Best Eco Friendly Mens Yoga Pants with Pocket

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1. HISKYWIN Pockets Stretch Control HF201 Black L

HISKYWIN Pockets Stretch Control HF201 Black L

Solid: 87%Polyester and 13%Spandex. Heather Dark grey is made of 50%Cotton, 36%Ployester and 14%Spandex. It's soft and durable. The contrasting colour flatlock thread looks stylish and the flatlock seams are comfortable. A mini hidden pocket for keys, creditcard or cellphone. The crotch supports design for greater freedom of movement. It's a good choice for any type of exercise. Combining fashion, function and performance. 4-way stretch material promotes both compression and support. A leg-lengthening silhouette is created by a slight flare at cuffs. There are tips. The pants are a little snug according to the most buyers' feedback. If you prefer loose, it's best to order one size up. Inseam lehgth: S 30.5", M 30.7", L 30.7", XL 30.9", and XXL 30.9.

Brand: Hiskywin

👤I am not sure who would fit in the waist. These smalls cut off the circulation to my legs because I am a size 3-6. The product is still too small and I should have given credit for the nice material and given a 3 star. Their customer service is beyond a five star rating. I am 46 years old and have never had a place try so hard to make things right. There is a I will order from them multiple times if I can find out which size of their clothes fit me. I'm still shocked by their thoughtfulness. I had to write a review. Thank you for your service!

👤I like these pants. They are made from a material that is very comfortable. They hold everything well. The customer service is amazing and my butt looks good. They got me a new pair within a week after I responded to my email. These pants are very good. When I want another pair, I will purchase again.

👤I am 200 pounds and hate spandex. As advertised, these fit well. I don't need to add width to the pocket on the side of my phone, so I was concerned about it. The phone is not visible, but I wear a long shirt and these are flexible. I will wear these for work as well, they are easy to dress up, and I also bought a capri version that doesn't have a side pocket, and love them just as much.

👤I ordered black and grey. I love the color black. They fit nicely and are comfortable. The company reached out to me even though the grey didn't work out for me. Customer service has not been like that in a long time. I bought another pair of black.

👤I was disappointed when I pulled the pants out of the package because they looked like they were going to be too tight. I'm 5'1 and 175 lbs. The material is stretchy and you can easily move in. They look tight on my body, but they are not a problem for me since I am a size small and like loose clothes. I will be losing weight and getting a looser look soon.

👤The manufacturer states in the description that they run a size small, so it makes sense that people would answer questions about being true to size because they are not. The way the seam is sewn is small, but compression pants should be snug. If you are slim, but not ideal for those with a tummy, it digs in. The photos of these seem to be high waisted, and they are definitely a low rise, which is my biggest issue with them. They will have to return.

👤Love. I am 5 feet tall, 5 months pregnant, and still 20 pounds overweight, so I bought a Large pants that go up to my belly button. If you had more weight in the midsection, I could see where these might be tight. There is a I consider myself long legged because they are a tad long. They are a "workout fabric" so the color won't fade and the lint won't stick to them. Also love the pockets. It's high enough to reach in. The seams from the pockets give a slim look to the thighs. My husband says my butt looks good. I like the boot cut. Overall very happy. Anxious to buy another pair.

2. DEVOPS Compression Baselayer Leggings Charcoal

DEVOPS Compression Baselayer Leggings Charcoal

Great Performance in warm or cool weather. Air-dry sweat to prevent clothes from sticking to the body and pull sweat away from skin very quickly. The UV Sun Protection rating is designed to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The spandex fabric has excellent elasticity and is durable. Choose Pocket or Non Pocket. It's a great fit for walking and running if you're well positioned for hand placement. You have a side pocket to keep your essentials. Multi-Versatile It's perfect for a daily gym, fitness, jogging, running, football, soccer, yoga, cycle, bjj and other active workouts.

