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1. Reusable Unpaper Friendly Products Sustainable

Reusable Unpaper Friendly Products Sustainable

The bamboo paper towel sheets can be used from 80 to 100 times. The paper towels will last you 3 to 6 months. Their bamb kitchen towels are great for many situations, including small spills, floor spills, dusting, house cleaning, car cleaning, as napkins and more. Their towels have a high quality texture. Each of the 20 bamboo is made of 100% organic and bio-degradable bamboo, without the addition of synthetic material. The new generation bamboo paper towels can absorb more than a traditional paper towel. The towels are strong even after being wet. They become softer and more absorbent when washed. The upgraded fabric is April 2020. They collected your suggestions to improve the product. The sheets of this roll are more absorbent and resistant than before.

Brand: Am Nolimit Trade

👤I have been impressed with the towels. I used to go through a lot of paper towels. I'm using the same one for a couple of days. I just use it and rinse it under warm water, squeeze out and hang it over my oven door handle. It dries in about an hour. It's good to go again! I use it to wipe everything down in my kitchen. My only concern is this. I used to use traditional paper towels to pat chicken breast before cooking but I was not sure if it was safe to use these. I still use regular paper towels. I think I could rinse them in hot water with a bit of soap because it's antibacterial. What thoughts are there? I use bamboo towels for everything else, even though I use regular paper towels for the chicken.

👤The description stated that they fixed the kink with the materials that were more durable. I washed these in a delicates mesh wash bag and they were basically destroyed. I only used one of the REUSABLE towels I paid for. It's really sad.

👤I thought I'd try these because they were $2 cheaper than the more expensive brand I had been buying. You get what you pay for. I have been able to wash the other brand up to 8 times before sending them to my husband. The towels were still in great condition, but had shrunk a bit, but were still in good shape, and the first wash indicated that they were not a woven baboo fabric, but one that somehow was adhering to a substrate and pieces. I couldn't reuse them. I decided to keep paying the extra for the other brand as it was worth it. This one leaves a lot to be desired when compared to other "bamboo towels" on the market.

👤First time through wash, came out with holes all through them. Paper towels are basically over priced. This is a disgrace for an eco friendly product.

👤I was looking for a more green alternative to paper towels. They work well and can be washed and reuse easily. I've been using these for about 2 weeks and I'm still on my first towel. My 1st sheet has been used to clean up food spills including a bright, concentrated magenta tea which can stain your lips while drinking. A lot of the stains can be washed with simple water, but for tougher stains, I use a little dish soap and wash it with a soft cloth. In the past, I used paper towels as napkins, but that's not an issue anymore. I'm trying to decide if I want a designated towel. I live alone so this isn't much of a problem but I can imagine with a full house, assigning towels might be difficult.

👤When I washed them, I was very disappointed because I thought I would not use as many disposable paper towels. After washing they come out missing pieces of the paper towels. They can be washed, but only if they are cleaned and thrown away.

2. Ruvanti Comfortable Tablecloth Christmas Thanksgiving

Ruvanti Comfortable Tablecloth Christmas Thanksgiving

Great value. These napkins are a great value and are perfect for any occasion. The Luxurious Linen napkins are made from all-natural fibers and can be set left of the charger or place center of the dinnerware for a stylish look. The fabric is specially designed for napkins. These cotton cloth napkins are soft and comfortable and give a stylish look to your table. The Pack of 6 Pieces measuring 18 inch by 18 inch were part of the Large Size Economy Pack. The packs of cloth napkins give you the idea of buying a set of napkins in a single package. Ruvanti's excellent and and luxury hotel quality linen napkins are great for use in both home and business settings. The way cloth napkins are sewn is the same way dinner napkins were made in the old classic time. Their napkins are charming and provide a stylish impact to your dining display. You can find the perfect color for your table with the different colors of Ruvanti cloth napkins. Ruvanti's pure cotton napkins are free from hazardous chemicals and synthetic materials. The cloth napkins are machine washed multiple times in cold water and can be used again. Their product was created with extreme care. All of their products came with a money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, please let them know. Through their hassle free return procedure, they assure you that you will be happy.

