Best Eco Friendly Notebook Paper

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1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Eco Friendly

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Eco Friendly

The rocketbook core was formerly known as Everlast. Letter size is 8.6 x 11. There is a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and a Microfiber Cloth. The package may reflect "Everlast". The dotted grid notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. It's easy to share when working from home, distance learning, and a home office. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes. The rocketbook core was formerly known as Everlast. Letter size is 8.6 x 11. There is a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and a Microfiber Cloth. The package may reflect "Everlast".

Brand: Rocketbook

👤An idea for reducing waste is cool. I feel like I am using a product that can use a lot of improvement. There is a The spiral rings arrived in a package that was bent and squishy. Not big enough to hold a pen in a notebook. There is a The paper is hard to write on. You are writing on a white board with erasable marker. It smudges very easily, especially for a lefty. I have to write in a specific way which will cause wrist and hand pain over time. Erasing works with a spray of water and a cloth. I wish they had a cloth holder in the notebook. A mini spray bottle would be nice. There is a The ink transferring to other pages was something that really bothered me. When I opened the notebook after placing it in a backpack, the ink was all over the place. I placed the notebook between two books, but it was still horrible when you didn't get to read it. I am not sure if it is a good idea, but I am sure in the future they will make a 2.0 version that will solve these issues.

👤It took some getting used to. I didn't like the pen it came with. You can see in the photos that I ordered a few other packs. It takes a while to get used to writing on the pages. The paper is smoother than regular paper. I like it more when I use it. It is perfect for taking notes at work. It will save me a lot of time.

👤I use the fusion notebook for work. These products are amazing. I spent a lot of money on a variety of frixion pens and markers. I have to write things down in order to keep them. Digital notes don't stick or get lost. I don't refer to them in the same way as I do with written notes. I have lived and died by "the bible," a massive wire-bound dayplanner that I buy every year, but the waste of space and paper using it is something that's bothered me. My old day planner method has been replaced by the Rocketbook fusion, which has pre-made templates and grid pages to make my own. This notebook is perfect for long-form note taking because it has just lined paper. I like how the system works. I don't use the app very often, but it works well. It is wonderful to have the ability to erase and reuse these notebooks. I have freed up so much space that I no longer have to buy notebooks in bulk. I recommend this product to anyone who likes to take notes and use pen and paper to type.

👤Taking notes in a new century should be like this. Paper and pen are out of the loop. This notebook makes me want to take notes in class. I have been using this for a few months now and I can say that it has changed my study habits. All of my notes are easy to access and sorted. If you're on the fence about buying, I'd like you to know that this will be worth it. 10/10 would buy again. The photos I've provided are from my notebook and the book.

2. Paper Notebooks Writing Students Classroom

Paper Notebooks Writing Students Classroom

A notebook made from recycled paper. 500gsm notebook hardcover paperback is a solid writing surface and prevents the inner pages from getting damaged. Give the gift of memories with a travel journal. The pack comes with 12 lined journal notebooks to keep track of all your ideas. STURDY COVER: The brown cover is lightweight but durable. There is a cover. The notebooks have a plain cover. You can draw, write or decorate them in any way you want. You can personalize the notebooks by using Pens or markers. Writing and planning are two things. Make lists and plan out trips. It's great for kids, student, classroom, school use, coworkers, friends and travelers. DIMENSIONS Each ruled notebook has 80 lined pages and is 4.13 x 5.7 inches.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤The notebooks have a thick cover. I didn't expect the paper to be thick or smooth, but it is. It did well on a pen test, which was a huge surprise. There was no bleeding or ghosting. The photos are attached to my pen test. I use it to take notes at work.

👤I use the notebooks to make notebook covers. They fit the covers of the book perfectly. There is a The pages are crisp and white. The paper is thick enough for a pen to write on both sides of the page. There is a They are a great size to carry with you wherever you want to journal, take notes, or write lists.

👤The zodiac signs are printed on them. It is fun to decorate.

👤I was going to make journals for the How to Train Your Dragon Party. I colored in the template with a dark brown pencil. The effect was great. I was able to see the original for the kids. The paper is nice. I will purchase again for my next project.

👤We used them for a camp. They are large enough to write in but small enough to pack easily. Our students loved decorating them.

👤They made their goals for the new year and gave them to my group. They are easy to write in because they lie flat.

