Best Eco Friendly Nail Polish Base Coat

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1. Sally Hansen Insta Anti Chip

Sally Hansen Insta Anti Chip

This color covers in a single coat. The brush is perfect, so color glides on quickly. It has beautiful shine and strong wear. No chip shine can be set up to 10 days with 30 seconds of dry nail color. Any nail color can be dry in 30 seconds. The formula protects nail color.

Brand: Sally Hansen

👤I have never had a strong preference for glossy topcoats. I'm happy if it dries fast and isn't streaky. This almost became a favorite because of how quickly it dried. The last little bit in the bottle was hard to get out, as with all base and topcoats. The shape of the bottle made tipping the bottle to the side useless. I had to pour the last little bit onto the paint tray in order to use it. I had to add polish thinner every so often in order to keep it from getting gross. It is an amazing top coat for the first half of the bottle. It's affordable, it doesn't have a strong smell, and it doesn't cause any weird shrinkage issues.

👤I just finished reviewing a colored polish that I love, except for the chipping. I can't believe it took me so long to try it. It's only been about 8 hours, but I know that the colored polish I am wearing would be half eaten by now. Even if I baby it, the colored polish chips. I have washed a few kitchen towels and done a few dishes. I just applied my polish. I didn't do that well in the first place. I can't wait to use the top coat on my nails. This is a clear polish. The bottle glass has a deep pink tint, so if the polish was tinted I would have to remove it. There's no worries there. I will have to keep an eye on how long the manicure lasts.

👤I was a little skeptical when I first tried it, but it works as it says! I was able to touch it without leaving prints. I was careful not to bang my nails against anything for at least 10 minutes. It's held up well so far.

👤I have a second bottle and my go-to top coat. There is a Make sure to use it while your polish is still wet. You need a decent amount of product to get smooth coverage in a quick-dry top coat. The end result is glossy and can be touched, but the top coat won't dry out layers below it if you haven't already let them dry. I like to give my nails five minutes or so to completely dry before I do anything that might mess with the polish underneath, especially if I haven't given a lot of time between coats. If you're impatient and need to build up color, this stuff doesn't work well as a top coat; it keeps my longest- lasting colors on safe and sound, but it doesn't work well if you're impatient. It's a good idea to have a few layers between it and bare nail.

👤The top coat was mostly pleased with me. The brush allows smooth application. The only thing I don't like is that with some polishes, the brush picks up the color already on the mail if it's not completely dry. It's great at making your nail color last more than a week and it's also great at preventing chipping or peeling of color applied. The polish gives a shine. There is a Make sure that all previous coats are completely dry so they don't bleed onto the brush when applying this as top coat.

2. AIMEILI Nail Polish Wipe Lacquer

AIMEILI Nail Polish Wipe Lacquer

21 days of high-gloss wear. The finish is mirror shine. There are no chips or Nicks. Under manicure lamp, it is necessary to dry. The polish should be applied in a thin coat. Thinner is stronger. No chips or Nicks. Be careful. May cause reactions. Before doing a manicure, please take a skin test. 21 days high-gloss wear, On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes.

Brand: Aimeili

👤Great product. If you look at the pictures of the negative and positive reviews, you can see a wide range of manicures. Some are horrible looking and some are okay. The application is more important than the product when it comes to manicures. There is a It took a lot of applications to get my perfect gel. If I don't clean my nails, I get nail dust and the base coat on my nails. Your base coat won't function as it should when this happens. After 10 manicures, I find that I have gotten junk in my base coat and it's time to throw it out. I always use good lighting when applying all layers, as the top coat leaves parts of the nail untouched. I am getting good coverage of my top coat. Shake the base coat and top coat before applying. When I first started using gel polish, I used thick coats, but the longer I've been using it, the thinner the coats are. I've been using and then I get a manicure that lasts longer. The French tip look is now perfect. I love this coat.

👤I've never used gel before, but I love this base and top coat. I bought some cheap $2 gels, but after I noticed how bad the reviews were, I decided to use a base and top coat. I soaked them off after 2 weeks. I love this stuff. Very impressed. I just wanted to say to make sure you buff the nail a little, use alcohol to dehydrate the nail, apply each layer as thin as possible, and make sure you don't touch any skin, after reading some reviews.