Brand: Ruvanti

👤I like wearing dark red lipstick and having a cloth napkin when I eat. I was looking for something that wouldn't show my makeup, and I wouldn't have to iron it. I ordered the Ruvanti Table Cloth Napkins and I am happy with them. I was looking for something in a napkin. I would recommend them. Excellent product. It would be a nice gift.

👤There are very cute napkins. I was looking for napkins that were cute and wouldn't be stained if the kids used them. These are perfect for my needs. The photo was taken before ironing. I ran these through a regular wash and dryer cycle and didn't notice any color loss or shrink. The napkin has a white back.

👤I was impressed with how bright the colors were. I washed them in the sink with hot water and detergent and they were colorfast. I dried them in the dryer with other napkins after washing them in the washing machine. They came out well, with no puckering in the hems or wrinkling. As I folded them up, I smoothed out the smallwrinkle and they looked just as good as my other napkins. They weigh enough to not blow away in a breeze and make eating outside more fun. I would change it.

👤I like the look of these napkins. I was hoping they would be more absorbent. They are pretty thin. They're a nice product. I am happy to get rid of my paper napkins.

👤I have bought 3 sets of these napkins. I also bought the napkins from Ruvanti. The napkins are very high quality. The colors are bright. They are supposed to do the work while adding appealing color to the table. These napkins fold nicely even when not folded hot out of the dryer. I wash and dry my table linens for germ killing purposes. The napkins have held up well. All of the items we have purchased from Ruvanti have been great. Hope you love them as well!

👤I'm happy with my purchase of these napkins. They didn't get all wrinkled. All cotton is more absorbent than the poly/cotton blend but the cotton gets too wrinkled for my liking. These are soft. The colors on the napkins are close to the picture. I think these will last a while.

👤I love these napkins. One of my pet peeves is the fact that there is no pilling, no left on clothing after placing in lap. I ordered another set from the same company. Like them as well.

👤I haven't used them yet to tell you about the absorbency. The design is nice, the material is not too thin, and they seem well made. The price is only for one package of 6 napkins, but the picture on the Amazon listing is a little deceiving. It was enough for my small Thanksgiving gathering, but just be aware that it's only for 6 when ordering the quantity you need.

👤I bought these to go with the place mats I had ordered. The size of them is large. They are larger than the placemats but of a thinner material. They are bright so will go with most of the tablecloth. The napkins are of the highest quality. It was good for the price and brightened the table.

3. Ruvanti Comfortable Reusable Washable Cocktail

Ruvanti Comfortable Reusable Washable Cocktail

The upgraded fabric is April 2020. They collected your suggestions to improve the product. The sheets of this roll are more absorbent and resistant than before. Their multi color linen napkins are 18 x 18 inches and can be set left of the charging station or folded to the center of the table for an elegant look. These will make your dining experience very pleasant. These multi color dinner napkins are made with Poly Cotton fabric and are soft cloth napkins. The Multi Color Poly Cotton linen napkins came in a pack of 12 pieces, measuring 18 by 18 inches, and were tailored with Mitered corners and a generous hem. These elegant color cloth napkins packs will convince you to buy multi color table napkins set in a single package. Ruvanti's excellent hotel quality linen napkins are great for use in both home and business settings, and are brilliant as wedding napkins, restaurant napkins, banquet table napkins, cocktail napkins and as party table napkins. The napkins are cut and sewn with mitted corners to give them an elegant look. These durable cloth napkins are machine washed multiple times in cold water with light colors, and they are easy to maintain. Their product was crafted with extreme care for customers' satisfaction. All of their products came with a money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, please let them know. Through their hassle free return procedure, they assure you that you will be happy.

Brand: Ruvanti

👤These are great. The push we needed on this was the Quarantine. There is a These are easy to clean, come out clean, and the colors look great after a few washes. I bought two packages and that seems to be enough for two people each day. It's better to throw out single-use towels than it is to use a napkin.