👤My school kids love these because they get to decorate the cover and they are 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465. All of us are huge fans.

👤It was a little smaller than I had hoped, but it was the same price.

👤I have a pack of five notebooks. I find them useful for keeping records, for example, one for daily household energy use, one for listing films I've recorded on TV, and one for noting expenditure. I think the 12-pack is a good value.

👤Simple. The little notebook is perfect.

3. Northbooks Notebook Journaling Journals Recycled

Northbooks Notebook Journaling Journals Recycled

All four notebooks with the basic colors and designs are perfect for school and work, as they make you become more professional. The design is classic. The B5 7x10 lined notebook journal is a simple take on classic writing journals and a smart minimalist design that embraces simplicity. The writing notebook is ideal for a variety of activities. The notebook comes with 96 pages of premium paper, which is resistant to feathering, ghosting, and bleeding. The lines are perfect. They are impactful without being distraction on a cream color background that is enjoyable to write on. The soft cover journal notebook has been designed to stay nearly flat for easy use. The cover is made of 50% post-consumer recycled, natural Jute fiber paper that allows for flexibility without adding extra bulk. It's lightweight design makes it perfect to carry or pack. Eco-friendly and sustainable sources. Every purchase you make, Northbooks plants a tree in the rainforest. All of their paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Northbooks started out in NYC with the goal of creating the perfect notebook. Like most of their products, their B5 lined notebooks are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, focusing on high-quality reliable construction and an eye towards sustainable practices.

Brand: Northbooks

👤Northbook has a great product. I like their notebooks. 5 stars for the notebook company, but only one for the mistake of Amazon. Amazon keeps sending the sketch version of the LINED notebooks with no lines. Twice! It is labeled by the sticker. The package says sketch. I have to come back again.

👤The paper is great, but the cover ripped off, which was really annoying. They are bound with 2 staplers which is not very strong. I probably won't buy them again.

👤It's a delight to have a writing device that one doesn't have to struggle with while writing. It's so easy to use, without having to "flop it over" or have one page get entangled. Excellent spacing between the lines. I have been looking for a special notebook for a project and this is what I have been looking for.

👤I'm almost afraid to use them because they are so nice. I love these notebooks. A college student has been approved.

👤This pack was perfect because I like using separate notebooks for each class subject. The off-white pages were easy to read, and I like the minimalist style of these. I like to bend my pages backwards and write in the notebook like that, as opposed to writing in the notebook with both pages flat. One of them came off because it's only held together by 2. I would love it if the binding was sewed on.

👤It was perfect for what I needed. They are light. They don't have a thick heavy cover. The pages are nice to write on for those with weird issues. ; )

👤I'm going back to school and want to try a new notebook, instead of the usual spiral. There is no annoying spiral to get in the way when I write. It stays open when laid flat. No one sitting in the way.

👤Excellent quality! The paper is very good. Construction and materials are very durable. There is a I got these because I take meeting notes in my church. They are perfect for this.

👤It was great to find B5 notebooks on line as they are no longer available in shops.

👤Un po' pi piccolo di quello A5 La carta ottima e lo stile minimale, rende particolarmente elegante nella semplicit. I prezzo un po' alto ma.

4. Roaring Spring Recycled Wirebound Notebook

Roaring Spring Recycled Wirebound Notebook

Northbooks started out in NYC with the goal of creating the perfect notebook. Like most of their products, their B5 graph paper notebooks are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, focusing on high-quality reliable construction and an eye towards sustainable practices. There are 100 sheets of recycled white paper. College ruled with margin. The mist board covers are grey. There is a double storage pocket under the cover.

Brand: Roaring Spring

👤The marketing scheme on this is terrible. When you read the fine print, you realize that the product is recycled paper. The cover says 30% post consumer waste. The sheets inside are normal paper and the cardboard covers are 30% post consumer waste. You just paid over 400% more for a "recycled" paper notebook and the sheets inside are probably not even recycled, so you are taking in the fact that you just paid more for a notebook. A wave of realization is what happens when you get tricked.

👤Really disappointed... I used to love these notebooks when I was a student. The paper was thick, smooth, and worked well for note-taking. It was a perfect 5 subject for all the classes I had and it held a lot of papers. The paper is so thin you can see through it. It tears very easily. The front cover is thinner and the pockets are weak. I was going to graduate school and wanted to relive my undergraduate notes. I'll be returning to my other purchase, a high performance colored notebook from Amazon, but still with the Environotes notebook. Those still work well. The price is the same. This product doesn't meet the expectations that I used to have. Their newer versions do.

