Best Eco Friendly Notebook Blank

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1. Unlined Journal Notebook Journals Travelers

Unlined Journal Notebook Journals Travelers

Each pocket notebook is made to last, with two colour covers, a strong spine and durable pages to write on. Useful notebooks can be used for a lot of things. A sustainable choice cover is made from 50% recycled paper. Their binding is designed to allow their journal to lay flat for easier writing. The thick paper keeps ink from bleeding through. Use alone or with a cover. These journals are great for use alone, but can also be used in conjunction with a leather cover that holds a notebook.

Brand: Twone

👤These are great blank books to use as a refill. The paper is thick and doesn't bleed through the sheets. The covers have a hefty feel. They are them. The booklets are not stapled. I like the rounded corners of the journals. These notebooks are very good. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

👤These books are easy to read. The pages have a certain amount of heft. When I wrote with a pen and marker, they didn't bleed through the pages. I used watercolor pencils to paint the inside of the book, but I had to be careful with the water because the pages wrinkled very little. Even with some wear and tear, the cover is still nice. Each book has 30 pages, which was enough for me. The book is a little larger than my hand and portable. I would recommend these books as journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, or anything else you would like to use them as!

👤-30 pages is a perfect number for small projects because of its smooth writing with a pen and the rounded corners. I don't mind. If using for a calendar. I would like thinner pages. I have another set in my cart. I have a lot of ideas for these notebooks.

👤If you're looking for a nice notebook that can handle anything you throw at it, then you should look for a Travelers notebook insert bullet Journal insert or SketchBook. I got these notebooks expecting them to be decent but on the cheaper quality side I have already reordered three more times and I use them for both my bullet journal and my sketchbooks and I work with brush pens and fountain pens and ink and watercolor. I'm impressed with these books, they don't have a lot of bleed through, but they do have a little color show, but it's not enough to transfer onto the next page.

👤A great journal. It's light so you can take it with you on hikes, vacations, or wherever you feel most inspired. Don't get it wet because it will be ruined. It will probably fall apart before you get a chance to draw or write. The paper thickness is good, and it's cheap. It's completely hidden on the outside. There is no company logo, so there is no space for you to decorate it.

👤These notebooks are wonderful. I like to track my projects separately in individual journals, because I often have several projects going on at the same time. My husband uses these journals at work to take notes, and my teens use them to create art, record dreams, chronicle events, and put down ideas. I encourage everyone to help themselves to these journals. Everyone feels comfortable using them because they are inexpensive and plentiful around here, and the journals stand up to my fountain pens without bleeding through. Five stars for a great product.

👤I have been using Field Notes notebooks for a long time and wanted to try out the low price and form factor. I was surprised that these notebooks are a good size and allow you to work on a lot of projects with ease. The paper quality is very high for basic ink, I use fountain pens and brush pens on them frequently and there is little bleed through. The paper is on par with Field Notes, but it may not live up to watercolor, but it fits my needs. There is a I will definitely be ordering again in the future because these journals are a great bargain.

2. Notebooks Feela Journals Motivation Travelers

Notebooks Feela Journals Motivation Travelers

High quality materials. 120 pages of acid free interior writing pages with lines are included in the brown paper front and back covers. Feela 15 pack notebooks have 15 different designs. Each of them is 4.1” x 5.8” and is perfect to carry in pockets and easily held by young girls and boys. The cover has 15 different designs. The notebooks are printed with cute patterns and inspiring words. When you look at the notebook in your hand, they hope you are motivated. These notebooks are blank inside with 80 lined pages, which would be convenient for daily use. There is a column on the top of the page. You can use it to remind you to remember important dates and to find the page you want in a short time. Feela 15 pack notebooks are perfect for many people. It can be used by students of primary school and college. Commuters can use it to plan their daily work schedule. It can be used by a small girl or boy to start writing. They provide you with both high quality products and a quick response service.

Brand: Feela

👤Favors for coworker or customer. I gave these along with the good eye patches. Didn't break the bank. It's a useful item. I kept one for myself.

👤I made a self care bag for adults and these notebooks were a part of it. Blank pages and well bound. The cover is lovely. It is nice and sturdy. It's great for all ages.

👤Weird sayings like be happy for yourself.

👤I like to give my students a journal to write in. These are the first journals they have. I need them to be low cost since I have to buy so many, but they can personalize them with a saying or slogan, and they can color them with markers.