👤These were better than I had thought. They do what a napkin says they should. They don't feel like they're being rough on them. They are pleasant. I wanted to replace all the paper napkins. My family is decreasing their garbage output. I was not expecting a better product for everyday use.

👤On the right side of the picture is the box with the blue one on the bottom and the dark blue one on the top. I washed cloth napkins that were wrinkled when I bought them. I put up with it for a long time to not be wasteful. I ordered replacements for the napkins that died. The product is great, the 12 are not wrinkly after washing, and are decent absorbent.

👤These are some basic napkins. I bought them for my family when paper napkins were hard to come by. The napkins are sturdy and soft enough to wipe your face on. They have been washed several times and there has been no sign of wear or damage. We decided to keep the cloth napkins.

👤This is not 100% cotton. The black color is very dark blue to me. Some loose threads may be cut out and be ok, but unsure how it will wear after multiple wash/dry cycles, as one piece had some imperfections in the edge stitching. The pieces are not perfect after washing and hanging to dry.

👤I haven't used a lot of these yet, but they are stain resistant. I washed them and they came out looking new. I like the multi-color set because it allows us to remember who has which napkin.

👤The product saves trees since no end to buy paper towels or napkins. There is a It is very inexpensive to buy paper towels and napkins. The napkin is 16 by 16 inches. It was pretty good absorption. It's a perfect size to cover the lap when seated. I was looking online for some cloth napkins since I can't find paper towels or napkins in stores. I found these cloth napkins when I was looking for some. The cloth napkins are good. They are soft and have a variety of colors. The napkins are just the right size for me. I wiped the water off my table with these napkins. They do not absorb as much water as paper Towels, but they do absorb a full glass of water so they did a good job. The napkins are good for the environment because they are re-usable. I hope these are a great green product for a long time. These will save many trees. I will no longer need to buy paper products since they will save me money.

4. Disposable Absorbent Soft Touch Eco Friendly Sustainable

Disposable Absorbent Soft Touch Eco Friendly Sustainable

Natural materials with no harmful finishes are used in the napkins. Their bamboo dinner napkins are perfect for every occasion. These napkins are a reliable and eco-friendly choice for weddings, family BBQs, kitchen use, and everyday family dinners. Get the soft feel and crisp, clean look of fresh paper napkins without compromising the environment! Their dinner napkins are made from bamboo tree fibers. In comparison to trees which can take a century to grow, bamboo can grow in three years. Talk about how sustainable they can be. Get your 100 napkins in bulk for a great price at their market. You can feel good about serving your guests while using their napkins. The large dinner napkins are just as large as a paper towel or your standard hand towel and are of the highest quality. They have tested strong, absorbent, and trustworthy before.

Brand: Freedom Distribution Enterprises

👤The first bamboo hand towels I bought were caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. This product exceeded my expectations in terms of strength and absorbency when wet, and I love it. It's difficult to unfold the towel when your hands are wet. I would like to try other paper-free products.

👤The product is what it claims to be. It's a great product. I wish it was cheaper.

👤They are used at least 3 times a day. I am very happy that I can save a tree.

👤We will have a wedding in September. I can only say that they are soft and feel good. We were worried these would be cheap.

👤Excellent. Silky and absorbent. I will be buying it again and again.

👤I thought the napkins would be small but they were large and absorbed so much.

👤The napkins do the job. They keep my face and fingers clean.

