to be sealed. They are easy to clean and a good size.

👤The bowls are really nice and the lids are great. There is a It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤It was used for lunch box and snacks. It is easy to clean, good quality and portion size are ideal for my needs. Definitely recommend this one.

👤There are some nice containers. Exactly what I was expecting.

👤I bought this for my kids and they have worked well. I like buying this instead of plastic. I love them!

👤It's perfect for salad dressings or dips. Can fit a lemon in it.

4. Superior Containers Innovated BPA Free Locking

Superior Containers Innovated BPA Free Locking

If you want to save money, you should equip your kitchen with plenty of STACKABLE bento box containers. Regardless of time constraints, you and your family should eat well. Easy Lunch Prep. Each container has a capacity of 32 ounces (950 liters). It's the right size for soup, leftovers, and meal prep. Pack lunch into a cooler or backpack for school or work. SAFE AND FRIENDLY. Glass is free of chemicals and friendly to the environment. Hot foods can be transferred directly to the containers, as there are no chemicals in the food. The plastic in the lid is safe to use. Premium glass: The containers are made of borosilicate transparent glass and are impervious to rapid temperature changes. Transferring from the freezer to the oven is safe. The perfect choice for acidic foods are glass containers. The tastiness of food is maintained by glossy surface. An airtight seal is created by a locking lid. The lid can be opened and closed quickly and last longer than one piece. The containers are leakproof and are perfect for the gym, pool, or work. Their glass meal-prep containers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The lids are not dishwasher safe. There are containers and lids that can be rearranged.

Brand: Finedine

👤My first shipment had a chip in it. Quality control was an issue. I made a mistake or requested a replacement because I saw that it was thick. The reason? I stacked the containers vertically in order to save cabinet space. There were glass shards in the container when I took it out to use. This product is dangerous. Unless you like eating glass, I don't recommend it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase. The set is very nice. The glass is a little lighter than other snapware but not so light that it would be easy to break, just light enough that it is not as heavy in my lunch box. Highly recommend this product. It looks nice if you eat at your desk. I like round over the standard rectangular containers, I can easily eat a rainbow salad and escape from the drudgery of desk work. I don't regret it.

👤The containers are not 35oz. They do leak. The stew leaked out when I filled the containers a bit more than half way. The lunch bags were in the car. The containers should be able to hold that kind of movement without leaking, as shown in the picture. This is not the case.

👤I like a big salad or a bowl of soup. I use them for both. It is easy to clean because it travels in a small bag. If you put them over a bowl of soup, I would recommend letting it cool off first. I wish I hadn't warped 2 of them, I'm washing the same lid most nights for reuse.

👤I put the containers to work after washing them. I have been using them for 2 months and love them. They are leak proof and large enough to hold a decent sized left over, a fresh chopped salad and other goodies. The glass makes it easy to see the contents. I have included them in the dishwasher and they come out sparking either way. I wanted to eliminate the majority of my plastic storage containers. I will be ordering larger and smaller containers for the storage of my food items, which will be safer and more efficient.

👤Love is in the air! The soup didn't leak and was the first use. It's just the right size for a lunch and I like that it's oven safe, so it can be a multitasking lunch. It was worth the price.

👤I dropped one on the concrete as I was unpacking it and nothing happened to it. They are exactly what I wanted. I had three of them filled with soup and stacked on top of each other. I put them in the fridge and the top one slid off and fell. The lid stayed on. I am very happy with this item.

👤I was pleased with the product so far. 3 leak proof bowls with locking lids for $18.00 is a good deal. There is a The bowl and lid seem to have been made well. I washed the bowls, seals and clips and verified them. I will use one and pack the other two away. There is a Too soon to discuss the product's longevity. The lid or clips will fail at some point. I will have to buy another bowl. It sounds like a 5 year warranty. I did not read the fine print. I would be happy if it lasted a few years.

5. Greenco Storage Containers Condiment Leak Resistant

Greenco Storage Containers Condiment Leak Resistant

Their glass meal-prep containers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The lids are not dishwasher safe. There are containers and lids that can be rearranged. The value pack is a set of 20 mini storage containers. It's perfect for lunch boxes or for storing small craft items. The container holds 2.3 ounces. The dimensions are 2.75" x 2.75" Not for Microwave use, but fridge, freezer, and dishwasher are safe. Kid-friendly, easy-open lids.