Brand: Devops

👤I'm 6'2" and purchased a large one. Title notes "compression" and "leggings" These are not. It would be more "tights" if I had to give them accurate descriptions. The stitching is flat and nice. It is very accurate. Pocket is useful for keys, iPod, small phone. These would work well for an under layer. These are not good for compression. If you are looking for something specific, move on. They offer a great fit, but not the compression you need. The fabric and styling are nice. The Waistband is very comfortable and sits where a man needs it. Online information notes are great for many activities. These are too fat! Don't bend over while jogging, you might get away with it. Make sure you are in the back of the yoga class. You will be on display with one downward dog. The large is opaque while being worn, a medium would have offered more compression, but they would have been stretched so tight that they would not have been able to see. I will use them under shorts or as an extra layer in cold weather, but alone is a recipe for disaster.

👤I ordered a sleeveless top. The price and quality were amazing. The pants are in 2 colors. Very nice. There is a All of these are comfortable. It's good enough to work out. Good buying. I will buy more soon.

👤I ordered this before I left for the US. I was supposed to give a medium to a friend who is smaller than me, but I didn't have time. I needed to exercise while on vacation in the US, so I decided to use one. The medium gave me a compression that I have never used in a size L tights. I have a waist of 36-38 and I'm very heavy in the thighs and behind. I don't need any more size L tights. They didn't slide down. The compression is amazing. I am not sure if I should let my friend have the 2nd pair.

👤It was good to be fit. It would be too tight if you had big thighs. I have thin thighs that are good for me. There is a The cuffs on the ankle are terrible. There is almost no elasticity to keep it in place. You stretched the collar on a shirt. It is a garbage shirt now. There is a sleeve of a wizard. They would have been great if they had put some rubber material with some elasticity in it. There is a The pocket should have an over cuff to hold the phone in place. The corner holds my phone in place on a slow jog, but if I jump or run fast, my phone will fly out. Hope you have a case that protects it.

👤These pants are great. My boy loves it. All he wears at home.

👤I've been hesitant to wear them. I was not going to buy a name brand for 4x's. The price to see if I liked them. I like them. I don't have to worry about ripping my hair off. I don't wear underwear with them, I don't know if I should, but I can't imagine they would fit. If you did. I'm going to try a thicker pair to see if the hold in heat is better. I will buy another set and try the 1/3 length as well.

3. Runhit Compression Spandex Leggings Athletic

Runhit Compression Spandex Leggings Athletic

Their mens compression pants leggings provide support for the glutes, quads, and hamstrings, increasing blood flow and better bone alignment. Runhit mens compression pants can release heat and keep clothes from sticking to the body. It is a cool dry running pants that can help you enjoy the cold weather. It's suitable for all seasons. The 2 Pack compression pants are suitable for waist and thigh elastic bands. The elastic bands are comfortable and easy to fold back. Their performance men's compression pants are made of a blend of nylon and spandex with excellent elasticity and durability, and are sewn by Flatlock. Four stitches and six thread sewing can increase durability. Their compression leggings are designed for all sports, they are suitable for work out basketball, running, yoga, cycling, golf, hiking, swimming, baseball, football, volleyball, jogger, tennis, squat, weight training and so on. It can be used for running tights base layer in cold winter.

Brand: Runhit

👤I like the way these feel. There is not much compression. I could wash these in the same way I would any other piece of clothing. I don't have to remember to do anything special. I chose this brand because it was a good deal.

👤I took a chance with these compression pants and have not been disappointed. I am a fan of this brand and have ordered a couple of times here and the 1/3 variation. I wear between a 29-31 in pants and I ordered the small. My legs are 17 inches above the knee cap. I use them for work as a base layer or for light recovery from work. The compression works well. The compression is good for the material it is made of because they are not thick. It's ideal for comfort that I wear them most of the time. If you want compression and are within an inch of recommend size, you should size down. The recommend size is for a more relaxed fit. I wear a small in most brands. I would buy these over any other brand in the store. The price is icing on the cake for me. There is a It can be difficult to find brands that fit the way we like online, I hope this review helps. After. They are holding up well and are washing fine. I wash and dry.