5. Eco Friendly Construction Durability Compostable Biodegradable

Eco Friendly Construction Durability Compostable Biodegradable

The wedding napkin is risk-free. They will give you a full refund on the spot if you are not completely satisfied with your hand napkins. No questions asked! What are you waiting for? You can order your 100 pack of napkins today. When unfolded, the full size napkin is 13" x 13" When folded, it was 6.5 x 6.5. It's great for cocktail parties. The perfect size for any event. 2 ply construction for added durability and 18 gsm for added absorption are included in the price. One of the most absorbent napkins on the market was made. It can be fully or partially compostable. No single use plastic is used in packaging. Your napkins are packed in a waterproof cardboard box with eco-friendly non-toxic ink to keep them dry. 200 napkins are eco-friendly. All products are stored and shipped from a U.S.A. location. The spread of disease can be prevented. 10% of all profits go to sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation. It's too late for them to give back to the planet. The only company that is giving back is making sure that they can fix the mess they've made. A family run.

Brand: Eco/ego

👤These napkins are great. I love them! They are very durable and soft. The napkins are the next step in the right direction, because we make changes at home and switch to more eco-friendly products. 10% of all profits are donated to marine life rescue and rehabilitation.

👤The size of these is large and strong. When I bought them, I didn't know what to expect, but I was very happy with them. I used to buy giant bags of napkins at the supermarket. These napkins are superior in every way. My family needs to get used to the fact that you only need one of these, where you can get cheaper ones. There is a Someone compared these napkins to fast food, and I don't think that's true. The only thing I can see is the color. These napkins are stronger and softer than any fast food napkin I have ever seen.

👤I love these napkins. I was not sure how well bamboo napkins would work, but they are better than regular napkins. The hold together when I use them is very neutral in appearance and doesn't come wrapped in plastic. Every category has winners.

👤I used these to wrap my wedding silverware. They are a beautiful color and hold up well.

👤The napkins were boxed in a low impact material and no plastic was used. They are very pleasant for everyday use.

👤The napkins looked like they were going to be used for Thanksgiving dinner. We wanted to use bamboo napkins for our eco conscious wedding and reception but they were in such bad shape that it took us triple the time to flatten them in order to make fall napkin sets. The product should be in good shape for 20 dollars. It is green, but that is all it has going for it.

👤This is very strong. I spent a lot of money on this product because I knew it would help wildlife. beige can be used many times. I will buy again.

👤It's nearly as close to table napkins as possible. The napkins are too small.

6. Reusable Eco Friendly Alternative Unbleached Cleaning

Reusable Eco Friendly Alternative Unbleached Cleaning

Wasting money on paper towels is tiring. Conventional paper towels are expensive. The A size family rolls. The smaller sheets are meant to save money, but the different sheets don't work very well. You get 3 sheets instead of 1 as a result. You are spending more money on paper towels. Disappointing! They have a solution for you. Saving you with paper towel is an alternative. Time. And money. You don't need to spend money on paper towels because Ecoboo bamboo cloths are disposable. Paper towels are 2ply. Their clothes are made of 4 plies. It makes their towels very absorbent, resistant, and clean. When you use these clothes, you reduce your waste of paper towels and save trees and forests of their planet. Thousands of people bought their paper towels and they are happy with them. They will give you one review for loving these! They are soft and absorbent. They got them to try to reduce the amount of paper towel they use. Overall a good product, wiping up spills, and wiping hands and faces. . The review section contains all of the happy customer reviews. A value pack of 10 high-quality cloths with hanging loop in a single box. The paper towels are made from pure fabric that is 888-282-0465. It is suitable for wiping, drying, and cleaning plates, glasses, pots, dishes, and even other kitchen appliances. The cleaning cloth set has a variety of different colors that help you distinguish which cloth is on which surface. If you want to reduce your paper towel waste and save money, you need to start using their product daily. They are certain that you will love their product and that you will buy it as a gift for your family and friends. Send them a message on Amazon if you don't like their product. They will return your money in 24 hours. You won't lose anything if you try a sustainable product. Please add to cart now.

Brand: Ecoboo

👤When paper towels were not available, I bought these. I like them. I was concerned about lint on things. They are absorbent and hold up well. There are two bins on the counter. I wash them once a week and then dry them. We have been using them for two months now and they still look new.

👤I wanted to show you before and after pictures of my patio table. It came out just as clean as when I got it. The cloths are very soft. I will give a set to my mom and sister.