👤I've used Gelish for my base and top coat before, but I decided to try this out because it was so cheap. I've been using these for the last 6 months and I feel like they are just as good as Gelish. My polish lasts a full 2 weeks and doesn't chip anymore. I've been doing my nails with gel for about 4 years.

👤I searched for UV Top Coat's on Amazon and bought this product. I have been unhappy with the top coats I have been using from the Salon supply store by CND, I have gone over my application and prep method, and I have chips within 72 hours. I decided to try something new because I never had that problem with the products before. I used a UV light from Creative Nail Design to cure my nails. Most companies don't want you to know that your UV light will cure polishes and that you should buy their light, but that's not the case. It will take longer for a UV light to cure bothLED and UV polishes. There are some great articles about that on the Nails Magazine website. I went to school to be a manicurist and I keep up with my continuing education even though I am working in another field. I prepared my nails as usual for my application. After cleaning my nail beds, I pushed back the cuticles. I put my nails under my light for the highest time setting. I applied 2 coats of UV/LED nail polish to cure between each coat. There is a I cured the top coat under the light for the full amount of time between coats. There is a After, I grabbed some rubbing alcohol and ran it over my nails to finish curing them. I don't have any chips after 5 days. There is a The only issue I have with this product is the placement of the sticker over the instructions. If there was a second set of printed instructions inside the box, it would be nice, but for the price you cannot beat this set of base and top coat. I would try other products from this company. There is a There is no smell with this product, that's not the case with many other polishes. There is a smell. It smells like nailpolish. If you have issues with scent, you may want to consider that. It's not offensive and you won't be smelling it in your house or on your hands for a long time. The scent doesn't linger when the bottle is closed. I paid full price for this item and am providing a review for informational purposes. Thank you.

3. GAOY Pcs Gel Nail Polish

GAOY Pcs Gel Nail Polish

12 X 0.25 Fl. Oz Gel Polish with a base coat and a top coat. Quality: Excellent. The color is discolored. The Gel is odorless. The bottle and brush are durable. The safety is certified by SGS. It's free from toxics. GAOY uses premium raw material to keep their product safe. It is long-lasting. Up to 21 days with proper techniques. You can watch the video above or the instructions below. GAOY care is available. Do you have a problem doing your nails? Professional nail technicians are standing by to help.

Brand: Gaoy

👤If you don't prep your nails before applying the gel polish, it won't work. It is most likely that all of the reviews about the paint chipping or not staying on is because they didn't prep their nails right. If you don't know what you're doing, it won't come out right. I have not had a problem with these polishes, the bottles are small but the price is worth it, top brands sell the same size bottles for a lot more. I have been buying from this brand for the second time and I will keep buying until I have all the colors.

👤Imagin, pero nunca, me tomé el trabajo de revisarlos uno por uno.

👤I almost didn't buy this product because of the reviews. I liked the colors. I made my own decision. The gel polish needs to be prepared and added to in order for it to last for two or three weeks. I don't have any complaints. Will be ordering again.

👤I got an email from the seller asking if I wanted a refund or to remplace the product since I did not have the best experience. They gave me money back. Thank you so much! Will buy again from this seller. One of the nail polishes was open and made a mess inside the package, which is the only reason I am giving it a 4 star rating. They work well.

👤This is the second time I have left a review. This product is a must have. If you respect the nail preparation for the gel lac, it will go all the way. Smooth. I will buy more colors and be happy with the base and top coat. The colors are easy to use.

👤The colors are correct. The presentation of the polish was very good. The packaging made me feel good. All the polishes are labeled with their colors. This is a huge help. It keeps them organized. The top stays on well when I try it. The glossy top coat is flexible. I will be purchasing from this brand again.

👤I just learned how to do my nails with this kit. I tried to do a video review while doing my nails, but the product is amazing, and my nails are not very well done. I like it. I swim a lot and they last a long time on my nails. I have a toddler and I am constantly cleaning. The colors are great and it's easy to remove. I used this base, top and 1007 coats and added 1205 from a different gaoy set. I love them. This set has a great basic variety of colors. I hope this helps you make a decision.

