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1. Earths Natural Alternative ECNPK140 Napkins

Earths Natural Alternative ECNPK140 Napkins

The UNFOLDED is 7.64" X 4.05" and has a 2-ply 1/6 fold design. For settings and storage. When buying online, items do not always meet your expectations. If you are dissatisfied with their napkins, they will give you a 100% refund. The color may vary depending on available raw material and lighting. 13 inches x 13 inches is the 2-ply size. There were 140 counts. Paper napkins are 100% tree-free. Earths Natural Alternative's premium dinner napkins are made from renewable 100% natural sugarcane and wheat straw. They are disposable and compostable. ENA's eco-friendly plant fiber wedding napkins are thick, strong, durable, comfortable to touch, super absorbent, unbleached, dye-free, gluten-free,BPA Free, lint-free, and fragrance-free. There are OCCASIONS. Natural sugarcane fiber is used to make ENA's unbleached napkins. Catering, food trucks, to-go order, and other types of natural, rustic, or elegant theme gatherings are perfect for weddings, bridal shower, birthday party, Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas party, Halloween party, baby shower, anniversary, graduation, daily meals, or restaurants services. There is a dispute between the Vanity Fair and the Vanity Fair. The earth's natural alternative. Their eco-friendly products are comparable in size, strength, and absorbent but also save trees and save the planet. They are packaged in a way that reuses. Donate to a zero-waste lifestyle. Better for you, better for the earth.

Brand: Earth's Natural Alternative

👤My kids don't use as many at a time so the pack lasted for a long time. I really like these.

👤Great idea, but these SMELL TERRIBLE when wet. Like a small farm animal. It's really gross to wipe your mouth and nose.

👤I have Bounty napkins and they are better. They are worth the money to save the trees.

👤I bought this on June 23, 2020 for $7.99. The price was $18.74 on July 15, 2020. I am not buying this again.

👤Quite thick! Absorbent enough but not soft to the touch. beige is not white. I prefer this over single use napkins. I prefer not to use cloth napkins during covid. Sometimes we can get a few light uses out of them.

👤I expected these napkins to be softer. You get a good amount of napkins for your money because the package is tightly packed.

👤It was nice and thick. I like that they're sustainable and my family likes them.

👤A good napkin for everyday use. Would have preferred a bigger package.

2. Vanity Fair Entertain Dinner Napkins

Vanity Fair Entertain Dinner Napkins

Premium white paper napkins have a smooth texture. The napkins have a signature Shell Design. They are 50% larger than their everyday napkins. It's ideal for entertaining, parties or family meals. There are 320 napkins with 8 packs of 40 napkins.

Brand: Vanity Fair

👤We have been using Vanity Fair napkins for a long time. I couldn't buy them in local stores so I ordered them in bulk from Amazon. They are the larger size, which I've never tried, but otherwise look the same, but they are not what we have become used to. These are not very durable when used on hands that are wet, greasy or dirty. The top layer shreds. I started to believe that the napkins were thrown together quickly in the midst of the Covid crisis, when there was a period of time when Vanity Fair napkins were not available anywhere. I am pretty sure that they must be fake. I would like the company to know that this product is not good. I will buy my usual size in the store on a trial basis.

👤We ordered these in bulk from Amazon because of the shortages in local stores. They look the same, but they are not very durable around water. The napkins shred easily if you have greasy hands.

👤My guess is that the Koch brothers at Georgia Pacific took a chance and turned Vanity Fair dinner napkins into larger, run-of-the-mill paper napkins. I'm going to use good paper towels for BBQ and other messy food.

👤These used to be great napkins but the current version falls apart easily and cannot be used as comfortable. They would work if one only smudged one's lips with a dainty fashion. For the rest of us, who will be so uncouth as to wipe one's lips, or wipe one's fingers, these tear open and the paper can stick to the body part. The pain.

👤These napkins are very nice. They look like napkins and are perfect for a family dinner. Smaller paper napkins fall apart easily. They look very classy with the design embellished on them.