👤Bamboo doesn't get stains, it dries quickly, and it doesn't get mold. That's the reason I bought these. Many people on Amazon claim to be bamboo. I used one rag in a house that was full of hoarders. The rag was very clean when I cleaned it. I have a color code so I don't worry about the rags being used on the counter. I use a lot of paper towels, so cut them down and use absorbent paper towels. You don't have to wait on laundry if you wash in between uses when they get gross. You couldn't do that with cotton. There is a The images speak for themselves. I used one rag. It came out with some stains. I know they will last because they will never get dirty in my house. If you think it will stain, give it a quick hand wash with dish soap. They don't get bogged with water if you ring it out.

👤These towels look like diaper inserts, but they have completely replaced paper towels in my life. This pack is large enough to cover everything and be laundered before I run out. It's soft enough to use as a napkin at dinner and can pick up spilled drinks from the rug. If I wanted to keep them out of the general population, I could designate the purple ones for gross stuff. They don't dry completely in my dryer, but I just hang them for a while and they're good to go.

👤I think they're sufficient for our needs. I wanted an easy towel for each family member to have, instead of paper towels. They have a small loop to hang them up to dry. They are in the kitchen and guest bathroom. When I washed them, they shrunk, but they are saving paper products.

👤I should have bought them sooner. These are amazing. There is a I was appalled at his napkin usage when I first met my partner. He used napkins and paper towels for everything. I had to find a way to accommodate his needs so that I could live sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. There is a The napkins fit the bill perfectly. I was impressed by the packaging, but it wasn't the only thing I liked about it. There is a The texture seemed a bit off-putting when I first touched them. I thought they were as pleasant as the cloth napkins at restaurants. It's true. The texture is completely different after their first laundered. Night and day. These napkins are so soft to the touch that they're really absorbent. There is a Did you spill some juice on the counter? Sop it up! There is a Are you getting pasta sauce on your chin? Remove it! There is a You washed your hands and can't find a towel. Remove them! Do you need to get a hot dish or set one up? One of these! There is a If you want to eliminate paper towels from your house, you could use these under a wire baking rack. There is a The true test was if my paper-napkin-loving partner was going to enjoy them. I think he's happy with them, and he hasn't mentioned paper towels or napkins since. Yes, CHYES!

7. Earths Natural Alternative ECNPK140 Napkins

Earths Natural Alternative ECNPK140 Napkins

The UNFOLDED is 7.64" X 4.05" and has a 2-ply 1/6 fold design. For settings and storage. When buying online, items do not always meet your expectations. If you are dissatisfied with their napkins, they will give you a 100% refund. The color may vary depending on available raw material and lighting. 13 inches x 13 inches is the 2-ply size. There were 140 counts. Paper napkins are 100% tree-free. Earths Natural Alternative's premium dinner napkins are made from renewable 100% natural sugarcane and wheat straw. They are disposable and compostable. ENA's eco-friendly plant fiber wedding napkins are thick, strong, durable, comfortable to touch, super absorbent, unbleached, dye-free, gluten-free,BPA Free, lint-free, and fragrance-free. There are OCCASIONS. Natural sugarcane fiber is used to make ENA's unbleached napkins. Catering, food trucks, to-go order, and other types of natural, rustic, or elegant theme gatherings are perfect for weddings, bridal shower, birthday party, Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas party, Halloween party, baby shower, anniversary, graduation, daily meals, or restaurants services. There is a dispute between the Vanity Fair and the Vanity Fair. The earth's natural alternative. Their eco-friendly products are comparable in size, strength, and absorbent but also save trees and save the planet. They are packaged in a way that reuses. Donate to a zero-waste lifestyle. Better for you, better for the earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤My kids don't use as many at a time so the pack lasted for a long time. I really like these.

👤Great idea, but these SMELL TERRIBLE when wet. Like a small farm animal. It's really gross to wipe your mouth and nose.

👤I have Bounty napkins and they are better. They are worth the money to save the trees.