Brand: Greenco

👤I'm going to give it a 3. These are terrible. They were stuck together when I opened the package. I ripped the nail polish off my nails just a few days ago. I put one on top of the other and it made it difficult to pull it apart. These are cheap. I bought better ones from the dollar tree. The top went on better because they were thicker. The Dollar Tree still sells these. I got my money's worth for $1. I use them for extra storage for my arts and crafts, so I will keep them. Don't stack them if you buy them.

👤When I bought these for my slime business, I had to put a rubber band on the top because it wouldn't stick to the container, but it's a good size for a small or x small slime. I don't think it could hold a liquid without spilling it because the people who bought my slime said it cracked very easily. I found the exact same container at the dollar store. So. Check your dollar treee first.

👤I rarely leave reviews with the title "horrible". I didn't expect extraordinary quality, but one does have the expectation that the lid will fit. I received more than half of the batches and the rest fit so poorly that a breeze would blow if it fell off. Didn't bother returning the small purchase, threw them all in the garbage.

👤These are not good. I was not buying them for food use. They were stuck together and it started to feel like they would only be able to work together. My husband had to pry them apart after I hurt myself on the little plastic rim. The lids aren't sealed, which doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't use them for food or liquids for fear of them leaking. SureFresh seems to be better in quality if you can find it. I can't recommend a product that requires so much effort to try and unpack.

👤These are the cheapest containers I have ever seen. Absolutely terrible product. I would come back if I was not charged for the shipping. The lids don't stay on very long. These are not suitable for storing food. From now on, I will use Glad or Ziploc containers. If you need something for craft storage, these containers are not for you.

👤The reviews about the containers are correct. I thought I could pull the containers apart after purchasing them. I didn't see how the containers don't snap on or off, but this may be because people discarded them before using them. The lid is not secured if you put dressing or condiments in it. The containers joined the party.

👤The description tells you what to expect, cheap containers that don't stay on very well. The package says it was manufactured in China, but there is no Greenco on it. They look like cheap party favors because of the packaging. Don't expect Tupperware quality at $5.99 for 20.

6. Bentgo 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers Custom Fit

Bentgo 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers Custom Fit

USA, Egypt, and Turkey are where the vessels are made. Meal-prep is easy with trays and lids that are microwaveable. Measure your portions and you'll get the same volume on the tray. Meal freshness can be maintained with custom-fit lids that keep meals fresh during freezing, and when taking meals-on-the-go. Purchase with a purpose. Feed the Children is a nonprofit organization that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families. In the last year, Bentgo has donated more than $200,000. What do you think? 10 two-compartment trays, 10 custom-fit lids, meal prep eBook, and caring customer support

Brand: Bentgo

👤I like them. They are cheap and thin. They work well. They are perfect if you put food in it like a normal person. I don't think it's a good idea to store bicycles or rocks in them.

👤I contacted the company directly to express my disappointment and they responded quickly and were dedicated to make it right. They were most impressed with their understanding. Customer service is rare these days. There is a These are 6 inches tall according to the description. I ordered two sets of chicken salad and thought it was perfect. They are only 1.75” with the loss on. There is not much room for a sandwich. Two slices of bread with nothing in them. The wish advertisement was more accurate.

👤I have no idea what I received. I bought meal prep containers. I received plastic trays. If you want to call them that, they should not stay on since they are melted. The containers are not nearly as deep as shown in the picture. The product was melted onto the packaging. The product was melted together as I removed it.

👤It has been a year. I have about 5 lids that don't work. I think they are good for 10 uses. I did not expect them to last forever. I have had some that broke easy. There is a Okay. I use these for my husband's work. I have been using them for a while now and they have been so great that I have to let them know. The lids don't close all the way. I have been tossing them slowly. Their color is cute.

👤These leaks are a waste of money. We just found out this week that they can't be returned now that the return window has closed. Will be throwing it away. Not leaking from the microwave. It was bought on 9/29/20.