👤These napkins are my favorite. They look better than regular paper napkins. These are a bit of a big deal. The dimensions fold in half or in triangles. They fit the Ikea napkin holder with the metal paperweight. The footprint for paper napkins is too much room. We don't live in the Ikea store. I got hooked on these napkins. These napkins look limp if a vertical napkin holder is not used. There is a The purchase of these napkins was made after I saw the prices fluctuate. The price is per unit. It may not be a great deal if you are reading this in 2022. Inflation and supply chain BS might make this kind of purchase pointless. If you want to be fancy, just use the laundry and buy some cloth napkins. How much more expensive are napkins made from renewable resources? They are more expensive right now. These fancy Vanity Fair 3-ply are for me. Dinner napkins are either square or cloth. It's subtle things like this that make me fancy. It's a low impact way to spend money. I found a great unit price here.

👤The napkins are thick and large.

3. Disposable Bathroom Napkins Wedding Premium

Disposable Bathroom Napkins Wedding Premium

We want your dining experience to be great and they will give you a 100% money back guarantee. They will give you a full refund if you don't get that satisfaction. There are 120 units of Premium Quality disposable Linen like guest Towels. Their napkins are made of a soft material that provides a good feel. The production of these specific napkins is done with a specific purpose in mind, to make a bold statement of quality, Versatility, and Aesthetics. Their production team checks every batches for quality before they leave. The goal is to provide the best quality product and pricing to all households and businesses in the USA. They are a family owned factory. Please reference their bulk discount deals to take advantage of more savings. If you need a message from one of their team members, please send it.

Brand: The Loyal Print

👤This one is good for the price and I am looking for different softness. It's large enough to wipe your hands. I am removing a star from the package because it has some dirt on it.

👤They looked nice, but were small. I used them for my wedding and I expected a normal napkin. They were small.

👤Everyone is worried about germs. These are absorbent and can be used for other purposes.

👤The product is good, but I only received five 100 pack of napkins. The order was short by 100. I have to give these to the customer by Sunday.

👤These were used for a dads day bbq. The napkins are thicker than regular napkins. Highly recommended.

👤The guests were at a party. It worked out well.

4. Gexolenu Cocktail Disposable Decorations Decorations

Gexolenu Cocktail Disposable Decorations Decorations

Their bulk pack has 150 rustic themed wedding napkins. The size andERIAL are listed. The Mr & Mrs cocktail napkins should not be used in the microwave. The napkin is made of 3-ply paper and has a folding size of 5 inches and a flat size of 10 inches. INCLUDED: The gold foil cocktail Mr & Mrs wedding napkins have 100 pieces in each pack. The napkins are shiny. The Mr and Mrs cocktail wedding napkin is very absorbent and soft, and you and your guests will have a very comfortable wiping experience. The design is ornate. The Mr & Mrs wedding napkins are shiny gold. You can put it in the dessert table. Their guarantee. If the cocktail wedding napkins you received were damaged or not completely satisfied, please contact them, their professional customer service team will give you a solution.

Brand: Gexolenu

👤These napkins are beautiful. I will use them as desert napkins for my wedding cake. They look like the picture. The presentation was great for the price. It will add bling to my reception, I am very happy with my purchase.

👤The napkins would have been perfect if they had not arrived with a dip in the middle. I tried to flatten them out with something heavy on top. We didn't have time to order.

👤One of the sets got crimped, but I really like the design. I was a bit disappointed in that. Other can't wait.

👤My daughters wedding reception had a cute touch.

👤My client loved the addition to the bar.

👤The design is adorable and what we were looking for. At our small, backyard wedding, they really brightened up cocktail hour.

👤Excellent looking and high quality. Excellent value.

👤It is perfect for a wedding.

