Best Eco Friendly Notebook Spiral

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1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Eco Friendly

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Eco Friendly

A clean tear provides a straight edge and a 3-hole punch can be used to add to a binder. The dotted grid notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes. There is a mini size of the Rocketbook.

Brand: Rocketbook

👤I was able to get it in the picture. I bought pens and pads and they were no longer working. Junk!

👤I don't write reviews. They say that more people will stop writing positive reviews. I want to cut back on the amount of time I spend on my cell phone. I used to use it. I use color notes for my shopping lists. I decided to use Rocketbook as an alternative to writing on a lot of small sheets of paper when shopping. The concept and notepad are great. The inability to use any other pen than Pilot FriXion is fine. Medium to bold point pens are always used by me. Have for a long time. I have to use a fine point pen to see the letters I am writing in the Rocketbook. Which defeats the purpose. Quick notes, a list of things to do. I should be able to do that in a single stroke. There is a I am not impressed with this product. The potential is great, as is the concept. It could be an incredibly useful item if there was more variety of writing utensils.

👤I have several other Rocketbook products, including a mini, a letter size core and an executive size core. I wanted to use a mini as a substitute for a desk full of scrap notepapers and post-its. It has worked well for this need so far and I only use post-its for urgent notices. Once I handle my notes, I can just wipe them clean and not have to throw away any paper. It may not be the most cost effective substitute as scratch paper is already recycling trash paper and post-its are not very expensive, and the frixion pen refill needs to be replaced frequently. I don't have to flip through a stack of scratch paper that can get lost or blown off my desk to find something. My quick notes are in a notebook.

👤I work in a hospital where I have many patients talk a day. It's hard to remember everything at the end of the day. I don't like wasting strips of paper and it's confidential so just shred it. At the end of my shift, I can just wipe the confidential info from my record. I can quickly take a photo with my phone and erase it, I tend to draw during down time. Not drawing on small paper scraps anymore. There is a The pen is similar to my gel documenting pen. The paper is thick. It's nice to write on the mini notebook in your lap.

👤I've had mine for over a year and I usually misplace them after a week or so. It's cool. I think the fact that it costs as much as it does motivates me to keep track of it. The only negatives are that it only uses a certain pen and that it sucks. If you leave the pen in the car on a hot day, it will stop working and the ink in the tablet will disappear. You can put the pen in the freezer and it will work again. I've tried that with some of the pens. I don't recall that ever working. If you write something on the page and leave it there for a while, the shadow will stay after you erase it. I've purchased three of them for different employees and they love them so... can't be bad. Don't leave them in the heat.

2. Roaring Spring Environotes Notebook Earthtone

Roaring Spring Environotes Notebook Earthtone

DIMENSIONS Each ruled notebook has 80 lined pages and is 4.13 x 5.7 inches. Each is one recycled spiral notebook. The dimensions are 11 x 9. College ruled with a minimum 30% post-consumer content and margin-perforated recycled white 20# paper. There is a double storage pocket under the cover.

Brand: Roaring Spring

👤The notebook is not suitable for fountain pen use. It absorbs ink faster than blotting paper. The bleed-through is substantial. I think the website description should allow fountain pen users to move on. It would probably be fine for pencil use, but it might help the environment. They tried to tuck in the ends of the wire spiral to prevent it from sliding on clothing, backpacks, etc. I would have gone with 2 or 3 stars. It is not returnable. There is another fact left out of the description. I know, it's only 4 bucks. Have you ever said that it's not the money, it's the principle?

👤So far, it's not the best. The pages are thinner than the previous notebook I was using. You can see how it looked through the page of the old notebook, which is not as bad as the new one. The pen bled through to the back of the page and then to the next page. I need to find a different pen to use with this notebook so it won't bleed through. I think the wire is plastic, but I like the spiral binding style. The covers are thick.

👤I ordered this notebook because I was satisfied with previous sugarcane notebooks, but was surprised by the page size. The previous 9 1/2 x 6 notebooks had a writing area of 6 feet and an additional 1/2' provide to accommodate the holes punched for the spiral binding. The page width was actually 6 1/2. The notebook has a physical page of 6 inches wide and a margin of 1/2 inch for punched holes for the spiral binding, which allows a writing area of 5 1/2 inches. This was unexpected.