👤The base coat doesn't work, no matter how many times you try. The base coat isn't that important, the colors are beautiful, long lasting, and the top coat is perfect, so I'm still giving it 5 stars. I had my nails done for 10 days. No chipping, no wear-offs. The nails are fresh.

4. BONTIME Non Toxic Nail Polish Colors

BONTIME Non Toxic Nail Polish Colors

Children and toddlers are water-based. Eco-friendly nail polish. Low-odor formula is completely organic and free of chemical solvents. You don't have to go to a salon because you can do the nail manicure at home. If properly applied, 90 seconds for each layer, lasts 2 days if not more. If you don't like the color of your nail, just peel it off and paint another one. 5 NAIL SHADES, high shine base, and best application brush - always ensures smooth and even covering. 90s rapid dry for each layer, apply 2 coats for good coverage.

Brand: Bontime

👤The best nail polish. I love to paint my nails but my husband doesn't like the smell so I have to paint them outside. I don't paint them in the winter. I gave this to my daughter for Christmas. There was no smell. My husband and I were able to get our nails done. It dried very quickly and the colors were very bright even with just one coat. I have normal polish on my nails, but it doesn't chip as often as I would like. My daughter says it's quite satisfying to peel it off several times, and that it's much better than using a stinky, messy cleaner. I bought a second for myself because I love this so much.

👤This polish is great. It has no smell and dries very quickly. You can't go over the same area twice because it dries so fast. You have to wait 90 seconds between layers to correct it. The pale pink is hard to work with. The other colors look good. I recommend using this at night before bed because you have to avoid submerging your hands in water for four hours for it to fully dry. If you hit the nail against something, it won't leave a mark. It will stay on for a few days once it is dry. If I scrub dishes or do anything that involves water, I notice that the tip does chip.

👤This will be my go tonsil product, with the exception of my sloppy nail polishing skills. There is a The application process was easy, the drying time was fast and there was no nail polish smell.

👤I like the polishes. The formula is easy to apply. They are not pleasant to be around. I like this product, but it took a little longer to dry than my non water-based polishes, so I am giving it a 4-star rating. These polishes are really good. You won't be disappointed.

👤I have decided that this polish gets five stars. It is my favorite type. I have tried other water based polishes and they don't dry as fast as this one, and getting them off was difficult. This polish is easy to apply and come off. It comes off easily in hot water, so showering or doing dishes will start peeling it. I love it! I didn't give it 5 stars because I only had it on my nails for 14 hours, but I'm pretty sure it deserves 5 stars. I applied a thin coat first, and did an additional thin top coat, and the polish lasted! There was no foul odor, I could remove it from my fingers with my nail, and it was adhering to my nail well. I am very satisfied with the product and the colors were exactly as shown.

👤A nice nail polish. Certainly a better option. I like how smooth it is. The package had 2 busted open and was leaking all over. I received an email asking about my satisfaction before I could contact them. They apologized and sent out a replacement and checked in again. Customer service is great. Will be buying again in the future.

5. Beetles Matte Coat Gloss Gel

Beetles Matte Coat Gloss Gel

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Base No Wipe Gel Top Coat. For 21+ days. The top coat is flexible. The finish is beautiful. Also, note: Please apply thin layer with gel nail polish. Too much coat or gel on the skin can cause a burning sensation. Before curing, please clean the gel around the nails. If you are sensitive to heat, try a lower wattage lamp. Tip: The base gel can't be used as glue. ) The 9 Tox Free Ingredient in the Nail Polish Gel makes it healthy and has a low odor. There are no harsh ingredients that lead to damaged nails. It is only used for nail and skin contact. If contact occurs, wash immediately. If you feel unwell, immediately stop using and seek medical attention. The products should be kept away from the pregnant and the kids. The Beetles Gel Base and Top Coat are pictured. It is compatible with all brands. It's suitable for natural nails, Nail Lamp gel nails, artificial nails, nail tips, etc. It's normal for the base coat to remain sticky and give the next coat of polish something to hold onto. Durability is important. Beetles top coat provides a long- lasting manicure that seals in color and provides a beautiful matt finish. There is a warning May cause an allergic reaction. Carefully read directions for use. Only used for nails. Don't touch eyes, mouth, and skin. In case of contact, rinse with water. Contact the doctor if there is an incident. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. Don't allow children to reach you.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤UV gels are great. I don't use the base coat personally, but the products do exactly as they say they will. The UV top coat can last me for weeks. Both polishes need to be wiped after drying.