5. Shower Napkins Paper Disposable Decorations

Shower Napkins Paper Disposable Decorations

If you are not completely satisfied with your new napkins, they will give you a full refund of your purchase price. The risk is on them, so give it a try. There are disposable baby shower napkins and baby shower decorations. There are neutral party napkins for a baby shower. A pretty, rustic baby shower foliage design on white is great for a 1st birthday party, gender reveal party, bridal shower or even a flirtatious party. Hey Baby paper cups and paper plates can be matched. Natural materials with no harmful finishes are used in the napkins.

Brand: Ginger Ray

👤I was disappointed in the cost of the napkins. We had to refold the napkins because the image was in the inside. There were red spots on the napkins.

👤The napkins are folded inside out. The printed logo had to be folded to the inside so that it could be seen. It was kind of a hassle.

👤The first napkin had a print inside it. I had to refold the rest of them in order for the print to be legible. This was not expected.

👤The napkins were ordered for the baby shower. The top napkin was fine, the rest were folded backwards, and I couldn't use them. I would have had to refill both packages if I had opened them before using them.

👤The product is cute but inside out. I didn't read the reviews and now I'm kicking myself for it. They are extremely overpriced because of what they are and how they come. You should save yourself from the trouble.

👤They all came out folded. I had to use up a lot of time to make them right.

👤The napkins had to be refolded. Quality control is terrible. The napkins had to be refold.

6. Cocktail Napkins 150 Pack Luncheon Disposable

Cocktail Napkins 150 Pack Luncheon Disposable

Adding personalized wedding napkins to your decorations will make your reception more personal. The decorative wedding shower napkins feature cute pink flowers with a brown background that will add elegance to your rustic wedding centerpiece. Their printed wedding dinner napkins are 2-ply to ensure that your tables stay clean and free of stains caused by beverages and food. The napkins are folded to fit under drinks, desserts, snacks, or cupcakes. Their bulk pack has 150 rustic themed wedding napkins.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤I thought these would be great for the appetizers at my wedding. I let the caterer put them out and went about my day. There were a lot of leftover napkins when I went through the leftover supplies after the wedding. It was odd since we had over 100 guests. I can use them with my husband. They were not used because of that. My husband thought they reminded him of tissue paper. It was very thin and not absorbent. He changed his description to sand paper as he was cleaning his face. He said we should save a few for the next time we paint the house. I gave them three stars because they look good sitting on a table. They don't function well as a napkin.

👤The product description says 150 packs. I ordered a pack for my son's wedding. I thought there was no way there was 150 in this pack. There were 24 napkins. Twenty four for a wedding! I got 24 napkins for a wedding for $13.99) even though the item description says it's a 150 pack. I had to send back 24 napkins for a refund because I couldn't just send the balance. It will be right when the reorder arrives today.

👤The first set that was received was very nice, I ordered these napkins for my daughter's wedding. The second set was not good for printing. I am past my return time and didn't realize, I just opened them to get everything ready for the wedding.

👤For our wedding, we had a small gathering and these were great for it. Everyone thought they were cute and the plates were perfect.

👤The look is the same. They are a standard napkin.

👤The size is very sturdy. At my wedding, I used these at my dessert table.

👤The napkins were perfect for our wedding. The napkins and matching plates helped us stay within our budget and still have a very memorable wedding day.

👤The pattern looks nice and is exactly what I expected.

👤Nice napkins, just the job.

👤I like that they are not as ruddy as pictured. The plates of the same design are closer to brown than I had hoped.

7. Wedding Dinner Napkins Anniversary Disposable

Wedding Dinner Napkins Anniversary Disposable

Customer satisfaction is always their top priority and they have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like your disposable dessert napkins, then you can simply let them know within 30 days for a full refund. Mr. and Mrs. The dinner napkin is a delicacy. 50 highly absorbent 3-ply white rectangular paper napkins are in the set. It has "Mr. and Mrs." printed on one side. There are two things: tacky and hardy. The sheets are 3-ply to make sure they don't tear when used. It's thick and absorbent to prevent a spill. These foil dinner napkins are perfect for co-ed wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, reception, and anniversary parties. Just the right size. When folded, the napkins measure 4 x 8 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I was looking for Mr. and Mrs. napkins and they were better for the money than the others. They were perfect for our shower.