👤I don't like writing on paper. I do that here. These are excellent. I like the texture of the paper. When writing for long periods of time, it isn't really a problem. It's thicker but not see through. I bought the case because I didn't want to run out of notebooks in my final year of school. I used three for each semester of CHEM and love that my stuff is at least somewhat organized. There is a Good quality Eco friendly.

👤The notebook holds up well. Next year, we will reorder. There aren't more recycled products on the market. We appreciate it, and this is one of the few.

👤I'm happy that I found good quality notebooks that are gentle on the environment. My child has learned that buying colorful notebooks and binders is not a good idea for the planet and now is having fun decorating her own eco-friendly notebooks and binders. The school materials list is prohibitive. Yes!

👤I can't write on a page without the tearing and the page partially or completely coming loose, and that's what I can't do with these notebooks. I have a bunch of loose pages in my pockets. The problem would not occur if the paper was a little bit thicker.

👤Perfectly packaged. It's great to carry a backpack when traveling to take notes.

👤This is a good choice for college course notes.

5. Mead Notebook Recycled Selected 06594

Mead Notebook Recycled Selected 06594

A special item is shared with your friends and family. It's ideal for notebooks. It's a great decoration for your computer. A surprise for an event. Excellent for journal, school, college, meeting, travelling, writing workshop, etc. A notebook that is made with 100% recycled materials will keep you organized. There are 80 college ruled sheets that are double-sided. The pages are easy to tear out with clean edges. The notebook is punched to fit in your binder. Twin wire binding is nylon coated and resists uncoiling. The product is made with 100% recycled fiber. Paper is used to make the notebook covers. When torn out, the sheets measure 11 x 8. The overall size is 11-1/8". There are various colors: Ginger, Terra Cotta, Maize, Indigo, Moss, Stone. 100% recycled! 30% of consumer waste is post-consumer. One notebook.

Brand: Mead

👤I don't use a fountain pen. If you use a fountain pen, you may need virgin fiber. I use gel pens. The Mead GRAD notebook was an outstanding product, but these seem to replace it. The covers are attractive, but not as glossy as the GRAD was. If your notebook is important to you, the twin-wire binding is a very good feature. The cover needs a little more sheen, but everything else feels good.

👤The notebook is beautiful. I thought I was getting more than one. I don't think you should get this... Quality is great, but not at that price.

👤The journal is lovely and durable, but the colors on it are incorrect. I ordered Ginger, and the picture on the website was much more red than I was expecting, but the real ginger is what I received. I looked at the other colors and it seemed that Stone and Terra Cotta were off as well. I provided you with the actual colors for reference. If I were you, I would buy this journal, but make sure you know what color it is.

👤I have been using the same notebook for 8 years and it is the best quality notebook and paper you will find. The notebook is large and sturdy, it is not easy to tear, and gel ink pens won't bleed through it.

👤I received one notebook, but it only had 5 pictures. It's not possible to talk to customer service because both the manufacturer and Amazon want you to talk to them.

👤This notebook is a great deal at the time. It's durable and has plenty of paper for either a single class or just taking notes. The paper doesn't work well with wet ink as it will start soaking through the page.

👤I put my notebook under a bunch of heavy books to flatten out the bent cover because I needed it for school. It was bent at 45 degrees. The note paper was not damaged.

👤It's made from thicker sheets. The back cover is made of cardboard. I would buy this one again.

👤No tienes solo uno de todos los publicados.

👤Es un paquete por el costo. 260 por pesos 1 solamente? Se me ahora. There is a Ademas la imagen muestra 5.

👤No es un paquete de 6. A solo envan 1 Cuaderno.

6. Rocketbook Erasable Reusable Wirebound Notebook

Rocketbook Erasable Reusable Wirebound Notebook

Pick up your boxes today! The dotted grid notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. It's easy to share when working from home, distance learning, and a home office. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes. The rocketbook core was formerly known as Everlast. Letter size is 8.6 x 11. There is a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and a Microfiber Cloth. The package may reflect "Everlast".