👤I don't know why it is hard to find a notebook with non-perforated pages. Do people usually tear out the pages they write in a notebook when they fall out after a few months of hard use, or do they prefer to carry it around with them? I don't understand it. There is a That's the main reason I buy this notebook. The pages are not falling out. It's currently one of the cheapest notebooks on Amazon. There are only 70 sheets.

👤Better than expected. The front and back cover have a good weight. I thought paper was a little more smooth than it is, but writing on it with a roller ball is not a problem. There was no bleed through to the other side. It was made in the USA. The risk of mangling the spiral binding is not a good choice for transporting in a backpack or purse. It will be good at my desk. It is far superior to a Made in China-basic-back to school sale spiral notebook. If you want a decent lined notebook, you should try this one.

👤You can't say much about a notebook, but these ones are notice. The cover and binding are very strong. It's worth paying a little more for something that's made in the USA, eco-friendly, and very high quality. These notebooks look at all three boxes.

3. LABUK Unlined Notebook Sketchbook Drawing

LABUK Unlined Notebook Sketchbook Drawing

A5 size spiral notebooks can be used for journals, planners, albums, notepads, and more. It's perfect for spiral notebooks. The best gift is a birthday or Christmas. The soft cover notebook is a good use for it's simple design. It has a strong twin-wire binding, blank inner pages, and high-quality papers. Premium inner papers. A blank notebook is made with soft cover, 100gsm thick inner paper, will prevent pen bleed ink or disappear, suitable for pencil, pen, colored pencil, oil pastels used. The A5 size has 100 pages per notebook. TheSpiral notebook is blank inside and promises a more free way to draw and write. The notebook is ideal for students and adults. It can be used for a lot of things, including a journal notebook, a memo pad, a work record, a study note, and an idea for writing and drawing. The perfect notebook set includes 7pcs brown cover drawing notebooks, 7pcs notebook with 700pages writing space, and a small sketchbook, which can be used for personal use and many occasions.

Brand: Labuk

👤If you use them to improve your drawing abilities, they are a great value. You'll be more likely to use them and get some drawings done. We all make the mistake of buying a beautiful sketch pad made by forest elves during the conjunction of a million spheres and twice blessed, unused, still in the bottom drawer until we feel we can create the perfect sketch. I would purchase these again. I gave them five stars for what they are and their limitations.

👤I bought these for a number of reasons, including: 1) travel journal so I can paste instastax photos with washi tapes and be able to color freely 2) use for my psychopharmacology studying versus using a flash card This way I can make a table of contents. There is a hand lettering practice book. There is a It is a nice sized journal, as you can see in the size reference photo. I can see myself ordering them in the future. The paper quality is sturdy, I think some markers may bleed through, but it feels as if most won't. It is thinner than card stock.

👤I could have gotten better at the dollar tree. I wanted to paint the cardboard surface so I bought these. They are a flimsy card stock. They are not worth what I paid for them. I would get them again if they were on sale for $5. They are fine for a cheap journal. I expect better quality from MU.

👤I put a basket on my art shelf. To keep track of my travel itinerary and costs, I put in the right size backpack. I'm able to draw in pictures and entertain myself with them. I like the blank front cover that handles colors, ink, stickers, and lines. I have already used four of them.

👤I got 7 pieces and they are really nice. The cover is flimsy but you can easily decorate it into something cute and personalize it. It is affordable and you get a lot for the price.

👤It is easy to fill because the product stands straight up.

👤Good journals that are easy to modify.

👤The quality of the paper makes taking notes enjoyable.

👤Suelo tomar notas, tanto por cuestiones laborales, personales, and so on. There is a El papel tienes un poco ms grueso, pero tienes tintas lquidas sin comprometer. o En siguientes hojas. An asi hay acuarelas, quiere usar a tinta sugiero. Son perfectos para notas y sketches. I tiene una magnfica opcin. S los volvera.

👤Me gustaron mucho, las hojas no son tan delgadas.

4. Hardcover Hardback Notebooks Students Notebook

Hardcover Hardback Notebooks Students Notebook

This 2 pack notebooks is a perfect choice for you to use in different places. This is a great gift for your friends, co-workers, or classmates. You will get 4 packs of 5x7 hardcover dream tree spiral notebook. Each pack has 80 sheets and 4 different colors on 160 pages. You will write well on thick college ruled notebooks, and ink bleed resistant. notebook paper material can be recycled. This notebooks college ruled 1 subject with color-coding will help you classify different classes. The spiral bound notebook is a must have for your back to school supplies list. Convenient school supplies notebooks are designed for college students and can be used for journal writing, schedule planners, and notes taking. The greenroom notebooks with inspired dream tree on the hardcover are fresh and simple. It can be a perfect gift for someone.