👤I am female. If I need a particular color, I only buy xs in leggings with pockets. I bought the package because I wanted the blue to be under my long tunic. Most men's clothing is too short in the rise, so I thought they might work. I was concerned that the waist might be too large, but I thought I could do a small hand change if they slipped down. I don't need to worry. They were perfect on my figure. They are more similar to dance tights than women's leggings with a slight sheen but cost less and have pockets. They fit my small waist and large hips better than a small male would. There is a The double seam in the front completely eliminates the female camel toe. There is a They are perfect for my purposes and seem opaque for the gym. They can be used as a base layer under tunics and pants. I will wash them by hand and think they will last the season.

👤It's very comfortable, doesn't pinch or bunch up at knees or crotch. Light compression but firm. I wouldn't call them "compression" pants. It was nice in the cold. There is a It's nice for work-outs or cold weather. If you are looking for something to help for swollen legs or such, it is not an extreme compression, rather a gentle and firm squeeze. This is positive for many people. I can only wear Ted hose for a couple hours at a time, a pain for me, to put on and off. It's a problem if you bunch up at the knees and ankles. There is a I like these more than the compression hose from hospitals. Good firm compression, easy on and off. I can wear them all day. There is a The Pros are comfortable and non restrictive. Doesn't bunch up or squeeze at the crotch. Does not keep the sweat away, but it does not affect movement. Not like a ted hose.

4. Fruit Loom Jersey Sleep Heather

Fruit Loom Jersey Sleep Heather

It is easy to care for, machine washable. The sleep pant has a single button and elastic waistband. There are two deep side-seam pockets. It's perfect for relaxing or sleeping.

Brand: Fruit Of The Loom

👤Reviewed: purchased in Feb 2020 I bought the Fruit of the Loom Medium, Hanes Medium and Amazon Basics Large to try them out. The Hanes and Fruit of the Loom are just a normal T-shirt material, while the Amazon Basics is more like sweat pants that are soft on the inside and stretchy on the outside. There is a Fruit of the Loom and Hanes are tagless. There is a If you ride a motorcycle and it's cold, the thinner material for Hanes and Fruit of the Loom makes it easier to wear under other pants. I recommend the thinner Hanes or Fruit of the Loom if you need pajamas in a warmer house. The thicker Amazon basic is a lounge around the house. There is a The Amazon Basics has a tag. There is a Do you need thick or thin? There is a My waist is 38" using a tape measure. The waist of Hanes is not stretched. The inseem is 31.5" The medium waist of the fruit of the loom is not stretched. The inseem is 30.5" There is a The large waist is not stretched. The inseem is 31 and they are 43" long. They need to get rid of the tag. The Hanes and Fruit of the Loom are not tags. I'll try to add pictures after the review. Let me know if this was helpful.

👤I'm cheap. Women's pajama bottoms always shrink and end up too short when I buy Walmart jammies. Men's pajamas are better than women's. These are comfortable. flannel pajama pants are very light. I live in them when I'm not at work. I bought a pair to try, but I think I need a second pair.

👤I tried a pair of Fruit of the Looms after buying two other brands of pajama pants. I have short legs and had to hem them. I have to say that they are the best pants I have ever owned. I ordered two more. When I am retired, I wear pajama pants and a t-shirt around the house all the time, because I know nobody is going to visit or see me. These pants are perfect. I don't look like I'm wearing pajama pants when I go out to the driveway to pick up the paper or take out trash because the black color looks nice. There is a The material is light and soft to the touch. flannel can get uncomfortable in hot weather. The pants are great for our climate. I feel like Hugh Hefner is spending my days wearing them. My wife told me to get more because she loved the new look.

👤Excellent sleepwear. I am a big man and these 4XL Big pants fit me perfectly, with room to spare but with the cinch/tie - perfect. I tried these on and did not want to take them off.

👤The price was right and I bought a bunch of these. You think Fruit of the Loom is good quality, but not these! These are now known as the doughnuts drawers. It was difficult to answer the question of how these fit. The legs shrink up to about 24 and the seat falls down, even though they look good. If you like your crotch at the knees, you may like these. I don't! I regret every pair of these I bought.

5. Hanes X Temp Performance Training Pockets

Hanes X Temp Performance Training Pockets

X-Temp technology is designed to keep you cool and dry during the day. Cool DRI technology dries fabric faster. Cool Comfort fabric keeps you cooler.