Brand: Rocketbook

👤I use both Rocketbook and Elfinbook. The books have pros and cons. I hope I can give you an idea of what you like. The paper used in Rocketbook feels more plastic and thin. The ink takes to the paper much faster than before. Elfinbook has lines similar to a normal notebook, while Rocketbook uses a square dot grid pattern. When you use Rocketbook, it looks like you just wrote on copy paper with no lines, while Elfinbook looks like you just wrote on notebook paper. Elfinbook was the clear winner for my preference and others that I've let test. There is a I'm guessing both have different sizes. The size of the book is more of a personal notebook. The elfinbook was a little more cumbersome to carry around. The size of Rocketbook makes it hard to put a lot of information on a single page. More pages mean more organizing. It is nicer to have more space for sketches, thoughts, and notes in Elfinbook. I call this one a draw because it's a personal preference. The smaller size is what I prefer. There is a Page turning. I included it here because I never thought it was that big of a deal. Rockebook won here with being able to turn the pages like a notebook. Elfinbook required me to open the book and move my body to complete a page turn without being concerned about ripping the spine. You can keep going with the flip pages behind the current page. It took a lot of effort for me to try and do that. You can instantly send your notes by simply making a symbol on the page. You have told the app where each symbol will send the note. Your document shows up where you said it would. The Elfinbook is more of a process. You have to pick where you want to go. If you use the book for multiple entries, it becomes a hassle to switch where you want it to go. I could use 10 pages, each with a different place to go to the cloud, just by marking the symbol, and you are good to go. There were no delays or switches after each Scan. This category is taken by Rocketbook. There is a The app is more polished. With a few updates, Elfinbook could be better. Their OCR is terrible. Elfinbook has a burst type mode and it seems to capture pages quicker with its dark border recognition feature. This is a polished app that I give to Rocketbook again. I would take elements from each book to make a better one. I want my Rocketbook to have lines on the paper, and the thicker paper from Elfinbook.

👤I would be happy if I could give it 4.5 stars. Love the idea and functioning of it. It will be easier to have my things on my computer. It works great when I send them to my drive. The book is magic. It's easy to say that it doesn't feel like paper, but then again it isn't, so why feel that way? The Frixion pens are very good at writing on it. Allow a few extra seconds for the ink to dry so that it won't smudge. I set it up so that it will show up on my drive. There is a Many colors of Frixion brand pens don't show up well and that's the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. This is not a problem if you write your notes in black, blue, or red. I fell in love with the Frixion pens a few years ago and have since bought the Frixion brand. They are reliable, they write well and erase well if the eraser is clean. I have a lot of things in this brand, but I am a student. I use my pens all day. They do not bleed through regular paper. I bought the book immediately after I saw it, I am an office supply slut. I'm going to attach my test pictures so that you know which things work best with the Everlast Rocketbook. I've put a color key at the bottom and highlighted which colors are true to color so that you can buy ones that are more likely to look nice once scanned. The pens stay put and the black marker fades, but the colors will show up. There is a All of the pens were scanned. Some looked like they were black. All of the markers were visible when scanned. Some looked discolored. The yellow was the only color that showed up. I took a picture of the page and uploaded it to show the difference in colors. Hope this was helpful. There is a I will keep using this product and recommend it to others, I love it and will use it again and again.

7. Travel Journal Notebook Journals Travelers

Travel Journal Notebook Journals Travelers

It is made with 30% post-consumer recycled paper. The A5 notebook set is specially designed for work and study and includes 6 notebooks, each of which has 30 sheets, 80GSM thick paper design, allowing you to write and record easily and conveniently. Ruled-designed notebook allows you to write more smoothly. The beige paper eye-protection design can protect your eyes so that you can write and record for a long time without fatigue. The stitch binding design can fix the inner pages of the book without scattering. It is not easy to soak ink in thick paper, so you can record different events on your notebook. The A5 journal notebooks are portable and practical. The journal notebook is an idea for school, office, travel, study, or any other activity. Their softcover paper notebook is a perfect writing and recording notebook for office, work, home, university, students, etc. It can be used as a diary. It is a great gift for someone.

Brand: Twone

👤The journal is an alternative to the major brand notebooks. The grain is a little coarse, the pages are a little less sleek, but for the money, this option has my vote! It is the same height, but slightly wider. There were no rounded corners. There were no pages that were perforated. There was no back pocket. I don't care about three things.

👤It's perfect for making gifts. I used these for gold work.