Brand: Oubomu

👤One would expect better quality of pages for less than twenty bucks. The paper was sticking up past the cover because the holes were off. The edges of the covers tend to bend, even though they are beautifully colored. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to make due with flaws. I need notebooks because I write on the go. They get the job done.

👤These note books are wonderful. I will say that first. I used the last one and ordered again, because I loved them so much. I didn't read the new description. The size was charged from 6x8 to 5x7. I ordered again because I wanted the same size. When selecting order again, be careful. If you don't read the product description, you might not be ordering the same item.

👤I love these! I wish they had more prints. I am a teacher and a chef. I use them for my daily to do list. It's a great size for writing what I need, which is what motivated me to purchase these. Other lists were not wide enough so I had to shorten. The cover folds back all the way when I'm working and they are sturdy and have held up to spills and daily abuse.

👤The 4 pc collection is the perfect size for my purse, night stand, and home office space. The design is cute, the covers are sturdy, and you can use it for anything. I keep one in the bedroom, one at my home desk, and one in my purse, for when I need to write something down. They are a good gift for anyone because they can be used for anything, even a shopping list. I like to have a folder in my notebooks but they are so cute that I am willing to go without that feature. If you purchase these, you will not be sorry because I have gone through a lot of notebooks in my life as a writer.

👤It's a perfect size for keeping track of many things. I will use mine to write things down. Will put them in the women's stockings. Each booklet was wrapped in clear plastic.

👤It's perfect for a task. I wanted notebooks with a sturdy cover. I was surprised by the quality of the paper.

👤Enjoying the books. I bought them for work so I could have something pretty. Overall, it is nice, but I wish there was more paper per book.

👤I probably shouldn't have read the description because they are thinner than I thought. They are very cute and still very happy with them. I like thinker pages and more pages often.

5. Thick Notebook Eco Friendly Hardcover Dividers

Thick Notebook Eco Friendly Hardcover Dividers

Do you know someone who lacks the headspace to keep their ideas organized but is full of ideas? A pocket journal is a great birthday or Christmas gift. cork is an eco-friendly notebook cover and is a versatile, natural and sustainable material. It feels soft and supple to the touch, but it's 100% cruelty free and so much better for the environment. A great gift for a vegan. The lay-flat design makes it easy to read and take notes. The classic notebook pages are easy to tear off or archive. Choose high quality acid free writing paper. It is pollution-free and has no fluorescer, which can protect your eyesight. The paper is 20%- 50% thicker than normal. The Sturdy Notebook has a pen holder, a pocket, and a ribbon bookmark. A cork cover will give your journal a unique look. The dimensions are perfect for your purpose and perfect for on-the-go. A special gift is a gift you can give to friends and family. It's perfect for Christmas gift, New Year gifts or Birthday presents.

Brand: Lemome

👤Absolutely love this notebook. You can tell it's real by the thin and flexible cork on the outside. The elastic band that keeps it shut is a must for me. I usually order notebooks with rings because the pages are flat. I'm happy. Once this one fills up, I will be ordering more.

👤I usually don't write reviews for things like journals, but I felt like I should share my thoughts on this one. There is a This is the best journal I have ever used. I recommend this purchase for its price point. It is cute and stylish, and we all want something that we are writing in everyday to be something that is aesthetically pleasing and makes us want to get it out and write in it. I have kept it in my purse and never had a problem with the pages getting bent or the outside cover getting bent out of shape. It's made out of cork, so it's sturdy and flexible at the same time. The pages are thick enough that if you have a heavy hand, it won't bleed into the page underneath. Even though the binding and cover are very strong, it is not a problem to place it on the table. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future.

👤Not real cork. Not cork fabric. The cover is printed to look like cork. I love shopping at Amazon. They would sell something with a blatantly false claim. The product FAQ asks if it's 1 - cork. Is it real cork? There is a It's made from cork, but it feels like leather, but it's made from cork oak, not an animal. Not true. The texture of the notebooks is nothing like cork, which is why I bought it. It's a shame.