👤These were very nice and shipped very quickly. Everyone commented on how nice they were. I highly recommend them for your special day.

👤It's perfect for our wedding shower. The gold was easy to read. The large size was perfect. There was no need to use more than one.

👤The table setting was very nice.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase. They are a great addition to a wedding buffet.

👤The product was delivered quickly and at a reasonable price.

👤I just wait for more stock to be ordered so that I can get what I want for my wedding ceremony dinner plates.

👤The napkins were a great quality and added a little something special to the tables.

👤Sehr gute qualitt. Zwar is teuer. Aber. Man das gerne aus. I gesucht!

👤There is a book called "Tole Servietten." Preis/leistung stimmt. Die Dekoration ist fr die Feier. Standesamtlichen Hochzeit in a mix aus gold/rustikal gehalten.

👤For a wedding, these are nice. I wish they had some with darker colors.

8. Compostable Biodegradable Unbleached Recycled Disposable

Compostable Biodegradable Unbleached Recycled Disposable

The Tork Easy Handling Carrying Box can be used to reduce waste. Natural disposable paper towel is eco-friendly. The perfect size for place settings or for guest to use is 150 KRAFT NAPKINS. A great option for weddings and family holiday parties is the perfect dinner napkin. The napkins are made from recycled premium quality materials. They are not bleached with harsh chemicals and come from a post consumer waste stream.

Brand: Upper Midland Products

👤When finding paper products was a challenge, I bought these. We were unimpressed when we received them, but we opened the package several months later. These napkins are decent. I am sorry we didn't open them sooner, but paper products last a long time. We will be looking to get these again.

👤These napkins are made from renewable resources. I was expecting them to be rough brown napkins, as I always make the perfect martyr doing my biodegradable thing. The napkins were very soft and thick. My friends don't think they're safe. I can't stop buying them, so please stop making them.

👤At an environment friendly wedding, everything needed to be composted or recycled. They were great!

👤The napkins work well with the compost, but they come in an excessive amount of plastic wrapping.

👤I thought these would be 2 ply and thick. They are very thin. Not happy.

👤Great napkins! Several have been thrown in our composts without any issues. It was recommended.

👤Thank you so much for the amazing product and service.

👤It is so soft it shreds. I bought these to use in my bathroom. The napkin shreds on contact with water.

9. Napkins Disposable Decorative Rehearsal Decoraions

Napkins Disposable Decorative Rehearsal Decoraions

The folded measurement is 8x4 and the unfolded measurement is 16x12". These napkins are made of silver foil and will impress your guests. Food is safe. There are two things: tacky and hardy. The sheets are 3-ply to make sure they don't tear when used. It's soft to ensure a comfortable wiping experience. These foil dinner napkins are perfect for co-ed wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, reception, and anniversary parties and are sure to complement your Silver party theme. Their napkins are made from sustainable paper and keep the planet clean.

Brand: Crisky

👤I was worried that the napkins that are silver would not be as good as the other ones or wouldn't come in due to small reviews, but I just ordered them and they are just as good as the ones shown. Came on time. I would order again. The USA.

👤I bought these for my son's wedding. They were used during the dinner. They worked for their purpose and looked good doing it. The packaging was wrinkled. I didn't use the first few in the packs.

👤My daughter's wedding will be in April 2022.

👤They did a good job for what we needed. They were used along with plain gray for a more contrast. We were happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered this for the wedding. They were the same as the cake topper we bought for our wedding. This is the best wedding theme.

👤There are beautiful white napkins with shiny silver letters. They were perfect for my niece's wedding.

👤These were a good buy.

👤I love these napkins. They are beautiful and elegant. It's perfect for any special occasion.