👤I had different expectations for the journal. I wish the paper was heavier. It does the job. A sticker in the front looks pretty cool.

👤Exactly what they look like. The pages are not too thin and the quality is good. There may be some bleed through if you use markers. I didn't have an issue. Good for the price.

👤We bought notebooks for a women's retreat. We put a sticker on the front to make it easier to take notes for a weekend event.

👤I was looking for a blank journal to give to students in my class. I was delighted to find this product after scanning all the journals. No nonsense, cheap. It is perfect for this use. I will be ordering more for my own journal.

👤These notebooks are not going out of style. Since I'm a writer, I carry one with me every day. I buy them for my writing group at the shelter where I work and they are perfect for a 6-week writing workshop. I can't stand the waxy coating on similar brands.

👤Paper is thin and won't hold up to fountain pens. If you use a very light ball roller pen. I only use one side of the paper since I am a fountain pen user. The other 5 in the set are likely to go to the recycle bin this weekend. It was not functional for my purpose.

8. Composition Notebook Journal Multi Color Binding

Composition Notebook Journal Multi Color Binding

Northbooks started out in NYC with the goal of creating the perfect notebook. Like most of their products, their perfect bound notebooks are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, focusing on high-quality reliable construction and an eye towards sustainable practices. There is a great value in multi-pack composition notebook journals. Excellent for note taking at home, while traveling, or for school. It's great for teachers as well. Each notebook has 120 pages of lined paper and is a perfect small size for your briefcase, backpack or purse. For home, school, and office. There are bright colors: Red, Orange, Green, Lime, Turquoise, Blue, and Hot Pink. Keep your thoughts organized by colors. There is a blank cover and a bright colored tape binding on each notebook. There are draft covers. You can draw, write or decorate your notebooks. Pens or markers can be used to personalize notebooks. Great for organizing and crafting. High quality materials. 120 pages of acid free interior writing pages with lines are included in the brown paper front and back covers.

Brand: Paperage

👤There are fun colors and a large size. I can organize my work notes by color. The writing paper is thick. Happy with the purchase.

👤Wanted these for students to use as Engineering Notebooks so that they can make their own designs. They are great! I'm going to buy more.

👤Product description is accurate. My error was not correct. The booklet is small. If a booklet is not a book, yes more. It's not a large school use composition book. It's diary sized. Carefully read the size. My mistake.

👤I liked the notebooks. They were inexpensive and the right size. They have to break the spine to get them flat.

👤I didn't read the pack before buying it. I wanted a full sized composition notebook for my class, but I was not sure if they were. I couldn't use them for that class because they are a little smaller than I thought. I had 24 mini/medium sized notebooks that I didn't know what to do with. The paper is of good quality. I ran to Walmart to get a Five Star brand composition book for my class. In that notebook, the pages were very bad and even though I pressed light, there were always indents on the next page. I decided to use one of the notebooks for notes in a different class. It is amazing! It is fun to decorate the front. One of my favorite things about being a person who likes to use colors and decorate my notes is that the pages barely bleed when using black sharpie. It is a really good deal for the amount of notebooks you get because of the nice lines. I spent $4 on a full sized notebook from Five Star Brand, but it isn't as good as the smaller ones. I will probably order again when I run out. I am glad I didn't return it because it wasn't what I ordered. It is nice to have a good quality notebook to consolidate thoughts and take notes.

👤It is like a product you would find at a dollar tree, but not the highest quality.

👤I love these journals so much that I am able to change them to whatever I need them to be, and I will definitely buy more of them because of the paper quality and size.

👤The sturdiness is as expected since they are soft covered. The binding has different colors and the paper is durable. I'm looking forward to decorating mine.

9. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook Standard

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook Standard

There is a mini size of the Rocketbook. This 80 page dotted grid notebook can be re-used by simplywaving it. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes.

Brand: Rocketbook

👤I bought the Wave notebook after learning about Rocket Book. I liked the idea of being able to choose from preset destinations and uploading my notes easily. I was looking forward to being able to reuse the same notebook multiple times and erase all my writing by microwaving it. There is a With a new school year starting, I thought it was time to start fresh and wipe away the memories of last year. I followed the directions that I pulled up. Microwaving the notebook erased the ink, but left behind a shadow or outline of my writing. See the before and after pictures that I attached. There is a When the pages were cleared, that was not what I expected. I'm not going to be able to reuse this notebook, I wasted $26.