Brand: Hanes

👤I ordered a pair ofstealth with a black stripe, but they're actually darker in color than they are in the picture, but I'm fine with that. I don't want black pants, as I usually wear black t-shirts, and I'm not hoping to look like Nosferatu in the gym. I ordered a pair of Adidas pants for $30, which are okay, but aren't as loose. The lighter they are, the better for running. I don't like running. I would rather fight the bear than run because I don't like running that much. Back to the pants. I get these things, and they're dark gray, like a Pantone 432 grey, and they have a black stripe, but they're loose, but the waist is tight enough to hold them up without worry. It's not a good idea to jog around the neighborhood and pick up an indecent exposure charge along the way. These are light, loose fitting, stay up, and don't remind me of lounge pants, which is what I like about them. I'm 6' tall, and I don't look like Baby Huey, which is what I was hoping for, as they come down over the tops of my sneakers. Is there another pair I would order? It's possible. Yes. I would. Would I recommend them to people I know? I would. Only if they wanted a pair of running pants. They'll do you proud if you get some.

👤The husband bought the black and latino pants for the gym during the summer months. The pants are soft and thin, and they don't see through. They were a perfect fit for him as far as length, being roomy and elastic, as they are. He went to the gym this morning with them because they came in the mail yesterday. I took pictures. Very disappointed. We wanted to love these pants because of their fit and comfort but they are not usable so we have to give up. Hanes is not an unknown product. We use Hanes products. Not this one! Get back to quality made materials. Immediate return! I hope my return goes as smooth as the ones that went through the material.

👤The price of material was perfect for what I wanted. The first time I tried to tie them, they had a stitching on the outside of the waistband that was not sewn on the inside of the waistband, so I pulled the two together to tie them into a knot. It's not worth trying to get my money back. The design of these is poor. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I needed black pants that looked nice with a black jacket, white shirt, and bow tie for a concert performance, with an elastic waist that would be comfortable and not binding near my incision, after having surgery. These pants worked well. I was not wearing black dress slacks and these pants are very comfortable. I had to put a hem on them because they were a bit long, but it was easy to do with the fabric.

6. Hanes Jersey Charcoal Heather Medium

Hanes Jersey Charcoal Heather Medium

The waist has a draw cord for a custom fit. There is a side pocket and open leg bottoms.

Brand: Hanes

👤My butt and thighs tend to sweat a lot and my wife made me ditch my favorite pair of sweats due to holes in the crotch and holes in the pockets. I wore these on a road trip and never had "swamp butt", even though they were thin. They are very comfortable and don't seem to stretch out. The number dropped off when I tied a knot in the rope. These sweats had a round drawstring and not two separate strings to tie a knot so it's difficult to get it tight. I will most likely wear these around the house as they will slide down and expose the moon now. I have a hole in the crotch after wearing these 2 times. This would be the only way to give zero stars.

👤The pants are very long. Had a 34” inseam. It seems long for a medium.

👤These pants were made for someone who was at least 6'3" tall, not for someone who was 5' 10". It would cost more to have them changed. If you are an average size guy, you should keep looking.

👤I have warned Hanes and russle over the years. There is a The order was a surprise. The thickness of the fabic is perfect for south Texas. Good elastic that holds them up. I am very pleased. A large is fine for me.

👤The material is almost like a thicker t-shirt. It is very comfortable, but very long. I'm 5'9" with a 33"W and ordered medium, but they're about 6 inches too long for me. I have several sweats in Large that aren't as long as the legs on these. I ordered 2 and they're both long enough for someone who's 6'4. I had to have them hemmed.

👤Just right! I was looking for pants to wear on cooler days in the summer. I went for these because I can't find deep pockets in women's pants. These fit the bill. Cool, deep pockets and easy-care. Couldn't ask for more. Highly recommended.

👤I bought a pair of black ones several months ago. I like the men's because their pockets are deep and my phone doesn't come out when I sit down. I ordered the Light Steel to give me a second color, but it's not the same as the black. 1. I bought these because they are not 100% cotton. 2. The black pair does not have the drawstring. The description for the gray pants should be revised. I will probably purchase another set of black but will donate this pair to my husband. They fit as expected and are soft for me. It's better to have them run a bit longer than it is to have them be too short. The Light Steel was not something I would buy again.