👤There are a lot of journals available on Amazon and other sites. I chose this item because of the cork cover, it has a lot of features I was looking for, and it also has an overall closure strap. The quality of the paper is very good. It's a great journal for anyone looking for a small journal. If you're looking for a full-size legal pad, they make that as well. This is about 1/3 of the size. It is very easy to carry a backpack or bag. It's a good idea for anyone looking for a personal journal with a lot of features.

👤It's a nice notebook. The ruling is subdued and the pages are off-white. The paper is very thick and absorbent, so I'm not sure if fountain pen ink will bleed through it. I don't see any bleeding with my ink so far. I don't use wet pens. The cork cover is flexible and attractive. The main problem with this notebook is that the page perforations are too easy to tear and can come apart with a lot of use. I haven't had it long enough for that to be a problem, and for some people that ease of tearing might be a plus. I think it's very attractive and a good price, considering the cost of the better notebooks out there. I don't know how long the binding and cover will last.

6. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook EVR L K CCE

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook EVR L K CCE

The dotted grid notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services with the free Rocketbook application. Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to their pages. You can use Rocketbook's smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes. The rocketbook core was formerly known as Everlast. Letter size is 8.6 x 11. There is a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and a Microfiber Cloth. The package may reflect "Everlast".

Brand: Rocketbook

👤I use both Rocketbook and Elfinbook. The books have pros and cons. I hope I can give you an idea of what you like. The paper used in Rocketbook feels more plastic and thin. The ink takes to the paper much faster than before. Elfinbook has lines similar to a normal notebook, while Rocketbook uses a square dot grid pattern. When you use Rocketbook, it looks like you just wrote on copy paper with no lines, while Elfinbook looks like you just wrote on notebook paper. Elfinbook was the clear winner for my preference and others that I've let test. There is a I'm guessing both have different sizes. The size of the book is more of a personal notebook. The elfinbook was a little more cumbersome to carry around. The size of Rocketbook makes it hard to put a lot of information on a single page. More pages mean more organizing. It is nicer to have more space for sketches, thoughts, and notes in Elfinbook. I call this one a draw because it's a personal preference. The smaller size is what I prefer. There is a Page turning. I included it here because I never thought it was that big of a deal. Rockebook won here with being able to turn the pages like a notebook. Elfinbook required me to open the book and move my body to complete a page turn without being concerned about ripping the spine. You can keep going with the flip pages behind the current page. It took a lot of effort for me to try and do that. You can instantly send your notes by simply making a symbol on the page. You have told the app where each symbol will send the note. Your document shows up where you said it would. The Elfinbook is more of a process. You have to pick where you want to go. If you use the book for multiple entries, it becomes a hassle to switch where you want it to go. I could use 10 pages, each with a different place to go to the cloud, just by marking the symbol, and you are good to go. There were no delays or switches after each Scan. This category is taken by Rocketbook. There is a The app is more polished. With a few updates, Elfinbook could be better. Their OCR is terrible. Elfinbook has a burst type mode and it seems to capture pages quicker with its dark border recognition feature. This is a polished app that I give to Rocketbook again. I would take elements from each book to make a better one. I want my Rocketbook to have lines on the paper, and the thicker paper from Elfinbook.

👤I would be happy if I could give it 4.5 stars. Love the idea and functioning of it. It will be easier to have my things on my computer. It works great when I send them to my drive. The book is magic. It's easy to say that it doesn't feel like paper, but then again it isn't, so why feel that way? The Frixion pens are very good at writing on it. Allow a few extra seconds for the ink to dry so that it won't smudge. I set it up so that it will show up on my drive. There is a Many colors of Frixion brand pens don't show up well and that's the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. This is not a problem if you write your notes in black, blue, or red. I fell in love with the Frixion pens a few years ago and have since bought the Frixion brand. They are reliable, they write well and erase well if the eraser is clean. I have a lot of things in this brand, but I am a student. I use my pens all day. They do not bleed through regular paper. I bought the book immediately after I saw it, I am an office supply slut. I'm going to attach my test pictures so that you know which things work best with the Everlast Rocketbook. I've put a color key at the bottom and highlighted which colors are true to color so that you can buy ones that are more likely to look nice once scanned. The pens stay put and the black marker fades, but the colors will show up. There is a All of the pens were scanned. Some looked like they were black. All of the markers were visible when scanned. Some looked discolored. The yellow was the only color that showed up. I took a picture of the page and uploaded it to show the difference in colors. Hope this was helpful. There is a I will keep using this product and recommend it to others, I love it and will use it again and again.