👤The gel top coat is the best I have ever used and the price was great.

👤It is not fair for me to review this product since I did not know I needed the lamp. It does not dry without it. The lamp will probably work with it.

👤I started doing my own manicures last week. The base coat and high gloss top coat were used. I applied it a week ago, I have no chips. I wash my hands frequently and am very impressed with how well the manicure is holding up.

👤I decided to get a top coat because I love the glossy look but I wanted a sleek look and the matt coat gave it that.

👤I was excited to get this but I didn't like the other base and top coats. I haven't tried it yet, but my expectations are low. The polish leaves little round circles on the nail that make it look bad, but it does cure under the UV lam. It works if you go over it a couple of times, but it is more of a hassle than the gellin I used before. Also not as bright. I spent the money on it, but I will not be buying it today.

👤I love these products for their price. I have not tested the coat yet. I am still learning how to do my own gels. Sally Hansen brand lasted me 2 weeks. I wanted to invest. I was impressed by the reviews of the base/top coats. There are a few things to consider with my gel being a week old. I am new to doing this and could be a consumer error. I peel stickers, clean dishes, and other things with my hands all day at a daycare. There are things on my nails. I am impressed by every aspect of these. It was easy to use, and I was impressed by the quality.

👤The top coat is very shiny and it works without streaks. The base coat is well made. It is a base coat. Yes. Will be buying again.

👤I love the beetles brand. Excellent quality! You will get salon looking results and long life. Highly recommended!

6. Primer Upgraded Formula Long Lasting Modelones

Primer Upgraded Formula Long Lasting Modelones

MODELONES NAIL PRIMER BASE. No working on it. GEL. You will get a top coat set. No wipe top coat and gift box. It is normal for a base coat and color gel to be sticky after curing. No worries about that. It would be better between the nails and the gel layers. The top coat would seal it. Do not over-cured it or it will peel off. NAIL PRIMER is what it is. A nail primer is a must when applying artificial nails. The preparation of the nail bed and the creation of a foundation is what it is. It can be used for a smooth and simple application. Don't wait for the primer to dry, it will leave a sticky surface. The nail should be prepared for maximum strength. HEALTHY, ECO-FRIENDLY, NO-LIFTING: The gel base and top coat were made of harmless resin. Under the lamp, it is necessary to dry. The polish should be applied in a thin coat. Thinner is stronger. 28 days of high-gloss wearing. There are no chips or Nicks. It is compatible with all brands of gel nail, as well as any artificial nail art. It can work with all professional nail care brands. Customer service is what it is. It may cause an allergic reaction. If you don't like it, contact them and they'll give you a full refund within 30 days. If you love it, please leave a positive comment.

Brand: Modelones

👤This trio is not good. I fell in love with all of the great reviews that I saw. It seems like it will be the best base coat, but it is not. I cured it for 90 to 120 seconds, and it was off like wallpaper. This joke of a gel manicure is harder to get off than wallpaper. This stuff will chip and peel off within 2 days of doing your nails. I don't like this trio very much. Don't waste your money and go for the reviews.

👤I have tried 5 of the 6 colors and I really like them. There is a The rest of the colors are great, but the diamond one is a little too flashy for my liking. They last at least 10 days, and are easy to apply. The black and chameleon are the most difficult, but still worth it. There is a The color-changing does change colors easily, the magnet is easy to apply, and the chameleon is pretty, but I have received quite a few compliment on it. The quality is very good and lasts at least 10 days, but I am pretty harsh on my hands. I like the array of colors. There is a There are pics provided. Please ignore any redness. I tend to do my nails after 10pm or before 5am.

👤Most of them are very good. The black is great. I needed it for a base for my nail powders. The magnetic 3D cat eye can be used with one coat. It's very opaque and magnetic. The rainbow gel is amazing. I did not find any luck with the phantom chameleon. It turned out terrible. The gel does not change color. I tried dunking in ice water and it didn't work, however, it is a very pretty opalescent with glitter that changes from blue to pink in different light, which is nice on its own, if that's what they had marketed it as. I haven't tried the diamond gel yet. It will need a base coat color.