👤I like the look of these. The designs on the covers are cute, but I wouldn't have bought them if they weren't cute. Will probably buy again.

👤These are perfect for stockings. Small but put together well, lots of pages, perfect size for stockings, your purse, in the car, anywhere you might need a notepad on the spot.

👤I bought the books for my two grandsons, 11 and 8, to keep a diary for the month when they go to see their dad in Germany.

👤My son will be taking a class trip to Iceland and I wanted to give him some small journals to keep. He liked them so much that he gave them to his friends. If you want a cute little notepad to have with you, it's small.

👤These are small journals. They were used as welcome gifts.



3. Northbooks Journal Notebook Premium Recycled

Northbooks Journal Notebook Premium Recycled

There are 220 pages of off-white smooth and creamy ruled papers. These refill are large enough to draw, write and doodle to your heart's content, until you're ready to reload with a new one. With the bookmark. There is a virtue and a virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and virtue and The minimalist design of their journal makes it easy to see why it's called the PB 5x8 dotted journal. It is ideal for daily to-do's. The bullet notebook journal is small and slim, making it easy to carry around or pack into a bag. The dot grid journal comes with 96 pages of high-quality USAsourced, 60 lbs/90 grp, and 30% recycled paper that is resistant to feathering, ghosting, and bleeding. The 5mm dots are perfect. They are subtle but elevating when you need them to be. It's perfect for convenient and hardy. This softcover notebook journal is made of 50% post-consumer recycled, natural Jute fiber. It is the perfect everyday carry, on-the-go notebook for you to use in the car, bag, kitchen, office, bedside, or wherever required. Make an impact by planting a tree. Through their partnership with Eden Projects, a tree is planted in the rainforest when you purchase from Northbooks. All of their paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Northbooks started out in NYC with the goal of creating the perfect notebook. Like most of their products, their perfect bound notebooks are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, focusing on high-quality reliable construction and an eye towards sustainable practices.

Brand: Northbooks

👤I usually don't write reviews but I felt like I had to because of this notebook. I bought my Northbook in September of 2016 because I wanted to use a very simple, very low stakes bullet journal for college. I decided to go with something that wasn't $20+ because I wasn't sure if I was going to stick with it. The paper of the Northbook is of a high quality, there is no bleed through when I use a medium Sharpie pen, and it's portable and minimalist. The pages began to tear after about a month. Almost all of the pages I've used to date have been taped. It's a pity. Even though the Leuchtturm1917 is infinitely more stable and has better features, a part of me still prefers the Northbook. Northbook doesn't give me any bleed through, the pages are thick and the cover is nice. The binding is keeping my review from being 5 stars. Hopefully Northbook will read some of the reviews left on Amazon and incorporate a thread binding instead of just using glue. They would be unbeatable. There is a Northbook is a great alternative to the more expensive brands and it does better than them. Pages will fall out after a month or so of use.

👤I bought this notebook to bridge the gap between November and January, I bought an official Bullet Journal to use in the year. I like the cover of the notebook. I was able to put a pretty graphic on the front because of the small dot grid. This is a made in the USA product. There is a The notebook doesn't lie completely flat, which is my least favorite thing about it. There is a binding that won't open all the way for the book to open and lie flat. Unless I can find a notebook that is comparable to this one, I won't buy it again. I don't think it's a problem. I can see print on the other side of the page, but I can't read what's on the current page. There is a spot where a small amount of pen actually bled through to the other side. I don't use fancy pens or markers so I was surprised my plain writing instruments would come through. I feel this notebook is okay, as indicated by the 3 stars. I would have given it a 4 star if it wasn't for the bleed through. I would have gone up to 5 if it had been flat. There is a revision on 12/9/16. My review will be raised to 5 stars. The flatter the notebook is, the more I use it. I love it. It's nice to write in it and carry it around. The front cover is very nice. It is a common catch phrase. I give it 5 stars because it's for love.