7. Notebook Journal Coofficer Wirebound Notepads

Notebook Journal Coofficer Wirebound Notepads

There are 42 pages that include task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar, OKR goal template, idea list, dot-grid, and lined pages. The perfect size is 19 cm x 13 cm and 7.5 cm x 5.1 cm. With 100 completely blank and unlined pages in each of the books, you can draw what you need without the limit of the line, documented in a sketch pad meant for taking with you anywhere. The binding of each spiral notebook keeps the pages together, and the strong brown hard cover and blank cream white paper prevent ink from entering the pages. It's ideal for a diary, travel journal, poetry work, making sketches and drawings, work records, study notes, mood diary, scrapbooks and so on.

Brand: Dstelin

👤I wanted something small and compact that I could carry around when I had the urge to sketch, and this did the trick. The cover can even be used for custom designs. The pages are thick, but marker may bleed through. These are great for quick sketches or detailed ones.

👤They are similar to a small notebook. There are no pages in it. It is a bit fragile, but that is how spiral bound things are. I am not giving it 5 stars because it doesn't have the 50 pages I was told. When I saw this, I was so excited that I was working on a project that needed 50 pages. One has 45 pages and the other 47. It's probably not a big deal for most buyers, but it's something to be weary about.

👤The dimensions are correct, but there wasn't a picture to compare the size to anything. There is a It's perfect for what I need. The paper is thinner than pens.

👤I was looking for sketch journals. I used to do daily drawings to keep my creative mind limber, but then I had kids. I decided to start drawing again but found that using my standard size sketch pad was too cumbersome and difficult to use for a quick sketch. I decided to give these journals a try after I stumbled upon them. I have found that these journals are more convenient to keep at an arm's reach if I need to draw quickly. I think the sketch journals should serve my needs, but I wish the paper weight was a little heavier. The paper is thinner and smoother than I expected, based on reviews. The thinness of the paper doesn't work well for me since I mostly draw in pen. I wouldn't recommend this sketch pad for colored pencils as the paper doesn't have the texture or tooth preferred for them. The quality of these sketch pads and their paper should be fine because my goal is to draw a bit everyday, practice my pen work, and jump start my creativity. These are perfect for someone new to drawing or someone looking for a travel friendly journal.

👤I was looking for notebooks to take with me on our upcoming trip for my grandsons to use as a travel journal. They were just the right size and had blank paper inside. The perfect size for our little guys. The paper was thick enough to hold the markers. There are two small complaints on these notebooks. They were wrapped in plastic when they arrived. I got a strong odor when I opened them. I had to leave them outside on the porch for the entire day to get rid of the scent. The cardboard cover is not very thick. The kids were able to flip the pages where they were using their desk. This seems to help. There is a The notebooks were very popular. The boys were 4 and 6 years old. The books kept them entertained while we were waiting. They would take pictures throughout the trip. We were able to take a picture of the note the oldest wrote to his grandpa, who couldn't come on the trip, and send it to Papa. Even with their slight flaws, these notebooks were what we needed.

8. Roaring Spring Recycled Wirebound Notebook

Roaring Spring Recycled Wirebound Notebook

Northbooks started out in NYC with the goal of creating the perfect notebook. Like most of their products, their B5 graph paper notebooks are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, focusing on high-quality reliable construction and an eye towards sustainable practices. There are 100 sheets of recycled white paper. College ruled with margin. The mist board covers are grey. There is a double storage pocket under the cover.

Brand: Roaring Spring

👤The marketing scheme on this is terrible. When you read the fine print, you realize that the product is recycled paper. The cover says 30% post consumer waste. The sheets inside are normal paper and the cardboard covers are 30% post consumer waste. You just paid over 400% more for a "recycled" paper notebook and the sheets inside are probably not even recycled, so you are taking in the fact that you just paid more for a notebook. A wave of realization is what happens when you get tricked.

👤Really disappointed... I used to love these notebooks when I was a student. The paper was thick, smooth, and worked well for note-taking. It was a perfect 5 subject for all the classes I had and it held a lot of papers. The paper is so thin you can see through it. It tears very easily. The front cover is thinner and the pockets are weak. I was going to graduate school and wanted to relive my undergraduate notes. I'll be returning to my other purchase, a high performance colored notebook from Amazon, but still with the Environotes notebook. Those still work well. The price is the same. This product doesn't meet the expectations that I used to have. Their newer versions do.