👤I love it! The amount of food I get to add in is easy to clean. I don't have the experience of having food that is liquid or saucy.

👤The color is cute. Good size. Resignations. It is necessary to keep them upright.

👤More of a pink color than a purple. It's not good for moving around if the covers pop off. I just take it out of my fridge and eat it. Bowls are very shallow. If you want to stay that way, it is probably not for you. If you eat one cup of rice, it should be fine.

👤The portion sizes are cute. One of the lids broke but Bentgo was very nice and sent a replacement for the whole order.

👤J'ai beaucoup d'un peux moins solide, je croyais, fais tout de meme.

👤The containers are sturdy. Will buy again.

👤Measure out portions from the great colour and size East.

7. Container Protective Non Slip Exterior Snap Tight

Container Protective Non Slip Exterior Snap Tight

These to-go clamshells can be used for hot or cold food. It doesn't have any paper or wax lining. These containers are cut resistant. Premium, food-grade materials. The Porter Bowl is made from high-quality plastic and silicone. The plastic base is wrapped in the highest quality protective silicone to protect it from the elements. There is a smart and sylsy. The ceramic Porter Bowl has a sleek minimalist design and is great for cutting down on single-use plastic. Take it to go. The one liter capacity is large enough to hold salads, grain bowls, pasta and veggies. It is ideal for commute. Capacity: 4 3/8 cups (1 liter) It is easy to clean. The Porter Bowl can be thrown in the microwave, or thrown in the dishwasher, so you don't have to worry about mess. The Porter Bowl is not leak-proof. Save soups for the Porter Seal-Tight Bowl by carrying salad dressings separately.

Brand: W&p

👤The bowl is great because you are not trying to transport liquid. It is very easy to clean, and it is large. After three successful days of lunch transport, I put soup in it and was surprised to find it had leaked everywhere. If you put the food in hot, it would help to get the vacuum seal activated. I like eating my lunch out of something that is not plastic and I like the way it looks. I am a little disappointed that practicality is what I prefer. You should be able to life hack a lunch bowl that costs nearly 40 dollars.

👤I bought a blue Porter bowl from Marshall's. The band was missing and it was marked down to $3. I looked up the brand online and realized that was the case. If you're traveling, the band is useful. I've been using the bowl for two months. It is microwaveable, it is durable, holds two portions of food, and it has no scratch marks from utensils. The various colors of the bowl make it portable. I bought another one to use for lunch and the first one for food storage. There is a There are two observations. Since I'm mostly remote, the bowl is not a deal-breaker. I would rather eat more salad. Being fancy isn't always practical. Slate, charcoal and black are the colors. I purchased a gray portable utensil set from another brand, and it looked like slate would match it. Slate is a light grey. Black and charcoal are both dark gray. Even on a color swatch, grey wouldn't be light grey, so marketing missed it. I returned the light grey and bought the dark grey. There is an update. I left the lid on while I microwaved to prevent the contents from splattering. The plastic was cooked on the inside by heating for 2:25 minutes. The bowl was smooth and dark gray before it was seasoning melted and after trying to wash the caked on food off, white ridges appeared. Mrs. Dash's seasoning is visible in the ridges left behind. I use rubbermaid's glass like plastic bowls to avoid stains and melting because they don't have holes to allow heat to escape. I paid $32 for a set of bowls. Have they been for? No melting 1YR. The $25 Porter bowl is not as durable as it seems. You can use it for sandwiches, fruit, veggies, salads, soup, and anything that doesn't require a lot of heat. The bowl will cook on the inside if the lid is not on, and that is both unsafe and unsanitary. I was surprised that the outside of the bowl did not melt, which is to say that it is more durable than the inside. Unless you get a discount, invest in the hard plastic as seen in the Rubbermaid pic. Be practical vs. cute. It will stain white, pink and mint green bowls if 2.25 mins of heat can melt the interior, seasoning and butter together. Even though the bowl is clean, odors from baked in foods will not disappear.