👤The black in this set is not opaque after 2 coats, so I gave it a 4 stars instead of a 5. The others are lovely. 2nd from right, the thermal color change is very good. It is cold. It is all blue, but turns into a glittery white when warm. The multi-glitter 3rd from the left is very thick and gorgeous, so I just put one coat of it over the base. I would buy again.

👤I have purchased polishes from Modelones. When I saw the Christmas set, I knew I wanted to try it. There is a This is the first set that has wooden caps. I was a little worried that they would be hard to hold, but it wasn't a problem. The thick and wide brush that these polishes have made me very happy. I can cover my fingers with a few strokes. There is a The colors are gorgeous. I tried out the glittery red jelly polish. It took three coats to get to opacity. The red color lasted for almost two weeks. There is a I tried the glittery gold color. The color looks amazing, and it can be covered in two coats. I have been wearing it for a week and it still looks great. I have gotten a lot of praise as well. I haven't tried any of the other colors yet, but I'm looking forward to doing more Christmas looks as the holiday approaches. There is a This set is an excellent value and can last for two weeks.

7. Tophany Polish Friendly Organic Bottles

Tophany Polish Friendly Organic Bottles

Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly. The nail polish set is non-toxic. There are no toluene or formaldehyde chemicals. It is the best choice for women, girls and teens. The smell of the nail polish is similar to a scent. The formula makes it dry in about 120 seconds, without the need to bake the bulb, and you can easily tear off the nail polish without using any nail polish remover. The rich color of nail polish set allows you to adapt to any occasion, such as leisure, nightclubs, parties, weddings, etc. Professional nail polish can complement your skin tone and wear. You can change the nail colors on a daily basis. No need for UV lamp, nail dryer, or quick dry formula. You can brush the nail polish twice with the hair brush, just choose the color you want. The operation takes only 8 minutes. Their product includes a box of nail polish. Please contact them if you have any problems with their products.

Brand: Tophany

👤I've seen a lot of bad reviews of this polish that seem to me like people didn't read the description or read the reviews carefully. I thought I should address it in mine, but not all of them. There is a This nail polish is peelable, but lasts a bit better than children's peelable polishes. Natural oils in your nails may affect some of this. It works as advertised for me. I have been waiting for a few manicures to be reviewed. I wanted to see how long it lasts without me trying to remove it, and how easy it was to remove when I want to. There is a A complete manicure using the clear coat that comes with each kit as both base and top coat begins to chip at the free edge just a little the first day, with my lifestyle hand washing dishes, regular hand washing, and typing a lot, the latter more with my fingertips rather than the pads This is the same as regular polishes, but not as long. Even with a shower thrown in, a second day isn't any worse. 3 days is all I like to wear the same colors for. Body chemistry and preference for the last may affect this. All it takes to start peeling it is a good SOAK in warm water. Dropping your hands into a bubble bath is one way to get your skin clean between showers. It is easy to peel off in a few minutes, without the need to use any synthetic or foul smelling products, and with zero damage to my nails. Body chemistry can affect how long one needs to soak, but I think it's a plus that nothing but warm water is required, either way. There is a The bottles are a bit closer to sample-size than regular size, but for someone who likes to change their manicure a bit, one color will do for quite a while, and it appears a clear bottle is included with every kit, which will also last well. The bottles of the brand are the same size as theirs. There is a The clear polish dries quickly, making it easy to get my nails done as part of my regular morning or evening routine whenever I want to make a change, even including using the clear polish as a base and top coat. With a couple of different color kits, I get more manicures and less trouble for the money with these polishes than with anything else, and have all of the colors I could possibly want. It is important to make sure that you really want a 2-4 day manicure. Specialty polishes and gels will not last like this stuff. If you have dry nails, you should be prepared to do a soak in warm water for a few minutes. This is an amazing product, worth every penny. If you're looking for something that will last for a long time, you may want to look at gels. Childrens' peelable polishes are easy to remove, so you may want to look at them. This polish is a great buy if you're looking for the in-between.