👤I don't like writing on paper. I do that here. These are excellent. I like the texture of the paper. When writing for long periods of time, it isn't really a problem. It's thicker but not see through. I bought the case because I didn't want to run out of notebooks in my final year of school. I used three for each semester of CHEM and love that my stuff is at least somewhat organized. There is a Good quality Eco friendly.

👤The notebook holds up well. Next year, we will reorder. There aren't more recycled products on the market. We appreciate it, and this is one of the few.

👤I'm happy that I found good quality notebooks that are gentle on the environment. My child has learned that buying colorful notebooks and binders is not a good idea for the planet and now is having fun decorating her own eco-friendly notebooks and binders. The school materials list is prohibitive. Yes!

👤I can't write on a page without the tearing and the page partially or completely coming loose, and that's what I can't do with these notebooks. I have a bunch of loose pages in my pockets. The problem would not occur if the paper was a little bit thicker.

👤Perfectly packaged. It's great to carry a backpack when traveling to take notes.

👤This is a good choice for college course notes.

9. EOOUT Notebook Hardcover Notebooks Removable

EOOUT Notebook Hardcover Notebooks Removable

Use alone or with a cover. These journals are great for use alone, but can also be used in conjunction with a leather cover that holds a notebook. There are notable details. The package includes 4 hardcover spiral journals, each with 100 sheets of paper, and a cutting line. The paper is 80 gsm. ABORATIVE DESIGN: Extra-large spiral ensures page turning without difficulty; 3-subject dividers can be moved to the right page as you wish; and the small back pocket will store your daily schedule, business card, notepads. The divider rings have a slit cut so they can be removed and placed into a new part of the journal. The diameter of the spiral is 2.2 cm. These hardcover notebooks are made from the best materials and designs. The paper is thick and provides a smooth writing feel. The thick cover is used to protect the dividers. It is easy to carry in casual bags. Four colors pack combination will last for a few years and your handwriting can be saved forever. All four notebooks with the basic colors and designs are perfect for school and work, as they make you become more professional.

Brand: Eoout

👤This is a great shopping experience. I bought the spiral notebook by chance. I used to receive it. The cutting line is easy to tear, but it is not easy to lose. The dividers are smart. I give my friend a black one as a gift, and he loves it. Purchase again.

👤They market this as 200 pages, which in my mind meant 200 sheets. This is only 100 sheets. This product is wrapped in plastic. The idea and design is better than the quality. I'm not sure if I'll buy again. They're "okay".

👤A standard ball-point pen does not run through pages. If needed, good perforations to tear out pages. I didn't realize there were three clear plastic section dividers, but they are nice. There is a The left margin line is too far from the edge of the page and limits writing space more than necessary. Product would be better without this line. It's pretty nice.

👤These were what I needed. These little notebooks are perfect if you want to take notes without a clipboard. The covers have pockets inside. The navy blue, black, teal, and tan colors are a bonus.

👤It's easy to keep it on hand in a purse or bag. It's easy to find the one I want in the variety of colors. I love having a pocket in the back. There is a These are the things I needed to keep track of the work I do. Can see how they might fit multiple uses. Thank you for the great product that was delivered.

👤Great strength. I only gave it 3 stars because of the price. I ordered these for someone who was in the area and they were cheaper in the store.

👤The margins on this book could be larger. There is a lot of space left on the right. These are great books. The paper is thick and soft. The folder pocket on the back cover is a nice touch. The book has a divider for those who want to be more organized.

👤I wanted notebooks that were smaller and less bulky. I was worried these wouldn't have enough room for the notes I have to take in class, but they definitely were. I had some pages left in some of them. I will be ordering more for this term because they are great quality.

10. Ruled Notebook Journal Hardcover Twin Wire

Ruled Notebook Journal Hardcover Twin Wire

Wide application. The notebook is suitable for many purposes. It is easy to carry and convenient. The journal has 134 pages and is easy to carry. The elastic closure band is designed to keep your notebook close when you don't use it. Premium hardcover paper is used to avoid the ink feathering and seepage. The page is thicker than other notebooks. The lined journal keeps handwriting neat. The pineapple design theme is used in this ruled notebook. The journal uses a double-wire binding design that makes it easy to lay the notebook flat. 7mm ruled writing space gives you an ample place to write. It's ideal for taking notes and keeping work in order, as a diary or journal, as well as just doodling and drawing. It is a perfect gift for friends, family, classmates, and coworkers. This high quality journal is an ideal gift choice. A gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Booqool

👤I love this notebook. Excellent quality and adorable. It's perfect for my business. The pages are not too thick. The size is large, can fit in a lot on one page. The back sleeve has a pocket. The place band is a great place to keep track of where I left off. I recommend.