👤In my neck of the woods, these pants are so comfortable, they can be worn all year round. They are light weight and can be washed and dried. I hang them to complete the drying process after I dry them in the dryer. The pants are dry in a few hours. I think they would shrink in every direction if they were left in the dryer. I have to carry a medical device with me at all times, and the fact that there are two side pockets is a definite plus.

7. DRSKIN Compression Baselayer Leggings DMBB04

DRSKIN Compression Baselayer Leggings DMBB04

There are packs of one, two, or three pants that have different prices. The quantity of pants is shown in the image. Images with one item are referred to as images with one piece of clothing. Two and three pieces of clothing are referred to in images with two and three pieces of clothing. Ultra- soft and smooth fabric that provides extreme comfort with very little weight. Designed for all seasons, including running, training, baseball, basketball, soccer, American football, gym, weight training, cycle, yoga, rashguard, Squat, Golf, skiing, snowboarding, all weather sports. The UV blocking material is non fabric and has good elasticity andDurability. The amount of moistness/ The Quick and Dry Transport System -Wicks Sweat away from the body, keeping you cooler and drier.

Brand: Drskin

👤Not enough big guy reviews. I ordered a set to get healthy. A 3x fits tight to the body with out loss of comfort. I have some junk in the trunk that is a bit transparent and I have to wear shorts.

👤It fit me as expected. I'm 5'7 171 lbs. The price is more than expected. Will purchase more!

👤I'm used to under armour type material and these leggings are very sound. I was a little worried about how thin the material was, but the waist band stays in place and you don't have to fold it when you bend. Will definitely be buying more.

👤I bought three pairs of tights and this is about the average score I would give them, so I would give this product three and a half stars. There is a problem with the size. My first pair fit perfectly, so I ordered two more in different colors. One pair is too big while the other is too small. Their lengths are different between the three models. The ones that are too big are still functional and Wearable, but offer no compression and one pair is a bit baggy. The athletic tights are still a good buy for the price, but the size is unreliable.

👤I weigh 215 lbs. The Fluffy Dad is in the middle section. I bought the matching top after reading fellow reviews. If you are not athletic in build, go up to 2 sizes up and 1 size up. The stick is very snug. I used it under my riding leathers for Racing and it was good for my skin. I went up 2 sizes and it fit better. I was expecting some wear on the knee area, but it was not. Surprised me. The high waist fit is a pros. No "matted wear" after use, it is cool looking, and underlayer for racing leathers. At the end of the race season, there are no follow ups.

👤They fit perfectly and were ordered based on reviews. I'm a female with 135-150 lbs. They are resting for the price. Maybe order more. It was shipped in about a week.

👤A man is around 175 lbs with muscular legs. I ordered a medium that was black. They fit, but they're compression tights, so what can you do? Do compression tights do what they're supposed to do? Who knows? I wanted to see if they helped with shin splints. I can't say if they work because I stopped playing as frequently after I started wearing them. As you can see in the picture, the side windows are a bit more see-through. If you're afraid of looking like you're wearing tights, these are not the best thing for you. It's okay because I don't care.

👤I would imagine leggings fitting. I like them. I wore them a lot on my cardio days after buying them as a gag.

👤Ich bin nun hochzufrieden, wie meine Lieblingshose die Marke kaputt ging. There is a Sie passt wie angegossen. 25 fr die so dnne Hose, da I aber lange. Is it possible that I'm sauerhin. Kniebeugen ist das Tragekomfort umso mehr. Man is a aber. Ihren beheben ist. Wer allerdings sucht. Die Hose ist verdammt bequem. Naht is a modellen. Damen hervorragend, passt Sie im Schritt. There is a Ich ist uns empfehlen! The Versand ist schneller.

8. Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Cargo Olive

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Cargo Olive

The men's natural rise is a zip fly. Slash pockets, cargo pocket, pant back pocket.