👤I was looking for a Leuchtturm dot grid notebook for bullet journalling, but they were both out of stock, so I found this one. I bought the three pack for my son when I fill it up. There is a This book has a dot grid that I wanted. The grid is large. Not too big or too small. I use a Pilot G-2 0.38 pen and it fits perfectly in the grid. I wanted a soft cover because my purse is small and I carry this thing around with me everywhere, so I didn't want a hardcover taking up precious space or making my purse too bulky. I thought the cover would fall apart easily, but it has stood up, even though I use the book many times a day. It's attached to the pages well. I am not worried about the pages falling out. I can't say that I'm happy with the quality of the pages in the Northbook because I haven't used the Moleskine or Leuchtturm. I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens for color and have no issues with bleeding through. I can see the pen on the other side, but not much. There is a The price is right and that's okay. I think a ribbon would make me crazy. I use little post it book marker stickers that barely peek out the side of the book so I can find my important pages quickly. Better than just one ribbon. I have found a way to keep the pages closed with a binder clip, which doubles as a pen holder, despite the fact that it doesn't have an elastic closure. See the pic. The Leuchtturm is wider, which I thought would be nice, but I haven't found a time when I wanted it to be a quarter or half an inch wider, so it's fine. My biggest wish is for more pages. It's nice that the book is small, but I would prefer more pages. Double the pages. That's the only thing that makes me think about other options.

4. Notebook Journal Coofficer Wirebound Notepads

Notebook Journal Coofficer Wirebound Notepads

There are 42 pages that include task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar, OKR goal template, idea list, dot-grid, and lined pages. The perfect size is 19 cm x 13 cm and 7.5 cm x 5.1 cm. With 100 completely blank and unlined pages in each of the books, you can draw what you need without the limit of the line, documented in a sketch pad meant for taking with you anywhere. The binding of each spiral notebook keeps the pages together, and the strong brown hard cover and blank cream white paper prevent ink from entering the pages. It's ideal for a diary, travel journal, poetry work, making sketches and drawings, work records, study notes, mood diary, scrapbooks and so on.

Brand: Dstelin

👤I wanted something small and compact that I could carry around when I had the urge to sketch, and this did the trick. The cover can even be used for custom designs. The pages are thick, but marker may bleed through. These are great for quick sketches or detailed ones.

👤They are similar to a small notebook. There are no pages in it. It is a bit fragile, but that is how spiral bound things are. I am not giving it 5 stars because it doesn't have the 50 pages I was told. When I saw this, I was so excited that I was working on a project that needed 50 pages. One has 45 pages and the other 47. It's probably not a big deal for most buyers, but it's something to be weary about.

👤The dimensions are correct, but there wasn't a picture to compare the size to anything. There is a It's perfect for what I need. The paper is thinner than pens.

👤I was looking for sketch journals. I used to do daily drawings to keep my creative mind limber, but then I had kids. I decided to start drawing again but found that using my standard size sketch pad was too cumbersome and difficult to use for a quick sketch. I decided to give these journals a try after I stumbled upon them. I have found that these journals are more convenient to keep at an arm's reach if I need to draw quickly. I think the sketch journals should serve my needs, but I wish the paper weight was a little heavier. The paper is thinner and smoother than I expected, based on reviews. The thinness of the paper doesn't work well for me since I mostly draw in pen. I wouldn't recommend this sketch pad for colored pencils as the paper doesn't have the texture or tooth preferred for them. The quality of these sketch pads and their paper should be fine because my goal is to draw a bit everyday, practice my pen work, and jump start my creativity. These are perfect for someone new to drawing or someone looking for a travel friendly journal.

👤I was looking for notebooks to take with me on our upcoming trip for my grandsons to use as a travel journal. They were just the right size and had blank paper inside. The perfect size for our little guys. The paper was thick enough to hold the markers. There are two small complaints on these notebooks. They were wrapped in plastic when they arrived. I got a strong odor when I opened them. I had to leave them outside on the porch for the entire day to get rid of the scent. The cardboard cover is not very thick. The kids were able to flip the pages where they were using their desk. This seems to help. There is a The notebooks were very popular. The boys were 4 and 6 years old. The books kept them entertained while we were waiting. They would take pictures throughout the trip. We were able to take a picture of the note the oldest wrote to his grandpa, who couldn't come on the trip, and send it to Papa. Even with their slight flaws, these notebooks were what we needed.