👤My daughter loves pineapples and I bought this for her as a Christmas gift. The product was a nice looking gift and I was very pleased with it. The gold metal spiral adds to the appeal of the pattern. The paper is of good quality. It has not been used, but it appears to be sturdy. This product is recommended by me.

👤These notebooks are the perfect size for me. My pen doesn't leak through the cover and the paper is college linked. I will buy them again.

👤I just bought my 4th one. The fruit! I use them for work. I am in love. At work I write down everything I need to do and it adds a cute style to my desk. The lines are large enough to hold the pens. I have to keep buying more since it is great for the price. I can get a different design every time. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤There are three notebooks in different patterns. All are very sturdy. They are meant to be kept for a longer period of time than you want.

👤She loved it when it was bought for her. I thought it was a little high for a writing device. It was on her list. I got it!

👤My youngest daughter bought this for herself and she couldn't wait to write in it. I think it's a bit pricey. Hopefully it will hold up because it seems sturdy.

👤I have so many notebooks, but I loved the pineapple design, so I had to buy it. I like the strap that holds it closed.

11. Mead Notebook Recycled Selected 06594

Mead Notebook Recycled Selected 06594

A special item is shared with your friends and family. It's ideal for notebooks. It's a great decoration for your computer. A surprise for an event. Excellent for journal, school, college, meeting, travelling, writing workshop, etc. A notebook that is made with 100% recycled materials will keep you organized. There are 80 college ruled sheets that are double-sided. The pages are easy to tear out with clean edges. The notebook is punched to fit in your binder. Twin wire binding is nylon coated and resists uncoiling. The product is made with 100% recycled fiber. Paper is used to make the notebook covers. When torn out, the sheets measure 11 x 8. The overall size is 11-1/8". There are various colors: Ginger, Terra Cotta, Maize, Indigo, Moss, Stone. 100% recycled! 30% of consumer waste is post-consumer. One notebook.

Brand: Mead

👤I don't use a fountain pen. If you use a fountain pen, you may need virgin fiber. I use gel pens. The Mead GRAD notebook was an outstanding product, but these seem to replace it. The covers are attractive, but not as glossy as the GRAD was. If your notebook is important to you, the twin-wire binding is a very good feature. The cover needs a little more sheen, but everything else feels good.

👤The notebook is beautiful. I thought I was getting more than one. I don't think you should get this... Quality is great, but not at that price.

👤The journal is lovely and durable, but the colors on it are incorrect. I ordered Ginger, and the picture on the website was much more red than I was expecting, but the real ginger is what I received. I looked at the other colors and it seemed that Stone and Terra Cotta were off as well. I provided you with the actual colors for reference. If I were you, I would buy this journal, but make sure you know what color it is.

👤I have been using the same notebook for 8 years and it is the best quality notebook and paper you will find. The notebook is large and sturdy, it is not easy to tear, and gel ink pens won't bleed through it.

👤I received one notebook, but it only had 5 pictures. It's not possible to talk to customer service because both the manufacturer and Amazon want you to talk to them.

👤This notebook is a great deal at the time. It's durable and has plenty of paper for either a single class or just taking notes. The paper doesn't work well with wet ink as it will start soaking through the page.

👤I put my notebook under a bunch of heavy books to flatten out the bent cover because I needed it for school. It was bent at 45 degrees. The note paper was not damaged.

👤It's made from thicker sheets. The back cover is made of cardboard. I would buy this one again.

👤No tienes solo uno de todos los publicados.

👤Es un paquete por el costo. 260 por pesos 1 solamente? Se me ahora. There is a Ademas la imagen muestra 5.

👤No es un paquete de 6. A solo envan 1 Cuaderno.


What is the best product for eco friendly notebook spiral?

Eco friendly notebook spiral products from Rocketbook. In this article about eco friendly notebook spiral you can see why people choose the product. Roaring Spring and Labuk are also good brands to look for when you are finding eco friendly notebook spiral.

What are the best brands for eco friendly notebook spiral?

Rocketbook, Roaring Spring and Labuk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for eco friendly notebook spiral. Find the detail in this article. Oubomu, Lemome and Dstelin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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