8. Polish Colors Glossy Salon 0 25Fl

Polish Colors Glossy Salon 0 25Fl

The set has a top coat. You can mix and match the colors based on your mood or occasion. Each bottle has enough for lots of fingernails or to share with your friends. The UV/LED Soak Off is done. There is a gel nail. The nail polish set needs to be cured under a UV/LED nail lamp. The average time for UV light is 1-2 minutes and the average time for LEDs is 30-60 seconds. The base and top coat are required. The gel polish kit is made from natural materials. No harm to your nail, it's a low odor. This is only used for nails. May cause an allergic reaction. If it happens, rinse your eyes, mouth, and skin and contact the doctor. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. Don't allow children to reach you. The Joytii gel nail polish will last up to 21 days with proper application. No smudges or chips are allowed on your nails. It's time to break your favorite air design. If you received a wrong color, please contact them to get a refund. All Joytii gel nail polish kit will have a 30 day no reason return policy. If you have any complaints, please contact them.

Brand: Joytii

👤Excellent mani and pedi! Make sure to use base in top coat to cure it and it will last a long time. I have eaten a lot of finger foods and activities that will mess up a mani and the shine and gel has lasted for over 2 weeks. New growth started to show when I took it off. I only did this review because I researched gel polish for months and I had the skills to do my own nails and feet. Saving money is everything at this time of year. I came back to order a new set of colors for my birthday because I am doing the same thing as myself. This product will not be missed by anyone. The size of the bottles is a con. I can not complain because you can get 6 colors for less than 18 bucks and a mani for 25 bucks.

👤I have this for a month but only used twice and only used it for the last 4 days, I decided to post a wish today because it was tacky. I waited for my money and time.

👤The package was nice. Glass bottles are not plastic. Only need one coat of full coverage colors. These are my new favorite colors. I have bought anything at beauty supply places. When I need more, I will order more from this company. So happy with the purchase!

👤Love is what we have. This is a set. Absolutely perfect. The set I purchased last month was the same one I purchased last month. Is gel polish still my favorite? It is in perfect condition, fast shipping, and it is budget friendly. There is a The colors are so rich that you don't need to coat or go overcoat them because they are already there. I like these gel polishes because I can cure and go on about my day within seconds. This gel polish is my go to when I need a manicure, I am picky about what I use on my clients. I shared my swatch with you so you can see it.

👤The company reached out and made this right for me. I am very pleased with the polish. There is a The polish is great, so it's hard to rate. It coats well. It stays on. It is lovely. The problem I have is that some of the bottles have brushes that are bent over. The top and base coat are not usable due to this. The brushes from my base and top coat are bent at an odd angle after being in the new bottle, but I thought I could fix the issue by using the brushes from my base and top coat.

👤The colors in the gel nail polish set are pretty. You need a nail lamp to cure this gel nail polish. I was impressed with how long this polish lasted on my nails. I work with my hands and this gel nail polish is still holding up after a week without any chipping that's something I look for in a polish. The application part was easy and no problems were reported before I cured it. I could have used one coat, it looked solid. I like to be a little extra. I am pleased with the brand and colors. I will try a different set of colors. A great quality gel nail polish set is available.

9. Modelones Wipe Base Coat Polish

Modelones Wipe Base Coat Polish

There are models. There is no base coat or a GEL top. Clear nail polish can be made more durable and shine by wearing mirror shine finished and high-gloss wearing. It can last 3-4 weeks under correct use due to its excellent wear resistance and anti sewage. There is a nail dryer required. The gel polish base and top coat should be cured under the lamp for 60 seconds. Apply the base coat thinly. Thinner means stronger. It is normal for a base coat and color nail to stick after being cured in order to make the color gel polish stay on your nails longer. HEALTHY AND ECO-FRIENDLY. The clear gel nail polish was made from healthy ingredients. Do not over file your nails. If your nails are too thin, they will not be good for nail health. The base and top coat gel nail polish can be used for a variety of nails. It's a great choice for professional nail salons. 100% SATISFACTION: Please read the directions carefully. If you have any questions about the top coat gel nail polish, please contact them, they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Modelones

👤I bought this because I didn't have a matt top coat and I adore this one so much that I'll probably purchase this again for it. I could see that the shine of my lamp was dulling as it dried. There is a The coat is shiny. The AIMEILI top coat is not dull or yellow. The white marble is starting to yellow at the tip two days after I did the set in the photos. The wooden handles help you have more control over the product. There is a The base was a total failure for me because the gel polish is starting to bubble under and lift, I did one hand with no base coat and one hand with the base coat, and the hand with the base coat is the only one giving. I have been doing my own nails for a few years now and this is the only base coat that has done this to me.