👤I bought this on June 23, 2020 for $7.99. The price was $18.74 on July 15, 2020. I am not buying this again.

👤Quite thick! Absorbent enough but not soft to the touch. beige is not white. I prefer this over single use napkins. I prefer not to use cloth napkins during covid. Sometimes we can get a few light uses out of them.

👤I expected these napkins to be softer. You get a good amount of napkins for your money because the package is tightly packed.

👤It was nice and thick. I like that they're sustainable and my family likes them.

👤A good napkin for everyday use. Would have preferred a bigger package.

8. Eco Buzz Unpaper Kitchen Towels

Eco Buzz Unpaper Kitchen Towels

A great alternative to paper lockers. Paperless towels can be used for more sustainable living. It is designed to be used again and again. The perfect replacement for paper towels that are less eco-friendly. The original design will look great in any kitchen, restaurant or eatery. The ecobuzz Nopaper Towels are made from 100% recycled and compostable paper. Strong and Versatile. It can be used as wipes for hands and faces. It's soft for kids and babies. You should take them with you when you travel. 100% cotton is easy to wash and dry. Make a great gift. Their original leaf and flower design makes nopaper towels look great. Paper towels are a strong and absorbent alternative. It was designed to last. The large cloths make it easy to clean messes. Towels fit on a towel holder.

Brand: Eco Buzz

👤These are amazing. I didn't know this kind of product existed until recently. Excellent quality, attractive design, ideal size, and excellent value. They are absorbent and soft. They are packaged using all sustainable materials. The company seems to be responsible and forward thinking. Can't go wrong with these! I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I really wanted to like these, but they're not as absorbent as paper towels, they stain very easily, and it just didn't work out for our family. They are soft after a few washes in. I was expecting a terrible product, but it wasn't.

👤When I go through a lot of paper towels, one of these towels was enough to clean off the counter. The paper was not as soft as the texture. My hands feel dry and irritated after using paper towels, but these unpaper towels have been saving my hands. There is a These are still thin like a paper towel, so you can clean in small nooks without getting paper pieces everywhere. There are no complaints yet on these. I haven't tried another brand yet. I love this one so much that I don't check out others. I tried this one for the cute design, but stayed for the performance.

👤What I was looking for. I like the way the kitchen towels look on my table. These are not just for show, but you can actually use them, which is what sets them apart from others. There is a I hope they have more patterns coming.

👤Will be ordering another set and will get softer with every wash. I save so much paper. I wish they had more patterns. It looks good next to my kitchen sink. I wrapped the old paper towel center around and it worked great.

👤I would highly recommend you look around and find others that are just a little bit bigger, because these are of a nice quality. These are not the size of a paper towel. I have others that are a little bigger, and they are easier to use. When you're trying to wipe something with them, they disappear in your hand.

👤I saw these towels on a moms group and bought them. I was happy to see a note about them. I've been using them daily. I wish they were bigger. Overall, great!

👤These things are great for cleaning up messes and wiping down surfaces. I have washed them many times and they are not falling apart. They work well.

👤I like the idea of replacing paper towels with these. These are bright. I will give them as gifts. I'm happy with my purchase.

9. Washable Reusable Eco Friendly Paperfree Alternative

Washable Reusable Eco Friendly Paperfree Alternative

The alternative to paper towels is great. These paper towels are free of bleach and can be used again. An alternative to a regular paper towel can last for years. The paper towels of the Mioeco are more absorbent than other paper towels. And the best part? You can wash them out and use them again and again. Saving you is multi-purpose and super absorbent. Time And Money will replace many disposables in the kitchen and household. They are designed to be worked hard, and will improve in absorbency as they are washed. The organic cotton is strong and thick. Kitchen paper towels are not very good at tackling household dramas. Welcome to the solution! Natural paper towels are a sustainable alternative to bamboo towels. 100% GOTS certified, produced with carbon neutral manufacturing. They have been produced to the highest standards and are still functional. Simple living made with love. Pack of 10 and 20 paper towel is also available. The dish cloths are about 10 x 12 inches. They should be used as napkins. These recycled paper towels can be used many different ways. Whether you're cleaning up the family mess after a busy meal or just drying something on the side table, they can help! They have you covered. The paper towel alternative makes life simpler. Eco Friendly and Versatile Round. The Home - Mioeco is a great way to use non environmental cloths and tissues for cleaning chores. These large cloths are easy to use. The reason they are machine washed and put together is because they have been designed to last.