5. Hardcover Bookmark Recycled Terracotta Journaling

Hardcover Bookmark Recycled Terracotta Journaling

The hardback journal is a 5.7 in by 8 in lined notebook made from recycled materials and features a 160 page inner pocket, sticker labels, ribbon bookmark, and elastic closure band. Made with premium recycled paper, it's thicker than average notebooks and writing pads, so you can use most pens, pencils, and markers without ghosting and bleed-through. Their thread-bound notebook is designed to lay flat, making it easier to write with both hands. It has never been easier to journal, take notes and plan. Their recycled journals are available in a variety of beautiful and fun colors and are available in a variety of page styles. The inner pocket and separator labels have an extra pocket to keep track of appointments, notes, and more. Personalize your journal cover and spine with sticker labels.

Brand: Paperage

👤The journal is beautiful and has a lot of great features, especially for the price. I am giving it four stars because the pocket at the back of the journal has a small bent corner from the packaging. It was disappointing to unpackage it and see that it already had an issue, but luckily the minor issue doesn't compromise the function of the pocket. I would have liked to have known the line spacing of the journal, but I couldn't find it in the description. I would have liked to know the line spacing before I bought it.

👤The lines on the pages are slightly different from a normal notebook, leaving each page with less lines. There is no discernable top line, which is standard. All the lines are the same. I have only used the first 10 pages, but it has been difficult to use the space near the binding. It doesn't open all the way. The conclusion is that there is a better place to go for cheaper. I liked the color and the recycled paper factor, but I wouldn't buy this again. Go for a bargain.

👤I fill them up and then buy a new one because this is the second one I've ordered. I'll be back soon. A journal is perfect for a writer or just someone trying to keep notes.

👤This is a great notebook for people who like bullet journaling. The Leuchtturm is a good dupe.

👤It works well for my budgeting. There is a small pocket in the back.

👤A great notebook! The color is made from recycled paper. It is a great journal because it has a lot of room.

6. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Eco Friendly

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Eco Friendly

The rocketbook core was formerly known as Everlast. Letter size is 8.6 x 11. There is a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and a Microfiber Cloth. The package may reflect "Everlast". The dotted grid notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. It's easy to share when working from home, distance learning, and a home office. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes. The rocketbook core was formerly known as Everlast. Letter size is 8.6 x 11. There is a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and a Microfiber Cloth. The package may reflect "Everlast".

Brand: Rocketbook

👤An idea for reducing waste is cool. I feel like I am using a product that can use a lot of improvement. There is a The spiral rings arrived in a package that was bent and squishy. Not big enough to hold a pen in a notebook. There is a The paper is hard to write on. You are writing on a white board with erasable marker. It smudges very easily, especially for a lefty. I have to write in a specific way which will cause wrist and hand pain over time. Erasing works with a spray of water and a cloth. I wish they had a cloth holder in the notebook. A mini spray bottle would be nice. There is a The ink transferring to other pages was something that really bothered me. When I opened the notebook after placing it in a backpack, the ink was all over the place. I placed the notebook between two books, but it was still horrible when you didn't get to read it. I am not sure if it is a good idea, but I am sure in the future they will make a 2.0 version that will solve these issues.

👤It took some getting used to. I didn't like the pen it came with. You can see in the photos that I ordered a few other packs. It takes a while to get used to writing on the pages. The paper is smoother than regular paper. I like it more when I use it. It is perfect for taking notes at work. It will save me a lot of time.

👤I use the fusion notebook for work. These products are amazing. I spent a lot of money on a variety of frixion pens and markers. I have to write things down in order to keep them. Digital notes don't stick or get lost. I don't refer to them in the same way as I do with written notes. I have lived and died by "the bible," a massive wire-bound dayplanner that I buy every year, but the waste of space and paper using it is something that's bothered me. My old day planner method has been replaced by the Rocketbook fusion, which has pre-made templates and grid pages to make my own. This notebook is perfect for long-form note taking because it has just lined paper. I like how the system works. I don't use the app very often, but it works well. It is wonderful to have the ability to erase and reuse these notebooks. I have freed up so much space that I no longer have to buy notebooks in bulk. I recommend this product to anyone who likes to take notes and use pen and paper to type.

👤Taking notes in a new century should be like this. Paper and pen are out of the loop. This notebook makes me want to take notes in class. I have been using this for a few months now and I can say that it has changed my study habits. All of my notes are easy to access and sorted. If you're on the fence about buying, I'd like you to know that this will be worth it. 10/10 would buy again. The photos I've provided are from my notebook and the book.