8. 10 Pack SimpleHouseware Compartment Container

10 Pack SimpleHouseware Compartment Container

What do you think? 10 two-compartment trays, 10 custom-fit lids, meal prep eBook, and caring customer support The Great Meal Prep Lunch Box keeps your food fresh and easy to prepare. The container and lid are made of PP material. The container is leak proof and air tight, and can be used in the freezer or lunch bag. The dishwasher is safe. The stand temperature can be as low as -40F to 160C. The patent is from the USPTO. The US is in the year of the 0086500 A1.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤Have held up well using the top rack of the dishwasher. I bought Packit lunch boxes for the kids. Also has a juice box on it. Only one person has thrown it out. Happy with the purchase. If you found this review helpful, please mark it as so below. Thanks!

👤One broke quickly but the rest have been fine. Food is very hot in the microwave. Overall, I like them. They are not the highest quality or will last for a long time. I use them to get to work. There is a Simple Housewares apologized for the one container that broke fast and sent me ten more. I wanted to show my appreciation for the update, but I am not getting paid for it. The extra containers work. I am a woman who works well and doesn't have to worry about traveling.

👤It was more than I anticipated. The food is kept in the different sections by the lid. I was going to reuse the ones I put salad in and microwave the ones I didn't cook. No need. I'll definitely be getting multiple uses out of all of them because they're cheap and easy to clean, but they're not made of plastic. I ordered 2 oz plastic cups with lids to put dressings in and it worked well. I've found that the 3 compartments give me plenty of space for my stuff. I wasn't sure if the two smaller compartments were the same size.

👤The containers work as expected. They work well for meal prepping. I don't carry my lunch upside down, so that doesn't seem to be an issue for me, even if I have something with liquid in it. The sizes of the compartment are good. It helps control portion sizes. They are easy to stack in the fridge. I regret not ordering two packs. They've gone up a dollar. It's funny.

👤The site won't let me give it any stars. I washed my product with regular dawn soap and water product crack after I received it. Not even 10 minutes since I have it. The items are easy to break. Very disappointed.

👤I am very happy with the containers I bought. I had a hard time making a decision. They were all in good condition. I put 5 meals in the freezer for my evening meals during the week, and I prepare my lunch every weekend. I get it done on the weekend and my weeks are much easier. I am going to save a lot of money by not eating out and throwing away leftovers. It makes the freezer look more uniform. They are easy to stack and grab. They are the perfect size and number for meals during the week. I don't prepare a breakfast because it's usually yogurt and fruit or instant oatmeal and there isn't anything to prepare it for. On the weekend, I can cook some new, fun meals and start over again. I have washed them by hand and in the dishwasher. They come out okay. I highly recommend.

9. Glass Meal Prep Storage Containers

Glass Meal Prep Storage Containers

If you're not happy with your purchase, simply return it for a money-back refund. Glass food containers are eco-friendly, safe, and food-safe and can be used for meal prep ahead of time. The glass is safe for baking in the oven, freezer storage, and reheating. The modular design allows for packing in a lunch bag or freezer. Locking lid food prep containers with a 4 sided, BPA-free, secure-snap lid with rubber gasket ensures a 100% leak-proofability for mess-free transport on the go, to the gym, work, and school. Storage containers with lids are dishwasher safe and are easy to hand-wash and clean. The containers' glass is strong enough to handle rapid temperature changes in the microwave and oven. It is never a good idea to stain or retain odors. The dimensions are 7 x 5.3 x 2.3 inch. The capacity is 28 ounces.

Brand: Finedine

👤Good quality glass, but mediocre lids. I've tried many of these containers over the past few years, and they are not as good as most of them. There is a The main disappointments. The lid warps when it is tightened over hot food. It's difficult to re-clamp the lids because there are no all 4 of them. This happened even with medium-hot foods. This problem is not found in most other similar containers. There is a The capacity of these is not stated on the sales page. 24 fluid ounces fills the containers to the point of overflow, if they are placed on a flat level surface. 25 imperial fluid ounces is the US fluid ounces. That is below the capacity. Not one of the sets I've tried has held the claimed capacity. I still have some similar containers from a decade ago. Those were made in Italy and a few in America. The new ones are made in China. Maybe they measure things differently and that would make a difference in capacity vs real capacity.