Brand: Cherokee

👤I've come to the point in my life where I don't care what anyone thinks, I've come to the point in my life where comfort is supreme. Unless I'm going to a wedding or a funeral, I wear these all the time. I sleep in them. I've started carrying a man bag because they don't stay up well with all the junk I like to carry with me. My only complaint is that it takes a bit of a drag on the legs to fit the way I like, due to my big belly. No big deal. I would pay to have them tailored.

👤I prefer mens scrub pants. My butt crack doesn't hang out when I bend over, so they fit better. The elastic waist with a drawstring can be adjusted depending on how bloated I am after eating a meal. There is a Cherokee scrubs are made to resist fading and stains.

👤These are my favorite scrubs to wear. Unlike hospital scrubs, where I have no idea what body type they modeled them after, these fit me like normal pants. I think they are baggy. They are a little long on me. The quality is good. I don't have to tie the string to keep them on because they have elastic bands around the waist. There are too many stories from people where their hospital scrubs dropped to the ground. Pros - fit well - almost looks like khakis - looks a little more "dressed up" than other colors - love the pockets, much better than hospital scrubs

👤The scrubs I bought were not the same size as he usually gets. Amazon is always fair to me and I have never had a problem with returns. I have to wait for the approval of this company because I didn't read the fine print when I bought it. There are many sellers that don't put you through this grief. The reviews here are good until other people have to return items. Don't assume that Amazon is in control, please go to another seller and get the same clothing, and read the return agreement. I am sorry.

👤I'm a 200lb 34" waist. I'm always in the awkward position. I bought a pair of scrubs. I have less mobility than the medium fit. They are not looking like skinny scrubs or yoga scrubs. There is a The Large are not too baggy around the groin. They aren't looking like scrubs. The scrubs are great, the pockets are great, and the best is the zip top. If you aren't sure, I would downsize. If you like them slightly tighter or baggy, they are 6'3" 200 lbs 34" waist and both M and L fit. It's perfect for me.

👤I got these for my son. He is 6'2, 180 lbs and his pants are 34*36. The medium height for the top and bottom was perfect.

👤The pants are roomy and comfortable, and I like the open double leg pockets with the right-side pencil pocket, as well as the draw "string". There could be a second back pocket. The material is so thin that you can see light through it. I can't see how this will last on a cold or windy day. There is a It would have been a more substantial pant if they had put more cotton and less polyester into the mix.

9. Champion Powerblend Bottom Granite Heather

Champion Powerblend Bottom Granite Heather

Soft cotton/polyester blend resists pilling. The weight is 9 ounces. The brushed interior of the fleece is for comfort. The men's fit has extra stitch details. It requires less water and is made from cotton grown in the U.S. There is a waistband with elastic and drawcord. The locker loop has a Mark on it.

Brand: Champion

👤These are very skimpy. The legs are tight everywhere. I ordered all of them to be my size. I ordered more Champion sweat pants and they were fine. I saw these and thought they were 50% cotton and 50% polyester. I ordered them. They were not as sweaty as the other champion. I can see why. I will be returning these and re- ordering the other Champion pants which were great and didn't shrink. The Champion Men's Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweat pant fit well and are good quality.

👤These sweats are what I have been looking for. I'm 6'1" and 34" inseam. I bought the large and was happy. The length is perfect for my height and comfortable in the waist and thighs. Thank you, champion!

👤I love these and I am a girl. I ordered three more pairs after seeing them. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the VS boyfriend sweatpants, which are my holy grail for comfort and fit but tend to wear out quickly for something that costs $55. These things fit great, they are so comfortable, and they are less expensive than VS pants. I double-roll the waist because they are a little long on me. I ordered a medium that fits me perfectly, it's loose and baggy. I am 135 years old and have a big butt and thick thighs.

👤I bought these sweatpants because I was looking for something without the elastic bottom on the legs, and the Champion brand seems to hold up well for me. They are warm and comfortable. I have a large size. The length is too long for me, but they are fine around the waist. It's not a big problem because I flip over the waistband once or twice. They are more suited for someone with a 34" or 36" inseam. At the time of this review, I wear pants sizes 36" waist and 30" or 32" inseam.