7. ALIMITOPIA Notebook Wirebound NotePad Planner

ALIMITOPIA Notebook Wirebound NotePad Planner

Northbooks started out in NYC with the goal of creating the perfect notebook. Like most of their products, their perfect bound notebooks are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, focusing on high-quality reliable construction and an eye towards sustainable practices. STURDY FORM- black twinwire binding makes the wirebound notebookdurable and keeps pages together perfectly. The reinforced cover is stronger than similar notebooks. It is possible to be folded without folding creases. It is easy to tear and prevent coil snags. It's a great choice for back to school. It is possible to use aTILE WORDPAD for a variety of things. Quality material, all-wood dowling paper inside pages, no ink bleed through. The A5 size is 8.6" wide by 215mm high and 80 sheets/ 160 pages. It's perfect to carry in a purse or bag.

Brand: Alimitopia

👤These notebooks are beautiful. The spiral will not come undone, the covers are heavy-duty and sturdy, and the amount of pages is great. I would have to make these notebooks perfect for me if I could offer a college rule option. The wide rule is not my favorite, but the other features make up for it. I will order these again.

👤These are cute, but they weren't protected enough for shipping. One is more damaged than the others and the other has a small amount of damage. I would like to contact the seller directly, but I don't see that option. I need one for this week and I don't want to replace it.

👤These notebooks are very nice quality, with attractive cover, spiral binding, and good quality paper. What more do you want? These notebooks are recommended by me.

👤These notebooks are great. The design is simple. The covers are not plastic. The price is right for the paper. My daughter and her friend received two of the two that I gave them.

👤Keeping track of blood sugar numbers is a good way to keep track of daily nutrition. Would have liked if there were pockets on the front and back covers.

👤The price is worth it. Not as much paper as the ones in the store, but very well made.

👤These are great! I use them for different lists since they're different colors. Absolutely giftakble!

👤A small note book is perfect for my needs.

8. EOOUT Notebook Hardcover Notebooks Assorted

EOOUT Notebook Hardcover Notebooks Assorted

DIMENSIONS The notebooks are H5 and measure 4.3 x 8.2 inches. There are notable details. The package includes 4 hardcover spiral journals, each with 200 pages, and a standard college ruled paper with a cutting line. The paper is 80 gsm. An asymmetrical design ensures page turning without difficulty, and the small back pocket will hold your daily schedule, business card, and notepads. The divider rings have a slit cut so they can be removed and placed into a new part of the journal. The diameter of the spiral is 2.2 cm. These hardcover notebooks are made from the best materials and designs. The paper is thick and provides a smooth writing feel. The thick cover is used to protect the dividers. It is easy to carry in casual bags. Four colors pack combination will last for a few years and your handwriting can be saved forever. All four notebooks with the basic colors and designs are perfect for school and work, as they make you become more professional.

Brand: Eoout

👤I love these. The paper is narrow, no margin lines, a little larger than the usual notebook, and I can write with a gel pen and show through. numbered pages would be the only improvement I would make. The covers are strong.

👤This was sent to school in the mail. It is a nice notebook. It has a cover that is hard to bend, like the cover on hardcover books. Good price and quality. I look forward to using it this year, I am happy with my buy so far.

👤It was more than I wanted to spend. I was very pleased with the quality when I got them. The front and back of the hard sides are better than what I've bought before. The way it was packaged was very nice. I will purchase again.

👤The paper looks good. The hard cover has a poor finish. It was shipped in a flimsy plastic cover, which damaged the edges. I would like to see Amazon be more thoughtful with the packaging.

👤Three of the four journals had warped covers and pages. I'm trying to flatten them out, but haven't had any luck yet.

👤I use them as a hybrid. The sheet count is what I needed and the B5 size is perfect.

👤Excellent valve, perfect size for me.

👤"Se cancelar la compra porque dije, estn llegaron, los vi, y acabe los voy a volver a comprar", dije.

9. 100 Recycled Dotted Notebook Pages

100 Recycled Dotted Notebook Pages

Make sure you keep your pen with you all the time by sticking your notebook onto it. Recycled and replanted sources: These notebooks are of the highest quality. They decided to make their own notebooks because they couldn't find a good recycled pack on the market. The dimensions are 7.5” x 8” There is something nostalgic about the size of a travel journal. It is a good idea to keep a few in your desk or car when traveling. There areROOF PAGES Their notebooks feature double sided pages that will keep the ink from bleeding through. 100 pages of possibilities is what this provides. It is impractical for work, travel, and gifts. The quality of their journal packs is unparalleled. Their binding is strong, their design is minimal, and their paper quality is second to none. They are great for travel and work notebooks. The outlook for the economy. They would like to thank you for considering their recycled notebooks as a purchase. They hope to be a part of your eco conscious journey, and they appreciate your green shopping habits.