👤I bought three sets of these, so 9 container/lid sets... I made an investment. I was committed to this brand. What could go wrong? They arrived quickly and were packaged nicely. I am regretting my purchase. The lids are hard to put on. I wrestle with the lid every time I try to close the container, and sometimes I just leave one of the four latches open. I can't figure out why this is so hard for me. I have a container of soup on the counter. Is it possible to put a container of soup in the fridge? I would just be asking for one of my children to spill it. I'm going to put the soup in my new container so I can close it. There is an update. I added a star for excellent customer service after the seller reached out to me and offered a refund.

👤If you order containers with lids, you would expect them to close. I couldn't get any of the containers to open. It seems like they are too small. I asked someone else to try and they had no luck. It's a waste of time and resources. This experience makes me think twice about ordering online.

👤The second update. I give up. These things are difficult to shut down. I think I got lucky a few times when I revised my review. My husband, who is strong and loves gadgets, had a hard time closing the lid. I have a set of containers that are impossible to close and they never sent me a replacement for the one that was chipped. When you read the listing, it seems like a good deal, but what are the containers you have to fight with to seal? I'm revising my review for two reasons. I discovered that the tabs do operate differently than I am used to. The tabs have two sections, one close to the top of the lid and the other a flatter outside edge. I was trying to close them on the outside edge or the middle of the tab. If you push on the curved section near the top, it will work better. The tab can be snapped into place on the edge of the container if the grip is lifted down and out. Customer service went out of their way to be very responsive and offered to replace the container that had been damaged. I'm changing my review from 2 to 4 stars. When I received this item, I was happy. It was packed securely and arrived quickly. The containers have a tight seal. One glass container had a chip on the edge before I even used it, with only the tap from another container as I was moving them. They are difficult to shut down. It seems like the lids shrunk after I washed them. I had to turn the container sideways to snap the clips on the sides because they are hard to do. I've used containers like this before, so it's not as if I don't know how to snap the lid on. I suppose you get what you pay for, because the price for this set was lower than most others.

10. Eco Friendly Containers Compartment Disposable Clamshell

Eco Friendly Containers Compartment Disposable Clamshell

100% satisfaction guaranteed! When you order today, your purchase is protected. The quality of their products is something they are confident in. Their products are tailored to the needs of the customer. If you are not happy with your purchase, you will get a full refund. They will run out of stock today. The clamshell 3-compartment container is a convenient way to serve meals. It's perfect for serving a main dish with two sides. The 3 compartment to-go containers are a great choice for your daily meals or restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, special events, and other types of environments. These take out containers are made of sustainable and renewable materials. The disposable container is a great alternative to paper and plastic, it is earth-friendly and has the same sturdy function. Meal prep portion control is a perfect size to use as a weight loss aid. Make meal prep easier and faster to help you stay on track with healthy eating habits. These to-go clamshells can be used for hot or cold food. It doesn't have any paper or wax lining. These containers are cut resistant. Stack Man has a wide range of products and a classic design that is perfect for any occasion. It's perfect for camping, picnicking, lunching, BBQs, events, parties, weddings, and restaurants.

Brand: Stack Man

👤These containers were purchased for my small business. They are amazing! They are leak proof. I have peace of mind that the food won't leak while I'm driving. Quality containers are what I recommend. STACK MAN has other products I buy. The containers are 16 ounces and 8 ounces. I have dropped them many times and they don't leak. Love is what makes us happy. Cinthia is a plant. There is a person named Dawson.

👤My husband goes to work and we bought these for him. We use the biggest compartment for the meats and the smaller ones for the sides. These don't open and they haven't leaked either. They keep food warm for a while. If you need to microwave it later on, you can do it in this container. Will buy again.

👤Its not foam. It keeps food warm. Thank you.

👤I bought these for a gathering. Since it was outside and a bit cold, these were able to protect the food from the wind. Highly recommend them! It's very strong to hold any amount of food.

👤One day shipping was amazing. The containers are sturdy and durable, the lid snaps shut, and they are all I need in a container. The container keeps food warmer than styrofoam and the interior food compartments are a reasonable size. The price is reasonable for a quality product. I will buy these again and recommend them to others.