Brand: Mioeco

👤Okay... I bought these after reading a lot of reviews. And yesterday. We did a scrub with 8 years of build up after my Mircowave was pulled down. I used 5 different cloths to take pics of grease. They kept up with the job. It was repulsive. There is a I put them in a pot of boiling hot water and oxyclean detergent and then ripped them off and put them in the laundry. The folded napkin on top was the new ones, and the ones in the background were the ones we used to clean with. I had to hold them up to the light to see the difference, we thought a few of them would have to be thrown. We would have easily cleaned it with a Bounty roll of paper towel. I had to take pictures and show you what you are getting. I couldn't have been happier.

👤We have been paper free for 10 years. We recently refreshed our towel supply and tried different types of cotton and bamboo. The cotton bar towel and square towel that we tried in the past were not as good as these. They are in between a larger towel and a smaller shop rag size. They are soft and absorb well. I'm leaving this review so that I can order 20 more to upgrade the rest of our old stock. We have never missed using paper in the kitchen.

👤Really nice! I have felty type ones that worked well before. I like these better. They are large but not thick. I keep the cardboard roll from my last paper towel roll and wrap it around to look like real paper towels. It works well!

👤I was excited to use them as a paper towel replacement. The packaging was really nice and they were a large size. I washed them according to the instructions and they came out about half the size that they were. I was really disappointed in them. They're small now. I will have to look for another brand.

👤I've been looking for a way to reduce the amount of paper towel in my house. It has not been very convenient. I wanted to dry fruit with out the use of paper towels. These little towels are perfect. There is enough of them for me to use around the kitchen to clean up messes. There is a They are used to dry the area around the sink, hold my breakfast shake in the morning, and for meal napkins. I like them a lot. To avoid adding chemicals to them, you will want to wash them in a detergent that is free of chemicals. I highly recommend these napkins. I would buy them again.

👤These are a great replacement for our paper towels. We still keep a roll under the sink, but haven't reached for it yet. These are soft and are great for cleaning small children. If you wet them first and wring them out, they become very absorbent. You can hang them to dry and use them all day for small messes. I was surprised how slowly we were going through the pack. We toss the dirty ones in the wash bin, but in general these last few days are a good time to clean up. There is a I verified that they are GOTS certified organic cotton. I'm cheap when it comes to this stuff. They look nice on the counter, right where our roll of paper towels used to be.

10. Friendly Recycled Biodegradable Beverage Compostable

Friendly Recycled Biodegradable Beverage Compostable

Their guarantee. If the cocktail wedding napkins you received were damaged or not completely satisfied, please contact them, their professional customer service team will give you a solution. Their disposable napkins are thick and soft and can be used at home or in a restaurant. Eco friendly napkins are perfect for weddings and are also great for baby showers. Great bar napkins are small and attractive and are perfect for everyday kitchen bar ware and utensils. Compostable drink napkins are a great accessory for drinks that include a refreshing cocktail or a cup of tea and can be used with lunch or a picnic. 200 bulk pack is absorbent and great for fancy events and natural themed events.

Brand: Upper Midland Products

👤I put these napkins in the center piece on my living room table for guests, but I haven't paid much attention to them. My family has been using them a lot. They have to clean up spills and wipe their noses. They light these better than paper towels. I like the brown color they are. Not to throw off your color schemes is perfect.

👤I know these are not made of fossil fuels, but they have a different feel to them. I would have to get used to it. They are not very absorbent. I will use them if they help the environment.