Brand: Ecotiva

👤The paper in my notebook has to be fountain pen friendly and lay flat. The type of binding does not lay flat. The dots on the grid are not a deal breaker. I feel that dark dots distract from your writing. There is a A5 is shorter and narrower than A5. A5 paper is 5 7/8” x 8 14” and this is 5.5” x 8” There is a There are pros. This notebook has fountain pen friendly paper and shows no feathering or ghosting. The paper is more white than Rhodia. There is a The whole package consists of 500 sheets, 1000 pages, and each notebook has 50 sheets. This is a good deal. There is a I think we can forgive the small flaws, but I don't think we can buy more of them because they don't lay completely flat. If the review was helpful, please click on the button. Thank you!

👤These notebooks are very nice. I use a fountain pen because they are thick enough that ink doesn't bleed through. The paper is very easy to write on. I like the dot-grid more than lines. If you tear out one page, the binding won't loosen another. They have a nice touch to them. I will definitely order more when I run out.

👤These work well in Tennessee. I was not sure since it isn't "stapled in the middle". The photo bomb was for the kitten. The kitten has a paper obsession. I use them as a bullet journal and use different books for different topics, such as money related logs in one while calender and tasks go in another and Collections has its own. I bought these books because of the eco friendly aspect, but the amount and price allowed me to simple for a couple months, what my BuJo style is. I have a product that is a S&S. I think I'll be rearranging this again. It would be great if it were a S&S item.

👤Cute notebooks. They are used for journals. I like the dotted lines. College rule width is different. The pages are line like normal paper, so you could use it for drawing. Markers or paint would bleed through. It's fine for pencils. Small enough to fit in a purse but big enough for a journal entry. It will take me awhile to get through 10, but I would definitely purchase again.

👤The box containing the notebooks was damaged so I wouldn't be able to use it as a gift. It was fine for my own use. The notebooks are nice and convenient for carrying around.

👤The notebooks were described. They are made from recycled materials. They have a look that is "eco-friendly" as well.

👤These notebooks are an easy 5 stars if you don't mind the not laying flat look. They are a great value.

👤There's no bleeding, my pens are sturdy and good page thickness, but my dark pens can be seen on the other side, but it's not disruptive.

10. EOOUT Notebook Hardcover Notebooks Removable

EOOUT Notebook Hardcover Notebooks Removable

Use alone or with a cover. These journals are great for use alone, but can also be used in conjunction with a leather cover that holds a notebook. There are notable details. The package includes 4 hardcover spiral journals, each with 100 sheets of paper, and a cutting line. The paper is 80 gsm. ABORATIVE DESIGN: Extra-large spiral ensures page turning without difficulty; 3-subject dividers can be moved to the right page as you wish; and the small back pocket will store your daily schedule, business card, notepads. The divider rings have a slit cut so they can be removed and placed into a new part of the journal. The diameter of the spiral is 2.2 cm. These hardcover notebooks are made from the best materials and designs. The paper is thick and provides a smooth writing feel. The thick cover is used to protect the dividers. It is easy to carry in casual bags. Four colors pack combination will last for a few years and your handwriting can be saved forever. All four notebooks with the basic colors and designs are perfect for school and work, as they make you become more professional.

Brand: Eoout

👤This is a great shopping experience. I bought the spiral notebook by chance. I used to receive it. The cutting line is easy to tear, but it is not easy to lose. The dividers are smart. I give my friend a black one as a gift, and he loves it. Purchase again.

👤They market this as 200 pages, which in my mind meant 200 sheets. This is only 100 sheets. This product is wrapped in plastic. The idea and design is better than the quality. I'm not sure if I'll buy again. They're "okay".

👤A standard ball-point pen does not run through pages. If needed, good perforations to tear out pages. I didn't realize there were three clear plastic section dividers, but they are nice. There is a The left margin line is too far from the edge of the page and limits writing space more than necessary. Product would be better without this line. It's pretty nice.

👤These were what I needed. These little notebooks are perfect if you want to take notes without a clipboard. The covers have pockets inside. The navy blue, black, teal, and tan colors are a bonus.