👤I have been using this notebook for a long time now, and from what I have learned, it is a cool buy. The price says otherwise. You can reuse the notebook up to five times, and then send your notes to the cloud. The notebook is the same as any other notebook, it's the ink. Frixion pens fade when exposed to heat. After you have microwaved your notebook, there is still the ghost of your previous writings. The cover has held up for three months but is starting to fall apart as a college student on the go. I store my notebook in my backpack which is very well organized, so for the actual build of the notebook, it could be better. So in the end, what can be done to stop a person from just buying a regular notebook and using a pen? In the long run, that is still cheaper, buying a whole set of Frixion pens and a regular notebook. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Would I recommend this to a college student? If you have money, you can spend it. The app that scans your notes comes with this notebook. You can just download some apps and take photos of your notes with them. Since I got this notebook, the Rocketbook app hasn't had an update. The notebook has fallen apart after just three semesters. The notebook is not worth the price. I really liked this thing, but it can't handle the constant microwave treatments. The spine has fallen apart.

👤An improved notebook will be updated at the end of the review. I've been using the Rocketbook Wave for about a week. I think it's ok, but not great. I like the idea that I can write in a notebook or on paper. I can write on many notebooks, so there is no change here. I like the idea that I can use the Rocketbook app to send my pages to a variety of cloud services and email accounts. I can do that with other apps. I can use the other apps to make a PDF or other file. I don't know how to do that with rocketbook, so I use the app to get separate pages. I'm still looking for a way to fix it. The microwave feature is not something I am crazy about. The first reason is that rocket books require a rotating turntable in the microwave. I have that, but my microwave is too small. I read the small print and found out about that constraint. The notebook lasts for about 5 erasures. One will not buy the last note book. There is a I am wondering what the big deal is after one week. I might be missing something. It seems to me that buying a notebook and taking pictures of the pages you've written on with one of several functional scanning apps, and then sending them to your favorite cloud service does the same thing rocketbook does. With less hassle. There is a I'll keep using the rocketbook and the app, and revise this review if necessary. December 15, 2016 update: Rocketbook is releasing a new version of their notebook. It's called the Everlast notebook. It is due in April of next year. The original notebook could be used more than once. The manufacturer says that the Everlast can be used 1000 times. The original notebook was destroyed in a microwave oven. The manufacturer says that the Rocketbook Everlast can be wiped clean with a moist towel. You can search for "The Everlast Notebook" on the project's website.

10. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook EVR M K CDF

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook EVR M K CDF

120 sheets of smooth and creamy lineless papers are included in the allotted number of pages. These refill are large enough to draw, write and doodle to your heart's content, until you're ready to reload with a new one. The 48 page notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes.

Brand: Rocketbook

👤I was able to get it in the picture. I bought pens and pads and they were no longer working. Junk!

👤I don't write reviews. They say that more people will stop writing positive reviews. I want to cut back on the amount of time I spend on my cell phone. I used to use it. I use color notes for my shopping lists. I decided to use Rocketbook as an alternative to writing on a lot of small sheets of paper when shopping. The concept and notepad are great. The inability to use any other pen than Pilot FriXion is fine. Medium to bold point pens are always used by me. Have for a long time. I have to use a fine point pen to see the letters I am writing in the Rocketbook. Which defeats the purpose. Quick notes, a list of things to do. I should be able to do that in a single stroke. There is a I am not impressed with this product. The potential is great, as is the concept. It could be an incredibly useful item if there was more variety of writing utensils.

👤I have several other Rocketbook products, including a mini, a letter size core and an executive size core. I wanted to use a mini as a substitute for a desk full of scrap notepapers and post-its. It has worked well for this need so far and I only use post-its for urgent notices. Once I handle my notes, I can just wipe them clean and not have to throw away any paper. It may not be the most cost effective substitute as scratch paper is already recycling trash paper and post-its are not very expensive, and the frixion pen refill needs to be replaced frequently. I don't have to flip through a stack of scratch paper that can get lost or blown off my desk to find something. My quick notes are in a notebook.

👤I work in a hospital where I have many patients talk a day. It's hard to remember everything at the end of the day. I don't like wasting strips of paper and it's confidential so just shred it. At the end of my shift, I can just wipe the confidential info from my record. I can quickly take a photo with my phone and erase it, I tend to draw during down time. Not drawing on small paper scraps anymore. There is a The pen is similar to my gel documenting pen. The paper is thick. It's nice to write on the mini notebook in your lap.