👤There is a problem that continues to plague the clothing industry and irritate consumers. I have larger lags in my waist. I bought the Champion brand at a department store two years ago, and it was fine in the size I just purchased. Those pants are still in good shape. The new pair doesn't fit in the leg. I don't know, but it's likely that whatever brand was made for the store was different than what is normally sold. My wife is tall, so she can use them for lounging around the house. People don't like the idea of clothing sizes being changed to fit a company's bottom line. Fix the industry and get back to me.

👤I bought these sweatpants in navy blue size large. I'm 185 lbs. There is a 36" waist. The sweatpants are snug around the waist, but don't drag on the ground, since they're new and elastic is still fresh, and I wear them with the bottom edge of the elastic waist on my hips. They fit well. Their construction is advertised as medium weight, non-ribbed cuff, with a big waist drawstring on the inside of the waistband, out of sight. The texture is smooth on the outside, and slightly fleecy on the inside. The inner waistband has a multi-color hang loop. There were no loose or broken threads. I have a pair of Wilson poly-cotton sweats that are slightly heavier. I washed the new champions and they didn't seem to have shrunken. It's worth $22.26 including tax. I plan to buy another pair before their availability disappears like many other finely-made consumer goods that have disappeared.

10. Hanes Ecosmart Fleece Pockets Black

Hanes Ecosmart Fleece Pockets Black

Up to 5 percent of the fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles. Side seam pockets are convenient. Draw cord inside for secure fit. For a relaxed look, open hem pant legs. Machine wash cold with like colors, non chlorine bleach when needed, and tumble dry medium.

Brand: Hanes

👤I have been wearing these for the past few weeks. I am wearing them right now. They are black and have pockets, so I can wear them out, even though most people think I am wearing slacks. They are comfortable, have pockets, and are suitable for conversations with people who are standing 6' away from you. I would have liked to have purchased more pairs. I would like to live in a home made from these sweat pants and I would go to bed in a hammock every night. I wish a president would act and speak like he was trying to kill everyone. Since those are just wishes, I have this pair.

👤Good product. Nothing fancy. The only bad thing about them is that they have a single string. There is a Maybe I am an idiot and you are supposed to attach it. I majored in Liberal Arts at State school. I tied a knot on both ends. Why? I own a simple Swiss Army knife, but I found it in a movie theater when I was a kid, because I watched a lot of MacGuyver. I found a solution after getting all Super Genius. I would be awesome on either Survivor or a zombie apocalypse. There is a The material is strong. I would enjoy wearing pajamas all day if there were a rear pocket. It is not allowed socially so these are a nice compromise and I would like a place to put my wallet. There is a If you feel the urge to mock me for saying "Maybe I'm an idiot", you should do it with every woman I've ever dated.

👤I got a pair of medium. The legs are too long and the material is thin. The waist is a good fit and they feel nice. Not bad for the price. I'll keep them, even if I have to hem them later. 3 months later, the thin material has worn down. I can't believe how little I used them. Looks like I will have to buy more.

👤There is only so much one can expect from these sweatpants. These shrink and pill like no other. If you bought a bigger size than your ideal size, these may work for you, because you don't care about the way the pants look. There are better options for this money. There is a If you plan to wear these at your waist, you'll need to size up. These have a low rise. The hems at the bottom of the pants are not even. If you tighten the pants down a lot, they will be cheap and uncomfortable. They pill very badly. I expected these to be cheap. I plan to use these for some under the porch insulation work. I think they were ok for that purpose. After a few washes, they went in the trash and the fit became laughable. There is a Most people who buy these do so with the expectation that they will fit well and hold up for a while. If you want to spend more money, please use it on another pair. There is a Cheers!


What is the best product for eco friendly mens yoga pants with pocket?

Eco friendly mens yoga pants with pocket products from Hiskywin. In this article about eco friendly mens yoga pants with pocket you can see why people choose the product. Devops and Runhit are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly mens yoga pants with pocket.

What are the best brands for eco friendly mens yoga pants with pocket?

Hiskywin, Devops and Runhit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly mens yoga pants with pocket. Find the detail in this article. Fruit Of The Loom, Hanes and Drskin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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