👤The price is over priced for the amount of napkins. If these are eco-friendly napkins, why are they wrapped in plastic? We're expensive.

👤The napkins are flimsy.

👤Good napkins. The liquid is very small and the color is nice.

👤I was in shock when I saw the item. I am stupid to pay for it.

👤We purchased them to show people how to use recycled items.

👤I will not buy these again. What a rip off! I didn't pick up on the small amount of napkins for the price. It's super thin in quality.

11. Evriholder Naturals Greenery Collection Microfiber

Evriholder Naturals Greenery Collection Microfiber

It'sTILE: Cleaning cloths are used to clean all surfaces. They are great for cleaning windows and other delicate surfaces. It's super soft. Microfiber cloths are non-abrasive for cleaning and dusting. These cloths can be used to clean appliances. When dry, microfiber cloths use static electricity to pick up particles and clean delicate surfaces. They are easy to use with cleaning solutions. They are a one-stop solution for cleaning needs. Outside uses: microfiber cloths are perfect for auto care. You won't be scratching paint or glass. The machine is washable. These are easy to clean and reuse, so you can save money on paper towels. These are better for the environment than disposables because they are durable. Hang or lay flat to dry after a machine wash.

Brand: Bamboo Luxury

👤If they are not made from natural bamboo, they are just another microfiber cloth and not a brand.

👤My life's problems have been wiped away by these. I used to feel like a puddle of milk and these wiped me out. You can use them for other things. I used it to eradicate the discussion of paper towels in my family. I saved the planet. You can thank me later, for now, buy some of these and stop filling the land with decomposing paper because little johnny won't sit still at the table and kick your grandmother's recipe of lasagna all over the house. These are used to clean up computers. You will realize how dirty your life is if you get it damp.

👤These are my favorite microfiber cloths. I've ordered more of these and thrown others away. There is a The environment will be harmed by microfiber made of synthetic materials if the tiny pieces break off. I like that these cloths fit my Swiffer dust mop head so I can dust my floors and throw the cloth in the washer. They are the perfect size for my hand. Some cloths are one side only, but they have nap/loops on both sides. They are soft and get even softer with washing. - They have a lot of uses from general cleaning to dry or wet dusting, and they are very durable. It has been washed many times and still looks new. These microfiber cloths don't have a tag to stop them, unlike some other microfiber cloths. The cloth is all it is. The packaging has all the information on it. There is a There are better products on the market if you are looking for a super absorbent cloth. These are absorbent. It's all over. I can't think of any other con. These cloths are very friendly.

👤At it's finest, "Green washing" There is a The product's name sounds like it is made of bamboo, but you should read it carefully. It is made of polyester. There is a scroll on if you are looking for a natural fiber product

👤These were disappointing. I noticed that the trim was coming off and making holes in the towels when I took them out of the package. They are cheaper and thinner than other people. I gave them a chance to clean up in the kitchen, but they just aren't great. They're cheap, rough, and see through when you hold them up. I'm going to use them as rags in the basement or outside, and then I'm going to buy higher quality cloths for the rest of the house.

👤Terrible quality. These started falling apart before I used them.

👤Returning. The tag says they are made from a material. The description said this was made of bamboo fiber.

👤I bought this product because it had bamboo and natural in it, instead of the lower priced microfiber cloth. Natural bamboo fiber cloths are thought to be more sustainable than synthetics. They are a blend of microfiber and polyester, and they are just regular microfiber cloth. Very disappointed! I'm a very unhappy customer and this is a waste of money.


What is the best product for eco friendly napkins cloth?

Eco friendly napkins cloth products from Am Nolimit Trade. In this article about eco friendly napkins cloth you can see why people choose the product. Ruvanti and Ruvanti are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly napkins cloth.

What are the best brands for eco friendly napkins cloth?

Am Nolimit Trade, Ruvanti and Ruvanti are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly napkins cloth. Find the detail in this article. Freedom Distribution Enterprises, Eco/ego and Ecoboo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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