👤I've had mine for over a year and I usually misplace them after a week or so. It's cool. I think the fact that it costs as much as it does motivates me to keep track of it. The only negatives are that it only uses a certain pen and that it sucks. If you leave the pen in the car on a hot day, it will stop working and the ink in the tablet will disappear. You can put the pen in the freezer and it will work again. I've tried that with some of the pens. I don't recall that ever working. If you write something on the page and leave it there for a while, the shadow will stay after you erase it. I've purchased three of them for different employees and they love them so... can't be bad. Don't leave them in the heat.

11. Dotted Bullet Notebook Journal Eco Friendly

Dotted Bullet Notebook Journal Eco Friendly

The Executive Size of the Rocketbook Core is 6' x 8'. A notebook and a rocketbook core. The Mini Size is 3. 5 x 5. The package may reflect "Everlast". cork is an eco-friendly notebook cover and is a versatile, natural and sustainable material. It feels soft and supple to the touch, but it's 100% cruelty free and so much better for the environment. A great gift for a vegan. The lay-flat design makes it easy to read and take notes. The classic notebook pages are easy to tear off or archive. Acid free writing paper is a premium quality. It is pollution-free and has no fluorescer, which can protect your eyesight. The paper is thicker and smoother than normal. The Sturdy Notebook has a pen holder, a pocket, and a ribbon bookmark. The cork cover will give your journal a nice look. The dimensions are perfect for your purpose and perfect for on-the-go. A special gift is a gift you can give to friends and family. It's perfect for Christmas gift, New Year gifts or Birthday presents.

Brand: Lemome

👤After more than a year of use, I'm increasing my review of this journal to five stars because it held up well despite the price increase. I'm convinced that the cover is cork, because of how it wore over the course of the year. I'm adding a couple photos to show the wear on the old journal and the new one. I've been using this with Zebra gel pens and Zebra midliners and there is very little bleed through. I don't think the pen loop is necessary, and sometimes get in my way, but they aren't annoying enough to make me look for a new journal. All in all, is this a good deal? ... I've been looking for a journal for my next year's planner and I've been considering buying one for a long time. I decided I wanted a journal that was more affordable and still had a lot of pages, and this one seemed to fit that bill. I'm satisfied with my purchase after it arrived. The paper is thick, the book is light and it seems like a good value when you consider the introductory price. The pen loop is not a selling point for me, my most used pen is not big enough to fit so I won't use that much. The bookmark is a nice touch. The paper is heavy and I wish the pages were numbered. If you need loose paper, why not get something cheaper than this journal, which has only a few at the back? The perforations don't seem to affect me much, though they are a bit farther from the binding than I expected. Also the cover. There is a question about whether or not it is cork. It is a nice idea, but it looks like a heavy paperboard printed with a cork pattern and weathered in some way. You can make your own judgements, even though the cover looks like paper to me. I wonder how it will wear over time, but I don't care about this part. I didn't give this journal 5 stars because of that. I'll probably look at another option when the time comes, since I'm happy with this purchase, but the price has gone up.

👤That is a huge fraud. This is not cork and you can see the printed images. It feels good to touch because it's rubber. The surface is very smooth, even when you see the little riffs in the cork, they are not really there. There is a The "eco-friendly" label must be a lie because it's not cork. "Lemome choose cork fabric as notebook cover, cork is such a versatile, natural and sustainable material" I'm sure it is, but DoUBT Lemome has never seen how a cork tree looks. "It's 100% cruelty-free and so much better for the environment", I wonder how they would describe it. The best thing they can do for the environment is to stop this fraud. I don't like people trying to sell eco-friendly stuff just to make more money. Stop it. The environment is something that needs to be taken more seriously. This is a disgrace. There is a The product comes in a black cardboard box. The pages look good.


What is the best product for eco friendly notebook paper?

Eco friendly notebook paper products from Rocketbook. In this article about eco friendly notebook paper you can see why people choose the product. Paper Junkie and Northbooks are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly notebook paper.

What are the best brands for eco friendly notebook paper?

Rocketbook, Paper Junkie and Northbooks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly notebook paper. Find the detail in this article. Roaring Spring, Mead and Twone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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