👤The bottle with the wood is unique and makes it easy to identify the top of the base coat. Since all the bottles are the same when it's base and top coat, that's a plus. I really like the shininess of the top coat, I haven't tried the matt coat yet, but I can't wait to try it. I will post another video when I use the matt coat.

👤The Modelones base and top coats have been my go tos ever since I first used them. I first tried them when I got a polygel kit, and now I'm back to normal. There is a The base has done a great job. The top coat gives strength. It does a great job of keeping it on and I use it frequently for bling. I have not had any issues with it chipping.

👤My wife gave a review. The coats are consistent. Smooth and evenly spread thick formula. I don't know how these compare to other Modelones coats and polishes. There is a You don't have to use a lot to get the coverage you need. The polish stays where you put it and does not move from the edges of your nails. The quality of the shiny top coat is better than the matt top coat. The finish doesn't feel as smooth as the shiny top coat. There is a The shiny top cost has a mirror finish. I like the finish on fluorescent polishes, it gives them a wow factor while also being light and shade neutral. The wooden top is liked by other reviewers. I not so much. The wooden block makes it hard for me to hold the brush and apply the polish. You have to align the edges of the top with the bottle when closing it. I don't think that will bother you if you aren't type A or OCD. There is a The nails are natural. Modelones base and top coat were used. The brand of polish is different. I cured the polish under a 54 watt lamp for 60 seconds. Modelones top coat was applied. This yielded the best results. The polish bled into the top coat.

10. Tophany Polish Friendly Organic Bottles

Tophany Polish Friendly Organic Bottles

Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly. The nail polish set is non-toxic. There are no toluene or formaldehyde chemicals. It is the best choice for women, girls and teens. The smell of the nail polish is similar to a scent. The formula makes it dry in about 80 seconds, without the need to bake the bulb, and you can easily tear off the nail polish without using any nail polish remover. The rich color of nail polish set allows you to adapt to any occasion, such as leisure, nightclubs, parties, weddings, etc. Professional nail polish can complement your skin tone and wear. You can change the nail colors on a daily basis. No need for UV lamp, nail dryer, or quick dry formula. You can brush the nail polish twice with the hair brush, just choose the color you want. The operation takes only 8 minutes. Their product includes a box of nail polish. Please contact them if you have any problems with their products.

Brand: Tophany

👤I was looking for Little Ondine peelable polish but couldn't find it. I saw this and bought it. It works the same. There are a couple of tips. Rub coconut oil on your nails and then wipe them off with a cloth. The peelable polish is drying out your nails. I usually don't go for more than a week without removing my makeup. After one week, no chips! I have only done my toes with peelable polish, so I'm not sure about chipping on fingernails 2. To remove polish, use a toothpick. Start at the base of the toe. Give it a try. You will not go back to stinky polish.

👤The bottles are pretty small. I think I have never emptied a bottle of nail polish. It is really whatever. These little guys are great. Even though I am not good at painting nails, I can still do a nice job using my non dominate hand because of the solid colors and the constancy. I waited a few seconds and did the top coat, after doing a second coat. I told my husband that it felt like I was painting my nails in virtual reality because the paint went only on my nail and there was no smell. Really like these. I have had it on for a day now and I haven't had any peeling or chipping. I used two different colors and both would have worked with just one coat, but they made it not sheer. The lighter pastel was almost set for me. The packaging was not written in English. If you are new to nail polish, there is nothing fancy or mysterious about the instructions listed here. I would recommend friends and family to give as a gift. There is a Two thumbs up!