👤Good product, good quality and good container.

👤These plates are very sturdy and fancy. It snaps closed instead of the tuck in. They are a bit smaller. The amount of food in the plate is obscured by the black color. It is not noticeable.

👤I use this product for my pack meal in the office. It is reliable and there is no spill at all.

👤La calidad is excelente.

11. Pyrex Meal Prep Containers Multicolored

Pyrex Meal Prep Containers Multicolored

If you have a question about the Prep Naturals glass containers set, please do not hesitate to send the seller a message on Amazon, they will respond within 24 hours. There are two glass storage containers with lid, one for 1-Cup and one for 7-Cup, and one for 2-Cup and one for 4-Cup. This set of glass dishes for fridge or freezer is large enough to fit in your fridge or freezer. Pure Pyrex glass is stain and odor resistant, so it stays clean and preserves the freshness of your food. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. The plastic lids are secure and dishwasher safe. There is a limited warranty on glass and plastic. USA, Egypt, and Turkey are where the vessels are made.

Brand: Pyrex

👤If you are David Blaine, you should only buy this Pyrex set. I tried to microwave something at room temperature for 60 seconds, but the container shattered into a million pieces over the microwave. The containers are labeled as oven and microwave safe. I have microwaved other Pyrex containers and they have not had any issues, but this one blew up catistrophicaly on the very first use. I enjoy the set and look of the product, but I cannot stress enough that it was inadvertently explored in my microwave!

👤I would like to thank Amazon customer support for their assistance in the matter, they were completely satisfied with their solution. Highly disappointed in the product. I have been using glass pyrex for over 15 years. There were no complaints until 4/6/18. Less than 3 months after receiving this set, one of the glass bowls exploded in my microwave. The food was reheated. This Pyrex set was very disappointing.

👤The bowls are chipping after a few months of use. The manufacturer didn't seem to care about this issue after I contacted them. There was no concern about the potential for glass to be in food. That is completely unacceptable. Before buying a glass bowl, make sure to check out the other glass bowl manufacturers.

👤The glass shattered as soup poured out of the microwave onto the stove. It seemed to have moved around the soup line. It seems that other reviewers have had the same problem. I bought it because of the Pyrex name, hoping that they would last a long time. I wouldn't recommend them. It's better to buy a set that won't break.

👤The bowl was not worth the money. The rice was not warm at all. Still shattered. I put my lunch in it and it shattered out of nowhere. I thought this would be a better container than the plastic ones I have. I guess I was wrong.

👤Is the microwave safe? I don't think so. These should be avoided. When they warmed up some rice, they blew up.

👤The glass dishes seem strong and good quality, like I've come to expect from Pyrex. The quality of the overall product is affected by the quality of the lids. The green containers are flimsy and won't stay on the container, even though most of the lids are good. I wanted to use these two containers for lunches, but I don't trust the lids to stay in my lunch bag. The dishes would be perfect for meal prep if only two of the corners had been undone. I was disappointed that I didn't find a good meal prep container, but I thought I'd stick with Pyrex because they looked good. My instincts were wrong in this case.

👤I love these so much. I trashed all of them and bought glass because plastic Tupperware is a nightmare to clean. The food moves quickly. If you're complaining that your dishes have exploded in the microwave, I'd bet you're making the mistake of nuking leftovers straight from the fridge. When a glass dish goes from cold to hot too quickly, it will shatter or explode. My recommendation is either 1. Before you put the dish in the microwave, make sure it is sitting on the counter for a few minutes. The food should be in a dish that is not cold from the fridge. I will never put my new glassware in the dishwasher or microwave it, as this is a lovely set. I want to keep it as long as possible. It takes a few seconds to clean them.


What is the best product for eco friendly meal prep containers white?

Eco friendly meal prep containers white products from Aifusi. In this article about eco friendly meal prep containers white you can see why people choose the product. Promoze and Dacha Mia are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly meal prep containers white.

What are the best brands for eco friendly meal prep containers white?

Aifusi, Promoze and Dacha Mia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly meal prep containers white. Find the detail in this article. Finedine, Greenco and Bentgo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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