👤It's easy to keep it on hand in a purse or bag. It's easy to find the one I want in the variety of colors. I love having a pocket in the back. There is a These are the things I needed to keep track of the work I do. Can see how they might fit multiple uses. Thank you for the great product that was delivered.

👤Great strength. I only gave it 3 stars because of the price. I ordered these for someone who was in the area and they were cheaper in the store.

👤The margins on this book could be larger. There is a lot of space left on the right. These are great books. The paper is thick and soft. The folder pocket on the back cover is a nice touch. The book has a divider for those who want to be more organized.

👤I wanted notebooks that were smaller and less bulky. I was worried these wouldn't have enough room for the notes I have to take in class, but they definitely were. I had some pages left in some of them. I will be ordering more for this term because they are great quality.

11. Dotted Bullet Notebook Journal Eco Friendly

Dotted Bullet Notebook Journal Eco Friendly

The Executive Size of the Rocketbook Core is 6' x 8'. A notebook and a rocketbook core. The Mini Size is 3. 5 x 5. The package may reflect "Everlast". cork is an eco-friendly notebook cover and is a versatile, natural and sustainable material. It feels soft and supple to the touch, but it's 100% cruelty free and so much better for the environment. A great gift for a vegan. The lay-flat design makes it easy to read and take notes. The classic notebook pages are easy to tear off or archive. Acid free writing paper is a premium quality. It is pollution-free and has no fluorescer, which can protect your eyesight. The paper is thicker and smoother than normal. The Sturdy Notebook has a pen holder, a pocket, and a ribbon bookmark. The cork cover will give your journal a nice look. The dimensions are perfect for your purpose and perfect for on-the-go. A special gift is a gift you can give to friends and family. It's perfect for Christmas gift, New Year gifts or Birthday presents.

Brand: Lemome

👤After more than a year of use, I'm increasing my review of this journal to five stars because it held up well despite the price increase. I'm convinced that the cover is cork, because of how it wore over the course of the year. I'm adding a couple photos to show the wear on the old journal and the new one. I've been using this with Zebra gel pens and Zebra midliners and there is very little bleed through. I don't think the pen loop is necessary, and sometimes get in my way, but they aren't annoying enough to make me look for a new journal. All in all, is this a good deal? ... I've been looking for a journal for my next year's planner and I've been considering buying one for a long time. I decided I wanted a journal that was more affordable and still had a lot of pages, and this one seemed to fit that bill. I'm satisfied with my purchase after it arrived. The paper is thick, the book is light and it seems like a good value when you consider the introductory price. The pen loop is not a selling point for me, my most used pen is not big enough to fit so I won't use that much. The bookmark is a nice touch. The paper is heavy and I wish the pages were numbered. If you need loose paper, why not get something cheaper than this journal, which has only a few at the back? The perforations don't seem to affect me much, though they are a bit farther from the binding than I expected. Also the cover. There is a question about whether or not it is cork. It is a nice idea, but it looks like a heavy paperboard printed with a cork pattern and weathered in some way. You can make your own judgements, even though the cover looks like paper to me. I wonder how it will wear over time, but I don't care about this part. I didn't give this journal 5 stars because of that. I'll probably look at another option when the time comes, since I'm happy with this purchase, but the price has gone up.

👤That is a huge fraud. This is not cork and you can see the printed images. It feels good to touch because it's rubber. The surface is very smooth, even when you see the little riffs in the cork, they are not really there. There is a The "eco-friendly" label must be a lie because it's not cork. "Lemome choose cork fabric as notebook cover, cork is such a versatile, natural and sustainable material" I'm sure it is, but DoUBT Lemome has never seen how a cork tree looks. "It's 100% cruelty-free and so much better for the environment", I wonder how they would describe it. The best thing they can do for the environment is to stop this fraud. I don't like people trying to sell eco-friendly stuff just to make more money. Stop it. The environment is something that needs to be taken more seriously. This is a disgrace. There is a The product comes in a black cardboard box. The pages look good.


What is the best product for eco friendly notebook blank?

Eco friendly notebook blank products from Twone. In this article about eco friendly notebook blank you can see why people choose the product. Feela and Northbooks are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly notebook blank.

What are the best brands for eco friendly notebook blank?

Twone, Feela and Northbooks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly notebook blank. Find the detail in this article. Dstelin, Paperage and Rocketbook are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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