👤Fantastic stuff! I haven't painted my nails in a decade because of the fumes from other polishes. This is water based and lasts about a week. Then I peel the polish off. I can now give manicures to the grand daughters as well. We don't have to worry about it being smudged.

👤I bought this nail polish because I wanted to go for something that wasn't toxic. It's nice to not have to use toxic removers. It only looks nice when you apply several layers and wait for each of them to dry, and then the whole thing only lasts for a day or two if it doesn't start chip before that. The tiny bottles will last for very little use. It left the fingernails dry and scratched, and it was easy to peel it off.

👤I can't give this product more than 3 stars. My daughter had a lot of non toxic polishes, so I knew what I was signing up for. These ones are even worse. It lasts about 10 until you peel it. They have a smell that is not strong. It is there. I can't use it because it was so bad. The other color is ok.

👤The nail polish lasts 1 day and then slowly peels off. It is water based and there is no smell, but it does not last.

11. Abitzon New Nail Polish Bottles

Abitzon New Nail Polish Bottles

Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly. The nail polish set is non-toxic. There are no toluene, or DBP chemicals. It is the best choice for kids and teens. It is dry in about 60 seconds without lamp baking. You can easily tear the nail polish down by soaking your fingers in warm water. There is no need for a nail polish removal. Rich nail polish colors allow you to adapt to any occasion. It is possible to apply 2 layers of polish followed by one layer of top coat if you wash and clean your hands thoroughly. After four hours, wet the nails.

Brand: Abitzon

👤It was a complete bust and I was so hopeful that it would work. I used the base coat, three coats of color, and top coat to get an opaque finish, polishing my nails an hour or so before bed so it would have plenty of time to cure and it looked pretty good. The polish started peeling off after I took a shower. This looked nice for about 24 hours. I've tried it with a base coat and different colors, but each time it lasted less than 24 hours. I didn't soak in the bathtub. I used gloves to wash dishes and it came off after a day. There is a Pros: Easy to apply, pretty colors, dries quickly, super easy to remove (peels off in one piece without damaging nails), cons: Streaky, polish dries with ridges, does not last, plastic-y feel. The colors are pretty and it is easy to apply and remove. I can't recommend it unless you want to change your polish every single day.

👤It took 1 minute to dry. One coat is enough for the color. I will purchase more colors.

👤This nail polish doesn't last very long, and it doesn't peel off quickly, as a Nail Artist.

👤The set is all beautiful. The brush on the polish is large enough to cover the nail. I did two coats of the opaque polish. I didn't see a stain on my nails or a strong smell. The polish was not very long lasting. I cook and clean, so it started to wear off on the fourth day. The easy application and fast drying make it possible for me to repaint.

👤I bought it for my toes. I find that it stays for days even with walking on the beach, wearing shoes, etc. I like glitter polish. It's hard to remove, whereas this will peel right off when you're ready. I've tried a lot of the colors and they all look good. You can get away with one coat, but it does dry very fast. Buying more colors! I still love this stuff and ordered more 2 years later. If you don't do it thick, it stays on longest. I love not owning acetone anymore.

👤I got this for my son. She loves to color her nails and our house smells terrible when she does. This nail polish does not smell. In about a minute. Has bright colors. Abs peel very easily. I don't know if the polish has lasted because she keeps changing the color of her nails or because it doesn't last. Within a few hours of coloring her bails, the polish starts to peel off. She can do this on her own, which is better than the all natural polishes.

👤I thought they were a great deal, until I realized they were smaller than other nail polish bottles. I like that they are less toxic than other nail polishes, but I would like to see them removed. They can easily rip off accidentally. If you have cracked nails, nail polish remover doesn't seem to work. I made a mistake when I put a top coat on. It wouldn't work with nail polish removal. I like this option but won't switch based on my experience. The smell is nice. It didn't last a day with two coats.


What is the best product for eco friendly nail polish base coat?

Eco friendly nail polish base coat products from Sally Hansen. In this article about eco friendly nail polish base coat you can see why people choose the product. Aimeili and Gaoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly nail polish base coat.

What are the best brands for eco friendly nail polish base coat?

Sally Hansen, Aimeili and Gaoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly nail polish base coat. Find the detail in this article. Bontime, Beetles Gel Polish and Modelones are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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