10. American Homestead Beverage Ecofriendly Decorative

American Homestead Beverage Ecofriendly Decorative

The right size is 12 x 17 when unfolded and 8 x 4 when folded. The napkins are made of specially formed paper that is different from regular paper napkins. Premium colored beverage napkins look and feel like high quality cloth napkins. These linen like napkins are more absorbent and soft to the touch to give your guests a high end feel. 20 cm x 20 cm. Paper beverage napkins are absorbent, but more absorbent and free of lint. One disposable cocktail napkin can easily absorb excess condensation from your glass, and will not fall apart when wet. These bar napkins are strong enough to wash and rinse out, and have the same feel as upscale cloth textiles. They are completely compostable and eco-friendly. It's perfect for entertaining at your wedding reception, luncheon, cocktail party, or birthday gathering. Place wedding cocktail napkins under your drinks to make them look better. Customer satisfaction is always their top priority and they have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like your disposable dessert napkins, then you can simply let them know within 30 days for a full refund.

Brand: Ah American Homestead

👤Have never seen cocktail napkins this small. 4x4 is what it is described as. My fault was not double checking the size. They are a nice quality and I like the color. The small size is kind of chic. Time will tell. Let us know how our guest feels about them.

👤The napkins were purchased for an event. I needed them quickly because time had run out. Will stock up on these for future events.

👤The colors are aqua and lime green. These are exactly 4 square. I didn't know they were smaller than regular cocktail napkins and a bit stiff, but they will suffice for my use.

👤It's pretty thick. I wanted something less thick but found out that it was more useful than I thought. There is more protection on the surfaces.

👤I thought the size would work for small meals and snacks. I will not recommend this to anyone after I got it.

👤I used cardboard coasters before they were tacky. The napkins are thicker than regular cocktail napkins. These are very strong and absorbent. I plan to order them again.

👤They were ordered for a party. The quality of the napkins was very good. It was nice, thick and absorbent. Great value, would order again.

👤The size for my bar caddy is perfect.

👤Buying thes for the second time. Excellent quality, thick and absorbent.

11. Friendly Recycled Biodegradable Beverage Compostable

Friendly Recycled Biodegradable Beverage Compostable

Their guarantee. If the cocktail wedding napkins you received were damaged or not completely satisfied, please contact them, their professional customer service team will give you a solution. Their disposable napkins are thick and soft and can be used at home or in a restaurant. Eco friendly napkins are perfect for weddings and are also great for baby showers. Great bar napkins are small and attractive and are perfect for everyday kitchen bar ware and utensils. Compostable drink napkins are a great accessory for drinks that include a refreshing cocktail or a cup of tea and can be used with lunch or a picnic. 200 bulk pack is absorbent and great for fancy events and natural themed events.

Brand: Upper Midland Products

👤I put these napkins in the center piece on my living room table for guests, but I haven't paid much attention to them. My family has been using them a lot. They have to clean up spills and wipe their noses. They light these better than paper towels. I like the brown color they are. Not to throw off your color schemes is perfect.

👤I know these are not made of fossil fuels, but they have a different feel to them. I would have to get used to it. They are not very absorbent. I will use them if they help the environment.

👤The price is over priced for the amount of napkins. If these are eco-friendly napkins, why are they wrapped in plastic? We're expensive.

👤The napkins are flimsy.

👤Good napkins. The liquid is very small and the color is nice.

👤I was in shock when I saw the item. I am stupid to pay for it.

👤We purchased them to show people how to use recycled items.

👤I will not buy these again. What a rip off! I didn't pick up on the small amount of napkins for the price. It's super thin in quality.


What is the best product for eco friendly napkins wedding?

Eco friendly napkins wedding products from Earth's Natural Alternative. In this article about eco friendly napkins wedding you can see why people choose the product. Vanity Fair and The Loyal Print are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly napkins wedding.

What are the best brands for eco friendly napkins wedding?

Earth's Natural Alternative, Vanity Fair and The Loyal Print are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly napkins wedding. Find the detail in this article. Gexolenu, Ginger Ray and Blue Panda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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